i try so hard not to hate her i rlly do

Heroine doesn’t get near enough credit. She may have been overshadowed by Orion (as much as I love my son) and lacked development by Idea Factory, but she was given a lot of personality in her memories and in the side stories.

She stood up to Ikki because she was so passionate about other women not getting hurt. She held her own with Kent, took Shin’s criticism to heart and worked hard beat all of his expectations, and literally spent months improving herself just trying to be good enough for Toma.

She joined the fanclub for Mine, even though she didn’t want to. Mine may not have always been the nicest person but she cared enough about a younger girl who looked up to her to do whatever she could for her.

She was a hard worker. She kept a job and excelled at it, got her own place, went to college and maintained a relationship as well- not to mention getting into a Psychology program.

She’s also very young, and like Shin would mature.

A lot of people give her flack for going searching for Ukyo after he specifically told her not to, but it was only because she loved him. It was not a smart thing to do in terms of self-preservation, but in terms of emotion it was a selfless act of love.

Sure, she’s gulible and naive, and let’s not even talk about Diamond World (granted the poor girl probably had Stockholm Syndrome) and I realize that there’s a very irritating trait of submissiveness in otome heroines. Heroines are not normally the priority of otome games and get blatantly neglected by creators.

She’s not perfect, but looking at the normal Heroine and how much she loved Ukyo and all of her positives in the other worlds: I believe she’s spunky, kind, loving, passionate, and intelligent. Sadly, we may not get to see a lot of it or her in general.

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that I really love Heroine. She’s adorable and my daughter and I don’t care what anyone says about her. It’s not her fault that Idea Factory neglects her and we never get to see her fully.

Also just my personal opinion 🎀❤🎀 I don’t expect anyone to agree just because I choose to agree with it.

I just really enjoy writing her character and getting an opportunity to flesh-out her already structured characteristics. Like I said, I love Orion, but I do wish they had used her more.

I just love her to pieces ❤🎀❤