i try so hard not to hate her i rlly do

I’m so proud of you, I love you

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They had been dating for three months now, him and Hunk, and it was good- no, great, and Keith knew Hunk was an amazing person, probably one of the best people in the world. But that didn’t stop Keith from worrying about coming out to him. He wanted to come out to him, he wanted his wonderful boyfriend to know. Keith was proud of being a trans boy. He was just scared.

But why?

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nurse!yuta au
  • sooooooo, nurse!yuta
  • like imagine it
  • yuta in scrubs while wearing a cream colored cardigan i’m not dead you are
  • and he’s always smiling at the patients
  • them kiddies love him
  • when they’re like admitted and they’re assigned to him he always distracts them long enough so they don’t notice him getting blood and other medical stuff
  • and he always always makes the kid laugh 
  • but when they absolutely refuse to drink their meds or smth 
  • you bet yo ass he’s gonna bring out the sass
  • lbr we all know how sassy nakamoto yuta is
  • the poor kid will be roasted 
  • but as soon as they drink it yuta’s gonna be all smiles and jokes and sunshines and unicorns
  • ha actually had this patient once
  • it was a little girl that was so stubborn
  • nurse!winwin tried everything he possibly could
  • bribery, threats, flattery he even offered to give her 20 bucks if she just drank it
  • but guess what
  • IT DIDN’T WORK poor nurse!winwin
  • so winwin called for reinforcements…….
  • DING DING DING y’all are right it’s errbodys fave nurse
  • nurse!yuta to the rescue
  • and like the kid is so overwhelmed by how handsome he is that when he told her the consequences of not drinking her medication
  • and so winwin switched with yuta and the little girl got discharged after a day or two
  • YAY
  • but like yuta loves children but he loves taking care of old people more
  • like he always calls them grandma or grandpa and he handles them with the utmost care
  • and he doesn’t even know why he favors old people more
  • he just does
  • he always gets attached to his patients 
  • like it’s so bittersweet everytime they get discharged
  • he’s happy they’re healed but he’ll miss taking care of them
  • but like, even tho he’s really really perfect at his job he still has his bad days
  • he can get vital signs wrong too sometimes, and he gets grumpy with patients too
  • but he tries his best 
  • and really that’s all anyone can ask for from a nurse
  • soooooo how do you meet nurse!yuta?
  • well you, my dear sweet dumb reader had appendicitis
  • at first you thought you just had a stomach bug (or maybe your period was coming too soon?) so you went about your day at uni
  • bcos come on,,,,,,,,you hAVE fINALS neXT WEEk
  • and you couldn’t really afford to rest just cause you have a fever and your tummy feels bad
  • but then the pain got waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much
  • and when i say too much i mean your seatmate see you trying to crawl out of your desk with tears in your eyes
  • and thank god your seatmate is a pre med student 
  • and he calls the hospital rlly rlly fast and before you know it you’re on your merry way to the hospital
  • you get your much needed surgery and of course you get admitted 
  • sadly for you my dear reader, it aint nakamoto yuta
  • your lovely nurse goes by the name dong sicheng
  • but most ppl call him winwin
  • and well, let’s just say you’re really really stubborn when winwin tries to switch the iv to your other hand
  • your other hand was swollen af but, you’d rather it stay there than get pricked in the other hand
  • and winwin tried rlly hard to hold you down so he could get the needle to the vein properly
  • but you wouldn’t budge 
  • so he called for reinforcements
  • and yes it’s yuta 
  • so like winwin holds you down and yuta is the one inserting the needle
  • and like, your friend kun is on the side admiring winwin’s arms and wishing he was you bc hOT daMN
  • moving on
  • so when yuta was inserting the needle he tried to glance at your face and saw you trying to look away 
  • it hurt a lot ok
  • and well, he couldn’t help but smile bc he found it really cute
  • when he was done you were all like ‘i hate you so much’ with this rlly cute pout in your face
  • and yuta died inside
  • and like from then on he convinces winwin to like let him be the attending nurse instead 
  • and when he goes back to check your vital signs you’re all like
  • ‘please don’t stick needles in me anymore >_
  • he just laughs and says ‘and what if i do?’
  • and with the most threatening glare you have you say ‘fight me’
  • and he just lAUGHS
  • so now everytime he goes in your room you’re like ‘if you inject anything on me i will fight you’
  • and yuta always answers back with ‘okay. sure. but when you’re all better, i don’t fight sick ppl.’
  • but you’re like ‘your cowardly ass just afraid of losing to a girl. a sick one at that’
  • and it seriously becomes a thing between the two of you
  • before you know it y’all are rlly comfortable around each other and are friends sort of
  • because admit it reader YOU LIKE HIM~~~~~
  • like how can you not when he’s always taking care of your needs and he always eats at your room on his break bc you have no visitors
  • and he even sleeps in your room when he’s so tireddd
  • he’s just really there for you, like a lot
  • and you don’t really mind because you love his company and bECAUSE hE’S CUTE
  • but like one time you had to go to the bathroom to pee but no other person was there and you can’t really get to the bathroom so you ask yuta to help you
  • and he helps you get to the bathroom and was there to assist you while you pee
  • like you had trouble sitting up from the toilet so he held your hand while pulling you up gently so you could stand
  • but neither of you let go
  • even as you got out of the bathroom YOU.WERE.STILL. HOLDING.HIS.HAND.
  •  and it’s sort rough but soft at the same time and it also smells like alcohol
  • and y’all don’t really notice that you’re still holding hands until your friend kun walks in the door with food
  • like kun is so shookt
  • and when he shakingly points out your intertwined hands y’all realize and turn crimson
  • kun never lets it go
  • and while this is going on so well, unfortunately you get better and have to get discharged
  • and yuta’s the one to push your wheelchair
  • he helps you stand and bids you goodbye
  • and right when you turn away he’s grabbing your wrist back and pulls you into a kiss
  • when he pulls back, he says, ‘i can fight you now, you know.’
  • you: nah, i don’t fight before the first date.
  • and the boy has the audacity to smirk i CANOT MY HEART YUTA WHY YOU DO DIS
  • him: well how about some coffee after my shift? and then i can fight you after
  • you: mhmmmm maybe
  • and this is the start of a beautiful relationship
Sarumi Mall/Build-A-Bear AU

Ok so…I have had this idea for a long time but I never posted these because I honestly wasn’t sure if I’d ever write a fic? But now for sure I have other things to work on, for both sarumi and other fandoms, and this idea just doesn’t fit into the plan, so enjoy these silly headcanons lol!

  • Basically it’s a mall au where Saru and the S4 boys work in like…some fancy department store and Yata happens to work at the build a bear (homra is spread out throughout the mall) because he’s really good with kids and has a happy attitude and he’s just a bean okay.
  • Anyways, the S4 boys are shits and get on Saru’s case because Seri’s birthday is coming up and he needs to get her a gift like wtf Saru, and he’s just like whatever fine I’ll get her a gift card somewhere. But ofc that’s not good enough so eventually one of them is like ‘get her one of those cute bears from build a bear’ and that way they can also make it sorta a group gift, like…it’ll be the honorary S4 bear lmaoo and Saru is like ‘fuck no I’m not going into that hell hole, there are little humans in there.’
  • But ofc he is just tsun and rlly does want to get her something so he goes, and he doesn’t get how it works so he’s having issues, so Yata comes to help him *_* and he’s being a Yata bean and helping him with stuffing it and all but is also sorta nervous bc Saru is cute ok (I am a sucker for immediate attraction w these two in certain AUs idk why, or at least…)
  • Until Saru starts being an asshole. He’s teasing Yata for working there and the dumb uniform and they’re kinda bickering while Yata is trying to keep his cool (which is hard when Saru is like ‘if it wasn’t for the uniform I would have mistaken you for one of the children’ and he wants to fight) but ofc Yata has other ways to retort like ‘ur calling my outfit dumb, ur the one buying the bear a tutu and roller skates’ and it spirals into a full out verbal brawl
  • Eventually Saru buys the damn bear and essentially it begins the weird rivalry/attraction bc everytime Saru walks to work he has to pass by the build a bear and it’s like –death stare—
  • But ofc they both find excuses to see each other like oh Yata needed to go to Saru’s store to buy something, and they get to know each other more and the hatred isn’t as intense and Yata starts befriending the S4 boys too (and they totally know what’s up)
  • The conflict in this au would basically be Yata jumping to conclusions bc he totally has a crush on Saru (which is returned) but he’s p convinced Saru is dating Seri bc he gave her the bear, and meanwhile everyone they know is watching them just flirt and be losers and everyone is like PLS KISS ALREADY
  • But Yata ofc doesn’t hate Seri or anything, and cares about Saruhiko as a friend, but obviously still has a giant crush he can’t help. SO in attempts to hide his massive crush he tries to play it off by asking a lot about Seri and trying to be a normal bro, but then Saru (who is a dumbass) starts believing it’s because Yata has a crush on Seri, and sulks because he thinks his feelings for Yata won’t be return
  • Thus a small misunderstanding, which is resolved eventually when Yata sees Seri holding hands with Kusanagi on a lunch date in the food court, and worries that she’s cheating on Saru and has a ‘what do I do? Do I tell him?’ friend moment, which boils down to his inability to keep a secret. He confronts Saru seriously, only for Saru to have a mini stroke because ‘wtf you thought I was dating Seri this whole time, hell no’ and Yata is so relieved and real confessions ensue
  • Tada! Boyfrens lmao

And yes this was my tiny AU that never reached the further stages of development –sigh— Do with it what you will lmao *_*

EXO react when you (an idol) are feeling sad and struggling to act happy

Here you go :)

(I made this suitable for all genders btw)

Sehun:*it took him a while to pick up that you weren’t usual happy self and when you finally opened up to him and told him about the stress your management he dropped his sassy act and become a total dork. He didn’t know how to solve the problem with your management but always made sure he was someone you could vent to whenever you needed to*

Kai:*with your group’s comeback happening soon, you were trying to get in all the dance practise you could and wanted to perfect the moves. Kai had been helping you because he’s so sweet, but as the days wore on he noticed that your movements became less enthusiastic and you seemed less energetic all-around. Knowing that, although exciting, comebacks can be stressful he wanted to see you relax before the comeback date and the hectic performances and interviews that will follow. So when you were both in the car supposedly on the way to the dance studio, he drove on further in to the city to pick up some food and take the evening off*

Kai- “Come on, we’re getting takeout.”

Y/N- “But…”

Kai- “No buts, we’re going!”

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Tao:*got very upset when you confessed to him about how stressful your management can be after he begged you to tell him what’s wrong. At first he yelled and raved to no one in particular about how cruel your manager is before holding you close clinging onto you like a koala to try and comfort you. Over the next week or so he toned done the whinyness and tried to be more aware of how you’re doing since you’re usually so happy and he hated to see you miserable*

you’re baek okay

D.O:*he’d noticed that your usual bubbly personality was rare to see recently when you weren’t in front of a camera, and he asked you if anything was bothering you. He sat on the couch with you, holding you in his arms as you vented all that was getting you down - the root of your problems being your overly-strict manager, who was very controlling about your personal life and how much time was “acceptable” to spend with family and friends. He promised you he would talk to the manager and reach some kind of compromise. Until then he would always try to make you smile and act like a complete dork to see you happy*

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Chanyeol:*being labelled the happy virus himself, he knew how sometimes it was a lot of pressure to always be upbeat and enthusiastic, and so was very sympathetic when you explained all that was wrong. He did everything in his power to distract you from the stress, whether it was nighttime adventures hunting for Pokemon or playing video games or teaching you how to play guitar. Expect random outburst of aegyo too, all he wants is to see you happy until the pressure passed*

Chen:*he listened to you as you voiced everything you had been worrying about with your management recently. With the threat of one of your group’s members leaving soon, management had been overbearing to ensure no one else would feel the urge to pack up and leave too, and it was getting on your nerves as well as worrying you. Afterwards, he wouldn’t stop cuddling you until you were begging him to free you, and until this difficult period in you career passed he incidentally exhausted himself by acting silly and doing stupid things even more than usual to see you laugh*

Originally posted by purpleuhan

Baekhyun:*he quickly realised that you weren’t yourself, and that your energy seemed to be drained from all the hard work you were doing for your group. Having an overly harsh manager had made you more and more stressed to improve your skills and gain their approval and all the extra training had finally gotten on top of you ;))) . Knowing you wouldn’t listen if he asked you to stop working so hard, he resorted to making sure you were still always busy, but having fun. You’d constantly receive texts or phone-calls along the lines of “Y/N we’re going bowling and you’re coming!” or “Don’t go to the studio let’s go to the arcade instead!” - before you knew it, you were already feeling far less stressed*

Lay:*he sat on the bed with you as you poured out everything that had been stressing you out with your management recently. Your group had just debuted but already you and your group’s members could tell your manager wasn’t the kindest or the most patient. Already she’d upset three members with her harsh criticism, and you were worried for them. Yixing dutifully listened and when all your complaints were out he took you in his arms and pulled you back to lie on the bed before telling you not to worry and to take a nap since you were exhausted with performing and worrying*

“Come get some sleep, it’ll all be okay Y/N”

Suho:*your management wasn’t the most organised or nicest, and you’d had to cancel a trip to visit your family because your manager had supposedly forgotten to tell you that your group was crazy busy with rehearsals those few days - this wasn’t the first time he had “forgotten”. Feeling devastated since you were so excited to see your parents again, you moaned to Junmyeon who after you were done gave you some good motherly advice and then proceeded to cheer you up by being the motherly idiot he is*

“If this happens again, complain. He’s a terrible manager and should probably be replaced”

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Kris:*he realised something was bothering you since you weren’t acting your usual hyper and happy self. He asked you what was bothering you, and, grateful to talk to someone, you ranted about your manager. Everything seemed stressful recently, with your group being booked for so many activities you were run off your feet. He listened hard to all you had to say, and brought you into a huge hug in his long ass arms and promised all the events and interviews would finish soon, and you’d soon enough have plenty of free time*

also this gif is rlly hot to me idk i wanted to use it so

Luhan:*your subdued behaviour made him panic at first, made him think he’d done something wrong and he racked his brains to think what it could be. But one day you came home and vented about your manager and his annoying tendency of never complimenting your group, there was always a “but” - “you did well, but..” or “you have improved, but..” - and it had really gotten you down. You complained about never feeling like you were achieving anything and how you never felt like laughing anymore. After comforting you until everything was out of your system, he whipped around the room in attempts to make you laugh which it did because come on*

“See you’re laughing now!”

Xiumin:*as soon as you told him how demanding your management had become, he instantly started babying you. Being the fantastic listener he is, he gave his full attention to everything you said and complained about. After promising you that all the stress would very soon go away and everything would slot back into place he tripled the aegyo and became even cuter and even sweeter than he normally is because he is a perfect human being we are not worthy of him how is he 26  oh god im emo again im gonna stop*

I don’t own these gifs, full credit to respective owners

I need feminism because

•At 7 years old I was the only girl in a Lego engineering class and no one would partner with me because “a girl can’t do that.”

•I’m afraid to walk outside by myself in my own gated community.

•My friend was dress coded for being short because taller boys could see down her shirt.

•A teacher came up behind me and snapped my bra strap before trying to dress code me for wearing a shirt that was in dress code.

•The boy sitting next to me failed the test because he was goofing around the whole time. Not because my skirt was too short.

•Clearly I can only dress up for a boy, and I’ve been told on multiple occasions that it’s pointless for me to spend time on my appearance if my boyfriend isn’t there to see me.

•"I have a boyfriend" means more than “no”

• I was told by a boy in my class that he couldn’t do his own laundry because it was a woman’s job and he didn’t feel the need to learn. Him not doing his own laundry cost me 20% off our group presentation.

•My friend was dress coded for her outfit and had to be pulled out of school to go to the store to buy a new one. Her new outfit covered the same amount as her old one and they said nothing.

•I’ve had to beg my male friends to pretend to be my boyfriend so a boy in my class would leave me alone.

•I was doing a lab in biology and had to lean with my elbows on the counter to access the experiment and my male partner says “your boyfriend must like when you do that.” Because my butt was inevitably sticking out

•An adult male stopped me at comic con because he overheard my conversation with my friend in which I said “these pants don’t fit on my legs because my calves are too big” and told me “I like a girl with meat on her bones”.

•I was told at 6 years old, and again at 11, and again at 13, and again at 16 that I shouldn’t cut my hair because “boys don’t like short hair”

•I wanted to write my history paper on the
Women’s Auxiliary Corps and the girl in front of me rolled her eyes and said “of course you do”.

•I “could have a butt” if I “tried”

•My mom once told me long ago that she hates when I go to sleepovers because she’s afraid of a friend’s brother trying to rape me.

•I was told to “put more clothes on” when I was wearing a tank top that covered everything and shorts. It was 106 degrees outside.

•I did deconstruction on a stage for two hours before the boys showed up. Once they showed up they criticized everything I was doing and kicked me off.

•I was told not to get the haircut I wanted because this boy “knew girls who were pretty until they got bangs.”

•People in grocery stores say “you poor guy” to my dad when his three daughters are with him.

•I’m tired of adult men giving me once-overs at the mall

•At 12 years old I was called pudgy, and at 17 I’m called anorexic

•Me being emotional is not a result of PMS

•I had to scream for a boy to let go and to get off of me in the hallway at school multiple times before he finally did. Everyone around me just stood and watched.

•I’ve been told I need to “lighten up” when I refuse to tolerate “get back in the kitchen” jokes

•My sign language teacher told me in front of the entire class that my boyfriend would cheat on me at prom and that I needed to be okay with it because that’s “just what boys do.”

•My friend’s mom shouldn’t have to work twice as hard to make the same amount of money as the man doing the same job as her.

•Someone told me that maybe if I did squats I would have a better butt and boys would pay attention to me.

•My counterpart for the school play felt that because we were married onstage he could touch me whenever he wanted offstage and during school hours.

•My dad collaborated with my grandparents to get me a gun to keep in my car and my purse because they’re afraid of me being attacked when I’m out on my own.

I need feminism not so I can be better or stronger or superior to men. I need feminism so I don’t have to fear for my life. I need feminism not so I can pride myself above others, or put others down. I need feminism so I don’t have to live in a world where my very existence is “asking for it”. I need feminism because I am a human being and I deserve to be treated as such.

Please Don’t Leave Me (Pietro Maximoff x Reader)

I’ve had a rlly emotionally exhausting day and had to write something to get it out my system, so here you go


Prompt ; Please Don’t Leave me by P!nk


Y/N - Your name

Warnings; v. strong language, angst, shouting, anger and I guess sadness 

Word count; 1021 (whew) 

(lyrics are in italics)

As far as assholes go, Pietro Maximoff was up there with the best of them. He’d done a lot of stupid things, but messing up with the person he loved and cared about the most topped the list of idiotic happenings.

‘Y/N, please, listen to me!’

I don’t know if I can yell any louder

‘No, Pietro, I won’t! Last time I listened to you, you said, and I quote, stop acting like I need you, I really don’t. And it’s not the only damn time you said it!’

‘I didn’t mean it, I didn’t-’

‘Just go! If you don’t need me, then just go!’

How many times have you kicked me outta here?

(a/n; I changed the lyrics there slightly to match it better.)

‘You know what, maybe I did mean it! Maybe I don’t need you, Y/N!’

Or said something insulting?

‘Then fare fucking well! You know where the door is.’

That comment felt like a thousand bricks falling on him. But rather than bricks, it was realization. He’d done it again - He’d made a stupid comment that had long lasting consequences. The realization that this was the last straw was enough to kill him.

I can be so mean when I wanna be 

‘Wait, I didn’t-’

‘Let me guess,’ Y/N began. ‘You didn’t mean it? You’re sorry? You’ll do anything for my forgiveness? ‘

I am capable of really anything

‘Now that I’ve finished your pathetic speech for you, you can bloody leave. Don’t bother coming back.’

Panic arose in Pietro’s chest - This really was it. Y/N, the girl who stuck by him through everything and anything, the girl who loved more than anything in the world, was ripping his heart from his chest and feeding it to a dog.

‘Please.’ It’s all he could say. It’s all his mind could fathom.

I always say how I don’t need you

‘Stop begging! You’ve done it this time. You’ve done it so many times but I’ve just overlooked it - The comments, the words, the hurtful insults. I am done.’


The desperate look in his pleading eyes was pretty convincing, but you just couldn’t do it.

But it’s always gonna come right back to this

‘I’m sorry.’ You shrugged. You weren’t crying, or screaming, or even showing any sort of emotion. It was gone - All gone. All the pain, all the frustration, all the need to try and improve your relationship. It was your body’s way of saying that it didn’t want, and physically couldn’t, deal with the emotional pain.

Please, please don’t leave me

‘Can we at least talk about it?’ After a few moments of tense silent, Pietro finally spoke up, his voice quiet and shaking, his accent thicker than usual. ‘You’re a rational person.’

How did I become so obnoxious?

You stared at your boyfriend, heart pounding. Ex-boyfriend? You didn’t even know anymore.

‘There’s not much to say.’ You murmured. ‘I’ve tried to hard to deal with you. Honestly, I hate myself for loving you sometimes. You’re impossible. I’ve seen you be rude to other people - But you just let them walk away. But with me, you convince me you’re sorry and then you reel me back in, just to hurt me again! I can’t deal with that.’

What is it with you that makes me act like this?

‘I-I took advantage.’ He murmured quietly, almost sheepishly. ‘I knew you wouldn’t leave me, and for some reason I just needed someone who I can love sometimes but treat like shit the next.’

I’ve never been this nasty 

You sighed, laughing sourly, bitterly. ‘I’m not your damn punching bag, Pietro.’

‘I know, Y/N, I know! I’m sorry!’

‘Stop! I can’t take the pathetic apologies. It’s too late’

You ran your hands through your hair, your mind racing. Your heart was pounding like a marching band’s drum in your chest, and it felt like you had anxious butterflies in your stomach. But they weren’t butterflies, they were a swarm of angry, stinging bees.

‘I’ll do anything, Y/N, I promise. I swear.’

‘I don’t want you to do anything.’ You found yourself saying. You were ready to go down his route and see how he liked it. ‘I don’t need you. I want you to get up and leave. Now.’

Can’t you tell this is all just a contest? The one who wins will be the one who hits the hardest

The words were like damn knives - And it was in that moment that he realised how hard he must’ve hurt you. He knew now what it was like to be rejected by the most important person in your life.

‘Y/N, I-’

‘See, Pietro? It hurts, doesn’t it?’

It was at this point that he was tempted to get on his hands and knees and physically beg. He couldn’t fathom the thought of living without her. But now he had to, and it was his fault.

I forgot to say out loud, how beautiful you really are to me

‘I don’t deserve you, Y/N. I know that. I’m the one knows that best. I don’t deserve you, but I do need you.’

I cannot be without, my perfect little punching bag

‘Then why the fuck did you tell me on so many, many occasions that you didn’t?’ Suddenly, you weren’t so emotionless anymore. You were seething, raging. ‘Why did you take it upon yourself to be a shitty person who said awful things? If you really love me, why do you hurt me? You have pushed to me to my final breath, Pietro. You have knocked it out of me like a damn airbag in a car crash.’

And I need you

You began walking towards the door, ready to get out and just cry for hours, cry until your throat was scratchy and your eyes were blood-shot like you hadn’t slept in weeks. 

But as you pulled it opened, there was a flash of silver and a familiar breeze. A piece of paper fell to the ground in front of you, two single words standing out on the white background.

I’m sorry.

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Soulmate prompt on 3 for shouji and present mic? I don't rlly have anything specific traits for reader sorry! ;-; Thank you!!

There need to be more Shouji requests. I love that six-armed boy so much. Thank you for the request! It helped with my writers block. [Admin Denki]

Mezou Shouji-

You stared at the tattoo on your thigh. Yes, they’re real. It was such a strange sentence, and to think it’d be the first words your soulmate would say to you. That had been your thought ever since you discovered what those words would eventually mean. You sighed, getting up from your seat on the train and walking outside. The clouds overhead looked dark and heavy, evident when rain slowly started pouring down. You brought your jacket up to shelter yourself, frustrated that you still had several blocks to walk to get home. You trudged along and looked at the ground, watching the little puddles on the ground.

You had to look up, though when you hit a hard flesh wall in front of you. You almost fell back if it was not for hands grabbing your wrists. You did not even notice the stop to the rain.

“Fuck me.  .  .” You muttered in frustration, looking up. The man, well boy, in front of you was tall and had six arms and had a mask over half his face. “What the.  .  . are.  .  .” Your eyes looked at the arms blocking the rain from hitting you as he held you upright.

“Yes, they’re real.” He said, realizing he had been holding your wrists for a second too long and pulled his hands away. Your eyes widened, looking up at him.

“Do you know how long I’ve been waiting to hear that?” You breathed, staring up at him. Shouji blinked, bringing up his main arm to show you a tattoo on his inner arm. Fuck me, it said.

“I’ve been.  .  . very confused about it. Context wise.” Shouji rubbed the back of his neck. He moved back a bit, glancing at the tattoo on her thigh. You pulled up your skirt just a little bit and lifted your leg up. Shouji’s cheeks turned a light pink when he saw the bold writing. Yes, they’re real.

“Yeah, I’ve been confused context wise, too. Like.  .  . maybe it was for fake boobs or something like that. I didn’t know.” You explained.

“You could guess how I’d be.  .  . confused.” Shouji muttered, scratching the blush on his face. You giggled a little, making him blush even more.

“I totally agree. I didn’t think those would be my first words to someone.” You smiled a little. “I’m (Y/n), just by the way. So you don’t have to think of me as the ‘fuck me’ girl.”

“Shouji.  .  . do you live around here?” Shouji asked, trying to be casual.

“Actually, I’m like five blocks that way.” You pointed.

“Can I walk with you? I’m not that far away. And then we can share my umbrella.” Shouji offered. You smiled, feeling your face heat up.

“I’d love it if you walked with me.” You told him, standing close to Shouji as you shared the umbrella and walked with him.

Present Mic-

“This has never looked promising. I thought I was supposed to meet her by now.” Present Mic complained in the teacher’s lounge, pointing to the tattoo on his rib cage as he pulled up his jacket. What the fuck is wrong with you?

“I’ve seen it before.” Aizawa started to drink his coffee. “You’re not going to meet your soulmate so easily.” He shrugged. Present Mic rubbed his chin.

“I’m bringing all the homework home with me. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Mic sighed, putting his paper stacks in his bag. He waved at Aizawa before leaving the classroom. He was lost in thought as he walked down the street. Something caught his eye, though. You were walking awfully close to some of the fruit stands outside the grocery store until you snagged an apple and put it in your pocket.

“Hey.” Present Mic walked faster and grabbed your arm, pulling you back.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” You snapped, pulling your arm aggressively away from him.

“Don’t act stupid.” Mic scoffed. “I saw you take that apple back there.” He crossed his arms. “Go put it back.”

“Don’t tell me what the fuck to do, poser.” You rolled your eyes, trying to walk away again.

“POSER!? I’M AN ACTUAL HERO!!” Present Mic screamed. You looked at him weirdly.

“Calm down, calm down.” You muttered. You rolled your shoulders before trying to walk away again.

“Don’t just walk away.” Mic tried to grab your arm, but grabbed the back of your jacket. It lifted up a bit and showed a strip of skin with a tattoo on it. He became curious suddenly and lifted up your shirt to see the writing on your side. Hey, don’t act stupid.

“What are you doing? Pervert!” You pulled away, pulling your shirt back down. Present Mic just looked at you for a minute. He pulled up his jacket and shirt, showing the writing that was on his ribcage. What the fuck is wrong with you?

“We were meant to meet.” Present Mic said. He thought it was ironic that his soulmate was a thief.

“So.  .  . can I keep my apple?” You crossed your arms.

“If you go out with me.” Present Mic said. You rolled your eyes.

“Look, this soulmate stuff.  .  . I don’t like you, so I’m not going out with you. We may be soulmates, but your first impression comes off bad.” You admitted, taking a step back. Present Mic felt his heart sinking.

“One date. Go on one date with me and if you hate it, we don’t have to ever speak to each other again. Just one date. An official first impression.” Mic tried, looking you up and down. You took a bite out of your apple, thinking it over. You sighed in defeat.

“You’re lucky you’re cute.  .  . Fine. Pick me up at six.” You decided. “And don’t be late.”

“Wait, I don’t know where you live.” Present Mic spoke up.

“You’re walking me home, aren’t you? After hassling me on the street?” You smirked a little, taking another bite. Present Mic excitedly started walking beside you. He talked mostly as you showed him where to go. You hated that you actually enjoyed his stories about being a teacher, hero work and his roommate. You stopped in front of an apartment complex, making him run into you.

“Sorry, sorry.” Present Mic apologized. He looked around and picked a flower from a nearby bush for you.

“I’ll see you in a couple of hours.” You said, taking the flower and smelling it.It was pretty.

“Looking forward to it.” Mic smiled, watching you walk up the stairs to your apartment. The start was rocky, but he was going to win you over one way or another.

anonymous asked:

RFA reacting to!!! finding mc's nudes on her phone by accident or smthn!!! sorry if this is too nsfw omg ^^

it’s funnier if they found it and they werent dating yet


  • mc was trying to show him a photo of a stray cat that was at their front door while they went to get coffee and brunch
  • and mc’s thumb when showing him moved and made the photo swipe over to mc’s nudes
  • he is cool, collected, and calm, or at least that’s what he looks like but in his mind
  • [ internally SCREAMING ]
  • mc looks so gOOD and jumin has hardly ever seen a naked woman before 
  • he adjusts his tie and takes the phone to swipe it back to the cat photo so it saves mc the embarrassment
  • has a rlly uncomfortable boner under the table  
  • he literally pales a little because the blood in his face is g o n e 
  • it’s all southward
  • he kept fidgeting around and moving his legs and kinda shaking his knee slightly but he’s so lowkey anyone else would’ve never thought unless they looked at his fucking huge boner
  • mc however takes slight note of this and just thinks he has to pee, they’ve learned with jumin to always look closely because jumin hides his emotions so well
  • he just has a really hard time not imagining mc tied up in red ribbons and naked for him, or mc like that spread out on his bed, or mc like that in general just keeps coming back to mind and it’s not leaving any time soon
  • lowkey fantasizes about mc when he’s at home alone and it leaves him conflicted because now every single time mc touches him his brain travels back to that memory


  • mc and him are best friends!! they have each other’s fingerprints on their phone, the same wallpaper (which is of each other!!!), and even the same phonecase!!!
  • so one day when mc leaves yoosung’s dorm and goes home yoosung is just chillin, on his phone and stuff
  • he reminds himself he had to send a photo to zen about seeing his poster on a billboard so he just innocently taps onto the photos app
  • and he’s just confused because who???? this is the same wallpaper and case and PHONE and clearly got logged in but….
  • he scrolls upward and then sees it in it’s multi photo glory, differently angles focusing on different parts of the body
  • he realizes what he’s discovered
  • but… these are pretty nice tbh………… their body is really pretty and he’s also pretty conflicted because now he’s got thoughts in his head 
  • and there comes the boner too
  • he’s really conflicted about what to do and when he masturbates it highkey comes to mind and he just runs with it
  • feels rlly bad afterwards and honestly is traumatized but in a good way
  • poor baby is just so red and nervous around mc now when he barely mumbles that mc left their phone at his place
  • and mc is so confused until he literally yells it at them one day while they’re gaming 


  • jaehee was just trying to send herself the photos mc took of them because mc let her
  • and then became very red faced and wide eyed
  • turned around immediately and almost collapsed you can’t do that to her she’s almost dead now
  • but she keeps her cool (kinda) on the exterior and wipes the damn expression of shock out of her features
  • literally hands the phone back to mc and pretends it nEVER HAPPENED
  • will never speak of it 
  • wont ever bring it up even on her deathbed
  • don’T 
  • it doesn’t help jaehee feels a little gay about her so this is a problem she can’t focus and for the rest of the day she literally is sitting in heavy contemplation of “am i really straight” “i think i am” “oh god but what if im not
  • she’s literally not ready and not ever going to be ready if this ever happens again shE IS SO CAREFUL AROUND MC ALL OF A SUDDEN
  • mc is confused by jaehee’s extra laughter and u can see the single sweat bead on her forehead basically someone save her
  • she goes home and lays in bed thinking about her life and all her choices leading up to now


  • shocked zen emoji
  • LITERALLY YELLS he’s so theatrical he couldn’t help it
  • he has a boner and thank god he has a long jacket because he’s literally going to die if anyone saw him like this
  • it went down like this okay zen was taking selfies on mc’s phone while mc was cooking dinner when he came over and zen wanted to send them to himself and of course like he looks great in them but then he accidentally scrolls a little too up because curiosity killed the cat
  • he wasn’t expecting that he didn’t want that he wanted ugly pictures of jumin or cute selfies of mc too
  • is dead, he yells so loud mc runs back to check on him and he’s away from the phone and just laying down on the sofa with his hands over his face 
  • “what’s wrong zen?!!?!?!?!?!”
  • “no-nothing i just um i just stubbed my toe on the coffee table”
  • “oh. okay!!!”
  • “yoosung oh my god oh my god oh my god i was on mc’s phone right because i took it to take selfies and my phone was charging in their room and i was gonna send the selfies to myself but i saw it yoosung”
  • “saw what”
  • rest in peace hyun ryu 


  • Saeyoung hacked into their phone because he wanted to see the dank meme inventory on their camera roll
  • instead was greeted with a slew of photos of MC naked 
  • gripped his cross necklace so hard it was bent
  • lord almighty god and savior please forgive my sins today
  • immediately stares at them for a little too long and then has a moral conflict of oh god i saw this but mc doesn’t know i saw this and i know that they don’t know that i know that i saw their nudes and oh god oh god oh god
  • turns off his screen and starts pacing around the room with his hands in his hair and panicking
  • prays on the floor of his messy room and when vanderwood comes in she’s literally like “what the fuck. get to work” 
  • saeyoung is ready for god to take him, he sees the LIGHT 
  • next rfa meeting or when mc plans to hang out with saeyoung he’s so chill but the only thing bouncing around in that knowledge filled 17 language ass head is 
  • “i’ve seen you naked” in all seventeen languages and he’s just extra nervous and making that really long eye contact and sweating profusely and has a red face and mc thinks he has a fever but no
  • he’s just seen mc naked and can’t not see mc naked now
  • when sunday came around he went to church

taikoturtle  asked:

OKAY FOR THE SHIP because I love your headcanons. For Supercorp who: - spikes the eggnog? - "accidentally” throws away the fruitcake - goes overboard on the whipped cream? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) - wakes up first on Christmas? - starts playing Christmas music the day after Halloween? - decorates the Christmas tree

  • spikes the eggnog?
    • in general?  alex danvers.  between supercorp?  well friend that would be one lena luthor, who tolerates the holidays and, unlike her alien gf, can get fucking trashed
      • the first christmas after lena and kara get together is awful bc it was bad enough with just alex staring kara down while dumping an ungodly amt of booze into the eggnog but now kara gets to watch in muted horror as lena does the same and then gets to chase around her gay ass sister and her gay ass gf who both somehow????  get gayer??????  and louder and like 5x more emotional when drunk and boy are they wasted bc alex didnt realize lena spiked the nog after her and lena didnt realize that alex spiked it before her and kara, for a while, thought there were two batches of eggnog, each independently spiked and didnt put it together until alex was draped over maggie’s shoulders and mumbling abt how pretty she is and lena’s kicked off her heels and is sitting on the floor with winn and slurring her words as she describes some vastly complicated concept of metaphysics and then kara’s just like shit
      • the next year they kind of get their shit together and coordinate spiking so neither woman gets quite so fucking shitfaced which, like, kara’s glad for, but she’s also pretty sure that her sister’s a bad influence on her girlfriend and vice versa and listen, she may be a superhero, but she is just one girl and maggie’s rlly gotta start pulling her weight when it comes to drunk patrol instead of just laughing when kara’s trying to get alex to get off the floor and lena makes the task twelve times harder by just fuckin attaching herself to kara’s side
  • “accidentally” throws away the fruitcake 
    • omg its lena one hundred percent bc like???  kara hates it too but kara is also an actual angel and refuses to throw it out bc someone worked really hard to make that for us lena!
      • lena has no such qualms bc fruitcake is the fucking worst but she tries to make the crime look good when she tosses it, makes sure she spends a few days building up a layer of stuff around it so that it’s sort of believable when she sweeps an arm across the counter and drags everything in her path into the trash like oh no, oh dear, what a tragedy, the fruitcake is in the garbage, i suppose we can just have the pecan pie i bought for dessert
  • goes overboard on the whipped cream? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 
    • firstly: i like ur addition to this one
    • secondly: i mean kara, obviously, in the most innocent sense like on more than one occasion lena’s walked into the kitchen and seen a startled kara pop up from behind the fridge door, cheeks puffed out from the sheer volume of whipped cream she just shot straight from the can
      • like her hot cocoa is always a dangerous situation bc if its not overloaded with marshmallows its topped with a tower of whipped cream that has a forty percent chance of toppling before kara can even eat it and lena’s just sort of learned to accept that kara’s kisses are always going to taste a little too sweet throughout the holiday season
    • that said, lena definitely makes use of whipped cream too though in a much more ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) kinda way
  • wakes up first on Christmas? 
    • KARA DUH like lena’s not a morning person anyway but after years of emotional neglect and christmases spent alone she’s essentially trained herself to sleep in as long as possible on the day bc that means less time for wallowing and drinking :))))))))))))))))
      • ANYWAY their first christmas, they’ve been together just under a year??  and they sleep at each other’s places pretty regularly, but lena isn’t abt to impose bc she knows that kara has her own traditions with her family and lena’s not–it’s not that she doesn’t count kara as her family.  bc she does, she absolutely does, its just that she doesnt want to assume that kara counts her as part of hers, part of the group that gets christmas morning, but then its christmas eve and lena’s still at her office, alone, and then kara marches in and is like um?  aren’t you coming over? and lena’s maybe been dramatically staring out her wall of windows and nursing a scotch and she gives kara this blank look and kara softens entirely, sets about packing up lena’s stuff for the night as she says i figured you’d stay over tonight so you wouldnt have to come over super early tomorrow and lena’s warm all over, warm and soft and quite honestly on the verge of tears a little and she lets kara shuffle her out of her office, her building, into the uber that kara took bc its a clear night and kara danvers flying into the top floor of lcorp would look a lil weird and when they get to kara’s place they change into comfy pjs and watch every home alone movie and how the grinch stole christmas (cartoon and live action) before lena dozes on kara’s shoulder and kara flips the tv off and carries her to bed
        • so this very soft and sweet night ends and then lena’s abruptly woken up at fuck off o’clock (that is to say, the ass crack of dawn) by kara zipping around the apartment, singing christmas songs and wearing an honest to god pair of elf shoes as she finishes putting all the presents under the tree and making sure every stocking is hung right and starting breakfast for everyone that’s coming over in a couple of hours and lena’s just about to hide under a pillow and try and sleep for a little longer when kara hears her moving around and comes in singing all i want for christmas is you and pulls lena out of bed and ok, how is lena supposed to resist mariah carey and elf shoes
      • later christmases find a compromise: kara stays in bed an hour longer, lena makes sure they’re asleep at a reasonable hour so that she’s not quite a monster come morning
        • that said, all bets are off when they have kids bc two of them are just like kara in that they also get up at the ass crack of dawn with their mother and LIVE for christmas but the last usually stumbles into their bedroom sleepily and crawls in beside lena for the few moments they have left before the rest of the family comes for them and that turns into its own christmas tradition, the annual wrangling of the non-morning ppl
  • starts playing Christmas music the day after Halloween? 
    • omfg kara obviously though after they move in together lena places a ban on christmas music until after thanksgiving at least (the ban is useless bc lena is weak for kara’s pout and kara is v aware of this)
  • decorates the Christmas tree
    • they both do!!  it started out mostly as kara, with lena sort of acting as supervisor (read: sitting on the floor surrounded by garland, drinking some cider and picking through ornaments to find the most aesthetically pleasing ones) but after a couple years together it became more of a shared task 
      • lena’s style veers towards aestheticism, v coordinated with like a chosen palette for everything
      • kara’s is like sentimentality above all else; every ornament that means anything to her is on that damn tree
        • they meet somewhere in the middle, veering towards kara’s sentimental style bc its warmth and home and things lena’s never had in excess and its feels nice to be a part of that, even if it means her color schemes mean jack shit
Shopping Day

YAYYYY FINALLY ANOTHER DEAN ORIGINAL :)))) I’ve been wanting to do a Dean one for a hot minute so I hope you guys will enjoy it as much as I will writing it (-u-) gummies became life savers ~ constructive criticism seriously encouraged with this one ~ enjoy!

Warning ~~ ITS KINDA RLLY LONG SORRY D: also a bit of cursing and a little violence chit chatter but not violent action.

He wasn’t going to like this. He was going to hate it. And we all know he doesn’t hate a lot of things. But shopping day? That’s way up there.

After taking your shower and dressing in your normal attire, you made you way upstairs where the guys were hanging out.

“Dean,” You said, leaning on the door frame in front of the stairs. Dean looked up at you with a smile, like he always did. But when you gave a sympathetic smirk instead of your regular toothy grin, he knew something was up.

“What’s wrong? [y/n] are you okay?” He stood up from his seat, while Sam turned around to face you, worried as well.

You sighed, looking down then back up at Dean and Sam. “I’m pregnant.”

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Wicked Games


  • i love youre fanfics ! can you write one abou gee get jelous because he think reader likes frank ? :)
  • Gee smut where he and Y/n fight or something or he’s not paying much attention to her so she starts flirting with someone else (maybe Frank?) and it leads to rlly rough/possessive smut (but with a safe word omg)

“Are you okay?” I heard someone say behind me, followed by some tapping on my shoulder.

“Y-Yeah, i’m fine,” I lied, keeping my head down.

“Come on Y/N, I know you. Tell me what’s wrong.” Frank sat down on the step next to me. I shivered, it was freezing outside compared to the warmth of the club. “What are you doing out here?”

“Go ask your best friend,” I said bitterly.

“What did Gee do?” He sighed, shielding his lighter form the wind as he tried to light his cigarette . 

“He’s flirting with a bunch of girls,” I groaned in frustration, picking at my nails.

“Gerard? Flirting?” 

“Yes, some fans are all over him in there and he’s not doing anything about it!”

“He’s just trying to be polite, I guarantee you he doesn’t even realize he’s flirting. I wouldn’t worry about it if I were you.”

“You’re just saying that because he’s your friend.”

He peered over at me, raising an eyebrow at me. “I’m saying that because i’m your friend. I would tell you if he was out of line and be the first person to sock him in the back of the head. But fans are fans Y/N, they want a picture and a hug to brag about to their fiends but then their gone. No one’s gonna swoop that lemon headed idiot from you.”

I laughed loudly at that, grateful that I had a friend like Frank who was always honest with me. “Thanks Frankie.”

“No problem. But, we could get even with him if you want?”


“We go in there, flirt our asses off and make him super jealous,” he offered, adding a wink.

“Would that work?”

“Probably, Jamia did something like that to me before when we got in a fight and it sure as hell worked on me.”

“Okay, i’m down,” I said, both excited and nervous for Gerard’s reaction. 

“Alright, let’s go get my best friend to hate me.”

Frank and I were dancing among the crowd of people, laughing and spilling our drinks all over ourselves. It was until Frank kissed the spot right under my ear when I heard im gasp in shock. I looked up to see a furious Gerard, who was holding Frank by his shoulder. 

“What the hell are you doing?!” He yelled at Frank.

“We’re just dancing Gee, chill out.”

“That’s my girl Frank, fuck off,” he growled, shoving Frank harshly.

“Frank go,” I pleaded before anything got out of hand. Frank nodded in understanding, weaving through the stunned crowd.

“And you, what are you doing? Why are you dancing with Frank? My best friend!”

“Why don’t you go fuck one of your groupies and leave me alone!” I snapped. He narrowed his eyes at me before grabbing my hand, guiding me to the bathroom. He slammed the door shut behind us, flicking the lock and forcing my back into the wall, pinning my hands above your head. Our lips slammed together in a heated frenzy. We we’re furious at each other and the kiss showed it, our tongues swirling around each others sloppily and our teeth gnashing together, biting and sucking on our lips until I could taste the metallic taste of blood in my mouth. 

His hips rocked into mine as he kissed the tops of my breasts. I exhaled heavily and one of my hands broke free from his grip. I used it to cup his round face and bring his lips back to mine. I slipped your tongue into his mouth and let it dance around playfully, flicking in and out. His hands were on my hips now, pulling me as tightly to him as he could while still wearing clothes. “Mine,” he mumbled against my lips.

My hands twirled into his vibrant yellow hair. I felt his fingers slip under my dress and begin to rub me through my underwear. I groaned and tilted my head back in pleasure. He slipped two fingers inside of me and began to tactically move them about. “Gee…” I panted, unable to control myself. 

He pulled his fingers out with a dark chuckle, smirking when I glared at him.

“Fuck you.”

“Oh you’re breaking my heart” he spat. My fingers were working at the buckle of his black skinny jeans. I yanked them down to his ankles and palm his hard length through his boxers. I pulled those down too and began to get down on my knees but Gerard stopped m, motioning for me to get back up with a hand under my chin.

“I can’t wait babe,” he said, his voice even raspier than usual. He grabbed me and hoisted me up onto the sink. He threw my legs open and shoved himself inside. He moved quickly and deliberately, beads of sweat forming on both our faces. His large hand covered my mouth when I shouted his name. With one last deep powerful thrust he finished, tilting his head back and moaning. He pulled out of me and put his pants on, breathing heavily. 

I remained silent, sitting on the sink, taking a moment to catch my breath. Gerard approached me and gave me a quick peck on the lips. “Frank and I were pretending,” I blurted out. “We weren’t actually dancing.”


“We were trying to make you jealous.”

“Why?” He giggled, looking extremely relieved that I wasn’t making a move on his friend.

“You were flirting with those girls and just…I don’t know. I guess I just got jealous.”

“Aw babe, that’s adorable. You got all jealous over me.”

“Don’t get to cocky, you just pounded me against the wall because you thought Frank kissed my neck.”

“Okay okay, we’re both jealous messes. I wasn’t flirting with those girls either by the way. We were just talking. Maybe I was being a little flirty but I didn’t even realize it. I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay, i’m sorry I gave you a heart attack.”

“I forgive you. Come on, let’s get back out there before someone realizes what happened in here.” 

My Girlfriend - George Weasley Imagine


George Weasley plz? ur having a rlly bad day (u dont know the twins well) & it’s late at night, on ur way back 2 the gryffindor common room the twins prank u & u snap. L8r George finds u crying & apologizes & u become friends but fall 4 each other.

•Warning: A Little Bit Of Swearing!•

~(Y/n)’s POV~

Today was the day of my death. Just kidding! But I really wish I did die, today has been the worst day of my life! To start off the Morning, I overslept because my damn alarm clock was set at a different time. I ran all the way to class but when I entered it was really hard to get unnoticed by Professor Snape. Since he dreaded Gryffindor’s like me, he made me stand in front of the class and tell everyone why I was late. I also got a detention and 20 house points taken away, This afternoon I was walking to Transfiguration hoping that the rest of the day would go on smoothly. Wrong. I wasn’t looking where I was going and stepped onto something brown and mushy. Just telling you it wasn’t mud. I picked up my foot and rubbed my shoe in the grass trying to get the mushy stuff off of it. “There goes a new pair of shoes” I mumbled, stomping my way to Transfiguration. At Dinner, it was horrible! I sat down trying to enjoy a few minutes without anything bothering me but, the Slytherins of course had to ruin it. I felt two things hit the back of my head, I quickly touched the back of my head and when I looked at my hand it was covered in sticky frosting. “Enjoy the Cupcakes (Y/l/n)!” Pansy screeched as the Slytherins near her laughed. I felt tears stinging my eyes, ‘why does the world hate me?’ I thought in my head. I stood up quickly and ran out of the Great Hall.

I had to walk across the huge stone courtyard to get to the Gryffindor Common Room. Right when I took a few steps on the pavement, I heard a huge clash of thunder and guess what? It started to freakin rain! “Are you kidding me?!” I screamed at the cloudy sky. Another loud bang of thunder was heard, I sighed deeply before walking slowly to the Gryffindor Common Room. “I think I need a shower and some sleep” I told myself walking through the portrait. Right before I could take another step, I felt a thick heavy liquid soak my whole body. I heard an explosion and screamed loudly, when I opened my eyes to look at my body I saw shining red paint and gold glitter staining my robes and me. I looked up to see a pair of identical ginger twins laughing. I instantly recognized them as the infamous Weasley Twins, they were known for their pranks and good looks. I started to feel tears fall rapidly down my cheek “Hey, are you okay?” One of them asked, telling the other one to stop laughing “Well what do you think?! You just put paint all over me you assholes!” I yelled my blood boiling with rage. “We’re sorry” the other one said, realizing that you weren’t happy about the prank. “Oh! Your sorry! I really believed that one you bastard! Just because you want to be bloody cool doesn’t mean you have the right to prank people you git! Have you ever thought about other people’s feeling?!” I screamed covering my face trying to hide more tears. One of them, came up to me (George) and touched my shoulder. “Get away from me!” I yelled pushing him before I ran as fast as I could out of the Common Room. I turned the corner of a corridor and found myself a deserted class room.

I slammed the door shut and put my back against the wall near the door. I slowly sunk to the the floor sobbing loudly. I covered my face with my hands and screamed, just wanting to let everything out. I stifled a cry as I heard footsteps coming near my door, the door slowly crept open. I buried my face into my arms hiding my face, I heard the person sit in front of me. I peaked through my red-painted hair and saw the same boy that I pushed a few minutes ago sitting in front of me. “Go away” I mumbled “no” he stated, I looked up to meet his eyes “I said go away!” I said angrily “No” he replied again “Why not?!” I yelled “Because I want to know if your okay” he said calmly “Well I’m okay! Now leave!” I said seriously pointing at the door. “No your not” He said as if it were fact “Yes I am!” I exclaimed “No your not!” He said in the same tone as me “Y-yes I-I am” I said softly looking at my hands. I felt tears drip onto my hands, before I knew it I was crying. He engulfed me in a tight hug as I cried into his shoulder. “I’m so sorry” he whispered over and over again in my ear as he rubbed my back. After I stopped crying I pulled back and locked eyes with him “I’m sorry I called you and your brother rude words. It’s just that I’ve been having a really rough day today” I whispered “No. Don’t apologize we deserved it. But I don’t think we were properly introduced. I’m George Weasley” He said in a soft tone holding out his hand “(Y/n) (Y/l/n)” I replied shaking his hand with a light smile on my face. “That’s a beautiful name” he smirked, I rolled my eyes and giggled.

“Now tell me, why have you been having such a rough day?” He asked “It’s a really long story, I’m sure you wouldn’t want to hear it.” I shook my head “I like long stories plus, I’ve got time” he smiled “okay, I guess” I laughed a little when he took out a few cookies and handed me some. So I ate a couple of cookies and told him about my dreadful day. “The Slytherins what?!” He exclaimed “They threw cupcakes at me” I said sadly “You said it was Pansy right? And her group of four?” George asked. I nodded my head “Those damn girls always ruin everything” he said shaking his head. “Don’t worry tomorrow, you’ll have a great day” George said wrapping an arm around my shoulder “Are you sure?” I asked eating another cookie. “Positive” he smirked.

~The Next Morning~

I woke up feeling pretty positive today. I changed into my robes and did my hair neatly. I walked all the way down to the Great Hall and sat in the middle of Gryffindor Table. I felt the bench shift lightly as someone sat next to me, I looked to my side to see George Weasley smiling widely at me “Mooorning!” He said smugly “Good morning.” I said suspiciously eyeing him. He was still smiling widely as he grabbed a few items and put them on his plate. “Okay! What’s going on with you? What my are you so happy?” I asked “You’ll see” he chuckled “You’ll see? What does that supp-” I started but a group of high-pitched screams rang throughout the Great Hall. Everyone was silent but when they looked at the entrance everyone burst into laughter. I stood up to see what was going on and saw something that made me smile widely. It was Pansy and her group standing in front of the entrance with bright green paint smothered all over them. I heard an explosion and another set of screams, they were now covered in a huge load of silver glitter. I burst into laughter with the others, and looked at George who was now standing next to me. “George did you do this?” I asked smiling. “Maybe…. Yeah” He confesses “Why?” I asked “Because I think I’m in love with you” he whispered cupping my face and slowly leaning in to make sure I was okay with it.

I leaned forward smashing our lips together, he wrapped his arms around my waist as I wrapped my arms tightly around his neck trying to bring him closer. We abruptly got pulled apart when loud squeals and loud wolf-whistles were sounded from all around the room. “Theres no PDA allowed here! As punishment you both will serv-” Snape was gonna say 'serve detention’ but was cut off by Professor Dumbledore. “Oh come on Severus. Let them enjoy being around their loved ones.” Dumbledore said calmly “Fine.” Snape said coldly sitting back in his chair. I gave Dumbledore a wide smile in which he returned, “So does this make you my girlfriend?” George asked sitting on the bench and pulling me on top of him “Maybe, but only if you want me to be” I giggled. He nodded his head rapidly like a child “Yes! I-I mean yes. I want you to be my girlfriend.” George stated “Okay, then I guess I’m your girlfriend” I smiled as he pulled me in for another kiss.


⭐️You guys are probably like 'What the heck?! They just met yesterday and now they’re kissing!’ Just hold on! I have a reason! The reason is that they’re both destined for each other! They’re love was written in the stars!⭐️

Our Family

 Request: A Bucky oneshot were reader is pregnant with Buckys baby, but he doesn’t remember ever doing the do? They were both rlly drunk, but she remembers and she doesnt want to tell him, bc she fears he will reject her & the baby, but fluff and love? :3

A/N: i wrote this at 3am so it probably sucks

Another wave of morning sickness had you holding your stomach and covering your mouth with your hand as you ran toward the bathroom. Dropping to your knees by the toilet, you lifted the cover and proceeded to cough up the side effects of the early months of pregnancy.

“Y/N?” You heard a faint male voice come from outside your bedroom door.

“Hold on!” You yelled back as you quickly reached for the toilet paper and wiped your mouth before clumping it in a ball and flushing it.

“Coming!” You huffed as you jogged to your door; chuckling as you thought about that night with Bucky after one of Tony’s infamous parties.

“Oh! Bucky!” You exclaimed as you opened the door to find a very confused and worried Bucky.

“Are you alright? Steve said you were sick,” Bucky said while his eyes roamed up and down your body to make sure everything was alright. You blushed under his gaze, averting yours as his eyes landed on yours.

“Oh yeah, everything’s fine,” you lied with a fake smile. Everything was not fine, especially since you hadn’t told Bucky that he was the father of the child that was currently making its residence in you. You wanted to tell him but there were so many reasons that stopped you. First being the fact that you didn’t think that Bucky remembered sleeping with you. Both of you had gotten extremely drunk at one of Tony’s parties and it somehow ended with you in Bucky’s room. Second, you weren’t even sure he wanted to be with you, but you knew you wanted to be with him since you were crushing on him hard. But was he really ready for a girlfriend? A family? Which goes to the the third reason, what if he doesn’t want it? What if he rejects the idea of being the- a father and hates you? You didn’t want to ruin your friendship or whatever you had with him, so you kept it quiet. Two people knew and they were Natasha and Steve and they had promised to keep it a secret.

“Are you sure?” Bucky asked as he pulled you out of your thoughts.

“Yeah Buck I’m fine,” you replied.

“So you’re not pregnant?” He asked suddenly. Your eyes widened and your heart began to race. How did he know? Did Nat or Steve tell him? No, they wouldn’t do that to me, you thought as you stared at him with a blank expression.

“I, uh, I am,” you muttered out, staring him in the eyes, trying to find any sign of disappointment or anger.

“Am I- am I the father?” Bucky asked as he pointed to himself with his index finger.

“Yes,” you whispered.

“After Tony’s thing?” He questioned softly.

“Yes,” you answered, mildly surprised that he indeed actually remembered that night.

“Do you want it?” He asked above a whisper.

“Yes,” you whispered back, feeling a weight being lifted off your shoulders.

“Me too,” he said in a more confident tone.

“Yes- wait? What?” You asked surprised, raising your eyebrows in shock.

“Look, I like you a lot. A lot and I didn’t think you liked me but then that night,” Bucky started as he rubbed the back of his neck and looking at the floor before back at you.

“And I thought you felt the same but then you said you didn’t remember and I didn’t want to bring it back up. And I never thought I would get this. A family and you know, I’m glad it’s with you. If you want it to be with me,” he confessed. The two of you stood by your door in silence as you tried to comprehend that your crush literally just confessed his love for you and he washed away any fear you had about having the baby.

“Are you gonna kiss me or am I gonna have to tell our baby girl a lie?” You joked as you placed your hands on your hips and smirked at Bucky.

“It’s - it’s a girl?” He asked excitedly to which you nodded in response. Bucky cupped your face in his hands and pulled you gently in for a kiss, a kiss that you craved the moment you left his room the morning after the party.

“Our family huh?” He said as he pulled away and rested his forehead on yours as his hands went to your stomach. You removed your hands from your hips and placed them over his.

“Our family,” you whispered with a smile.

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Girlfriend Series; Wheein

hwasa / moonbyul

  • now for my side hoe wheein (( also i think i finally found a way i like doing these so i might redo my other ones idk )) 
  • ok so i see her as being really feminine when it comes to traditional gender roles so you would def approach her first but she was sending u suggestive glances all day ok even if she denies it she did it
  • like u know the tv cliche thats like “act natural ur crush is coming this way” and then they do some ugly weird ass shit 
  • thats wheein 
  • she the type to ask hwasa for advice on asking you out/date practice
  • “ok hyejin you be (y/n) and i’ll be me" 
  • “when do we make out" 
  • “hyejin no" 
  • ok so first date would be like a movie and whatnot and she would try to act really subtle about you wanting to hold her hand 
  • but you’d laugh bc "wheein poking my fingers when you think i’m not paying attention isnt subtle" 
  • she a special typa girl down in the south we call them classy hoes 
  • she’d want to play hard to get so bad but like at the end of the night she’s the one to lean into the kiss first
  • if she really really liked you she would be a nervous wreck around you 25/8 
  • like after one of your dates she’d be too nervous to talk to u bc here u are dropping her off at the door of her dorm and your hair looks so soft and nice 
  • the rest of the girls would be creeping from inside and when they saw how nervous she was moonbyul would be smug af opening the door like
  • "would u like 2 come in” ;-) 
  • and wheein would be liek????!? what 
  • and thats the first time u met mamamoo 
  • the girls would all love u after they met u and they would always annoy wheein with dumb ass questions 
  • “when is your next date?? you need to be prepared" 
  • "do you want me to make you cue cards so you dont freeze up again”
  • “when r u going to ask them to be official???" 
  • "hey if this doesnt work out between you two you wouldnt be mad if i swooped in would you?" 
  • the rest of mamamoo would be more involved in your relationship than you and wheein 
  • "hey wheein get ready i just called (y/n) and said that you’re taking them to the amusement park" 
  • "i know but when you get scared you can hold their hand trust me i saw it in a drama once you’ll thank me later" 
  • so when you two went to the amusement park she would 100000% be terrified on every ride u went on 
  • and of course would squeeze your hand so tight that you think she might break it but it’s okay because her hands are soft and nice and they fit real well in urs 
  • and afterwards when she is trying not to puke at the greasy smell of amusement park food and you trying to feed her some funnel cake, you would ask the big question 
  • "hey wheein do u want to be my girlfriend??" 
  • and she would almost choke on air because what a question how did you ask it so nonchalantly and also she’s happy that u asked her and not the other way around bc she probably would have peed herself if she had to ask u
  • she’d say yes btw
  • and once you two were done w ur date and you were standing in front of the door to her dorm (which had become a routine between the two of you), you were leaning in to kiss her but then you heard the front door open and the two of you looked towards it and there were three excited looking, barefaced girls all smiling
  • and you were trying to hold back your blush but wheein would be so embarrassed 
  • "so how did it go?" 
  • and they would look between the two of you expectantly 
  • "it was great!! i had such a fun time with her. thank you for taking me,” and after you said that you’d lean into kiss her cheek and say “girlfriend” and then u would walk away 
  • and all of them would be like AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH 
  • "yongsun be quiet" 
  • ok so wheein is the type to only get into a relationship if she could legit see herself having a future with them she doesnt have time for flings 
  • and such she would be such a needy and loving girlfriend but don’t tell anyone else
  • if you told hwasa about the fact that you once had to give wheein a piggy back ride to the kitchen bc you were hungry but she didn’t want to be left alone wheein would give u the silent treatment for 5-7 business days
  • the two of you would rarely ever fight?? and when you did it was over meaningless things and the fights only lasted for 10 minutes tops 
  • i think she’d want to be with someone who has the same views as her/acts like her/thinks like her so there would never be arguments abt morals or anything 
  • but occasionally there would be the times when she would come home late every night and leave early every morning and you would be :’(
  • bc u just want to see her and when you bring it up she would get kinda defensive 
  • "you know that i’m doing this for us. when i’m at practice or at a show or at the studio i’m always always always thinking about you and it makes me mess up choreography sometimes so i should be the one that’s mad at u" 
  • i know i said this about lit everyone in this god forsaken band but 
  • duets 
  • anywhere. anytime. 
  • in the car on the way to dinner?? "OH SHIT BABE LISTEN IT’S LIM KIM" 
  • "ya i know i hear it" 
  • in the middle of grocery shopping?? "BABY THEY’RE PLAYING UM OH AH YEH" 
  • and then she would do the dance in the deli aisle bc why not she lives to see you blush
  • ya she’d be gone sometimes BUT when she was home she would lit never leave you alone
  • you two would always cook together but both of u would mess up so bad and end up ordering take out
  • i’m getting so carried away w this
  • she texts like a 40 yo white mom just to make u upset
  • "LOL (Y/N) I totally agree with you! *14 emojis that have no correlation to what u 2 r talkin abt*”
  • “wheein calm the fuck down”
  • she tells rlly bad jokes and she laughs at them rlly hard
  • you don’t think they’re funny but wheein happy makes u happy
  • when she’s promoting or on tour she will always bring you something back
  • no matter what it can be like a seashell that she found or something that cost like 100 dollars ???
  • “wheein you didn’t have to bring me anything”
  • “shut up”
  • always rapping at the most inappropriate times
  • “wheein is2g we r literally  in a doctors office shut up”
  • she would take uglie pics w u all the time
  • probably would squeeze ur butt and say “noot noot”
  • I want to fight her
  • when she tells you she loves you she would make sure everything went perfect but lbr she aint slick
  • she wants to tell you over a fancy dinner
  • but she tells u at 4 am when the two of u cant sleep so ur eating hot pockets and playing monopoly
  • and she just comes right out and says it no hesitation
  • she would try to hide the blush on her face afterwards but once again, she ain’t slick
  • literally will not wait to tell everyone about ur relationship she wants everyone to see u and ur beautiful self
  • ok so u would probably end up proposing to her and she would cry for like five minutes b4 she said yes
  • bc wtf what did she do to deserve such a neat and lovely person like you and sometimes she questions if you really love her but here u r, asking to spend the rest of your life w her
  • she would always show off the ring but she’s still tryna be subtle (it doesn’t work)
  • she would yawn and overdramatically stretch her arms in front of hwasa’s face
  • “we get it wheein”
  • “LOOK THO”
  • I could see her waiting till marriage to actually have sex so idk ur just gonna find out when the time comes
  • das it thanks ples care for jung wheein

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mmm.... jimon 54? :D

54. “I don’t hate you. I could never hate you. That’s the problem.”

this got way too long im so sorry but i got rlly carried away lmao i love their dynamic

Simon knows he’s probably not the most likeable person ever. He has a mouth that never stops talking and a brain that has already jumped to the next topic before Simon can even finish his original sentence and don’t even get him started on the pop culture references he slips into conversations without even realizing it half the time.

Which is fine, it’s fine, as long as it’s still him and Clary. Clary gets him, lets him ramble, nods understandingly. She encourages it even, at times, and he loves her for that, he really does.

But then she drags him into the Shadow World, and it doesn’t even occur Simon not to go with her. He’d follow her to the ends of the world and back. He’d die for her. So, when the Shadowhunters show up with their horrible manners and knack for killing things, he doesn’t even consider just walking away.

The Shadowhunters, these people Clary is apparently a part of now, are a weird group. There’s Izzy, whose wink could bring any strong, confident man to its knees, whose whip crackles like lightning and is equally dangerous. There’s Alec, who kind of comes across as the human equivalent of a refrigerator, but Simon knows he cares more about his siblings than anyone in the world. He’d kill for them, just how Simon would kill for Clary, and Simon respects him for that.

And last but not least, there’s Jace. And Jace, well. Simon’s pretty sure no one’s ever hated him more in his life. Although he’s convinced all Jace is capable of in general is looking annoyed and bored, this look intensifies tenfold when he looks at Simon. Simon’s not even really sure what he did wrong exactly. Beside talk too much, but he always does that. He’s pretty sure that doesn’t warrant this kind of pure unadulterated hatred.

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Hiiii!! Can you please do a reaction for Sakurai, Nebuya, and Hara gets flirted with by a smol girl who wouldn't usually talk to them ((the flirting is like rlly cheesy too like rlly rlly bad hahah)) thx!!


“So, did it hurt?”

Confusion painted over Sakurai’s face as he looked at the girl; a classmate of his that he recognized. She was blushing, avoiding eye contact as her gaze shifted from the floor to the empty desk beside her. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see her friends across the room silently cheering her on.

“I’m sorry? What do you mean?”

“When you fell,” she clarified after a breath. “Did it hurt?”

Color drained from his face at her question. Dear god, had she seen him trip over himself earlier in the hall? There wasn’t even anything on the floor; he had tripped over thin air! His books had been everywhere and everyone had been staring. He had to scramble to pick up his things so he could run out of there as soon as possible and, oh god, now she was bringing up the memory again. She had seen and he was so embarrassed—

“O-Oh! God, I messed that up!” Her announcement had scared him, but then she blurted, “I meant when you fell from Heaven! I-It hurt right? When you fell… from Heaven…?”

Suddenly Sakurai was embarrassed for a completely different reason, his cheeks flaring up to match the color of hers. Was she… Was she flirting with him?


“We have pretty good chemistry, don’t you think?”

Nebuya hadn’t expected her to come toward him, let alone sit beside him. It took him a full minute to recognize her from one of his classes; she always sat near the front, far from his desk, so they never interacted much. He couldn’t remember a time she actually spoke to him outside of class, so this was new.

“I guess,” Nebuya shrugged, not sure why she brought the subject up. “I haven’t had chemistry in two years, but it was okay.”

He could see the smirk she was wearing twitch into a frown. Had he said something wrong? Behind her eyes, he could imagine gears turning as she tried to crank out a response to his statement. It was her fault for bringing it up in the first place.

“No, no, I meant,” she paused for a second, thinking of her words. “You and me, we’d make a great team. Wait, no, not team. Pair? Uh, c-couple. We’d make a good couple.”

Realization hit him like a ton of bricks—how was he so dense? “Are you asking me out?”

“God, yes.”


“I’d hate to burst your bubble…”

Hara stared at the girl standing before him—though she wouldn’t have been able to tell anyway with his hair in the way—as he snapped his gum, focusing on her. Did she just start a conversation with a pun? He could feel himself internally groan; how lame was that?

“…but I don’t think I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know you well enough. Did you want to go out some time?”

“…Is that it?”

The smooth expression she had been putting off faltered at his response and she looked at him in panic. Either she had believed her come on would work on the first try and she neglected to make a backup plan or she was being idiotic. Hara was honestly teetering his decision more toward the latter.

“W-What do you mean ‘is that it’? Am I supposed to say something else?”

With a hard and loud laugh—so clearly in her direction—Hara clutched at his stomach. She was really bad at the flirting game, having obviously never done it before, but she made him laugh; that was a bonus. Maybe he’d take her up on her offer if just to get a few giggles out of it.


Basically I’ve read a lot of these and i absolutely LOVE them so i thought i’d try it out. It’s my first time doing something like this soooo bear with me if it’s terrible, people

  • Okay so I see the boys as that really close squad that’s always doing something
  • Like they’re all  furiously determined to feel alive and they have this list of stuff they want to do before graduating and adventures they want to go on
  • So they’re always out and about and you’re always hearing about the new shit they pulled that got them in trouble aGAIN because these boys are incapable of not getting caught
  • But they don’t really give a fuck tbh as long as they’re in trouble together they’re alright
  • Anyway sO IN CLASS
  • Namjoon is the guy that doesn’t really do much studying, and who’s always distracted in class, chatting w/Hobi or asking deep philosophical questions in the middle of math class or some shit, but he has amazing-ass grades anyway bc he’S SO FUCKING SMART
  • But he’s not even smug about it and he’s always down to help anyone who need tutoring bc he’s an adorable lil bean even though people are intimidated by him for some reason
  • and he goes from dimples smart fluff baby with purple hair
  • to walking talking daddy kink in sexual situations
  • kim namjoon has a daddy kink dONT FIGHT ME ON THIS
  • Jin would be the type that’s super well behaved in class
  • Never chatting, never distracted, always trying his best and doing his homework 
  • And he doesn’t get the best grades but his record is squeaky clean
  • basically jin is an adorable princess trying vERY hard to take care of his boys
  • he makes sure no one goes too overboard with the pranks and adventures
  • and that they all eat well and stuff
  • and he probably kinda forgets about himself sometimes because those boys are his best friends and he’s always putting them before him
  • “yo seokjin did you do the science homework?”
  • Most of the time the whole squad has the exact same answers in homework
  • I think we can all guess why
  • Except Jungkook
  • Because let’s be real, our golden maknae would do his own
  • Like he’d have perfect grades and be super involved in extracurriculars and probably be class president or something
  • And whenever they do pranks and stuff he’d be the only one not getting caught because he really cares about his record
  • and let’s be real here, everybody knows he’s as involved as the others
  • But no one ever manages to prove it
  • and it drives the school principal insane 
  • Also he’s a human meme
  • like if you’re friends he’d be the kinda guy to spam you with rare pepes at 3AM without context
  • But at the same time there’s the Kookie/Jeon Jungkook contrast
  • Kookie being all cute and goofy and bunny smile
  • and then you’re walking by the fields after school and there you have jeon jungkook all sWEATY AND FIRE IN HIS EYES AND MUSCLES
  • was that panties dropping i heard
  • i think it was
  • Tae and Jimin would be impossible
  • Always pulling jokes and pranks on everyone and being lil shits
  • They’re basically the Weasley twins of this shit like M A N
  • (Hobi being Lee Jordan obv)
  • Don’t get me wrong, they’re not disrespectful
  • Like ever
  • Their jokes are always good-natured and never close to bullying or like making fun of their teachers
  • and teachers can’t help but love them bc they may not have the greatest grades or record they’re jUST SO SWEET
  • and if Tae and Jimin do something they’ll have to act all angry but they’d be trying sO HARD NOT TO LAUGH
  • Babies i swear to god
  • Jimin would be the type of guy to be terrified of rollercoasters
  • like t e r r i f i e d
  • but as soon as he’s on it he’s all adorable laugh and crinkley happy eyes and arms up and shouting bc he’s having so much fun
  • he’s v v insecure even though he doesn’t show it, and he gets a lot of confidence from being friends with the boys
  • and tae knows it which is why he’s always making sure bb doesn’t feel alone
  • get him enough alcohol though, and he’s all Perfect Man Performance!Jimin
  • This guy has an endless amount of sex appeal
  • like he knows it, people tell him, but he’s not fully aware or confident in that
  • he’d act all flirty and sexy with you but right after he’d be having a break down
  • “tae omfg i was so creepy she probs hates me now”
  • “jimin, she’s more likely to be changing her underwear bc you were too hot, calm down”
  • We all know how he is
  • boxy smile one second
  • sex on a stick the next
  • they’re all like that technically, but ya know
  • kim taehyung is adorable, and he’d do anything for his friends
  • like he’s always ready to lend a hand or to listen to whatever they need to talk about
  • He would be the type of friend that never judges you bc he loves unconditionally
  • and he’s so comfy and cute and sweet and rlly rlly outgoing and confident
  • like if you join the squad it’s probably thx to him
  • but he’d be in class some day and trying real hard to focus bc he really needs a good grade this time
  • And you’d poke his arm bc you need to ask him something
  • and he’d look up with a frown and his tongue poking out of his mouth and serious eyes
  • panties dropping part.2
  • To me, Yoongi would really be kinda like a switch
  • He’s either really cold and sarcastic and forever done with humanity or a smol ball of sunshine and gummy smile and fun colored hair
  • Either “aight wake me up when class is over” or “tae i swear to god if you make one more joke im choking you with my own hands i’M TRYING TO COMPOSE HERE”
  • Either “wait we had homework?” or “don’t talk to me i stayed up all night to finish this”
  • Like if he’s passionate about something he’ll work his ass off to succeed in it
  • But if he’s not it’s no use to try and get him into it
  • And he likes to act like he doesn’t care about anything, bc he has lots of issues expressing his emotions out of music
  • So he’d be the type to do something rlly cute like dropping by your place with hot chocolate when he knows you’re stressed af bc of school
  • but brush it of like “pff no i was just passing by and the barista gave me an extra drink by accident so i thought i’d get rid of it, i don’t care, i wouldn’t do something like this what are you talking about”
  • “yoongi you live across town and your coffee shop is five minutes away from your house”
  • “shut the fuck up and drink (y/n)”
  • Okay hear me out, jung hoseok is a ray of sunshine
  • actually, scratch that, jung hoseok iS THE FUCKING SUN
  • Like the room litterally lights up whenever he walks in
  • And everybody loves him
  • By everybody, I mean everybody, babies, animals, parents, teachers, old people E V E R Y B O D Y
  • He’s kinda like tae and jimin in class, but more energetic and with better grades
  • Also forever participating
  • He may not be great in the written area but he always goes all out for oral exams with theatracality (idek how to write this word) and it’s always super fun and well done so everyone’s always looking forward to it
  • Hobi is always happy
  • Actually he’s not but he hates when anyone sees him not being okay
  • So no one ever saw him get angry or cry and stuff
  • except for that one time he caught some asshole trying to bully jimin
  • and let me tell you all sHIT WENT DOWN
  • like he got all cold and steel eyes and clenched fists and steady voice and menacing stance and you never saw someone run away so fast in your entire life
  • but 0.1 seconds after he was smiling his sunshine smile at jimin, checking he was okay and proceeding to cheer him up
  • “oh hey hyung, how you doin’”
  • Anyway but for some reason everyone seems to be super intimidated by them
  • It’s probably bc everybody knows about their adventures and all the shit they seem to get into, and the fact that they seem so alive and untouchable and close knit and cool
  • But they think they’re rebel bad boys and stuff
  • And you’re new, and after talking to him during a free period one day, Tae invites you to eat lunch with them, and you guys are outside on a patch of grass and Hobi and Jimin are throwing food at each other, and Tae is trying to see how much pieces of corn he can put in Yoongi’s hair before he wakes up, and trying to bribe Kookie into joining him, and Jin is kinda looking over it all while slurping his ramyeon  with a wide smile and you’re just sitting there with Joonie and you’re just like “aren’t you guys supposed to be bad news or something?” and he looks at you like you’re crazy and just “have you sEEN THESE DORKS, THEY COULDN’T BE DANGEROUS EVEN IF THEY TRIED”
  • Unless someone messes with someone they care about
  • In which case they’ll probably disapear from the face of earth without any proof that the boys had anything to do with it


Someone Special (Woozi- fluff/angst)

Anonymous: woozi angst/fluff - trainee @ pledis is told that woozi will be her supervisor and help her produce music but when they first meet she pretends she can’t produce music at all (this is bc she hates when ppl criticise her work before she’s finished & likes to do it alone) so woozi gets rlly mad at her but the trainee is actually a rlly famous underground producer (& woozi likes that producer) so one day he finds out & falls in love with her. sorry for the bad explanation !! - worried anon

Title: Someone Special
Band Member: Woozi (Seventeen)
Genre: Fluff/angst
Summary: Woozi is asked to work with you, an independent worker, so you pretend not to know anything. He later finds out you’re his favourite underground producer

The hard back of the stiff, wooden chair was sending small spasms of pain into your spine as you sat at the edge of the seat. The crisp white shirt you were wearing was uncomfortable, the neat skirt rather tight and the tall heels were pinching at your already-sore feet. Meanwhile, the CEO sat opposite you behind his desk was taking his sweet, long time on a elongated phone call, oblivious to the awful pain you were undergoing right that moment. All you wanted to do was return home, sink into your office and drown yourself in your music.

You were excellent at music. There was no doubt about it; at school whilst other students excelled in essentials like maths and science, you succeeded in music- your essential. You were able to write long, meaningful songs with beautiful lyrics that was smooth and well-fitting with the upbeat music you produced all by yourself from your office at home. However, as brilliant as it was, releasing your music on the internet didn’t bring it all the money and fame you hoped for so you decided to audition for an actual company.

Finally, the CEO put down the phone and turned to you, his face stern and cold as he adjusted his glasses.
“Well, Y/N, seeing as you’re still just a trainee,” you couldn’t help the quivering of your lips as the word. Trainee. You were actually now a proper trainee, one step closer to debuting and being famous all over Korea and possibly further. “And as talented as you are, you’re still not qualified enough. Therefore I’m assigning someone to help you produce.”

You didn’t hear the rest. You swam out of reality, out of the CEO’s office and into your own little universe. He was assigning someone to help you? Help you? You were Y/N, an actual producer who didn’t need training or a supervisor. You didn’t want some haughty, overqualified idiot peering over your work and criticising you and trying to change your work- you worked alone best and you liked it that way.

So when the door opened and your supervisor entered, you couldn’t help but frown at him. He was a slender man around the same height as you with soft dark brown hair combed out, covering his forehead mostly. His small, black eyes were wrinkled with a kind smile, his cheeks pale but glowing as they were bathed in the golden sunlight.
“Y/N,” spoke the CEO. “This is Jihoon, otherwise known as Woozi, from our band Seventeen. He produced the album himself and therefore, he’ll be helping you get up to his level before we start discussing a debut time.” You couldn’t argue, not with the CEO, so gritting your teeth, you nodded. You glanced at Woozi stiffly, not even curving the ends of your lips whilst his had faded, sensing your coldness and hostility.

Woozi led you to the producing room, a small room with a computer and all the special equipment. Microphones hung from the air and giving you a small smile, Woozi gestured to the large leather chair. You sat down, crossing one leg promptly over the other and raising your head confidently.
“So,” Woozi began. You scowled at him, your eyes flickering over his appearance. He was rather handsome- you couldn’t deny that- but did he really have to help you? “I thought perhaps we could do some recording with some freestyle lyrics and create the background music. Would you like a ballad or something more upbeat?” You blinked at him, widening your eyes.

Woozi frowned, his lips parting as he sat down on the other chair.
“A ballad or something more upbeat? Like, I’m not sure what you like, maybe rock or trap-”
“I don’t understand what you’re saying. What’s a ballad and trap?” You noticed Woozi’s jaw tighten and his fists clench with anger, and you had to bite down on the inside of your cheeks to resist the smirk that tugged at your lips. He rose from the chair, running a hand through his hair.
“I’ll be right back, Y/N- you wait there.” He mumbled through gritted teeth as he strode out of the room. The door slammed.

You waited. And waited. As minutes melted into hours, your satisfaction increased and you began to produce all by yourself. The lack of company relaxed you and you didn’t even realise when the darkened sky was beginning to lighten in a dusty shade of blue, fading into white. You stifled a yawn and after saving half of the brand new melody you had created, you left the darkened Pledis building.

As you began to walk down the deadened street, asleep with orange street lamps the only thing illuminating the quiet road, you didn’t notice the slender man that was walking down behind you. Woozi froze as he saw you continue to walk down the street, your figure growing smaller and smaller as you continued down the pavement. He finally swallowed, and frowning, he entered the Pledis building.

His confused mind was on you as he made his way up to the producing room. He switched off the light, inhaling in your scent that still lingered due to the amount of mine you had spent in here before sinking down in a chair. Why were you here till so late if you couldn’t even tell the differences between the types of music? What job would you have? Unless…you did know how to create music.

Woozi’s dark eyes fell on a small memory stick lying on the glossy desktop. His stomach lurched as he reached out, his curious fingers inches away from it and itching to see what you could actually do. The questions were too much and Woozi took it, jabbing it in the computer and exhaling as the files loaded. He clicked on the start of the playlist, and his eyes widened and his heart rate quickened as the familiar music blasted from his headphones.

The next morning, you were surprised to see Woozi stood in the producing room. He wasn’t at the computer and instead looked as if he was waiting for you. It turns out he was as he smiled at you kindly.
“Oh,” you murmured, shoulders sagging with disappointment. “I didn’t think you were my supervisor anymore.”
“I don’t think you need me to be, not when you create this type of stuff all by yourself.” He held out his hand and you gasped to see the memory stick lying in his palm. Your cheeks burned pink as you snatched it, burying it in your bag and ducking your head, waiting for the criticism to come flowing out. Instead Woozi smiled wider.
“I never thought I’d get to meet you! You’re my favourite underground producer- you inspired me to take my singing further! And..I always thought if I met you, I could tell you I love you.” Your heart thudded heavily as you edged further away from Woozi. For some reason, you were hoping to hear him continue and tell you he did love you but what were the chances?
“And I’m definitely on the path to. You’re someone special, Y/N.”


this is a new series holy christ, ill be doing got7, seventeen and bts for this series, i rlly hope you like it! 

• ok so youngjae is really shy right so hes going to alWaYS hesitate before skinship bc he probably thinks youre so fragile and he doesnt want to brEak you! 

• you’ll probably be the one to initiate skinship but u know thats ok

• “hey jagi, lets take coco for a walk, please.” 

• literally always playing with coco and beGGing you to play with the two and he’d imagine you guys with kids and heD BLUSH SO HARD

• “why are u blushing?” 

• “oh uM NO reason.”

• movie nights on his days off fr

• “but i dont want to watch the scary movie jagi!” 

• “boy we r watching it”

• “ok fine.”

• you would probably be the one cuddling him bc he’s scared, not the other way around alrighty

• when youngjae is sad the heavens close ok, its so upsetting because hes so happy all the time and yOU hARdly ever see him upset

• you hate when he gets insecUre because hES TOO PERFECT TO EVEN BE INSECURE I

• “you are perfect, to me and so many other people, please dont be sad.” 

• he would hug you so tight because he lOVES you so fucking much

• youngjaes hugs hM oK Yes they would be v short and sweet at the beginning 

• as time goes on though he’d hold u for longer and just bury his head in the crOOk of your neck bc he most likely loves the smell of ur perfume and wants to smell it all the time

• probably wears your perfume sometimes no joke

• “um youngjae why do you smell like a girl?” 

• “its y/n’s and beCauSe i like the smell of it, reminds me of her.” 

• the boys would probably tease you guys all the time because u guys are so shy

• “have you even kissed yet like ???” 


• hIS kisses shit ok fuckckckck

• youngjae at the start would be very limited but sweet because i dont see him as a publicly skinshippy person u know?

• bUT when ur alone they’d be very passionate and maybe even a little needy

• he’s never said the words ‘i love you’ but with his kisses you know that thats his way oF exPRESSING HIS FEELings like shiitt

• making out with youngjae !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

• tbh when he kisses you and you tangle your fingers in his hair he would freAk out

• this would fr encourage him and his hands would go down to your waist and grab your hips

• would try and bite your lip seductively but bite you too hard aH

• “i’m so sorry, oh my gosh wow im never going to try and be sexy aga-” 

• you cut him off with a kiss bc you dont care and u just want to kiss him

• he would defo like push you down on the sofa/bed ;)) and hover over you and pepper kisses alonG YOUR JawliNE

• would pull away and rest his forehead against ur breathing heavy bc wOW intense makeout session !! 

• you two would always take coco out oK bc you can go to the park and just talk while with the puppy and its so nice and peaceful 

• then outta no where

• he rko’s u 

• jks

• “i love you.” 

• would reAlise what he’s just said and cover his mouth and bluSH so hard 

• you would giggle but your face would be equally as red and you stand there

• “i love you too, youngjae.” 

•  he would gigGLE Like a scHOolboy whenever u tell him u love him, honestly

• brag to the boys about u 

• “shes so cute !!” 

• “coco is our child, and shes such a good mom i stg” 

• “youngjae, shut up pls, you say these things eveRyday we get that y/n is amazing” 

• would cook u dinner 

• you’d be really happy and thankful for that bc he really does care for u even if hes just made u food or done the washing up iDk

• when u cook him dinner he would honestly kiss you and be like “thank u jagi, thank u so much.” 

• hMMM boy doing the deed with youngjae would be super sweet alright

• he’d hold ur hands and kiss you all the time and honestly be so cheesy and compliment you

• “you’re so beautiful.” 

• “i’m so lucky.” 

• the morning after would always be good because he would be the big spoon 

• yes youngjae is the big spoon

• hes only the little spoon when hes had a bad day and wants ur cuddles

• he would kiss your shoulder blades and just admire u because idek but yes

• “wake up, jagi….” 

• when u wake up, you’d probably smile and him and say “hi” and go back to sleep

• if he wasnt on schedule or anything he wOULD go back to sleep too

• most likely to sing you to sleep lets be honest

• you’d love it because u love him and his voice i

• he would sooooooooososoosos remind u everyday how fucking amazing u are


also fucking happy bday to youngjae holy shit hes 19 jdhgbdsofnsdib goodbye got to bLa st