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If you look closely, the couch in the background of dan's new video is the same as the one in the eurovision snack pic he took with phil's arm in it. He filmed the new video in the Lester family holiday home, and came up with the excuse that his "video background" is too empty to film in. Brb I just need to cry my eyes out real quick

they ask you how you are


Undertale IF: Chapter 2. The Arrival - 3 (FINALE)





And, here’s the super late conclusion of Chapter 2! (and also really late update, sorry guys.. I am just glad I was able to finish it.) 

I decided to stick with larger panels - scroll format like the earlier updates - the page style really didn’t feel right.. I think I finally found the most fitting panel style for me. 

Next Chapter, as showcased from the previous teaser, is called ‘Motive’. The length will be about twice as much then Ch 2, but I’m glad I am finally getting to the part that I want to draw ! 

What is your favorite/least favorite romantic trope? 

My all-time favorite is enemies to friends to lovers. If you look closely at most of my favorite ships, they all fall into that category: Elizabeth/Darcy, Belle/Beast (Disney’s version, anyway), Ben/Leslie, Beatrice/Benedick (altho they sort of skip the friends bit), the entire relationship in You’ve Got Mail (and its predecessors). For me, it’s all about the witty banter. I’m in love with super annoyed quips that eventually turn fond. My parents are always teasing each other and so it’s probably some formative thing deep inside me that sees comfortable teasing as the ultimate act of love. I don’t always like this ship, but usually! 

My second favorite is friends to lovers, done most excellently by Jim/Pam in the Office. My other favorites include Emma/Mr. Knightley, Ron/Hermione, the romance in Breakfast at Tiffany’s and a bunch of non-canon ships like Dean/Seamus. This one I really love because of the partnership aspect of it. I’m really into functional, partner romances. 

A trope I don’t like is probably the geek guy gets the girl, that unpopular geek guy who obsesses over the popular girl for the entire movie/series and they eventually end up together. I don’t know why I dislike it. It’s probably a combination of personal preference and my feminism ruining everything. I don’t always dislike it (I can’t think of an example but I’m sure I don’t always dislike it), and I don’t hate it when it’s inverted with the geek girl longing over the popular guy. It’s just not for me.

I also dislike when fandom influences the writers of a show. I don’t like it when there is a enemy presented as truly Evil or somehow abusive to the main character (let’s say, Spike, or Logan) and then when the fandom pushes hard enough, it’s written as a great romance. I know this seems opposed to my all time favorite, but they usually skip the friends bit and the bantery bit and just go straight to making out. I usually don’t hate the ships that come out of it (I don’t mind or dislike Spike/Buffy, Logan/Veronica, or Emma/Hook), but it just annoys me. It annoys me because fandom also usually has a huge homosexual pairing they’re pushing that is largely ignored because the writers claim to have a plan or a vision when it’s clear they just don’t “see the character that way”. I don’t even usually like the big fandom gay pairings (not a huge Emma/Regina or Xander/Spike fan), I just don’t like that it’s so blatant. I don’t like that it’s clear writers will bend over backwards to write a relationship that fans want, as long as it’s not gay. It feels unfair to me. I don’t mind that writers take fans into account. I don’t mind popular fandom pairings. I just mind that it’s so clear what the writers think listening to is important.

Okay this turned into a big rant against television writers. What I really wanted to know is YOUR preferences. Send me your favorite and least favorite romantic tropes, with examples!

prompt: shotgunning

they’re at the local playground, him and michael, and it’s nearly midnight. the two of them sit at the top of the little tower, huddled close together. they’re smoking. michael’s hands tremble from the cold as he passes jeremy the blunt. 

“sometimes i can still hear its voice,” jeremy says, smoke curling lazily from his lips, barely visible in the darkness.

“right now?” michael says, nudging him with his shoulder concernedly.

“no,” jeremy says. “but sometimes.”

he hands michael the blunt carefully. michael fumbles for the lighter.

“c’mere,” michael says, taking a hit, and before jeremy can even think to move, michael’s lips are pressed firmly against his, exhaling smoke.

jeremy breathes in. he wishes he could taste michael’s lips, sweet against his, but his mouth just tastes like weed. his head is dizzy.

“hey,” michael says. “what does it say to you? the squip, i mean.”

“it doesn’t really matter,” jeremy says. “i don’t listen.”

michael leans over and presses a kiss to his forehead, his temple, the top of his head.

“whatever’s trapped in there, i hope it knows i love every part of you.”

jeremy’s smile is bright enough to light up the midnight sky.

ID #81702

Name: Jamie
Age: 21
Country: USA

Hello there! My name is Jamie, and I live in the United States of America, in the state of Ohio. I’ve never had a pen pal before, but I love to write so this should be a piece of cake!
Anyway, my interests are photography, writing, cooking, gardening and trying new things. Except maybe skydiving.. I cannot handle heights(but if I had to I guess I would). I am an avid watcher of anime, movies and television(when I have time), and I am always open to recommendations!
I am currently trying to learn German, and so far I think I’m doing well… Just don’t ask me to say too much just yet. I’ve found that I am better at reading German, than I am at speaking it. I am also interested in learning Hungarian, due to my Hungarian heritage on my father’s side(he’s half Hungarian).
My plans for the future are to:
- Become a published (successful) author. (I am currently ATTEMPTING to write my first book. Ask me about it, I dare ya.)
- Travel through Europe and Asia
- Successfully learn a second (and hopefully third) language.
I am open to talk about anything. I can’t wait to hear from you!

Preferences: I don’t have many preferences for a potential pen pal, only for us to be around the same age. So 20 years and up? Oh, and I’d prefer to have an international pen pal, as I would love to learn about other cultures and see pictures of different places. Doesn’t matter where you are from, just as long as you want to exchange post cards, emails, photos, or mind me sending you origami flowers or cookies. If you aren’t comfortable with those things, then we can stick with letters.

like that is part of why I can’t watch the show anymore

for some reason people think Os was a perfect angel and everyone else screwed him over, even Ed, who did everything for him all the time until he realised how disrespectful and awful Os had been to him and decided to take revenge

you can’t just constantly gloss over what Os does as though it didn’t happen


me too, plagg… me too.

Marichat May (Identity Reveal)

welcome to adrien inner mind theater (again-ish)

my headcanons are that this nerd reads a lot of shoujo manga and that he really does think he’s beautiful af so here you go—


Imagine Lance sneaking out at night to hug Keith and cry with me.

Vernon’s prime number 359 and 3 + 5 + 9 = 17, it’s the 2nd one giving this result. He’s the youngest after Dino, so here you have next possible numbers for everyone:

  • 881 - S.Coups 
  • 863 - Jeonghan
  • 827 - Jisoo
  • 773 - Jun
  • 719 - Hoshi
  • 683 - Wonwoo
  • 647 - Woozi
  • 593 - DK 
  • 557 - Mingyu 
  • 467 - THE8 
  • 449 - Seungkwan 
  • 359 - Vernon already confirmed
  • 197 - Dino

(+less than a revolution seems like it’s a hint for 359 too because 360 - 1 = 359, so who knows what’s next)

edit: it could be also a hint that comeback is 5/25 (the day before their debut date)

edit2: Hansol had 224 number in his jpg file and it actually means “today, tomorrow, forever”