i truly tried


“It’s hard to tell the truth, and it’s hard to hear it. It involves feelings. It could make us feel uncomfortable with each other. But, to all of us, [hearing the truth] wasn’t bad. I believe Solar’s words strengthened our unity.”

i haven’t finished me:a yet - and i will! i want to know the rest of the story. but this game has already burned me way too many times. i’m sorry i can’t be more positive - trust me, i tried, i have been holding out hope despite every shitty thing that happens and all the garbage i see, but… i just can’t do it anymore.

bioware is supposed to care about this. this is what they’re known for.


requested: root and shaw + their endless list of skills (▰˘◡˘▰)

I tried, I truly and whole heartily did.
I spent hour after hour writing, rewriting, deleting, and editing hundreds of notes on my phone and thousands of papers with ink staining my skin where he should be.
As everything lays saturated and overflowing with feelings and words, I still cease to find or fit together these thoughts perfectly to help understand and explain what he does to me.
Hours turn to days, I still cannot find one piece of writing, one song, one line from my favorite book, that could ever do him justice.
He has plagued my mind, infected me with all that is good and pure, he is in my veins overriding all my doubts and fears and replacing them with the warmth of your smile
He has shown me things about myself I thought I had lost for good
He taught me to feel the things in both him and myself I never thought could exist outside of fairy tales.
The oceans will never have the waves required to swallow the mountains of love he unearthed from the depths of my soul.
There will never be a strong enough hurricane to drown the strength I’ve gained with him by my side.
The house I have slept and lived in for 15 years could never make me feel as at home as I do when he holds me close.
No matter how many police surround me, no matter how many knives my hands can hold, I will never feel as safe as I do when I find his hand on my knee, his thumb making circles as he drives slower than the speed limit.
With eyes on an empty road and car pointed towards the departure of a writer with her muse.
Yet, even with the view of mountains taunting me with the notion that too soon, I’ll be away from my happiest home
He removes his hand to turn up the music, allowing him to sing along to the music
As I watch him, at a loss of words, I am still reminded that no matter how far, he will ignite a fire in me that will burn hotter than a thousand stars
His eyes, those that which hold such a honey brown beauty that even Shakespeare himself is at a loss for words of how to describe their beauty
While I have never been one to look forward to the future, yet still, as I feel his lips on my forehead, I can see us clear as day in a year from now happier than thought possible.
There isn’t a single combination of words, out of all the quotes, poems and songs, not one can depict and properly show all that he is to me.
He is all that is anything in my life.
His mind is what holds my dreams, it holds the man who cannot be described with words
His hands hold all that I am with a kind of love that engulfs everything around it.
His mouth holds the key to my mind, his smile is a sight that can cause my breath to completely stop
His eyes contain all beauty in the world and with a simple look he makes me fall in love
He is my continuing happiness and strength, he is all my love and inspiration.
Words will never describe who he is to me because everything about my words, what they say, what they mean, how they came to form the way they did, are him.
No words can describe who he is to me, because he is all that my words are meant to be.

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uwaa ... can we have hugs and sweets from everyone !! we love hugs and sweets :D!!! -- taetae and jiminnie

Jin: Yoongi, Tae and I both think we should adopt kids for the club

Yoongi: no.

( @ask-planet-flower-vmin ) // I love your blog ;;;;; -admin elliot


The Hidden truths DLC looks great.

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Can I please request a scenario of jealous todoroki when his s/o asked him to hangout but he didnt want to so his s/o asked her close guy friend to go with her n now todoroki regrets bcoz his s/o kept talking abt how much fun they had etc so todoroki got kinda scared his s/o will leave him

AAAA this is hella cute and fun, thanks for requesting! Sorry if it’s kind of short…I’m so late with some of the asks I swear! 

“…and then Kaminari made a joke about how the protagonist looked like a male version of Kim Kardashian and I laughed so hard they almost kicked us out! It was so funny I swear, he knows how to make this silly voice and talked on top of the dialogues and it was hilarious!” fifteen minutes…there had just been fifteen solid minutes of you talking about that damn movie and about damn Kaminari…Todoroki was about to lose his temper “The film turned out to be rather boring, but he made it so much fun! I’ll ask him to hang out more often" 

“Hmm” your boyfriend just grunted, taking a sip of his frappe and looking away from you, clearly upset.

“And then he came home and we watched some parodies of the movie in youtube because it was so terrible…” Wait…he went to your house?? “Gosh, Denki is so amazing”


“You are on first name bases??” Todoroki asked, almost choking on his drink.

“Well, yeah” you giggled “We are good friends! I started calling you Shoto way before we even started dating”

“Right…” he muttered to himself, clenching his cup quite forcefully.

“Are you ok? You look mad”

Of course, of course he was mad! How could you be so dense?? You were talking so positively about some other guy who was so different to him…was that what you were truly looking for? Were you craving for someone fun, fresh and spontaneous? Was he being boring to you?

“I’m fine” he said, but when he tried to sip his drink again it was completely frozen…he realized he should maybe hold it with his left hand for a while instead.

However, as you were about to question him further, the ring of the cafe’s door’s bell interrupted you, followed by an happy, friendly voice that almost knits your boyfriend’s brows together.

“Oh? [name]! Todoroki! What are you doing here??”

From all the people on earth and from all the inopportune timings… Kaminari had to appear righ then to butt into the conversation.

“Denki!” you stood up to greet him, hugging him tight…so frickin tight…“we were just talking about you!”

Todoroki almost burnt his tongue as he took the next sip.

“I just lost a bet to Kirishima and I owe him a smoothie” he laughed, pointing at the redhead waiting for him outside the window “how about you? Are you on a date?”

“Yes” it was Todoroki who answered, coldly, harshly. But the other guy was way too dense to even realize he was interrupting, so he just kept smiling like a dork and ignoring your boyfriend’s tone that was so sharp it could have sliced his throat in to.

However, you did notice his drop of temper, and you were not pleased. At all.

“Don’t be rude, Shoto” you lowered your voice, throwing him a death glance and then turned back to Kaminari “You better get going, Denki. We both know Kirishima isn’t that patient”

“Yeah, you are right” he said, extending you his hand for you to high-five “see ya later!”

“See you!” you answered his greet and he went back to the counter to ask for his order. And, as soon as he was out of sight, you immediately stared daggers into your boyfriends wary eyes “What’s up with you today??”

By then, he had already given up on his drink so he had nothing to set his nerves into.

“Kaminari” he muttered between his teeth, yet you were able to understand him as clear as day.

“What did he do to you?? Are you mad at him??”

“Yeah, well, no. Kind of…"he trailed of, wanting to bang his head against the table "just, forget about it”

“Please don’t tell me you are jealous” you asserted, crossing your arms as you took his silence as an affirmative answer “I can’t believe it, Shoto. Do you really not trust me at all?”

“I do trust you”

“Don’t you trust Denki, then? Your own classmate??”

“I do trust him too”

“Then what is it??” you barked, fed up of his crappy attitude “What’s the damn problem??”

“I don’t trust myself”

You swallowed you words, staring at him taken aback, as he angrily stared at his lap.

“What?” your voice almost breaks, not ready for the abrupt change in tone, as you noticed the subtle anxiety darkening his eyes.

“I don’t trust to be fun enough for you to stay by my side…I’m quite boring, aren’t I?” his voice was monotonous and serious, yet his expression let you feel just how truly upset he was “At first I thought you felt attracted to me because of my looks and the fact I’m rather powerful but…I never considered if I had to be entertaining, and I guess I am not”

Shock clogged your throat as you heard him, and you found yourself unable to answer. Silence became dense and uncomfortable, especially since Todoroki thought that maybe you agreed with his words, and that you weren’t content with the relationship.

But as he was about to ask, he felt your hand grabbing his across the table, gently caressing it with your thumb.

“Who would have thought you were so self-conscious” you said, smiling at him fondly “don’t ever think you aren’t good enough, love, you are a beautiful person and boyfriend. And yeah, you can be serious or grumpy sometimes, but there’s no reason for you to be jealous! I like guys like Denki as friends, I would never date him”

“You wouldn’t?”

“Of course not, you dork! I just asked him to hang out since you didn’t want to watch that damn movie with me on the first place!”

“Oh” He felt embarrassed all of a sudden, thinking he might have sounded so stupid. But as his cheeks began to redden with shame, you abruptly concealed it with a sweet peck.

“I love the way you are, Shoto. Never forget that” 

He grinned, finally daring to look at you in the eye, and responding to your affection by tangling his fingers with yours and giving a sweet kiss to your hand.

“I love you too” 


Eric Smith was just 13-years-old when he was incarcerated for the murder, mutilation, and sexual abuse, of 4-year-old Derrick Robbie. On 2 August, 1994, Smith was riding his bike to a local park when he saw Robbie walking alone down the street - he was also making his way to the same local park. Smith then grabbed Robbie and pulled him into some nearby bushes, where he strangled him and bludgeoned him with a rock. He then undressed the body and sodomized him with a stick. While incarcerated, Smith wrote an apology to the Robbie family, which read: “I know my actions have caused a terrible loss in the Robie family, and for that, I am truly sorry. I’ve tried to think as much as possible about what Derrick will never experience: his 16th birthday, Christmas, anytime, owning his own house, graduating, going to college, getting married, his first child. If I could go back in time, I would switch places with Derrick and endure all the pain I’ve caused him. If it meant that he would go on living, I’d switch places, but I can’t.” He was recently denied parole in 2014.



Art for the glorious fic, Towards the Sun by the incredibly talented @pinesinthewoods and @notthistimespock!!

Dates with Seunghwan

  • The dates are always either really small quick dates he can fit in and still have the feelings he wants to show you or they’re elaborate.
  • The smalls ones take place in coffee shops
  • Or at a bakery 
  • Buys you whatever little pastries and desserts you want to make up for lost time. 
  • The biggest one being your first year anniversary.  
  • It actually happens a few weeks later than the day of your anniversary because of idol scheduling issues. 
  • He sets up your backyard as a cheesy restaurant setting. Twinkling lights, roses, the works. 
  • He wears that button down and tie you so dearly love on him.  
  • Gets Yunsung most likely out to be the waiter and does an honestly really horrible french accent WHICH WASNT PLANNED SO SEUNGHWAN NEARLY CHOKED ON HIS WATER WHEN HE HEARD IT. 
  • Has the others control the ambiance and music (Kangmin accidentally plays like metal music or something at the beginning and nearly cries because he messed up. Milo took over after that). 
  • Hyunkyung brings out your food. As you two are eating, Seunghwan starts talking. 
  • Talking about how much he loves you, how much you mean to him. How much he loves seeing you. How much he loves hearing your voice over facetime or on the phone. How every text from you brightens his day. How he wishes he could be with you every day. How he feels like…such a bad boyfriend. 
  • Eventually, a tear sheds from his eye. 
  • You don’t hesitate going to his side and cradling his head to your side in a hug. Reminding him of how well he truly is. 
  • How much you love him and that just because he can’t fit a relationship in doesn’t mean he’s not the best boyfriend you could have possibly dreamed for. 
  • He grabs your arms and pulls you down into a kiss. 
  • All of the emotions he’s wanted to tell you and show you into a single kiss that could mean more to you than you ever thought possible.  
  • “I love you.“
  • "I love you so much more than you can ever imagine.”  
  • "Yo! I never fucked Wayne, I never fucked Drake" 
  • “IT WASNT ME THIS TIME!!! YES!“ -Kangmin
  • "YOU WOULD HAVE DONE IT” -Hyunkyung 
  • Seunghwan sighs. "Time to scold the children.”

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What do you think of the architecture of Freddy Mamani?

The Bolivian architect Freddy Mamani Silvestre doesn’t have an office, use a computer, or draw formal blueprints. He sketches his plans on a wall or transmits them orally to his associates. Since 2005, Mamani and his firm have completed sixty projects in El Alto, the world’s highest city, which sits at nearly fourteen thousand feet, on an austere plateau above La Paz. New Yorker

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I wore many names when I was quick, but even I had a mother, and the name she gave me at her breast was Brynden.

brynden rivers + before becoming the three-eyed crow
(requested by anonymous)