i tweeted this to geoff

I was never really into celebrating my birthday. But in the last few years, I started enjoying it way more because it was also my friend’s birthday.
Geoff passed away nearly a month ago, so our birthday this year feels bittersweet. I am glad he was born, I’m happy I got to meet the amazing person he was, but I miss him terribly.

This is something Geoff tweeted some time ago. Happy birthday, bud. I love you.

OKAY. Hold up. Eiza Gonzalez just tweeted this at Geoff Johns:

She also just started following Geoff on Twitter:

and HE just started following HER:

Now, I try not to jump to conclusions when it comes to tweets, but who Geoff follows may actually be kind of telling. He mainly follows comic book writers, and not that many actors. The most recent actor he followed is Kiersey Clemons when she was cast in as Iris.

And the timing of this is veryyy interesting. He followed her the day this movie gained a director. It could be that they just met and became friends, or she’s up for the role (or has the role) of Zatanna. Or maybe Jessica Cruz, but that seems less likely.

Anyway, that is the twitter conspiracy theory for the evening.

UPDATE: Eiza is aware of the role of Zatanna. Back in May, she tweeted Margot Robbie (probably in response to the rumors about the DC ladies movie) about playing the role:

So Eiza expressed interest in this role, and now she and Geoff apparently know each other and follow each other.


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And I’m finally done! It’s been a little over a year since I posted Achievement Time and now it’s time for Achievement Time 2.0 with the Lads, Gents, and Thugs! I had a lot of fun making this and I’ll be giving away some 4x6 prints at RTX so make sure you come say hi to me! I’m also gonna make some single prints for everyone so I’m hoping I get to meet all the Achievement Hunters! >w<

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Now that the Gotham City Sirens is announced, you should check out the campaign on twitter #MakeCatwomanCubanAgain !


[Putting here Selina’s Cuban origin in case anyone asks.]

Sounds good. Director David Ayer pretty much confirms his involvement so I think we can politely tweet to him, along with Geoff JohnsWarner Bros, and Margot Robbie (though she doesn’t appear to be as active).