i try to hate you

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do you have any favorite build cc?

ok so i don’t really have that much build mode cc so i just picked a few of my favorite things from buy mode

1. Neon peace sign

2.  S2 Ikea Chair

3. Old Mill Ivy

4. Bubble lamp

5. Trunk coffee table

6. City living posters

7. Wall microwaves

8. Potted-piary Plant

9. Felt letter board

10. Faceted floor lamp

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I hate myself for being ace and then I hate myself for hating it. I wish I wasn't I don't know how to come to terms with this I don't know what to do I'm crying right now just thinking about this. I love myself and I hate myself at the same time. I know that there's nothing I can do to change who I am but sometimes I just really wish I wasn't asexual.

Anon from before who hates herself. I’m sorry if I come off like I hate aces. I don’t. I love aces I love them all and I should love myself too but I just can’t.

I’m sorry to hear this :( 

We all struggle with a bit of self-hatred when we’re coming to terms with being ace. I know that it’s a hard and long road of self-acceptance, and trust me: it’s worth it in the end.

I would try to target what about being ace makes you hate it, and see if there is anything you can do about it. You have a welcoming and supportive community around you if you ever need any sort of help. We’re here.

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Fondly? What does the king say about the child Undyne? If thats alright to ask and not sworn to secrecy.

Pshhh, nahhh. I can tell.

He said a lot of things.

For one, like he hardly felt like he deserved to call them his kid anymore, after he’d killed so many humans like them…

He talked about how they liked gardening and tea and drawing and other sappy crap like that…

And one time, how much I reminded him of them.

Sounds dumb.

You are way cooler than me.

Hey, don’t talk smack about yourself like that!!!!!

Cannot be stopped.

Will not be stopped.

I’ll stop you!!!!

Try me.

He hates me, you know. And I deserve it.

He does NOT!!!!!

What part of that makes you think he does????

It is obvious.

No it’s not!!!!!

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but if you're only going to watch Minho's cuts, how would you know what the drama was like... I agree that they should've focused more on the Hwarang instead of the love story, but there was much more than just pretty boys. And to remind you, Hwarang were actually pretty boy warriors. ;) also, no hate! I'm just informing and trying to persua you to watch the full thing! haha :D

idk tbh, maybe i’ll watch it someday… and i really hope it changes how i feel about it now. 

Dead cold hands.



SKAM MEME: [2/5] characters | noora sætre

“people experience horrible things every day, and they still manage to be nice to others. being an asshole is not something you’re both with, or something you become. it’s a choice!”

Don’t flatter yourselves guys, my father broke my heart long before you ever had a chance.
—  Epitome of Daddy issues