i try not to be too shippy but

That radio scene is a lot

That radio scene would be significant anyway but what really makes my hair stand on end is that not only is it decidedly shippy, but it is the last thing we see this season. The last scene/shot of the season works as a kind of launchpad for the season to come – setting up both the big bad and giving a general indication of our heroes’ character/relationship trajectiory.

The last scene of season we’re left with is Clarke, missing Bellamy, calling out into the void and hoping he’ll come back. It’s Clarke trying to reconnect with a Bellamy she no longer knows, tethering herself to his memory to keep herself sane. And Bellamy is the great unknown.  He’s unknown to her after 6 years, and perhaps to us too. We don’t know where he’s been or what he’s done, but she’s still there, irrevocably changed herself, and waiting in hope that he will return.

If that’s not shippy then I don’t know what is.

I probably need to calm down and manage my expectations but apparently learning from mistakes is a thing only other people do so let’s have a look at the final shots of the past seasons and see how they relate to the following season.

Season 3

The last scene of the season is Octavia killing Pike, and walking out the door. As she leaves, the camera pans to Bellamy and Clarke.  Clarke is angsting about Praimfaya but is watching Bellamy, her face filled with concern. But Bellamy is not looking at her, his eyes are following Octavia’s back as she marches out the room.

That for me, really sums up Bellarke in s4.  Clarke, watching Bellamy from a distance as she worries about his emotional state and tries to save the world.  And Bellamy, not really looking at Clarke at all, instead focussed entirely on Octavia and her breakdown, with Praimfaya a secondary concern.

I wish I had something to say about how Octavia killing Pike related to season 4 but I don’t and you can take from that what you will.

Season 2

The last scene in s2 is Jaha meeting ALIE, which is obviously a platform for s3. From Jaha’s POV, she’s scary but enticing, but the previous scene – in which Murphy watches one of Becca’s partners kill himself – shows us that she really is to be feared. The scene ends with Jaha staring wonderingly at the nuclear tech ALIE has pilfered as a show of power, while in the bunker we know Murphy is sitting witnessing the truth about her. And as promised, Jaha is the sincere purveyor of ALIE’s lies in s3, while Murphy the cynic is the unexpected sage.

It’s probably noteworthy that Bellamy and Clarke, the show’s backbone, were off-stage-right for these final scenes, considering what came to pass in s3a.  Both of them deferred to others in those early eps, and it took some time for their agency to return. ALIE was the big bad, and Jaha and Murphy the protagonists and antagonists respectively of that story before the others weaved into it.

And because I can’t resist talking about Bellarke and the s2/3 bridge: For those who need reminding the final Bellarke scene of s2 is basically a Raign-fuelled cryfest in which Clarke bids farewell to her friends, culminating in an emotional goodbye with Bellamy. After he pleads with her to stay, he pulls himself together, pushes down his feelings and lets her go, before turning his back on her to walk back inside. The scene ends with Clarke walking away with her back to him and Arkadia.

And s3 Bellarke launched like this: Clarke, back turned in her self-imposed isolation, trying to find peace away from her people and refusing to draw on Bellamy’s strength or her friends’ support, while Bellamy bottled up his angst and tried to pretend that everything was fine, absolutely fine.

Season 1

The last scene of season 1 was Clarke waking up in Mount Weather, uneasy at the cleanliness and the tech, before looking out of her window realising she’s trapped.  Then, she sees Monty across the hall, also trapped. And so it continued in season 2 – Mount Weather is the big bad, Clarke trapped, but separate from her friends, who are also trapped. Clarke trying to save herself and to rescue her friends. The sound editing on that scene is awesome, all we hear at the end is Clarke’s panicked breathing, letting us into her headspace and feel her fear. Season 2 was such a great Clarke POV season.


Season 4 ends with Clarke putting down the radio to welcome the newcomers and wake up Madi, before having that hope replaced with fear.  The final shot is of Clarke sending Madi to safety and half crouching, ready to fight but unsure if she needs to. So if I were to wildly speculate, then the sequence of that s4 scene – hoping for Bellamy’s return, followed by fear for her and Madi’s safety, sets up the Eligius Corporation is the big bad obviously, but it also sets up the framework for this new Clarke and her new priorities. S5 Clarke has taken on board the lessons of her time before Praimfaya and she is now very much a head AND a heart person. What’s more, that heart is populated by someone new, someone who Clarke wants to protect. But it also establishes that Bellamy still lives in her heart.  Her friends still live in her heart. But Bellamy is…where?  With whom? Doing what?  Was she right to hope? Was it a fatal error to invest her faith and hope in someone she hasn’t seen for 6 years?  Could that come at the cost of the survival of the person right in front of her?

And just… radios are about connecting. It’s about Bellamy and Clarke, the backbone of the show, reconnecting, literally and figuratively, when the frame of reference for their relationship has changed.

Someone throw a bucket of water over me.

Aside: St Eligius btw, is the patron saint of metalworkers. And horses. Hmmm.

So You Want to Watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer

So you may have heard that Buffy the Vampire Slayer just turned 20 years old and now everyone’s talking about it and you’re thinking of watching it, but there are just so many episodes and it might expire on Netflix at the end of the month, so how are you going to manage that? 

WELL GUESS WHAT, I have made you a bunch of curated episode lists depending on what you want to watch for. 

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He went out with the intention to get rid of the Hatter once and for all… but that Cheshire cat is always watching, ready to pounce… and as per usual, Tyler has to take care of the aftermath of Ethan’s thoughtless behavior..

[more wonderland AU]    •   [if you have questions…]

Thunderborgs AU- Kayo and Virgil

Kayo is a full-body cyborg with a background in law enforcement. Her status as a member of the team is still unofficial, and she seems to spend just as much time pursuing her own goals as she does following orders. She’s probably more reckless than Scott and Gordon put together, and Virgil is trying to reign her in… Or find out what she’s really up to. Her suit has cloaking technology that can render her fully invisible, perfect for recon missions.

Am I maybe getting a little shippy here? Yeah, no you aren’t imagining it. The more I thought about Kayo’s role in this AU the more I realised how well they’d work together. In other words this is my sandbox and I’ll do what I want in it!

First attempt at colouring this went miserably so I’m just going to upload the lines and leave it at that for now. I’ve been working on this far too long already.


THE last thing I want to see in this manga/anime is Chuuya dying because of corruption and Dazai commiting suicide afterwards. I already have read some posts regarding this matter. Anyway Im not sure if BSD is into tragedies but let me just drop this so I can let it all out of my mind. (warning:maybe too shippy but I didnt meant to,believe me) LOL

Dazai clearly states out that Chuuya will die if he uses corruption so Chu needs him around to nullify the ability. We also know how Dazai is so fond of trying to kill himself so at least its safe to assume that he knows THAT CHUUYA NEEDS HIM SO HE CANT DIE. He’s a man who longs for death and yet he always failed..or does something is trying to stop him? *hint* He knows he cannot die …YET. So if Chuuya died…

After four years of not seeing each other,Dazai told him he wants to die with a beauty (COUGHCHUUYAISABEAUTY) and Chuuya said he will allow him to die one day. Not to mention Chuuya always say he will kill Dazai but never did it even if he can,that could be translated as “one day I’ll be the reason of your death” *hint*

We are all fangirling about camellias on soukoku fanarts we also know its meaning:love,passion,admiration,longing etc…ignoring the fact that it also means death/funeral..what if Chuuya dies and Dazai commits suicide afterwards? is this why there’s shin soukoku so that they can succeed them?

“We need a new soukoku (shin soukoku) ” - Dazai

Double Black-Double Suicide??



I need to be working on my book, but this begged to be written. Mostly crack, inspired by this post, and dedicated to @thatgirljazz and @thereqinamills (cc: @professorspork)

Winn hissed as the tip of the needle jabbed into his skin, and lifted his thumb to frown at the small dot of blood welling up.

“Another one for the collection,” he muttered, and then looked down. “Oh, and now I’ve lost the –” He huffed an impatient sigh, and yelled out, “Kara Danvers, I swear to god –”

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anonymous asked:

Ain x reader where Ain is stuck inside the game, but constantly pampered with costumes, accessories and so on by his player, the reader. He soon grows a liking to reader but cant seem to convey it, since he's unable to, and the only way he can is through either his pose motions, or in-game dialogue (like F5 and such)

“This is my territory.”

“(Pay Attention!)”

“It’s not too late.”

The Lofty: Executor glances over the screen where you are, dangling over his pendulum with crossed arms as you switch costumes. His clothes shimmer and the fox ears given to him constantly twitch. Through the butler’s glasses, Ain keeps a soft smile, an attempt to catch your eye.

You don’t, of course. You’ve already made him run off to Ariel before you can even see it.

He likes you. Even in this caged world, where he has no free will, he likes it when you dress him up, to spoil him, to show adoration towards him by giving him things he needs to be powerful, to be beautiful.

He likes it when you make him speak for you to the others, as if he’s a messenger. Even if some of the words are a bit profane and the goddess had to censor them herself, he likes it, doing favors for you.

And he likes that you’re always on him, your attention is always on him. Even if he has given you control of him, he can’t help but feel saddened. This isn’t enough. He hasn’t given you a bit of appreciation or anything to acknowledge you yourself.

“I…” he tries to word it, to show that he shares mutual feelings to you. “I… I-It’s… n-not, too late…” he finds his words forcefully molded into something else. 

Again, he can’t say those three words to you. But that doesn’t mean he can’t keep trying, right?

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As a premise, I love sasusaku. I wanted to ask you what do you think about the end of garden, when Sasuke doesn't kiss or anything and goes away leaving her hanging. I mean, I understand the smirk and all but they didn't see each other for years... Why would he negate her this simple act between spouses? And also humiliating her a little, imho? For me it was very anticlimactic, and I wonder what you think about it. Also, love Penthesileia, one of the best fic here in Tumblr, congrats!

I think that was Kishimoto trolling the readers for nagging at him even after he ended the series in what he thought was a definitive way. The thing about writers, when readers nag us about stuff we think is self-explanatory, we can be dicks :P

He wrote Gaiden to diffuse the absolutely ridiculous notion that Sarada was Karin’s daughter, by juxtaposing the whole thing with the equally ridiculous premise of ChoCho trying to find her “real” father. And then he kept SasuSaku fans hanging because they seem to think the ultimate expression of love is a kiss/sex/confession. It’s not. To some people, the ultimate expression of love is holding hands, or exchanging a set phrase that has great meaning for both parties or some other type of gesture. For Sasuke, the ultimate expression of caring for anyone (especially in the mind of a man who had as horrible a childhood as he had), it’s the forehead poke. 

Also, Sasuke is the epitome of stoic Japanese man. In Asian cultures, it is so very rare for a couple to demonstrative in public, and if they are, it’s usually looked down on or considered inappropriate. (Note that showing affection to children has slightly different rules, which is why he had no problem hugging Sarada).

Sasuke is not the PDA type, and I have no doubt that Sakura knows this. Personally, I think her reaction was an exaggerated part of an ongoing joke between the two of them. Given the fact Sarada didn’t seem to suddenly think that her entire epiphany about her parents connection was invalidated by the goodbye scene, she probably sees this as affectionate teasing between a loving couple as well. 

Sasuke probably spent a few days at home reconnected with his family before he left. Remember, he is on an important mission, and now they are all aware of it. Sakura and Sarada would never demand he stay home and be with them given the importance of the mission, because they are both shinobi and recognise the need to carry out important missions.

I do, however, think Sasuke has recognised he handled this badly the first time, and will probably take more of an effort to visit home more often between Gaiden and the Boruto movie. Given that Sarada is more at ease around her father in the movie, and from the scenes I’ve seen in the Boruto video game, he probably checks in every few months. 

If you’re looking for a good fic that deals with this moment, which I pretty much use as my own headcanon, check out Day & Night by Finval. It does an excellent job of resolving any lingering doubts and issues. 

(And really, did you actually want Kishimoto, who has admitted that he is horrible at writing romance, to write shippy scenes between Sasuke and Sakura? There’s a reason the NaruHina moments in the anime and movies felt so forced… No slight to NaruHina, I actually shipped them before SasuSaku, but their relationship was not developed half as much as SasuSaku was…precisely because Kishimoto was trying too hard!)

Hope that answers your question - and thanks for the compliment on Penthesilea, I’ll try to get the next chapter out as soon as possible!

This page is so crazy I mean Armin just killed a human being and is internally and externally suffering to the point where he is literally vomiting and sweating and crying and as soon as he asked Mikasa that question right away he regretted that shit because how dare he make her feel sad so he started apologizing to her immediately to try and make HER feel better while I remind you he is the one who is physically and mentally in anguish.

So just try and tell me Mikasa & Armin don’t have the purest relationship in this series I fucking dare you.

Killugon? y/n

so I normally try not to post shippy stuff on my blogs just to avoid the headache of dumb shipping discourse or whatnot, but it is hard not to notice that about 18000% of hxh fanart is killugon anyway, and ever since I got that ask/demand that simply stated “killugon” (literally that was the entire ask haha) I’ve wondered if I should just give in and post that stuff too. I mean on one hand, I guess killugon is pretty wholesome and adorable, but on the otherhand, it is also extremely awesome. Thoughts? 

Okay guys hear me out okay like I ENJOY Wash with a perfect memory after Epsilon and that being his cross to bear, not being able to ever forget anything, and I love that because it goes so well with the “can hold a grudge for exactly three millennia” part of his personality


Consider Wash who has a really hard time remembering things, specifically details, because his head is just too full to handle all of that information

Wash who needs to write everything from appointments to names and descriptions of people he’s only met a couple of times in his data pad

Wash taking a fair bit to remember which face belonged to which Sim trooper but once he gets it he GETS it

“Which one is Johnson?”
“Which Johnson?”
“All of them.”

Wash unable to remember what day it is because that is not Vital Information. Wash forgetting it’s his birthday, on his birthday, multiple times

(I’m trying to avoid being shippy but I could definitely skyrocket this into a shippy direction so I’ll stop while I’m ahead)

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Can I have SD trying on DiE's clothes please? Shippy for bonus points!

Ara has always seen girls put on their boyfriend’s clothes in books and magazines. The girl’s clothes are usually too small for the guy, but it must be comfortable to wear his oversized clothes.

Unfortunately Add is an unusual boyfriend. Putting on his space travel suit was a difficult and uncomfortable experience. She didn’t even finish dressing before Add came in, giving Ara a curious look at her wearing his clothes. Ara expected Add to be mad, but what he said surprised her.

“Hm, do you want me to help you with that?’


A few minutes later Ara stood in front of the mirror, looking at herself from head to toe in a form-fitting plugsuit. Ara tried to tug at the hems but they weren’t usual clothes. “It’s so uncomfortable…”

Right behind her, Add laughed. “Of course they are. You get used to it after a few hundred timelines.”

Ara huffed, as if she didn’t like the answer. She raised her arms for Add to take the hint to help her out of them. “It’s not my type, anyway…”

Add instead hugged her by the waist. “I’d never thought I’d say this about my own suit, but you look cute in it~”

“Add, you’re just saying that!” Even then, she couldn’t hide her blush even with her hands covering her face.