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Harry Hook x fem!reader || Break the rules
requested; prompt #39. “Make me” & #55. “ Don’t stop now” & “ #17 I didn’t know you were a stalker. ”

A/N; I hope you guys like how this turned out; I really try my best with all the prompts and I try to write them in order but I guess I’ll just write them based on the inspiration I have at the moment (: also I know this is , again, two requests in one but I kind of have a lot of writing to do at the moment so I just thought that putting these two together was a good choice since they fitted.

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Harry took off his shirt and pants, leaving only his boxers on, and jumped into the cold water. He had been in Auradon for six months now and sometimes he just couldn’t take it anymore. The pressure put on him and the other villain kids was too huge, at least from his point of view.

They’ve made him give up his hook and sword, take classes about goodness and he was most of the time followed by guards.

Harry always thought that Auradon was a better place, some way for him to be truly happy, but God, he was so wrong; it was just like back on the isle, with someone else giving orders. Only this time he had a decent room and food.

The pirate frowned as he got under the water, trying to cleanse his thoughts as well, Harry couldn’t believe what he got himself into.

“ You can’t be out here this late, you know that right?” a voice echoed from the shore

Harry turned around to see (Y/N) staring at him, he chuckled. Even since he arrived here the poor girl was assigned to be his tutor, that meant she never got her eyes off of him.

“ I didn’t know you were a stalker, ” Harry grinned

(Y/N) rolled her eyes , “ Harry you will get in trouble for this. We need to go , now!” the girl complained, “ Plus it’s my job to keep an eye on you. ”

“ You’ve got quite the job, didn’t you? ”

The girl sighed, not wanting to let Harry to get to her. (Y/N) was Jane’s older sister, her mother being the Fairy Godmother, so she had her reasons to be acting like a goody-two-shoes. She was scared of being a disappointment. (Y/N) was always doing her best and for sure she wasn’t going to let Harry Hook ruin that for her, or at least she thought she wouldn’t.

“ Aren’t you sick of always being so uptight ?”

(Y/N)’s mouth dropped in shock, “ I’m not uptight !”, she yelled, “ Or at least you can’t call me uptight !”

Harry smirked, “ Then come and loosen up a little bit, angel. ”

(Y/N) groaned in annoyance, she knew this wasn’t getting anywhere, without thinking she bit her lower lip and said, “ Make me. ”

“ Ya sure about that ?” Harry laughed

It was just one time, right? Who would hurt this small act of rebellion? It was already past midnight and (Y/N) was probably sure no one was awake, except for them.

“ Only if you catch me, Harry,” she smirked, starting to run in the opposite direction to buy her some time.

“ I never thought fairies could be this spontaneous ,” Harry smirked while getting out of the water and running in the direction (Y/N) went.

The (h/c) haired girl ran to the small forest, hiding behind a tree. She tried her best to stop herself from giggling but (Y/N) couldn’t help it. She never did anything like this - stay up past the bed time, disobeying her mother’s strict rules , doing anything that could make you feel alive.

“ Here you are, love,” Harry said grabbing her wrist, (Y/N) let her giggle escape from her mouth and put her free hand around Harry’s waist. That’s when she realized - he was half naked.

Quickly, she pulled away, blushing. “ Where are y-your clothes, Harry?”

The pirate smirked at her reaction, “ Near the river, I thought you’d enjoy this more if I left them there.

(Y/N) didn’t reply , she just turned her face away from him, feeling her cheeks heat up and knowing that a slight blush started to form, ” What is that? You’re blushing ?“ Harry teased

” How can you see that? It’s practically night and we don’t have any light. “

Harry smiled, ” I didn’t need to see, ye just admitted. “

(Y/N) sighed frustrated, she didn’t like the effect Harry had on her, ” We should really go, it’s probably for the best. “

Harry shook his head, ” Here she is again - the serious and the goody-two-shoes (Y/N). You’re not fun, love. “

That hurt her ego. Of course she was fun. How could she not be? Jane always laughed at her jokes. Her mother always told her she was the best at entertainment.

” I can be fun, actually I’m always fun,“ she said, moving her head so she could look him in the eyes. (Y/N) was already sorry for having such a big mouth when she saw the look on Harry’s face. It wasn’t his usual ’ I know you’re only making things up ’ look, no. This time it was something more. It was lust.

"Really?” he asked, putting his hands around her waist, “ Then prove it,” he wishpered in her ear, “ Prove you’re fun. ”

(Y/N)’s breathe stopped, her heart beating faster than usual, she didn’t want to do anything stupid, but she also didn’t want to look like a fool in front of Harry Hook.

“ I knew you couldn’t go bad, not even for one night,” he said, pulling away from her, but (Y/N) reacted quickly, she made up her mind about not wanting to look like a coward in front of him, so she did the unexpected.

(Y/N) pulled Harry towards her and connected her lips with his; he gasped in surprise by her sudden reaction, but didn’t waste a second as his hands started to travel down her back.

His lips were firm against hers, but the kiss remained soft, gentle, slow. They held it for a few seconds, before their lips began to move in perfect sync, slowly, cautiously. Harry exhaled through his nose, not wanting to let go.

(Y/N)’s entire body had been taken over by the overwhelming feeling of relief, combined with eccentric panic, and lust.

When she wanted to pull away, Harry wishpered , his lips only two centimeters away from hers, “ Don’t stop now, ” .

“ Harry…”

“ What? Don’t ye wanna kiss me again?”

She sighed, “ I only have one rule, I can’t break it,” Harry didn’t move, he had no intention in letting this moment slip through his fingers.

“ What rule, love?”

“ That everything means nothing, especially when it comes to guys like you” she wishpered, trying to pull away, but Harry’s hands only brought her closer to him, “ If I kiss you again, it will mean something. For me at least,” she confessed.

“ Good, because it means something for me too, (Y/N). ”

Without hesitation, they both slowly moved in. Their lips finally united together, her warm lips compelling against his slimmer, cold ones, dancing around and soon bonding together, (Y/N) knew this was the beginning of something.

Her eyes have fluttered shut and in the darkness she saw light exploding. His lips were tasting like the sea but she doesn’t care because all she can focus on is the liquid warmth that is quickly spreading through her body.

No one has ever kissed her like that. Nobody had ever kissed her. She’d always wondered what stories meant by melting in a kiss, now she fully understood, dissolving into Harry’s lips. She agreed that sometimes it was worth breaking the rules if that meant kissing Harry Hook.

like-waves-on-the-beach  asked:

Sorry you are feeling shitty and uninspired. Hope this helps. Emma explains Netflix to Killian from season four, and possibly she explains Netflix and Chill. Have fun

“You wanna go home and see what’s on Netflix?”

“I don’t know what that is, but sure.” Her pirate – it still feels weird to think of him as her’s, but, well, he is – grins back. And it’s a perfect little moment, the freaking birds chirping all around them like her life is a fairytale, but of course she ruins it.

Emma turns away, frustrated with herself, frustrated with all of it, but Killian’s disappointment radiates off him, and it isn’t so much a decision she makes as a need to kiss him in that moment. It changes the mood between them, a measure of tension leaving him, and when she finally does turn away, he’s only a few steps behind.

“Swan, I know we’ve some frosty beasty to track down, but I’ve got to ask. You mentioned Netflix just now, aye?”

She’s so confounded by what the two could possibly have to do with each other she stops in her tracks, turning to face him with a raised brow. It’s a struggle not to laugh at the way he says Netflix like it’s an exotic dish instead of a way to waste an entire day, but she manages to contain herself. “Yeah, but I was kidding. Right now anyway. Don’t really have time for Netflix.”

“So is Netflix and chill something to do with the ice creature?”

Emma nearly chokes, slapping her hand over her mouth and doubling over in the effort to contain herself. But it doesn’t work, and so help her, she can’t stop laughing at his perfectly innocent question, despite her cheeks flushing scarlet.

“Swan, do be serious. The creature is no laughing–”

She cuts him off with a kiss, Killian’s continued battle with modern technology and phrases as endearing as ever. Her amusement fades as he picks up on the change in her mood, arms tightening around her as his hook settles against the small of her back.

But as things become too intense for her, she backs off slightly, breathing deeply. “Netflix and chill is not about monsters,” she tells him, her smile creeping back. He looks more confused than ever, an ever so slight frown drawing his brows down, and Emma can’t help the small laugh. “It’s…an expression.”

“An amusing one, by your reaction,” he huffs, but he doesn’t let her go. “Share the bloody joke, Swan. Is this something I should ask Dave about?”

“Oh my god, no, don’t ever ask my father anything about Netflix and chill, please.” Emma blushes brightly all over again, and this time, Killian picks up on it, his usual leer beginning to form.

“So…this Netflix and chill…this is something we might do together?” he asks, his hips pressing suggestively into hers, and Emma has to swallow her groan. “Perhaps alone?”

“I so need to move out,” she mutters against his chest, the heat in her veins quickly chased by the disappointing fact that any chance of Netflix and chilling is slim to none given her current living situation. There is the option of Killian’s room at Granny’s – if she wants the whole town to know about it. “I really, really need my own place.”

                        The Tale of the Holiday Sweater

Merry Christmas @spartanguard!! I’m your GFSS. I hope you like this silly little Captain Charming adventure with a side portion of Captain Swan. I’m absolutely honoured to have you as a friend. You’re funny, kind hearted, and always a ray of sunshine to talk to. Have a wonderful holiday my dear! xxx

Snow bounced with excitement as she handed the brightly wrapped package over to Killian and David.

They were huddled into Granny’s with half of Storybrooke for her grand ‘holiday pot luck’. Needless to say, the town was taking full advantage of there being no lurking villain of the month or any impending doom that usually targets the quiet coastal resort, so they were celebrating by covering the diner in tinsel, mistletoe, lights, garlands, reindeers, elves and candy canes.

Emma gave her mother a curious look before turning to her father and boyfriend to watch them open the mysterious gift.

“C’mon! Open it!” Snow ordered with glee.

The men gave each other a side eye before reluctantly peeling away at the paper; hesitant about what lay inside.

Their reluctance soon turned into laughter as they revealed a brightly knitted two-person Christmas sweater. They held it up in amusement as others close enough to see joined in with the laughter.

“It’s your ‘get-along’ sweater.” Snow beamed.

“And seeing as how I worked day and night for two weeks flat on that thing, you better put it on.” Granny complained as she passed.

“Aye. It’d be a shame to see it go to waste. What do you say, Dave?”

David agreed as they both began to wrestle the knitted sweater over their heads and adjusted themselves into the sleeves provided.

Snow ‘aww’ed while Emma whipped out her phone, bringing up the camera, ready to capture evidence.

They received cheers once the garment was on and they spent a few moments posing for pictures while Granny, Emma, Henry and Snow snapped away on their devices.

“Gotta say, Captain. Those bright colors kind of suit you.” Emma teased as she nestled herself into his side.

“Aye. It’s rather garish but its snug and warm.”

“And a great way to ambush your sickening displays of affection” David butted in, turning himself to enclose Emma between himself and Killian “Give your old man a hug.”

“Just how much eggnog have you had?” Emma protested in good humor as she was wedged between her boyfriend and father. She felt like it was an attempt to crush her to death rather than an actual hug but she reveled in it all the same.

“I’m staying sober for the ice rink.” David informed her.

“Speaking of, we should head over there before it starts to get dark.” Snow advised them, wrestling Neal into his stroller and swarming him with blankets.

Emma made her way over to Henry and Violet to let them know they were preparing to go while David and Killian tried to take off the sweater.

It was when the seam of the sweater refused to budge that they knew something was wrong.

The men began to tug and pull frantically at the cuffs and collars with no indication of it moving.

“It won’t come off.” David complained as he groped and clawed.

“What do you mean it won’t come off?” Snow attempted to wrestle the knitwear over her husband’s head with no avail.

“The bloody thing is stuck.” Killian muttered.

Soon the rest of the family surrounded them as they tried to work out just why they couldn’t free themselves from their festive prison.

David froze, staring at his wife in panic.

“My hand. I can’t feel my right hand.”

He turned to Killian with urgency.

“Can you feel your other hand?”

“Haven’t for a few centuries now, but thanks for asking, mate.” Killian snarked as irritation and impatience got the better of him.

“You know what I meant.”

“No, Dave. I can’t bloody feel my left arm, nor can I move my hook. If I could, I would have torn this blasted thing from my body a good five minutes ago.”

“There’s no need to act like an ass-”

“Okay! Alright!” Emma interrupted the spat before it got out of hand. “Both of you just calm down. Let’s think for a second.”

With the tension thick in the room, Emma took a moment to gather her thoughts before turning to face the proprietor.


“Don’t look at me.” The woman objected, holding her hands up. “I just made the darn thing. Knitting needles and yarn, that’s all I’ve got.”

A light bulb went off in Emma’s head at the Widow’s words.

“You got any of that yarn left?”

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Hold Your Breath, It Gets Better (1/3)

A/N: I had my biggest day of the competition weekend yesterday, so it was really difficult finding time to finish editing and posting this by the end of the day. Better late than never, though, right? This little nugget is dedicated to @the-lady-swan​, one of my best buds and the biggest Captain Wench fan I know. Happy (super belated) Birthday, my darling! Also, special thanks to @lifeinahole27​ who sparked the idea for this (and who also lets me talk fic 24/7! Xx

CS AU Week - Day Two: Canon Divergence 

Summary: Breaking the rules of time travel leaves Emma Swan unexpectedly trapped in the Enchanted Forest with nothing but her wits, her magic, and a pirate captain she had previously deceived to get her by. Running on borrowed time, Emma and Hook must work together to get her home before she inadvertently alters his future. (Captain Wench Canon Divergence AU from 3x23)

Words: 3,924 | Rating: T | ao3

Day One: Crossover - It Was Real (It’s Real) Prison Break AU



She is groggy and disoriented when she wakes, head lolling up from where her chin had been resting down against her chest. Her whole body aches too, especially just at the base of her skull, and she’s finding it difficult to string her thoughts together. She knows she’s sitting, but she can’t quite figure out why. She knows her arms feel numb, like pins and needles prickling at her skin, but again, she hasn’t a clue why.

The room is dim, and she squints against the lack of light, trying to bring her surroundings into focus. It’s all wood and close quarters, a familiar rocking beneath her feet and- oh no.

Oh god.

Oh no.

Her body jerks reflexively at the sudden knowledge of where she is, and to her surprise and complete horror, she realizes that her limited mobility is due to the restraints around her. It’s instinctive to fight against the bonds, to attempt to free herself, but an amused chuckle makes her go completely still. Her gaze snaps to her left and towards a dark corner where the sound had come from, mouth going slack when Killian- Captain Hook emerges from the shadows.

“Well, well, well. Look who’s finally awake. Good evening, love.”

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Hide, Seek, Celebrate

Based on this prompt from @deathbycaptainswan : CS playing hide and seek that ends in kisses and fluffiness?? Rated T   Also at ao3  and  ffnet

Thank you @laschatzi for beta services rendered! Hope you all enjoy this fluffy fluffy fluff fluff…

Killian woke that morning to an empty bed, I could’ve sworn she said she had the day off, he thought.  He yawned and stretched, rolling over toward her side of the bed, that’s when he saw the piece of stationary lying on her pillow. He picked it up and unfolded it to see Emma’s handwriting:

Let’s play a game of hide and seek

I’ve already left, so you can’t peek

Alright Pirate, here’s clue number one

For her calming effect, she’s second to none

Let’s see how good you are at finding hidden treasure

For 300 years this was your only place of pleasure


A huge grin lit up his face, his Swan was in a playful mood, not to mention he loved a challenge. He was up and out of bed with a bounce in his step.  He hopped into a refreshing shower then dressed to go and seek his hidden treasure.


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It was supposed to be smut. Goddammit. I apologize immensely for the extremely un-beta'd-ness. If you'll edit for me, please message me :)

Emma and Killian stood face-to-face outside her apartment. Their second date had been a success; not one person interfered as they sailed a rental boat around the harbor (a surprise that Emma had planned for Killian, and well-received, judging by the tearful smile he gave her), and by the end of the night, she had gained a new respect for the sea.

“Well…” Emma said, breaking the silence of their stares. Killian cleared his throat and shifted uncomfortably.

“Thank you.”

Emma took a step forward, fingering at his necklace. “For what?”

The pirate’s hand lifted to stroke her arm. “The ship. Spending the evening with me. Helping me forget-” he stopped, unable to finish.

“Killian…” Emma whispered, wiping a tear off his cheek. She left her hand on his face, gently sliding her thumb across the stubble. His hand met hers, holding it against him, and he closed his eyes as he leaned into her touch.

“Come inside,” the blonde said after a few minutes. “Please.” She felt him nod, and slowly she pulled her hand away. Turning around, she took her keys out of her pocket and unlocked the door. Taking Killian by the hand, she walked inside, closing the door behind him.

They walked in silence to her room. Emma took off her jacket and tossed it on a chair, revealing her gray tank top. She climbed up onto the bed and patted the mattress next to her.

Killian stood, unsure for a moment, before discarding his jacket and sitting next to her. Taking his hand again, Emma entwined their fingers and she leaned against the headboard.

“Tell me.”


“I know you, Killian. I know when something is wrong. Please. I want to know.”

He took a deep breath, his body tensing. “Emma, I can’t.”

“I want to help!” The blonde exclaimed in frustration.

“Love, you aren’t listening. I /can’t/.”

Emma stared at him, her eyes wide. “What are you talking about?”

He lifted his sharp blue eyes to meet her jade ones. “Give me your hand,” Killian said, pulling their fingers apart. She looked at him in confusion, setting her hand on his. He turned it so her palm faced out. The pirate hesitated, and Emma waited. He dropped his gaze and slowly lifted her hand to his chest, sliding it under his shirt and placing it where his heart would be.

“I don’t-” Emma started before realizing what was happening. She looked up at him, his eyes still avoiding hers. Tears quickly built up. “You promised. You promised you’d be okay…”

Killian pulled her against him, holding her painfully tight. “I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry.” The next few minutes, as Emma sobbed, Killian never stopped apologizing.

“Who?” She whispered.

Killian appeared to be choking on his words, trying to force the name out. “I-can’t-”

“The Snow Queen? Did she do this?” The blonde questioned. Killian shook his head. “Wha-who-”

She pulled away and looked up at him.


Killian’s body tensed under her.

“I promise you, Killian. We’ll fix this. Together.”

Tears fell from his face. Emma cupped his face in her hands and placed their foreheads together. “I promise.”

Safe and Sound

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“You-you guys knew?” Emma demanded, tears streaming down her face as she moved away from her parents.

Snow and David’s heart broke, seeing their daughter pull herself back, her arms around herself. David tried to reach out to her, but stopped when he noticed her step further back, now against an equally shocked pirate.

“Emma, we just wanted to keep you safe!” Snow cried in earnest.

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