i try to give everyone different body types

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Do you have any advice on drawing people with different body types?

Haha just put everyone in baggy clothes or big dresses? I’m not great at this but my two pieces of advice would be: 

1: Learn the skeleton first, then build on top of that by adding more fat an muscle. Once you know the direction and length of the bones, you will have a great framework to work off of. 

2: Learn from your friend’s insecurities. If you know what someone is worried about, try drawing it (secretly of course). You can start to collect different body traits to put on various characters. For example: I have a friend who is shy about her ‘giraffe legs’, and one that gets bruises on her back where her spine sticks out, someone who has hips that dip in before the leg, one who is insecure about her ‘round knees’, someone who complains about their ‘thunder thighs’, lack of boob,  etc… These are all the cool traits that make our bodies unique. Practice drawing them!

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I don't think you should say fat people are oppressed. Fat people are treated unfairly by society but it's not comparable to oppression!! I'm not trying to be rude like it's good to promote different fat body types and acceptance but it's not like fat people face systemic oppression

I’m going to leave this here for everyone to reply and give this person a lesson. But remember that this user is just a child.

- Mod Guillermo

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if ya dont mind me askin, but how do you make your character designs so original? like, i have a lot of trouble for doing the character's clothes and looks

Try starting out with thumbnails, or small drawings of the designs with a big brush to get the general shape. You can also look at multiple references of other characters/items to give you some inspiration.  I usually start with body type first, then face, then clothes. Modern human clothes without a theme are hard to make unique. That’s why I never make my settings normal, they are strange so all the characters can also be strange.

Strange = Unique, In my case of course, not everyone likes strange things.  When I design clothing I think “How can this be exaggerated, or weird, or different?”  Exaggeration is key to unique designs, make something super small or super big, just keep things balanced.  Sometimes I make a character, and it’s nearly perfect the first try. Most of the time I make a character and I have to re-design it 50 other times to get it right. So, don’t give up it’s all about experimenting and practicing~!