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P1/2 Seems most are not expecting Sam to mention anything about Cait's night. I feel it's going to be more wtf if he doesn't. Cait' success so far in Hollywood is arguably due to OL. You don't need shipper glasses to expect him there. I bet Maril will be too but especially her co-star. Also, "One of my best friends" "One of the closet people to me". So not only his OL connection but their friendship-not romance-as well is enough of a reason to tweet or showcase that he's there/proud of her.

P2/2 If he doesn’t say anything it’s one of those things where it’s like…your efforts in trying not to make it weird is making it weird. Correlating to the questions we all ask of if they’re only such good buds why don’t we see pics of them hanging out? Going on double dates? If all you have is such a simple friendship, what are you trying to hide? No clue if he’s gonna say anything but it’s gonna add to this weird MM SC T trifecta mess if he doesn’t IMO. Probably if he does too haha. ~drama~


I like all of this. aaaaall of it. say it again.

Late night poems

I feel the weight of all of this
Your emotional distance
My own cravings and desires
I am hungry for you
But I can’t have you
So I stay home and sink into myself
Late nights, poems, door closed to my room
I am tired
Trying to open up
Trying to be good enough to see inside your heart
I ache when I think of you
Because you are so good
You are so true
But I don’t know if you are ready for me
I am a flood
A vast sea
I am a well, falling deep into the curves of the earth
I am always almost certain
That I am too much
And your heart is loving and gentle
But your heart is also scarred and bruised
My heart breaks when I think of your pain
But she is also cautious
She has her own breaks and cracks
And I have to protect her

I’m standing on this tightrope
Leaning, swaying
Over a great lake
Tightening every muscle
Trying not to fall

I want to place my heart into your hands
But you are not ready-
Every time you reach for me
Your hands tremble
I can see it
I can feel it

I am so afraid
I know you mean well
But is that enough?

Solo-Bucky x Reader

A/N: This has been in my drafts for MONTHS. Solo by Frank Ocean is my shittttt. Idk about this tbh

Sometimes I find myself looking at Bucky. It’s not intentional, most of the time, at least. I just look in his general direction and happen to see the way that his shoulders shoot up when he laughs or how he wriggles his metal fingers after not using it for a while, it was almost as if he forgets that it’s metal. It is one of the only times I think that he accepts that appendage as his own.

As his best friend, I have to spend a lot of time with him. It’s good until it isn’t. There is only so much that anybody can take when their crush constantly has girlfriend problems and then come to you for help. I spent a lot of time trying to keep a level head and my feelings in check but I have had enough. I can’t keep driving myself insane because my heart demands Bucky. 

I take it upon myself to slowly create distance between Bucky and I. It should help keep my feelings at bay and not cause any tension in our friendship. He is currently on a date with yet another girl and I am at home listening to Adele’s albums and scrolling through Buzzfeed articles aimlessly. What better thing is there to do on a Friday evening? Sat on my sofa and belting out Set Fire To The Rain, I look ridiculous but right now, I have not a care. I enjoy not thinking about anything and getting lost in singing, albeit poorly. 

With the pizza on its way, I try to get a little bit of writing done before it gets here so when it does, I can relax with a little Netflix. A treat for being ‘productive’.“We were born and raised, in a summer haze b-” I get distracted by the music and try to get back into writing. This, however, does not go to plan because, half an hour later, a dishevelled Bucky makes his way into my home. “Hey, Buck.”

Bucky throws his bag on the floor next to his shoes and sits beside me. “Hey, doll. Whatcha writing?” I close my laptop lid and hug my super soldier best friend.

“I wasn’t writing anything.” Bucky gives me a disapproving look for lying to him in his eyes. “I got distracted by Adele…” That sets Bucky off into a fit of laughter, the numerous times that I was supposed to be writing but got distracted was unbelievable and Bucky doesn’t understand how I call myself a writer. “Date ended early.” I tried to sound nonchalant but I’m sure that it didn’t come out like that.

“Turns out she’s married.” I looked at Bucky for further explanation but the doorbell rang which signalled that the pizza has arrived. Bucky runs to collect the pizza from the overworked, teenage boy and gives him a tip before he returns to me with dinner. “Pizza!”

Luckily, I ordered two large pizzas and Bucky is not picky. We sat there eating and watching tv for twenty minutes before grandpa got bored. He was fidgeting and I couldn’t quite keep my eyes off of him. “You gonna watch this, or what?” Bucky shook his head and pulled me to him so that he was my personal pillow. The sound of his beating heart lulled me to sleep. 

The next morning I curse myself for letting Bucky stay the night. My plan is to stay away from him opposed to spending more time with him. It’s such a stupid, cliche thing to do, not just the fact that I let him stay the night, but that I keep avoiding him like I’m a teenage girl in a love story. “Morning! Coffee?” Bucky handed me a mug and I tanked him under my breath. “Now, tell me why you’ve been acting off, the whole team are confused as to why you aren’t living in the Tower, like I know you have here but you just spent so much time at the Tower you basically lived there.” Bucky was rambling and you were trying to stay strong.

“It’s nothing, I’m busy studying and working because education is so expensive here. This two-year course I’m doing now costs more than my degree, accommodation and travel for FOUR years. I’m busy, and late for class.” I grabbed my phone and bag before running out of the house in a fit of ‘shit shit shit’ because I can’t afford to miss another lecture.

Bucky and I are completely out of touch now. It’s been years since I have spoken to him and all my thoughts are clouded by him again because earlier I got an invitation to his wedding. I bet his fiance is beautiful, and everything that he could ever want in a partner. I’m not upset, not really. I’ve moved on. Flying solo. I placed it on my kitchen table, unsure of if I will go or not

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Arme, Mochi and Apos being forced to sleep in the same bed with their fem crush?

You are pissed. Very pissed.

All around you are the bickering voices of the three Celestials. You want to know why they all decided to sleep with you on one bed, but the answer became clear when you listen closely to their bickering.

“I got here first, you ungrateful whelps!” Arme hisses. 

“You can’t say that~.” Mochi purrs. “I claimed this bed…and her~.”

“…I want her…” came Sia’s quiet voice. “…She doesn’t mind me….She wants to stay with me…”

They continued to bicker on who got here first and who claimed you, but enough is enough. Veins pops across your forehead as you scream…


They all kept their mouths closed and you managed to get a good night’s rest.

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(First off, very happy I found this blog) I saw the anime man post the video when I was out biking trying to shake off all the yoi fans at school and was like "NO JOEY...DONT GIVE IN...DONT SURRENDER" and I watched it and it was a good apology, but I'm so mad that it wasn't enough for the yoi fans and that it was taken down because of all of that

Yeah, a lot of people who watched it have said it was a good apology and this is so ridiculous I swear just

Dealing with the so called “support” for LGBT people and then instead of calling out a slur they get mad he didn’t like their anime

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Will Ruhiana ever find true love? Or will she be forever alone? (I know this has probably been asked many times in the past, I just can't think of anything else right now.)

Lol not as often as you think! At least if you mean Ruhiana as in me. But um not sure I’d like to try true love but currently it’s forever alone because honestly I have no idea what I want in life and in someone or if I’m good enough to be there for someone just yet. I kinda am cock blocking my own self??

It’ll hit me one day I have faith! Currently more concerned for Romacedys love life more than mine atm cx

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe Chapter 6 Sentence Starters

“I’m getting horribly cramped.”

“There’s something sticking into my back.”

“What’s the matter with this place?”

“I apologize for not believing you.”

“What do we do next?”

“Why, go and explore the wood, of course.”

“I am sure nobody would mind.”

“I never thought of it like that.”

“We can pretend we are Arctic explorers.”

“This is going to be exciting enough without pretending.”

“Where are we going anyway?”

“This is a pretty good washout. Not much good coming here.”

“I – I wonder if there is any point in going on.”

“I don’t want to go a step further and I wish we’d never come.”

“I really believe he means us to follow him.”

“Well, we might as well try it.”

“I’ve something to say which you’d better listen to.”

“Have you realized what we’re doing?”

“If it comes to that, which is the right side?”

“Has anyone the least idea of the way home from here?”

I mean you expect a generation who’s been raised to believe we’re lazy, entitled pieces of shit who think we’re the greatest thing since sliced bread and are told we’re greedy for wanting to make enough money to afford rent and are otherwise continuously deprecated by society and chastised by the media…

…to write a letter talking ourselves up and bragging ~politely~ about how much our last managers loved us and how good of a worker we are and how we are the PERFECT person for this position?! Just to get our foot in the door for you to pay us a few cents over minimum wage for people to yell at us all day?

like. I’m not even being lazy/trying to be lazy here. Writing a cover letter is about the most emotionally trying activity I can think of, and nowadays everyone wants you to write one, even if you’re just applying for a cashier at the grocery store.

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Fucking do speed paints you sack of golden shit you're too good. mother fucker. Don't ask rhetorical questions like "is my art good enough that people would want to s-" to which everyone would unanimously reply shut the fuck up you're a hella great person ass lord we're unworthy of your golden ass art and you're a wonderful motherfuckin' person so of fuckin course we wanna see some speedpaints what are we? Fools?

kkarkat,,,,,,,,,,,,, is that Yew……………………………………….

gARGLES THANKS, THANK S DUDE this was very Aggressivly Kind,,,,, hghhg DW ill do it ill do it im just trying to learn how to do things … Itll happen man,,,,,,, I Promise


“You know you’re a little on the arrogant side sometimes. I know you’re proud of our family and things you’ve done but you don’t need to get all grandiose with it.” 

“I’m not THAT bad..” 

“You are, trust me, your friends are just too nice to say it to your face. Just tone it down man, it’s just slightly embarrassing for the rest of us. Especially when you get your hands all into it like you do..” 

“Alright, alright I’ll try not to kill your cool vibes.” 

“Frey I haven’t been cool since ever. I’m just saying you’re a good man big brother, your actions do enough to show that. Don’t need to make a production of it.”

“I just get excited…” 

“I know and to some degree it’s kind adorable. Just not quite as endearing in a 40 something year old man as it maybe was to our parents when you were little.”  

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I know you've said a few times that you might be Mojo Jojo, but how are we sure you're not actually Blossom in disguise? You sound an awful lot like her and trying to convince people you're actually Mojo would be a good cover up.

It’s probably more likely that I am Mojo Jojo. If I was Blossom in disguise, I’d probably be smarter about hiding my voice! But you will never know who I am! Because I will never reveal it! The revelation of the individual who is behind this blog will only be revealed to those who are keen enough to search for such a revelation!

Not very important, but.

rant/story time???

I’ve been wanting to make some ocs since all my friends have really good and original ones but im like ??? terrified??? of other people seeing it????

when i was like 14 i had a (in my opinion) pretty good OC? I spent a few weeks trying it make it good enough, I posted it online, and I would use it for RP’s between me and my friends. Then it declined and i just stopped caring and i admit it sorta became a mary sue?  someone who used to be my friend did a sort of ..character review on it, and bashed it, and my other characters. They were pretty famous, had a lot of followers, and they turned them against me and my friends, etc.  My friends were hacked. They blamed me. I was hacked

like???? i just made it for fun?? it wasnt like a serious thing???

and i was fucking hacked and that person pitted like 30 people against me and my friends??? because of something that happened years ago??? 

like i was just 14. most of the characters we made at that time were cringy af, and they just exploited it?

heres some shit they said in the comments of one of the artworks((  replying to someone else’s comment, one of their friends: )) 

“ This shit is worse than bloom luna. Did some research and this bitch has other accounts on here where she posts more of this unholy amalgated mess of what she calls ‘art’ “

Other person: lmao what

"Flame her ass to your hearts content. This autistic fuck needs to die ”

“Sure thing fam~” 

it made me paranoid to even draw anything because i was like, i wanted to make my characters good enough, i tried to, but it never worked. i thought my art would never be good enough, and i basically dropped off the face of the earth for a while, art-wise. 

back in 2015, i started to draw again, but i wouldn’t make new characters or anything, i would just draw other stuff.
I’m basically terrified of them finding me again and like to this day i’m still paranoid about making ocs because im afraid i’ll just get another group of people bashing the ocs, my art style and myself and when i TRY to make OCs they just are copies of other characters and absolute shits because i have no idea how to even make it,,,good enough,,,,,

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Hiiz kitty, I love your blog!! :3 I've been having some troubles getting into little space lately and my daddy is going through tough times. All I've been doing is adulting so much and I haven't been sleeping or eating lots.. I've lost so much weight and I'm so stressed out but all I want to do is watch cartoons and colour but anytime I try I just get upset and cry... how do I fix this? Can you help?..

Hai Hai Anon,

Tanks chus ✨

Taking a break from stressful things, whether it be school or work etc, is very important. Even if your break lasts only 30 mins. Alongside with breaks, eating and sleeping are essential, I can’t stress enough that you must do those things. You shouldn’t feel bad about taking Littlespace breaks, like I said small breaks are good.

Some ideas for Littlespace breaks could be:

•watch a short cartoon
•color a cute picture
•snuggle with stuffies and take a nap
•have a cute Little meal

Hope this helps ✨

december 2016

the dock extended out further than we remembered. all of us walking on water,
trying to find enough good in our chests to justify it. the thick blanket of humidity,
holding us as the only home we can still find a way back to. here in the blue
deepness of night, where we got lost on our feet & our bikes & in our cars.

under bridges, in the middle of the river, kissing under interstates in parking lots.
i’ve been rewriting the stories in my head. trying to color in truer versions
where the memories skip. planks are missing where the dock once was stable.
careful, we might fall in. would you still know me, if i climbed out after i slipped?

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Every time Fox renews a show the chances of Pitch being renewed becomes smaller. Star has been renewed & that means another space in the schedule has been filled. It doesn't look good for Pitch

That’s…not how scheduling works, nonny. But okay. I can’t make you feel any other way than how you feel? I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do here. 

If you want to feel down about Pitch’s chances, I’m not going to dissuade you, but like…for the rest of us trying to stay positive maybe go to someone else’s inbox who’s not? idk. I’ve got enough going on without people coming to me with negative emotions. 

that kind of love that’s “i was scared until i found you.” that kind of love that’s worth it to try romance again. the “fuck i’ll try cheesy if it just makes you smile” love, the roses and love notes and wine bottles. the twinkle light love, the “let’s go on this romantic date only to spend the whole thing being silly” love, the dancing badly to slow songs love, the “i don’t know how you make me laugh so much but seriously stop it i’m trying to drive” love. the “i trust you love,” calling late at night because a secret just welled up in my throat love, the first person i talk to so i can figure out this decision is you kind of love. the “i was hurt before and had given up but then i found you” love, the incredulous in-awe love, the wonder love, the are you actually real or am i dreaming you love. the “i didn’t believe in soulmates before you” love. that kinda love.