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Keith: What are your strengths?

Lance: I fall in love easily.

Keith: Okay.., what are your weaknesses?

Lance: Those beautiful eyes of yours. 

being able to watch baekhyun play with children is a privilege we should appreciate



Exo reacting to you softly biting them and acting as if you didn’t do it :)

A cute little request by @exobiasaday


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You two would be watching tv and you’d be resting your head on his lap, and that’s when you’d take a bite out of his thigh. He’d playfully smack your head(nothing too hard).

“Jagi, why’d you bite me?”

“Hm? what do you mean? I didn’t bite you.”

From then on, he’d keep an eye on you.


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Sehun would be in the kitchen grabbing something to eat, when you’d peak your head from the threshold to see what he was doing. When his back was turned, you sneak up behind him and bite his arm and run off like you didn’t do it.

“You have one more time to try something like that, and I’m coming for you.”


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Suho would act like you hurt him because let’s face it, he loves to joke around even though half the time he’s not funny at all. 

“What, do you sharpen your teeth?”


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baekhyun wouldn’t really be amused. Instead, he’d just be wondering why you did that. He’d look at you like you were weird when in reality he does the same thing to you.


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As soon as you bit Lay, you’d look in the opposite direction once he looked at you. You’d try to keep a straight face, but the longer he stared, the more you wanted to laugh. He’d catch you off guard by pulling you closer to him so he could return the favor. 


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Xiumin likes to play fight, so once you bit him and ran off like you didn’t, you started a war. Something that would probably end with you two tiring each other out from running around the house.

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Kyungsoo is usually really playful when it comes to you, so when you bite him and play like you didn’t, he’d wait until you weren’t looking to do the same thing. 


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Since you do this often, it’s become one of Chen’s favorite things that you do. He thinks it’s literally THE cutest thing. Now he even plays along with you.


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Biting Chanyeol would result in you starting some kind of trouble. You would look away and act like you didn’t do it and he’d take that as his chance to bite you right back. But, it would be anything but soft.

“Two can play that game, jagi.”


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