i try right now how to colour that show but

Tag game

Nicknames? I have a couple haha my best friends call me “domme chinees”

Gender? Female

Star sign? Aquarius

Height? Around 1m80

Time? 22:43

Birthday? 11/02

Favorite bands? Neck deep, as it is, tøp, panic! At the disco, fall out boy,…

Favorite solo artist? Khalid, blackbear, logic, Ed Sheehan, jaymes young,..

Song stuck in my head right now? Blacbear- try me

Last movie watched? Baby driver

Last show watched? American horror story

When did I create my blog? Around two years ago I guess

What do I post? Everything that catches my eye so mostly gay stuff and everything that relates to my mood

Last thing I googled? Neck deep setlist

Do you have other blogs? No

Do you get asks? Rarely

Why did you choose your url? It describes perfectly how my mind works

Following? 451

Favorite colours? Burgundy and blue

Average hours of sleep? 8

Lucky number? I don’t really have one?

Instruments? I play the piano!

What am I wearing? My pyjamas

How many blankets I sleep with? 2

Dream job? Neurologist, psychiatrist or psychologist

Favorite food? Sushi

Nationality? I’m Belgian but I was born in Chicago

Favorite song now? Gold steps- neck deep

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I was tagged by fanofthefirth

Name: Choo Xin Mei (means Peach Blossom in Chinese, which helped reassure me alot when I got bullied as a kid.) 
Time and date: 5:25 PM, May 13, 2015
Average hours of sleep at night: 7 -8 Hours. (Anything less and I feel cranky.)
Last thing I googled: How to add music to youtube videos (cos I’m trying to show some of my friends my gaming video!)
Nickname: Er…. Online, Kiara. Among my family and friends, bookworm as I love to read a lot!
Birthday: August 16.
Gender: Female
Sexual orientation: Unsure, possibly aromantic.
Height: I forgot…
Favourite colour: BLUE
One place that makes me happy: A quiet library full of good books!
How many blankets I sleep under: One, as it’s rather warm even with the air con on.
Favourite movie: Avengers: Age of Ultron, Kingsman 
What I am wearing right now: A shirt and dark grey jeans
Last book I read: Skulduggery Pleasant: The Dying of The Light! (highly recommend the series for those finding kickass females, funny quotes, or interested in finding books on magic in the modern times!)
Most used phrases: “…. Enna, you’re an idiot.” (Don’t ask why I have to use this phrase. That idiot deserves a punch.)
What I last said to a family member: “Shall we listen to this song together?”
Favourite beverages: Pokka Green Tea, perfect for long outing!
Last movie I watched: Age of Ultron.
Dream vacation: Switzerland? Europe? (As a kid, I dreamed of USA, but now with the crazy gun laws, not risking my life!)
Dream wedding: No idea.
Dream pets: Er…. I can’t be trusted with one. I’ll lose interest after a few months.
Dream job: Probably a writer!

And now, I gleefully tag diomiota , noninimicus , ennad3enna , coldwynternights

P.S. YX, Enna, if you dare avoid this, I know where you live, and I know where to hit you where it hurts most.