i trust too fast

i’ve often been told that
my heart is a wildfire– 
it destroys what it touches
and it’s a devil to tame.
people have said that because of this,
i fall too hard
and much too fast. and that
i shouldn’t trust as easily as i do
because inevitably, 
i’ll just end up disappointed.

so many boys have ruined me in this way,
because they locked me
in the house we had
built for two
and stood outside as they watched me burn–
still trying to locate the spark that
started it all.

i was told by my father that
i should come with a warning. 
that people deserved to know just what they were
getting themselves into.

so, consider this yours:

my love is gasoline
and your lips are matches.

kiss me,
and you’ll watch me ignite.
—  your mother always told you not to play with fire // r.s.