“Let’s go home.”

Mary, Sam, Dean, and Cas walk out of the barn slowly.

Mary takes a deep breath and, with her head down, heads straight for her car.

Sam looks to Dean, who stares at Cas, nods, then follows Mary.

Cas looks at Dean, and for a moment they just stare at each other in silence.

Sam and Mary whisper quietly in the distance.

Cas opens his mouth to say something, but before he can Dean has his arms around Castiel’s waist and his head in Castiel’s neck.

Cas wraps his arms around Dean as well, seeming to say that he meant what he said, that the Winchesters are family.

Dean takes a deep breath and sighs into Cas. He strengthens his hold around his waist.

And in his relief, Dean decides to say what he should have said long ago, and now only with the courage that comes from hearing it said to him first.

“I love you too.”

My body’s a garden,
From bone and up,
Grow daisy flowers and buttercups,
Full of beauty and grace,
But yet so plain,
Compared to the memories,
I’ve sworn to never speak of again,
Because deep in my soul,
Right in my core ,
Lies the remains of beauty,
That grew once before,
Roses so delicate,
Yet so strong,
Though nothing compared,
To the storm that raged on.
Butterflies drowned,
Flowers dying,
Clouds are angry,
Skies are crying.
Everyday I bottle up all this pain,
Deep within me,
Like a hurricane.

But sometimes this storm comes out of place,
The tears of the sky stream down my face,
And when screaming roses become too much,
I set them free,
The red petals escape through cuts.
But some remain trapped,
They die in my throat,
When I try to speak of it,
I begin to choke.
It’s hard to breathe
Before I know it,
I collapse to my knees.
I’m lying alone here,
The walls feel like they’re closing,
And I’m crying raindrops,
And bleeding roses.
All it takes is a garden of wildflower so no one will see that,
My body’s a garden of painful remains,
And there’s a storm inside of me.- (Sofie.B.Rose)

—  A poem I wrote when I was 14