i tweaked it a little

Always feel like there’s something I can improve on or there’s something I can tweak and make it more me or, you know, a little more different here. I feel like that comes across with my lyrics now. I feel like my lyrics has grown, I feel like it’s more adult. I feel like I’ve got some cool puns in there and some weird things that I’m proud of, that my mind’s been able to come up with.
—  Zayn on his music for Vogue
1096. A muggleborn at Hogwarts thinks it’s ridiculous that they wear robes while playing Quidditch and finally it is agreed that players can wear what they want as long as it's in their house colors. This rule had to be slightly altered after May 2014. During the last Ravenclaw vs. Slytherin game of that year, some seventh year Ravenclaw players turned up naked painted in blue and bronze. It was the most house points lost in centuries according to the ghosts.

Craig: “Screw Coon and friends, this new kid pisses me off even more than those asshats!”
Tweek: “ARGH! Yeah! Let’s get him!”

Both Craig and Tweek ditch there symbols and prepare for the fight

Craig: “That Stick isn’t going to do any good if we’re together!”

Ultimate move don’t you say?

anonymous asked:

Question for Tweek. do you love Craig more coffee???

TWEEK: i think it’s better than like cigarettes– or drugs and other stuff??

TWEEK: but yeah, Craig means waaay more to me than coffee does!

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[Based on writing styles]

White: I’m really shy to talk to you, but I would like to write with you sometime!

Yellow: Your writing us great! Keep it up!

Orange: I can hear ____’s voice when I read your writing!

Pink: I like your writing, it just needs a little tweaking! [Specify]

Red: I admire your writing and stories from afar. Just know I always read them.

Maroon: Eh, your writing is ok.

Magenta: I aspire to write like you.

Purple: Your writing needs a little work.

Violet: I wish you would write more.

Aquamarine: Can you write a drabble between our two characters?

Blue: You need to improve your writing

Navy: I have a hard time understanding your writing.

Gray: You should put more description into your writing.

Black: Your writing is terrible.

Silver: How are you not famous for your writing? O_O

Brown: Your writing seems a little bleak. Would you like some tips or advice from me?



first off, I’d like to apologise for what a hot fucking mess this post is style-wise - this is what happens when I try to scribble down ideas as fast as possible in tiny spurts over the course of two weeks…I’d also like to put in a disclaimer - I’m a white person from the UK, and I realise a lot of my designs for these characters come from the cultures of POC in different parts of the world, so if I’ve messed up somehow and produced something somehow uncool out of ignorance, PLEASE do not hesitate to let me know so I can rectify it!

I’ve got more drawings planned but shoot me a message if there’s a particular character or pairing you’d like to see “translated” into this au!


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Two firsts {Bucky Barnes one shot }

{“Hello :) Would you do a Bucky Barnes imagine where you’re his girlfriend but not an avenger so it happens that you sometimes feel uncomfortable when he invites you to the Tower (you’re also a bit shy) but the others all love you. So one day you visit him after your work wanting to surprise him. When you enter his room he Comes out of the shower and you immediately blush at the sight. You end up that night telling Buck to have your first time with him and he makes it all about you ? :) Thanks} @tieddown-withbattleshipchains

~ I tweaked the request a little, I hope you still like it love, xoxo~ 

Warnings :SMUT , NSFW GIFS, swearing . Fluff 


Dating Bucky Barnes is something you never saw coming . You met at the grocery store , and immediately clicked , quickly going from friends to more within weeks . You’re a shy girl, you went from living in a small town to moving to New York for work .

You’re still semi in your shell , but bucky is slowly breaking you out . You’ve experienced so many new things with him , from ice skating ,trying fried ice cream ( which you quickly became addicted to )& falling in love . Yes, you love,but you haven’t dared to say the words to him. It’s barely been a few months , and you’re not about to risk ruining what you have with him . You’ve learned so many things about each other over the time you’ve been together , he rarely speaks of his past, but he has his moments when he opens up. He’s shown you his most vulnerable side, his broken side , and it only added to your feelings for him.

There’s still a few things you haven’t discussed yet ,the main ones being meeting his friends , and sex . You never push to meet the others , even though you’re curious as to why he hasn’t brought you to meet them yet . But our grateful sex hasn’t come up yet ; not that you don’t want to be intimate with him it’s just .. you’ve never been intimate with anyone on that level . Sure , the two of you have done .. things . But it hasn’t gone far, neither of you has seen the other naked ; he’s only seen you in your bra 3 times before you pulled away to cool down . Part of you is embarrassed to tell him you’re a virgin , you know he wouldn’t judge you , he’s too sweet (you can’t always shake embarrassment) & the other part of you is terrified , what if you aren’t good? A bunch of ‘what ifs’ are stopping you, and you know it’s ridiculous .

Today though, it seems the universe wants to cross both things off your list .

“ y/n!” Buckys voice echoes through your apartment, waking you from your nap . You grumble and shove your face back into the pillows on your couch .
“ doll it’s 3pm why are you napping?!” He chuckles as he takes in your appearance; had sprawling over the pillows as your face is buried in the fluffy pillows. Your answer is muffled by the pillows . You squeal as his hands grip your waist to flip you over . The wide smile on his face makes you giggle as he hovers above you .

“ I thought you were busy today handsome?” You question as you lift your hand to brush his hair behind his ear . He leans down, pecking your lips before letting his body collapse over yours . You groan as his weight falls on you, making him laugh as he nuzzles his face in to crook of your neck

“ I canceled a few things, I was thinking maybe - if you’re up for it- we could go to the tower, maybe hangout there for the night since you’re off tomorrow?” You hear he hesitation in his voice , does he think I’ll say no?

“ I’d love to Bucky! ”
He lifts his head, locking his eyes on yours
“ you don’t have to y/n I just-”

You smush his cheeks between your hands , successfully cutting him off
“ I want to meet your friends ,who knows , maybe I’ll like them better than I like you.” You smirk while his faves scrunches even more in offense . Before you know it, Buckys hands are digging into your sides , your body twitching as he relentlessly tickles you. You scream at the intrusion , then fall into a fit of giggles

“ maybe I shouldn’t bring you there, I can’t be losing my best girl .” He says as he continues . After 6 minutes of you trying to call a truce and retracting your previous statement that started all this, bucky let up, rolling onto the floor and pulling you on top of him as he lands .
You land straddling his hips , your hands falling to balance yourself on his chest. A smirk plays at his lips as his hands snake up your thighs to grasp your hips .

“ gotta say, I’m liking this position Doll, the view is incredible .”

You blush and move to get up , but his hands tighten and hold you to him . Your heart begins racing when he begins sitting up , when his chest presses to yours and his nose nudges yours you nearly melt into a puddle . The feeling of him under you feels so.. right. He leans in , finally connecting your lips in a messy kiss , a kiss that has you moaning against his lips & and fingers weaving through his hair . His hands Are busy on your waist , guiding your hips to rolling against his hardening buldge . You pull back from him to gasp at the feeling , but he doesn’t let your lips lean his long . Things don’t slow down from there, his hands glide up, lifting your shirt over your head , then gently groping over your bra covered chest . Your back naturally arches at the feeling, pushing more into his hands , his lips finally leave yours to trail down your neck, nipping and lick until he gets to your chest . 

 Your hips keep moving with his , you can feel your center growing wetter and wetter with every roll of his hips and touch of his lips on your chest. You’ve never .. finished before , but gore sure this tightening feeling in your body is a sure sign of it Happening soon, and you find yourself chasing it . Your whimpers are growing louder, hitting an all time high when Bucky begins whispering in your ear .
“ Jesus doll, im going finish and I haven’t even gotten to feel you wrapped around me yet . Are you close too? God, I want to feel you right , warm pussy squeezing my cock Doll , I want to watch you really ride me .”

His hands go to unclasp your bra and you freeze , snapping out of your lust driven daze. You gently push at his chest , putting a little space between you two
“ b-buck, we should get ready to go , don’t wanna keep everyone waiting .” Your voice is shakey as you cock block not only yourself, but bucky too. He’s going to hate me .

He groans at your suggestion , but agrees . He gives you one last deep kiss before letting you off him.
“ this isn’t over doll.” He calls after you as you walk into your room. You sigh as soon as you’re out of eyesight , running a hand through your hair , your body still buzzing from the near orgasm , this man is going to be the death of me .

An hour after meeting the team

Everything has been going great ! Everyone was so welcoming , wanda engulfed you in a hug before she even said hello , and you instantly formed a bond with her and Natasha . Most of the guys (besides Steve) keep commenting on how beautiful you are, and how you’re out of Buckys league. After every comment , you see a flash of annoyance cross Buckys face. After sam makes a comment on how angelic you are compared to Bucky , you can see your boyfriend about to erupt . so before he can say anything to Sam ,you move away from wanda to plop yourself in his lap& wrap your arms around him before commenting back to Sam
“ I’m far from an angel sam .” You wink , and watch as a blush rise on Steves cheeks and sams chokes on the beer he’s drinking from your insinuation .

“ damn Barnes . You really hit the jackpot with this one .” Sam declares after he recovers . Bucky smiles, leaning up to kiss your cheek .

“ im aware . It’s getting kinda late, what do you say we head to bed Doll? ” he asks , his wide puppy eyes silently beg you . He wasn’t lying , it’s almost 2am , so you both say your goodbyes , and promise to be awake for breakfast with everyone in the morning .

He leads you to his room at the tower , and the second you enter you laugh. He has random captain America merchandise all over . He groans , tossing the cap teddy bear off his bed .

“ I’m going to kill Wilson .” He mutters as you double over laughing . There is posters, clocks, a rug shaped like Steves shield and captain America pillows all over the room. Bucky begins digging through his dresser as he grumbles about getting payback . You understand their relationship, they tease each other like brothers , sometimes too much or harsh but they seem to make it past it .

“ I’m gonna jump in the shower real quick doll, get comfy !” You watch him walk away with a towel with a towel in hand , he tosses you a quick wink as he closes the door .

You grab your bag , and switch into your pajamas , but as you search for your shorts you come up empty . You groan and fall back into his bed in only a baggy shirt and panties . How did I forget pants ?!? It’s not your first sleepover with him, but you get just as nervous every time .

The bathroom door swings open, steam billowing out as Bucky emerges with only a towel wrapped around his waist. Holy hell , how - why - DAMN. You take in his bare chest & the sharp V on his waist . He clears his throat, an amused look settling in his face , busted .

“ see something you like darling ?”

You scoff and roll your eyes “ you’re alright .”

Before you even process what’s happening , Bucky is on you, pinning your hands on either side of your head . His lips hovering above yours as he settles between your legs . You let out a tiny squeak as he rolls his barely covered hips down against yours .

“ that’s a shame , since I think you’re a lot more than alright doll.” He whispers, nipping your ear . Your body and mind fall on the same page , and you realize this is it . This is happening , I’m doing this, we are doing this .

His lips land on yours , the kiss sweet and slow . His tongue swipes along your bottom lip and you immediately part , letting his tongue glide against yours , making you moan at the contact . His hands release yours , moving down to crawl up your thighs until they land at the top of your panties . They playfully dip under the band and you break away from his kiss , your eyes wide and full of clear fear . His eyes meet yours and he pulls back
“ what’s wrong ? I- I didn’t mean to push-”

“ no ! No you didn’t - there’s nothing wrong ! I just - uh - I’m- ” you begin stuttering and he takes your face in his hands to calm you.
“ relax , take a breath . ”
You nod, taking a moment before blurting out “im a virgin .” Your eyes widen and you groan , pushing his hands away so you can drop your head into your own . Way to ruin yo mood , god I suck .

You hear a small chuckle and peek through your fingers . Bucky tugs your wrists so your face is no longer hidden .

“ doll, it’s alright . Actually it’s more than alright. Atleast now I know why you alway stop before things go further . I was starting to think you didn’t want me.” He admits , making your heart drop. I never wanted him to think that

“ you are so incredibly wrong Bucky Barnes . I want you so much it scares me . I just … I don’t know what I’m doing and I don’t want to disappoint you .”

He silences you with a kiss, he keeps it gentle and sweet but it still has you panting .
“ you will never disappoint me . Do you want this?” He quietly asks ,
“ yes.” You breath out . He smiles as he ducks done to kiss you again . This time though, it had a rougher edge to it . His lips nip at yours , his hands roam up your shirt to remove it before he slides down to remove your panties . When you’re fully bare Bucky pulls back, looking at your naked body for the first time . A dazzling smile plays at his lips as his eyes travel down your body. Why isn’t he saying anything ?!?!??!

He leans down, his lips kissing just under your ear .“ You’re breathtaking doll. I don’t think I’ve ever seen something so beautiful.” Your panic disappears& Chills rise from his words mixed with his warm breath fanning over your neck .

Your hands cup his face, guiding his lips to Yours . You fall into comfort , your body feeling his as your hips roll against him. You sneak your hand down his body , ripping the towel from his waist . You bite your lip at the sight, his cock bounces against his stomach , how is that going to fit in me?! Oh god , he’s going to break my vagina . Is that even humanly possible? Death by broken vagina , real great thing to have carved on my headstone .

His chuckle snaps you into reality “ doll, I’ll do my best to make sure his doesn’t hurt. Tell me to stop if it’s too much alright? ” you nod in agreement , and then the fun starts .

His lips begin kissing down your neck, switching between sucking and nipping until he reaches your bare chest, with one hand he rolls your pebbled nipple , using his mouth to suck the other Into his warm mouth .
“ oh my god - ” you moan out at the feeling of his teeth grazing your nipple. His free hand travels down , gently Swirling around your clit . You arch your back with a gasp at the feeling , no matter how many times you’ve touched your self you’ve ever actually made yourself cum . The feeling of Buckys rough hands on you is earth shattering .

You fist one hand in the sheets beneath you and one in Buckys hair , holding him to your chest as he switches between nipples . He slides a single finger into your pussy, moaning at how wet you already are . He slowly thrusts it , using his thumb to continue circling your clit. You already feel so full from just one finger , but you want more .
“ bucky please - I need- oh!” Your voice fades into a loud moan as he adds another finger and increases his speed . He Keeps on hands attention on your chest, tugging and rolling your nipples , while his lips dance with yours . You hips lift to press against his finger and he moans out at the feeling

“ you’re so tight, so much tighter than I could of imagined Doll. ” you hum at his words , A gasp slipping out as he adds a third metal finger to your pussy.
“ oh fuck- i think I’m going to -”. You’re cut off by your own orgasm
“ James !” You whimper his name out as pleasure waves over your body, your vision going white at the feeling . His fingers continue , moving slower to pull you through .
Your eyes snap open when you feel his weight disappear from your body , and you watch as he moves lower until he’s eye level with your glistening center .
He hums, before diving in, his tongue licking you clean . The feeling is one you will never get sick of , his tongue lapping at your folds as his finger circles your pussy , teasing it.
You buck your hips closer to his face, craving more, needing more pressure .

“ please !” You beg , already addicted to the new feeling of pleasure he’s brought to you.
“ what do you want doll ? ”
You whimper out , but he doesn’t take that as an answer
“ I need words y/n. Do you want me to keep using my fingers ? Or my mouth ? ” he punctuates each word with the action , sucking your clit harshly before moving up to your lips continuing “ or do you want my cock? Do you want me to -”

You huff out in annoyance and use all your strength flip the two of you so your straddling him, his hard length trapped between you .
His eyes widen as you playfully smirk at him
“ cat got your tongue Barnes ?” You roll your hips against his erection , both of you moaning at the feeling .

He leans up, pulling you so your bare chests are pressed together , and your lips are brushing over each other’s .
“ I love you .” Your breath hitches at his words , the world disappears around you, leaving just the two of you .

“ you don’t have to say it back-”
“ I love you James Buchanan Barnes. ”

You crash your lips to his , and the playful atmosphere turns to pure passion, pure love . The kiss is slow and deep , your hands tugging at his hair as it continues . Your hips roll with his , but oh can’t take the anticipation anymore . You lean back on calves , taking his length in your hand .you swipe the tip through your soaked folds , moaning at the feeling of his warmth on you.

“ are you sure your ready doll?” Bucky asks, his voice gruff . You smile at him and nod
“ make love to me James .” He moans at the sound of his name on your lips , he takes a hold of his member, and lines it up with your entrance before stopping
“ wait do we-”
“ I’m on the pill.” You whine , moving your hips so that his tip lips in . You gasp at the intrusion , only getting louder as he slowly pushes his way into you . He finally bottoms out, you’re fully seated in his lap , his cock stretching you out to the max . It doesn’t exactly hurt , it’s more like a dull ache . He experimentally thrusts, making the ache explode into pleasure .
“ oh!”
He smiles and does it again, receiving a rewarding moan . You lock eyes and smile, letting him know to continue . As he begins thrusting all signs of discomfort leave, replaced with pure pleasure . He doesn’t rush, keeping his thrusts slow , but you’re already craving so much more
“ James , harder , please .” You beg , the conflicted look on his face already tells you he isn’t going to do it , he’s too afraid f hurting you. So you take what you want. You lay your hand on his chest and lift you hips just to drop back down on him. He groans at the feeling , you bite your lip at the feeling of his tip rubbing against a sensitive spot within you . Your pace picks up until you’re bouncing yourself on his dick . His hand switch between roughly gripping your hips, to toying with you tits as they bounce in front of him .

“ holy - fuck Doll you feel so good .” You can’t even form words to respond , your sending over flowing with pleasure . Your bodies are covered with a light layer of sweat , and your thighs are burning from the position but you keep going , bouncing yourself harder on him as you chase after both of your orgasms . His grip tightens on your hips and he flips you , resulting in a surprised yelp from you. He managed to keep his cock nestled inside you during the transition, and immediately picked up a quick pace , slamming himself into you relentlessly. Moans falling from your lips with every thrust , the new angle making things so much more intense . The tightening feeling in your stomach it’s nearing its end once again , and you begins matching Buckys thrusts with your own

“ im so close James , keep- ahh- going!”
He leans back lifting your hips so your lower half is kind of in his lap and he begins pounding into you at an animalistic speed
“James !”
“ cum for me Doll, im right -mmm -behind you” he says. His finger find your clit and behind harshly rubbing against it , sending you spiraling into your finish . The feeling of his finish costing your walls makes You cry out his name from how intense it feels . You tug him down to you, his lips crashing into yours as you ride out your climaxes together . When you part , your breath matches his , labored and harsh . You both smile at each other , you whimper as he pulls out of you , your body already so sensitive . He leans back, watching as his cum along with yours drips out of your pussy . He groans at the sight, biting his lips and massaging your thighs as he does . You raise your eyebrows at him , giggling at his blush when we realizes you caught him just staring at your vagina . He heads to the bathroom , returning with a warm washcloth to clean up. You flinch at the feeling and he sends you an apologetic smile , knowing how sensitive you must be . He tosses the towel and hops back into bed with you .

“ did it hurt ?” He asks as he tugs your body to his, making you the little spoon

“ atfirst it was a little uncomfortable , but it faded into pure pleasure .” You admit with a smile. He chuckles into your hair , holding you tighter against him.
“ I’m happy it was with you James , I love you.” You confess with a yawn. Your eyelids begin fluttering shut and you know it’s a battle you’re going to lose . As you behind drifting asleep you still manage to hear him
“ I love you too Doll.”

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