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放弃我,抓紧我 Stay With Me  Ep. 6 - Wang Kai Headshots


Daddy Jongin: Moodboard 3/?? 

  • literally right after she was born and he held her he tells you “lets have another one” and you almost choke him 
  • calls his daughter “princess” or “angel”
  • paints her little toe nails for her
  • adopts a puppy so she can grow up with it
  • shows off pictures of his daughter to everyone
  • the rest of exo are the “uncles”
  • cries when he finds out she wants to be a ballerina
  • always wants her cute little kisses
  • watch cartoons in the morning while eating cereal together in the living room
  • lets her give him “makeovers”
  • loves it when she falls asleep on him
  • attempts to make breakfast together for you
  • calls/video chats you while he’s on tour to talk to his princess and “babies”(aka the dogs)
  • cries when he has to work for long schedules because he won’t see her as much
  • always tries to do her hair but can’t even pull off one braid so her hair’s a big curly mess when you’re not around
  • puts her on his feet to dance with him
  • exo uncles always wanting to babysit her
  • laughs really hard when chanyeol or baekhyun get hit by her
  • jongdae tried singing her to sleep but went overboard on those high notes so she slapped him on the mouth 
  • his princess wants to “marry sehun” and he gets jealous
  • you take her to a fansign event once in a while to surprise him and she sits on his lap waving to people the whole time
  • sometimes people ask for her “autograph” and she draws a cute little doodle of a dog
  • uncle suho won’t stop making dad jokes and she’s not amused
  • all three of you cried when one of your dogs got a little sick and had to go to the vet
  • jongin comes home to see his “sweetheart” and his “princess” sleeping in a dog pit on the living room floor (of course he joins you two and falls asleep almost immediately)
  • she gave him her favorite little stuffed animal when he had to leave for tour so he can have something to remember her by (to which chanyeol & sehun have to drag him out of your house cus he’s sobbing and really doesn’t want to leave his little angel)

I’m about to cry realizing this boy makes me smile so much and idk why I’ve been breaking down plotting my way out of the chaos I’m in and just seeing his face makes me feel a little better . i hope you guys aren’t going through too much and i care so much about you i know it sounds stupid but i hope everyone gets through their problems and love them selves a little more; i want you guys smiling at how strong and beautiful you became ok? ok i appreciate the support it means SO MUCH to me.