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And While We Live (Prologue)

She was wearing a black dress. It reached just above her knees, with a loose skirt and sheer black sleeves. He was wearing a blue shirt and well fitted dark blue jeans. She was tall and he was taller, by a palm and a half. He had a black leather biker jacket and blushing, asked her if he could keep his helmet in her apartment. Giggling and nodding, she pulled her own leather jacket in front of him… Prepared, aren’t you?  She had decided to wear flats that day. After standing still for a moment, he was the first to leave the trance and waited for her to close and lock her door.

They had this way of standing out and blending in at the same time. That’s why they were perfect for each other and they were on their way to find that out.

Perhaps he had already. You could see his eyes linger on her every face change and twist. His eyes would grow big, his head would almost bobble at the same rhythm of her hand movements and he would smile, not exactly at what she might be saying, but because she had just dazzled him with a grin. He liked that she was so expressive when talking about her work and her hobbies and her uncle’s adventures.

They ate and shyly, she asked him if he would like to go back to her apartment for coffee. As they walked back, the mood shifted a little. Or evolved… The tension was present, but it was an intoxicating tension, almost like a bubble that could burst at any second. The smells were stronger, the lights brighter and the footsteps on the sidewalk seemed to be taken at a slower tempo. The tension was ready to shift once again, it was something feline, ready to pounce.

She had to kiss him. I have to. His lips had been calling for her attention and the bastard knew, as he had been licking them more often looking at her. Why would that be? Was that anticipation on his part as well?

But would it worth be it?

She didn’t know it yet, but she was opening the door to her future.


Tonight we were supposed to make history. We did make history. We were the first women to main event smackdown live, the first women to have a steal cage match on smackdown live. That c h a m p i o n s h i p is supposed to mean something. When I had it it meant something, it meant something!!

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Something I really really love about the acting in Skam is that they're never like ... capital a Acting? I'm used to TV shows and movies (mostly but certainly not only American ones) having these moments where you're like, oh, this person is Acting now, and you can almost imagine the actor thinking "this is the moment where I show off my skills and impress people". And there's just none of that in Skam. Even the dramatic scenes just feel completely natural.

I knowwwwww. You’re right that even though we did see a lot of highly dramatic events (when you stop and consider it) they didn’t feel like they were trying too hard with them. We were so grounded in the characters and what they felt. It’s making it really hard to go back to some other watching because Skam is so natural? Even other shows that I really enjoy, there’s just much more a subconscious feeling that you’re watching A Character Doing A Plot. But in Skam, I can have that fall away and that’s amazing? 

I’m really impressed by how their conversations feel like real conversations: with stumbles and pauses and people just talking shit sometimes. I don’t know if they’re actually improving some of these lines or if they’re just that good at delivering the script in a way that feels natural? But I really miss how unforced the speech feels, switching back to watching other things.