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1. We /all/ know The Bold Type is the most critically acclaimed show your network has ever had. Let’s not kid ourselves here.

2. You have been clamoring about a network re-brand for years and The Bold Type is literally the perfect show to pilot this around with all of the positive publicity it is bringing to your network and well… brand. 

3. You pride yourselves on your networks diverse storylines and The Bold Type is the epitome of inclusive storytelling. 

4. The cast on this show is phenomenal. This is not a cast of teeny-bopper dreamboats (although the cast is pretty dreamy). These actors are delivering deep resonating performances across the board every episode that stick with you long after an episode has aired. Isn’t this what you want your shows to be doing????

5. Speaking of actors… PLEASE make Nikohl Boosheri a regular for season 2. I have seen otherwise really great shows turn disastrous because they did not lock down a talented fan-favorite actor. I do not want this to happen to a show as beautiful as The Bold Type. 

6. Announcing a renewal will actually bring more views and streams to the show because fans will see that the show is “worth” investing in. Believe it or not fans are more likely to invest in a show when they know the network it is on is invested in it too!



Clave or Circle: is there a difference?


Movies Meme: [3/5] Relationships → Troy Bolton & Gabriella Montez (High School Musical Triology)
↳ “ Like the first time together, remember… Like kindergarten.”


“Please don’t forget us. Keep us alive in your hearts, and tell your children of the wonders that once were. On behalf of the crew of the Normandy SR-2, this is Liara T'Soni signing off.”

Mass Effect: Andromeda Appreciation
Day 4: Moments that made you cry : References about the Reaper attack in the Milky Way

I love that Taako calls Lup ‘Lulu’ as much as the next person, but guys, pals, friends, Lup ain’t the only one on the team who’s name begins with Lu. So I propose this.

Lup is known as 'Lu Senior’, while Lucretia becomes 'Lil’ Lu’. At first it’s jokingly, a jest to how she’s the youngest on the team. It’s a 'How you doing Lil’ Lu?’ From Magnus as he ruffles her hair on the way to breakfast. It’s a 'I dunno Taako, that fantasy DVD might be a bit too scary for Lil’ Lu’ from Merle.

But it grows on her. Back on their home world she always had the pressure of being the maturest among her peers, being the smartest being the most responsible, being the one always held on a pedestal. And she learned to put a wall up against it. But with the IPRE crew she feels like she finally gets to be a kid again, in a way.

But then Fisher happens, and suddenly she’s not Lil’ Lu anymore. She’s Madam Director now, and that wall goes back up. She has to be strong, has to be confident, has to be unemotional. She has to lead the Bureau. And she’s scared.

And then her boys return. And its so odd to see them treating her like this. They shouldn’t be taking orders from her, and treating her like she was their superior. She was their friend. She was supposed to be trying not to laugh when Magnus tells her something dumb to write down, or helping Taako choose an outfit, or smiling when Merle does a mini dance recital to cheer her up when she misses home. She wasn’t supposed to be this distant from them.

And then then Story and Song happens and Lup is back and Taako greets her as Lulu and she won’t lie, that kind of stings. Lup hasn’t changed, she’s been frozen in time, she’s still their Lu, but Lucretia isn’t.

And then the battle is over. They’ve done it. They’ve beaten the Hunger. And Lup slings one arm over Lucretia’s shoulder and says with a grin, 'Good job Lil’ Lu’. And Lucretia just. Breaks. Her concept of herself is so distorted. She was constantly praised for being mature as a kid, but then she spends 100 years living at the same age, followed by her sacrifice in Wonderland, and the time she spent managing the bureau. She’s physically about 50, mentally 130, but emotionally? She’s gota be around 20. She’s still a kid. And it’s nice to just be able to have her friends acknowledge that again.


anyways why make steven visibly have legitimate problems with connecting his human and his gem side only to have the first human he expresses that to be the goddamn racist uncle instead of idk maybe greg or connie

yeah maybe he wants to “know more about his family” but greg is clearly his family, not to mention that it seems like a flimsy excuse since steven’s never mentioned wanting to know more about his family before??



favourite comicbook moments → iron man vol. 3 issue #50

Tony travels to a war-ridden eastern european country on the word of the Black Widow. Things go downhill fast and he ends up without his armor in the middle of the war-zone, where he witnesses the execution of dozens of people, including children. He later learns that it is part of General Radanovich’s “ethnic cleansing” campaign, and that the men and women were part of a rebellious group of christians and muslims, who intend to overthrow Radanovich and bring him to trial for genocide and innumerous war crimes.

Over the course of the issue, Tony is deeply disturbed and sickened by the death and destruction surrounding him, and moved by the compassion and strength of the rebels. He is clearly out of his depth, but provides tactical inside and comfort to those around him, and fights alongside them.

With Tony Stark’s political influence, the U.S. officially endorses the Christian/Muslim Coalition Government, who succeeds in overthrowing the dictatorship of Radanovich. Tony returns to the US full of regrets of not being able to do more.


3D Painting Test on Leoh;;;;
(also added the rough sketch to show the progress >:0 !!)


┐( ̄ー ̄)┌  what can I say, puberty did good to Jean (and his hair) in SnK ch70

hope you keep that mop, pretty boy

*chokes on a snore as I ungracefully exit the Dream Zone* hey y'all guess who’s emotionally compromised & it’S LEAKING INTO HER SUBCONSCIOUS AGAIN??????????

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Season 3 predictions?

So, as much as I want Shiro back ASAP, I think we can all agree that there’s been some pretty heavy foreshadowing that he’s going to be gone for at least a while, and in the meantime Keith is probably going to fly Black.

So what I’m assuming is going to happen is Keith moves to Black, Lance moves to Red, and Allura takes Blue, just like in the original series.Calm your shouts of protest for a sec. As much as I don’t want there to be a lion swap (rest in peace, my perfectly color coordinated pinterest aesthetic boards) I think it would lead to a couple of really cool things.

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