i try so hard not to hate her i rlly do

some trans keith headcanons bc keith is trans

and y’all transphobes can fight me on this i don’t give a fuck!!!!!!

  • he’s MASCULINE this isn’t even a headcanon this is just real life
    • keith is not a feminine trans man he isn’t the type to break gender barriers (not that that’s not awesome it’s just not for him!!) he wants to be very cis-passing and stealth eventually  
    • he would like to be the most stereotypical male possible and so he gets SO EXCITED about the little things that make him feel more masculine, for example: 
      • first time he really started to make his own money and had a means of acquiring it he went on a huge shopping spree to get all these men’s toiletries!!! men’s shampoo, deodorant, cologne….to most people these things seem so mundane but they make him so happy and excited
      • also when he’s shopping for these things for the first time keith tries on like 5 million different colognes and comes home smelling like some awful concoction of strong ‘male’ scents and shiro can smell him from the other room and is like ‘keith hwat the fuck’ and Keith just brings out his bag and is like ‘i couldn’t decide what cologne to buy so i got seven’ ‘and you’re wearing them all right now?’ ‘yeah’
  • has always been kind of quiet at least earlier in life bc he hated the sound of his voice….when he starts T he’s really impatient about it so if he has to talk to strangers he tests out what he’s gonna say in varying low tones for like five minutes when all he has to say is ‘hi can i get a large fry’
  • one time he fucks up his shot (he does subcutaneous which is right under the skin) and gets it too deep into the muscle…it becomes rlly sore and painful and it hurts to walk for a solid three days (this is me self projecting i did this last week dksnsksns) so he basically just lies around and it’s like ‘i never thought i’d say this but sometimes being a man actually is hard’ 
  • shiro is expecting him to maybe cry the first time he gets T because he’s been waiting for it for so long but keith gets so choked up he can’t think of what to say so when the doctor hands him the prescription he just goes blank and says ‘neat thanks’
  • he has like five different binders…,,shiro got him his first one like he helped him pick it out and keith was so grateful..,,shiro, being a great trans older brother to his great trans little brother?? iconic and canon 
  • keith, sputtering: shiro i’m trans
    shiro: oh nice me too
    keith: waIT WHAT’ 
  • he has always been athletic but he likes it especially bc it makes him feel extra masculine!!! lifting weights is his fave as well as sword work obviously and running, but he likes to bench press & makes like specific workout routines and goals for the week, it’s really nice for him, it makes him happy..,,and when he starts T it becomes easier to build muscle so !!! he’s making gains!! 
  • shiro: hey keith it’s your shot day 
    keith, staring at the needle: …it’s okay i’ll do it tomorrow
    shiro, three days later: keith–
    keith: ……it’s okay i’ll do it tomorrow 
  • the ACNE….you’re trying to tell me this boy is trans, on testosterone, and has flawless skin?? no bitch….don’t look at his shoulders…u will find acne hell 
  • when he first gets up in space he realizes he obviously didn’t have his T on him and he kinda panics but. eventually he confesses to allura like he has to come out to her because there has to be some way right??? and it turns out allura is hella supportive (bc oh surprise she’s trans too!) and the alteans have some kind of cool space equivalent that substitutes really well idk i’m not good at coming up with things but it…works ok 
  • keith, a whore for adidas and sports clothing?? u guessed it….that boy wants to lowkey be a jock. like an emo-jock mix 
  • there’s so many more but i’m running out of steam and i should really be doing nanowrimo right now fjeawkljf;lkwea 
  • anyway keith is trans 

Cheating Prank / Colby Brock

Request: Could you do a Colby brock imagine where he’s dating the reader and he plays a cheating prank on them, and like the reader gets rlly upset and the boys are worried so Colby then comes out to apologise and they have a deep fluffy conversation about insecurities and he’s like saying how he believes they met for a reason and that they’re destined to be together etc. just like a really cute deep convo

“Whatsup guys it’s Colby here and I’m with Clarissa today because as some of you know y/n pulled a little prank on me so I decided that I’m gonna pull a cheating prank on her, so hopefully it’s going great and we’ll still be together after this. And also I have Elton’s camera too so I can have two views, but I know how y/n can be so everyone in the house is in on it just in case it escalates ” as both laughed. While Colby was putting the camera away, devyn put make up as the hickey on Clarissa. He looked at his phone to see your message that you’ll be here in 5 minutes. He took his shirt off when he heard the door open and closed.

“Babe I’m here” you yell through the house as you saw the boys in the kitchen.

“He’s upstairs” sam says as You said hello to everyone before going up. As you got closer to the room you could hear colby but also a girls voice. You opened the door to see Colby giving Clarissa a hickey.

“What the fuck?” You exclaimed as you just stood there. Colby pulled away from her neck as Clarissa looked scared. All of the guys came upstairs.

“What’s is going on here?” Elton asks as he sees Colby and Clarissa. Good thing he knew that is was a prank or else he would’ve killed Colby.

“Y/n it’s not what it looks like” as he stood up to walk closer to you but you took steps back.

“It’s not What it looks like” you scream as you laughed humorless. You took one step forward and connected your hand to his cheek.

„It’s over, don’t ever talk to me again“ as Elton grabbed you pulling you out. Tears were covering your cheeks as Elton held you. You pulled away before walking downstairs and to your car. Colby in that time hasn’t moved one bit because you slapped him hard when he finally came back to reality he run out to see Elton pointing to your car. He ran out and opened the car door.

„You cant leave“ he says stopping you from driving.

„I can and I will so let go“ you said trying to pull the door closed.

„No you can’t because it’s a prank, and I went to far i‘m sorry baby“ you got out and slapped his chest.

„I hate you so much right now, you scared me“ as he laughed pulling you into his chest.

“I seriously thought I wasn’t good enough anymore, you know how insecure I am, i already think people are better than me” you cried as Colby pulled you closer if that was possible.

“Don’t ever think like that, you are the most amazing, beautiful, talented, funny girl I’ve ever met. And I would never do that you know why?“ he asks as you shaked your head.

„Because god gave you to me to love and protect you, because he knew I needed someone and he gave you to me. I will always love you and be here for you, even if you hate me I’ll be here if you need someone to talk to I’m here. Because I love you and also because you are my one and only. You are truly and angel because you love me like I am and I’ll thank you for that everyday“ he says as tears came back as he wiped them away.

„i love You colby so much“ as you connected your lips to his.

„Wait is everyone in on that prank?“ as he laughs nodding. He screamed for the guys to come out. Everyone came as they each have you a hug.

„Im sorry y/n no hard feelings right“ as you pulled Clarissa into a hug.

„I still hate you guys for actually making me believe Colby was cheating on me“ as everyone laughed walking into the house playing games.

and the dish ran away with the spoon

okay. here it is. if you’ve been wondering why i’ve been posting about geese for so long, this is why. it’s The Goose AU. based on this joke prompt sent to me by the lovely @lovelycraters (who also drew ABSOLUTELY AMAZING ART for this that imma make her post asap). all the thanks to @startofamoment, who helped me world-build and egged me on from a dumb 3-sentence response to this and to @jakelovesamy for listening to me whine and googling yacht clubs in nyc and obscure latvian dishes. and to @wrenjamin​ who has listened to me develop a severe goose phobia over the past several weeks THOSE THINGS HAVE T E E T H YALL 

For Terry, it was a falcon. A dark, oversized, absolutely majestic (at least, according to Terry) bird landed on his windowsill every day for a week, disappearing as he got dressed in the morning, until Sunday morning, when it tapped on his window gently with its beak, asking for entry. It led him to the farmers’ market, where he bumped into Sharon, also in line to buy locally-sourced honey.

For Charles, it was a dog, a mutt who ran up and started humping his leg in the middle of the grocery store. It wasn’t until he’d taken the dog home, when none of his neighbors seemed aware of its presence, that Charles realized that this particular stray was meant to lead him to his soulmate. Twelve days later, on a walk, the dog dragged him to an exotic food truck he’d been in search of for almost a year, where Genevieve was doling out Latvian frikadelu zipa.

For Gina, it was a panther, large and sleek. It twined around her legs for a day, prompting her to frequently and dramatically strut around the precinct, bragging about jeweled collars and fur as smooth and voluminous as her own perfectly-conditioned hair. The squad resisted the urge to point out that none of the rest of them could appreciate the apparent magnificence of the panther – Gina may live her life out loud, but they’d never seen her this transparently happy. That night, the panther accompanied her to watch a dark, curly mane of hair win a motorcycle race for which her love was the prize.

Given these experiences, Jake is fully prepared for a majestic, dignified lone wolf. Obviously, it would be large enough for him to ride like a horse straight to Diamond Point Yacht Club, where a gorgeous speedboat model would be lounging in the sun, her own wolf napping beside her.

These expectations are why, when a goose lands in his passenger seat on a mundane overcast Monday morning, Jake’s first emotion is annoyance.

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a/n: happy birthday to @your-safety-pin !! (i tried to get this to post exactly midnight your timezone but i think i’m a bit late haha) youre one of the sweetest people i’ve ever met and I know chanyeol would fall in love with your if he ever met you ^^ this is too short and does no justice but i hope you’ll enjoy it anyway!

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follow your heart gently;

september @jilychallenge | @acciododie vs @erase-grace 

social media au +  “after lily spotted james on campus, she posted a video to her university’s campus story, telling james: ‘To the cute guy wearing the blue jersey in the university’s snapchat story, I’m seriously in love with you. find me.’ a modern day cat and mouse game ensues with the whole campus urging romeo and juliet to meet because oMG its love at first sight!!” 

4.3k words. 


it was just a flash of blue. the deepest, most beautiful shade of navy. an ocean of explosions, all of them within her ribcage. he was one of the best things she’d ever seen. she felt her heart quickening and pushing out of her chest. and the puddlemere united jersey is what started it all. 

[campus story; user @lilyevans30] 12:23am


[interlude i.]

she wasn’t sure what it was about him. dark hair. ruffled. his friends around him, laughing and lighting up his hazel eyes. the flecks of green in them that caught in the light, even through the lens of his glasses. the fingers that were worn and calloused from plucking the strings of the guitar. the way he smiled at her and tossed his head with a wink. but she needed to know him. 

no matter what it took.

james potter to sirius black: have u seen the campus snap story 

sirius black: no y 

james potter: there’s a girl on there 

james potter: she’s rlly hot 

james potter: and i’m sure she’s lookin for me 

sirius black: ur full of it 

sirius black: wait 

sirius black: i’ve seen u lookin at her before

sirius black: maybe she wAs looking 4 u 

james potter: how do i find her 

sirius black: idk 

sirius black: but love is a game 

james potter: now who’s full of shit 

sirius black: still u 

[campus story; user @jimmy27] 9:02am

to the girl with the hair on fire, you’re hot too! like… smoking. if you think you can handle me, *wink*meet me at the english block.

marlene mckinnon to lily evans: are you for real 

lily evans: wot 

marlene mckinnon: you go looking for a cute boy you saw 

marlene mckinnon: on the campus snapchat story? 

lily evans: y not 

lily evans: i got a response 

lily evans: wot a twat tho 

marlene mckinnon: why bother then? 

lily evans: he’s cute 

lily evans: and i think there’s more to him than that 

lily evans: not sure y 

marlene mckinnon: so you’re gonna meet him? 

lily evans: yea i think so 

marlene mckinnon: go get him girl 

lily evans: lov u 

[interlude ii.] 

he’d seen her around before. he’d never forget the red hair that was set alright by the sunset. never. she smiled at remus a lot. he was sure they had classes together. he wasn’t sure how to explain it. he didn’t just notice the shape of her legs or her hair or her breath taking eyes he could drown in. he noticed the curve of her fingers across the spines of her books, the smile as she laughed with her friend on the quad, the little drawings she had on her notebook, the result of absent-minded talent. he thought that she was the kind of girl all those classic authors wrote about. pale cheeks and splatterings of freckles and reckless and wonderful ideas in her head. 

he wanted it, and he wondered if her lips tasted like cherry wine, or strawberry lip balm. he couldn’t help himself. 

peter pettigrew to the boys are back in town (campus): jim 

peter pettigrew: y r u on the uni story 

remus lupin: i was thinking the same thing 

remus lupin: you know snapchat isn’t the same as tinder right 

peter pettigrew: esp on a story the whole uni can see 

james potter: idiots 

james potter: i am aware of all of this 

peter pettigrew: yea but there are other ways to meet chicks 

sirius black: apparently this isn’t “some chick" 

sirius black: she’s a girl that wants to talk to jimmy 

sirius black: for some reason 

james potter: stfu black 

james potter: anyway

james potter: do any of u know anything abt her 

remus lupin: well 

remus lupin: i have lit w her 

remus lupin: her name is lily 

remus lupin: she’s rlly smart and nice 

peter pettigrew: she seems rlly cool 

remus lupin: yea she is 

james potter: thx moony 

sirius black: i thought i was ur wingman 

james potter: always 

sirius black: go get er pal ;) 

james potter: i hate u 

mary mcdonald to lily evans: babe im seein u on the snap story

mary mcdonald: ur such a flirt O.M.G

lily evans: im not even sorry

mary mcdonald: darling id never ask u to b

mary mcdonald: and tbh hes hella fit

mary mcdonald: r any of this friends single?

lily evans: om g

lily evans: u know idek

mary mcdonald: ik

mary mcdonald: so when u meeting him

lily evans: shit

lily evans: idek

lily evans: F U C K

mary mcdonald: o shit

lily evans: I GTG

mary mcdonald: bye love

[campus story; user @lilyevans30] 4:09pm

puddlemere jersey boy; fuck u!! *gives camera the bird*

[campus story; user @lilyevans30] 4:10pm

nah, I’m just kidding. But you didn’t show! *pouty face* I wish you’d told me a time or something. Better luck next time I guess!

alice fortescue to girls (who run the world): GALS

alice fortescue: I MISS U ALL

alice fortescue: LIKE SO MUCH


lily evans: aaGREED

mary mcdonald: come back to uni alice ;(((((

alice fortescue: haH i wish

alice fortescue: but hard pass

mary mcdonald: BTW

lily evans: mary pls no


lily evans: I DID NO SUCH THING

marlene mckinnon: I KNOW RIGHT

marlene mckinnon: ITS SO JUICY

alice fortescue: OMG TELL ME


lily evans: STFU MARLENE

lily evans: I HATE U ALL

mary mcdonald: lIEs

lily evans: NOPE

lily evans: PURE HATE


marlene mckinnon: IF YOU DON’T SHUT THE FUCK UP

marlene mckinnon: AND LET US TELL THE STORY

marlene mckinnon: I WILL BURN YOUR VINYLS

lily evans: NO

marlene mckinnon: WELL

alice fortescue: GUYS JUST TELL ME

mary mcdonald: lily saw a cute boy and put a post on the campus snapchat story about it asking for him

marlene mckinnon: he responded and suggested they meet at the english block

marlene mckinnon: but he stood her up

mary mcdonald: and lily is still making excuses for him

mary mcdonald: and still wants to meet him

alice fortescue: OMG

alice fortescue: but LILY WHY


lily evans: I KNOW



mary mcdonald: H O W  


alice fortescue: lil I think ur whipped

mary mcdonald: ur 1000% right alice

marlene mckinnon: yep, fuckin whipped as cream

lily evans: *middle finger emoji*

alice fortescue: love u too

[interlude iii.]

hands on her thighs, cracked lips along her jawline. those calloused fingers roaming through her hair. she doesn’t know why, why he’d intruded into her mind like this. doesn’t know him. she swears she doesn’t. but god, it feels like she does when it’s like this. playing guitar with him, wondering what his laugh might sound like if she’s the one who causes it. she can’t help it. she doesn’t mean to wander to him. she doesnt’t. but the contents of her subconscious are beyond her control. he is actually going to be the death of her.

she wishes she could stop dreaming of him. and actually meet him. talk to him. know him. more than life itself.

peter pettigrew to can the real slim shady pls sTAND UP: has anyone seen my chocolate stash

remus lupin:

remus lupin: no

peter pettigrew: I hate u

remus lupin: SIRIUS HELPED

sirius black: TRAITOR

sirius black: I TRUSTED U


sirius black: ok fine

james potter: wtaf guys

james potter: y would u do that to peter

peter pettigrew: ty jim

james potter: n not share w me

peter pettigrew: nvm

peter pettigrew changed the group name to I WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS DECEPION

remus lupin: on another note

peter pettigrew: donT CHANGE THE SUBJECT

remus lupin: jim hows it going with lily

james potter: uhhum

sirius black: he accidentally blew her off

peter pettigrew: “accidentally???”

sirius black: ya idk how either pete

james potter: I DIDN’T MEAN TO I SWEAR

james potter: WE DIDN’T SPECIFY I TIME

james potter: and I FEEL AWFUL

sirius black: ya i can imagine

remus lupin: just try again

remus lupin: and be really specific

peter pettigrew: REALLY SUPER specific

peter pettigrew: dumb knob

james potter: rude twat

sirius black: wow

sirius black: love was created in here

sirius black: in this group chat

remus lupin: Sirius

remus lupin: shut the fuck up

[campus story; user @jimmy27] 1:19am

ok, i’ll admit, im a total asswipe. i should have specified a time. how does 8pm on the main quad tomorrow night sound?

lily evans to mary mcdonald: god

lily evans: I think I am whipped

lily evans: how did this happen

mary mcdonald: I gotta admit honey

mary mcdonald: he is pretty hot

mary mcdonald: can u ““handle it?””

lily evans: lmao

lily evans: ofc

lily evans: the question is

lily evans: can he handle me

mary mcdonald: tru

mary mcdonald: the infamous lily evans

mary mcdonald: is a fucking travesty

lily evans: omg

lily evans: stfu

lily evans: slag

mary mcdonald: lov u

lily evans: lov u 2


lily evans: NAD PLACE

lily evans: ITS GONNA HAPPEN


james potter to remus lupin: god im an idiot

james potter: what if she doesn’t like me

remus lupin: well

remus lupin: you are a twat

james potter: NOT HELPFUL

james potter: U HAVE A CLASS W HER

james potter: HWATS SHE LIKE

remus lupin: idk

remus lupin: she likes lit obvs

remus lupin: prefers lee to hemingway

remus lupin: but cant pick between plath and atwood

remus lupin: smart

remus lupin: I think she has a nice smile

remus lupin: always sits in the sun

remus lupin: draws in class ???

remus lupin: is this helpful???

james potter: v

james potter: ty

james potter: PAL

remus lupin: don’t call me that

[interlude iv.]

he’s running through a hallway. she’s just ahead of him, running through the archways surrounding the quad. hair alight and in a flurry behind her. he’s not too far behind her but he cant reach her. he wonders if he ever will. they keep missing each other. he wonders if he ever held her hands or if her fingers have only ever been touched when they’re slipping out of his, out of reach again. he wonders if he will ever catch her. if they’ll ever catch each other. if he’ll ever find out if she tastes like cherry wine or strawberry lipbalm. if he’ll ever know enough about her to pluck chords on the guitar and write about her. but she’s gone again. he’s missed her again.

and he wakes up, wondering if it was really a dream. because even in the darkness, he’s stilling feeling like he’s missing her.

lily evans > Hogwarts University: Student Facebook Page

has anyone seen a boy wearing a puddlemere united jersey? and like, black hair and hazel eyes and has a,,,, grin that’s so fuckin snarky it could kill? pls???

replies (8):

severus snape: y do u need him when their r so many better options ;)))))))

mary mcdonald: fuck off severus snape lily has already told u N O

evan rosier: mary mcdonald better watch ur mouth slag

lily evans: severus snape evan rosier if u 2 don’t get the fuck out of my comments then I will not hesitate to report u. not to mention anyone who accesses this page can see what ur saying

marlene mckinnon: slay lil

remus lupin: hi! Im in your lit class, and im close friends with the guy you’re looking for. I think.

lily evans: remus lupin thank u omg !!! IM FOREVER GRATEFUL.

remus lupin: welcome :)

james potter to ive changed the location of my chocolate stash and im not telling any of u: boys

james potter: she didn’t turn up

peter pettigrew: oh

peter pettigrew: give it time ???

sirius black: mate he’s given it nearly 2 hours

sirius black: I feel like u should u kno

sirius black: come back to the dorms now

james potter: yea I guess

sirius black: its ok

remus lupin: oh jim im sorry

remus lupin: im sure she had no cruel intentions

sirius black: hehe

peter pettigrew: I didn’t understand that film

remus lupin: guys

james potter: nah its ok

remus lupin: anyway

remus lupin: I feel like she had a good reason to blow u off tho

james potter: unless its payback for when I blew her off

sirius black: nah I don’t think so

remus lupin: look shes been lookin everywhere for you

remus lupin: even the facebook page

remus lupin: where she got harassed

james potter: rlly?

remus lupin sent an image.

sirius black: shit

james potter: oh

james potter: I rlly hate that snape guy

james potter: but thank u for tellin me moon moon

remus lupin: you’re welcome

remus lupin: but I fucking hate you

[campus story; user @lilyevans30] 10:47pm

Hey, puddlemere! Yes, that’s your name now. I’m such an idiot, I got called into work and had to go! I should have posted about it ughhhhh.

[campus story; user @lilyevans30] 10:48

ANYWAY, I took a trip to the library and my number is in one of the books in the lit section if you could find it. *winks*kiss me and you will see how important I am. *finger guns*

james potter to remus lupin: its plath right

james potter: ive heard u talk abt it

james potter: and googled it after u mentioned it bc she actually sounded interesting

remus lupin: yes

remus lupin: you never cease to amaze me jim

james potter: thnk u

lily evans to marlene mckinnon: wow im an idiot

marlene mckinnon: what did you do

lily evans: watch the campus sc

marlene mckinnon:

marlene mckinnon: omg

lily evans: was i too strong?

lily evans: I look like an ass

lily evans: ugh hes gonna hate me

lily evans: I totally picked the wrong plath quote

marlene mckinnon: lil chill

marlene mckinnon: u totally nailed the flirting

marlene mckinnon: and you picked the right quote

marlene mckinnon: and he’s totally still into you

marlene mckinnon: calm

lily evans: u sure?

marlene mckinnon: yes

lily evans: ok

lily evans: ugh ive never been this finicky abt a boy before

marlene mckinnon: because you’ve never actually cared before

lily evans: so y do i care now

marlene mckinnon: I don’t know

marlene mckinnon: guess you’ll have to wait and see

[interlude v.]

she wants it all to stop. but she’s afraid of what happens when it does. three days pass since the first story. the whole school knows about it now. people begin adding their own thoughts into the campus story. someone organises for a filter to be made, and “puddlemere and plath” becomes the affectionate nicknames of the two involved. lily doesn’t know what to feel. its sweet, but shes growing anxious. she feels like she’ll never stop wanting, waiting for the moment when they finally meet. whether they’ll meet or they’ll collide. she doesn’t know anymore. but she has to find out soon.

[campus story; user @jimmy27] 10:08am

Hey plath, god I really gotta come up with a better nickname for you *chuckles*

I think I found your number. Being friends with a lit student really helps hah. But uh, if you can, meet me in the The Three Broomsticks at 1am on Saturday. It’s a nightclub, I’m sure you know *scratches neck*

God. See you then, I guess.

[campus story; user @lilyevans30]

Dearest puddlemere, I’ll be there, I promise. *holds out pinky*

[drafted message: lily evans to marlene mckinnon]

dear god, marls what if im not ready his laugh makes my heart ache and ive only seen it through a screen oh my holy hell what if he knows that im just a fraud who reads plath to fill the emptiness inside oh god am I ready I don’t think im ready I want this whole not-knowing business to be over but I don’t want it to stop what happens when it stops marl —


marlene mckinnon: im so fucking ready for this

alice fortescue:omg same

mary mcdonald: MOOD BABES

mary mcdonald: u gotta tell us everything

marlene mckinnon: its been so long omg

alice fortescue:its been like

alice fortescue:5 days

alice fortescue:but ok

lily evans: im

lily evans: what happens when we meet

lily evans: oh god

mary mcdonald: lils ull be fine

marlene mckinnon: he’s gonna love you

marlene mckinnon: i mean love is too hasy

marlene mckinnon: but you know what i mean

alice fortescue:come on

alice fortescue:ur just nervous bc u actually care

lily evans: yea

lily evans: u guys r comin w me to the club tho right

mary mcdonald: duh ofc

marlene mckinnon: we’ll be over in 5 to get ready with you

lily evans: life savers

lily evans: lov u all

mary mcdonald: lov u too bbys

james potter to ZINGER ZING AH: mates

james potter: its GONNA HAPPEN


peter pettigrew: FOR REAL????

james potter: Y E S

remus lupin: oh my god yes good

sirius black: is it appropriate to wear a tie to a club

remus lupin: what

remus lupin: no

sirius black: aw wel too late

james potter: ?????

sirius black: its u and gingers first date I gotta look fancy

james potter: eofgheodjkfo y do i put up w u

sirius black: im ur wingman

james potter: eh tru

james potter: anyway lads get ready ur all my wingmen tonite

peter pettigrew: ok but can i bring cookies

sirius black: YES

remus lupin: reason #478 why you two cant get laid

sirius black: u cant talk

james potter: $20 that remus will have a girl’s number by the end of the night but Sirius wont

remus lupin: thanks james

sirius black: I SMELL B E T R A Y A L

peter pettigrew: $20 sirius will get a number WITH the cookies

james potter: oh its on bro

[interlude vi. part one;]

the night feels heavy with sweat and some sort of hope. but there’s a build up inside her chest and she feels like flowers and birds and butterflies will explode out of her heart, fill her ripcage and take over her insides. and maybe if that’s what it takes to know him, that’s okay. as they walk through the streets, her hair looking striking against to her black dress, she finds her hand intertwine with mary’s and marlene’s. a silent vow of support. they are here. with her.

the three broomsticks is tucked away amongst pizza restaurants and cinemas, but it makes itself seen. it seems to be brimming with rambunsious life and youths who are the definition of living. and as lily walks into that club, she is ready for it. And she doesn’t want to be dramatic, but part of her feels her life will never be the same.

[ interlude vi. part two;]

sirius’s arm is on his shoulder. the silent promise that he will be fine. he’s never had to think about a girl like this before. he’d say he’s never had to try, but the truth is he always has, he’s always tried too hard, and girls have always fallen for it. but this girl is different. her name is a flower and she likes the sun but she reminds him of the sun in herself and its all strange and beautiful and terrifying. he walks into the three broomsticks, three friends beside him, tequila already in his system, sirius slowly takes his arm off his shoulder, and remus and peter are bickering about pizza toppings and rum. that’s when he knows there’s not really anything to be nervous about.

james potter to lily evans: where r u

james potter: I cant see u

lily evans: we didn’t get here long ago

lily evans: meet me by the bar.

james potter: r u a girl who likes hard liquor evans

lily evans: ofc

lily evans: already downed a couple o shots

james potter: what a mood

james potter: I see u

[interlude vii.]

she’s at the bar like she said she would be. his heart is racing and he isn’t sure if the light-headedness is the tequila or the fact that he’s finally looking at her in real life again. she’s ethereal. her black dress and her hair in the reflection of the dance lights look like the sun and the moon crashed into each other and he’s in love with the idea of that. the sun and the moon loved each other so much they both died to let the other breathe, and then for a split second, they collided to make lily evans. sirius would call him a loser if he said that out loud. remus would tell him he should take up poetry full time. peter wouldn’t get it. but none of that matters because he’s looking at her and his feet are walking over to her and everything is trembling and falling, falling apart or falling into place, he doesn’t know.

she sees him walking over to her as the girls dispatch to go dance. she can’t believe he’s real and she has to let her jaw drop and stare at him for a moment. no puddlemere jersey, but the hair and the eyes and the smirk are all still there. before she knows it, she’s jumped up from her stool, ran to him on shaky legs that can’t run in high heels, and has crashed herself into him. he’s real.

he is surprised, but he clutches her still and breathes her in. there’s a muffled shouting and he realises that the whole club is clapping and cheering as they embrace. they’ve been waiting for this too. lily smells like daisies and caramel and rain, and he’s okay with that. more than okay.

she smiles into him as she hears the club cheering. although all she can see is james’ chest, the lack of puddlemere pride, she knows marlene and mary are smirking.

she looks up for a second and sees remus from lit class behind james. she mouths a thank you at him and she looks at james properly. he makes her knees weak. he brushes hair out of her face absentmindedly and gives her that grin.

how you doing, evans? he asks as they break apart and begin talking at the bar, and they slam down some tequila shots, almost competing. lily has to stop her eyes wondering to his lips.

peter hands james a 20 at 3am, and glances at remus in defeat. from across the dance floor, james sees a girl typing her number into remus’ phone. he smirks, and lily giggles at the antics.

james winks at peter and pete huffs and sighs, but that’s when they notice that sirius has a punk-rocker chick who was in the band earlier in the night against the wall and smashed against his lips. peter raises an eyebrows and makes to take back his money.

ah! tongues in throat do not equal phone numbers, young peter, james says with a grin as he pockets the note. lily snorts at him and peter skulks off to find where sirius put the cookies.

they talk all night, and they don’t mean to, but they dance and talk and become so enchdanted with each other that they don’t notice anyone else and they are kicked out at 6am.

6am means that james and lily have to find somewhere else to talk, and her fingers are already intertwined with his as they stumble through the streets, feeling tipsy and magical.

they make out in the public bathroom at 6:30. it’s messy and tipsy and quaint and perfect.

at 9am, before they go back to their dorms, they promise to do it again, and watch all the snapchat stories from “puddlemere and plath.” one girl actually cried when she saw the video of james and lily hugging.

lily’s head is on james’ shoulder as she laughs at this and he thinks that life is wonderful. they kiss goodbye when she gets to her dorm, and he can’t stop marvelling at the fact that lily tastes like strawberries and cherry wine. all at once. she’s sunshine.

lily thinks james tastes like alcohol and aftershave, and she’s a little in love with that. she falls into bed at 9:30, knowing she’s not going to study, excited to do it all again.


there’s sun and the taste of champagne everywhere and hats are tossed into the air. they did it, they graduated, and now the snapchat story is filled with the class of 2020. and they’re all brimming with happiness and friendship. it is wonderful.

james and lily graduate holding hands, their friends surrounding them on all sides, grins becoming the most predominant feature on each and every face. their speeches are both about the opportunities the uni has given them. both of them tell the crowds that the uni gave them a chance to find each other, and for that they are grateful.

they all raise a glass to hogwarts university, and to the fact that puddlemere will definitely win the championships this year.

and in a flash of every colour under the sun, the champagne is sliding down throats, and james and lily kiss.  

hope you enjoyed. 

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Okay, i need your help, You dragged me into the the beautiful mess that is red velvet, I've been spending the last few hours on a roadtrip blasting Body Talk, im in serious need of how to remember their names, PLS HELP ME HOW?????

How did i drag u into this!! This is pretty much a RV blog so you must have liked them already to find me HEH ;DDD but ok sit tight here we go this will be long and im sorry for replying late

Bae Joohyun aka IRENE | March 29 1991

She’s the leader. Yes she’s beautiful, the jewel of Daegu (where shes from) but that is ! not ! all ! She’s also a really good dancer and when she raps (listen to their song Zoo EDIT: OR OMG THEIR SONG CAMPFIRE HOW DID I FORGET) i die and when she SINGS i also die. She might seem a little ““““cold”””” but she’s just kind of shy (she’s opened up a lot more since debut) DONT BE FOOLED shes literally WILD when shes w/ the members. She ALWAYS wins when RV plays games and  she loves Wendy’s butt too! Fans refer to her using the bunny emoji (judy hopps)/watermelon emoji (her fruit in Red Summer era). She’s the oldest yet most flexible and likes to wear acupuncture slippers. Her hobbies include ironing and staying at home.

Kang Seulgi aka SEULGI | February 10 1994

This is the person in charge of CHARISMA in the group LOL She is the 2nd oldest and trained the longest out of all of them (a whopping 7 years!). Despite going through a slump (which she’s admitted multiple times) prior to debut she still managed to pull ! through ! and she is always so enthusiastic and precious! She sometimes has a delayed reaction to things skmfksd Many ppl consider her the best dancer in RV and her vocals are nothing to deny either!! I believe she’s supposed to be the best in Japanese out of the members?? She loves Pringles and her fav flavor is the original one (Pringles UK knows her). She’s apparently the least flexible member and fails at splits. Fans refer to her using a bear emoji (because shes soft like a bear) and the pineapple emoji! She also likes to draw!

Son Seungwan aka Wendy | February 21 1994 (shes my baby im going to write a lot)

She moved to US some time in 5th grade and attended middle school in Minnesota and then moved to Toronto Canada for high school! She was in her school’s choir and she did covers (legendary Halo cover) it’s really cute :(( She’s literally SONSHINE and is rlly nice to everyone and the members said their first impression of her was this incredibly kind person (at 33:55). She’s also really embarassing and awkward but it’s okay (watch their 4th ever v live). She also sings really well and has this amazing voice . Netizens attack her a lot for being the ‘’’ugly’’ member and call her fat etc which probably made her lose a lot of weight to look like how she is now which I don’t really like talking about because it makes me so sad… Her hobbies include baking and cooking food for other ppl (her seniors/staff/etc) and finding underrated songs! Fans refer to her using the hamster emoji/orange! Because I love her so much I’ve made like text posts w/ random info about her LOL so check it out if you’re feeling bored ( PART 1 / PART 2)

Park Sooyoung aka Joy | September 3 1996

She used to be the youngest before Yeri joined! She is “cutie sexy joy” pretty much the sexy member in RV and she loves introducing herself with a hair flip it’s amazing. She went on WGM and she’s imo the best member at variety ;) she is part of vocal line and has this really clear voice that makes you go </3 when you hear it!! She is also the tallest member and basically towers over everyone else lmfao Recently she turned into actress! Joy starred in a TVN drama called “The Liar and his Lover”. She is a troll and i love it (one time she told a fan to eat fart on UFO sadjkksk it was a joke obviously). She likes watching videos about training dogs and her dream is to become a dog trainer despite never having a dog beforejfdsksd Fans refer to her using a chicken emoji/ kiwi emoji!

Kim Yerim aka YERI | March 5 1999

She actually joined about 6-7 months after the others during the group’s cb with Ice Cream Cake. She got a lot of undeserved hate for it and OT4 stans can leave. She’s really improved her singing when RV made a cb with Rookie which Wendy has acknowledged and is rlly proud of her for (i can’t remember what time but its in this v live). She is also a good dancer! She got put with Seulrene for the dance intro during SMA 2016 . The fandom calls her a scammer lmao and she is literally the sassiest little shit but we love her for it. She’s also probably secretly the heir to SM if not the CEO already because she’s always really bold with her statements about SM LOL She also cackles and i love it; her dream is to become a vampire and she’s RV’s social butterfly and she likes making weird food combinations… Fans refer to her using the turtle emoji and the grape emoji!

The second ‘Klance’ of a lifetime

So here I am again. Three seasons in and I’m making yet another fanfic list. But the catch is this time it’s for a very dear friend of mine in need of a good fic list. So here we go!
dirty paws by Dreamicide
Status: Ongoing (I check daily. It’s that good.)
Keith lives a simple, quiet life up in the mountains, until one day a cat appears on his doorstep. And then another. And another. Sometimes his neighbor’s there, too. Or: in which Keith slowly finds himself the protagonist of Neko Atsume

Shut Up and Dance With Me by wittyy_name
Lance and his friends have been regulars at the Altea Dance Studio for years. Not just for classes, but to hang out, practice, and spend time with good people who love dancing. Every year, they audition to be one of the few representing Altea at the regional dance competition. Lance always auditions solo, but this year he misses out on auditions and blows his chance to participate. And so does his self-proclaimed rival, Keith.Luckily, Shiro comes up with a brilliant plan: convince Lance and Keith to audition as a duo.With a little convincing, and a lot of effort, these two might just be able to pull it off and go to regionals… or they might crash and burn.

by Fishwrites
Status: Ongoing (and BreaKING MY FUCKING HEART)
Shiro has been a Galra prisoner for over a year; with his flight feathers clipped and unable to fly. Desperate to escape, he jumps overboard while being transported to the capitol on a Galran ship. Lance is a merman who saves him from drowning. Keith thinks Shiro is about to become mermaid dinner. Hunk just wants Lance to stop going to the surface all the time, dammit!

(AU where Avians (winged folk), Galra, humans and merfolk cohabit earth.   Shiro and Keith are avian soldiers, Lance is the youngest son of a Queen, Hunk is also a merman and Pidge is still looking for her family.)

Moth and Flame by wittyy_name
Status: Ongoing

Keith has been coming back to Altea Tattoos for months now, and it has little to do with the fact that his best friend is the piercer and more to do with the beautiful tattoo artist with talented hands and a smile that makes him weak at the knees.
Lance has had a lot of customers in his days, left his mark on plenty of people, but none so memorable as Keith. He finds himself turning to the door with every chime of the bell, hoping to see eyes like the night sky and a shy smile that could rival the moon.
When they meet at a concert, the spark between them ignites, creating a heat that’s impossible to resist. They’re both inexplicably drawn to each other. Like a moth to a flame.

White Hallways by Fernandidilly_yo
Status: Oneshot (It’s beautiful and I cried)
Keith’s reaction to finding that the black lion is empty, and Shiro is gone.

Every Little Thing That You Do by biibii
Status: Oneshot
Lance is learning something new about Keith all the time. Because maybe, Lance figures, there’s a softie under Keith’s badass image.

Keith the Amnesiac by jilliancares
Status: Oneshot
In which an accident leaves Keith temporarily without his Voltron-filled memories and he may or may not spill a few of his better kept secrets to Lance.

nothing’s quite as sweet by dimpleforyourthoughts
Status: Oneshot
Keith is a barista who hates his job. Lance works at the cat shelter across the street.

Pulsar by southspinner
Status: Ongoing
/ˈpəlˌsär/ (n.) a celestial object, thought to be a rapidly rotating neutron star, that emits regular pulses of radio waves and other electromagnetic radiation at rates of up to one thousand pulses per second.
A story about college, coming to terms with your past, being scared of your future, and running into crazy things like love somewhere in-between.

call me, beep me by orphan_account (;-;)
Status: Complete (I adore it to this day)
(00:31) Do you think she gave me the wrong number on purpose?
(00:31) Or was it a genuine mistake?
(00:32) Like maybe she writes funny and I misread it?
(00:32) Some of the numbers do look a little dodgy…
(00:33) Cause, you know, her threes could very easily be poorly formed eights? And maybe she writes her sevens like her ones?
(00:45) What
(00:46) The
(00:46) Fuck???
(00:47) Oh good, you are awake!

Homesick at Space Camp by K0bot
Status: Complete
Lance realizes he’s been an asshole to Keith, and on a diplomatic mission to a key planet for the Voltron alliance he… overcompensates.

Nightmares by Trashness
Status: Oneshot
Lance’s nightmares are getting out of control. It’s effecting his and the team’s performance, but he’s at a loss for how to fix this.Apparently sleeping next to a warm body helps.

high tide, incoming by kojondo
Status: Oneshot

It starts like this: They’re sitting across from each other at a table in the local burger joint, tossing casual banter and the occasional insult back and forth. It’s familiar and comfortable, reminiscent of every other conversation they’ve ever had, until out of nowhere Lance leans forward and says with a mouth full of fries, “Let’s date.”

you’re so sweet; will you be mine? by jojotxt
Status: Oneshot
A new bakery pops up right across the street from Lance’s bakery.

In which Lance is an idiot, Keith is an asshole, and Pidge is the next Dr. Phil.

you never stood a chance by kagshina (love your username btw)
Status: Oneshot
to hunk ♡
>i’m gonna fukin die hunk oh mygod i sent
>keith a work out selfie that i wan supposed to fcukin send to you and you know what it said
>HUNK I WILL NEVE BE ABLE TO FCE HIM AGAIN I WANT TO DI E(Or, Keith is beautiful, Lance has a crush, and there’s lots of shirtless selfies)

A Commutual Contract by SKayLanphear
Status: Ongoing (IvE BEEN WAITiNG SO LONG! its rlly good tho pls read it and give the author nice comments)
After a terrifying experience during which Lance, seemingly, dies, Keith is haunted by horrible nightmares of holding his comrade in his arms while he took his final breath. To the point where he can’t sleep unless he knows for absolute certain that Lance is alive. And while the attention is surprising, Lance doesn’t really have a problem with Keith checking up on him. Or the fact that Keith only seems totally comforted when he can cuddle Lance close and hear his heart beat. After all, there’s nothing wrong with two bros cuddling. It doesn’t MEAN anything. Or, at least, that’s what Lance keeps telling himself.

Honey & Lemon by DylanOhbrien
Status: Oneshot
Keith has one rule: keep any interaction with a customer terse and professional. It’s a rule he’s strictly followed since he’s started working at Shiro’s shop.
Then Lance walks through the door and Keith thows professionalism right out the window, along with any semblance of dignity he had left.

Voltrain by arialsal
Status: Oneshot
Lance continued anyway, “At least I realized it, though. I realized I wasn’t staying after hours with you just to make sure I clean up better than you do, and I wasn’t looking after the rodents on day’s you were away to prove I could do it better. I did it because I have the fucking hots for some dumb rodent trainer with an even dumber mullet and a smile that could destroy me.”

-A Voltron: Legendary Defender Pet Store AU in which Keith realizes Lance’s childish rivalry with him in the store means more to him than he’d like to admit.

I Found Love by thesearchingastronaut, WindyWordz
Status: Ongoing
Keith is just trying to live his life as a freelance illustrator with his cat, keeping up with bills by having two part-time jobs.But when he keeps bumping into Mr. Tall, Tan, & Handsome after a music event at his bar, well, maybe he’s willing to make time for pretty, blue eyes and a laugh like silver bells.

Dancing With Blunette by BleuSarcelle
Status: Complete
He didn’t have an epiphany or a vision during his dreams that told him that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Lance.

Honestly, it only took a soft bright smile from Lance during one lazy afternoon after his boyfriend had come home from work and started dancing around their living room with a grumpy Blunette on his arms from being woken up from her cat nap.

That’s when he knew.

(The one where Keith wants to propose to his boyfriend and almost has a heart attack.) (Then the other one where Lance proposes back and Keith cries.) (The following one where they both cry because wedding make you cry.) (And that last one where they adopt.)

Hello Meithman by archaicsextoy (I…love your name too)
Status: Ongoing
Red escapes from Keith’s apartment only for his super unfairly attractive neighbor to bring her back.

Happy the Kitty

Originally posted by lum1natrix

Request: Could I get an imagine where Ethan and the (female) reader are roommates in an apartment and one day the reader is on a walk and finds a kitten and wants to keep it but Ethan tells her that you’re not allowed to have pets in the apartment complex but she says they can hide the kitten and convinces Ethan to go with it and it’s rlly fluffy (the imagine not the kitten lol) and maybe Ethan realizes how cute she looks with the kitten and confesses his feelings? Sorry it’s rlly specific

Summary: Fem!Reader finds a kitten and has to convince both Ethan and their landlord to keep it.

A/N: Hey y’all,,, so it’s been like two weeks since I last posted anything, very sorry about that. Finding the inspiration to write anything has been really hard lately. I don’t really think it even has to do with school having recently started up for me again, I’m not sure why it’s just been hard for me to sit down and write anything that I’m happy and satisfied with. So sorry about that, I will try to be more consistent with uploads. I’m gonna start aiming for at least one fic a week (although I can already see myself breaking that promise rip) ANyway hope you guys enjoy this fic (if anyone’s even still out there reading my things)

Wordcount: 1291, at least my return to writing is kinda long

Requests are closed at the moment, sorry folks!

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 so theres a spongebob audio boot of the first preview! i’d share the link but i don’t know if im allowed to share it or not, so i’m just doing the polite thing and waiting for the person to post it, but they were nice enough to share it with me!
  i decided to put my thoughts into words because im still rlly in that special interest ‘high’ where im still really hyped over this new content! and i wanna talk about some things i love about it, and some things i didnt like so much about it.


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I’m so proud of you, I love you

u can read it on AO3 

They had been dating for three months now, him and Hunk, and it was good- no, great, and Keith knew Hunk was an amazing person, probably one of the best people in the world. But that didn’t stop Keith from worrying about coming out to him. He wanted to come out to him, he wanted his wonderful boyfriend to know. Keith was proud of being a trans boy. He was just scared.

But why?

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nurse!yuta au
  • sooooooo, nurse!yuta
  • like imagine it
  • yuta in scrubs while wearing a cream colored cardigan i’m not dead you are
  • and he’s always smiling at the patients
  • them kiddies love him
  • when they’re like admitted and they’re assigned to him he always distracts them long enough so they don’t notice him getting blood and other medical stuff
  • and he always always makes the kid laugh 
  • but when they absolutely refuse to drink their meds or smth 
  • you bet yo ass he’s gonna bring out the sass
  • lbr we all know how sassy nakamoto yuta is
  • the poor kid will be roasted 
  • but as soon as they drink it yuta’s gonna be all smiles and jokes and sunshines and unicorns
  • ha actually had this patient once
  • it was a little girl that was so stubborn
  • nurse!winwin tried everything he possibly could
  • bribery, threats, flattery he even offered to give her 20 bucks if she just drank it
  • but guess what
  • IT DIDN’T WORK poor nurse!winwin
  • so winwin called for reinforcements…….
  • DING DING DING y’all are right it’s errbodys fave nurse
  • nurse!yuta to the rescue
  • and like the kid is so overwhelmed by how handsome he is that when he told her the consequences of not drinking her medication
  • and so winwin switched with yuta and the little girl got discharged after a day or two
  • YAY
  • but like yuta loves children but he loves taking care of old people more
  • like he always calls them grandma or grandpa and he handles them with the utmost care
  • and he doesn’t even know why he favors old people more
  • he just does
  • he always gets attached to his patients 
  • like it’s so bittersweet everytime they get discharged
  • he’s happy they’re healed but he’ll miss taking care of them
  • but like, even tho he’s really really perfect at his job he still has his bad days
  • he can get vital signs wrong too sometimes, and he gets grumpy with patients too
  • but he tries his best 
  • and really that’s all anyone can ask for from a nurse
  • soooooo how do you meet nurse!yuta?
  • well you, my dear sweet dumb reader had appendicitis
  • at first you thought you just had a stomach bug (or maybe your period was coming too soon?) so you went about your day at uni
  • bcos come on,,,,,,,,you hAVE fINALS neXT WEEk
  • and you couldn’t really afford to rest just cause you have a fever and your tummy feels bad
  • but then the pain got waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much
  • and when i say too much i mean your seatmate see you trying to crawl out of your desk with tears in your eyes
  • and thank god your seatmate is a pre med student 
  • and he calls the hospital rlly rlly fast and before you know it you’re on your merry way to the hospital
  • you get your much needed surgery and of course you get admitted 
  • sadly for you my dear reader, it aint nakamoto yuta
  • your lovely nurse goes by the name dong sicheng
  • but most ppl call him winwin
  • and well, let’s just say you’re really really stubborn when winwin tries to switch the iv to your other hand
  • your other hand was swollen af but, you’d rather it stay there than get pricked in the other hand
  • and winwin tried rlly hard to hold you down so he could get the needle to the vein properly
  • but you wouldn’t budge 
  • so he called for reinforcements
  • and yes it’s yuta 
  • so like winwin holds you down and yuta is the one inserting the needle
  • and like, your friend kun is on the side admiring winwin’s arms and wishing he was you bc hOT daMN
  • moving on
  • so when yuta was inserting the needle he tried to glance at your face and saw you trying to look away 
  • it hurt a lot ok
  • and well, he couldn’t help but smile bc he found it really cute
  • when he was done you were all like ‘i hate you so much’ with this rlly cute pout in your face
  • and yuta died inside
  • and like from then on he convinces winwin to like let him be the attending nurse instead 
  • and when he goes back to check your vital signs you’re all like
  • ‘please don’t stick needles in me anymore >_
  • he just laughs and says ‘and what if i do?’
  • and with the most threatening glare you have you say ‘fight me’
  • and he just lAUGHS
  • so now everytime he goes in your room you’re like ‘if you inject anything on me i will fight you’
  • and yuta always answers back with ‘okay. sure. but when you’re all better, i don’t fight sick ppl.’
  • but you’re like ‘your cowardly ass just afraid of losing to a girl. a sick one at that’
  • and it seriously becomes a thing between the two of you
  • before you know it y’all are rlly comfortable around each other and are friends sort of
  • because admit it reader YOU LIKE HIM~~~~~
  • like how can you not when he’s always taking care of your needs and he always eats at your room on his break bc you have no visitors
  • and he even sleeps in your room when he’s so tireddd
  • he’s just really there for you, like a lot
  • and you don’t really mind because you love his company and bECAUSE hE’S CUTE
  • but like one time you had to go to the bathroom to pee but no other person was there and you can’t really get to the bathroom so you ask yuta to help you
  • and he helps you get to the bathroom and was there to assist you while you pee
  • like you had trouble sitting up from the toilet so he held your hand while pulling you up gently so you could stand
  • but neither of you let go
  • even as you got out of the bathroom YOU.WERE.STILL. HOLDING.HIS.HAND.
  •  and it’s sort rough but soft at the same time and it also smells like alcohol
  • and y’all don’t really notice that you’re still holding hands until your friend kun walks in the door with food
  • like kun is so shookt
  • and when he shakingly points out your intertwined hands y’all realize and turn crimson
  • kun never lets it go
  • and while this is going on so well, unfortunately you get better and have to get discharged
  • and yuta’s the one to push your wheelchair
  • he helps you stand and bids you goodbye
  • and right when you turn away he’s grabbing your wrist back and pulls you into a kiss
  • when he pulls back, he says, ‘i can fight you now, you know.’
  • you: nah, i don’t fight before the first date.
  • and the boy has the audacity to smirk i CANOT MY HEART YUTA WHY YOU DO DIS
  • him: well how about some coffee after my shift? and then i can fight you after
  • you: mhmmmm maybe
  • and this is the start of a beautiful relationship

NCT Dream reating to you being able to dance

A/N: i honestly can not stand still so i am always moving and dancing💃🏼 it will be mostly hip hop but a little bit of ballet👨🏿‍🍳 +those are not my gifs👇🏽


OK so let’s say it’s still fairly early in the relationship, and on one of his free days which he doesn’t get very many of he invites you over to the dorm for a movie marathon with pizza and candy and maybe cuddles? and defiantly no hyungs+haechan. it would break you heart but you would have to turn him down because today is the day of your ballet recital. he would probably freak bc wtf you can dance¿ you would probably hit him with “yea didnt i tell you? :/” knowing damn well you didnt tell him. as it turn out you vvv insecure about your dancing and plus you didnt want mark to see you in a tutu :’). BUT NOW THE CATS OUT OF THE BAG and he would blow you up with questions like “where is it?” “when is it?” “how much is it?” “what should i wear?” “im on my way?” and now your freaking out bc markflippinleeiscomingtoseeyoudance and now you are dying ya see bc mark makes you vvv nervous and you need to do well bc your mom is paying a lot of money for you to do ballet and you dont want to embarrass yourself in front of your bae. but none of that matters because after everything is said and done mark finds you back stage and looks at you like your jesus and just walked on water. he would give you so much praise and tell you how amazing and talented and beautiful you are + he would show you all the pictures he took of you on stage. he would also probably send a video of you to the other members with a caption like “thats my bae😍😭🤧🤤” which would result in donghyuck teasing you about your tutu forever:’)


So donghyuck is probably one of those really annoying bfs who is always up you ass, saying things like “aren’t i so cute?” and “i bet your last boyfriend want as attractive as me” so one day when you went to watch him practice he would pull you over to one of the wall sized mirrors and say some barnyard baloney like “You know what I see? I see someone full of talent and beauty and youth with a very bright future” this would cause you to blush, but stop when he opened his mouth again. “Oh look your here too!” You would push him away for being a crazy fool. Still looking at yourself in the mirror you would try to recreate some of the dance moves you saw watching your boyfriend practice. You watch him so often you could probably take his place in ‘first and last.’ he would watch you watch yourself in the mirror and just sit there. you can barley walk in a straight line so he would be pretty shocked when he saw you dace,,, well. he would most likely walk up to you like “your good.. but im better.” he would then go back to practice but little do you know he would go back to the dorm bragging to his hyungs about how amazing his girlfriend is, you would be in the dark about how much he praises you untill mark texts you saying
“im going to kill hc… fr this time”
“he wont shut up about how 'talented’ and 'beautiful’ you are, he even said 'she has more visuals then all of you combined and could probably out dance every one of you’”
this would cause you to laugh and then next time you see him say something like “so you think im beautiful, talented, and a better dancer than all of your hyungs?” he would probably turn really red and burry his head in your shoulder whining about how he hates it when you tease him. omfg hc makes me soft :“)


okay so how about this, you and jeno have been buddies since forever and he wont shut up about how tired he is since he picked up and extra dance class and how its painfully awkward because he doesn’t know anyone in that room. so you being the best friend you can be offer to take the class with him, when you bring it up he laughs, hard and tells you that you shouldnt bc everyone one there is "really talented” and he “doesn’t think you can handle it”. which kinda pisses you off, you almost drop the idea but then your remember that next time he throws a fit your gonna be the one to listen to him piss&moan so you torment your mom into paying your way for the dance class, which happens to be rlly expensive he is lucky you love him. long story short when you showed up to class he was vv shocked and told you that you should go home, what you dont know is he is worried that you might get hurt or embarrassed or even lose sleep because of the class bc ya know, you make jeno soft :“”). buttt you have a point to prove and ignore his words. cutting to the chase jeno is caught off guard when you are able to keep up with the instructor and dance well. bc he was so sidetracked by you he would most likely get scolded by the instructor which would cause you to laugh and him to turn very red.


i would think any relationship with renjun would be pretty relaxed and chill, he would probably like a small girl, not super small but smaller than him bc rip his tiny boy ego. maybe small enough to be a flyer? since you were young youve done gymnastics and renjun knows this. there is only like 2 gyms in the area so when you are doing your flips someone comes up and asks if youve every considered cheerleading, bc your good at tumbling and probably small enough to be a flyer. pondering this you decide to try out for your high school cheer team and it turns out the guy from the gym is also the captain of the team so when he saw you at tryouts he was happy he saved a spot in hopes you would show up. excited that you are apart of a cheer squad you drag renjun whenever you can to all your practices, since there is a lot of dancing in cheer and you dont spend the entire time in the air and flipping he is impressed to see your moves, i could also see him taking you to sm so you can use one of the studios to practice.


ok so like what if you and chenle were just chilling in class and school was getting ready to start but you were standing by his desk just messing around and like someone in the back, some random kid is playing dip dip by 21 savage which just so happens to be your song. so like you absent mindedly start to move around. you are in the middle of telling a him some story about you calling your mom by her first name and as he is laughing at your words and watching you move around and randomly you drop and reverse. he cuts you off screaming like the dolphin he is. “OH MY GAWHD THAT WAS COOL” and “DO THAT AGAINNN” laughing at his reaction you milly rock and reverse which causes his screams to increase x2000 decibels. and ever since then he would randomly turn to you and ask you to reverse, like at lunch, on the way home, at the arcade, in study hall, and in the middle of panera bread. he would probably tag you in musically videos saying sum like “can you do this😱” and if you say yea then next time he sees you irl he would beg you to do it for him, or if he was away from you he would ft/skype you so you could show him or ask you send a video as proof and you better believe if you send him a video he will send it to everyone and post it everywhere says things like “omg, she is soooo goooodddddd😻🤤🤗” and then ten would probably leave some comment like “i be i can reverse better😉”


i feel like as jisung gets older he gets cockier so he probably like to try and show off to you and dance for you. he would probably ask mark (and not hc bc he dosnt want teased) to teach him the dance to cherry bomb so he can dance for you i bet my house he already knows the dance but whatever, maybe he asks mark to help him perfect it. he would practice for days before inviting you to the studio to show you how good of a dancer he is even though you already know. but unknown to him is the fact that nct 127 is your religion and cherry bomb is your favorite hyme so the video is sacred ground. and when he says he wants to show you him dancing to cb you are through the roof bc ur boyfie wants to dance to a song choreographed by jesus himself or maybe the devil. he is about half way through the dance when he dose something backwards which is WEiRD bc he is such and good dancer and he practiced so hard, you must make him nervous🤧 anyway you just sit quietly and let him finished the dance. when he is done he excitedly asks you what you thought, “it was good” you answer stiffly remembering his little mistake. your lack of enthusiasm throws him off and causes him to question what you really thought “well i just noticed you did this instead of this” you said demonstrated what he did wrong and what he should’ve done. jisung is flabbergasted bc, 1.) how did he manage to mess that up? 2.) you looked really good doing that 3.) how on earth did you catch that?

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Slightly odd request but I love your head canon lists and was wondering if you could do one for some LGBT+ characters in Who? If possible New Who as I'm not all that familiar with the Classics (I'm sorry, shoot me). Only if you're able to of course, it must be really time consuming! Xoxo -a whovian who is feeling really shitty about their bisexuality today

not odd at all!!! i’m sorry you’re feeling shitty, i hope this can make you feel a little better,,, also this turned out Really long im so sorry

under the cut!!

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I hate u, I love you + Peter Parker

Request: Can I get an angsty fic with whoever you see fit from Spider-Man homecoming based on “I hate U, I love U” song by gnash?

A/N: I mean, I hate angst because it makes me cry, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I love to torture myself. Also, please don’t hate me. This is also rlly long, so, yeah

Warnings: ANGST!!!!!!! (and probably swearing, but u kno me), uhhhh this is really heckin depressing, also, slight mention of sex

Here is the song, if u wanna listen.

Request something!    Masterlist

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EXO react when you (an idol) are feeling sad and struggling to act happy

Here you go :)

(I made this suitable for all genders btw)

Sehun:*it took him a while to pick up that you weren’t usual happy self and when you finally opened up to him and told him about the stress your management he dropped his sassy act and become a total dork. He didn’t know how to solve the problem with your management but always made sure he was someone you could vent to whenever you needed to*

Kai:*with your group’s comeback happening soon, you were trying to get in all the dance practise you could and wanted to perfect the moves. Kai had been helping you because he’s so sweet, but as the days wore on he noticed that your movements became less enthusiastic and you seemed less energetic all-around. Knowing that, although exciting, comebacks can be stressful he wanted to see you relax before the comeback date and the hectic performances and interviews that will follow. So when you were both in the car supposedly on the way to the dance studio, he drove on further in to the city to pick up some food and take the evening off*

Kai- “Come on, we’re getting takeout.”

Y/N- “But…”

Kai- “No buts, we’re going!”

Originally posted by kairamelo

Tao:*got very upset when you confessed to him about how stressful your management can be after he begged you to tell him what’s wrong. At first he yelled and raved to no one in particular about how cruel your manager is before holding you close clinging onto you like a koala to try and comfort you. Over the next week or so he toned done the whinyness and tried to be more aware of how you’re doing since you’re usually so happy and he hated to see you miserable*

you’re baek okay

D.O:*he’d noticed that your usual bubbly personality was rare to see recently when you weren’t in front of a camera, and he asked you if anything was bothering you. He sat on the couch with you, holding you in his arms as you vented all that was getting you down - the root of your problems being your overly-strict manager, who was very controlling about your personal life and how much time was “acceptable” to spend with family and friends. He promised you he would talk to the manager and reach some kind of compromise. Until then he would always try to make you smile and act like a complete dork to see you happy*

Originally posted by dodyo

Chanyeol:*being labelled the happy virus himself, he knew how sometimes it was a lot of pressure to always be upbeat and enthusiastic, and so was very sympathetic when you explained all that was wrong. He did everything in his power to distract you from the stress, whether it was nighttime adventures hunting for Pokemon or playing video games or teaching you how to play guitar. Expect random outburst of aegyo too, all he wants is to see you happy until the pressure passed*

Chen:*he listened to you as you voiced everything you had been worrying about with your management recently. With the threat of one of your group’s members leaving soon, management had been overbearing to ensure no one else would feel the urge to pack up and leave too, and it was getting on your nerves as well as worrying you. Afterwards, he wouldn’t stop cuddling you until you were begging him to free you, and until this difficult period in you career passed he incidentally exhausted himself by acting silly and doing stupid things even more than usual to see you laugh*

Originally posted by purpleuhan

Baekhyun:*he quickly realised that you weren’t yourself, and that your energy seemed to be drained from all the hard work you were doing for your group. Having an overly harsh manager had made you more and more stressed to improve your skills and gain their approval and all the extra training had finally gotten on top of you ;))) . Knowing you wouldn’t listen if he asked you to stop working so hard, he resorted to making sure you were still always busy, but having fun. You’d constantly receive texts or phone-calls along the lines of “Y/N we’re going bowling and you’re coming!” or “Don’t go to the studio let’s go to the arcade instead!” - before you knew it, you were already feeling far less stressed*

Lay:*he sat on the bed with you as you poured out everything that had been stressing you out with your management recently. Your group had just debuted but already you and your group’s members could tell your manager wasn’t the kindest or the most patient. Already she’d upset three members with her harsh criticism, and you were worried for them. Yixing dutifully listened and when all your complaints were out he took you in his arms and pulled you back to lie on the bed before telling you not to worry and to take a nap since you were exhausted with performing and worrying*

“Come get some sleep, it’ll all be okay Y/N”

Suho:*your management wasn’t the most organised or nicest, and you’d had to cancel a trip to visit your family because your manager had supposedly forgotten to tell you that your group was crazy busy with rehearsals those few days - this wasn’t the first time he had “forgotten”. Feeling devastated since you were so excited to see your parents again, you moaned to Junmyeon who after you were done gave you some good motherly advice and then proceeded to cheer you up by being the motherly idiot he is*

“If this happens again, complain. He’s a terrible manager and should probably be replaced”

Originally posted by 89ner

Kris:*he realised something was bothering you since you weren’t acting your usual hyper and happy self. He asked you what was bothering you, and, grateful to talk to someone, you ranted about your manager. Everything seemed stressful recently, with your group being booked for so many activities you were run off your feet. He listened hard to all you had to say, and brought you into a huge hug in his long ass arms and promised all the events and interviews would finish soon, and you’d soon enough have plenty of free time*

also this gif is rlly hot to me idk i wanted to use it so

Luhan:*your subdued behaviour made him panic at first, made him think he’d done something wrong and he racked his brains to think what it could be. But one day you came home and vented about your manager and his annoying tendency of never complimenting your group, there was always a “but” - “you did well, but..” or “you have improved, but..” - and it had really gotten you down. You complained about never feeling like you were achieving anything and how you never felt like laughing anymore. After comforting you until everything was out of your system, he whipped around the room in attempts to make you laugh which it did because come on*

“See you’re laughing now!”

Xiumin:*as soon as you told him how demanding your management had become, he instantly started babying you. Being the fantastic listener he is, he gave his full attention to everything you said and complained about. After promising you that all the stress would very soon go away and everything would slot back into place he tripled the aegyo and became even cuter and even sweeter than he normally is because he is a perfect human being we are not worthy of him how is he 26  oh god im emo again im gonna stop*

I don’t own these gifs, full credit to respective owners

voltron/bnha au

hello everybody and welcome to the “gray combines his current two favorite things” post aka the voltron-bnha au

  • allura is the daughter of the world famous hero alfor; she could get into UA off recommendation but decides to take the entrance exam with everybody else because seh wants her talent to speak for herself
    • she has an electricity-type quirk that manifested ridiculously early. she wants to be a hero but not to follow in her dads footsteps. she goes to a lot of effort to prove that shes her own person and that she can be successful not bc her dad is famous but bc she’s talented.
  • coran, alfor, and shiro are teachers at UA; Coran is the only one of them that isn’t a pro-hero too
  • shiro has a simple strength augmentation quirk. hes currently trying to enter the pro-hero field but is interning at UA in the meantime
  • keith (predictably) has a fire-based quirk kind of similar to todorokis left side
    • hes also p skilled in quirk-less combat and is very proficient with small weapons i.e. knives
    • he knew shiro before entering UA but didnt get in based on recommendation from him. like allura, he took the entrance exam to get into the hero course
    • he grew up with his dad who really hated the idea of him being a hero for some unknown reason. his mother also died when he was little and he has few memories of her
  • pidge has a plant-based quirk. she can control most types of flora but excels with flowering plants
    • her quirk took a little longer to manifest than most people
    • she skipped a grade in grade school so she enrolls in UA when shes 14 instead of 15-16, but she enrolls into the support class
  • matt and sam holt are both at UA, with matt enrolled in the hero course and sam working as a teacher there
    • matts quirk is mostly the same as pidges but hes honed it much more (since hes older ofc)
  • hunk and lance are in the support class along with pidge. hunk and pidge are fine being there but lance had originally tried out for the hero courses and been rejected
    • during the entrance exam he was shown up by keith and now holds a grudge against him
  • hunk has a harding quirk similar to kirishima that wld be good for combat/pro-heroing, but he doesnt rlly want to be in that field of work. like, he thinks itd be cool, but he also thinks it be way too dangerous and not worth the fame. plus hes kind of in the mindset that the hero profession is becoming a little corrupt with how rough the competition is
  • lances quirk has two parts to it: echolocation and sonic discharge. most of his family is quirkless or has quirks not well suited for hero work, so he grew up without much help in that field
    • even tho his quirk has the potential to be powerful, hes rough arnd the edges when it comes to controlling it, and he bombed the entrance exam. thats the only reason hes not in the hero course
    • his family was ridiculously supportive of his decision to go to UA and almost as devastated as him when he didnt get into the hero course
  • zarkon is a previous pro-hero turned super villian with an energy-wielding quirk. he can use it to make shields and barriers for defense, and can create powerful amounts of energy for attacks that can tear holes in concrete with ease and rip a persons limbs off their body if he wants to
    • hes leading an uprising of super villians bc of how corrupt the heros in the world supposedly are
    • alfor = his sworn nemesis
    • haggard is his second in command but no1 has been able to figure out what exactly her quirk is yet

thats all i have at the moment but i may. or may not turn this is into a fic of some kind eventaully. we’ll see. if u have any ideas u wanna throw at me pls do

Sarumi Mall/Build-A-Bear AU

Ok so…I have had this idea for a long time but I never posted these because I honestly wasn’t sure if I’d ever write a fic? But now for sure I have other things to work on, for both sarumi and other fandoms, and this idea just doesn’t fit into the plan, so enjoy these silly headcanons lol!

  • Basically it’s a mall au where Saru and the S4 boys work in like…some fancy department store and Yata happens to work at the build a bear (homra is spread out throughout the mall) because he’s really good with kids and has a happy attitude and he’s just a bean okay.
  • Anyways, the S4 boys are shits and get on Saru’s case because Seri’s birthday is coming up and he needs to get her a gift like wtf Saru, and he’s just like whatever fine I’ll get her a gift card somewhere. But ofc that’s not good enough so eventually one of them is like ‘get her one of those cute bears from build a bear’ and that way they can also make it sorta a group gift, like…it’ll be the honorary S4 bear lmaoo and Saru is like ‘fuck no I’m not going into that hell hole, there are little humans in there.’
  • But ofc he is just tsun and rlly does want to get her something so he goes, and he doesn’t get how it works so he’s having issues, so Yata comes to help him *_* and he’s being a Yata bean and helping him with stuffing it and all but is also sorta nervous bc Saru is cute ok (I am a sucker for immediate attraction w these two in certain AUs idk why, or at least…)
  • Until Saru starts being an asshole. He’s teasing Yata for working there and the dumb uniform and they’re kinda bickering while Yata is trying to keep his cool (which is hard when Saru is like ‘if it wasn’t for the uniform I would have mistaken you for one of the children’ and he wants to fight) but ofc Yata has other ways to retort like ‘ur calling my outfit dumb, ur the one buying the bear a tutu and roller skates’ and it spirals into a full out verbal brawl
  • Eventually Saru buys the damn bear and essentially it begins the weird rivalry/attraction bc everytime Saru walks to work he has to pass by the build a bear and it’s like –death stare—
  • But ofc they both find excuses to see each other like oh Yata needed to go to Saru’s store to buy something, and they get to know each other more and the hatred isn’t as intense and Yata starts befriending the S4 boys too (and they totally know what’s up)
  • The conflict in this au would basically be Yata jumping to conclusions bc he totally has a crush on Saru (which is returned) but he’s p convinced Saru is dating Seri bc he gave her the bear, and meanwhile everyone they know is watching them just flirt and be losers and everyone is like PLS KISS ALREADY
  • But Yata ofc doesn’t hate Seri or anything, and cares about Saruhiko as a friend, but obviously still has a giant crush he can’t help. SO in attempts to hide his massive crush he tries to play it off by asking a lot about Seri and trying to be a normal bro, but then Saru (who is a dumbass) starts believing it’s because Yata has a crush on Seri, and sulks because he thinks his feelings for Yata won’t be return
  • Thus a small misunderstanding, which is resolved eventually when Yata sees Seri holding hands with Kusanagi on a lunch date in the food court, and worries that she’s cheating on Saru and has a ‘what do I do? Do I tell him?’ friend moment, which boils down to his inability to keep a secret. He confronts Saru seriously, only for Saru to have a mini stroke because ‘wtf you thought I was dating Seri this whole time, hell no’ and Yata is so relieved and real confessions ensue
  • Tada! Boyfrens lmao

And yes this was my tiny AU that never reached the further stages of development –sigh— Do with it what you will lmao *_*

I need feminism because

•At 7 years old I was the only girl in a Lego engineering class and no one would partner with me because “a girl can’t do that.”

•I’m afraid to walk outside by myself in my own gated community.

•My friend was dress coded for being short because taller boys could see down her shirt.

•A teacher came up behind me and snapped my bra strap before trying to dress code me for wearing a shirt that was in dress code.

•The boy sitting next to me failed the test because he was goofing around the whole time. Not because my skirt was too short.

•Clearly I can only dress up for a boy, and I’ve been told on multiple occasions that it’s pointless for me to spend time on my appearance if my boyfriend isn’t there to see me.

•"I have a boyfriend" means more than “no”

• I was told by a boy in my class that he couldn’t do his own laundry because it was a woman’s job and he didn’t feel the need to learn. Him not doing his own laundry cost me 20% off our group presentation.

•My friend was dress coded for her outfit and had to be pulled out of school to go to the store to buy a new one. Her new outfit covered the same amount as her old one and they said nothing.

•I’ve had to beg my male friends to pretend to be my boyfriend so a boy in my class would leave me alone.

•I was doing a lab in biology and had to lean with my elbows on the counter to access the experiment and my male partner says “your boyfriend must like when you do that.” Because my butt was inevitably sticking out

•An adult male stopped me at comic con because he overheard my conversation with my friend in which I said “these pants don’t fit on my legs because my calves are too big” and told me “I like a girl with meat on her bones”.

•I was told at 6 years old, and again at 11, and again at 13, and again at 16 that I shouldn’t cut my hair because “boys don’t like short hair”

•I wanted to write my history paper on the
Women’s Auxiliary Corps and the girl in front of me rolled her eyes and said “of course you do”.

•I “could have a butt” if I “tried”

•My mom once told me long ago that she hates when I go to sleepovers because she’s afraid of a friend’s brother trying to rape me.

•I was told to “put more clothes on” when I was wearing a tank top that covered everything and shorts. It was 106 degrees outside.

•I did deconstruction on a stage for two hours before the boys showed up. Once they showed up they criticized everything I was doing and kicked me off.

•I was told not to get the haircut I wanted because this boy “knew girls who were pretty until they got bangs.”

•People in grocery stores say “you poor guy” to my dad when his three daughters are with him.

•I’m tired of adult men giving me once-overs at the mall

•At 12 years old I was called pudgy, and at 17 I’m called anorexic

•Me being emotional is not a result of PMS

•I had to scream for a boy to let go and to get off of me in the hallway at school multiple times before he finally did. Everyone around me just stood and watched.

•I’ve been told I need to “lighten up” when I refuse to tolerate “get back in the kitchen” jokes

•My sign language teacher told me in front of the entire class that my boyfriend would cheat on me at prom and that I needed to be okay with it because that’s “just what boys do.”

•My friend’s mom shouldn’t have to work twice as hard to make the same amount of money as the man doing the same job as her.

•Someone told me that maybe if I did squats I would have a better butt and boys would pay attention to me.

•My counterpart for the school play felt that because we were married onstage he could touch me whenever he wanted offstage and during school hours.

•My dad collaborated with my grandparents to get me a gun to keep in my car and my purse because they’re afraid of me being attacked when I’m out on my own.

I need feminism not so I can be better or stronger or superior to men. I need feminism so I don’t have to fear for my life. I need feminism not so I can pride myself above others, or put others down. I need feminism so I don’t have to live in a world where my very existence is “asking for it”. I need feminism because I am a human being and I deserve to be treated as such.

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Soulmate prompt on 3 for shouji and present mic? I don't rlly have anything specific traits for reader sorry! ;-; Thank you!!

There need to be more Shouji requests. I love that six-armed boy so much. Thank you for the request! It helped with my writers block. [Admin Denki]

Mezou Shouji-

You stared at the tattoo on your thigh. Yes, they’re real. It was such a strange sentence, and to think it’d be the first words your soulmate would say to you. That had been your thought ever since you discovered what those words would eventually mean. You sighed, getting up from your seat on the train and walking outside. The clouds overhead looked dark and heavy, evident when rain slowly started pouring down. You brought your jacket up to shelter yourself, frustrated that you still had several blocks to walk to get home. You trudged along and looked at the ground, watching the little puddles on the ground.

You had to look up, though when you hit a hard flesh wall in front of you. You almost fell back if it was not for hands grabbing your wrists. You did not even notice the stop to the rain.

“Fuck me.  .  .” You muttered in frustration, looking up. The man, well boy, in front of you was tall and had six arms and had a mask over half his face. “What the.  .  . are.  .  .” Your eyes looked at the arms blocking the rain from hitting you as he held you upright.

“Yes, they’re real.” He said, realizing he had been holding your wrists for a second too long and pulled his hands away. Your eyes widened, looking up at him.

“Do you know how long I’ve been waiting to hear that?” You breathed, staring up at him. Shouji blinked, bringing up his main arm to show you a tattoo on his inner arm. Fuck me, it said.

“I’ve been.  .  . very confused about it. Context wise.” Shouji rubbed the back of his neck. He moved back a bit, glancing at the tattoo on her thigh. You pulled up your skirt just a little bit and lifted your leg up. Shouji’s cheeks turned a light pink when he saw the bold writing. Yes, they’re real.

“Yeah, I’ve been confused context wise, too. Like.  .  . maybe it was for fake boobs or something like that. I didn’t know.” You explained.

“You could guess how I’d be.  .  . confused.” Shouji muttered, scratching the blush on his face. You giggled a little, making him blush even more.

“I totally agree. I didn’t think those would be my first words to someone.” You smiled a little. “I’m (Y/n), just by the way. So you don’t have to think of me as the ‘fuck me’ girl.”

“Shouji.  .  . do you live around here?” Shouji asked, trying to be casual.

“Actually, I’m like five blocks that way.” You pointed.

“Can I walk with you? I’m not that far away. And then we can share my umbrella.” Shouji offered. You smiled, feeling your face heat up.

“I’d love it if you walked with me.” You told him, standing close to Shouji as you shared the umbrella and walked with him.

Present Mic-

“This has never looked promising. I thought I was supposed to meet her by now.” Present Mic complained in the teacher’s lounge, pointing to the tattoo on his rib cage as he pulled up his jacket. What the fuck is wrong with you?

“I’ve seen it before.” Aizawa started to drink his coffee. “You’re not going to meet your soulmate so easily.” He shrugged. Present Mic rubbed his chin.

“I’m bringing all the homework home with me. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Mic sighed, putting his paper stacks in his bag. He waved at Aizawa before leaving the classroom. He was lost in thought as he walked down the street. Something caught his eye, though. You were walking awfully close to some of the fruit stands outside the grocery store until you snagged an apple and put it in your pocket.

“Hey.” Present Mic walked faster and grabbed your arm, pulling you back.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” You snapped, pulling your arm aggressively away from him.

“Don’t act stupid.” Mic scoffed. “I saw you take that apple back there.” He crossed his arms. “Go put it back.”

“Don’t tell me what the fuck to do, poser.” You rolled your eyes, trying to walk away again.

“POSER!? I’M AN ACTUAL HERO!!” Present Mic screamed. You looked at him weirdly.

“Calm down, calm down.” You muttered. You rolled your shoulders before trying to walk away again.

“Don’t just walk away.” Mic tried to grab your arm, but grabbed the back of your jacket. It lifted up a bit and showed a strip of skin with a tattoo on it. He became curious suddenly and lifted up your shirt to see the writing on your side. Hey, don’t act stupid.

“What are you doing? Pervert!” You pulled away, pulling your shirt back down. Present Mic just looked at you for a minute. He pulled up his jacket and shirt, showing the writing that was on his ribcage. What the fuck is wrong with you?

“We were meant to meet.” Present Mic said. He thought it was ironic that his soulmate was a thief.

“So.  .  . can I keep my apple?” You crossed your arms.

“If you go out with me.” Present Mic said. You rolled your eyes.

“Look, this soulmate stuff.  .  . I don’t like you, so I’m not going out with you. We may be soulmates, but your first impression comes off bad.” You admitted, taking a step back. Present Mic felt his heart sinking.

“One date. Go on one date with me and if you hate it, we don’t have to ever speak to each other again. Just one date. An official first impression.” Mic tried, looking you up and down. You took a bite out of your apple, thinking it over. You sighed in defeat.

“You’re lucky you’re cute.  .  . Fine. Pick me up at six.” You decided. “And don’t be late.”

“Wait, I don’t know where you live.” Present Mic spoke up.

“You’re walking me home, aren’t you? After hassling me on the street?” You smirked a little, taking another bite. Present Mic excitedly started walking beside you. He talked mostly as you showed him where to go. You hated that you actually enjoyed his stories about being a teacher, hero work and his roommate. You stopped in front of an apartment complex, making him run into you.

“Sorry, sorry.” Present Mic apologized. He looked around and picked a flower from a nearby bush for you.

“I’ll see you in a couple of hours.” You said, taking the flower and smelling it.It was pretty.

“Looking forward to it.” Mic smiled, watching you walk up the stairs to your apartment. The start was rocky, but he was going to win you over one way or another.