i turned around

I still have bad days… Days when ‘happiness’ seems more like a mirage than a destination. Every time I seem to get close to it, it jumps further away again just out of reach. Sometimes it feels like I’ll never get there… Like I’ll never be okay.
But when I look behind me at everything I’ve been through, I see how far I’ve come. I see the pain I endured and the inner demons I battled to get where I am now and I KNOW without question that I’m never going back. And if I’m not going back - then that only leaves forwards … And that’s when I turn around and keep going.
I’ve come too far give up because of one bad day.
Bad days end.
New days begin….
and tomorrow will be better.

Ok but imagine after s4, John’s heading out with Rosie, and he turns around and says ‘We’ll be back soon, love you!’ and Sherlock just freezes from where he’s standing. He finally opens his mouth and says, ‘John… I’m not Mary.’ And John just smile and says ‘I know’, turns around, and leaves.


Your Daily Killian Pick-Me-Up ⚓ [Day 246]

Concept: me, coming across Moffat and Gatiss on a rainy day. They ask if I have a spare umbrella, they only have one. I smile. Of course I do. I turn around and pick it up. It is gay pride colors. They exchange a look. I then unleash from inside of the umbrella a sword. They start to laugh, of course she’s a fan, they think, ready for praise. I laugh too and unleash from the sword a dildo with all of TFP printed onto it. “Kindly shove this up your asses where it belongs.” I say. They are speechless, I walk away with my rainbow umbrella, on the back there is the middle finger. 

Breaking Her

Pairing:  Dean x Reader (Female)

Summary:  Dean sees how much hunting has taken a toll on the reader. To spare her from further damage he needs to get her to leave, even if it means breaking her heart.

Word Count: 2.7k 

Warnings: ANGST. Literally the most angst I’ve ever written. A bit of verbal abuse. SO MUCH LANGUAGE. (C’mon. It’s me.)

A/N: This is for @nichelle-my-belle 4K Angst Challenge! She is absolute QUEEN! So be sure to check her out! My prompt for the challenge is:  If I could go back to the day we met, I’m sorry, but I’d turn around and walk the other way. So if that doesn’t tell you how this fic goes, I don’t know what will…

(Gifs are not mine.)

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He could see that he was breaking her.

She didn’t grin like she use to whenever he entered the room. Her eyes stopped lighting up in a childlike awe as she watched the stars while they drove all night long. Her laughter stopped filling the room like it once did before he broke her. And Dean knew it.

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You are a darling! How do you remain so positive and put your trust in these monsters? I am in awe of you! Once I've been burned I turn around and burn that bitch of a bridge to the GROUND! What is your secret!?!?

Trusting that there has to be at least some point to series 4?! 😂

Seriously though, I’m completely sympathetic to everyone’s anger, frustration and confusion right now. If they don’t follow through, and the final problem really is “the end”, then I will be furious at the opportunity they’ve just let sail by them.

BUT I still honestly find it so hard to believe that two people could consistently come up with phenomenal writing for 6 years only to completely contradict everything in one episode for no point at all. There has to be a *reason*, and I partly think the s4 tag line was misdirection: this IS still a great game, they’re still playing, it’s not over.

If I’m wrong then of course I’ll be disappointed! But right now I’m having fun trying to figure out why they took us to such a bizarre world that jarred with everything they’ve done before. I completely understand and respect if other people are done playing, though! Right now, I still want to give them one last shot. I refuse to believe that they would shoot themselves in the foot for no reason, and there’s not something bigger coming.

Short answer? I’m still rooting for the show. And if they still don’t take the opportunity well then, “hell mend you.”

hey uh why is lesbian tumblr the worst thing ever. i just want 2 hold a girls hand and whatever but every time i turn around one of u has started leaking addresses over some arcane johnlockverwatch/Star Wars crossover moodboard drama. lets all just take a SaphNap until we feel better


Pairings: Dean Winchester x Reader

Warnings: Smut (Its pretty mild), hickeys, nsfw 

Word Count: 652

Summary: Freshly baked pie and a horny Dean. 

A/N: Not sure where this came from really, I was discussing it with @poemwriter98 and decided to just see where it went. 

It had just come out of the oven when I felt arms wrap around my waist, the scents of apple pie and Dean’s cologne mixing into one sweet smell. Dean lent forward, placing a kiss at the base of my neck as he breathed in, mumbling something about how good it smelt into my skin. I felt my cheeks colour, the heat crawling up the back of my neck like it did every time Dean was around. Nudging him back with my elbow I moved towards the kitchen island, placing the pie onto the rack to cool.

Before I could turn around again though Dean was pushing himself up against me, his body fitting into all the curves of mine as he bent us both over the bench a little more. There was still flour all over the bench from where I had been cooking, my hands leaving marks all through it as I braced myself, a whine leaving my lips as Dean’s hand trailed up along my side.
“Dean, I gotta clean up,” I muttered halfheartedly, leaning my head back against his shoulder as he sucked a mark into the crook of my neck, his teeth scraping over the sensitive skin.
He ignored me though, digging his fingers into my hips as he continued the assault on my neck, lips getting lower and lower until he was kissing along my shoulder.

He rutted himself against my back, pushing me harder into the bench so I knew how much he wanted me, his cock already straining against the zip of his jeans. Feeling a swell of arousal pool between my thighs I pushed back against him, smiling when I heard him growl lowly, the vibrations of it running the length of my spine. Without warning Dean spun me around to face him, his hands hooking under my legs and lifting me up onto the bench, his hands keeping my legs separated.

Again I felt the flush in my cheeks as he stared at me, his lust blown eyes travelling down my body and back again, his tongue darting out to wet his lips. Stepping fully between my legs his hands moved to push my shirt up over my navel, leaving the fabric bunched just under my breasts.
“I really want to taste that pie Sweetheart,” He groaned, voice deep and husky.

I closed my eyes and lent back as his hands skimmed back down my stomach, stopping when they reached the button on my jeans, his fingers deftly popping it open before I could say anything. By this point I was writhing under his touch, my skin feeling like it was tingling all over, buzzing with electricity as he pulled down my zip.
I moaned, hands sliding through the flour on the bench, my back arching up slightly in want of his touch. Dean slid my jeans and panties off, drooping them to the floor and gripping my ankles.

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I’m not sure if continuing my research is a good idea.

Sometimes, when I know I’m alone, I hear echoes of “My world’s on fire, how ‘bout yours?” and “All that glitters is gold…only shooting stars break the mold”.  I have turned around on more than one occasion to see a humanoid figure, cloaked in darkness, slip out of my view.  Once, when I was working intently on a report, I felt breathing on my neck.  When I turned around, nobody was there.  Every once in a while, when I close my eye, I see a vivid image of some kind of marshy area with a rotted wooden structure.  The structure appears to be some kind of small shed with a crescent shape carved into the door.  The image goes away the moment I open my eye.  Worst of all, occasionally when I’m losing focus, I snap back to reality and find myself chanting “the years start coming and they don’t stop coming” repeatedly.  I feel as though I must continue my research for the sake of the whole universe, but I’m starting to feel unsure about how much longer I’ll be able to keep it up before something goes wrong.

Unexpected crush

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01 I

Words count: 698

Member: Jimin & you (ft. Taehyung)

Genre: Fluff



                          Focus on studying, I know it’s hard but believe me.

                                          It’ll be worth it. -unknown.


‘’You don’t have to run, I can drive you.“ I turn around slowly, not finishing the apple that I had in my hand. I look at my sister confused, my jacket halfway on and the apple halfway in my mouth. "You’ll drive me?”

“Yeah, what’s so weird about that?” I take a step closer to my sister and placing my hand to her forehead. When she realizes what I’m trying to do, she pushes my hand away and denies the fact that she’s sick. But my sister is never in this good mood, especially not in the morning. “What’s wrong with me wanting to drive you to school?”

“What’s not wrong about it?” I question, “Last time I asked you, you threw a fit and ranted to me about how much gas you would waste on me. You made me even later to school than what I was meant to be.” I reminded her. She shook her head as she grabbed the jacket hanging from the hook in our little hall. “Okay, that was last year. It’s 2017 now, I’m trying to change.”

I point a finger at her, “You’re not joking?”

She rolls her eyes, “I’m not joking.”

I pull into a grin and hug her excitedly, “This I can learn to love.” I squeal before jumping into my white vans and running towards the car.

As we pull into the big old school that I call World of idiots, I bid my goodbyes and walk towards the building. I looped my hand into both of my back back strings and walk confidently but quietly towards my locker. It was still early so there wasn’t a lot of people here yet, but some gave me weird looks and others minded their own business. In my position, I’d prefer if they just minded their own business.

“Hey, Crystal!” I mentally frowned as my name was being called, but regardless - I turned around and forced a huge smile that the whole world could tell was fake. Except for this girl in front of me, Katie Shapiro.

“Hey Katie, what brings you to me?” I ask as nice as possible but when it’s Katie, it’s physically impossible. She was just so, cold hearted. I haven’t been her victim yet but from what I’ve witnessed, she wasn’t the nicest girl in this school. If anything, she’s the worst. Too high on herself, bragging about her self all day long, bullies every innocent child. Yap that’s her. “What do you mean? You don’t want to hang with me?” That’s exactly it

“No, not that. Where’s Jamie?” I purposely changed the subject, but the question was kind of stuck to my brain as well. Jamie was the girl who was always by Katie’s side. She was the nicest out of them all, I feel kind of sorry. Thing is, Katie only shows her bad side to the people she wants to - in this case, Jamie was excluded. Everyone loved Jamie, she was so much sweeter compared to Katie. Katie was evil, I still don’t know why I put up with her. Maybe because I didn’t want to be on her blacklist. Nobody wants to be on Katie’s blacklist.

“She’s late.” Of course she’s using me. “Oh,” was all that came out of my moth. Katie looped her arms with mine and dragged me to the bathroom, probably so I could compliment her and watch her re apply the makeup she already had on. She was pretty, I had to admit - but she was rude. Someone who’s rude is automatically ugly in my eyes, but I would never tell her.

Suddenly a bunch of other girls started filling the bathroom, and I was left squeezed by all of them. This is my school guys, the school that I have to endure of the rest of the school year. The school with all of this ugly selfish girls, this is my school and I absolutely despises it. The only reason I’m here is so I can get my diploma and move. Move far away from these people.

Paying the price

Chapter 7

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Not my best chapter, but the longest yet & it literally took ages to edit, over two hours :D

Thanks for reading! :)

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“Lexi, get up! “

Groaning, I turned around, burying my pulsating head in the pillow, just as something soft hit me. Squinting my eyes open, I spotted Freddie, only wearing his boxers, smoking and looking like the pretentious asshole, he was. Grabbing the thing he threw at me, I realized, it was the dress I had been wearing yesterday and it was a clear signal for me, to get out of his flat.

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i was like “oh wow i cant ever make a post thats worse than the well being a mirror for sherlock’s asshole” & then i turn around and make the fucking “victor trevor was a furry” post i need someone to delete my blog for me

[Kitten Crush][Part 1 Of ???]

[Jace POV]
I was almost finished dropping off the kids, only two were left, Ciple and Bluedust.
Ciple was reading a book, or at least trying, Sway Was at her side helping. Bluedust was following a laser that Anda was shining. I sighed, the many anon attacks have kept us busy, at least no one was hurt that badly. I suddenly heard a yelp followed by some cries. I turned around and saw that Bluedust had ran into Ciple and Sway, I went over to help then looked at Bluedust and Anda. “What happened?!” I asked. “I-I’m So Sorry! I tripped and the laser pointer fell out of my hands and pointed at Ciple and Sway!” Said Anda who was very sorry. “It’s ok” I said, things calmed down after the sudden clash. Sway had to go home, Anda was cleaning the food off the tables. I looked over at Bluedust who was asleep, then by her was Ciple. Ciple was watching Bluedust carefully, I kneeled down next to her and asked in a whisper"You like Bluedust?“. Ciple face brightened to warm colors of orange and yellow and she nodded. "Dun twell no won” she said. I nodded and walked away continuing sweeping. Soon Ciples mother came who talked very fast and gave me a bunch of apologies for being late. “Really, It’s ok Miss Cyan” I reassured her. Soon she left with Ciple, I couldn’t help but smile. Little Ciple was finally opening up.

Ciple// Me

Jaces Daycare// @pwnage101​ and @wit-fox

Sway// @swaysway4433

Anda// @anda-blr

Bluedust// @ilovewolves81

Okay….if you have been following me for a while now you know I live in a semi-haunted house and I always share stories.

Well just right now I am sitting here in the living room and for a solid minute on my shoulder blade, it felt like someone was holding an ice cube against it over my shirt. I have never felt such an intense cold feeling in one spot before. It didn’t travel, just stayed there. I turned around and put my hand out to feel for a cold draft but there is nothing. I stil kind of feel it too. But it’s not as intense anymore.

like, spirit, pls don’t touch me. 

I think one of the biggest reasons why I suffer from disassociation is because I lost so much interest in myself as a person and my interests over the years.  I hardly do as much art as I used to, don’t write at all, don’t journal, don’t play videogames to the point where I want to absorb the lore into my essence because of how much I love it, and everything like this has been diminished to a school ethic and nothing else. I don’t do anything to make myself happy, but I’m turning that around today.

On Mondays

On Mondays we have dance.

Spent the entire day running and picked the kids up from daycare and after care. Per usual, ran through Wendy’s for their dinner so they could eat on the way. Bee purposefully dumped her chicken nuggets on the floor and ground them into the interior.

I turned the car around so fast and headed back home.

I told a four year old if she can’t respect me and my things, she doesn’t deserve dance lessons.

Currently, the other two are watching a cartoon and Bee is in the bathtub. As much as I want to send her straight to bed, her hair has to be done tonight.

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My current SD of five months has been amazing. But the only issue I've had is that he is always late with allowance and always cancels on me. He is an extremely busy man so I've come to get used to it. But lately we have been getting into arguments about the late allowance thing and it is starting to sour our relationship. I feel him getting distant and I don't want to lose him. What should I do to turn things around?

Your situation demonstrates an interesting tension between two key issues in an arrangement.  First is “Communication is Key”, which involves the importance of being direct and straight forward about the things you want and second, is what I will call the “Rule of SDJ”, which I have not had occasion to discuss with you before.  

So, first things first. You have followed the rule of Communication is Key by letting your SD know that you expect (and perhaps need) him to pay the allowance on a consistently timely basis.  After all, you’ve got your own obligations that you have to take care of and if he gives you the envelope late, it creates problems. I can understand that!  Further, I am in your corner.  A SD should NEVER be late with the allowance, especially if he expects you to bring your “A” game every time you get together.  After all, what’s fair is fair, right?  When he does see you, he expects you to make HIM happy, he expects you to be “into it”, sexy, fun and ready to go.  In exchange, you don’t want to have to beg, whine and bitch about what he is supposed to bring to the table.  I commend you for talking to him about the fact that he has been falling behind in providing his end of the bargain!

But, unfortunately, the dude isn’t hearing you.  Despite the fact that you have told him to get his financial shit in order, he has failed to do so.  Not only that, the dude is starting to cop an attitude as a result.  So, if you keep following the rule of Communication is Key, you are going to lose yourself a SD in the process.

This is where the Rule of SDJ comes into play.  Now, since I am a guy, this rule was originally “male-centric”, but you’ll see how it can be used by you girls as well. The Rule of SDJ is basically a question I ask myself to get perspective on my situation when faced with a sugar baby who does not or will not comply with a need of mine.  So, rephrased, the rule is, as a sugar daddy, if I have a sugar baby who is a lot of fun to be with, is great in bed, and otherwise makes me happy, how much of her shit am I going to put up with before I decide it just ain’t worth it.  

Simply put, the Rule of SDJ is “is there a good reason why should I deny myself this girl’s pussy.” Lol  

Okay, let me explain. The Rule of SDJ comes into play with a girl who shows up late, is sometimes or often unreliable (i.e., cancels at the last minute), has drama in her life that interferes with her ability to see me, or other issues that impact on the things that I consider important in an arrangement.  

If the “pros” outweigh the “cons”, I simply “suck it up” and enjoy the good stuff and understand that the negatives are just something I have to deal with.  In other words, I decide that I should not deny myself her pussy! I let the negative shit go and enjoy the ride, so to speak.  I don’t get all twisted up over the negatives.  I won’t let it interfere with us having a good time together.  

If and when it gets to the point, however, that the cons outweigh the pros, I walk away.  Simple as that.  No warning.  No fuss, no arguments, I just walk away.  After all, I warned her to change certain behavior; it was up to her to decide what she wanted to or was willing to do.  And, if she decided not to change her behavior it couldn’t have come as a surprise that I was no longer willing to put up with it.

So, here is the bottom line for you, applying these two principles.  You’ve done your part communicating that you want him to pay your allowance on time.  You have impressed upon him the importance of living up to that obligation.  But, he has not changed his behavior.  Now, you have to ask yourself the female counterpart of the Rule of SDJ:  “is there a good reason why you should deny yourself access to this guy’s wallet?” lol  If you decide that it is time to say “fuck this noise”, walk away and find yourself another sugar daddy, because, obviously, nothing you are doing and saying is changing the way he acts.  If, on the other hand, the pros of your arrangement outweigh the cons, just let it go, cope with it and enjoy the ride!  

The beauty of the Rule of SDJ is that you can ask yourself the key question at any time.  And, your decision today does not forestall a different decision next week. So, if he continues to be late with the allowance, you can decide at any point that it just ain’t worth it anymore and proceed accordingly.  Until then, however, I suggest that you just drop the issue so it won’t interfere with your time together.  He’s been warned.  The ball is in his court!

I love that little kids have no shame when it comes to stuff they enjoy. Everyone should be like that. I had a little boy run up to me, make a raptor noise, then yell “I love Jurassic Park!” because he saw me wearing a Jurassic Park shirt. I had never seen this kid before. This was our first ever interaction.

Similar thing at a Wal-Mart. I heard a small voice behind me say “I love Steven Universe, who’s your favorite gem?” when I was getting toothpaste, turned around and saw a little girl. She had seen my Steven Universe shirt.

Both of these kid’s parents were next to them, by the way, they didn’t just wander away after me.

But like, I just love how pure that is? That there was no hesitation or anything, just a “I like that thing too!” reaction, just wanting to share their happiness with someone else. Idk. Kids are cool sometimes.