i try to give everyone different body types

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if ya dont mind me askin, but how do you make your character designs so original? like, i have a lot of trouble for doing the character's clothes and looks

Try starting out with thumbnails, or small drawings of the designs with a big brush to get the general shape. You can also look at multiple references of other characters/items to give you some inspiration.  I usually start with body type first, then face, then clothes. Modern human clothes without a theme are hard to make unique. That’s why I never make my settings normal, they are strange so all the characters can also be strange.

Strange = Unique, In my case of course, not everyone likes strange things.  When I design clothing I think “How can this be exaggerated, or weird, or different?”  Exaggeration is key to unique designs, make something super small or super big, just keep things balanced.  Sometimes I make a character, and it’s nearly perfect the first try. Most of the time I make a character and I have to re-design it 50 other times to get it right. So, don’t give up it’s all about experimenting and practicing~!

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Hi! I really like your drawings with the Player Character so far but I wanted to ask if you could draw them fat in some pictures? .//.; It'd be really neat to occasionally see them as a different body type so everyone can relate!

Of course~! I want to try my best to give people the best experience. Though that said, there’s a lot of different body types that I can’t possibly all represent. So, I apologize in advance for this.

PAL is a template, a place holder for the viewer in the picture, to represent no one but just a blank person.