*planning my next drawing*

“Hum I really need to draw another couple that it’s not hinny.”

“Oh hey i’m drawing a beard”

“Why has this character a scar on his cheek”

“Why has this one freckles on the cheek”

“Hum what if I just change his manbun… WOW the girl now has a pixie that’s cool but”

“Why am I drawing a scar on the forehead now”

“Please control yourself”

“This is not supposed to be hinny”

“Not again”

“Not Hinny”

It’s Hinny.

anonymous asked:

how do i love myself

Eat what you want to eat. Drink what you want to drink. Listen to some good songs and dance to them. Do what makes you feel good. Remember, you are not the bad thoughts you have about yourself. You are not the flaws that you see on the mirror, that you see in yourself. You are what keeps you going each day and you need to embrace that. Embrace everything about you. You are amazing. You are beautiful. You are you, and that is love.

You have no clue how hard I try not to text you, or call you, or look at your pictures. You were once part of my routine but now that you’re gone, it feels like a part of me is gone now, too.


[ what is this mess lol ]