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i feel like…we should talk about borderlines actually being manipulative more? not in the context of like “all borderlines are evil and inherently manipulative” but like the motivation we can have to try to ensure we aren’t abandoned or hurt. and it can be little things or we may not even realize we’re doing it. and that is a sad reality that leads us to question whether or not we’re being manipulative; but in the same vein it is good to check yourself sometimes. borderlines are not evil and not inherently abusive (while, as anyone, they could be in theory, we’re more likely to be abused and there’s nothing about borderlines that makes us abusive) but I feel like manipulation isn’t something I hear much about. it’s another one of those less #relatable things that will get less notes because it promotes “toxic behavior” like my dude listen if you don’t do harm and you’re acknowledging the fuckiness it can be beneficial to talk about it. manipulation isn’t a good thing, no; but neither are our violent impulses or suicidal ideation. it needs to be discussed like everything else. manipulation walks a fine line but don’t be afraid to talk about it in this community.

I dunno how to feel….

I really hate seeing people saying “boycott this movie because bad repression of this mental illness!”
And my stomach turns, because usually, I’m that bad side of mental illness

For example, I smashed a milk bottle over my dad’s head plus worst.
And it just makes me feel that people want to ignore that side of mental health.
That we are violent sometimes.

I see people trying to boycott Spilt because he has a violent Alter.
Yet….I’m here. I mean I haven’t severely hurt any one but my family are scared of me . And it breaks my fucking heart when I switch back.

My alter is a violent little girl who kicks, screams, stabs walls, throw things etc. And people want to ignore that.
It just… really hurts.
That I feel abnormal.
I see these DID People on tumblr with fictional characters and all that jazz as their alters….

And here I am with a sad violent alter.
Who point knives at my family.
I dunno I’m just… hating the fact people want to boycott stuff because it has a violent mentally ill person. And then I feel like I’m this monster.

I’m just gonna shut up and continue writing my comic.

yeah sometimes i fuck up and get my information wrong and blog about it before properly researching it. It’s mostly because I get worried about what I’ve heard and vent my anxieties online lmao which can either be successful or incredibly misinforming. 

it’s not my intention to spread misinformation but it is difficult to allow everyone to know that i got it wrong as soon as it goes viral.. and it’s upsetting because the thing I’m talking in particular … if I posted about the right fucking information… in the first place … I could more accurately address the issues, because it’s still fucked up what happened, but not for the reasons I thought. And I do hate when I do that, because again … I’d rather get whats actually happening out there, mistakes happen and I’m trying as best as I can to fix it. 

like believe me I know theres more than enough fucked up stuff to speak on without having to “make stuff up” sometimes I just hear incorrect things, and think they’re true. I try not to let it happen, but it does happen every once in a while and all I can do is say I fucked up lmao. So sorry yall. 

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hello! i just found this blog and it's so amazing to see all the questions people have because then i don't feel so alone! but i haven't seen this question yet so my question is: can you go over the basic sentence structures for things? because sometimes i'll think i have it correct and then suddenly the words are switched around but then when i try /that/ method again, it goes back to the way i had first? like if i put verb before subject, then it says subject before verb? do i make any sense?

Thank you so much, love!! <3 

I’ll try to cover the sentence structure in Norwegian main clauses (the post would probably get way too long if I tried to cover subordinate clauses as well, though I could do that in another post if you want! The main clause is definitely the most important/basic one though.)

( Also, do keep in mind that there are always exceptions in a language, so you might stumble across sentences that don’t follow these rules - though most sentences should. )


#1 - Essentials. 

Like English, Norwegian is a SVO-language (though it can also act as a VSO-language in certain sentences, but more about that in #5)

To make a sentence in Norwegian you must have:

1 - A verb
2 - A subject (you can omit the subject if you’re ordering someone to do something (e.g. “Run!” or “Come here!”), but to make an actual sentence, you would need both). 

This is enough to make very basic sentences, such as:

“Han går.” - “He walks.” / “He’s walking.”

“Jeg spiser.” - “I eat.” / “I’m eating.”

“Du ler.”“You laugh.” / “You’re laughing.”

*!!! - as you can probably see; in Norwegian there is no past progressive form, so sentences like “Han går” can be translated into both “He walks” and “He’s walking”. 


#2 - Verbs.

- Verbs must be the second element in a regular main clause

- Verbs must be the second element in a question if it’s not a yes/no-question 

- Verbs must be the first element in a question if it is a yes/no-question

*!!! - “element” is not the same as “word”. The subject could be “Mary and John”, but it’s still only one element. 


A regular main clause:

Jeg bor hjemme.” - “I live at home.”

“Han spiste fisk.” - “He ate fish.”

“De løp rundt.” “They ran around.”

A regular question:

Hvor bor du?”“Where do you live?”

“Hva spiser du?” - “What are you eating?”

“Hvem er det?” - “Who is that?”

A yes/no-question:

“Bor du her?” - “Do you live here?”

“Spiser du fisk?” - “Do you eat fish?”

“Er det deg?” - “Is that you?”


#3 - Subject.

- The subject is usually the first element

- If it’s not the first element, it will be the third element, directly after the verb (this can happen when an adverbial or object is the first element etc.) 

- If the sentence has more than one verb and the subject is not the first element, the subject will be in between the verbs. 


Subject as the first element:

“Jeg liker iskrem.” I like ice cream.”

“Jeg liker iskrem nå.” - “I like ice cream now.”

Subject as the third element: (usually you would make a sentence like this if you want to put more stress on the object or adverbial (time/place/etc.))

“Nå liker jeg iskrem.” “Now I like ice cream.” 

Two verbs + subject as the first element: 

Jeg kan spise iskrem nå.” - “I can eat ice cream now.”

Two verbs + subject as the third element (subject between the verbs):

“Nå kan jeg spise iskrem.” - “Now I can eat ice cream.” 


#4 - Negation.

- In a main clause the negation “ikke” will usually come directly after the verb.

- If the sentence has more than one verb, the negation will split the two.

- The subject can sometimes split the verb and “ikke” if it’s the third element of the main clause instead of the first


“Jeg liker ikke brød.” “I don’t like bread.”

“Han snakker ikke mye.” - “He doesn’t talk much.”

Two verbs:

Han kan ikke lese.” - “He can’t read.”

“Jeg liker ikke å skrive.”“I don’t like to write.”

When the subject is the third element:

Nå lager han ikke mat.”“He’s not making food now.” 

“Denne boken liker jeg ikke.” - “I don’t like this book.”

*!!! - be aware that the negation “ikke” comes before the verb if it’s a subordinate clause and not a main clause


#5 - Adverbial. 

- Usually either the first or the very last element in a normal sentence.


“Nå leser han.” - “Now he’s reading.”

“Han leser nå.” “He’s reading now.

*!!! - when an adverbial is the first element, the sentence can turn into an VSO-sentence instead of an SVO-sentence.


Like previously mentioned, there are always a lot of exceptions in a language, but this should at least be enough to make and understand basic sentences! c:


living with schizophrenia is living with the fact that every day i can just suddenly change who i am completely, that i might not remember anything that happened before last month, that i might not be able to distinguish my friends from any other people on the street. 

i try to think, ‘what do i like doing?’ and every day, that answer is vastly different. i hyperfocus on one thing usually every week or couple of days to try and feel something. 

i try to think, ‘what makes me happy?’ and every day, that answer changes - sometimes it’s everything, sometimes nothing at all. i can go an entire day filled with fuzz and not much else, disconnected from everyone around me, like there’s a glass wall between higher consciousness and what i feel. i don’t know how to explain it. 

some days i feel so much, my heart is bursting & i have so much love to give, i cry with how much of it i feel and some days i just do nothing but stare at a wall.

i try to think, ‘what do i like about myself?’ and some days i can come up with so much, and other days i look in the mirror and i can’t mentally grasp there’s a person there and that person is me. i look like a completely different person every day, it’s like i’m seeing myself for the first time and don’t recognize anything about myself. 

i try to think, ‘how do i feel about X?’ and every day the answer is different, every day it gets harder and harder to articulate myself, i have to write everything down to sound coherent, talking trips me up and halfway through sentences i’ll completely, suddenly, forget everything i was saying or thinking about. it’ll just be gone. i stutter over simple words, i can’t defend myself except in writing.

i try to think, ‘this is real and i am real’ but it’s so hard to think that when i can dissociate out of most pain, i can will myself to feel nothing and it gets so much easier to feel that way than anything else and i can’t remember how to feel in a normal and consistent way. i think that none of this can be real, and it affects how i live my life, i take entire days thinking about what i would do if it turned out none of this was real and how i would deal with my new life in wherever i was taken. 

i get lost in delusions and sometimes i just never come out of them. it can be really disheartening. it’s kind of scary. and i’m really afraid of it getting worse the older i get and i’m afraid of people disappearing. that’s why i’m really glad usernames and stuff exist because otherwise i’d probably just not know anything. it takes me months to get used to it when someone changes their icon/user and usually if they change them at the same time i never really get the same image back. it’s so frustrating. idk why i’m writing this. i just feel like i needed to?

sometimes you need to accept that yes i may have been a little bit manipulative. yes i worded something in a specific way that would make my friend/fp/SO feel a bit guilty. yes i could have handled that situation in a much better way. yes i am wrong.

Decided to make a canon Fennekin design, to make her stand out a bit from other Fennekin, and to have something consistent, since I keep trying different things in each post. 

Meet Lily! Named after the gloriosa lily, she’s a quirky and curious little fox. She likes exploring her magical capabilities, even if they aren’t quite there yet. 

(Key differences: 3 fluffs on rear and ears, more pastel colors, brown nose and pink eyes. )


hi guys 👋🏻 mae here

i’m bringing back the flowers because a lot of people have asked me to keep using them so they can identify my posts. it also helps me keep track of what i’ve already posted because i have a lot of trouble remembering (adhd is fun).

the flowers absolutely started as a self promo, but they’ve kinda grown (haha) into “my thing” and they make me happy. a lot of others have said they make them happy too.

anyone and everyone can remove them if they’re bothered by them. i try to keep them off of personal posts (e.g. when someone posts a body stim video/gif of themselves) but sometimes i slip up. if i do PLEASE let me know so i can remove it asap.

if anyone has any concerns or complaints you’re welcome to let me know. however if anon is used they won’t be posted/responded to and the not anonymous asks will always be answered privately.

thanks 💗🌼

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Rogue One/Rebelcaptain, 10 Things I Hate About You AU! ^^

oh my god this is amazing and I love it. 

[Send me a fandom/pairing and an AU and I’ll give you 5+ headcanons about it!]

1) So Galen Erso is trying his best to be a good father. It’s not always easy–he’s got an older daughter who’s still so angry about her mother’s death, who hasn’t forgiven him completely for not being able to fix it; he’s got a younger son who’s never really been exposed to the complexities of the world and he wants to keep it that way. Galen loves Jyn and Bodhi, wants to be father and mother and everything they need, and the best way he can figure how to do that is to keep them protected. The rule is an outpouring of that, mostly. Jyn snorts when she hears it, doesn’t much care except to tell him how ridiculous he’s being. Bodhi doesn’t think much of it either; he’s happy with his cars and he’s not really thinking about guys or girls or anything. 

2) Yavin High School is a weird place, Luke learns. A very weird place where apparently the guide is a blind Asian kid who knows everything and is followed around by a larger Asian kid who doesn’t say much but makes Luke want to keep his hands where Baze can see them at all times. Yavin is a weird place–but the cute junior in shop class–Bodhi, he’s told–might make it worth it. 

3) No one, not even Chirrut, knows much about Cassian Andor. He’s not particularly large, nor particularly intimidating looking, and he rarely says anything impolite. But there’s something about the way he looks at people that makes them feel like he knows all their dirty secrets and he wouldn’t flinch from using them if he had to, or that if you got in his way he’d do what it took to get you out. He doesn’t talk to anyone either, just his one friend Kay who’s weird as fuck but also hella smart, which only makes more rumors fly. Luke learns all this in the moments before he’s herded over by Chirrut, proposition in hand. 

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Why do you delete your art after posting it?

Oh uhm… ┐(;  ̄▽ ̄)┌ … idon'tlikeit?
No it’s because, I can’t really keep up with tumblr and everything here. It requires a lot of free time which I cannot afford. And I’m trying not to get much notes and followers so I can be okay when I need to stay away and do other things with higher priorities. This hell is just so addictive, I think it sometimes can make people lose some real life stuff over internet. xD So, yeah.
I can… keep my art if you want? c:

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I'm really sorry, but you're REALLY rude sometimes in the way that you reply to people who are coming to you for help. Sometimes people can't find things in tags, or have missed previous answers, and accidentally re-ask things you've answered. Your blog is huge, and people make mistakes. And that question that was "for a police officer not a lawyer" could have been worded MUCH more nicely. It's off putting and frankly makes me not want to submit questions.

I’m sorry if I came off as rude. I wasn’t trying to shut the person down just literally let them know that they needed to ask a police officer for the information because it was outside of my experience and the scope of my job. Tone is pretty difficult to convey in text, as I think we all know.

I was also super headachy that day and after answering a couple of asks I realized I was getting grumpy. Not an excuse, I guess. I do really try to be polite and welcoming. 

To the anon I replied to that day, if you were hurt by the tone of my response, then I’m sorry.

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[Emily & Tracer] (501): I love her so much I can forgive her for wearing crocs

I’ll get this made up asap!

Sure thing! Sometimes I jsut have a hard time finding anything that isn’t nsfw/romantic, but I will try my best to get more platonic posts, and def some platonic sombra and dva stuff~

Sure thing I can remake it– if you see any that I’ve made and you want me to make it with another character as well, just let me know

@slyfoxxflyfoxx aw but I love Polar Bear for them! I can start using both though

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First with tae and now people is assuming that jimin just hugged jhope to make jk jealous..what you think? I think people are making jikook relationship be based in jealousy and it's not a good thing..Jm is really this kind of guy? I don't think so

i’m with you on that anon. whether or not they get jealous….i don’t know. but i feel like they wouldn’t try and purposely make the other jealous. jimin is such a sweetie pie and he loves jungkook a lot i don’t think he would do anything to purposely upset him. i know some of my friends get jealous sometimes but usually it’s fine unless the other person is doing it on purpose…..in my opinion it’s just such a petty thing to do and i don’t think either of them are that petty. 

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What bothers me are the people who fervently try to defend Islam by saying that "Islam is not a violent religion!" But the Islam holy text specifically teaches about killing nonbelievers. Thoughts?

I don’t know nearly enough about Islam to make commentary on this. My personal line of thought is if you are a good person your religion is irrelevant. And if you’re a bad person, your religion is irrelevant.

People use religion to justify shitty things sometimes, but if they didn’t have religion they would probably just find some other way to justify their shitty behavior anyway. So I don’t think about it too much

he was a king.

this was the year he was going to die.

may or may not have spent my entire sunday finding obscure indie movies to steal clips from to make this video. idk, you can’t prove anything. 

Good morning everybody ♡

The last couple of days were pretty exhausting for me, jobwise. Even more so yesterday I was looking forward to train. Compared to other training sessions it was kind of frustrating though. I was not able to lift as much as the last time and I just could not get the pump. After doing what I had to do, that is getting a sufficient stimulus for muscle growth, I stopped - reluctantly.

See, sometimes things don’t work out the way we planned. Be that as it may. Accept it and move on. I could have pushed through yesterday but that would have led to even more fatigue. It would have been a chore and I don’t want that to happen. Training to me is something epic, something that makes me very happy. If, for some reason, it does not satisfy me, I try again. Knowing that the next level is out there waiting for me.

I ate well and had a good night sleep and I woke up this morning feeling a lot better. Heading to the gym for arms day, I expect nothing less from my arms than to explode!

Have a great day!

Sometimes I like to think about what utter awkward dorks Harry and Draco are.

Like come on guys Harry has no chill he is not suave. Can you imagine him trying to flirt with Draco in 8th year? Just sort of brash and bumbling but sincere and Draco has no fucking idea what to do with himself.

Because let’s be honest this is Draco Malfoy the boy who climbed a god damn tree to make fun of Harry so if you try to tell me in 8th year is suddenly suave and cool and a perfect flirt just…no.

More likely he does something equally awkward and ridiculous (but for the first time in his life utterly sincere) and Harry just stops dead in his tracks when he walks into his dorm room and sees it covered in hundreds of secret admirer letters.

And Harry just stands there shell shocked when Draco walks in (because it’s 8th year so of fucking course they are dorm mates) and Draco is not so subtly pretending to read his potions book.

“What’s going on?” Draco asks trying to sound smooth, and desperately hoping he isn’t blushing.

“What the hell did you do, Malfoy?” Harry asks, starting to laugh when Draco drops his book in surprise, staring at Potter with wide eyes.

“I was joking,” Harry says quietly, staring at Draco with an unreadable expression.
“Did you really do this?”

“Don’t let your ego get too big Potter it was just a-” but Draco doesn’t finish his sentence because Harry is suddenly standing in front of him, his own face flushed and confused and before Draco can stop himself he’s grabbing Potter’s tie and tugging him forward into a kiss that’s equal parts desperation and perfection.

Harsh words sentence starters || Send one for my muse’s reaction


 "You’re embarrassing!“
"You act like a fucking child.”
 "Sometimes I can’t remember why I ever loved you in the first place.“
 "What did I tell you about trying to hold my hand in public?”
 "I don’t want people to know that I’m dating you!“
 "You’re pathetic…”
 "You make me sad. Just looking at you…“
 "I can’t be around you anymore.”
 "You’re not worth it.“
 "You’re nothing. Not to me. Not to anyone.”
 "Stop looking at me like that…like you’re expecting me to care. You should know better by now.“ "You’re useless.”
 "Loving you was the most idiotic thing I’ve ever done.“
 "Pretending to love you was excruciating.”
 "You thought I could really love someone like you?“
 "I’m just…getting tired of you.”
 "I have to get out. You’re ruining my life.“
 "I used to dream about you but now you’re the star of my nightmares.”
 "You’re a disappointment.“
 "I tried to love you..I really did.”
 "You’ll never be anything to me.“
 "I wished you realized how much I’ve grown to loathe you.”
 "You’re so ignorant.“
 "You look ridiculous!”
 "I’m not going out with you in public looking like that.”
 "Every one makes fun of you.“
 "You make me look bad.”
 "You’re a waste of time.“
"I’m not yours anymore!”
 "It’s not [her/him]! It’s anyone! I could love anyone more than I love you.“
 "You don’t deserve me.”

Domestic Victuri
  • Yuuri making breakfast and Victor sleepily rubbing his face in the crook of Yuuri’s neck
  • Playing footsie under the table as they eat
  • Yuuri curling up against Victor with his head tucked under his chin as they sleep
  • All the neighbors just accepting them as a couple and the local shopkeeper always recommending things the other likes
  • Victor pressing kisses to Yuuri’s forehead as he removes his glasses before turning out the lights at night
  • Victor snapping the waistband of Yuuri’s underwear and being handsy as they try to get dressed in the morning and Yuuri just rolling his eyes, laughing, and trying to dodge because they have plans
  • Kotatsu snuggles

If someone ever tells you that you’re an ‘awful kisser’ just remind them that they’re an awful human being. Seriously.

Look, I get it. Sometimes it takes time to sensually adjust to and explore a new partner and things can be awkward. Awkward kisses are okay. Nurturing your partner and learning how to give each other pleasure is a normal part of a developing relationship. It doesn’t stop.


Telling someone they ‘suck at kissing’ or they’re ‘awful in bed’ they’re degrading you. They’re humiliating you and trying to make you feel inferior and lacking. It’s cruel and it’s needless and it’s abusive and you deserve so much better than that.