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Hi there, do you have any recs for long drarry fics? I'm not very good at finding them

Hello!! I’ve done a rec list for long, slow burn fics in the past, so please check that out because I love every fic on that list to death! But OH MAN I could talk about long Drarry fics for the rest of my life, so here are some more! All very long, but not necessarily slow burn this time ;)

What We Pretend We Can’t See by gyzym (131K)- Seven years out from the war, Harry learns the hard truth of old history: it’s never quite as far behind you as you thought.
This is the only one I am going to copy from the slow burn rec list, because I just want to rec it every day of my life. It is quite literally my number one favorite fic ever, and I am not exaggerating. Do you see how serious I am right now? I am never serious. This fic is so amazing it turned me serious. I’m not even going to summarize it again because if you trust me at all you will just go read it nooooooow.

Turn by Saras_Girl (307K)- One good turn always deserves another. Apparently. 
Of course in the middle of declaring my favorite fic ever, I had to remember Turn and how utterly brilliant it is and how I’ve reread it and it was STILL utterly brilliant the second time and have a crisis because MAYBE THIS IS ACTUALLY MY FAVORITE FIC???! Aaah help, I can never choose! Anyway, are you a drarry fan who hasn’t read Turn yet? Really? Well, in that case FUCK YOU BECAUSE I AM SO JEALOUS YOU GET TO READ IT FOR THE FIRST TIME YOU LUCKY BASTARD. *ahem* Anyway, in this amazing fic, epilogue-compliant and worn-down Harry goes to an alternate dimension in which he is happily married to Draco, owns the best pet snake ever, and makes furniture for a living (love artsy Harry <3). It’s truly a masterpiece, and as always with my recs there is a happy ending, so don’t worry!

Tales from the Special Branch Series by femmequixotic (272K so far)- (Summary is from the second part of the series, which is the first long installment: Lost in Your ArmsThree months after their brief encounter, Draco has almost forgotten about Potter–or so he tells himself. Then a Dark wizard shows up on the Auror radar and all hell breaks loose. Draco will have to choose between everything he holds dear–everything he’s worked so hard for–and a few stolen moments of passion with a certain green-eyed Inspector, once his sworn enemy and now something rather different entirely. He’ll make the right choice, won’t he? Who is he kidding? He’ll ruin everything, as per usual. Bad choices and the name Malfoy go hand in hand.
This series is a WIP, but a regularly updated one and the FIRST CHAPTER OF THE NEXT BOOK IS BEING RELEASED TOMORROW AND I AM SO EXCITED!!! I feel so lucky to be following along with it as it comes out, because let me tell you, this is an instant classic! There is lovely forbidden fornication between a boss (Harry) and his subordinate (Draco) (the prequel was written for the kink fest so you can bet the sex is SCORCHING), a very compelling mystery/case, and truly brilliant characterization! I identify so much with this Draco. And I also love that Harry isn’t the perfect flawless cinnamon roll he is often portrayed as in fics. Everyone in this series is very human, and I am just dying of excitement to find out what happens to them next! I know I’ve already gushed about this fic in several other places recently, and I’m sorry to repeat myself but I really can’t get enough! PLEASE JOIN ME IN ROOTING FOR @femmequixotic AS SHE KINDLY DEDICATES HER SOUL TO US ALL FOR THE NEXT BIT OF HER LIFE <3

Secrets by Vorabiza (395K)- Beginning with Draco’s unexpected arrival at the Dursleys, Harry’s summer after sixth year becomes filled with activity and many secrets. As his summer progresses, Harry generates several unexpected allies as he finds himself actively becoming the leader of the Light side. 
OMG it’s the first fic I ever read!! The fic that brought me into the fandom! I have suuuuuch a soft spot for this fic, and it is just so so so good! It’s probably my favorite adventure/wizarding war plot of all. Harry is just so confident and he embraces his Slytherin side and really Gets Shit Done, and it’s SO SATISFYING. Also, I love any fic in which Draco helps with the Horcrux hunt. Also there’s a baaaaaaby (no mpreg) and mentor!Snape, which is really nice. This fic was written post-HBP, but is SURPRISINGLY accurate in its predictions. Oh, and the sex is super hot too ;)

Checkmate by Naadi (245K)- Draco has the perfect plan to get Harry Potter and challenges him to a game of Dare Chess. But is it love, or betrayal, he has in mind? A real chess game is played throughout the story.
This fic is so lovely! It’s an “alternate 7th year AU”, written after Goblet of Fire. It’s fluffy and funny and lovey and then dramatic and passionate and YEAH I LOVED IT. The real time game of chess, in which Harry and Draco take turns making “moves” (on each other) is just such a wonderful idea. Read the author’s note for more info! 

Leo Inter Serpentes by Aeternum (658K combined so far)- Just one conversation between two eleven year old boys goes slightly differently, and the world changes. Just how much will be different with Harry being sorted into Slytherin, and how much will stay the same?
SLYTHERIN HARRY ALERT SLYTHERIN HARRY ALERT! Yep, a Slytherin Harry rewrite, and a REALLY GOOD ONE. Like usually I love the idea of Slytherin Harry, and then once I start reading I either find I’m bored because everything is just a repeat of canon or I can’t get into it because everyone is so OOC. But not this one! This fic is engaging and different enough from canon to be interesting and I love the eleven-year-old baby drarry friendship that eventually turns to romance! This fic also features benevolent mentor!Snape, which I suppose is either an enticement or a warning depending on your preferences. You SHOULD be warned that it’s a WIP. But the author is currently actively posting the 6th book, and I have hope it won’t be abandoned :)

Any Instrument by dicta_contrion (131K)- Draco Malfoy wouldn’t go back to England for anything less than an exceptional case. Being asked to figure out why Harry Potter can’t control his magic might be exceptional enough to qualify.
Okay I have a HUGE thing for healer!draco and this fic portrayed him so so so perfectly. Harry is having complications with his magic after an operation gone wrong. So Draco comes from France and of course they can’t get together because Draco is Harry’s healer but OMG THE UST and then let me just say that when they finally do have sex, it’s the most beautiful, moving, heart-stopping sex scene you will ever read. Like, I felt it in my soul. And the character development is so compelling and there are literally no flaws in this fic whatsoever.

Starts With a Spin by Maxine (120K)- It started with the spin of a bottle, and now Harry and Draco have gotten themselves so far into their own game there’s almost no way out again. Except to keep playing.
AAAAH this fic has all the teenage drarry feels! They’re so in character, always trying to one-up each other! And like these constant party games are happening and they’re being “forced” to go further and further with each other by their friends until they’re actually having sex, and YET THEN THE WAR IS STILL ON AS WELL, and it’s just super well-written and great! Another classic :D

Changing of the Guard by Lomonaaeren (210K)- Need a perfect stranger? Ask Metamorphosis. Harry Potter runs the business secretly and becomes whoever’s needed for each occasion. He’s not sure whether he should be more surprised, worried, or amused when Draco Malfoy comes to Metamorphosis and requests an actor who can play his boyfriend so that his parents will disown him. Yet Harry has even more dangerous choices after he creates Brian, Draco’s “perfect” boyfriend. Draco doesn’t know who Brian is, but he’s trying to find out—and now so is Harry.
Aaah Lomonaaeren! Drarry writer of my dark, dark heart! And yet I know some people aren’t huge fans of her style and I don’t want to be reccing her fics all the time, so I try to keep the Lomon recs relatively infrequent. But if you are looking for long fics and you do like her style, I’m pretty sure she can keep you busy for like an entire year. This woman is more prolific than Steven King, and it’s a true blessing. As for this particular fic, Harry basically has Dissociative Identity Disorder, but he has been making the most of it by running a whoever-you-need-for-hire business. Only then Draco arrives, and Harry’s world had to come crashing down at some point and that point is NOW, and the drama is just so so good and this fic gave me ALL THE FEELS. It’s possibly my favorite of her fics :)

When I was in elementary school, I knew that gay people existed. Many people had told me it was wrong, but I knew they existed, I knew it was an option.

When I was in middle school, I knew that bisexual people existed. Many people had told me it was wrong, but I knew they existed, I knew it was an option.

Eighth grade rolled around and my friends started talking about how hot male celebrities were and I got this fuzzy feeling of confusion: I wasn’t attracted to them like I was supposed to be.

So there I was, thirteen years old at a lunchroom table, assuming the only orientations that existed were gay, straight, and bisexual. I wasn’t attracted to guys. I assumed I had to be gay.

And gay became an integral part of my personality. I created a tumblr, followed gay blogs, shipped girls together, I did everything I thought a gay girl was supposed to do.

Only, as the years passed, I felt less and less at home, because every time I saw a post about how hot a female celebrity was I got this fuzzy feeling of confusion: I wasn’t attracted to them like I was supposed to be.

But I ignored it. I was fifteen years old, laying in bed, scrolling through posts I didn’t fully identify with. The only options were gay, straight, and bisexual. And I wasn’t attracted to guys.

In sophomore year of high school, I came out as gay.

Over winter break, I spent a lot of time on the internet, feeling broken and confused. I was gay but I wasn’t attracted to girls. I scrolled through the lgbt tag, looking for an answer, and came upon a list of identities.

I found asexual and demisexual in it. Gay had been a huge part of my identity for two years. I grabbed demisexual and ran with it, because maybe, if I found the right person and got close enough, something would click.

It never did. As the school year flew by, I thought about asexuality more and more, and in early spring, I settled with it. It made me feel a little broken, but hey, I was still homoromantic, so I couldn’t be all that broken, could I?

By the summer between sophomore and junior year, I no longer felt broken. I still had a safe space in the queer community and I was loud and proud about who I was.

That same summer, I met a bisexual girl and an aroace girl, roommates at a summer program. My asexuality and homoromanticism became something I talked about often, an even bigger part of who I was.

Junior year of high school, a girl asked me on a date and I said yes. After all, I liked spending time with her and I wanted to be closer to her, that’s what romantic feelings were, or so I thought.

A month into the relationship I realized my feelings couldn’t be romantic. I liked cuddling with her and I liked talking to her, but I never wanted to kiss her. I never wanted to hold her hand.

I looked back, and I realized every single ‘crush’ I had was exactly like this. I wanted to cuddle and I wanted to be closer. I never wanted romance. I just wanted a stronger freindship.

It was terrifying. I felt so utterly broken and confused because if I wasn’t gay, who the hell was I? I remembered aromanticism and I talked to my aroace friend, and for the first time I truly identified with what was being said.

Despite this, I continued to feel broken. I found some aromantic blogs, and I sent anons, and I read the faqs, and day by day, I accepted myself more

But there was still something missing. The fandoms I had become a part of, the girls I still shipped, that hadn’t changed. What changed was the fact that suddenly I wasn’t welcome there.

Because my junior year is this year, and as I was finally feeling comfortable with myself, the discourse began. I am told that I’m basically straight, that I have no place in the community I have called my home for three years.

Maybe if that’s all it was, I would be able to brush it off as hate and reassure myself I was queer, that I wasn’t doing anything wrong.

But the thing is, I’m also being told that I’ve never experienced oppression, that I never felt like an outcast because of who I was.

And you’re partially correct, I have never felt like an outcast because of who I am. But every day I have felt like an outcast because of who I’m not.

Since I was old enough to talk I’ve been told I will have crushes. Since I was in middle school, I’ve been told by my parents it’s okay who I have crushes on, that if I like a girl it’s okay too.

But I’ve never been told it’s okay not to have a crush. In fact, during truth or dare, every time I said I didn’t have a crush people told me I was lying, and I learned to make them up.

Since I was in middle school, I’ve been told it’s perfectly normal to be sexually attracted to girls or guys or even both. All are normal.

But I’ve never been told it’s normal not to be sexually attracted to anybody. And so when I was lectured by adults on how I need to be careful when having sex, even if I’m really attracted to the person, I smiled and nodded, not bothering to correct them.

Since I joined tumblr, I’ve been flooded with posts about how it’s okay to love who you love. No matter who you’re attracted to you’re a valid individual. I never had to look to find these posts.

But I’ve never just stumbled across a post telling me it’s okay to not have crushes and it’s okay not to be attracted to anybody. I had to search those out by following ace and aro specific blogs.

So now I’d like to present to you the definition of oppression:

[uh-presh-uh n]
1. the exercise of authority or power in a burdensome, cruel, or unjust manner.
2. an act or instance of oppressing or subjecting to cruel or unjust impositions or restraints.
3. the state of being oppressed.
4. the feeling of being heavily burdened, mentally or physically, by troubles, adverse conditions, anxiety, etc.

And I dare you to tell me that I’ve never experienced oppression.

Spider-Man: Homecoming(out)

Peter knew he was scared, he also knew that keeping secrets from those he cared about most had never seemed to work in his favor. Keeping the fact that he was a masked superhero from his Aunt was hard enough… hiding his hopes of ever being able to transition was a whole new task. Not to mention May didn’t even have the first idea about Peter’s “gender situation”, as one of his friends had put it. (He knew they meant well, but it still put a weird taste in his mouth.) He had long since mentally shed his existence as Petra, but there was still outward lingerings of her life, Aunt May included. He knew it was time to bring her up to speed…. on at least one of his secret identities. 

Peter: Okay, this is gonna be fine. 

Aunt May is the best person on the planet and you know she loves you.

-You gotta do it. This is who you are. 

Okay- Hey Aunt May! Can I talk to you? 

Aunt May (from the hallway): Sure thing sweetie, I’ll be there in a second!

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Shit on your local LGBT shitlords

If you identify as LGBT, I truly feel you have a very real duty to let all the acephobes and islamophobes and transphobes and interphobes and ableists and racists and other shitlords in your LGBT community know that they are NOT WELCOME. 

Like, seriously. for example: the asexual community on Tumblr is dealing with such a huge onslaught of acephobes right now. Tumblr blogs about asexuality suffer pretty much constant attacks, from anon hate to whisper campaigns to doxing. And most of the acephobes that do this identify as LGBT.

There is a group of LGBT people out there who believe they need to ‘protect’ LGBT spaces by violently attacking vulnerable communities. Now those people don’t care if aces hate them, but they might care if they know LGBT people hate them too. So if you are LGBT and you are NOT a violent acephobe, what have you done to let these shitlords know that their behaviour is not welcome? 

i think i love shameless so much because there’s parts of each character that reminds me of myself a little and that kind makes me sad because everyone is so fucked up but it also helps me identify what kind of person i truly am and how to fix the aspects of myself that i dont like so thanks shameless writer but also fuck you 

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Real people can queerbait. If someone famous clearly hints more than once that they may not be straight knowing for sure they are that is queerbaiting. Celebrities are brands too. People using all Harry's support towards the community is obviously inaccurate and no one should listen to larries ever but if someone queer feels like certain things Harry has said about himself feel like queerbaiting then that's how they feel like and they're not so wrong that people should invalidate their feelings.

Just as a starter, I don’t think that larries are uniquely (or even predominantly) the ones at issue in how people address Harry’s sexuality, it’s a pretty fandom-wide issue. But beyond that, feeling disappointed that Harry (or any other celebrity) is not openly LGBT because you felt like he indicated he was and it would mean a lot to you if he came out, and blaming Harry/accusing him of queerbaiting for it, are two completely different things. People will react how they react to what Harry does and says. But it does not make Harry blameworthy and it is not queer baiting. 

I think many people are putting hugely unfair pressure on Harry. Sexuality is really complicated for a lot of people. Putting a label onto how you identify and saying that label and formally “coming out” and all of that is really hard for most LGBT people. To take myself for an example, like the fact that I am ~not straight literally never occurred to me until I was 18 and in college. Like I can look back and identify signs now, but truly, the realization hit me like a bus in a (no kidding) intro Women’s and Gender Studies class, when I realized I had a crush on this cute sophomore. I’ve since then had approximately 9,456 mini-crises. I’m on the board of my school’s LGBT organization, have four (five if you count the Lisa Frank rainbow unicorn) LGBT-related stickers on my laptop, and regularly wear pride shirts. But if you ask me how I self-identify, I will drop a smoke ball and run away, because it’s hard and it makes me nervous and I dunno, I just don’t want to! Like my parents probably have suspicions, but I’m not “out” to them. There’s no reason, like they’d support me and all that, I just… haven’t done it. The thought of any formal sit down or whatever just…. stresses me out? Like I said, I dunno! I’ll make some jokes and have ~indicators of my sexuality all around, but I’m not really “out.” And who knows, maybe I’ll end up with a guy and will have never really “came out” and people won’t really know how I identify. But does that mean I was baiting anyone? No. It means things are complicated. 

And one of my best friends definitely identifies as straight. But she’s on the board of the LGBT organization too, and worked at Lambda Legal, and has pride stickers too. Lots of people probably think she identifies as LGBT too. But she doesn’t. She’s just an ally who actually shows up and does stuff for the community. She doesn’t constantly declare her sexuality, because that’d be weird! I’m skeptical of allies who need to constantly reaffirm their straightness. Someone thinking you LGBT is not a bad thing. Reaffirming straightness while claiming to support the LGBT community isn’t really helping, it’s continuing to perpetuate that it’s bad to not be straight. So is she queer baiting anyone? No.

Think about how messy all my feeling are, which just exist in a small vacuum of my life, and then put it onto the stage of literally millions. Harry has 20 million followers on his social media account! People track everything his says and does. If I find the idea of addressing my sexuality stressful and complicated, imagine what it might be like for him. So if he does identify as LGBT (and loving women doesn’t make him not LBGT! there are more identities than just gay or straight!), and he feels comfortable making jokes and waving pride flags, because it’s reaffirming to him and also reaffirming to LGBT fans, then great! It means a lot to me and I’m glad he’s comfortable doing it. If he’s not comfortable saying “I’m not straight,” for any reason, I respect that! And I get that like holy crap, I can’t imagine the stress he’d feel.

And if he identifies as 100% straight, then he’s actually done what I want allies to do. He’s reaffirmed the validity of LGBT people and supported causes and been there during the bad times and the good times, and made tons of fans feel more welcome, loved, and safe. And he did it without making it about him, without making it “I’M NOT GAY BUT.” He did it just to do it.

One more final note, before I wrap up this essay: I also think the idea that it is bad that Harry could be choosing not to come out for career purposes is really, really harmful. It may be that Harry/his team/those close to him came to the decision that at this point in his career, explicitly coming out wouldn’t be wise. There is still so much homophobia out there. I could blame him 0% if he made that decision and it was largely a strategic one. It doesn’t undue the constant support he’s shown in ways that are still explicit, but don’t involve “coming out.” And people make the decision to not be out at work all the time. It’s shitty and I wish it wasn’t the case, but it is. LGBT people have to make active choices about whether or not to be “out” all the time. The world’s more welcoming than it used to be for LGBT people, but it’s still… not all that welcoming. There is ample evidence for that. I would never expect Harry to come out just to make me happy, if he didn’t feel it was the right decision for him at this point. Everyone can have their own feelings and that is allowed, but you can’t project your feelings onto a real human making decisions in a landscape of potentially complicated feelings and difficult situations and get angry when they’re not following what you want them to do. Life is tough, and I really do think Harry is doing his best to be here for the LGBT community, whether he is explicitly part of it or an ally. 

Why I needed Wonder Woman

I’m not much for short essays, but this is a must (mild description of a scene, skip if you want no spoilers).

Originally posted by jynsandors

Wonder Woman has finally premiered, and I have some things to say about it. I went into this movie hoping for it to be good. Hoping that there was still life left in the DCEU. What I did not expect was to watch this movie and realize how badly I needed it. God, did I need it.

I’ve been a fan of superheroes my whole life. While most girls my age wanted to be princesses, I wanted to have Superman’s powers and save people. Yet, I hadn’t realized I had never seen a full-blown female superhero movie. It never occurred to me how small-time Elektra and Catwoman had been (and not very good movies). Or that the only female superheroes I watched were almost a parody, and the serious superhero show only had two women in their team, out of seven. It had never struck me that there was no powerful woman on the level of Superman seen on the big screen, only in the small one. And not many.

Originally posted by goktugeminsafli

Until Diana climbed up that ladder and started taking all the fire from the Germans in No Man’s Land. Seeing her being the tank of the team was something I never realized to crave so badly. It was only when my lips were quivering and tears were running down my face that I knew this was more than just a Wonder Woman movie. This was the superhero movie I’d been waiting for my whole life.

Wonder Woman was everything I wanted her to be, and more. She was powerful, complex, interesting, but above all, she’s someone I can truly identify with. It made me feel like I no longer had to settle for Lois Lane, but that I could have a power equal to Superman himself. She felt real, like a person, and not a cardboard cutout of what a woman is supposed to be, according to society. Of what I’m supposed to be.

And, for the first time in my life, I felt like I mattered as a human being. That a story of someone of my gender can be told without being reduced to a sidekick or a love interest. That for once, someone else was the love interest, and a woman had her own story to tell in a genre not deemed ‘appropriate’ for women. And it was heard.

I had been waiting my whole life for this, and damn, did it feel so good. So good, that it brought me to tears several times. Because it feels good to have representation.

Representation does matter. Dammit, it matters.

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I wanna join in on the positivity so to all my fellow enbies, or those questioning if you're an enby, it is 1000% okay to need to "test out" labels before you've become certain of who you are, and it's okay to not 100% fit the mold of what that may mean. Identifying as trans first gave me the footing I needed to find the LGBT community and safely be able to transition to identifying how I truly feel and am. It's okay if you have to test out a label first <3

all of this is true!!


The LGBT+ Pride Project, No. 30

Constanza P. de Lara Bonatti | 19 | Pansexual (?)

Why did you decide to come to the photoshoot?

Because I support unbiased inclusion and I truly feel identified with the LGBT+ community.

What does the flag mean to you? 

It represents the inclusion of absolutely everyone. I think the flag’s joyful colors accurately transmit the community’s joyful approach.

What is your opinion on the existence of an LGBT+ community? 

I think it’s important that it exists because there still exists a lot of discrimination, not only towards this group but towards many others. I love this community because it has an active but joyful approach, it’s purpose being spreading a largely positive message.

a little script ft. trans!Peter Parker

((The pronouns and name are the ones that Peter has internally started using for himself, so that’s why we get those from this perspective even if Aunt May doesn’t know yet. Sorry if that’s confusing. Just the best way for me to write this out. Also it is written in a weird format, but that’s because I will eventually be cosplaying it.))

For @akumapheles
Hope you like it! It’s short, and I may add more, but here it is!!

(Brief prologue- Peter knew he was scared, he also knew that keeping secrets from those he cared about most had never seemed to work in his favor. Keeping the fact that he was a masked superhero from his Aunt was hard enough… hiding his hopes of ever being able to transition was a whole new task. Not to mention May didn’t even have the first idea about Peter’s “gender situation”, as one of his friends had put it. (He knew they meant well, but it still put a weird taste in his mouth.) He had long since mentally shed his existence as Petra, but there was still outward lingerings of her life, Aunt May included. He knew it was time to bring her up to speed…. on at least one of his secret identities. )

(Peter is pacing his room, mumbling to himself, and basically just freaking out.)
P: Okay, this is gonna be fine. Aunt May is the best person on the planet and you know she loves you, you’ve gotta do it. This is who you are. Okay. Whew. Yeah.
(Aunt May is in the laundry room folding.)
P: Hey, uh, Aunt May? Can I talk to you?
AM: Sure thing sweetie, I’ll be there in just a second!
(She picks up the basket and turns to Peters room with a knowing look on her face. When she makes it to the room she can tell something is up.)
AM: Petra what’s the-
P:I have to tell you something…uh.. okay, here goes nothing I guess-
(Spoken at the same time)
P: I’m a boy. AM: I know you’re Spider-Man.
P: Wait-How did- what?!
AM: Okay well, that explains the whole “man” aspect of Spider-Man- honey, I know you, and just suddenly wanting to do laundry on your own separate from mine…I knew something was up…so I may have checked a load and well..-
Peter drops his face to his hands. Aunt May rubs his back soothingly.
AM: At least you’ll be done coming out to me for awhile, right sweetie?
P: (groans) So…you’re not mad?
AM: Oh Petra- (Peter freezes) did I say something?
P: (timidly) Aunt May… I’d actually like to go by Peter now… I know this is a lot all at once and I should’ve told you sooner but I was scared and yeah. Peter…
AM: Okay- Peter… of course I’m not mad. I’m more relieved than anything else. I don’t have to pretend like I don’t know where you are when you go out to do all of your superhero “duties”. Now I can actively worry and yell at out when you get yourself into stupid situations. (Grins at him, Peter gives a nervous smile)
AM: Peanut, you know I could never be truly mad at you, and if you… identify- I hope that’s the right word- if you identify as a boy then you are one and it is not my place to have an opinion on that. You will always be my kiddo and I love you so much.
P: (stunned silence) I- thank you Aunt May. I- uh- I guess I didn’t know what to expect, I was worried you might think I was b-bad? Or wrong?
AM: Peter Parker, if there’s one thing you are, it’s good. Anyone who says differently can come speak with me. (Smiles at Peter wholeheartedly.) Peter… I quite like that name really. My nephew Peter, THE Spider-Man. (They hug)

EN - Alicia Vikander – New Lara Croft

It has been 14 years since Angelina Jolie played Lara Croft for the last time. Since then, Lara Croft has gone a long way in the video games. Her successful return in the reboot (2013) has let us imagine a wind of change for the franchise. And a possible new cinematic interpretation of the emblematic hero.

A few months ago the Oscar-winner actress Alicia Vikander made her role of Lara Croft official. With her fame and recent performances, Alicia Vikander seems to be the right actress to play Lara Croft, while interpretations of strong female characters are more and more regular, such as Katniss Everdeen in “The Hunger Games”, Tris Prior in “Divergente” or Rey in “Star Wars: the force awakens”.

Today, the actress revealed her role to Vanity Fair:
“When I was asked to take on this role I got really excited—Lara Croft is a truly iconic character. I think people can identify with her for lots of different reasons, but for me I very much see her as a model for many young women. She’s trying to carve out her place in the world and connect her future with her past. She also has a fantastic mix of traits—tough, smart, vulnerable, plus she’s kick ass! She is also uniquely different to other characters I have taken on previously. It’s a lot of fun trying to get into Lara’s head and the challenge of getting to grips with such a physical role is an element of this project that I find an absolute thrill.”

Producer Graham King also revealed: “Alicia Vikander brings tremendous depth and vulnerability to this character, which is every bit as important as Lara Croft’s fierce strength, determination, and physicality. Our film takes Lara from her early origins, to the physical and emotional challenges through which she ultimately becomes the Tomb Raider. It’s a complex character, requiring a range of elements and Alicia brings all of that together brilliantly in her portrayal.”
About the synopsis
If you expect a new story far from the one of the reboot of 2013, closer to the classic Lara, you can go on your way…
Indeed, the movie focuses on the youth of Lara Croft from the reboot. A choice from Roar Uthaug who liked the new directions taken in the reboot and the new “human” side of Lara Croft.

Lara Croft is the fiercely independent daughter of an eccentric adventurer who vanished when she was scarcely a teen.  Now a young woman of 21 without any real focus or purpose, Lara navigates the chaotic streets of trendy East London as a bike courier, barely making the rent, and takes college courses, rarely making it to class.  Determined to forge her own path, she refuses to take the reins of her father’s global empire just as staunchly as she rejects the idea that he’s truly gone.  Advised to face the facts and move forward after seven years without him, even Lara can’t understand what drives her to finally solve the puzzle of his mysterious death.

Going explicitly against his final wishes, she leaves everything she knows behind in search of her dad’s last-known destination: a fabled tomb on a mythical island that might be somewhere off the coast of Japan.  But her mission will not be an easy one; just reaching the island will be extremely treacherous.  Suddenly, the stakes couldn’t be higher for Lara, who—against the odds and armed with only her sharp mind, blind faith and inherently stubborn spirit—must learn to push herself beyond her limits as she journeys into the unknown.  If she survives this perilous adventure, it could be the making of her, earning her the name tomb raider.

From Warner Bros. Pictures and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures, “Tomb Raider” is the story that will set a young and resolute Lara Croft on a path toward becoming a global hero.  The film stars Oscar winner Alicia Vikander (“Ex Machina,” “The Danish Girl”) in the lead role, under the direction of Roar Uthaug (“The Wave”), with Oscar-winner Graham King (“The Departed”) producing under his GK Films banner.  The film’s production begins on the heels of the 20th anniversary of the wildly popular videogame franchise from Square Enix, Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal.


“Tomb Raider” also stars Dominic West (“Money Monster,” “300”), Walton Goggins (“The Hateful Eight,” “Django Unchained”) and Daniel Wu (AMC’s “Into the Badlands”).

Shooting on location in South Africa and the UK, Uthaug directs from a script by Geneva Robertson-Dworet.  The director’s behind-the-scenes creative team includes director of photography George Richmond (“Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation”); production designer Gary Freeman (“Maleficent”); Oscar-nominated editor Stuart Baird (“Skyfall,” “Gorillas in the Mist”); and costume designer Tim Wonsik (key costumer, “Guardians of the Galaxy,” “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”).

“Tomb Raider” will be distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company, and in select territories by MGM.

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bellarke + 'I originally followed you on Instagram bc you’re hot and I’m thirsty but now I’ve developed actual feelings for you bc you’re a genuinely good person’ HAPPY FUTURE HOLIDAYS!!! and thanks 🙈

Clarke’s original reasons for following Octavia’s brother were far from pure, but she thinks it would be hard for anyone to figure that out. After all, she found out about his Instagram because Octavia posted a picture of the two of them with the caption: Finally got my dork brother on Instagram (and in Boston!!), everyone follow @theblakemistake.

If anyone asked, she was just following orders. It was not at all that he was really, really hot. No one could prove otherwise.

Especially when she keeps following him through the rocky first weeks of his Instagramming. Given how Bellamy Blake looked–broad shoulders, tan skin, toothpaste-commercial smile, artfully mussed hair, topped off with a pair of black hipster frames and a generous sprinkling of freckles–she assumed Octavia’s descriptor of “my dork brother” was just a little sister teasing.

But Bellamy’s inaugural Instagram post is a picture of a plant Clarke can’t identify with a truly dorky caption:

Things @octaviathefirst (am I doing that right) made me get today:

1. Instagram account
2. Plant

I figure I might as well use the first to monitor the second and see which one dies first.

And then he actually lists information about the plant. Like how many leaves it has and its color and the dampness of the soil. It is not at all what Clarke was expecting, but she finds herself actually kind of looking forward to his daily plant updates. His captions are fun, and he is really worried about his ability to keep the thing alive, which is really endearing.

After a week and a half of that, he finally posts another picture of himself, wearing pajamas and holding an orange kitten. Which is exactly the content Clarke was looking for. That’s what she’s about.

So, it’s come to my attention (s/o to @octaviathefirst) that I’m “doing it wrong” and just posting pictures of my plant is “boring and sad.” So I guess people on Instagram like cats? That’s what I’m getting. Anyway, this is Hermes, he’s an asshole.

PS: I’m still doing the plant updates.

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Heyo. Right now, I’m gonna talk about my absolute favorite piece of official Dangan Ronpa art ever. 

This one. Why is it my favorite? There is just s much completely and totally inexplicable bullshit going on here. Lets take it piece by piece, huh?

First and most normally, we’ve got Chihiro and Chiaki challenging each other to some sort of video-game-off. Chiaki and Monomi somehow exist in the 3D. Hiyoko and Mahiru watch while Kiyotaka cheers them on with the intensity of a boy who has probably never before seen a video game in his life. 

Mondo provides adequate shipping fuel by standing behind Kiyotaka and ruffling his hair.

With his other hand, Mondo grasps Hifumi’s hair and gives it a friendly yank. Akane helps with this and casually sticks her boobs in Hifumi’s face while punching him. 

Sakura effortlessly holds her arms in a strange upright position so that Aoi and Ibuki can climb on her biceps. 

Meanwhile Nekomaru (for once in his life) does absolutely nothing of note. 

Yasuhiro’s hair is even larger than usual. (Trust me, I keep track of these things.) Wayward tendrils stab Kazuichi in the eye while he cries and makes a very small circle with his thumb and pointer finger. 

Isshiki Madarai side-eyes them both really hard because they’re both fucking idiots. 

Tanaka stoically shares his hamsters with Sonia and some asshole who I really truly can not identify. I think he’s from Danganronpa Kirigiri. 

Leon and Hajime bro it up in what may be the possible start of a new ship for me.

And my personal favorite detail? Hajime Hinata is not wearing pants. Nobody in the picture seems to notice this, not even Hajime himself. Everybody else is fully clothed. I have never before seen someone point out Hijime’s lack of pants. He simply looms over Chiaki in his parially clothed glory. It’s a fucking mysery. It will never be solved. 

it’s both pride month and graduation month!!

this is for all those years i spent in college so unsure and lost that even until graduation day, i was smiling at cameras while in a dress i wore with the greatest discomfort

i always lamented those years lost to uncertainty, lack of confidence and fear. i always wish that i could get them back– that i could have spent my college days identifying and presenting the way i truly felt. 

luckily as an artist, i can make self-indulgent drawings to compensate! it’s a start. uvu

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i'm a bi woman engaged to a straight man, I've been half in and half out of the closet for about a year and a half....but only truly came out to myself yesterday. I've never truly identified with the lgbt community or even really dared to call myself queer, but I did last night and I'll never take it back again or hide my sexuality. Of course I'm gonna be 100% faithful to my partner, but it feels so strange but good to finally admit that I'm queer. Your blog has helped a lot. xx

Hooray!!! Congratulations on that huge step forward, that’s truly amazing. We’re proud of you!!!!!!! 😄