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john’s appearance just says so much about him. he’s so buttoned up at the start, and even when he wears jumpers instead of button-downs, they’re so bulky. they keep him hidden. protected. but as early as tbb we see him in that stripey shirt–it’s still long-sleeved but it’s thinner, more relaxed. it’s john settling into being comfortable around sherlock and being comfortable with himself.

but then after sherlock jumps, it reverts, gets even worse. he starts wearing the scarf in s3, covering himself up more, protecting the vulnerability of his own bare neck. the only time we really see him in anything more relaxed is at the start of hlv when he’s in bed dreaming of sherlock, which is the only place he can allow himself to be open about his desires anymore.

so the fact that in trf, he’s lounging around the flat in his short little bath robe, bare chest and bare legs, it’s so striking. it’s such a difference from both where he started and where he ends up after the fall. he’s allowing himself to be so open, in a way we never see from him again after that, and it’s his love for sherlock that did that, that let him grow into being that comfortable as who he is. it’s heartbreaking that it’s so short-lived.

Chris and Eva will always be endgame, and not only in my head. 

You can’t erase four seasons of development - development of their separate characters and of their relationship both intertwined which says basically everything - and most importantly you can’t erase an actual, objective, steady and constantly evolving progression that was there until the last minute of the finale when everything fell apart. It hurts because it would have been the perfect closure and coronation of their maturation - both as individuals and as a couple - but lazy wiriting just to give the cheesy parallel with season one had to win over making sense and coherence, I guess. Character development was thrown in the bin, it’s true, but I’m actually trying to see this mess from another perspective: we went back to the beginning and almost everything it’s the same as it was at THAT party… Jonas and Eva are in the same unstable, shaky and slightly toxic relationship again and Chris is still the same (if with Emma was different he wouldn’t have kissed her straight away and not like that… he would have act differently… but he didn’t cause this is just a false glimmer)… how much time do you think will pass until Chris and Eva will find each other again? Their innate connection - almost like an unbreakable bond - and their fatally natural chemistry are just too strong, they are constantly brought together because they’re like magnets who can’t really stay apart. It’s just a matter of time and even though sadly we won’t witness it… it will happen and this time for good. Remember, cause I’m sure these words and the parallels* with Jonas’ scene in bed were not for nothing: they’re not a couple… YET. 

* there are plenty of high-quality parallels to be honest: 

> Chris saying Eva was brainy and that he liked that whilst Jonas treated her like a stupid shit, making fun of her grades and mistakes etc; 

> Chris dreaming of getting together with Eva whilst Jonas dreamt that she was a “slut”; 

> Chris politely introducing himself to Eva’s mother whilst Jonas didn’t and most importantely didn’t even attend the dinner Eva organized to introduce him to her after he insisted and complained about that. 

You simply can’t ignore all of this. 


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My sister loves @emuyh-art‘s spideypool au and showed me this so I had to draw it for her.

So how about an Otayuri mafia AU where Yurio is the rebellious troublemaker grandson of the mob boss and Otabek is hired to protect him (from himself, and others). Because I can’t stop thinking about it :’)

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look at this boy’s mental state during/after bakugou’s kidnapping

and then look at that smile of relief after bakugou’s rescue

he cares abt bakugou so much it warms my dead heart

Another interesting thing…

I’m seeing a pattern with the body language there?

When they sit next to eachother, Shiro just leans into Keith, like he’s trying to reach, to make contact.. (In the first pic I think it kinda feels like he would be very happy to rest his head on Keith’s shoulder, second one almost like he wants to wrap an arm around him.)

But Keith… he clearly puts a barrier between them. His body language seems defensive. 


Oh by the way. To any followers who aren’t into SnK..... I’m really sorry. You’re going to have to suffer every Saturday until it’s over. My condolences.

Fairy Watching vs. Star Gazing cuz I don’t know which one I like better.

Food symbolism in Skam

I can’t believe how good this show is, everytime I re-watch it I find something new to focus on, especially when I read fan theories! They make me pay attention to things I never even considered before. So I’m going to talk about food significance between couples throughout the seasons.

Season 1: Spaghetti
Eva made spaghetti during the cabin retreat which was supposed to be her romantic holiday with Jonas, but he invited friends. When she was plating her own food Jonas was waiting for her to plate his but she was angry and asked him if he doesn’t have hands and can’t do it himself and shortly after she storms off. I felt like that was foreshadowing their relationship because she was angry he brought his friends and in a way the friends threw a wedge in their relationship, Isak and Ingrid where the obvious ones who cause the relationship to end but s1 Elias was also driving a wedge by hoarding time with Jonas and influencing him to smoke up and that led to Ingrid being back in Jonas’s life.

Season 2: Cocoa
William made Noora Cocoa on their first date but Noora wasn’t very receptive to it in the beginning, but by the end of the date she accepted it and drank it cold, she said she liked how it was now chocolate milk. This could mean that the relationship was viewed in one way in the beginning but then changed as time went by and that was what Noora wanted. Also William was making her the Cocoa both times, he was the one always reaching out and wanting the relationship and Noora accepted it the first time reluctantly, but the second time she asked him to make her the Cocoa, which meant that she then wanted to pursue the relationship. Also the second time he made the Cocoa it bubbled over because he was distracted by Noora, which could foreshadow that their feelings are too intense for one another or that they wouldn’t last. I’m still not too sure about the meaning of the Cocoa bubbling over.

Season 3: Cheese sandwiches
We saw Isak and Even bonding over cheese sandwiches and how they added all those flavors while they were making them, especially cardamom. They both still ate the cheese sandwiches even when they where horrible. Even said that the sandwiches were so bad that now they were good but Isak disagreed, still they both ate the sandwiches but then got interrupted by Evens gf. This could signify that even though their relationship would be tough at times they are still willing to go through with it no matter the obstacles. Also when Isak buys a cheese sandwich at the cafeteria it signifys how he’s still willing to be in the relationship and fight for it even after he’s been hurt. And Even sees that and then sends the drawing of him and Isak in an alternate universe wishing they were together eating the sandwiches, signifying Even wanting to try again and wanting the relationship, which happens after the boy squad wingman Isak into getting Even back. Also can I mention how much I loved that scene, all the boys helping Isak out and I love how they use so many tumblr originated terms on the show like fuckboy and alternative universe (kinda felt like it was a nod to fanfiction).

Season 4: Carrots
Now season 4 is still halfway through but I feel that since we get 2 scenes with the food objects I can try to analyze the significance. We see Sanas mom first peeling the carrots then she hands the peeler to Sana and leaves. This can signify that Sana does not have experience with relationships and Sanas mom does. Sana tries to peel the carrots but in the wrong way and Yousef comes in and shows her how to do it right while they bond over it but Sana still does it the “wrong” way. This can signify how even though Sana is willing to try a relationship it’s still going to go wrong in a way. Then the second scene we see her not looking at Yousef and when offered a carrot she turns it down, not wanting to pursue a relationship with Yousef anymore, but Yousef takes a carrot signifying he still wants a relationship with Sana.

And that’s my analysis on the significance of food on skam, because Julie Andem is a genius.


Here’s some background on the S3 villain, Reign. It was put pretty obvious in the finale when they specifically said it will Reign. I think that literally no one got that reference since she really isn’t that well known. Reign has been described as Supergirl’s doomsday, but I’m not exactly sure how similar they are. Apparently Reign is a part of something bigger, or what seems like a bigger group of weapons. Reign is sort of like a weapon more than a person. She was created like Bizarro to be “evil”. So she’s not inherently bad she was created that way. I totally picture Kara trying to help her instead of fighting her. We’ll see how they decide to go with this. It will definitely be a test of Kara’s strength.