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Top 10 real-world jobs Aizen could hold

As requested by Jyaomi. :) 

Let’s say that Aizen escaped and decided to live in the real world, Urahara-style. What sorts of jobs might he hold?

#10: Shop owner

Aizen loves to copy Urahara. Let’s not forget that the only way Aizen got his hogyoku was to steal Urahara’s version and then combine it with his own (failed) version. So I imagine a shop somewhat similar to Urahara’s suddenly showing up just down the street, with a shinier paint job and a new name.

Urahara: Sure has been a lot of inventory going missing lately.

Urahara: …

Urahara: AIZEN

#9: Magician

I mean, Aizen does have the power of perfect illusion. I don’t know how well this would pay, unless he found himself in Vegas or something, but it is certainly a job that Aizen could do very, very well.

Magician’s assistant: Uh, Sosuke? Do you have to do the “pretend to stab me while hugging me” trick in every show?

Aizen: Yes.

Aizen: Stabbing my assistant is a wonderful trick.

Aizen: The first I ever performed.

Magician’s assistant: …

Magician’s assistant: You got a super weird look on your face there.

Aizen: I have always been a magician.

#8: Wild life rehabilitator

Do you remember when the Steves showed up to help carry Aizen into Hueco Mundo? Clearly, Aizen managed to tame those menos grande and make them work for him. Although, as longtime readers know, my personal headcanon is that Tosen was the great Steve-whisperer, let’s say for the sake of this list that Aizen has some talent with wild monsters. So perhaps a wild life rehabilitator would be a good job for him.

Aizen: These lions seems supremely uninterested in my plans for world domination.

Aizen: Disappointing.

#7: Referee

“Judge” would also work - Aizen likes to sit in judgment over the squabbles of those beneath him, like when he let Tosen cut off Grimmjow’s arm. But ref is much funnier than judge, and I like to imagine Aizen in that striped uniform wrangling players.

Player: Hey! That guy just kicked me! Did you see that?

Aizen: Yes.

Aizen: It was deserved.

Player: That isn’t how reffing works!!!

#6: CEO

Especially one of those CEOs who comes in to fix a company that’s in trouble - Aizen likes power, Aizen likes ruling over people, and Aizen would have zero qualms about firing as many people as necessary.

Aizen: No one stands at the top of this company.

Jan the hiring manager: Uh, we do have shareholders.

Aizen: Not you, not me, not the gods.

Jan: ..and a board of directors…

Aizen: But the unbearable vacancy on the top floor is over.

Jan: …like, 30 other people work there…

Aizen: From now on, I will be sitting there.

Jan: Yeah, you seem like a CEO.

#5: YouTube personality

Aizen is very, very good at amassing followers of all sorts. He promised Starrk an end of his loneliness, promised Grimmjow strength, promised Nnoitra the chance to just kill a lot. And for the most part, these followers were pretty darn loyal. Aizen could market that cult personality as a YouTube star, seeming to be exactly what each follower needs.

Aizen: This video is for those whose love of vegetable-scented candles, baby cats, and royalty has thus far never been understood well enough.

cabbage-candle-kitten-queen: OMG!!!!!!

#4: Salesman

Speaking of amassing followers, Aizen is also just…really persuasive. I mean, Tosen was once a man who believed in justice and seemed to be a really good dude, and yet somehow Aizen won him over completely. Aizen won over Halibel, another decent individual, but also Zommari, who straight up hates shinigami. Add into that Aizen’s acting abilities and good looks, and I think we have the making of one very good salesman.

Aizen: This limited edition, one-of-a-kind, sparky gold nailpolish will truly make you the talk of any party.

Aizen: Admiration may be the emotion furthest from understanding, but admired you will be.

Woman: I can pick that up for 99 cents at a drugstore and yet…I really want to buy it from you.

Aizen: It’s my voice.

#3: Scientist

Aizen may have stolen some of - okay, a lot of - his inventions from Urahara, but then, Thomas Edison is famous. Aizen’s intelligence and scientific mind would definitely allow him to do this job.

Aizen: This invention will take root vegetables and turn them into demon root vegetables.

Scientist #2: …why?

Aizen: I prefer to ask, “why not?”


Aizen: Boundaries are meant to be broken.

#2: Principal

Um, I’ve seen Assassination Classroom, where Aizen’s voice actor once again plays Aizen, only this time he’s the principal of an elite school who tries to make his students as strong as possible through ridiculously contrived and complicated plots. So I know Aizen would be good at this job.

Aizen: If there is a way to make teenagers stronger that does not involve giving them an enemy to fight, I have yet to encounter it.

Teacher: Gold stars and arts programs?

Aizen: What kind of teacher are you?

#1: Personal trainer 

But if there is one job made for Aizen, it is this one. Personal trainer! A job wherein someone will put his life in Aizen’s hands, so that Aizen can make them as strong as possible. And if there is one thing that Aizen loves, it is getting to plan out and control someone else’s life.

Aizen: Here is your exercise and dietary schedule for the week.

Aizen: Please make sure, this week, that you go to bed at the specified times and that you use the alarm ringtones I have chosen for you.

Aizen: You are already 37 steps behind in my thousand-step plan.

Client: You know, I thought there would be more “do some push-ups” in this relationship and less “don’t wear blue on Tuesday.”

Aizen: Do you want to get stronger or not?

Starlight Shines Bright, But Not As Bright As My Love Tonight

“Lafayette….” Alexander gasped, his hand covering his mouth as tears began forming in his eyes. “I…I don’t know what to say…”

“Well, saying ‘yes’ would be ideal,” Lafayette joked halfheartedly, forcing a smile on his face as he tried to keep his balance on one knee. The diamond ring glimmered in the candlelight, illuminating the windowsill that displayed the inky darkness of night where stars shone brightly. Metallic gold lay twisted around the diamond, holding it in place and forming what was quite clearly an engagement ring.

“But what if I didn’t?” Alexander asked quietly, his voice weak as he attempted to keep his emotions held inside. “What if I told you that I don’t want to marry you and I never wanted to see you again because then you’d find someone who deserves your love?”

“Alexander…Even if you did say those things, and even if they were true, I could never find another person whom I hold so much affection for in my heart. If only I could reach the sky and give you a star of your own, if only you could see how brightly you shine….” Lafayette whispered, eyes wide with hope.

“Gilbert…” Alexander muttered, leaving his chair and leaning down to be face-to-face with the anxious Frenchman on the floor. He ran his hand along Lafayette’s cheek for a moment before pulling his chin up to kiss him softly, and pulling away far too quickly. “You didn’t even have to ask. I will always be yours.”

“You…You mean..?” Lafayette stuttered, beginning to shake slightly.

“Yes. I mean yes, I’ll marry you, yes, I’ll be your husband, yes, I’ll love you until our dying days, yes, yes, a thousand times, yes!” Alexander exclaimed in tearful joy. He stood up fully and offered Lafayette his left hand slowly. Lafayette stared up at him for a moment, a single tear streaming down his face, before sliding the ring onto Alexander’s finger and standing up, grabbing him by the waist and spinning them around.

“I love you, I love you, I love you!” He shouted, uncaring at what volume he spoke. He set Alexander down after a few moments of crying and spinning him around, and gazed at him lovingly for a moment before speaking in a soft voice. “My love, you look so gorgeous in the starlight…”

Alexander wrapped his arms behind Lafayette’s neck and kissed him for a moment, only pulling away for a moment to whisper, “Starlight shines bright, but not as bright as my love tonight.”

@virusap I heard that you were feeling sad

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I saw you're post about wanting more Siren Marco (and ghost tom and Marco) requests and I suddenly thought about siren marco meeting pirate ghost tom and I thought it would be sort of cute

Oh my goodness i can’t tell you how much I loved this!!!!! It was so much fun! I loved this so so so so so so so so much! Thank you for the request! I hope you like the story!
And I also hope you like my take on ghost pirates! I played around a bit!

Marco swam as fast as he could around the coral, seaweed and fish. He weaved around plants that he reached down to run his fingers through the long and thin green weeds. “Marco! Slow down!” A voice called. Marco turned and saw Star gain on him. He laughed and continued to swim away from his friend, and she tried her best to catch up to him.

“Come on Star! You can swim faster than that.” Marco giggled, but he then turned around and saw Star was no longer chasing him. “Star? What’s going on?” He asked, swimming over to her. Star pointed and Marco looked over. There was an old shipwreck, with a pirate flag that was tattered and torn, floating in the water.

“It looks creepy, right?” She asked.

“You know we’re not allowed there.” Marco tried to pull her away. “The pact sank that ship over a hundred years ago. Mom says never to go near it.” He repeated.

“Yeah but why?” Star asked, swimming a few feet closer to the ship. “It can’t all be because of that dumb story.” She told him. But Marco nodded.

“They say that one of the sailors survived the siren attack.” Marco spoke. “He never got eaten, and he went down with the ship. He was young too… our age.” He continued. “Can you believe that? A human kid, not being entrapped by our song, and going down with the ship. That’s insane right?” Marco asked. Star nodded, she’d heard this story many times before, but it still was unbelievable. Their song always, ALWAYS worked.

“Jackie says ghosts will always repeat the last thing they hear, for eternity.” Star told him. “She told me sometimes at night you can hear him singing our song.” She told Marco. “If you get close enough to the ship, you can see him on the deck, trying to fight off the sirens.” She whispered.

Marco gulped and pulled Star away from the ship. It was too scary looking. Dark and covered in moss and plants. It was straight out of a horror film about the deep ocean. “That’s not true, it’s not haunted.” Marco assured her. “It’s just a myth. You know, every place has a myth. The sirens of the Bermuda Triangle say if a ship travels through their nesting place, it’ll mysteriously vanish. But we all know they just hunt it.” Marco huffed.

“Well if it’s not haunted then go prove it.” Star grinned. Marco fell back and shook his head. “Come on! Let’s go see if there;s some pirate treasure they left on board!” She laughed. “An adventure!”

“Star, no! Even if it’s not haunted, it’s still dangerous. It’s old, and falling apart, and not to mention what dangerous fish made a home in there. You don’t wanna get into another shark chase, do you?” Marco asked.

“We can take a few sharks.” Star assured. Marco shook his head.

“No way. We aren’t going there, it’s too dangerous.” Marco put his fin down. Star rolled her eyes and let her gaze drift to the boat. She squinted when she saw the sun that gleamed through the water reflect off something and shine in her eye. It was something through the window in the ship. Without speaking to Marco anymore she swam towards it.

Marco turned around and gasped when he saw where she was going. He swam after her, seeing her vanish through the ship’s window. “Star!” He called softly. He swam into the haunted boat with a gulp. “Quit kidding around!” He begged. Marco swam around the lower level of the ship, trying to see where his friend got off to.

Marco was looking around, but froze when he heard singing. “S-Star?” He gulped, turning to see the unfamiliar voice coming from the deck of the ship. Marco shakily made his way up. “Star?” He called again. But the song continued. It was a siren song, but one you wouldn’t hear everyday.

“One seems to resist, are you not affected by our song?” The voice sang. Marco poked his head out to look around, and his eyes widened when he saw a figure by the edge of the deck. It was a boy, a human boy, so it appeared. And he was singing a siren song. “Don’t you love us? Adore us?” He sang the song that he had heard over a hundred years ago. It was clear the sirens were singing to him, the boy who resisted the siren’s lure.

“Oh my god…” Marco’s eyes widened. The ghost stopped singing the song, and it looked like he was fighting something, but Marco couldn’t see what. The ghost fell to the ground and tried to kick something away, and then let out a cry like he was hurt.

“Marco?” Marco whipped around and saw Star, who had a gold coin in her hand. “Look what I found!” She beamed.

“Star! It’s the-” Marco cut himself off. He turned around fast and saw nothing, where the ghost was, there was just an empty ship.

“It’s the what?” Star asked. Marco gulped, looking around, trying to see if the ghost was anywhere else. He shook his head and grabbed Star’s hand.

“Whatever, let’s get out of here, this place is creeping me out.” He huffed, pulling his friend away. Star nodded and the two sirens swam away as fast as they could, back to find the rest of the pact.


Marco shivered when he saw the ship in the distance. He couldn’t get that picture from the previous day out of his head. That boy looked so real. And he sang a siren song, Marco could hear it! And he could see the boy on the ship! It wasn’t another siren, he had no fin. He was a ghost. He HAD to be a ghost. “How did you resist our song?” Marco asked, quietly. He swam a bit close to the ship. Marco then noticed that he had been advancing, and he turned away. But before he could swim back to his pact he froze, hearing a song.

“One seems to resist, are you not affected by our song? Don’t you love us? Adore us?” The voice sang the siren song and Marco turned around. And there, on the deck of the ship, was the same ghost, singing the last thing he heard before his death.

Marco gulped and watched the ghost sing. He didn’t know what to say, what to do. He was totally and completely frozen. Did the ghost know he was dead? Did he know where he was? Marco swam a few feet closer and just watched him sing. The song finished and the ghost stayed, staring out at nothing. He then looked over and gasped when he saw Marco.

“It’s you!” He cried, falling back. Marco yelped and swam to hide behind a rock, only peering out slightly at the ghost. They stared at each other for a long time before the ghost looked away. Marco came out from behind the rock.

“Do you… are you really a ghost?” Marco asked. The ghost just looked at Marco carefully. “Do you… know you’re dead?” Marco asked. The ghost looked down at himself, then back up at Marco.

“It was you.” He spoke. Marco looked confused and a look of rage came across the ghosts face. “YOU! YOU CREATURES KILLED MY CREW!” He screamed. The current picked up and the ship began to rock like it was still sailing on rough waters. “How could you…. HOW COULD YOU HURT THEM LIKE THAT!?!?! WE ALL DIED BECAUSE OF YOU!” He kept screaming, his eye were lit up red and Marco looked terrified. He tried to swim away but a force grabbed him and pulled him back onto the ship. “NO.” The ghost hissed. Marco looked up at him. “I spent the last hundred years alone on this ship… because of what you did to my crew… trapped in this watery grave FOREVER! And now you’re gonna help me get back.” He seethed.

“B-Back where?” Marco stuttered. The ghost’s face softened and he looked up, at the moon shining through the water of the ocean.


Been a slow year for me, especially art-wise. I noticed I did mostly studies this year, most of which I didn’t bother including and almost half of the ones in this are wips. However, I was glad to have had at least one piece to post per month : 3 on to 2017!! Happy New Year everyone!!!


doodles of kudakano’s Street Love fic! , I can’t describe how much i love it, the kind of story that goes straight to my guilty pleasure list oh my god. 

I actually wanted to draw the scene where tadashi and his vespa going through the dark alley, but probably later. Also that one time when gogo took off tadashi’s hat and messed up his neatly combed hair is a pure gold . I TRIED to depict tadashi’s CRIMINAL WARDROBE only to fail miserably and turned him into a k-pop star instead. 

RIP hiro’s pillow

kpopdashi bonus

Ps. please read this fic

She has these dark dark brown eyes, and at sunset, they turn to molten gold.

She’s a star in disguise, and she chooses the least conspicuous time to let it show.

She stares back at that fire with all her light and she breathes a little easier because it takes a lot of effort to hide all that brilliance all the time.

We shouldn’t know she’s so divine, so she waits until the world’s aglow like the horizon was set on fire and then she burns.

Oh, she burns like you’ve never seen!

She tries to keep it secret, but she isn’t fooling me.

I know where she came from.

I know she’s my sunshine.

—  Me

Notes by A.Wölf: @the-stuttering-kiwi has a gift for you, Hiddlestoners. ;) Enjoy.

TITLE: Good Girl

Original imagine: Not sure, this was just floating around my brain
AUTHOR: the-stuttering-kiwi
NOTES: I hope my ignorance on this type of relationship doesn't offend anyone!!!!

You know that old saying, “wrong place, wrong time”?  I used to think that was bullshit.  But now, from my nest of self-loathing I call my hotel room, I am starting to see some truth in it.  I mean, maybe I was stupid to think that running into Tom Hiddleston by chance after the worst six months of my life would turn out to be a good thing. 

Even after we hit it off and he offered me a job as his personal assistant, I thought that my husband of seven years leaving and our house burning down in a freak accident I had stuck gold.  I mean, how could the stars align with such bad luck, only to hand me enough money to go abroad and do some serious soul-searching and land myself in Tom’s favorite café where we happened to frequent at the same time nearly every day.  How did I manage to pick my trip for the same time he was between movies and taking a well deserved break?  The angels were certainly singing in my favor when he sat down across from me.

“It was your broken heartedness.” He tried to explain, months later, when I was drunk and wanting an explanation as to why he chose me, a girl from nowhere.  He tried to explain that he saw some kind of beauty in it—but at the time I was way too drunk to care, all I had heard was my name and beautiful in the same sentence, spoken by that glorious mouth that had just been on my most intimate places just moments before.

Drunkenness is what started this whole mess, my husband coming home—drunk—telliing me that he had fucked my then best friend and that he was leaving me to be with her.  Needless to say they had split just as I received the papers that the divorce was final and I zipped up my suitcase.  Drunkenness is what made my fall into bed with my employer, call him things what in the sober light of day made me blush a furious shade of scarlet.

Drunkenness was what made me submit to Tom Hiddleston completely.

I may just swear off drinking forever.

Back then my only concern was that I didn’t want whatever this relationship was to interfere with work.  I mean, if I forgot to have his trailer stocked with his favorite sweets because I was too busy answering emails and setting up interviews, did that mean I didn’t get to orgasm that night? No, I didn’t think so, and thankfully neither did he.

Work and play he called it.

This meant no one knew about our little arrangement, aside from the fact that our hotel rooms were always right next to one another and always were ajoining rooms—he was able to come into my room anytime he wanted, sometimes when I was sound asleep waking up to his fingers tracing my spine and whispering filthy things in my ear.  There was no hesitation when I rolled over and opened my legs for him.

Oh, how I squirmed when he called me a good girl—even on the bad days when filming seemed like too much work or the screaming fans just wouldn’t take a hint and all he needed was a good fuck to relax I was more than happy to oblige—being used by him was not necessarily a bad thing.

Drunkenness is what made me go to bed early from a party the actors were having, they just finished the scene that plagued them for days and they finally got it, large amounts of alcohol was consumed that night. I told Tom goodnight and our little phrase that meant that I would leave my side of the adjoining door unlocked.  He nodded in agreement and went back to flirting with his gorgeous co-star.  That was one of his weaknesses flirting.  He did it with everyone and at first it was hard to overcome but after a while I started to over look it, I mean, it was me he always crawled into bed with.

But that night I didn’t hear the door creak open or his soft footsteps pad across the plush carpet as I feigned sleep, wondering if he would wake me up or just crawl on top of me and fuck me awake or he would think so anyway.  That night I heard his hotel room door open and close and his quiet chuckle and the light sound of someone else.  I couldn’t breathe as I heard the unmistakable sounds of kissing mingled with moans and the sound of someone getting fucked against the wall.  I sat up and put a shaking hand against the plaster and drywall to feel the vibrations.

“Such a good girl.” I heard him murmur and she sighed in response, like those four words made her world spin like they did mine every night. 

I heard the tell tale grunt of pleasure as he emptied himself inside of her or at least that’s what I imagined. Once the sounds died down I stood on numb legs and locked the door to his room.  Called down to the front desk and requested that no one come and clean my room until I called to say otherwise.  I schedule a text to be send in the morning warning of my possibly food poisoning or stomach bug and that I would be out of commission for a few days as I didn’t want to get anyone else sick.

I closed the curtains tight so the sun couldn’t peak through and then I crawled back into bed. 

That was almost a week ago, or I would guess, I haven’t checked my phone and the only tell tale signs that time is still moving is the drone and hum of people moving out in the hallway going about their lives.

That and Tom knocking on the door, begging me to answer and open the door, “Like a good girl”.

I’ve heard people say a million times, not to make decisions in the dark, especially decisions that affect your heart. I of course never listen to anything, not my brain, not my name, not the news, or even you.

You took me by the hand and I felt okay but you were too drunk to even speak my name, but you asked me about my poems and which ones were for you, and I couldn’t speak, and I didn’t know what to do; but I told you I loved you, and your eyes listened, and I stared up at the sky and my eyes glistened, and then you kissed me into the mass of stars and my heart moved faster than a race if cars, and I wondered what your mother would say if she knew where you were, and I thought about the time when I swore you were no good, but then your lips were on my neck and I almost wish your hands were on my throat.

It was so cold and the sky was filled with smoke, and the fire was gold, and I couldn’t see your eyes even if I tried, and your best friend told me you were wrong for me, but I let my lips find the parts of yours that tasted like every world people used to warn me, and I collapsed into you like a sandcastle by a shore, but we were out in the woods and we couldn’t even close a door; and I guess that’s a metaphor for our openness, but I never thought it would feel like this.

I thought I’d never get to escape but that night WAS my escape, and in three months I’ll no longer be your problem, but I swear to god that I still fucking wanna. Still wanna be the one to rip out the stitches and be the one to numb the pain, but I never thought your heart would be a game, where I found my prize between your lips and you found safety with your hands on your hips, and I lied when I said there was only one poem, but you lied when you said you understood me. Because the fact that you kissed me, proves that you never even knew me.

—  confessions that I shouldn’t be sharing with the world.