i trust them trust them to not out that its me

  • Character:*has trust issues*
  • Me:oh no
  • Character:*has trust issues because of a thing in their past*
  • Me:o h n o
  • Character:*gets confused when people are genuinely nice to them and keeps looking for ulterior motives*
  • Me:O H N O
  • Character:*realises people are just being nice and doesn't know how to handle it*
  • Me:*quiet keening sounds*

mystrade in thirty different AU settings (x):

  •   [17/30] Superpowers AU

In the world where everyone has more or less useful superpower Mycroft’s ability to freeze is nothing special and the title of The Ice Man nothing more than a childish invective. The fact that he never witnessed Detective Inspector Lestrade use any powers is much more fascinating.

Especially when Mycroft realizes it has nothing to do with Gregory’s lack of ability and everything with his firm statement against using mind control.

oh gosh i’ve been having so many troubles with my name lately

i didn’t realize it would be a problem once i got older, but i’ve been getting the “i can’t believe i’ve known you all these years, and never found out what your real name is!” BUT like how. HOW COULD I..HOW COULD I KEEP THAT SECRET SO WELL. I FOOLED THE GOVERNMENT

people get trust issues with me when i say “i’m not kidding, it really is scout. you guys it’s–it’s on the birth certificate. i did not choose this” because they think i’m kidding and that i don’t trust to tell them my real name


Spent a bit of time with my girls yesterday after cleaning their tubs.

There’s this moment whenever I take them out, after they’ve done a bit of exploring where they will come back to and settle on me, yawn, and not move for about 10 to 30 minutes.

It’s an incredible feeling to experience trust like that.  Cats and dogs and other mammals, they all communicate on a similar level as us, and we can earn their trust rather quickly and easily.  Many of them have evolved along side us, and know us as companions right down into their genetics.  But a snake, a species that is as much prey as predator, especially ones as shy in the wild as ball pythons?  Damn, what a rush, man.  What a fucking honor when they see you as the safe place where they can relax.

They might not feel love or attachment the same way other pets do, but in its own way keeping reptiles is extremely rewarding.

anonymous asked:

I see a lot of things about poly shipping and stuff and you talk about it a lot. I feel real ignorant because i don't really understand how it works. Can you give me a intro to it if its not asking too much?

I’d give you a full rundown here but I’d get super long-winded. Mmm My basics are that the most important thing about writing poly is about understanding the real thing. Some ppl consider being poly part of their orientation (I’m one of them, it’s something I’ve always felt, always loved like and not something I can turn off.) and others consider it a lifestyle /choice/ for whatever reason. 

First tenant for me is being honest with and facing jealousy maturely. Being poly is about trust– you have to trust each other enough to know you’re not there to ‘steal’ someone away from anyone. It’s about sharing love freely without a slew of conventional relationship demands slapped on them. Some people work out written agreements or contracts. 

Basically; Communication. EXPLICIT consent. At all times. Poly groups don’t always look the same, either. You might have four people who love each other living together but they don’t have sex. Ace poly ppl are a thing. You might have two people who live together who have sex with each other but also have partners who they don’t have sex with or do– together or seperately. The combinations/possibilities are endless. 

Just remember: Being poly is not an excuse to lie/cheat/go behind your partner(s) back. It’s about loving each other and building each other up– a show of the purest love so as to say; “I can’t expect you to be everything in the world for me and understand that that is unrealistic and that you might find somethings you need in other people and that is okay, and doesn’t mean I’m losing anything.” 

So communication is key. Having a ‘secret’ partner is not cool, same with pitting partners against each other to get more of what you want (all things I’ve seen done in abusive settings unfortunately). 

Here are some good primers out there on the ‘net:

Great articles on the subject. 

Polyfidelity’s education section

And there are lots of others if you poke around. 

where there is a flame someones bound to get burned pt. 2

once he kicked down my walls

bashed thru them

took a sledge hammer to them

then took dynamite

& exploded the trust

pulled me in again

then exploded the trust

slowly began to admit this is real

then exploded the trust

outta fear

outta indecision

there aint no mountain higher

than the lies hes thrown my way

than the betrayal

that we have fallen into once more

its left me raw

my veins busted straight open

how have i reached the point again

where i almost wish i could scratch him out

i plead for him not to write me off

he tells me im more than that

but i guess to him

i deserve to get cut to pieces

to him this is a mercy

cuttin me to shreds is a mercy

but in reality

its a way to not face facts