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Can you draw me and us pap in c1 or b3 ? Please ? Thank you ! 😚

There we go! Stretch doesn’t mind your little face wing in his face, it kinda tickles.

Hey guys look at this ancient unfinished angsty shit fic I found starring my Red Army sona. This is at least a year or so old. Yikes.

….idk why I’m posting this.


It’s easy to break people when you know them.

It’s easy to break them because Tord has known them for years.

This would have been so much easier for everyone involved if they had just said yes.

He’d asked one question. All they had to do was say yes.

But they hadn’t.

So now he had to break them.

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“It was easier when I was angry,” Ben said, like he’d just discovered something important. “I’ll do better one day—I’ll be stronger than Uncle Luke, even, and I’ll be able to do even more.”     

“Sure thing, buddy,” Poe said cheerfully, ignoring Ben’s hiss at the hated nickname, a reminder that Ben may be taller now, but Poe was still older. “Let me know when you can stop blaster fire with your mind and I’ll be real impressed.”

“I’ll stop more than that,” Ben promised.

- Judas, ch.1

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lydia in a crop top with seashells on the breasts?


i think those sheer crop tops are so adorable, so i gave lydia one with a bandeau underneath :)

night city life was not made for camila but lauren is ok with it