i try to be good enough

We’re like two magnets
that are both at south with each other.
And I try to fix it
by pouring gasoline on fire
and it’s like
I don’t know how to do anything else.
But this boy, he calms his flame for me,
and hushes my waves for me
and makes me still but also makes me roar
and I have absolutely no idea
how I could ever be good enough for him.
Someone tell me how to be good enough for him.
Someone tell me how to treat him right,
and love him right,
maybe tell a good joke or two
so I can hear his laugh,
that I love.
Teach me how to hold his hand,
but let him lead,
or look him in the eye,
but let his gaze carry me.
Show me how to love this boy.
This fragile yet indestructible creature.
I need to know.

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Anyway how about Victor and Yuuri just being the SAPPIEST GOOFBALLS when tipsy. (Not drunk, we all know how that ends) they're both just like spewing positivity about the other to whoever will listen and it gets progressively sappier until everyone's dying bc like oh my god what dorks

❤️ LITERALLY ALWAYS. they’re both affectionate on a normal day so somewhere between holding hands and stripping naked they just…. give running commentaries of their trains of thought

yuuri leans his head against victor’s shoulder and starts giggling and nuzzling him. victor starts rubbing their noses together and trying to compose haikus in japanese about yuuri, which makes yuuri laugh, because oh my god vitya your japanese is not good enough for this and your poetry is  terrible and victor goes “i’ll show you terrible!!!!” and starts composing long-winded purple prose stanzas about the sparkle in yuuri’s eyes in english. yuuri’s red-faced and grinning and holding victor’s hands, and “you’re ridiculous, i love you so much”

they both get tipsy at their rehearsal dinner and play footsie under the table

yuuri starts very seriously describing to chris how victor changed his life, no listen, even before stammi vicino, listen chris, victor made him believe, he was beautiful okay, and his eyes are very blue but most importantly victor has always believed in yuuri even when yuuri doesn’t believe in himself and no chris i’m serious i would NOT be the same person, listen

victor crosses the room and stands in front of yuuri and gets on his knees

takes yuuri’s hands

very solemnly announces: “yuuri i’m very gay”

yuuri: this is such a coincidence……,…….,,,,, me too….. what if… we got married??????/

victor, fake swooning: YUURI do you MEAN IT???

yuuri: yes i love you… your eyes are so blue i wanna marry you right now

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Controversial opinion on this whole thing. Corporations "side" with social and political issues on things. Whatever they see as their demographic, they try and target their marketing and products at them. The fact more corporations are trying to "help" with LGBTQ+ issues means that enough executives recognize that people wanna buy with gay friendly companies more, so it's not that they help, but it's a sign that enough people wanna spend their money to "help", which is kinda good I guess?

The thing is, if what it takes for someone to be a decent human being who treats other people with the basic respect and compassion that they deserve is the prospect of earning a quick buck out of it, that’s not actually that effective. That means that until such time that treating a minority with respect becomes profitable, that minority will have to continue to deal with systematic discrimination from the rest of society. That means that people will have to contend with the prospect of possibly dying as a result of discrimination, until their cause becomes “hip” enough that a company like Ben & Jerry’s can make a profit off of supporting them.

People deserve help not because helping them can be profitable in a capitalistic society. People deserve help because they are people. They deserve to not have to suffer from systematic dehumanization and exploitation because they are people, and not because a corporation can benefit off of helping them. And at the end of the day, corporations are okay with letting people die just because there isn’t a profit margin in saving them. That is fundamentally immoral, and there is no amount of band-aids in the form of these corporate ad campaigns that will ever be able to paper over this fundamental fact.

- Mod A

One thing I think is pretty toxic is the fact that cultural appropriation makes us try to feel guilty for liking things from other countries because ‘we can’t fully appreciate the culture.’ Like somehow once we fully appreciate it we win this gold medal, but even then it’s not good enough for cultural appropriationists.

I remember watching a video very recently where a wife was interviewing her husband, a Japanese man, on how Japanese people view others walking around in something like a kimono. To sum up the whole video, they concluded it as as long as you don’t do it weirdly, it’s okay. The man also said, “ Most Japanese people don’t even know the whole history of their culture.”

Cultural appropriation has made me feel slightly guilty for liking Japanese and Korean culture. Sometimes I feel guilty for running a K-pop and Japanese aesthetics blog. But then I realize it’s okay for me to do that. No culture is fully their own.

So I encourage those who feel guilty for liking other cultures to not to feel that way, because we are called to be lights of the world. Hudson Taylor, a missionary to Japan, went there and dressed in Japanese clothing to better understand and to know the people better so he could preach to them the Good News of Jesus.

Don’t let these cultural appropriationists tear down your interests. It’s just a waste of time for them.

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So my so called DD has been very mean lately and i dont mean in a nice way either. His anger has been getting the best of him and he has been yelliny and screaming at me. I know its been hard lately cause he lives in another state. He doesnt let me do anything, not even hang out with the 2 friends i do have with out accusing me of sleeping with them. I do everything i can to try to make him happy. But i never feel good enough. I dont knkw what to do anymore.... thoughts? Advice? HELP?!?!

Goodmorning class and welcome to emotional abuse 101. The only way you can fail this course, is if you don’t do anything at all. So please…leave that mother fuck! I will be our first example. Our book today is: You’ve got me fucked up in the head. 3rd edition.

I’ve been in his shoes many many years ago; I didn’t let her have friends. especially, not guy friends. I didn’t trust anyone with her. I was always so scared that she would leave me. And I was the one who pushed her away. I hated the person I was back then. I didn’t realize how hurtful I had be come. Emotional bruises take longer to heal and no one is aware of the pain you’re in. Darling it’s only going to get worse and only you can end it all.

So…I’d wanted to try and get the next prompt on my to-do list written for tonight, but I’d been out all day and didn’t get home until after midnight, so I figured I’d offer up another of my previously written one shots instead. I hope it’s a good enough trade-off, and I’ll try to get back to answering prompts tomorrow!

This is set in a non-SHIELD AU, and yes, I do intend for there to be more parts to this AU - there’s already one finished and another started. Hope you enjoy!



So you’re sure you can’t make it?” The pout was clear in Daisy’s voice, even coming from the tinny speakers of Jemma’s phone, where it was resting on her desk a few feet away.

“I’m sorry, Daisy, but I’m positive. This project is too important, not to mention time-sensitive. If I didn’t skip tonight, I’d have to miss tomorrow’s rehearsal dinner, and I think that’s a bit more important.” It was as much as she’d already explained to Daisy, but it hadn’t put a stop to the nearly endless pleading.

But come on Jemma! How often do you get a chance to go out, get drunk, and do something stupid? Plus, Hunter’s for sure gonna make a fool of himself, and that’s not something you want to miss.

Jemma sighed heavily, lifting her head away from her microscope in order to close her tired eyes and rest her forehead in one of her palms. “Daisy, I’m sorry, but I really can’t come tonight. But the best man and I have arranged everything, and I promise you it’ll be a night to remember. Or…not, as it were.”

When Jemma’s old university roommate and close friend, Bobbi Morse, had suddenly announced months ago that she was engaged to her on-again off-again boyfriend Lance Hunter, Jemma had been leery from the start. After all, the two had never been what one would call a “stable couple”, but when Bobbi had asked her to be maid of honor, she had accepted and promised herself to support her friend no matter what.

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@tranxio I know you know this but there’s no reason to be ashamed of where you are in your STRENGTH JOURNEY, if you choose to partake in one at all - i think being jacked is fun and rewarding, but if you don’t, then do something else! Bodies like to move around. walking is enough if you don’t get joy from doing other stuff.

If you’re intimidated by climbing but want to try it I can create a simple strength training routine (bodyweight only) you can do at home if you want. funnily enough you don’t NEED a ton of upper body strength - it’s helpful on certain holds, but I’m discovering that climbing is a lot of legs and core. but, I’m less intimidated by new stuff if I know I have a good foundation to build upon.


so i doodled some gay shit of Windblade and Chromia, cause there is not enough od that and decided to try out that AI coloring thing and I’m ready to KMS cause ei will never be that good at coloring. but thats  what practice is for so I’m gonna color it myself as well cause ill never beat the robot if i dont practice. also i like the drawing so that adds motivation as well 

Imagine Finn fighting for you against his family.

“ She isn’t good enough for you finn and she is nothing but trouble you know that”

Tommy looked at his little brother trying to not get to angry.

“ Fuck off Tommy, she loves me for who I am and not for being in a fucking gang you know that? I love her and I dont care what any of you say, it will be me and her till the end, and you took Grace back and she was the real bitch to us,but since is you its all ok right? Hopocrite”

Finn spits out with full anger on his voice and takes one last loom at his family who stood silent before he turned around and left to be with you, his beloved girlfriend.
Now he was sure,no one and nothing will ever tear you apart.

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I am considering trying to buy Echoes but I'm a little bit intimidated by the Old Fire Emblem premise. Did you have a difficult time? What would you rank it for difficulty compared to other FE games?

Oh gosh it’s definitely harder than Fates or Awakening. Basically though, if you just think through your movements and don’t just toss everyone here and there, you’ll figure it out x’D

It’s a fantastic game and it’s fun and it’s got a great story. I can’t stress enough how much fun I had playing it.

At first I wasn’t sure I wanted it because there wouldn’t be an Avatar and it would be different and harder, but gosh it’s such a fun challenge!!!

I definitely would recommend you get it and try it out. You’ll have a good time :”)

In the past couple of months I’ve learned a lesson that is odd to say the least. I have learned that it is okay to feel great about yourself and feel entirely insecure all in the same day. Earlier today, trying on new gym clothes, I felt great and confident in myself. Now, after the gym and after seeing people who look better than me, or feeling like I’m not good enough, I am insecure all over again. This had happened to me constantly for the last couple of months and I have learned that it’s okay. Just because I feel great about myself for a while, then feel bad about myself all within a couple of hours does not mean anything. All it means is that I am human and I feel emotions. It had taken me months to realize that feeling this way does not make me crazy. This is all about the process of loving myself. Feeling confident for a couple of hours is progress from the self hatred that used to occupy all of my thoughts.


Hello, everyone! I hope you are having a good week so far! (^__^)

As some of you know, I’ve been starting a schedule of bi-weekly themed works for some time, mainly for the comics.

But recently because I got sick for two weeks in a row back-to-back (gastric pains, escalated to vomiting and diarrhea, aka… poopsplosions. I know.), I realised that maybe…. 2 weeks isn’t enough to completely finish the works that I’m planning for?

I’m still trying to figure out a nice schedule to work out the comics, like not quick enough to feel like it’s rushed or I can’t get all the pairings I want in (but then again, it’s HQ and I can’t even fit half of my OTPs in most of the time), not long enough for me to lose interest/people lose interest. And there’s the issue when my RL work becomes busier… so I thought I need to re-think the schedule.

I am thinking of changing bi-weekly into monthly. Mainly, because I do want to fit in my OTPS to have their own turns in the comics, take in consideration that disruptions might happen in the middle of it and because I might need to get some paintings in for practice. The earliest the monthly theme can start is next week.

At the moment, as much as I want to draw another comic, it’s probably best not to. It’s sad for me… (つд`)

But ugh, I definitely will have my revenge as soon as I’m well! I swear of it! I’ll make fun comics next time! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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• 100 Days of Productivity - Day 32/100 •

// together //

Finally feeling good enough that I went back to work for a half day. Still in recovery. On a brighter note, this is my ~lovely~ boyfriend of over two and a half years. He’s pretty much the kindest and hottest human on earth so yup I try to keep up with his level of attractiveness.

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Say your pet peeves about each member (like a little thing you deslike abt them or something you think they could work on)

Ummm okay. I love them too much though but I’ll try.

Nayeon: She doesn’t have to a need to try so hard (I swear if we get another Jihyo-like injury for Nayeon’s leg…) and push herself too much in trying to stand out. She’s plenty interesting the way she is.

Jeongyeon: She needs to believe that she’s beautiful even more. I know it’s partly (or largely) the fandom’s fault that she has developed a sort of insecurity with her looks not being considered feminine enough, but I hope she realizes just how attractive she is.

Momo: A bit similar to Jeongyeon, Momo needs to stop being so critical of herself, she’s really good at what she does and at the same time acknowledge her other strengths and not tie her self-worth into one dimension of her personality.

Sana: Stop being such a snake. I guess take things more seriously? I’m not saying be that strict Sana from Sixteen but at least ease up on the bubbly.

Jihyo: She needs to know that she is perfect the way she is. She doesn’t need to meet some people’s ideal just so they’ll see her worth. She is not lacking and she works very hard. No need to overwork herself even more.

Mina: She needs to speak up for what she wants more and not just take things as they are. She needs to acknowledge that she has a huge say on what she should or should not do or what she deserves to have.

Dahyun: Similar to Nayeon, she doesn’t need to try so hard to be unique because she already is. Sometimes when she acts so embarrassed after doing something extra, I think she’s too concerned sticking to the expectation we have of her.

Chaeyoung: She’s an angel and we love her. She needs to ease up on deciding things on a whim on her own like what she did to her hair. I mean, I like boyfriend chaeng hair too but when you’re part of something, you also need to take into consideration certain things.

Tzuyu: Be more comfortable in showing emotions. It’s not going to turn out awkward, everyone will love her for it. She doesn’t need to be tied down to the evil maknae/ice queen image.

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also!!!!! they all talk in a groupchat in the morning and just get ready together like.. "hey kev does my hair look good??" "yes arch it's a masterpiece also jug wow love that skirt, you look cute today." "v, your cat eyes aren't sharp enough, they don't capture your badassness enough" "oh, thanks betsy, love u baby",, god i love them 🌻

Jug: Archie stretched out my tights
Kev: How could you!!
Archie: He kept saying how comfy they were and he gave me permission to try them on!!
Ron: If you gave permission it’s on you Jug
Jug: Why would I give him permission??
Archie: You did because you love me
Betty: He’s got you there.
Jug: the point is!! They’re stretched and my outfit is ruined
Kev: shit that is bad
Ron: I got you.
Jug: Stop giving me clothes!!!
Ron: But you want these tights, dude
Jug: ……. Yeah I do
Ron: 😘
Jug: Shut up

You guys are honestly amazing, thank you so so so much for 1.5k followers!!!! I can’t thank you all enough, you have been so good to me and I wish you all nothing but happiness. I’m trying to figure out what I want to do for you guys to celebrate, so if you have any ideas please let me know. Again,THANK YOU!!!! Love you all❤️

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everything good ends in pain but im still stupid enough to trust. I hate you but I still envy your cold heart because what good is a warm one in this world???? why are they trying to trick me?? why are they trying to hurt me????


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I cry when people actually recognize my contributions to anything. Any time people compliment my stuff. I try so hard but my upbringing makes me a perfectionist and nothing I do is ever good enough for me.