i try to be good enough

Taylor is so kind and good and she doesn’t have to meet ANY fans, especially not in her own house for free, but she still does. I know it can seem exclusive but she’s definitely trying her best to include EVERYONE possible and even if we never meet her, we have connected to her through her music and I honestly think that’s enough.

Spanish-Sam Holland

A short Sam Holland imagine.

Sam Holland x Reader

Summary: Sam tries to learn Spanish with the help of his beautiful girlfriend (Y/N).

Warnings: none

A/N: So lately I have been obsessed with Sam Holland and thought ‘why not write a short imagine about him?’ so here it is and keep in mind this is my first imagine so it might not even be that good, but i am looking for how to improve so any tips would help.


“How do you say I love your eyes in Spanish?” Sam asks looking into the eyes of his beautiful Latina girlfriend, (Y/N). 

 “Me encantan tus ojos,” (Y/N) replies without missing a beat. 

 “Mi encanta twos ojos,” Sam says trying his hardest to pronounce the words right. 

 “Close enough Freckles,”(Y/N) smiles. She kisses Sam’s nose which then causes him to smile brightly at her before pecking her lips.

“How do you say princess in Spanish?” Sam asks caressing (Y/N)’s cheek.

“Princesa,” (Y/N) replies leaning into his touch.

“Te amo mi Princesa,” Sam says as he leans to kiss her.

“Yo tambien te amo Freckles,” (Y/N) replies just before she is pulled into a heartwarming kiss.


Nico Jr sighs: Those last two sentences didn’t even make sense, Maela.

Maela: What makes sense is to back off her, Nicky. Like Maxine practically DIED today. She almost tumbled down the stairs and died!

Nico Jr: She didn’t almost tumble, she did tumble. And she didn’t die.

Maela: If death isn’t enough to stop your dastardly plans with her, then I don’t know what will. Unless-

Nico Jr:  Maela pauses for dramatic effect. Go on. *mimics* Unless…

Maela looks at her cousin carefully.

Maela: Unless maybe you do want to try and make this a nice, harmless summer romance. No sex. Just a nice time where you have  good clean fun and enjoy each other’s company. Then you’ll have a romantic but tearful farewell on August 31st and call and text for a few months after but then you both let it all fade away into a nice youthful memory.

Nico Jr: I’d rather have sex with her.


pycame asked: For the request thing: RusAme based on “But It’s Better If You Do” by Panic! at the Disco music video or just the lyrics? You decide. (Love your Reincarnation RusAme by the way!)

Thank you so much!! I’m glad you liked it! So this is indeed based on the video, the beginning of it modified and with more backstory. Set in about the 70s (in a universe and time when male/gay strip clubs were not *officially* criminal, but any excuse would be good enough to raid such a place, to go with the video). (This is kind of angsty/unhappy, more so at the beginning - I get sappier towards the end).

Warnings: uhm, not a lot in this one tbh, some slightly sexual themes but nothing explicit.

“Alfred, I’m in a meeting,” Ivan hissed into the payphone, trying not to let his temper rise and attract attention. He looked up, the only light the old streetlamps above him. “It’s running late. I don’t know when I’ll be-”

“Do you even try any more? Or are you gonna get married to your goddamn business?”

“Alfred-” Ivan sighed, wanting nothing more than to slam the receiver into its place and find forgettance at the bottom of a glass of cheap whiskey lit red by dimmed lights.

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Jeremy: Okay so. I’ve got… these spare movie tickets.
Jeremy: Since I’ve been. Trying to expand my movie knowledge.
Jeremy: Anyone wanna take pity on me and come with?

Jack: Oooh, sounds exciting! What are we watching?

Michael: How many spare tickets exactly?
Michael: Enough for me and Ray to come too?

Ray: Yo, count me in.

Jack: I’m up for a double date. Or fourway date. Jeremy?

Jeremy: I have to admit I was not expecting this much interest. Guardians just came out, so. That.
Jeremy: And there is enough for four~

Michael: Have you even seen the first one yet Lil J?

Jeremy: I have!

Jack: Well then! This is gonna be fun. Popcorn’s on me, boys.

Michael: I’m genuinely shocked.
Michael: I can drive us.

Ray: Shotgun

I’m currently planning out a campaign where the main villain is a lawful good paladin. Obviously, he leans a lot more toward the lawful than the good. I really like the D&D Beyond video on the Paladin Oath of Conquest. It does a good job of explaining how a lawful good character can be villainous.
The basic idea is that the world has leaned far in the direction of freedom (therefore, away from law) and that extreme has made them too weak for the dangers to come, so the “villain” is trying to forcefully unite all the people under one banner so they will be strong enough.

I guess the “probably good rpg idea” to take away from this is that not every villain has to be a classic evil overlord archetype. Sometimes people hurt others trying to do good.

Mod note: I believe you could make a villain out of literally ANY alignment, but honestly, I can’t come up with a neutral good villain…

anonymous asked:

So how do you find it in yourself to keep being good to people who don't deserve it? How do you hold on to kindness for people who don't have any, and compassion for those same people? It just seems so... pointless and bleak to me sometimes, and too painful to be worth it

This might sound like something ripped off a certain good story, but it’s something I learned myself a long time ago: It’s not about what people deserve. If it were, things would be much simpler. It’s about who you are and who you want to be and what you believe. And I, through everything, have decided to be a good person, a paladin, at least decent enough to sleep at night. 

Where you talk about the pain of disappointment in people, that disappointment is always a short one to me compared to the pain of becoming someone who didn’t have hope. Who didn’t try to help people, who looked at other human beings and only see creatures without kindness or compassion.  

I would rather suffer a thousand disappointments, betrayals, defeats and keep reaching for Light rather than just let myself fade in the dark to never suffer that kind of hurt. 

I’ll be honest, I’ve talked about people like you before. You frustrate me so much, because while you’re wringing your hands, lamenting about the fear and the pain you have when you contemplate the dark side of humanity you see in others and yet delude yourself into thinking doesn’t exist somewhere in your heart, I and people who’ve done much more than I could ever hope actively deal with those pains every day in the hope of trying to make things better. And I get frustrated because we’re out there, trying, taking wounds, while you wait and want someone to convince you what you already know what the righteous path is.

You frustrate me. All I hear is a weakness that I want to shed from myself so I can be better. How do I keep being good in the face of bad things? Its because I can take the consequences of that, good and bad, and live with it. Because the alternatives to me are to hide, or hate. I instead forgive, and I keep going, and do it over again. 

anonymous asked:

I'd usually agree with you but I do think something can be said for people who are wise beyond their years. One of my friends met her current husband when she was in high-school, and I can guarantee that nothing sinister or unusual was going on behind the scenes. After a string of partners (her own age) who took advantage of her, she saw honesty and kindness in him and they became good friends without even realizing there was an age gap. A year later they were dating, and she's been happy since.

Sorry but I don’t agree with the “but they’re mature for their age!” line. Actually it makes me kind of nauseous when people try to pull that. 14/15/16/17 year olds are NOT mature enough to DECIDE if they’re “mature enough.”  Every other 16 year old you talk to will tell you how mature they are for their age. And maybe they are. That still doesn’t mean they’re on the same level as an 18+ year old. Most people who are over 18 think back to being that age and cringe at how dumb they were.

But your story doesn’t really seem to fall in with the sort of thing I’ve been talking about. You are kind of making it sound like they weren’t actually in an intimate relationship until she was out of High School or 18. You also didn’t mention their ages. Also remember that just because someone appears nice and relatively harmless does not mean they aren’t capable of emotional manipulation or grooming. 

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What's your favorite fic (or fics) you've written recently?

Ahhhh, I have a hard time viewing a lot of what I’ve written recently as good, because I feel like I’m not spending enough time on them. And as a writer and an editor of my own pieces, my last read through is usually me picking apart my own writing until it’s unrecognizable. It’s a horrible habit, and it’s why most of my fics get posted pretty much right away. I know if I take a second look at them, I won’t ever post them. I’ll be too busy trying to make them perfect, and it’s honestly something that just exhausts me.

But, after a while, I’m able to view them with a different perspective, so all of my favorite fics that I’ve written are at least two months old:

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Weekly Evaluation

Today I made mashed potatoes for the entire family just so I could try nutritional yeast. It was good enough to do again.

  • Did T25 Week One ✔️
  • Only 2/7 Days with Cheese ✔️
  • Finished All SHA Exercises ✔️
  • No Binge Eating ✔️
  • Spent a Good Amount Outside ✔️
  • Met All Daily Challenges ✔️
  • Controlled Anxiety ❌
  • Caught New Pokémon ❌

anonymous asked:

I'm always happy to help! Is it okay if I pester you with my writing ideas on occasion? I have lots of ideas, but not enough motivation or skill to write them myself.



if all your ideas are as good as that one pester me all day long nonny!! I can try and help you with motivation too <3

iq-biased  asked:

If you think having a southern American accent is bad, trying having a non-American accent overall. Literally no one can understands me and when I lived in Asia I had to basically learn another language. I didn't even know carpark was a colloquial term until I wasn't in my home country haha.

I imagine it’s pretty terrible. If I had enough money to leave the country, I know I would be in trouble for sure. At least you have the benefit of being exposed to other cultures, which often makes people more well-rounded and tolerant of others.

I know it sounds tacky, but I feel good about knowing what a carpark is. Unfortunately, it’s only because Overlord Husband made me watch Top Gear (the UK one). I learned a lot of new vocabulary.

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the "cassian andor" tag is full of jyn hate rn i'm so jittery what i should do to calm down?

Hi nonnie. I’m sorry to hear you’re having a rough night! I’m sorry the tag is upsetting you. That upsets me, too, because obviously I love Jyn, and I love Cassian with Jyn. There is already enough anger and hate in the real world already, and we don’t need to be adding to it in our fictional escape IMO.

So. Step out of the tag for the night. Go to the RebelCaptain tag and find some awesome shippy stuff. Find a fic you’ve been meaning to read and get lost in it. Find a new one you haven’t seen before (I love the AO3 RebelCaptain fic feed). Got an idea for your own fic? Tonight’s a good night to start writing. Do you draw or create another way? Try that. Watch your favorite part of the movie again, or read a passage from the novelization that you really love. Remember that people will always hate something you love, no matter what it is and no matter the reason why. Close down Tumblr altogether if you have to. I have to do that myself sometimes, too. It helps to take a step back.

I hope this helps. Thanks for sending me a message. <3


Don’t laugh Bakugou, it’s a serious struggle

Ya girl is back with some head canons because the last one went pretty well so let’s try this out.

Sunday mornings/sundays with the OTP.

•spending all morning in bed doing absolutely nothing besides watching bad TV and marveling at each other

•lazy morning sex

•sunday pancakes with one half of the OTP cooking and the other half commenting on the others ass as they cook.

•"yeah babe you show that pancake it’s your bitch"
“I can’t with you.”

•lazy days in pjs sprawled out on the couch watching movies

•"I’m too tired to moovveee"
“I’m not carrying you.”

•staying in bed all day, refusing to leave for anything but food and the bathroom.

•being grossly in love and happy with each other’s company.

•person A) “You look so amazing, I can’t be anymore in love with you it’s impossible” Person B: *just woke up, hairs a disaster, has syrup on their face, drinking coffee angrily* “Are you blind?” “Blinded by love” “You’re too dramatic for your own good… but I guess I love you too”

•kisses all the time, seriously, just lots of sloppy kissing on the couch, in bed, making lunch just these assholes are in LOVEEE ok.

•along with sex, there’s a healthy dose of just talking, enjoying each other’s company, doing stuff as normal as cleaning the house becomes some dramatic declaration of love.

Add more if you like!