i truly love their friendship

Have I ever told you how absolutely brilliant I think you are? Your mind really astounds me sometimes. Even when I don’t entirely comprehend the concepts, I still find so much joy just listening to you talk about anything. I wish I could listen forever.

There were a lot of quality Seros in this episode tho, that was so good

look at this cutie holy heck


I came here to remember I am alive. But now I realize I am no different from the dead.

Cold Coffee

Happy birthday @the-nerd-book-reader . I hope you had an amazing time today! I decided to write something for you, and I truly hope you enjoy it. You’re one of the most important people in my life, and I can’t imagine how it would be without you. I’m so thankful for your friendship, and I truly hope our friendship is forever. Love you loads x.

Draco was pacing back and forth in their apartment. He was desperate for some news. He loved the fact that his boyfriend was so passionate about his job as an Auror, but he couldn’t help the stress that came with it. Always worrying about his boyfriend’s well-being, scared for life that one of these days he might not come back home… He had spent the past five hours calling Harry without getting any answer. He then called the Ministry of Magic, to demand further explanations, but was quickly shut down, since apparently Harry was working in a top secret case, and they couldn’t reveal any information… They assured him that they would get back to him if anything out of the ordinary happened, but he hadn’t heard anything from them either. Harry was meant to come at 5 pm. It was now 10 pm, and Draco was starting to feel physically sick. He just wanted his boyfriend to be ok. It was all he needed.

Just as he was crossing the hall for the 584th time, he heard someone fumbling with keys. He lunged himself forward, immediately crashing against his boyfriend that had barely made it through the door, almost sending them both to the ground.

- “Where the hell have you been, Harry?! I’ve been worried sick, I called so many times, you can’t just do this!” Draco exclaimed, anger and worry filling his voice.

- “Babe, I’m so sorry. I got held up in a mission, and there wasn’t any way for me to contact you.”

- “How is it possible to not find a way to let me know you were caught up in a mission?! I’m always in constant fear of what might happen to you every time you walk out that door!” Draco yelled, tears starting to fill his eyes.

-“Draco, please be reasonable. You know the implications of being an Auror. I don’t just get to decide where I go on a mission. Things can’t be like that.”

“I am perfectly aware of how your job works, Harry, but I do hope you understand how I feel about all this. You’re my boyfriend, and it pains me to think that something might happen to you, I’m always waiting to hear a phone call from the Ministry reporting an injury, or…” Draco started crying. He was highly sensitive; he had always been. And Harry meant the world to him. Just the prospect of losing him made life unbearable.

“Draco, please…” Harry said, worryingly, while placing his hands on Draco’s cheeks.

“I’m sorry, Harry” Draco backed out and ran towards their bedroom.

 Draco couldn’t stop crying. It was ludicrous. He knew it. But he couldn’t stop. The War had left its toll on him, just like everyone else. He didn’t mention it, not to Harry at least, because he wanted to be perceived as strong. He didn’t want to be seen as the coward he’d been as a child. But he knew how terrified he’d been for his family. He knew he’d do anything to protect his family. And Harry was his family now. The idea of losing him was unconceivable. He loved him with everything he had. The love had started to blossom while they were still at Hogwarts, even though Draco only realised it after the War. By then he had thought it was too late, so he decided to move on. But then one night he saw Harry at some pub and it all came back. They started talking, and Draco’s feelings resurfaced, almost as if he’d never tried to push them away. They started spending a lot of time together, and Draco knew he was in deep trouble. He realised that Harry was it for him, that there wasn’t anyone else, only him. Four years later, and here they were.

Draco curled himself up in their bed, exhausted from all the stress and the nerves. He knew he just needed to sleep in order to calm down. He knew he was being dramatic, but he couldn’t help it. He would talk to Harry in the morning.

 Harry was a mess. He hated seeing his boyfriend suffer for him. Draco liked to pretend he was insanely strong, but Harry knew he wasn’t. He knew that Draco still had nightmares about the War. He himself did too. They had both been through a lot.

He sat down on their sofa and rummaged through the numerous things in his jacket until he felt something velvety under his touch. He picked up the black box and stared at it for a while. He’d known that this was what he wanted for his life after only a few dates with Draco. He fell hard and fast for the Slytherin, and soon realised that he was in fact the love of his life. The animosity between the two of them while at Hogwarts had always felt off, but Harry hadn’t given it much thought. After reencountering Draco, he realised what it all meant. And now he was sitting on their sofa, in their apartment, holding the rings that meant a lifetime of bickering, arguments, worry, but more importantly, love. He had planned to ask the question that night, but his job got in the way, and now Draco was upset. He knew all Draco needed was a proper night of sleep and they would be fine by the morning. With the thought of his boyfriend on his mind, Harry leaned back and fell asleep.

  The morning lights streamed through their bedroom curtains, illuminating Draco’s face. He slowly opened his eyes, trying to adjust them to the daylight. As soon as they were fully open, he looked at the other side of the bed and realised it was empty. Panic coursed through him. He remembered the previous night’s tantrum, and hoped that everything was alright. As he got up, he heard some noise that seemed to come from the kitchen and immediately smiled. His boyfriend always made breakfast for the two of them, he was much better at cooking than he was. He freshened up before heading downstairs. As he reached the kitchen, he saw Harry sitting on the kitchen table, with a newspaper in his left hand, and a cup of half drunk coffee in his right hand. He noticed there were eggs and toast on the table, and another cup of coffee. He quietly sat down, and started eating. He could feel his boyfriend’s eyes on him, but he chose to ignore it. As soon as he took a sip of his coffee, he spat it out.

-“Merlin, Potter, this is cold! What is wrong with you?”

Harry immediately started laughing.

Draco raised his eyebrow, in his typical posh pose. “What’s so funny?” He tried to hide the smile that was threatening to take a hold of his whole face.

“It’s nothing really. It’s just… You only call me Potter when you want to tease me.” Harry said, with a smug grin on his face. “Are you still mad?”

“Merlin no, Harry! I’m so sorry for overreacting yesterday, I just had had a tiring day, and I was so worried about you that I let it get to me. I’m sorry.” Draco said, as he held his boyfriend in a tightening hug.

“Good.” Harry said, against Draco’s neck. “Because there’s something I want to ask you…”

Harry took a few steps back and dropped on his knee, earning a gasp from Draco.

“Draco, we’ve been together for 4 years, and these 4 years have been the most amazing years of my life. I already had feelings for you when we were at Hogwarts, but you know me, I’m the definition of oblivious, so I didn’t realise it at the time.” Draco laughed. “But then I saw you at that pub, standing near the bar, looking as gorgeous as ever, and I knew I was in trouble. You are the love of my life, Draco, I can’t really imagine my life without you. You and I have been through a lot, and we’re both still healing, but being with you has helped me in ways I don’t even understand. You challenge me, you complete me. I’m not whole without you. And I know I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I want to continue arguing with you about the silliest of things, I want to continue teasing you, I want to continue helping you heal, but more importantly, I want to continue loving you. Until the end of my days. Draco. Will you marry me?”

Draco was already in a sea of tears by the time Harry had finished his speech.

“What does that mean?” Harry asked.

“It’s a yes, you prat, of course it’s a yes!” Draco threw himself at Harry, wrapping his arms around him, as if he were afraid of letting go.  Draco wanted nothing more than to spend the rest of his life with Harry. Have kids. Grow old. That’s all he had ever wished for.

“I love you, Draco.”

“I love you too, Harry. All of you.”

“Really? Even my cold coffee?” Harry smirked.

“Especially your cold coffee.”

Thoughts about Slytherin and Hufflepuff

Found this confession on the internet and I totally agree with it. Hufflepuffs are famous for their kindness and acceptance, but that doesn’t mean they could accept only someone equally good or kind. I think that Newt can easily be understanding towards darker parts of human nature like with dangerous creatures, he just accepts them for who they are.

I myself is a Slytherin but I always LOVED the idea of friendship between houses. Because what truly matters is personality, not the label you are given at the age of 11.

That’s why the mentioned friendship of Newt Scamander and Leta Lestrange in FBaWtFT so fascinates me. I can’t wait to find out more about Leta and her history with Newt.

Another interesting thing I found on the internet while browsing for some slytherin/hufflepuff related pictures is that badgers (the symbol of Hufflepuff) have very sharp teeth and actually eat snakes (the symbol of Slytherin). So could it be that Hufflepuffs are even more dangerous because everyone has this kind and light-hearted perception of them but in reality noone knows what they are capable of and what to expect from them.

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What do you think of the relationships of Iida and Izuku? I think they've had a interesting relationship since the beginning, especially during the All for One arc

Sorry for the wait Anon, I took me a quite a long time finding the right words and caps to answer this ask about Izuku and Iida’s relationship. I wanted to make it right because I truly love their friendship. 

The first thing that struck me was their interaction when they found out they were classmates. Izuku has been mocked his whole life, bullied and abused by Bakugou at school, never apologized to and denied by everyone and… Iida is the first person to praise Izuku for his skills and he recognize he himself had done something wrong and misjudged Izuku. Iida seemed to be quite antipathetic at first. He mocked Izuku in front of everyone before UA exam entrance and belittled him, but he admitted he was wrong. He didn’t take it in a personal way. When Izuku is about to enter his classroom, he hopes he’s neither in Bakugou or Iida’s class, and no luck that day, he got both. But the first thing Iida did, unlike Bakugou, was approaching Izuku and praising him. 

I find in really important because it shows that immediately, Iida thought Izuku’s well-being and right to be praised for what he did and respected was more important than his ego. I’m thankful Izuku made such a friend. Iida sees all Izuku’s qualities, and appreciate how he fanboys about heroes and is knowledgeable about them. 

He values Izuku’s talents, so much that during UA sports festival, he wants to compete with him. He respects and admires him for all those amazing things he already did, and is the first to look up to him in class 1-A. So naturally, he wants to be on equal grounds with him, because he wants to be as good as him. That’s how much he respects Izuku.

Todoroki defied Izuku as ‘Endeavor’s son breaking away from his father’s authority’ but Iida decided to establish this friendly rivalry between them because he doesn’t want to lose to Izuku, as he’s aware of what he’s really ready to accomplish. He holds Izuku in high regards, and it’s mutual seeing how Izuku ultimately decided Iida befitted the class president role much better than him, when Iida himself had voted for Izuku because he thought he was more qualified than him. And it’s saying a lot, given how Iida accords great importance to this role.

After what happened to Iida’s big brother, Izuku noticed something was wrong with Iida when he went for his internship, but didn’t do anything at the moment because he didn’t want to intrude on Iida’s private life, as they didn’t know each other for that long yet. Then, during the Stain incident, Izuku was here for Iida. Aizawa and Manual noticed that Iida probably went to Hosu because he wanted to track Stain, but did nothing about it. When Izuku realized what Iida was up to, he gathered all intel he had and rushed because he was sure Iida was in danger and was very worried about him;

(I find cute how he knows some Iida’s little habits like the time it takes for him to answer messages).

He protected him, even if Iida was blinded by anger and didn’t act heroic anymore. He wasn’t disappointed with Iida, he was just worried about him and wanted to talk with him, not blame him or anything, so they could come to a conclusion together.

When they defeated Stain with Todoroki’s help, Iida was sorry for what he did, and shameful of his behavior. He realized it because Izuku and Todoroki talked to him, and in a way, the things Todoroki said were also coming from Izuku. This boy has such a good influence on people around him. Iida was grateful for what they did, and I found the scene at the hospital very interesting. Instead of reproaching anything to Iida, because Iida understood what he did wrong when he witnessed Izuku and Todoroki’s bravery, Izuku was supportive and just made a promise with him to encourage him, so they both could move on and improve.

Then the most important interaction they had after that was during the Kamino incident. Iida was very harsh with Izuku, because he was worried about him as well, just as Izuku was worried about him in Hosu. Izuku has just recovered from terrible injuries, and here he was doing something reckless again. Iida cares about Izuku, and didn’t want him to injure himself again. 

He punched him, and honestly, with a lot of others shonen MC, it could have gone into a great fight, with emotions not being talked about and communication failing, but it didn’t, because Izuku was able to understand what was bothering Iida, and assure him he didn’t plan to get injured. I like the physical contact Iida made with Izuku, you can tell how desperate he is that he doesn’t get more injured than he already is because he’s afraid Izuku’ll suffer from the same fate hi brother encountered. And that sentence ‘Do my feelings… Not mean anything?’ It’s so moving to see Iida pouring his heart out like that and showing great concern in front of Izuku. Their friendship is so important; Izuku is so important for him. 

As a result, Iida, the class president and most responsible person of the class, who was highly against that rescue operation, decided to accompany them to protect them. Iida probably still thinks he owes Izuku a lot, so he went and took this responsibility as well because he want to watch over him and the others, and less because he really wanted to save Bakugou like Kirishima. Then, I found a scene particularly powerful. When All for One suddenly appeared, Izuku, Todoroki, Kirishima, Iida and Yaoyorozu were terrified, and could barely breath because they were petrified. Izuku was nonetheless thinking of what he could do, but the first person to move, to break away from the fear was Iida because he wanted to protect Izuku, to stop him to go and preserve him. 

The tension is very well conveyed in those panels, it looks heavy, so much you can barely breath, but the first to take a step and overcome his fear is Iida, because he’s even more scared Izuku and others are gonna do something reckless and hurt themselves. It’s his turn, his role to protect others now. It also shows how he changed since the Stain incident, where he was less caring about protecting than seeking revenge. Iida truly cares about his comrades overall, but really is considered with Izuku, and Izuku also thinks greatly of Iida. Their friendship with Uraraka is great, and I’m happy that Izuku could make those friends he could talk with after class because he’s been alone all of his school life so far, and Iida and Uraraka were the first to stand by his sides when no one has ever did before.

As a little bonus, I like this piece Hori drawn, where Izuku is being carried by Iida on his shoulders, like, it doesn’t always appear that much, but Izuku and Iida really are close friends.

When Rosaline and Benvolio are in her family’s cottage, there was something that bugged me last night, and is striking me again as I rewatch the scene.  She’s unleashing her pent up grief and rage, saying ‘you’ and ‘your’ as she describes the never ending cycle of death between the families, saying “It never crosses any of your minds, who actually pays the price.  Whose lives are actually ruined…who’s left with nothing when you leave this earth.” Benvolio cuts in, frustration clear when he says “I said I was sorry.”  He reminds her that he hasn’t done anything to her, that her hatred is for his name, and she says the same to him, and there’s a tear track down his cheek.  

He listens to her venting, and only barely defends himself, but what she says cuts him to the quick, I believe for two reasons.  First, because he has lost nearly as much as her to their family’s feud, and he wanted nothing to do with any of it.  He didn’t want any part of the fight with Tybalt, and only drew his sword in defense of himself and his cousin when he had to.  Even when Mercutio was killed, he ended the fight right away by disarming his opponent and left it at that to rush to Mercutio’s side.  He could’ve easily killed the man who was responsible for his distraction while his best friend was stabbed.  He, too, was one of the ones left with nothing because the only ones he had left were stolen from him because of the feud.  But he doesn’t correct her about that.

He finally understands why she seems to hate him so much.  I think it’s safe to say he warmed up to her much faster than she to him, and now he gets it.  He finally understands the gravity of what she’s facing: marriage into the very family that took her parents from her.  When he finally speaks up, it isn’t to point out that he’s a victim of the feud just as she is, it’s to remind her that he is not them.  He is not one of the men propagating violence and death…that he is not his family.  And as she reminds him that his own disdain of her is the same, it finally fully clicks for him that she’s right.  While part of him always seemed to understand the difference, and hate would be a very strong word for his dislike of her (I mean come on, I don’t think even Ben believed the ‘I may hate you, Capulet, but I don’t want your death on my hands’ line), another part of him did hold her family’s name against her just as she’d done to him. They’d both spent so much energy and time blaming one another for something neither of them were part of, and he knew because of it, he’d added to the pain she’d finally expressed.  

Now that they’ve come to a place where they can look past their family names, and see one another for who they truly are, I can’t wait to see the friendship - and love - start to blossom as it did in the book.

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There's no point in trying to make friends, because I'm going to fuck things up anyway. As soon as I do something even remotely weird, they're not going to like me, and they're not going to want to be my friend. I will lose the friends I do have, because I'm going to push them away out of the fear that they will never truly love me. I can't save these friendships, because if I explained my fears to them, they would be weirded out and wouldn't understand, and would eventually leave anyway.

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I know we can't really tell what's going to happen, based only on the clips we got, but I'm kinda...disappointed? :/ Like, don't get me wrong, I'm one of those people who has absolutely nothing against BTS/girls, but if Love Yourself and HYYH are really connected, then suddenly making everything about girls/falling in love, when so far it's been about their friendship, would suck :/ (also I really can't stand the 'I'm in love, so now I love myself as well' trope, if that's what it's gonna be)

(and continuation, because I ran out of characters: I reeeeeally hope the Hobi/Jimin plot isn’t going to be a love triangle :/ That’s one of the main reasons why I don’t watch K-dramas, because EVERY..SINGLE..ONE has a love triangle -_-; )

why would it suck if it’s about falling in love though? I truly understand the HYYH concept of friendship and how valuable it is and all but why would falling in love suck? I guess it is cliche for some but bangtan hasn’t touched on it specifically so I guess they wanted to try this time? but again why would it suck!? We don’t want bangtan to fall in love? Or because the love itself is romantic and y’all don’t want that? I truly don’t get why it’s being viewed negatively? maybe it’s our own high expectation of bangtan that’s ruining it? or believing theories that’s ruining it?

you even mentioned we can’t tell what’s gonna happen so I feel like though we have ideas about “what might”, I think we can reserve our disappointments for later? when we know stuff for sure already? 

I dunno, I keep saying this but I don’t like to dwell on negative feelings. I just don’t see stuff like that so sometimes I truly wonder why people dwell on the disappointments of the unknown. 

Camp Velaris ~ Chapter five

I was woken up by a knocking at my door.

Shit, I wasn’t late, was I?

As nice as Alis was, she had a strict no lateness policy. If you slept in and weren’t at your designated meeting point on time, there would be hell to pay.

So, understandably, I was feeling a little panic.

Still bleary eyed, I checked my alarm clock. 9am. Why hadn’t Mor woken me?

Someone was still knocking at the door, so, throwing on a sweater over my tank top, I went to see who it was.


“Good morning, Feyre darling. Get dressed. We’re going out.”

“Wait, what? Where are the kids? Why did no one wake me?”

“You do know it’s our day off right?”

Of course! Councillors got there days off once in the week and at the weekend, which was when the part time, weekend councillors stepped in to do our jobs over the weekend.

“I forgot. And we’re going where?”

“Out. Come on, Feyre. You haven’t left the camp since we arrived. So I’m taking you out. To look around. Just think of me as a tour guide.” He added with a wink that had my heart beating faster.

“Fine.” His eyes gleamed. “But this isn’t a date.”

“Never said it was. Now, come on, get dressed. I decided to let you sleep in for another hour. Do you know how boring that was?”

“I could hazard a guess. And poor little Rhys, having to wait an extra hour. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so sorry for someone before.”

“Whatever. Now come on. Hurry up. Your coffee’s getting cold.”

“You got me coffee?”

“And a breakfast burrito. Which I will be eating if you don’t hurry up.”

I raised my hands in mock surrender. “Okay, okay. I’m going.”

I shut behind me as I went back into my room. Since this was a casual thing, just two friends hanging out, definitely not a date, I put on shorts and a sweater but left my hair down, pinning some of it back. I was aware of the fact that he was just outside my door, and could probably hear me getting dressed, but decided to ignore it. Even if my slightly burning cheeks couldn’t.

After brushing my teeth and applying a bit of makeup, I stepped outside again, where Rhys was leaning against the wall casually.

“Ready?” He asked me.

“Where are we going?” I replied.

But Rhys, the insufferable prick, just winked at me and together we walked towards his car which was parked in the parking lot.

I pretended I couldn’t see him checking out my legs, which were starting to tan due to all my time spent outside.

His car was amazing, and obviously expensive, with its shiny and sleek black sides and its tires that looked so new it was like they hadn’t ever been on the road. After noticing me looking at his car with raised eyebrows, Rhys flushed a little.

“I insisted that I didn’t need a car this fancy. My father insisted. I much prefer less, uh, flashy ones.” He said, cheeks still slightly red.

The fact that he was embarrassed by something like his car made me smile at him. It made if seem more… human, if that makes sense. And, anyway, I knew he was rich. I guessed he would have a fancy car.

We had both gotten into the car when I replied.

“I like it, actually. My dad used to have a car similar to it. Me and my sisters would sit in it, pretending we were racing drivers. My father was terrified one of us would scratch it. Sometimes I thought he loved that car more than us.” I smiled to myself as I thought of the memory. A time before my father lost his job and when my sisters and I would get along.

“You never talk about your family.” Rhys said to me as he passed me my coffee and breakfast. I hadn’t realised how hungry I was until then.

“Neither do you.” I reply before taking a bite of my food.


Rhys began driving.
“So where are we going?” I once again asked Rhys, attempting to fill the awkward silence that was now between us.

“It’s a surprise.”

“A good one?”


Another silence fell between us. I sipped my coffee. I guess he’d been paying more attention to me than I’d thought. He’d gotten me my favourite; a latte with cream and no sugar.

“Thank you. For the breakfast.” I told him.

“It was no problem. I figured you could use a break from that cafeteria food anyway.

He was right. Eating the same sort of things for breakfast everyday did get monotonous.

“Well, thanks anyway.”

Another pause. Christ, this was getting awkward. Well, it was the first time we had been together, you know, alone.

“Where should I put this?” I asked, indicating my burrito wrapping.

“Just put it in the glove compartment for now. We’ll find a trashcan when we get there.”

“And where, exactly, is there?” I mused again as I opened up the compartment. “You know, in case we’re driving to the middle of nowhere for you to murder me.”

If I was planning to murder you, I wouldn’t have brought you breakfast beforehand.”


I was just closing the glove compartment when I accidently knocked something on the floor. Spotting it, Rhys hurriedly tried to pick it up but I got there before him.

“You have a Spice Girls CD?” I asked, incredulous.

He flushed again, “Uh, that’s Mor’s.”

“Really? Come on Rhys, there’s nothing to be ashamed of. My sisters and I basically watched Spice World on a loop when we were younger.”

“I’m telling you it’s Mor’s.”

“What, she just happened to leave it in here. I just thought you were secure enough in your masculinity to admit to owning a Spice Girl’s CD, but I guess I was wrong…”

“Sorry to disappoint you.”

“I guess you won’t mind me putting it on then…” I put the CD in and press play.

I start singing along when ‘Wannabe’ plays.

Rhys watches me for a second before starting to sing along in an out of tune voice, which means we’ve got at least one thing in common; slightly shitty got singing voices.

“I knew you were a spice girls fan!” I said to him when I’d turned the music off.

“Please, everyone knows ‘Wannabe’. This proves nothing.” Rhys retorts, but he’s smiling as she says it.

I roll my eyes at him playfully.

A pause. Then:

“Just don’t tell Cassian.”
We arrived at our destination about twenty minutes later. I still didn’t know where we were going, despite me asking Rhys every minute or so. But still, he didn’t relent.

We got out of the car and walked to a plain building in the middle of a street.

“It’s very… nice?” I said to Rhys, unsure why he’s taken us here.

He only chuckled at me. “It’s what’s inside the building, Feyre darling. Now come on, close your eyes.”

“What? This is a very murdery situation.”


“It’s a word!”

“A: it’s not. And B: I promise you that I am not going to murder you. Okay? Now close your eyes.”

“Fine. But if I do get murdered, you will be seriously haunted.”

“I’ll take my chances.”

I heard him unlock the door and lead me inside. We went through a hallway and through another door, and then he led me into a room.

“Open your eyes.” I heard his whisper to me.

So I did.

And all around me was art.

We were in the middle of what looked like it could be a studio or an exhibition room. The walls were covered in paintings of flowers and scenery and blue skies. In the centre of the room were sculptures, magnificent, great things made of metal and stone. It was like I had died and gone to art heaven. I looked up at the ceiling and gasped. What must be hundreds and thousands of stars were painted against a dark blue background that covered the whole of the ceiling. It was magical.

“I take it you like it then.” It was Rhys, who was watching me with something I couldn’t place in his eyes.

“It’s beautiful. What is this place?”

“It belongs to an old friend of the family. This is her studio. She’s moving to San Francisco in a few weeks, so this will all be gone. I know you’re an artist, so I thought you might want to see it before. None of the others are interested in art, anyway.”

That was the first time anyone had called me an artist. It was always ‘Feyre is interested in art’ or ‘Feyre is more creative than academic.’ I had never even thought of myself as an artist, but I realised I was, in a way. Sure, my paintings weren’t sold for millions of dollars and my work will probably never be displayed in the Louvre, but that didn’t mean I wasn’t an artist.

“Thank you for bringing me here. I really, really love it.” I said to Rhys, who was still watching me with a strange look on his face.

“I’m glad.” Was all he replied.

We were there for at least another hour, looking at all the different paintings and the sculptures. It was the most amazing thing I had ever been in my life. It was like being in someone else’s mind, seeing what they loved and what they were passionate about. I had always dreamed of owning a studio in somewhere like New York, but never one like this. One with so much creativity and light.

After we left, we explored other parts of this city. Rhys showed me his favourite spots and Rita’s, the karaoke bar our friends frequented often. He showed me the pizza place they would most often go to, and the places Cassian had gotten kicked out of.

I noticed that when Rhys talked about his friends, he was more animated then I ever saw him. He truly loved them, that much was obvious. I was jealous of a friendship like that. A friendship that was more like family.

Though maybe I was joining that family. It was a nice thought to have.

We were back in the car when I said to Rhys, “Thank you for bringing me here today.”

“It was no problem. You should see where you’re living for the next three months.”

“Thank you anyway.” A pause. “No one’s ever done something like that for me before. Like, ever.”

He only smiled before starting to drive away.

I looked back at Rhys only to find him glancing at me from the corner of his eye. We both looked away from each other again, my heart fluttering.

We spent the rest of the drive in silence.

But it wasn’t an unpleasant one.

Dearest Meg,

You wonderful soul. So filled of Light and Magic. We all see that, you know, even though you can’t see it for yourself. I wish you all good health, and a great life.

You’re an inspiration. So much love and admiration I have for you. Always keep that gorgeous smile glowing on your face. You’re not alone. We’ll never let you be.

You are an epitome of strength. Each day since the day I first came to know you, I’ve only learnt so much from you. You inspire me to keep fighting no matter how hard it gets. Just want to let you know that I’m proud of you and now you’re such an important part of my life that I can’t imagine one without you in it. Getting to know you is one of the best things to happen to me. And no matter what, I truly love you.

Your friendship is a blessing, not lessening just because circumstances don’t allow you to interact as much as you’d like. You bring smiles to many faces…you’ve brought many smiles to mine alone.

If only I could arrange the stars I would let you see every night how strong you are for all the love you carry in your heart. I wish for strength for you in every next breath, for you are one of the brightest stars in my life.

I’ve felt your hands tremble underneath my heart and I knew then I wanted to hold them, to wrap them in comfort. But it was you in the end, who grabbed a hold of me with your strength, will power, and good nature- a willing prisoner to your heart and smile. I never looked back, on the day you captured me, but now that I have I’m reminded how grateful I am to have you in my life. You can fight your battles, dream your dreams, live your life, and know I’ll be here by your side.

Love, light, and hugs,
A few of your friends ❤

(Anonymous collaborative love letter to @just-4-thought )