i try not to use wikipedia as a source

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Hi! I'm slavic by blood, but grew up in the US and want to reconnect with my heritage. How would you advise doing such a huge task?

Slavic heritage in general or a specific country?

Read a lot, research : start with tumblr and wikipedia just to dive in, to feel the old ways, to learn about your heritage. Talk to people who are also a part of your heritage, talk to others who try to reconnect - I know so so many people especially from US who want to discover and learn and be a part of the slavic people again!

Read about traditions, customs, history of the given country or slavic people in general, there are many sources in English that will allow you to learn - there is no reconnection without knowledge, without being aware of history and current times as well. 

And listen to music - this is the thing that can take your mind back to the Old Times, remind you what a Slavic Spirit truly is! 

Also, don’t be afraid to come off anon - there are many people from US reconnecting with their heritage who follow my blog, and a lot of people who want to help and be friends too.

Stop writing stupid shit in Natasha and Elise’s Wikipedia pages! How old are you guys, seriously? Though Wikipedia is not at all a reliable source for any kind of information (thanks to ppl who write shit like ‘creampuff assassin’ as someone’s occupation) People do use Wikipedia regardless, to learn more about celebrities. Plus, Natasha had to use her Wiki to verify being an actor to get across the US border, so please be respectful and don’t add false or idiotic things not only to their pages, but to anyone’s page for that matter. 

With the new ‘White Princess’ series coming out I would like to remind everyone that historical fiction is fiction and Philippa Gregory is (the worst kind of) fiction.  This version of Elizabeth of York and Henry VII are (once again shitty) fiction and that means that they are not real and fiction.  If anything in this fiction interests you, feel free to consult some historical sources which are not fiction, wikipedia will do just fine in comparison to that woman’s fictional books.  I assure you that her fiction is indeed fiction despite her claims that it is historical and not fiction.  If you enjoy this fiction, that is ok, just remember it is fiction and don’t try to use this fiction as a source when talking to lovers of non fiction history.  This fiction is not the first fiction of its kind and it certainly will not be the last, with fiction events and fiction characters using the names of real non-fiction people and non-fiction places.  Did I mention that this mini series is fiction and the book it is based on is fiction?