i tried valiantly

Adrien Agreste

I have this weird pet peeve with subtitles. I get bored watching stuff if it requires me to read subtitles. This is why I tried valiantly to learn Brazilian Portuguese and French because of the wonderful Indie Films from Brazil and the unusual amount of A+ French animated shows. (Even though I can only understand by hearing - I suck at writing and reading oh my god.)

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AUTHOR: tartanroyaltea
GENRE: drama, romance
FIC SUMMARY: Fate sees fit to cross Charlotte and Tom’s paths once more. Set just under a year after the end of ‘Pay to Play’.
RATING: M for brief swearing and mentions of sexual situations.
WARNINGS/TRIGGERS/AUTHORS NOTES: This is an epilogue of sorts, hopefully a more satisfactory end to their story.


“Fuck my life!”

“Charlotte, are you alright?” Matthew enquired, peering around the edge of the menu behind which I had hidden my blushing face.

“Hm? Oh, uh yes…just eh…thought I saw one of my professors. O’Brien, I hate that guy…but uh, it isn’t him, after all,” I babbled, lying straight through my teeth.  I gathered my wits (what remained of them) and tried very hard not to stare at the person who had caused me to swear so profusely in front of my Christian boyfriend in a very swanky restaurant.

Matthew smiled good-naturedly, more than used to my strangeness, and began to peruse his dessert menu for the millionth time. I chewed my lip, counted to ten and surreptitiously glanced across the restaurant at the man being guided to a table by the maitre d’.

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Bittersweet || Mark + Marlene

Mark had received the news in the midst of practice. Thankfully, Cap hadn’t questioned it when he’d packed up his things and excused himself, merely clapping a hand on his shoulder and earnestly sending his well wishes in an uncharacteristic moment of affection. Within minutes he’d changed and apparated to Mungo’s, not caring that he probably still smelled something horrible, and enclosed their mother in a hug where she was standing in the lobby. Mrs. Potter, she’d murmured against his shirt, was talking to Mad-Eye. She’d already owled the girls and Albus to pull them out of school. They hadn’t let her see him.

He’d sat with her for a good twenty minutes, Mara’s baby carrier at their feet, when they’d finally called their name. The time that followed was a blur. The girls were there not too long after he’d woken up, and even after receiving the horrible news about Charlus he’d tried his best to put on a brave face for the lot of them, merely sharing a silent glance with their mother every now and then. Eventually, a few Healers had knocked on their door and asked to speak with just their parents about his condition. Mel agreed to take Mara downstairs, as she’d grown fussy and she didn’t want to disturb the rest of the hall, and with the twins following in tow she’d disappeared around the corner. That left Mark alone with Marlene, and he leaned against the wall, running a hand over his face before he turned to look at her.

“He’ll be okay,” he said after a beat of silence.


I fought KarGi valiantly. Tried with everything I had. I can ship Klossanova with a piece of toast but I fought this for many reasons which I won’t list here right now. Others made me take a another look, now, for me, the shipping of these two is approaching Fed-Ex stage. Damn you, rhymes with Isellformaylor, you’ve dragged me into the abyss. Lawd have mercy on my KarGi admiring soul, but they do look cute af to me…*sigh*