i truly believe he loved his wife

“Perfect Gentleman”

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Warning: Kinda sexy time but not really, cursing, and a dominant Tom

“Tom Hiddleston, hollywood’s perfect gentleman, he is a true prince only he needs is a crown. He has an amazingly captivating accent, his well spoken and kindly mannered, he has the utmost respect for woman around the world, he can sing and dance, he’s gorgeous, he can speak 4 different languages fluently, he’s amazing with kids, an ambassador for the UNICEF, and to top it all off he’s a total sweetheart when it comes to his fiancé and soon to be wife (Y/N) he truly loves that woman. This man can do no wrong-” you shut the television rolling your eyes.

“Hear that babe! You’re hollywood’s ‘perfect gentleman’” you said air quoting perfect gentleman because they didn’t know the Tom you knew behind closed doors. He laughed harshly “Baby I never understand why you never believe that I’m a perfect gentleman do I event disrespect you?” He said roughly grabbing your waist turning you around to face him. The devilish smile began to form on his handsome face.

“You’re a bad boy. Mama warned me about the charmers like yourself, you always do bad things to a little woman like me.” You said mocking a southern accent, he chuckled and began to slide his hands up your shirt.

“Oh really, charmers like me darlin’? But I’ve done things to you that no one else could’ve ever done, not even Christian fucking Grey could handle what I’ve done.” He said softly in your ear causing your core to become dampened by his sensual tone. “So if you’re not Christian Grey who are you? Cause I want Christian Grey.” You said pouting causing Tom to playfully push you onto the bed while he slowly crawled up your body leaving kisses softly on your exposed skin.

“I’m. Thomas. William. Hiddleston. Your husband.” He said kissing you roughly while you began to intertwine your hands into his hair deepening your kiss.

As quickly as he was on your lips he moved his way down to your neck leaving sweet kisses until he hit your neck line, he then pulled away from your body causing you to look at him with sad eyes, you craved his touch, his skin, his kiss, his heat, his hands and before you could even complain you shirt and shorts had been taken off in a rushed moment leaving you in shock. He had made his way to your collarbone and began to work his way down until he hit the beginning of your panties but before he could work his magic you both heard a knock at the front door.

He mumbled a few curse words “Baby don’t get it just stay here.” You said softly, Tom shook his head and kissed you softly “It’s Luke, he wanted to discuss upcoming movie plans.” He said softly walking to the door not bothering to fix himself “So? Good boy doing bad things huh? Looks like you had a good time.” Luke said stepping into the house.

“I was and then you knocked.” Tom said laughing while he followed Luke into the living room. Once you were dressed and fixed your hair you joined them on the couches lying on the armchair slowly falling asleep as the men discussed business as usual and before you knew it you had sleep take over and the last thing you remember hearing was “She’s the love of my life.” Which made you smile in your sleep.

Make Her A Stark~Part 2 - Rob Stark x Reader

Thank you for the amazing feedback guys!! So I think I am going to make this a 3 part imagine instead of a 2 part and if you guys like it maybe a mini series!? I am not too sure about this part so please, please let me know!! sorry if it is not as good as part 1 


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“Rob!” He could hear his mother shouting over his sword clashing with the target over and over. After the third shout, he finally stopped, 

“What?” He snapped. All his mind could focus on was how you were lying so sick with goodness knows what and he hadn’t even been able to show how he really felt. 

“What in the seven hells are you doing?” She asked calmly but firmly, 

“She’s sick. So incredibly sick.” His mother knew this. It was why she wanted to talk to her this morning - to ask her to return home for a few months to get well again. Se was too late but with Robb’s words, she understood everything her poor boy was going through. 

“You like her,” Catelyn smirked. When Robb was young, he was adamant that he would never love a silly girl - he was such a typical young boy. Of course, as he grew older his rule became less appealing and girls became more so. But still, his mother would never forget that little boy who wanted nothing more than to be strong like his father. 

In turn, he never believed he would fall so fast. He had believed for such a long time that his freedom would end in an arranged marriage with no love. Never did he think he would find someone he loved truly. “I do not doubt that she would be a wonderful wife,”

“And why do I sense you do not approve?”

“I do my son, but as you said she is sick. If her fever overcomes her…” He did not let her finish, 

“Don’t you dare.” Robb almost growled, gripping his sword tighter. 

In 7 weeks he had fallen in love and never again could he imagine his life without your rosy cheeks blushing when you spoke to him, or your calming voice on late night walks. How you would admire him when you thought he could not see. Each little action gave him hope that you returned his feelings. Of course he would show off a little to you (as noticed by Jon and Arya a few times - much to his torment) but never had his heart felt so full than when he was gazing upon you - whether it be across the yard or at dinner, imagining how you would look beside him, leading with him instead of being so far away.

“Robb, the nurses believe it is severe hypothermia. There is almost no coming back from that.” Robb remained silent, seething with anger, “Her breathing is shallow already, it is down to her to last the night.” 

Robb fell to a stool nearby in defeat rubbing his eye with his palm and dropping his sword, “She is my dream. She makes me who I am, and holding her hand in mine was more natural to me than my own heartbeat. I think about her all the time. Even now, she can’t go, even if she told me to move on I wouldn’t be able to, believe me, but I can’t live in a world where she isn’t a part of my life and I’m scared that if I move on she won’t be anymore.”

Robb snuck up to your room that night. A young nurse had been left with you to dab a warm washcloth across your pale forehead. 

“Leave us”

“My lord, I cannot. The lady hasn’t been conscious for hours,”  Robb’s heart broke a little, “I must stay with her…”

“I shall take over.” His sternness made her follow his order reluctantly, handing him the washcloth and curtseying as she left. He looked over at you, your chest barely moving with only small breaths and your head thrashed a little every so often in your unconscious state. 

Moving to your side he ignored the small stool and sat beside you, taking your hand in his and running his thumb over the back of your freezing hand. He noticed that you still had his furs around you as well as many others, but his were still there wrapped tightly around your weak frame. 

He knew it was wrong, he didn’t have your permission, but you needed to be warm so carefully, he removed the covers from around you and lied beside you, moving you against him slowly and placing the covers around the both of you. He once again took your hand and, even in your unconscious state, you seemed to squeeze lightly. He didn’t know if he was imagining it but he prayed to the gods that he didn’t. He smiled to himself, 

“I know I shouldn’t but I miss you.” He began speaking, he didn’t know if you could hear him - probably not but maybe, “I miss your voice, I miss your laugh, I miss your smile and your hugs. I miss our old conversations. I miss you so much and I hate how I cannot help you. Please don’t let go. I know it is selfish of me, my (y/n) - It is selfish to call you mine and to want you to return to me but I need you, my (y/n). There’s just something about you I’m scared to lose, because I know I won’t find it in anyone else.” You moved into his warmth your head touching his shoulder and making his heart swell, “I know you don’t think you have a family. Not a caring family, but you do! You have us and I will be damned if that gets taken from you because gods do I want to make you a Stark but you have to pull through.” A tear nearly left his eye but he wouldn’t allow it. 

His hand came up to brush through your hair that had been let out of its plaits and as he did so he heard you mumble and slur his name a little. He knew he hadn’t imagined it that time - you were coming back to him. Robb allowed his hopes to rocket as he pressed a kiss to your forehead as you mumbled again, “Shh, my love, keep your energy. I’ve got you now.”

“Don’t leave me.” Those three words were enough to let that small tear slip, falling into your hair, 

“Never, my darling. Never.” 


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Kishi is a hypocrite. NaruHina was not planned from the beginning. Manga disagrees with what he said.

I understand that he’s the writer and that he can do anything he wants to with his series, but lying about it isn’t helping anyone here. 

It’s obvious that Kishi is lying when he stated in the interview that he decided early on that Naruto will marry Hinata. That’s BS and everyone knows that.

The series contradicts everything he said here. In the entire canon manga, Naruto has not once showed any romantic feelings towards Hinata. He hasn’t shown anything that would lead us to believe he had feelings for her. It was all Sakura. It wasn’t “Kishi giving NS some screen time” in order to create a “love triangle”. 

Manga gave us the impression that NaruSaku was going to be endgame. Manga told us that Naruto loved her endlessly and in the end, he will win her heart. That’s what the manga showed. Naruto never noticed Hinata through all this. He never noticed her in a different light. She was a friend to him, like shikimaru was to him. Nothing more. Nothing to suggest anything more. This is what the manga showed us. This is what Kishi wanted us to see. Yet he’s over here lying to us in order to damage control the ending and his decision to go with NH and SS.

He was obviously lying when he said those words. Authors sometimes do that in order to damage control. Kishi knows the ending wasn’t as well received as he hoped it’d be.  Part of that reason was the pairings in the end. How he destroyed Sakura’s character in a blink of an eye. How he had to change Naruto’s character in order to fit in with Hinata. He knows all that. that’s why he’s saying all those BS statements. He wants to damage control and make it seem like he knew what he was doing the entire time. That he planned it all. But in reality, he didn’t. The manga shows us exactly what his intentions early on were. He planned for Naruto to end up with Sakura. He changed his mind towards the end because Sakura had a lot of haters and he decided to “save” his series by making Naruto end up with Hinata in order to please the “fans”. He didn’t care that the series would be in jeopardy, all he cared about was ending the series and ending it with the maximum potential for more money. (NH and SS both having children and being on the same team which would create another series to grab even more money).

Kishi gave NS development in order to ‘create a love triangle’ with Hinata.” He never gave Hinata enough development with Naruto to warrant her being in a love triangle with Naruto and Sakura. She was never in the mix. She was always at a distance. And Naruto never noticed her in that way. She was just a friend, like Kiba. Sakura on the other hand was much more than a friend. She was his team mate, and the girl he was in love with. In Naruto’s eyes, there wasn’t anyone else except Sakura. He would’ve done anything he could have to protect her, even pushing her towards the other guy she loved. That’s how strong his love for her was. 

So when Kishi says that he always planned for NH to happen, i say where? You never showed us any substantial hints towards Naruto returning Hinata’s feelings? You always showed us Naruto’s love for Sakura. 

If Kishi truly planned for Hinata to be Naruto’s wife early on, i think he would’ve developed NH more, no? I think he would’ve gave us hints that Naruto returns her feelings? He should have focused on NH instead of NS if he truly wanted NH to be end game.

But he didn’t. Which leads me to believe that he planned for NS in the beginning, and changed his mind towards the end to please the haters who do nothing but hate Sakura. Based on the story, NaruSaku was the most plausible ship. This is manga fact and Kishi can’t back peddle enough to make all this disappear. 


Summary:  While unpacking your belongings at Jumin’s house, you discovering something about him.  It triggers your first fight as a married couple!  After the After Ending.

Pairing:  Jumin x MC/Reader

Genre:  Slice of Life; Fluff

Rating:  G

Word Count:  Approx. 1400

Protip:  Wii remotes are compatible with the Wii U. Also, I do not love this title.

A few nights after returning from your honeymoon, you were finally moving all of your things into Jumin’s home.  It wasn’t difficult; it was mostly clothes and personal knickknacks, but you also had a few electronics that Jumin had never seen before.  You had dismissed your husband’s offer to hire a professional decorator and maid service to move in your things, and had instead recruited Jumin’s efforts in unpacking all your boxes.  He thought it was a waste of time for one of his rare off days, but he also had the majority of the reins for planning your wedding, so he decided to humour you and your commoner quirks. Marriage was about compromise, after all.

“What on earth is this?” Jumin asked, unearthing an unusual white box.

You glanced up at him, then smiled at his confusion when he saw that a controller with a screen seemed to be part of the machine’s set.

“Do these really go together?  They have the same logo,” he wondered out loud, comparing the two objects side-by-side.

“That’s a Wii U,” you chuckled, readjusting his grip on the controller; he had been holding it upside-down, “You’ve never played with one, before?”

“I am a grown adult,” he rolled his eyes, “What use have I for toys?  Electronic or otherwise.”

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Barney & Robin’s Anniversary Post 4
After their engagement

“I know a way that will last forever.”

I was going to use some gifs for this post but I made a mistake in using them in my last post for this. So, I’m using different gifs for this post and I think these work more better with this post than the gifs I was going to use originally. I was debating on posting this gif-post but I realized that it would throw off my posts for this so I ended up posting this and think it came out better than I thought.

This quote is one quote I’ve been wanting to use for a while and haven’t yet. I love this quote cause it says a lot about how much they need each other, not in the needy way but in the ‘I can’t live without you’ way and it shows how much Robin came to depend on Barney while still being her independent self. She, shouldn’t change the way she lives her life or who she is to fit someone else’s opinion Barney is the only person in her life who sees her as Robin Scherbatsky and not a love interest or a wife he sees her as HER the woman he fell in love with and wanted to spend his life with because she’s ALL HE NEEDS in his life and I believe Robin knows that he’s all she needs and that’s why she said this and it’s a great quote because we never got such big lines from Robin when it comes to Barney and how she truly feels about wanting a life with him, loving him, caring about him and not wanting to live without him. Sorry, for this little ranty part of this post I wasn’t going to say much at first but anyway it’s almost their anniversary and I can’t wait.

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Am I the only one that feels sad when Asgore says that he misses his son? I mean, not because he's talking about Asriel, but because he's ONLY talking about Asriel. I don't know, that just feels like a crude disregard for Chara. He never mentions missing his other child as far as I remember. I know Chara was adopted, but wow, they were still his child. Just hurts me that he talks about his son but never even mentions them.

I just want to see my wife. I just want to see my child.

It truly is an interesting and poignant line, isn’t it? Asgore mentions missing his wife and one kid, rather than both Asriel and Chara. Since Asgore is talking earlier about the death of his son Asriel, it almost seems as though he’s skipping out on Chara, which would be sad indeed!

That said, I don’t believe that this line suggests that Asgore loved Chara any less than Asriel, or thinks any less about Chara than Asriel. I think that text within Undertale suggests Asgore loved both kids dearly.

Asgore loving both Asriel and Chara

Other dialogue within Undertale mentions that the Dreemurrs deeply cared about both of their children. As Frisk is walking through New Home, in fact, the monsters state:

Monsters: The King and Queen treated the human child as their own. The underground was full of hope.

While it is true that technically Asgore could treat the human as his own, but not love the child as his own, I doubt that would be the case for Asgore. It seems as though that would contradict Asgore’s personality as we see him act through the rest of the game. Asgore is a character with a great amount of sympathy and acceptance. He treats every monster in the underground with notable kindness. Even after fighting with Frisk and losing the fight, we see that he in fact wants to adopt Frisk and start a happy family:

Asgore: Human… I promise you… For as long as you remain here… My wife and I will take care of you as best we can. We can sit in the living room telling stories… Eating butterscotch pie… We could be like… Like a family…

A hopeful smile comes over Asgore’s features as he says these words.

This quote shows the nature of Asgore’s loving character. Asgore believes that, by adopting Frisk and returning to his old wife, he can return to the happy days he now misses.

So if Asgore believes he can find that amount of happiness in creating a family with adopted Frisk and Toriel, then it seems he would have had happiness with adopted Chara, too, and would have loved the human as he loved Asriel. So I bet that Asgore not only treated the human child as his own, but loved the human child as his own, too.

More evidence for Asgore loving Chara as his own is seen later in New Home, too:

Monsters: The kingdom fell into despair. The king and queen had lost two children in one night. The humans had once again taken everything from us.

This mentions that the king and queen lost two children. Chara is categorized as one of Asgore’s offspring, suggesting that Asgore considered Chara his own child just as much as Asriel. Chara was not a second-class kid, but truly considered one of the Dreemurrs.

Why, then, did Asgore simply mention one child instead of two when he says he misses his wife and kid?

Why Asgore mentions Asriel but not Chara

I think, if we look at the broader context of the quote, it can be explained with good sense.

There are two main texts to look at. The first is the narrative of New Home.

Monsters: The kingdom fell into despair. The king and queen had lost two children in one night. The humans had once again taken everything from us. The king decided it was time to end our suffering. Every human who falls down here must die.

The reason why this is important is that, while both Asriel and Chara died, what is being emphasized is the war between humans and monsters. The war between humans and monsters causes the humans to take everything away from the monsters, leading them into despair. Asgore reacts to the suffering and despair by declaring war on humanity: the humans took his children from him, and so he will kill the humans to free his people and end their suffering.

But the thing is, only Asriel was specifically killed by humans. Chara died from poisoning. As far as we know, Asgore never learned that Chara was poisoning themselves to try to save the monsters. From Asgore’s perspective, Chara died from poisoning and Asriel specifically died at the hands of the humans.

Now let’s go to the present quote when Asgore says he misses his wife and kid. When Asgore talks about his sadness for losing Asriel, this is all in the context of the war between humans and monsters. It makes sense for Asgore to mention Asriel his son specifically when he talks to Frisk… because what Asgore is doing right now is continuing the war with humans. He’s reminded of his son because it was Asriel’s death that was caused by humans, and Asriel’s death that made Asgore decide to fight humans. So now that Asgore is fighting Frisk, a human, he’s going to specifically remember how his son died.

In fact, that’s what Asgore himself says:

Asgore: I remember the day after my son died. The entire underground was devoid of hope. The future had once again been taken from us by the humans.

Even the wording is similar to how the monsters talked about Asriel’s passing in New Home. It mentions the future being taken away from them by the humans, the underground being devoid of hope, and the passing of the king’s son. They’re parallel quotes, almost. This is an intentional harking back to that past event where Asgore decided to wage war with humans… this is Asgore thinking about how that past is leading him to the present, standing before Frisk, in battle.

So I don’t think it’s that Asgore doesn’t miss Chara. I’m sure the Dreemurrs mourned both the passing of their son and their human child. But Asgore is specifically being reminded of Asriel when he’s fighting with Frisk and continuing the war between humans and monsters. Chara isn’t relevant right now because, as far as the king knows, Chara didn’t die from the war between humans and monsters. But Asriel’s death is relevant, so that’s the death that is brought up here in conversation.

Asgore might actually have mentioned both kids in this quote

Last, if we look at Asgore’s complete quote in the scene he says he misses his wife and kid, we can actually find a viable interpretation in which Asgore mentions sorrowful feelings for both Asriel and Chara.

This is the full quote with context about Asgore’s missing family. I am bolding the really important text that I will use to make my point:

Asgore: I remember the day after my son died. The entire underground was devoid of hope. The future had once again been taken from us by the humans. In a fit of anger, I declared war. I said I would destroy any human that came here. I would use their souls to become godlike… …and free us from this terrible prison. Then, I would destroy humanity… And let monsters rule the surface, in peace. Soon, the people’s hopes returned. My wife, however, became disgusted with my actions. She left this place, never to be seen again. Truthfully… I do not want power. I do not want to hurt anyone. I just wanted everyone to have hope… I cannot take this any longer. I just want to see my wife. I just want to see my child.

Even if this quote is just about Asriel, it’s all in the context of what I talked about above: Asgore is hurting specifically about the consequences of his choice to declare war on humans because the humans killed Asriel. But we can also potentially see this quote as Asgore mentioning both of his deceased kids.

First, Asgore mentions the day his son died. So that is a remark about his feeling remorseful about Asriel. Asriel is obviously his son. But his second comment, “I just want to see my wife. I just want to see my child” does not mention a gender for the child. “I just want to see my child” could be a mention of the non-binary human Chara.

It might make sense for Asgore to mention missing his wife and then Chara because, even though Chara is dead, it’s possible that Toriel took Chara’s body with her at the same time she left her husband. Flowey suggests that Toriel took Chara’s body in the Genocide Route:

Flowey: How did you get back to the RUINS from here…? …wait, I know. She must have taken you when she left. And decided to give you a proper burial rather than… Hanging out in the basement forever.

Since Asgore is talking about Toriel leaving him in the quote above, it might make sense for him to say he misses his wife and Chara, whose body was also taken from him at the same time. Asgore cannot see the body of Asriel since that turned to dust, but he could see his living wife and the coffin of his deceased human child.

In which case, Asgore might be saying here he misses both kids!

So I just had a thought that I’d write some Werewolf Avengers after I post the Stuckony Porn fic. (When will that be? I have no idea honestly. Also this got kind of long so if you’re interested watch out for under the cut!)

So here’s the thought process: All of the Avengers barring Thor are werewolves. Clint, Natasha, and Tony were all born wolves. Steve and Bruce were turned via the Serum and the gamma rays. Tony is the only one that experienced a functional pack–Clint still joined the circus and Natasha was still raised via Red Room. When they come together, they are a pack of broken wolves. Steve’s only pack ever consisted of the Howling Commandos and they were all human. He has no idea how to run an actual pack of werewolves, and Tony is somewhat tight-lipped about how normal werewolves interact with each other.

Howard was not a werewolf, but he had no problem with Maria being one. (I have and always will believe that Howard loved his wife. No one will take this from me.) In fact, one of Tony’s earliest memories is his mom dragging Howard into the den to snuggle in front of the fire with them. Maria’s biggest regret for her pup is that she could never make him understand that Howard, a human, would never truly give him the affection he longed for; her biggest regret for her mate is that he failed Tony without even trying, without even being at fault, simply because he was human, and she didn’t know how to help ease their relationship.

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Broken Hearted: The Resolution

Broken Hearted: The Resolution
Pairing: Leonard McCoy x Reader
Word Count: 1527
Warnings: Bones Soul mate AU, fluff, angst, cursing, pretty much the normal stuff, smut

A/N: I have read so many soul mate AU’s that I’m intrigued and want to try my hand at it. Just in case this idea that I have isn’t new, I’m not trying to copy anyone! This is Part 12, the final part, of the series. 

Thank you all for taking this ride with me! It has been a joy to write and you all are so encouraging and supportive!

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Third person POV:

Bones would forevermore mark this day in history as the day when one of Jim Kirk’s plans actually went well. Y/N beamed over the station, sent the old data over to the Romulans as if it were new data, and beamed back to the Enterprise. The security officers set the charges and beamed back aboard as well. The Romulan officer was returned to his ship with minimal fuss. He couldn’t have just gone quietly, that would have been too easy. But one bloody nose and black eye later, he was back aboard his own ship.

During the final negotiations with the Romulan captain Ujan, Kirk made it a point to mention consequences should the Romulans ever cross into Federation space without permission again which may or may not have included threats to send over ALL of Enterprise’s engineers to beat up their command staff. Ujan did not appear amused. To punctuate his point, Kirk advised the Romulan ships to move back, the station was about to be demolished. Just as Ujan opened his mouth to protest, the first explosion rocked the station followed quickly by the rest and soon there was nothing left but space dust. The angry Romulans left quickly but there was no more talk of retribution or war between the Federation and the Romulans.

Bones met Y/N back in her quarters when all was said and done. On his way there, he marveled at the recent events. Not only had he found his soul mate, he was falling in love with her! He was naturally a cynical man but he had secretly always wanted his soul mate but wasn’t sure if he could fall in love with someone just because they happen to have the same tattoo. But Y/N was everything he could have asked for and then some! She was beautiful, smart, funny, and she challenged him to be a better man. She didn’t let him get away with being overly grumpy, which he knew he could be. His thoughts were so consumed by her that he didn’t realize he was at her door until he looked up and saw her standing in her open doorway in her uniform dress.

“Hey darlin’, can I come in?” He asked, feeling his face stretch into a big grin.

“Sure,” Y/N replied. “What are you smiling about?”

“Oh nothing,” he replied as he moved to her couch and made himself comfortable. He patted the cushion next to him and Y/N sat down, drawing her legs up under her. He put his arm around the back of the couch and she leaned into him. Just the feel of her near him was enough to make his heart smile. “I was thinking about you and me while I was walking here and I had an idea.”

“What kind of an idea?” She smiled up at him and the room brightened.

“A good one I think,” he began evasively. “But I’ve been known to be wrong a time or two in my life.”

“Oh really?”

“Yes, truly. I was wrong once at the Academy and my ex-wife loved to tell me the things I was wrong about, although I didn’t always believe her.”

“I’m sure that led to some arguments.” Y/N said conversationally.

“Yes, quite a few actually but I learned something from her, something important.”

“What’s that?”

“I learned that I, Leonard H. McCoy, legendary doctor, can be a pig-headed man sometimes and that I need someone to help me not be quite so…”

“Pig-headed? Ornery? Stubborn? Grumpy?” Y/N quickly supplied.

“Hey,” Bones held a hand up. “Let’s settle on grumpy, it seems the least offensive.”

“So, what is your great idea, Mr. Grumpy-pants?”

“Well,” Bones couldn’t help but chuckle at the nickname. “I was thinking that maybe you could help me be… better.”

“I probably could.”

“But I might need constant care.”

“How constant?”

“Maybe 24/7 constant.”

“Huh. And so what would that entail? You calling me whenever you needed something or what?”

“I was thinking of something a little more…” Leonard let his gaze rest on her face, “intimate.”

“Oh,” Y/N blushed.

“Tell me what you’re thinking.” He turned on the couch so he was facing her, taking her hands in his. He heart was beating out of his chest watching her think about his words.

“I’m thinking,” she looked down at their hands and then back up to meet his eyes and smiled. “I’m thinking that I might enjoy that.”

Leonard’s smile widened as he leaned forward and pressed a gentle chaste kiss on her lips. A sigh escaped her lips as she tilted her head to deepen his kiss, pulling herself into his lap. Just as he was about to suggest they move into the bedroom, Y/N pulled back and took his face in her hands.

“Okay, so we’re going to do this but I still think that if either of us ever wants out, we let the other go. Do you still agree?”

“Sweetheart, you’re killing the mood.” Leonard eyed Y/N skeptically, not really believing that they would want to leave each other. “I agree with one stipulation. If either of us leaves and then realizes that it’s the worst mistake they have ever made, they get a second chance. Agreed?”

“Agreed,” Y/N smiled and kissed his nose to seal the pact.  “Now, if you don’t mind, Dr. McCoy, I think I might need one final exam, just to make sure I’m healing properly.”

“Oh of course! We wouldn’t want anything to go undiagnosed.” Leonard stood and let Y/N lead him. He expected to be led into the bedroom but was surprised when she pushed him down into one of the armless chairs at the table and straddled him.  He opened his mouth to say someone when she grinded down against him and all he could do was moan, his hands moving to her hips.

She brought her lips down on his in a hot, fervent kiss, still grinding down on his crotch. A soft groan came from her throat as she rubbed her pussy on his clothed cock that made Leonard harden instantly. He reached down in between their bodies and was startled and incredibly turned on to find she wasn’t wearing panties.  He easily parted her folds and let one fingertip lazily circle her clit, wrenching a sigh and a moan from her.

“Leonard,” Y/N panted. “I need you, all of you.”

“Are you sure this is how you want me, darlin’?”

“Yes, god yes!” Y/N reached down and undid his pants and pulled his cock out and stroked it, feeling its length and girth between her fingers. She jerked as Leonard slipped two of his fingers into her, his thumb still circling her clit.

“Leonard, now, I need you now!” Y/N lifted up as Leonard removed his fingers from inside her. She lined herself up over him and slow sank down on his hard cock until she was fully sitting in his lap. Foreheads resting together, they both breathed for second while relishing the feeling of being together. And then, slowly, Y/N began moving. She rolled her hips forward and then back, feeling him deep inside her, stretch her walls. His hands rested on her hips as he watched her face. Everything she felt was written there for him to read.  

He gently lifted her only to push her back down on his cock. Her head fell back in ecstasy and his lips attached to her neck, kissing, biting, and sucking her sensitive skin. She began to ride him in earnest, their moans filling the room. He pulled her dress over her head, yanked her bra down, and sucked a nipple into his mouth. One hand still on her hip, guiding her, his other hand pitched and pulled her other nipple. A hiss left her lips and he grinned into her breast, lifting his eyes to see the pleasure on her face. She leaned back to rest her hands on his knees and rode him faster. His hand made its way back to her clit and rubbed the bud of nerves in time with her riding him.

“Len… I think I’m…” Y/N huffed, her eyes never leaving his.

“Come on baby, come for me, let me feel you.” He encouraged, holding her gaze, putting a little more pressure on her clit. He felt her walls begin to quiver until she finally let out a whimper and squeezed his cock as she came around him, driving him to throw his head back and come hard in her. She rode them down from their highs, each trying to catch their breath.

Leonard wrapped his arms around her waist and lifted her off her his cock and settled her in his lap, her head resting on his shoulder. For the rest of the day they stayed together, snuggling, eating, laughing, and making love. They watched one of Leonard’s favorite old movies, Casablanca, and at the end of the film with the last line, Y/N turned to Leonard and smiled. This was the beginning of a beautiful relationship, one that she hadn’t seen coming but now couldn’t even think of living without.



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EXO: mtl to like a stay-at-home wife


Lay~ I’m only putting him as first bc I believe he truly wouldn’t care or give it much thought, so if his partner was a stay at home person or a business person, he’d love them no matter what.

D.O~ again, another one that wouldn’t care too much about their profession, all he’d care about is making time for them and making sure they don’t feel too lonely when he’s not around.

Suho~ I can see him actually liking this, since he wouldn’t have to worry about them finding the time to take a break from work every now and then.

Xiumin~ if his partner had a really good reason for wanting or having to be a stay at home wife, then he’d be fine with it. I think his only concern would be not being as home as often as he’d like.

Chen~ he’s iffy, bc although I can see him wanting to be a part of a power couple, he could still settle with someone who’s more than happy to stay at home and let him be the driving force in the family.

Kai~ I see him going for someone who’s hardworking and committed to their work, I don’t know if he’d be as into it as some of the others. Though he’d be happy always coming home to them, so he could make that sacrifice.

Sehun~ I don’t think he’d like this as much, simply bc he doesn’t want to put all the stress on them when he’s away, and he’d want things to be evened out between the both of them.

Baekhyun~ he’s too crazy and adventurous to want someone who’s not as passionate as him. Not to say that it’s boring, but it would seem that way to him if they had no true calling or passion when it came to working.

Chanyeol~ you already know he’s a hard worker, and a passionate one at that. I honestly don’t see him understanding why his partner would choose to be a stay at home wife instead of going out there and doing something she loved, since it’s the 21st century after all.


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anonymous asked:

First, thanks for your blog. I love it!! Maybe I'm one crayon short the box, but I'm not getting this at all. I can't believe Sam is with MM. Doesn't work out for me. Then, I think of true "A" listers like Tom Hardy truly showing how v much he is in love with his wife. Sam is not that well known. This whole charade is just baffling to me. I can't think it true. Thoughts? Thanks!

It doesn’t matter how well-known he is. I’m a freckle on the ass of the cosmic universe and I still don’t want people to know my business. That’s human nature, far more so than the culture of celebrities living extremely public lives. 

Also, fandoms are fucking trainwrecks filled with entitled little shits who whine and cry and demand things hoping to get their way, and to be able to gloat that they were right. One fan can be awesome. A group can be awesome, too. A fandom as a whole is intrusive, annoying and a giant pain in the fucking ass. I wouldn’t reward their behavior by giving them what they want, either. And the more they bugged me about it, the less I’d be inclined to give them anything.

Maybe that’s just me, though.

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Now come tuck me in. My brain is trying to claw its way out of my skull, so I’m going to go make sweet, sweet mouth love to a bottle of ibuprofen and take a nap. xoxo

The NASA Village

Today in the NASA Village… An International Legacy.

Erik Hougland has always been interested in medical sciences. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Biology and spent some time in the medical field before coming to NASA when the opportunity to work on human use experiments on the International Space Station presented itself. He is a Flight Project Manager for NASA’s Human Research Program (HRP). His career is a combination of science, engineering, and problem solving. He believes that finding his wife, Lea, “The love of his life”, helped him to get to where he is today. It helps that they both work at NASA.

Working for ISS Medical Projects, the implementation group for NASA’s Human Research Program, Erik provides an assessment of potential science for International Space Station Missions. Implementing human research on station is a truly international undertaking. Erik said, “I have had the pleasure of traveling to Denmark and Russia in support of developing and implementing experiments and have found the travel rewarding both professionally and personally. Face-to-face meetings offer the opportunity to exchange so much more information than can be done in a series of emails or even phone calls as interpersonal relationships are the most important tools when working with our International Partners.”

As an astronaut you also work with international partners all the time. I traveled to Russia 8 times in the last 1.5 year training flow, 2 times to Japan and 1 time to Cologne. That is less than the average traveling because I am a third time flyer.

I think one of the legacies of the International Space Station will be the relationships that we build, internationally. Constructing something as technically challenging as the international Space Station orbiting 240 miles above the Earth is an achievement in and of itself. However, the fact that different elements of that huge engineering complex were built all over the world and NEVER physically met up until orbiting the planet…it is miraculous in my mind!  Dedication and meticulous attention to detail by ALL those different cultures were required for the success of this incredible joint endeavor. We have made something impossibly complex, look easy…thanks to that international cooperation.  

Erik’s advice to someone hoping to one day join the NASA village, “Being diligent and taking the initiative is one of the most important facets of working in the space field. Sometimes you just keep going until you hit a roadblock, and that only means you have to find a detour.”  

Do you want more stories?  Find our NASA Villagers here!

Woman’s teary slap because a man is lying to her

I remember @chefalier post some quotes about SanNami in this article, so I’m just doing the similar thing below:

Does the quote remind you of Usopp and Kaya?

Okay, I’m gonna focus to the effect if a man lies to woman. But before that, lemme remind you that @monkeydluffy19920 has demonstrated the powerful meaning of slap in this article, explaining it using Kaya, Zeff, Bellemere, Luffy, and of course Nami’s slap in WCI towards Sanji. While Zeff and Bellemere’s punch/slap is based on parental love, Luffy and Vivi punched each other is a friend support; I’ll use only Kaya’s slap to Usopp and Nami’s slap to Sanji, added with Lucian’s slap to Senor Pink.

What’s make all of those three slaps are similar?

Yup, as I use in title, the slap happen because a man hurt a woman’s heart by LYING. It’s commonly used when a man cheat on woman with someone else, lie about it and hide it. But of course, the cases in One Piece I bring here about is not about a man’s cheating.

We start from Usopp.

Though, Usopp didn’t lie to Kaya, but it’s hard to believe him when he use to tell her liar story while Kuro had worked for her many years as butler and gain her trust. But what made Kaya slap him because she thought he lied to her differently from all of his previous lies and this one is serious. In the end, it’s just a misunderstanding so they made reconciliation.

No one deny that Senor Pink truly loves his wife. But because Lucian had stated that she hated pirate even since they were dating, Pink is never honest with her. And finally Lucian knew that Pink lied to her, getting worse because their only son died. We don’t know if Pink had chosen to be honest since the beginning, would Lucian still love him? Well, it might be a different story but it’s better than lying to her.

Nami knew Sanji was lying so out of character. Being lying; he glared at her, drove them away, mocked captain’s dream, and beaten him without defense. She can’t bear it, those all hurt her whatever his reason behind. No wonder she said goodbye. But hey, it’s just temporary because they must get back together again in the end of this arc, like Usopp and Kaya.

SPN Hiatus Fun--Character Analysis: John

(Psst: this is what this is about: http://browncoatgrl221b.tumblr.com/post/119899949937/hiatus-fun )

First up, we have the absent star of the first season of Supernatural, John Winchester.

I know it’s an unpopular opinion, but I think John Winchester was a good father.

No, he wasn’t perfect. He made mistakes. Point at any parent in the universe (especially a single parent) who hasn’t. 

But he taught his sons all of the following:

  • He loved them
  • He would sacrifice anything to keep them safe
  • The truth about the world around them
  • How to survive
  • How to protect themselves
  • To always look out for each other
  • Loyalty
  • Respect

If I’m ever a parent, I hope I can teach my children even half of those.

Not to mention some truly epic things he accomplished:

  • Was a Marine and came back from Vietnam still smiling and believing in the world.
  • Had a job and started a family despite having had no father figure to look up to himself.
  • Dealt with the horrendous death of his wife (whom he did love, you can’t convince me otherwise) the best way he knew how.
  • Managed to raise two sons on the road and made sure they got the basics in education at school (and the list above)
  • Became a kick-ass hunter who was known, and respected, throughout the business (despite knowing nothing about his Men of Letters background, or his wife’s family’s history as hunters. He started from scratch).
  • Became close friends with Bobby and kept his sons around him enough that they knew he was family.
  • Left his sons all of his work when he knew he would likely die.
  • Sacrificed his life, his soul, and his only chance to avenge his wife’s death (something he’d been working at for more than two decades) to save the life of his son.

Spent 100 years in HELL getting tortured by Alastair AND NEVER GAVE IN TO TORTURING OTHERS TO SAVE HIMSELF.

  • Escaped from Hell after all of that and subdued Azazel long enough for Dean to be able to kill him.

I just can’t hate a character who contributed that much good to the world and to his sons. 

(I’ve had this one on my box for months. I’ve always wanted to do some comics with Sam and my farmer actually acting fully like herself, and drawing out the little scenarios that have happened in the game. Maybe one day I’ll start doing those like how magicallyclueless does with her farmer Jade and Sebastian. But for now, here’s Sam being a doof and Farmer Jess not handling it too terribly well. ;) )

Comic panels: 11

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Stay Together

Characters: Sehun x Reader

Word Count: 1389

Contains: Angst, some fluff, heavy drinking, mentions of cheating

no one even asked for this, why did I do it

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Acts of compassion (part two)

Based on “Imagine that after BOTFA Thranduil and Thorin have to be present at negotiation meetings, and you are there to stop an interracial conflict” from Imaginexhobbit

Part one is here


As you both dressed in the morning, you told Thorin about your conversation in the garden with Thranduil. “Truly, I felt sorry for him,” you mused, lacing up the bodice of your gown. “He has lost his wife, his son has left him, he sits alone and bitter behind his gates in Mirkwood…I do believe it is heartache that has hardened him.” 

“Well, if he has some experience of love, let us hope he may be sympathetic to Kili and his elf-maid,” Thorin replied. 

“Tauriel, Thorin, her name is Tauriel,” you reproached him gently. “If she becomes Kili’s wife, you cannot always be calling her ‘elf-maid.’” 

“…to Kili and Tauriel,” he corrected himself pointedly, and you smiled wryly, smoothing the front of his coat over his broad chest. 

“I know this is difficult for you,” you said, “but think of the joy that may come to Kili.” 

He nodded steadfastly, wrapping his arms around your waist. “I have Kili’s happiness always in mind.” 

“I am very proud of my husband,” you said softly, giving him a kiss. 

“Thank you, amrâlimê,” he replied, smiling in spite of his dread of the morning’s business. He took a deep breath. “Shall we?” he asked, releasing you from the embrace and offering you his arm.

You entwined your arm with his, and together you walked to the meeting hall of the King’s residence.

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feuer-der-holle  asked:

50 sasusaku! Yayy for hopefully reading something by you again!

50 - going through a divorce au



“You’re making a mistake.”

His pen paused on the ink-printed page. Lips mulling slightly, Sasuke exhaled a slow breath before looking up to his father’s figure, finding him standing calmly by the frame of his office door. He looked at him steadily.

“Maybe in your eyes, father,” he finally replied, returning his attention to the finalizing papers at hand.

“This will change things for the company, Sasuke. If you end this marriage with the Hyuuga girl, you’re not just going to risk its future, you’re going to be throwing all your responsibilities away.”

His fingers tightened around the pen, mouth thinning. Taking care not to let too much anger seep into his tone, Sasuke shot back, “The responsibilities you put onto me as a child. I never wanted any of this. The only reason I went along with all this was so that one day you would see me for who I am and you would stop projecting the hopes you had for Itachi onto me.”

His father’s brows furrowed at that, but he kept his silence. Sasuke fought the urge to grit his teeth.

“I am not Itachi, father. I will never be able to do the things he wanted to do—the things you spent so much time training him for. I can’t—I can’t become the son that you lost.”

He swallowed tightly afterwards, eyes trained so diligently on his father’s ever-collected figure. He never liked to bring up Itachi’s death to him, not when he still remembered with acutely painful detail how his father had sobbed in the privacy of his study the night the news came to them. To this day, Sasuke had still never told him what he’d seen.

Then, his father’s hand curled, and his heart quickened. With vigilant eyes, Sasuke watched the man advance, glancing composedly around the office. His grip tightened again when his father’s gaze landed deliberately on a picture of a pretty pink-haired doctor sitting on his desk.

“Is this because of her?” he asked, tone smooth and bland—and tinged with something he didn’t like.

“Sakura is part of it, but she isn’t the one you need to blame. I’m the one who came to this decision. Sakura only helped me see the truth in what I truly wanted from my life. And she isn’t the only one.”

“Uzumaki—who the Hyuugas blame for seducing your wife.”

Ex-wife, whom I never loved, Sasuke corrects in his mind, but neglects to say. “Yes.”

“And that professor you’re so often seen with. Hatake, I believe.”

“Him, too.”

His father fixed him for a while, before leting out a long breath, so languid and quiet. It almost made him sound resigned, Sasuke realized, brows furrowing warily.

Then: “If that is truly what you want, Sasuke, then I will not stop you.”

Sasuke’s jaw slackened, shock rippling through him with enough force to leave him speechless, breathless. Mind spinning, he looked at his father with dazed, slightly widened eyes, noting the compliant acceptance in his features, faint traces of paternal fondness in his eyes and… an apology.

(for what he’d done, for never realizing the wishes of his remaining son’s heart. for trying to make him into someone he never could be.)

Sasuke’s throat grew tight. He took a moment to steady his thoughts.

Then, in one swift move, he straightened his figure and bowed to his father, lingering with great regard. “Thank you, father.”

He only stood up again when the sound of the door shutting echoed through his office, signaling his father’s exit. A faint smile growing to his lips, Sasuke took his seat once more, and finalized his divorce with one swift stroke of his pen.

Finally free, he thought, gaze settling fondly on the smiling picture of the only woman who ever had his heart. Feeling it rush with warmth, he reached for his phone and tapped swiftly on the screen until he found the right number, pressing on it.

He only had to wait two rings before she finally picked up.


“Hey,” he said. “It’s done. Can I see you tonight?”

Sakura giggled in reply. “Of course, Sasuke-kun. Pick me up at eight?”

Sasuke’s lips twitched wider. “It’s a date.”

“It’s a date!” He could practically hear her smile. “I’ll see you later, Sasuke-kun.”

His eyes softened. “See you later, Sakura.”

Strong moral principle..

So, we are supposed to believe that John got over Mary being a killer for hire, her almost killing Sherlock, that she lied about her whole life… Why would he even want to forgive her something that bad? Are we supposed to believe he still loves her after that? And that John thinks that she was such a great person that he is full of self-loathing for not being good enough for her? Or that he tried to be a good person by forgiving her bad things? (I think that having strong moral principle means that you do not tolerate things that are truly wrong.)  And then he beats up Sherlock who is apparently such an awful person becouse he didn’t manage to protect his assassin wife?

Well, if that’s true, this is the worst piece of writing I have ever seen.

iskysolo  asked:

Real talk, Captain. You think Jackie would ever cheat? Apart from the kiss and Chicago (that shouldn't count since she and Hyde were supposed to not be a thing anymore, she give him like three chances to tell her what up and he only told her 'have a good trip'??? BINCH, GROW A PAIR)

“binch, grow a pair” DRAG HIM, BETSY!

Okay. Actual answer: no.

Unnecessary long answer I’m giving to you anyway:

Look, I think you have to see who is she with and what is going on in her life to measure this. Jackie is a feelings-drived person. She was feeling neglected by Kelso when the kiss with the cheese guy happened, she felt left by Hyde when she decided to ask Kelso to stay with her. This is what makes me think she does stuff just out of the moment, she doesn’t truly think of it.

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Scarlet Heart -- Episode 11: The Power of Women and the Inaction of Men

As episodes go, this one was really powerful. The pacing was on point, and the characters are forced to make decisions and concessions that they’ve been shying away from. I hate that I’m starting to be right about Wook (it’s one of those rare moments when you don’t want to be right) and that he would turn his back on Hae Soo for the crown. I don’t know that I trust that the show did enough to show Wook’s desire for it and it was in the writers favor that they established his necessity to turn his back on Soo in order to protect his family – a sense of duty, if you will. I can only imagine Court Lady Oh was right, he will truly come to regret turning his back on someone he loves. 

Originally posted by banghae

Speaking of Court Lady Oh — she was a blazing star in this episode. Despite the fact I didn’t think the writers developed her mother-daughter relationship enough in the last several episodes, I totally believed in her sacrifice for Soo and the pain that she must have endured being a servant in the house of the man she loves. It proves that all truly powerful acts in this story are done by the women: Lady Hae requesting Wook to take a second wife, Hae Soo’s self-inflicted scarring to prevent marrying the king, Queen Yoo’s ruthless plotting to destroy everyone who stand in her path, Yeon Hwa’s manipulation of her brother and role in the murder plot, Chae Ryeong’s desperate pleas to Wook, Soon Deok’s request that Wang Eun take second wife because she loved him too much to see him unhappy, and finally Lady Oh’s sacrifice to save Hae Soo. All of these things coupled together really shine a light on the strength of women over men in this drama — which is interesting since it seems so hinged on the prospect that Hae Soo can’t protect herself, and men flitter about her trying to save her life. 

The men, as a whole, are quite selfish beasts. We see the king really struggle with the prospect of the only woman he actually loves (Lady Oh) dying by selfishly claiming that she “finally turning her back on him”, Wook somehow easily turning towards power and influence regardless of his pleas of genuine love, Wang So’s selfish claims over ownership of Hae Soo’s heart (regardless of her feelings) and even Wang Eun’s cold treatment of his wife (even barring her from bed and company) because she isn’t who he thought he wanted. For the crown prince, he is a confluence of the faults of men — he has too much compassion, and is the weakest to act out of all the princes combined. It was a positive revelation when he pleads with the king to take the crown from him, since he knows he isn’t the strength Goryeo truly needs.

So if anything, the first half of this drama really pits these conflicts together — the action of the physically feeble but action-oriented women versus the inaction of the men. How these conflicts will erupt in the second half is till hazy, but Hae Soo is forced now to come from behind the skirt of her protection (Wang So can only save her so much) and stand on her own two feet — without Wook. Because establishing her identity and what she values is just as important for the modern Go Ha Jin as it is for Hae Soo. Perhaps more important.