i trust them trust them to not out that its me

Lets…talk about the scars on our little Crewtons though.

Newt obviously, a very marked man, its canon though we didn’t see them. He works with wild animals, he takes their hits he earns their trust, he bears his trophies of a job well done like a map of his victories. 

He doesn’t show them off, that’s not his personality, but he never heals them away, he never conceals the skin of his hands and cheeks and brow with masks of spells, though you’d be hard pressed to find the dimmed silvery lines on his face under his freckles. Many wounds leave no scars from the magic used to heal them, but the ones that held poison and venom and magic saliva or were sliced open with enchanted claws and ripped into being through cursed tendrils…those ones leave their marks and those he is most proud of. Those prove he did what he set out to do and that he lived to spread his knowledge.

Though of course you’d never see Newt blink one jot of acknowledgement for all he achieved. 

Credence, his whole being is ingrained shame. He barely wants to exist as himself as he is, let alone bring more notice of the struggles he’s overcome. You won’t see more of his skin if he can ever help it. His body is just one more regret of his existence. But once you strip away the last of his fabric armor you’ll see the evidence of his bravery. He will never call it that.

Scars upon his palms for the small sins of every day, Scars upon his knuckles for the careless manner in which he treats himself. Scars upon his arms from the hard work only the eldest boy of the family could perform, scars upon his biceps from digging his nails in deep at night to stifle the effects of his nightmares. 

Scars across the tops of his thighs for when Ma was more strict.

And scars upon the backs of his thighs for long old disciplines.

But the Scars across his shoulders were for infractions most dire. And those are the ones where his skin pulls tight when he twists a certain way.

He had many years learning to behave from his Ma, but he never did seem to manage it did he. 

One day, Newt will make him understand that his skin is a triumph of his power and the strength of his life. That day is far away


of course i trust you.
i’m the sole person in this world who trusts you

whiskey with avpd

(it makes sense to me… and i relate, so!)

- its why he seems so standoff-ish to the rest of smh (apart from tango)
- he hasn’t really gelled well with them because they’re constantly loud (it can be extremely overwhelming and sets his teeth on edge) and everybody is practically in each others pockets/business 24/7 (he needs his space, he really can’t do without it, and he doesn’t really trust them personally (past the point of #gotyourback during games) but its mostly because he doesn’t trust that he won’t make a fool/annoyance out of himself? he can’t deal and he really struggles sometimes)
- he Knows that bitty means well with the mothering but he can’t help it, its low-key annoying to him (he wishes he didn’t feel that way because bitty is genuinely so nice?? and he obviously cares?? but he literally can’t help it, rip)
- right before he gets to the point of wanting to snap at other people out of irritation or if he really isn’t in the mood to socialize, he physically removes himself from the situation before he can risk them thinking he’s an asshole (like……..he’d rather be seen as a small asshole who doesn’t want to socialize with them rather than a huge one who snaps at them over little things that all build up that aren’t even really their fault, its just him and he’s v aware of that fact)
- he spends a lot of time at the lax frat because they’re…chiller than smh. yeah, they’re judgemental af but its never aimed at whiskey himself so he can mostly tune it out. he doesn’t have to live with them or make a constant good impression and there’s less pressure to uphold a certain image 24/7 (all they know about each other is their names and there’s this air of indifference when they’re hanging out, its like? downtime? there’s a sense of detachment because they’re not really friends, despite what anyone back at the haus assumes. tango is the only one who knows the true nature of it)
- speaking of tango; they’ve become very close friends during their time on the team, they manage to really balance each other out?, and whiskey trusts him a lot. whiskey is actually really suprised by this, because tango can match bitty for rambling, but its not annoying to him. there’s just something incredibly soothing about the tone of tango’s voice when he’s asking questions, it doesn’t grate on whiskey or set his teeth on edge. he doesn’t feel like he’s gonna snap and thats!! rly important!!
- but sometimes (read: a lot of the time) whiskey worries that tango is going to get tired of “his shit” and leave him alone, so he often will bottle up his issues and worries until he gets to this point that he’s about to explode and its always pretty much the same; he’ll ramble and string together the most words tango’s ever heard him say in one go but, to whiskey’s constant surprise, tango will just smile softly and kiss whiskey’s forehead with a light sigh (the first time he did this was a short while after they started dating and whiskey was just !!! oh my god) because he can almost sense when it’ll come? when whiskey will keep things to himself, but he’ll always wait for whiskey to come to him instead of pressuring him because he knows that will only make it worse and will make it less likely for whiskey to actually come forward with his problems, and whiskey always feels his throat tighten up because god, how did he ever deserve this boy? what did he do to get him?
- n yh. whiskey with avpd

When you’re missing THREE Legend of Zelda amiibos…and they’re all priced at $85+ since they’re out of production…but…my collection…😩😢🙃

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If someone asks me out (or even just becomes a friend), should I give them a "disclaimer"? Like "hey I have these illnesses, they make me act a certain way and I can't control it"? Bc part of me wants to, but my PPD keeps me from doing it and idek if I have to or should do it. Thoughts?

I just don’t trust people with my brain stuff until I know they can be trusted not to abandon me tbh. Its probably not healthy but I don’t want to get hurt. If you think this new friend can be trusted then go for it, but only if you want to share this part of your life with them. Your mental illness is yours alone and it will not affect them anywhere close to how it affects you. Nobody needs to know what you think or feel unless you want them too. You don’t owe anyone anything when it comes to your thoughts. Only do what you want to and feel comfortable doing. -Mod Ronni

  • Character: *has trust issues*
  • Me: oh no
  • Character: *has trust issues because of a thing in their past*
  • Me: o h n o
  • Character: *gets confused when people are genuinely nice to them and keeps looking for ulterior motives*
  • Me: O H N O
  • Character: *realises people are just being nice and doesn't know how to handle it*
  • Me: *quiet keening sounds*

mick isnt innocent?  yall want to make it out like he his, but he dished out as much as he took.  even to people that never did anything to him, like Lily Stein, whose only mistake was being excited about synthetic food.  and though a lot of the last episode was because of poor writing and characterization, i would still say it was fair that they didn’t trust him because the first time that they trusted him, he betrayed them and almost got them all killed.  

make your excuses, and shit, but stop denying fact. im tired of watching yall act like your fav white guy didnt do anything wrong and the reason he backstabbed the people that tried to give his ass a second chance wasnt just because he expected better treatment than he afforded to anyone else.  get some fucking perspective

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About manipulation, I usually spot manipulation from a mile away unless it comes from family. I have just discovered that blindspot and since its from people close my usual measures to deal with manipulation are useless.

Ooh, family manipulation can be tough because throughout your childhood, you’ve been conditioned to trust them and biologically, you’re always linked to them. 

Usually if I’m even a little bit suspicious that a family member is trying to manipulate me, I distance myself from the situation and try to look at it as though I were a complete stranger. Person X (family member) is saying something/doing something to Person Y (you). Sometimes if you look at it the way a stranger would, you can spot manipulation easier because you’re detangling yourself of any lingering emotion/trust toward the other person.  

As for how to deal with it? I’m still figuring that out myself, haha. My family’s favorite line is “How can you <insert thing they are aghast about>, we’re family?” or some other guilt trap to get me to do something. It’s just, at some point, you have to learn when what they’re asking for is too much.

The only difference between family manipulation and regular manipulation is that its so much easier to manipulate family because you already trust/feel close to them.

 Usually if what they want me to do is simple enough, I’ll do it. You don’t want your family to turn on you, for a multitude of reasons. However, if they’re trying to manipulate me into doing something I absolutely would never do without their demands, then I shut. it. down. It’s harsh, but they’ll get over it.  

You know why? Because “how can you not forgive me, we’re family? I made a mistake, but I still care for you! We’re family.” It can work both ways, you know.

Remember, as a general rule, nobody can force you to do anything unless you want to.

Daddy’s Internal Strife

Nothing is more rewarding or requires hard work and dedication from a CG then earning their little’s trust.  I am talking about pure devoted they will do as we say without question trust. 

Its an awesome thing for both Daddy and LG. We have someone who loves us and has chosen us to trust us to take care of them and make the decision to guide them and help them! For an LG they can let go and take comfort that what daddy says is said in love and is in their own best interests. They don’t have to worry about the big or hard decisions anymore. Daddy has you.

With that being said let me clue you in on how things work in a daddy’s mind or at least mine.

1. Issue, Problem, or Decision Comes up

2. Daddy listens and learns as much as he can

3. Thinks over it long and hard to decide what to do.

4. Issues command, rule, order, directive, etc.

5. Internal freak out and melt down! “Holy crap is this the right thing? Will she hate me for making this choice? What if she leaves me? I just want to be the best daddy to her and make sure she is safe and loved”

6. Reassuring my LG that this is the right decision and reinforcing the ruling. Reminding her its made in love and in her best interests.

7. Internal Freak out #2 “Believe me please! Trust me! I love you listen to me let me protect and help you don’t hate me! Please don’t disregard this I truly believe i know whats best! You trust me don’t  you? Say you will trust me! Say you will be my good girl!”

8. Trying to fake cool the next morning and be confident yet nervous on whats going on behind those beautiful blue eyes!

But that’s when my Little Angel says “Yes Daddy” and “I love  you Daddy”. When i see her smile and laugh again. I know some decisions are fun and are tough. Life is full of them. Ill do my best to make the right decisions for you and us. And when you say sweet words back to me the internal freak outs die down. Self Confidence is restored.

I promise @daddys-little–pumpkin Daddy will always try to make the best decisions for you and for us. I will never leave  you to deal with them alone. Whether it be good, bad or indifferent we face them together like we always have. Thank you Little Angel for choosing me and trusting me. I will never take for granted your trust in me. 

Remember @daddys-little–pumpkin:

Who Loves you?

Who Takes Care of you?

Who do you belong to ?

“I just want to know, was it worth it?”

Spent a bit of time with my girls yesterday after cleaning their tubs.

There’s this moment whenever I take them out, after they’ve done a bit of exploring where they will come back to and settle on me, yawn, and not move for about 10 to 30 minutes.

It’s an incredible feeling to experience trust like that.  Cats and dogs and other mammals, they all communicate on a similar level as us, and we can earn their trust rather quickly and easily.  Many of them have evolved along side us, and know us as companions right down into their genetics.  But a snake, a species that is as much prey as predator, especially ones as shy in the wild as ball pythons?  Damn, what a rush, man.  What a fucking honor when they see you as the safe place where they can relax.

They might not feel love or attachment the same way other pets do, but in its own way keeping reptiles is extremely rewarding.