i tudors


The Queen Regnant’s of The British Isles, Crowned and Uncrowned


we were like gods at the dawning of the world


“    But Elizabeth is yours. Watch her as she grows; she’s yours. She’s a Tudor! Get yourself a son off of that sweet, pale girl if you can - and hope that he will live! But Elizabeth shall reign after you! Yes, Elizabeth - child of Anne the Whore and Henry the Blood-Stained Lecher - shall be Queen! And remember this: Elizabeth shall be a greater queen than any king of yours! She shall rule a greater England than you could ever have built! Yes - MY Elizabeth SHALL BE QUEEN! And my blood will have been well spent!  



Margaret of Wessex, Queen of Scotland (1070-1093) • Matilda of Scotland, Queen of England (1100-1118) • Eleanor of Aquitaine, Queen of England (1154-1189) • Margaret of England, Queen of Scotland (1251-1275) • Philippa of Hainault, Queen of England (1328-1369) • Joan Beaufort, Queen of Scotland (1424-1437) • Elizabeth Woodville, Queen of England (1464-1483) • Elizabeth of York, Queen of England (1486-1503) • Margaret Tudor, Queen of Scotland (1503-1513) • Anne Boleyn, Queen of England (1533-1536)

Will’s Takeover: *very little information, no pictures of the set/cast/costumes* “I can’t/am not going to tell you guys anything you’ll have to wait and see” “im not telling you guys about my character” *mystery professionalism, cuteness, maturity etc., etc. 

Harry’s Takeover(s): “fuck it, imma read directly from the script, take pictures of EVERYTHING, like the set, where we’re shooting, my makeup, my clothes, here’s me in character, lets take a complete tour of Magnus’s loft, see everything, touch everything, see everyone” *flips off managers and proceeds to practice his lines in front of us*