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What made you ship Allena so much? (The manga or anime, and what scene?)

me rn:

oh boy i don’t even know where to start

(under a cut because i’m afraid i’m gonna ramble a lot, anon, i hope you are prepared to take responsability for the consequences of your question, i also apologize for my english as it isn’t my mothertongue)

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F O U L   I S   F A I R : a mix for the Gothic genre

werewolves, witches, secret chambers, absent mothers, tyrannical men, eternal damnation, insatiable consciences, sepulchres by the sea, scientists who make monsters, academics who make deals with the devil and then the heroine who strikes back. (you can find a list of books here to give you an idea about what the gothic genre is […and isn’t] about!)

i. sylvia (an introduction) - the antlers: but he returns to you at night / just when you think you might have fallen asleep / his face is up against yours / and you’re too terrified to speak

ii. demon host - timbre timber: oh reverend please, can i chew your ear? / i’ve become what i most fear / and i know there’s no such thing as ghosts / but i have seen the demon host

iii. where is my mind? - the pixies: your head will collapse / but there’s nothing in it / and you’ll ask yourself / where is my mind? where is my mind? where is my mind?

iv. beach - boy and bear: i felt it moving through my skin / his feeling wrapped around my sin / i’m shedding off my innocence / for the lizzard I choose to be

v. eleven - chameleon circuit

vi. seven devils - florence + the machine: holy water cannot help you now / thousand armies couldn’t keep me out / see i’ve come to burn your kingdom down

vii. volcano - beck: there’s a ghost in my heart / that’s trying to see in the dark

viii. sleep - the dandy warhols: if i could sleep forever / i could forget about everything / if i could sleep forever if i could sleep forever if i could sleep forever

  • Charamei: I do wonder how Gallifreyan culture accommodates the fact that as a species they virtually all have some kind of really severe obsession, though
  • Charamei: like, I suspect the obsession-as-species-trait is related to the fact that they have obscenely long lives
  • Dromeianindistress: Well, they probably set their own work hours
  • Dromeianindistress: Except for politicians, whose obsession is generally politics
  • Charamei: indeed
  • Charamei: not that we're looking at anyone in particular, of course
  • Charamei: any three people
  • Dromeianindistress: Not, not at all
  • Dromeianindistress: And yeah, it's probably related to their lifespan
  • Charamei: yeah
  • Charamei: Gallifreyans don't seem to have 'old age' as much as 'I got bored of being alive and stopped getting up in the morning and then stopped breathing'
  • Dromeianindistress: XD
  • Dromeianindistress: This is the species that schedules their own death
  • Charamei: yup
  • Charamei: are legally obliged to, in fact, so they can get re-uploaded
  • Charamei: because they never actually stop existing, they just have a brief respite from being alive
  • Dromeianindistress: yep
  • Dromeianindistress: *side-eyes Pandak*
  • Charamei: XD
  • Charamei: but, like... someone like the Master, who develops an obsession with a person. There's got to be some kind of system for dealing with that in people who aren't complete homicidal maniacs in every other respect as wellk
  • Dromeianindistress: True
  • Dromeianindistress: But what?
  • Charamei: idk
  • Charamei: I'd say rehab, but they need *something* to focus on
  • Charamei: ...this is going to get very Black Ribboner, isn't it
  • Dromeianindistress: ....It would
  • Dromeianindistress: And of course there would be a very complex ritual involved
  • Dromeianindistress: I wonder if they ever tried to make Koschei do it
  • Charamei: probably
  • Charamei: that's probably how he devloped the secondary obsession with universal domination
  • Charamei: slight backfire
  • Dromeianindistress: Slight
  • Dromeianindistress: He left mid-ritual
  • Charamei: needed a pee
  • Dromeianindistress: XD
  • Dromeianindistress: No, left Gallifrey
  • Charamei: ah
  • Charamei: well, you know what the queues for the toilets can be like
  • Dromeianindistress: XD
  • Charamei: one of the rules of Gallifreyan obsession, of course, is that it must be downplayed in public at all times owing to Reasons of pretentiousness
  • Charamei: and honestly, as long as you're on Gallifrey this is fine, because everyone knows that when you say 'small hobby' you actually mean 'consumes my every waking thought'
  • Dromeianindistress: XD
  • Charamei: then you get offworld and some aliens have things that they just... do for a while and then get bored of?
  • Charamei: and then they do something else?
  • Dromeianindistress: And they do it for, like, a year
  • Dromeianindistress: Like, why even bother?
  • Charamei: seriously
  • Dromeianindistress: You haven't even gotten started until you've spent at least a century on it
  • Charamei: and during that year they don't even learn everything there is to learn about the thing and write five monographs
  • Charamei: what are they even doing with their hobby time
  • Charamei: relaxing?
  • Charamei: ...I wonder if this is why Gallifreyan culture seems to like paradoxes so much, because you can go round them forever and never get to the end
  • Dromeianindistress: oooo
  • Charamei: they're the perfect timewasters
  • Dromeianindistress: Well, they do have several millenia to waste
  • Dromeianindistress: Also it's not considered odd if a Time Lord takes a century off work to pursue something that's caught their interest
  • Charamei: no
  • Charamei: in fact doesn't Four say that? Admittedly he's probably being a prat
  • Charamei: "I'm entitled to a fifty-year break every two centuries" or something
  • Dromeianindistress: XD
  • Dromeianindistress: I'd say it's accurate, though
  • Charamei: Time Lords with silly little obsessions
  • Charamei: and just how far will their otherwise completely oppressive justice system allow leeway for this shit
  • Charamei: (Aliens must get so confused)
  • Charamei: (apparently 'Well, knitting has always been a small hobby of mine...' is an acceptable reason to commute a sentence from forced regeneration to a mere five hours of torture)
  • Charamei: (and for some reaosn it doesn't work when the aliens try it)
  • Dromeianindistress: XD
  • Dromeianindistress: Leela figuring out the justice system
  • Charamei: omg yes
  • Dromeianindistress: And asking Romana questions
  • Charamei: yes
  • Dromeianindistress: and Romana doesn't see what the problem is
  • Charamei: and Andred, and Narvin
  • Dromeianindistress: Yes, and Rodan
  • Dromeianindistress: Even Brax, on occasion
  • Charamei: and they all get more and more uncomfortable because nobody wants to admit the real reason for it
  • Dromeianindistress: It's just not something you *talk* about
  • Charamei: there are some things you just don't talk about with aliens, even friendly ones, and the major flaw inherent in Time Lord psychology is one of them
  • Charamei: no
  • Charamei: it's just something you kind of... accept, and work around in your friends, and condemn in your enemies
  • Charamei: (Romana and Darkel slinging 'Well she's completely obsessed with being President!' at one another and everyone just kind of smiles and nods like, of course you both are, otherwise you'd be doing something else)
  • Dromeianindistress: yes
  • Dromeianindistress: XD
  • Dromeianindistress: And Brax has 'a small interest in art collecting'
  • Dromeianindistress: Which is why Romana hasn't turned him in for breaking every law of time out there to build his collection
  • Charamei: exactly
  • Charamei: Narvin's mild interest in astronomy probably translates to his entire bedroom being covered in star charts
  • Dromeianindistress: Romana doesn't even blink when he points out an extremely obscure fact about a minor space phenomenon relevant to the discussion
  • Charamei: nope
  • Dromeianindistress: (...there probably isn't a rehabilitation process for problematic obsessions. You just get mind probed a couple times as a warning, then exiled if you don't find something else)
  • Charamei: (...yeah)
  • Charamei: (there are some psychic doctors who specialise in fixing this stuff but you have to go and actually find them)
  • Dromeianindistress: (and most people don't *want* to)
  • Charamei: (no, because wanting to destroy the universe is perfectly harmless, it's only a thought exercise, of course they'd never... oh, hey, a Doomsday device!)
  • Dromeianindistress: ( XD )
  • Dromeianindistress: (Well there was also Shada)
  • Charamei: (yeah)
  • Charamei: (on the plus side, it does probably mean that people give Leela more leeway than you might expect when it comes to going hunting etc)
  • Charamei: (Andred and Rodan explained it as a mild interest and everyone just kind of nodded knowingly and left her to it)
  • Charamei: (she has no idea why of course)
  • Dromeianindistress: (Most Gallifreyans don't actually realize everyone in the universe isn't like this)
  • Charamei: ( no)
  • Charamei: (that's just what happens when you get interested in something)
  • Charamei: (then they go out there and start sabotaging fluid links so they can look around and the aliens are very unforgiving for absolutely no reason)
  • Dromeianindistress: (That's what interest *is*)
  • Charamei: (exactly!)
  • Dromeianindistress: (Really, completely irrational. They'll never understand how these aliens think)
  • Charamei: (nope)
  • Dromeianindistress: (The Rani was totally taken aback when the Doctor tried to get her experiments shut down)
  • Charamei: ( yes)
  • Charamei: (and every time a companion says something like "Are you enjoying this?" the Doctor gets utter culture shock)
  • Charamei: (of course they're enjoying it that doesn't mean they don't also care)
  • Dromeianindistress: (this is what they *do*, this is what they're interested in)
  • Dromeianindistress: (they can't turn that off)
  • Dromeianindistress: (it doesn't mean they don't care about the people involved)
  • Charamei: (the Master enjoys trying to kill them as well but they don't see the humans getting on their high horses about that)
  • Dromeianindistress: (really)
  • Charamei: (filling obsessions just feels good)
  • Charamei: (...we've just found Time Lord sex)
  • Dromeianindistress: (omg)
  • Dromeianindistress: (does that mean Time Lord marriages are 'our obsessions both line up very nicely with each other right now, let's be joined at the hip until they diverge again'?)
  • Charamei: (...quite probably)
  • Charamei: (Darling I very much enjoyed your paper on the inverse correlation of x and y please marry me and we should discuss this at every opportunity)
  • Dromeianindistress: (and they proceed to discuss it for the next 500 years)
  • Charamei: (yes, with occasional pauses to write papers)
  • Dromeianindistress: (...Gallifreyan conversations tend to be very long)
Intellectual Property, Copyright, and colorful banners

“There’s a myth that US law states if you change a certain percentage of someone else’s work, you will be able to claim a copyright in that work. This is a myth. Only the owner of the copyright in a work has the right to prepare, or to authorize someone else to create, a new version of that work. Accordingly, without the owner’s consent you cannot claim copyright to another’s work, no matter how much you change it.”

I didn’t want to have to make this post but I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately and I’m not really sure what else to do at this point. If you’re here to look at pictures you can just ignore this!

Intellectual property is: “an umbrella term referring to commercially valuable creations of the mind. These creations include inventions, artwork, symbols, names, and designs. Intellectual property protection options include copyrights, trademarks, and patents.”

Works of art, along with music, literature, etc, are protected under copyright. You do not need to register a work for it to be copyrighted, it is copyrighted from the moment it is created. You don’t need to register an official copyright, but you can (it takes like 6 months and $35). If you’ve ever used a digital camera you might know how to embed your name, address, website, and copyright into the metadata of the file. Copyright does NOT cover an idea, but it does cover the EXPRESSION of that idea. This is a very fine line and it can be hard to prove (which is kinda my problem here).

In November - December of 2013, I made a series of photographs called things i told the internet, but didn’t tell my mom. They’re a physical representation of the way that I take something very private and make it public for the world to see - personal phrases taken directly from my blog, hung up outside.

All artists are influenced by other artists. All artists research other art that is in the vein of work that they make. I am influenced by Jenny Holzer, the Guerrilla Girls, a whole list of other contemporary artists who enjoy using text and image in a public space. I like public art, I like writing, I fall into that vein.  My take on text and image, for that particular project, involved the relationship between public and private and how it’s affected by the internet.

That project received a lot of unexpected publicity over the last year and a half, on Tumblr and off (in galleries and multiple major publications). It is not too crazy for me to say that if you’re a young artist on Tumblr then there’s a pretty good chance you’ve seen that series. If you search the tag for my name, pictures show up with neon banners of private confessions made public that I didn’t take. People have told me that they see these other projects which are very similar in concept and execution and assume that they were just an extension of my first series until they see that the source of the post is another artist.

Again: copyright does not cover an idea itself, but it does cover the expression of that idea. My work uses colorful banners to take something private and make it public - other people have done the same thing aesthetically and conceptually with other people’s blog posts, other people’s texts, diary entries, their own thoughts, whatever - to me, this all falls under the expression of this idea. It is not EXACTLY the same, but it feels like copy-pasting a paragraph and changing a few words and acting like that isn’t plagiarism.

If you are a random 15 year old and you’re out there making banners because it’s cathartic as fuck, I get it, go ahead. It would be cool if you sourced it, but this isn’t what I feel threatened by. I feel threatened by art students, by working artists - who are regurgitating this idea as though it wasn’t mine in December of 2013. It has happened multiple times, I’ve tried to address it directly in some of these cases, and it always ends the same way - “it’s different because I used someone else’s posts/words/whatever.” For me, this crosses the line.

There are projects out there using banners with a different concept, or projects out there about privacy and the internet with different visuals, and I’m cool with those! I don’t own either of those things! But I own things i told the internet, but didn’t tell my mom, and all the works that cross that line of VERY SIMILAR idea and execution of a VERY PUBLICIZED project are an infringement of my intellectual property. It’s very frustrating to see things that I consider to be blatant plagiarism featured in magazines and popular blogs and one day, maybe sold or shown in galleries.

This is not my hobby, this is what I want to do full time right now and what I plan on doing full time from the moment that I graduate. I’m some random 20 year old with no actual legal resources (but Google tells me that I couldn’t really win a lawsuit because there’s no loss or damages). I’m not trying to sue anyone, even though I think I would look really great yelling at someone in court while wearing a pencil skirt.

I’ve only mentioned this stuff/dealt with it from my private blog but I feel like I need to address it here. I’ve seen a lot of things over the last year and a half that I feel cross the line of “copyright of an expression of an idea,” and have tried to talk about it privately with no success. I don’t really know what to say other than if you are art student who is turning plagiarized work in for class, I will not hesitate to contact your school. If you are an artist who is showing plagiarized work in galleries and selling it (to my knowledge this hasn’t happened yet?) that’s a whole new game and I don’t even know what I would do in that situation but honestly probably just write a serious sounding email and CC my mom’s lawyer friend.

Being creative and making art is a really incredible thing and it should be about building a community and helping each other and sharing ideas, not about copying them. 

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