i try not to be too shippy but

He went out with the intention to get rid of the Hatter once and for all… but that Cheshire cat is always watching, ready to pounce… and as per usual, Tyler has to take care of the aftermath of Ethan’s thoughtless behavior..

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THE last thing I want to see in this manga/anime is Chuuya dying because of corruption and Dazai commiting suicide afterwards. I already have read some posts regarding this matter. Anyway Im not sure if BSD is into tragedies but let me just drop this so I can let it all out of my mind. (warning:maybe too shippy but I didnt meant to,believe me) LOL

Dazai clearly states out that Chuuya will die if he uses corruption so Chu needs him around to nullify the ability. We also know how Dazai is so fond of trying to kill himself so at least its safe to assume that he knows THAT CHUUYA NEEDS HIM SO HE CANT DIE. He’s a man who longs for death and yet he always failed..or does something is trying to stop him? *hint* He knows he cannot die …YET. So if Chuuya died…

After four years of not seeing each other,Dazai told him he wants to die with a beauty (COUGHCHUUYAISABEAUTY) and Chuuya said he will allow him to die one day. Not to mention Chuuya always say he will kill Dazai but never did it even if he can,that could be translated as “one day I’ll be the reason of your death” *hint*

We are all fangirling about camellias on soukoku fanarts we also know its meaning:love,passion,admiration,longing etc…ignoring the fact that it also means death/funeral..what if Chuuya dies and Dazai commits suicide afterwards? is this why there’s shin soukoku so that they can succeed them?

“We need a new soukoku (shin soukoku) ” - Dazai

Double Black-Double Suicide??



Okay guys hear me out okay like I ENJOY Wash with a perfect memory after Epsilon and that being his cross to bear, not being able to ever forget anything, and I love that because it goes so well with the “can hold a grudge for exactly three millennia” part of his personality


Consider Wash who has a really hard time remembering things, specifically details, because his head is just too full to handle all of that information

Wash who needs to write everything from appointments to names and descriptions of people he’s only met a couple of times in his data pad

Wash taking a fair bit to remember which face belonged to which Sim trooper but once he gets it he GETS it

“Which one is Johnson?”
“Which Johnson?”
“All of them.”

Wash unable to remember what day it is because that is not Vital Information. Wash forgetting it’s his birthday, on his birthday, multiple times

(I’m trying to avoid being shippy but I could definitely skyrocket this into a shippy direction so I’ll stop while I’m ahead)

Supernatural season 11 gag reel highlights

Here comes the last gag reel look-over as observed from under my shiny hat. This is going to be a long post… this flick is just stuffed with coupley cuteness. Let’s get started.

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Ah, the dirty jokes! Jensen is trying to be grumpy in the last gif, but his poker face fails. Well, it’s true, isn’t it? Surely he’s good at it, too.

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(psst, it’s about Jared’s hair. How I wish it was the other secret ;) )

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That smolder impresses me, too.

Padabooty time! I wonder if that’s Jensen in the background, totally oblivious of his boy’s silliness?

This is definitely my favourite moment from the gag reel, even if it’s not as shippy as some of the others. Jared’s face beams with absolute glee and Jensen just goes along with the joke. This is all too cute.

Jensen messes up a line and goes into heart-eyes mode. Seeing Jared crack up can do that to a person.

“You’ve seen Lady and the Tramp” says Jensen, while Jared is prepared to demonstrate. For the record, I haven’t seen Lady and the Tramp, so do go on and let me see what you’re talking about. ;) 

Okay, be prepared for the final push. Here comes the moment we’ve all been waiting for - complete with slow-motion milking.

(something about mosquitos that I didn’t quite catch)

How f*cking reverent Jensen looks here. Those are not just heart eyes, they’re eyes filled to the brim with love, adoration and arousal.

This here is the perfect ending to our story, don’t you think?

See the gag reel here! I hope you enjoyed my series and had a good time this holiday season. 💝


a thing for @flunflun !

ichi and kara being (almost) good brothers! and hugs are here too! of course the main reason why i drew this was to thank you for everything!!! you’re always soooooooo nice to me!

oh btw it’s nothing shippy so please don’t tag it as one 


I made a rec page for my favourite HQ!! fanfic and doujin! Admittedly it’s 98% TsukkiYama, but there are some other pairings and non-shippy stuff too! They’re all titles that I like A WHOLE LOT and I could recommend them all with confidence. I hope you’d give them a try!

The works aren’t arranged in any order, but I’ve categorized everything to make it easy to navigate the page. Just enter any of the keywords listed in the tags panel (e.g. “doujin”, “5-10K word count”, “fluff”, or “bottom!tsuk”) onto the search bar so you could zoom in on the stuff that interests you! ^_^

To note: I’m not fond of reading long / chaptered / unfinished stories, so most of the works listed are under 15k words (and all complete). All doujin listed have been scanlated to English.

My to-read fic list is steadily growing and I’m always on the lookout for good dj, so I’ll keep updating this page accordingly! If you have any titles to recommend to me, then please do hmu! <(ゝω•)~☆


(And I never said he was cute. You did. Stop putting words in my mouth. Even if Hermann WAS cute, and I’m not saying he is, I mean, he COULD BE, I suppose, but I’M NOT THE ONE SAYING THAT. I mean, I haven’t met ALL the mathematicians or astrophysicists in the world so we can’t just throw around definitive statements like that. But I suppose he’s in the running. Top ten at least. Top five. MAYBE number one.)

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solace x harnier nsfw?

“I know you love her, but it is so not safe to try and break into the tower of the El Lady.”

Solace held his chin up in defiance, determined not to listen to Ebalon.  “I have a plan!  Don’t worry!”

“…Your plan consists of rappelling up the tower and using a nail file to saw away the bars on her windows.  The tower is too high for a rope. There are no bars on her windows.  I don’t think you’ve thought this through.  Besides, you’re an El Master.  If you get caught doing this by anyone but the rest of us, you’re pretty much dead to the world.”

Solace grimaced.  Rosso, passing by, grinned.

“I knew young'uns got up to stuff that’s not safe to talk about at work, but this didn’t cross my mind when imagining those scenarios,” he teased.  Solace and Ebalon both stared.

“Was that a pun?”

“You… imagine those scenarios?”

Rosso shot fingerguns at them both, grinned, and ran.

(Current update it’s now almost 5AM, lineart isn’t done yet, because I thought it was a good idea to add MORE and I will try really hard to finish it through tomorrow. Like. During the day. If you have any theory or speculation about what’s going on based on the wip I posted – Spiky who looks surprised and Placey with her mug –, please tell me about it 🌱 I wanna see what you’re imagining. But for now, I’m leaving because en I’m just)

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Some saisonic I decided to color in. I’m trying to do my best to create more artwork, trying not to get too overwhelmed by the little things. I’ve always been too self-conscious about my unfinished sketches, but I’ve seen great sketches/unfinished works by others and I feel that I really shouldn’t be so negative. 

Anyway, it’s morning, and Sonic is making a move on Saitama.