i try not to be a social justice blogger

Dear social justice bloggers:

Always remember that the people that harass you and make racist, misogynistic, ableist, transphobic, etc., comments on your posts are NOT the ones you’re trying to reach. Those are anti-SJ trolls and they have already made up their minds and will not listen to reason. 

It’s the people out there who are on the fence, who are still inquiring minds, the ones who most often don’t even leave a “note”, THEY are the people you’re trying to reach. In fact, any anti-SJ backlash you face is almost always a sign that you’ve hit a prejudiced nerve and are doing something right. 

So please do not lose hope. Keep on fighting for social justice no matter how many trolls surface from the nasty depths of the interwebz to try to stomp you out of existence. Bc the more they whine & moan, the more you can be sure that you are disrupting the white male supremacist (etc) status quo and promoting positive social change.

Personally, I plan to continue advocating for social justice for as long as I am able. I hope that you will all join me in solidarity!!!

Fandom racism is still a thing. And whenever people of color try to bring up racism in fandom we always get shut down and it’s just such a painful parallel to real life. I can’t even begin to explain how terrible it is to come here to tumblr attempting to escape racism and I have to face it from white bloggers who claim to be all about “social justice and equality”. Nope, fandom racism is real and white bloggers are still on top exercising their privilege to stop us and idk if that’s gonna change if all they do is silence us.

Can I just say that nobody is forgetting Jews in light of the Charlottesville marches. Every post I’ve seen has been graciously inclusive of Jews, as they should be. We have Nazis marching the streets, and their main target are Jewish people.

But don’t forget that the KKK is on the streets too. That White Supremacist are marching the streets too. Don’t forget that these marches are responses to Confederate statues being removed. Don’t forget that Confederate army fought to continue the slavery of African Americans, and their statues are only reminders of that.

Don’t forget that the KKK’s main purpose has always been to terrify African Americans.

I say this because there are actually people who have the audacity to claim that people of color are secondary victims in this all. there are people who have the audacity to call us racist and anti-semitic for  brining attention to the fact that we, as people of color, are primary victims in this—specifically black people.

I see bloggers accusing black people of taking away the attention towards Jewish individuals due to this.

I can’t believe that there are actually people using this tragedy as an excuse to be anti-black. It’s sickening, and it needs to stop.

No one is forgetting Jewish people, certainly not black people. stop trying to turn the tables, stop trying to make us look bad.

We have a common enemy, let’s fight that. not each other.

And just adding that this doenst apply to Jews of Color. They aren’t the ones trying to make others secondary victims, and are unfortunately being erased in the midst of this all.
columbiner gothic meme
  • Dave Cullen is on the news. Dave Cullen is on the talk show. Dave Cullen is giving a lecture. “There’s no such thing as bullying,” he says. You know he is wrong, but everyone around you nods like he’s right. He has to be. He did ten years of research. But then you see something in his eyes when he says the name “Dylan Klebold”. A hunger.
  • There is a photograph of a pouting girl in a Natural Selection t-shirt. There is a photograph of a pouting girl in a Wrath t-shirt. There is a photograph of a locket with Eric Harris’ face on it. You don’t know how long you’ve been scrolling. It seems like forever. There is a photograph of a girl in a Wrath t-shirt.
  • Everyone has been arrested by the FBI for reblogging Columbine-related things. Even the Columbiners who don’t live in America. The FBI are cracking down on the dangerous youths. They are coming for us all.
  • You have heard legends about a photograph of Dylan Klebold hugging a cactus, but you never see the photograph. You vow that you will not rest until you see the photograph. Years go by. Decades. Centuries. You can never die, never rest, until you’ve seen the photograph.
  • “13 victims,” they say, over and over again. You tell them that they’re wrong, that there were actually 15. They all turn to you in unison. “13 victims,” they say, as one. “The massacre left behind 13 victims.”
  • There is another school shooting. The shooter worshipped the Columbine killers. They kept a journal. They listened to death metal. They wore black. “See?” the media says. “The shooter worshipped the Columbine killers. They always worship the Columbine killers.”
  • “Dylan Klebold was a follower,” someone says. “Eric Harris was a psychopath.” You ask them how they know that. Their face twists and stretches, and they turn into a hideous and terrifying creature, with fangs and a forked tongue. “I read Columbine by Dave Cullen,” the monster says. “It explains it all in there.”
  • You go to a blog. “Stray Bullet” by KMFDM blasts out of your speakers, on autoplay. You close the tab, but the music keeps playing. I am your apocalypse. I am your belief unwrought. Monolithic juggernaut. I’m the illegitimate son of god. It has always been playing.
  • There is a Columbine documentary on TV. Brooks Brown is there. He is always there.
  • An angry social justice blogger posts in the tag. “You should all die!” The post says. “You love murderers! You’re sick!” They call for the staff. The staff do not come. The staff never come.
  • You hear they’re making a film about Rachel Scott. It will be factual, they say. It will come out on the seventeenth anniversary of the shooting. You try to protest the film’s accuracy, but the Christians cannot hear you. They’re too busy singing “Cassie” by Flyleaf.
  • There were 13 victims, they say. Isaiah Shoels. Cassie Bernall. Rachel Scott. John Tomlin. Such losses, they say. So much wasted potential. You realise that’s only 4 names, but still they say there were 13 victims.

who-took-my-crown  asked:

I really didn't understand the post in Italian and lets be honest Google translate sucks I know this sounds like shit but could you give a brief overview about why statues are becoming an arguing point?

that post you saw is a follow up to this one where someone randomly states that ”greek/roman statues pretty much always have intact noses whereas egyptian ones are always conveniently missing theirs.” the op was trying to sarcastically prove that wrong by posting the pictures of greek/roman statues that had missing noses as well (there are a ton, bc the nose is one of the first parts on a sculpure that get ruined with time).

the argument of the post actually quickly turns into one of our many rants - in the form of a series of inside jokes which i would find hard to explain tbh - about how a lot of social justice bloggers (especially ones from the states) think italians as poc when we italians don’t identify as such, which is an issue the italian community on tumblr had to deal a lot with lately (there are apparently several american-italians blogs on here spreading wrong informations which brought many italians to start speaking against them. but i haven’t really payed attention and i don’t really follow that many italian bloggers to know about all that happened in details tbh). 

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It feels like I've seen too many bloggers on this site try to distance themselves from the "anti-SJW" label (which is understandable imo), but far too often to the point where they act no less arrogant and sanctimonious than they used to, only now they see themselves as above that anti-SJW crowd they belonged to just months or even weeks before..

I think it’s a totally redundant label, to be honest with you, as useless as saying something like, “I’m anti-supremacist” or “I’m anti-bigotry.” Every decent person is against the antics of “social justice warriors.”

That said, there are “anti-SJWs” that go too far, have entirely removed themselves from empathy and are awful to others. I think that it’s slipping towards the “anti-fascist vs antifa” idea. Everyone that’s decent is against fascism, but we’re also highly aware that the “antifa” movement is toxic.

But it’s the same thing that you’ll find everywhere. There are those that take it far too far, and crow about how they’re nothing like those people they don’t like by parading themselves as superior and deliberately styling themselves as “enlightened” by taking on contrary positions for no other reason than “anti-SJWs generally have this idea so I’ll be different and then claim that anti-SJWs are bad for believing in this. Checkmate.” 

It seems that a fair few “ex-anti-SJWs” have railed against the asshole examples of “anti-SJWs” so much that they saw actual bullying and bigotry and decided that to counter it, instead of merely dropping the label and continuing to try and be a decent, balanced person (as I strive to do, not that I’m saying I’m always successful, because hey, I’m human) they choose to become extra sensitive, jump to become offended so they can “white knight” and loudly proclaim that they’re not like the terrible “anti-SJWs” that they used to be and now somehow they’re better

The truth is, though, that if you rely on saying nothing more than, “I don’t have that personally chosen label, so that has to mean that I’m automatically a better person than that other person is” unless it’s an extreme label like “proud supremacist” or something equally abhorrent, then you’ve already lost, because all you’re doing is telling everyone how amazing and superior you think you are, and arrogance like that? Isn’t exactly endearing.

Jenny Kruger (dean of fine arts): Renew the contract of Shea Saladee and Save the Iowa western Theatre Department
Statistics show that arts education is important in life, and anyone who has been an Iowa Western Community College theatre production has seen the amazing, and now nationally recognized art that the students and the incredible instructor Shea Saladee put forth every semester. “The Dean of the Arts.”...

Guys I know this isnt my usual content but this is critical! My college is trying to fire our theatre professor for no concrete reason, and without her we will not have a theatre department. I know a vast majority of the bloggers on here support the arts, so please I emplore you to sign this petition then hae your firends sign it… please dont let our department crumble.

Tumblr and casual antisemitism

The amount of casual antisemitism on this website is disgusting and even beyond the grossest posts such as those claiming that the holocaust wasn’t that bad because some people ‘could go home’ (literally some people said that on here), or the way they’re considered “POC” or not depending of what is convenient at the moment, one pervasive form of it that I have noticed and that is really starting to annoy me is the way you often have social justice centred bloggers trying to re-frame this form of oppression into (often US centred) colourist race issues.

It’s a problem because it’s co-opting a form of oppression that isn’t about them and using it as a prop too. Antisemitism isn’t about Jewish people not being 'white enough’ or whatever have you, skin colour has little relevance as to why they were and still are the targets of racial hatred, Jews weren’t sent to death camps because they were “brown” but because they were Jewish. Period. It doesn’t mean Jewish people can’t be brown or black or whatever and suffer from colourist racism in addition to antisemitism, but antisemitism function independently from it. 

Trying to make it about anything but that is ignoring that this form of oppression only affects Jewish people and is only about them. Trying to turn it into US centred colourist issues diverts the attention away from where the problem really is; meaning a kind of millennia-old hatred and form of discrimination against an ethnic and religious minority which is very particular to them and them only.

The Ultimate Guide to Identifying "SJW" Troll Blogs Run by Anti-SJWs

A lot of people seem to have trouble telling troll blogs apart from real social justice bloggers. This creates confusion and unfairly biases people against sj bloggers. Before you reblog a post all like “lol look at what these wacky SJWs are doing now!!!” take a moment to consider if it’s all a really bad joke. Here’s a guide to the major warning signs that a blog is a fake.

(Note that some of these things aren’t always bad or indicative of trolling- plenty of real people use neopronouns, have self-diagnosed mental illnesses, and/or are otherkin, and that’s fine- but when coupled with other evidence, and taken to a ridiculous extreme, it becomes likely that you’re dealing with a troll.) 

Blog Content

  • Their blog was created very recently- if you look in the archive of a troll blog, you’ll probably find that they have no posts older than a few weeks or months ago. This seems to be overlooked by a lot of people, but it’s an obvious clue, because how could anyone be immersed in social justice (or at least a twisted parody thereof) if they’re super new to tumblr? 
  • Their blog has almost nothing on it but posts about “social justice,” and the person doesn’t seem to participate in any fandoms (except maybe one of them, which the anti-sj behind the blog selected for “credibility”) or reblog any text posts. The few posts that are reblogged are usually repetitive sparkly graphics that say “i love cisphobia” or something.
  • Their sidebar has a very long list of identity-related information in it. I find that most people’s sidebars list only their name, pronouns, and maybe gender, and other information is in their about. A troll blog, on the other hand, wants to make people mad as quickly as possible, so they put all their ridiculous bullshit in a visible place.
  • Their icon and layout are the default ones. This used to be more common, although now a lot of troll blogs seem to be using plausible redux-edit type layouts.


  • Oftentimes, they will tell ludicrous stories about things that supposedly happened in real life. Usually this is something like, “Today I went to the grocery store and there was this white cis man looking at me! I couldn’t believe he raped me like that, so I showed that fucker by punching me in the face! Down with teh patriarchy!!" 
  • They also tend to complain a lot about their parents in an "edgy” way, calling them things like “white cis scum” and talking about how they came out to their parents and they “didn’t understand!!! fuck u mom!!!”
  • They unironically say things like “die cis scum,” “check your privilege,” “shitlord,” “womyn” etc.
  • They seem out of touch with how people talk on tumblr nowadays and say things like “FRIENDLY REMINDER THAT ______ (◕‿◕✿)” and “uwu.” They use a lot of emoticons, especially Japanese ones.
  • There will oftentimes be instances where the anti-sjw behind the blog slips up and gets something wrong. I mean, everything is wrong on a troll blog, pretty much, but this is things like equating genitals with gender, gendering strangers, or using ableist language. They may also contradict themselves a lot.
  • They tag all their posts with a bazillion things. Real social justice bloggers generally don’t try to get anti-sjws mad on purpose, but that’s a troll’s entire objective.
  • They make comparisons between modern “oppression” (usually against otherkin or something) and “rape,” “genocide,” or “slavery.”
  • They say that they want to exterminate, enslave, or do something else very extreme to their oppressors.


  • Troll blogs get a lot of asks due to their attention-grabbing.
  • It’s mostly random hate mail from outraged people who think the troll is for real. The troll’s responses are usually short and make no real attempt to reason with the sender- things like “Cry harder, cis scum :3” and “That’s just how it works, sweetie (:”.
  • Trolls also get a lot of messages from people “trolling back,” pretending to be another similarly ridiculous “SJW.” No matter how obvious they are about it, the troll will always play along with them.


  • Their gender is a new one like the ones found on mogai-archive- frequently more than one, whether because they are part one gender and part another, or because they are fluid between the genders.
  • They use nounself pronouns, accepting a huge number of these, but refuse to let anyone use something like “they/their.”
  • They say they don’t have dysphoria and possibly even claim they “like being a girl” or things like that. 
  • They’re usually implied to be DFAB. (Isn’t that interesting…)
  • In addition to their gender, identifying as something like trans-fat, trans-autistic, or trans-ethnic is common.
  • For some reason, promoting the idea that animals can be trans or you shouldn’t gender animals is a thing. (This was first seen with fuckingsassysprinkles’ post on the topic and sadvaporwavebabe talked about it too.)


  • Tends to include the words “demi” and “pan.”
  • Is often something that excludes majority groups, like being attracted only to LGBTQ+ people or otherkin.


  • Troll blogs are almost always otherkin. Their kintypes are usually things other than animals, like plantkin, spacekin, or fictionkin (usually of some anime character), and they often have multiple kintypes.
  • They say that otherkin are oppressed and draw inappropriate parallels between being otherkin and being trans (like claiming to suffer from dysphoria due to being otherkin). 
  • They say that certain things are “appropriating” their kintype, for example, watching anime is “appropriating animekin (unless you’re japanese)” or growing a garden is “appropriating plantkin!”
  • They claim to do things that are very irrational and/or harmful for humans due to their kintype (like being plantkin and eating bugs)


  • Trolls generally have a bunch of self-diagnosed illnesses.
  • They’ll be very upfront about the fact that they’re self-diagnosed, although most real people don’t talk about it. They may even specifically mention the sources for their information (Wikipedia, WebMD, Yahoo Answers, etc.)
  • These include very serious illnesses, like PTSD (which gets people mad very quickly) and cancer (which doesn’t even make sense to self-diagnose).


  • They have a lot of triggers, including very trivial/nonsensical ones (“lawnmowers” or “obamacare”), often ones supposedly related to the fake SJW’s kintype (like an alleged plantkin being triggered by “people eating vegetables”).
  • Other triggers are often very vague and general, like “transphobia,” or “white cis men.”
  • Despite their “triggers,” they never actually tag any trigger warnings for other people.

anonymous asked:

I love your post on US centricism. Some Americans will literally refuse to acknowledge that a 'Polish American' and Polish person etc., will be treated differently so they apply how the former is treated to the latter bcos in the US both are 'white'

Yes true, I can get treated better than a Polish person in the UK, for example, even though my Chinese ancestry is obvious - because I speak fluent English and appear more “assimilated”. Or I get mistaken for a Japanese tourist (who generally have a reputation for impeccable manners). Yes, racism based on skin tone DOES exist in the UK, and I’m sure there are times people who look like me will get discriminated against- but the UK isn’t the US- the type of racial othering there DOESN’T give Polish people “privilege”. The faultlines within “Whiteness” exist aplenty in Europe. 

About US centrism- yeah, it’s very frustrating. Just wanna acknowledge though, that i know a lot US bloggers on here really do try their best to keep in mind that what they experience isn’t universal- and are pretty willing to learn just like everyone else. 

It’s just that there’s a certain subset of US tumblr social justice blogs that want to seize the whole “White people oppress POC” struggle in the US and apply it onto the entire world or the entirety of human history. I find this really…US-centric in the most obnoxious and aggravating way, to say. Why? Because it removes culpability from people like me, who aren’t Americans, who would probably be considered “POC” in the US- but who are very much living in developed and wealthy countries that contribute to global exploitation and capitalism. I may have Chinese ancestry but in some ways, as a consumer in the developed world, I recognise I am culpable in the mistreatment of Chinese factory workers too. 

And most importantly, even recent human history is littered with NUMEROUS examples of genocides and other horrifying atrocities committed by people who wouldn’t be considered “POC” in the US. Armenian genocide, anyone? By the Ottoman Empire. Cambodian genocide? Japanese WW2 crimes, including the Death Railway, where thousands of British, Dutch and Australian POWS DIED working in conditions of slavery? How about the migrant workers mistreated in Qatar? How about the fact that for THOUSANDS of years, Middle-Eastern, African and Asian empires were flourishing, wealthy and prosperous at a time when Europe was very poorly developed and strife-ridden? I assure you, the Aztecs were fearsome and ruthless warriors who didn’t gain dominance through a wholly benevolent projection of power. I find it very offensive how this determination to see only “white people” as being capable of oppressors or of being racist means the way the Chinese government treats its Muslim minorities, Tibetans- and its own citizens isn’t racism. Haha. Right. There is NOTHING in our brains or in our blood that’s different from “white people” that will stop us from being dehumanising assholes if we are in the position of power. We are capable of evil too. 

How valid is the term white supremacy (which, in the US context, means “European origin”) when you’re talking about African kingdoms cowering to the powerful Mali Empire? Or huge parts of Europe, Asia and Africa bowing to Achaemenid Iran? Or Ottoman Turkey? But hey, some Turkish people are pretty fair-skinned right? Are they part of Europe? Or Asia? Heck, that entire debate is exactly replicated regarding whether Turkey should be let into the EU. Using the label “white people” in a global context is just enormously problematic because srsly global power relations aren’t as simple as “white vs poc”. If you must, say the “developed world” “European countries” “people of European origin”.

I have absolutely no problem with US social justice bloggers raising awareness about the oppression of American POCs. I support that wholeheartedly. What I have a problem with is when SOME people want to be willfully blind to how imperialists throughout human history have NOT just been white- and seek to perpetuate a FALSE image of global and pre-modern human history to fit their political agenda. Because what, “white people have oppressed poc forever” is such a nice, convenient bumper sticker slogan- whereas “There are varying forms of white privilege due to the legacy of modern European imperialism- which began around 500 years ago” is too long, huh? I really cannot stand this “American privilege”- the insistence on imposing US race relations and dynamics on the rest of the globe- and on human history even before the US existed.


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Do you know where this sudden skyrocket in right-wing populism in Europe (and The United State's for that matter), is coming from? I've read some speculation on news sites, with wide range of reasons given, from immigration, to reactions about society and culture becoming more globalized. I'm curious to hear your view on this.

Hi. I have talked about this before, though it was mostly in relation to the refugees crisis as this was what I was asked in particular at the time, but I think it is still relevant to this discussion as it is one of the many factors which led us to this mess. 

At the time I argued, and I still argue, that the rise of the far right had a lot to do with the way the left has abandoned some discourses to them by showing a staggering lack of moral courage when it came to discussing the refugee crisis. I find the way that those conversations have been shafted aside in favour of toxic political correctness wholly unhelpful; people want this conversation on how to integrate refugees (which we should welcome, as it is a human right) and on how to deal with the cultural clashes that are bound to occur following this crisis; and if you refuse to talk about it, you will not be making the problem magically go away, however, you will end up having only hateful voices being heard instead of having a nuanced debate on this incredibly important issue. So if you want to have my in depth thoughts on that in particular, you should go read this post here, because I don’t think I can explain it better than I did at the time.

That being said, in the case of Brexit, it is obviously only one of the many factors that has led to this decision, the first of which being historical. Britain as an Island has always felt at odd with the continent which it always distrusted, and has always embraced a rather isolationist policy toward it. This policy worked for them for as long a they were a global power with a huge Empire, the “problem” is that while the Empire rightfully fell, the mentality of the islanders remained and here we are today. Nationalism has always been a thorn in Europe’s backside, so to speak, it is nothing new. We are a patchwork of countries which have spend centuries upon centuries warring, othering and distrusting each others, and have partly constructed our national identities in opposition to one another, so it goes without saying that 1- the “marriage” was never going to be easy and 2- we would be struggling with dealing with globalisation. We’ve only just started to learn to like each other in the past 50 years or so, and nationalism is a demon of ours that we have not yet entirely put to rest as evidenced by the situation we’ve been witnessing today, but also in the months and years leading up to it. And a demon which rears it’s ugly head each time we are seeing some political and financial instability.

This historical context is very important to remember because it helps understand not only what is currently happening in our continent, but also why some US-american discourses do not work when applied to Europe, and why social justice bloggers on here are not helping when they try to force them on us regardless. While coulourism racism toward refugees (as explained above and more in depth in the post I linked) and even toward our own integrated minorities is real, ethnic racism has also always been a reality in Europe. A reality which has been shown today having very real and damaging consequences. It is not behind us, it is not a thing of the past, and it is important to acknowledge that feelings of superiority toward Eastern and southern Europeans - and more generally toward each other - have played a huge role and will keep playing a huge role in the rise of those nationalist parties. Because ethnic racism is still just as much a problem for us to tackle as colourism is, and when you insist that it doesn’t exist, you are silencing our problems, so please.. look at what happened today and think about what you are implying if you are an American wanting to support that flawed premise again.

Finally, obviously economical troubles have exacerbated those tensions, the EU has been struggling since the 2008 crash and European countries have the nasty habit of turning toward nationalism and isolation in time of economical depression, it is nothing new, and the only way to try and avoid this trap this time is to remember history and to not repeat the same mistakes. 

But given what has just happened today, I’m not very optimistic. 

anonymous asked:

On tumblr I have the complicated position of being American but also being a first generation immigrate. So I understand what American bloggers are talking about when they talk about racism in the US but at the same time I realize that those same concepts cannot be applied else where. It in fact really annoys me when they try to make a situation from another part of the world fit into the "white/poc" framework. I am also too afraid to say anything because I know how aggressive those blogs can be

Yeah, I understand. The social justice discourse here likes to see things in absolutes and verges on bullying at times.

I find it pretty ironic actually…the way some of those blogs actually make people scared of speaking the simple truth that racism elsewhere is different? Seems no different from the way US imperialism tramples other countries or Hollywood appropriates foreign narratives and repackages it for local consumption, nevermind if it has distorted it beyond recognition. You can’t claim to fight against US imperialism while perpetuating US cultural imperialism by forcing US race politics on another context. 

I made a really long post about global racism months back, and inevitably I would get people saying “that’s discrimination based on ethnicity, NOT racism” or “Japanese imperialism in Asia is NOT racism because everybody is the same race”. And it felt frustrating because in much of the world, racism has very much operated along ethnicity, not to mention race is an artificial social construct that takes it colour from society! Not to mention it was completely illogical to assert the Japanese could not be racist to other Asians seeing that we don’t see ourselves as “Hooray Asians!!” in Asia. (In fact, that whole “Asian Brotherhood” crap was Japanese propaganda they tried to use to obscure their aggressive and imperialist designs to exploit other Asian countries).

It matters how we see ourselves, not how people on another continent see us. Where I grew up in Asia, what we called racism included discrimination based on ethnicity. In Europe? Ethnicity based racism is everywhere, and the Nazis were just one of the most hideous explosions of it. Yet so many people act as if the colourist variant is universal when ethnicity probably matters more in the rest of the world outside the Americas. There’s a good reason why the UN definition for racism doesn’t just encompass colour, after all. Not that colour doesn’t matter cos it does a great deal, but it’s not the sum of things.

I’m so tired of seeing so many ill-informed posts trying to examine the Charlie Hebdo situation and what it means in terms of religion, racism and culture. what’s the point in applying a US-centric view to a very nuanced French political and cultural system?

what’s the point in speaking out if you’re clearly not informed on the history and motivations of French leftist publications, on the extremist right-wing politics in Western-Europe, on the history of immigration and integration, on the role of secularism?

context is key, social justice bloggers, especially when you try to show how your lazily googled Charlie Hebdo cartoon is frightfully racist, while, in fact, that very cartoon attacks the bigoted rhetoric of the right-wing Front National. oh, the irony.

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What are some things you dont like or want change about tumblr?

I dislike social justice bloggers who have no clue what they are talking about and are on such a high horse that they can’t see how harmful they are being to the causes they think they are helping. For example, the Human Rights Foundation is going to drop a bunch of DVD’s of “the Interview” in North Korea which will likely end with innocent families being publicly executed over a stupid fucking movie. This is exactly what most social justice bloggers are like. They don’t really care, they just want to stir people up and promote themselves. It is about self importance not making a difference and most of the time, the people are so poorly misinformed and hyped up over nothing that they are a joke.

I dislike that you cannot temporarily disable the fanmail feature like you can asks, and I dislike that you cannot temporarily disable your blog like you can your facebook page. These are things we definitely need on tumblr.

I dislike that people can change the original content of a post, for example, picture and captions can be replaced, making a picture of an innocent gay kiss into a sexual post about  some underage hookup. Nothing pisses me off more than someone replacing innocent lyrics with smut. This was also the case in a photo I posted of Mike Brown’s mother crying while looking at a picture of her son, some asshole replaced the caption which was her statement begging for peaceful demonstrations with a self promotion. And of course, we have all seen the post about men having unrealistic standards, while it may be funny to replace those pictures with pictures of Spongebob or Chris Christie, it completely disgusts me because that post is very important and could have actually helped people struggling with body image had someone just left it alone.

I don’t like that tumblr has one of, if not the worst messaging system of social media. This needs to be fixed but so far, despite popular demand, it has been ignored. We need messages longer than we currently have, we need to be able to chose whether or not our message can be published publicly or privately when the person responds, we need better notification that our question has been answered, and there needs to be some form of historical record of conversations, and we should possibly have a chat system.

I don’t like that people reblog things like emergency alerts years after the alert has expired because they are too lazy or rushed to research it. This can only be changed by bloggers though, we need to get in the habit of googling something before we post. For example, I posted emergency updates about Typhoon Hagupit two months ago, and people are still reblogging and saying things like “OMG I had no idea this is happening. #Prayers.” Well maybe you should google Typhoon Hagupit and realize it was in November of 2014. Same thing happens all the time with missing person posts. There was a child missing in Philly over 2 years ago who was found within a few days, but the post is still circulating with people saying “Signal boost, let’s save a life. You won’t see this in the news because the kid is black.” No, let’s educate ourselves by using the power of the internet to take 2 seconds and google something before we post it trying to be self important social justice bloggers, you won’t see it in the media because that child was found and now you are wasting time when you could be out there actually reblogging current missing children posts and calling out the media for what they are doing now.

Tumblr started backing important causes a while back, adding a sunshine behind the tumblr logo to educate people on Typhoon Haiyan and how they can help, but now they ignore causes like what is happening in Syria and Mexico, or what is happening in the Transgender community, in order to promote National Toast Day or National Doughnut Day.

That is just naming a few but those things REALLY bother me about this website.

lately i been seeing some non-Mexican Latinx social justice bloggers use the “not all Latinx’s are Mexican” argument to express some really anti-Mexican racist sentiments. 

Like, I’m with you, not all latinxs are Mexicans, the homogenization of the ethnic group “Latinxs” is dangerous and erases alot of identities.

But don’t hide behind this argument to talk shit against Mexicans. And don’t try to hide your true intentions of disassociating with Mexicans because you think we are inferior , “uneducated”, “ugly”, or “wetbacks” (some common words I seen used to refer to Mexicans in these arguments)

i see you…

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heterosexual caucasian male issues

this is just another example of a social justice blogger trying to make a jab at me I do not appreciate this! Please just let me watch football in peace thank you

  • me: i want more queers
  • everyone else: excellent, here are some white gay cismen for you
  • me: no i mean like... more different kinds of queers. white gay cismen is about the only group represented in media and in fan work

I really really hate how tumblr has to make everything about race. I see so many posts where people automatically assume this person is being hated on because of their race. There’s one that’s been going around recently showing how TV shows are supposedly imitating black men when they talk. Like what the fuck? If you want racism to not exist stop fucking calling everything racist when it’s not about race.

Cultural Appropriation goes into this, and this one annoys me even more. As a white person I cannot do anything if a white person did not invent it or else I’m appropriating someone’s culture. Dream catchers? Appropriating Native American culture. Dreadlocks? Appropriating Jamaican culture (I believe they first invented it, not sure). Houndstooth Scarves? Appropriating the Palestinian keffiyeh. 

Now I’m not bitching because I’m a white person who wants to do all these things. I just think it’s so fucking dumb that I’m racist and culturally appropriating them if I do any of the above.

And yet, if someone from their culture comes to America or Europe, we call it Westernization. We don’t say they’re appropriating American or European culture. So what the fuck is up with that?

I understand taking kimonos, hijabs, etc, and sexualizing them as people such as Lady Gaga have done. I understand why people are against that. But why is it so fucking wrong for someone not a part of that culture to wear these things otherwise?

It’s a double standard. A white person can’t do it, but a POC can and we call it Westernization. People should be able to wear whatever they want. No one is destroying a culture by wearing it. They’re just uneducated because society has made things such as Keffiyeh’s mainstream and you wouldn’t think that they came from a certain culture unless you knew something about it.

Then there’s also the fact people eat foods from different cultures or speak the languages and no one has a problem with that. It seems to me like people, especially those on tumblr, like to find anything to bitch about. If you choose to reblog this with some sort of attempt at social justice, do me a favor. Make sure you are from a culture that gets appropriated. I don’t want to see any white social justice bloggers thinking they know everything because that’s mostly what I see on here.

If you’re going to try to tell me I’m wrong, at least know some shit about the culture besides what you’ve fucking read on tumblr.

Some social justice bloggers need to stop.
There’s a difference between someone liking part of a culture and appropriating it. If a white girl likes dreadlocks, who says she can’t have dreadlocks? Who says only black people can have dreadlocks? I think trying to make people stay in their stereotypical groups is more harmful than a white person who really likes a part of a culture and decides to do it/wear it but… That’s just me I guess