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A thought: Modern flinthamilton AU in which Alfred is still a homophobic douchebag but they went ‘fuck you’ and got married anyway.

I call this “Thomas I don’t think your husband is listening to a single word you say…… he’s… distracted”

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I would like to know the story behind spaghetti-armed Jeremy breaking down a door once.


Michael: Jer please it wasn’t that bad-


I mean, he deserved better too

BTS When They Mention You In An Interview


“So Jin-ssi, right?” the interviewer starts, “I hear marriage is a common symptom of old age, according to Jungkook you’re getting older already.”
“Yah, Jungkook” He chides as all the boys turn to laugh at a redden Jin. Namjoon hands him the microphone,
“Ah yes, marriage” he tries that word in his mouth before laughing with the rest of the guys.
“Y/n, I tried, I brought it up - now its up to you” the interviewer says staring intently at the camera, while everyone laughs harder.
“Y/n!” The rest of the guys wave and smile at the camera as Jin shoots one of his famous kisses.

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The laughter dies down slowly as the interviewer looks down at his prompt cards. “Suga-ssi?”
“It says here you were caught on a date with y/n?” he goes to the moniter and they see the pictures of you and suga covered with hood and facemask on your way to meet the boys for a good old fashion Korean BBQ.
He turns back from the monster and starts to smile uncontrollably, “It wasn’t really a date” he explains “We usually go out on weekends beause she says human interaction is good” he smiles at the thought of you dragging him out of the apartment, despite his protest to stay in, before going back to his cool image.
“Suga-hyung doesn’t really go out unless its nessary, so we appricate y/n when it comes to gathering outside” Taehyung explains.
“Most of the time we go our and no one recognizes us, we’ll tried harder on our disguises next time” he smiles passing the mic back to Namjoon

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“How many selfies do you take?” The host asks the boys.
“I take a lot to upload towards our twitter and i think J Hope does too,” Namjoon offers his phone as he says this, so they can connect it to the monitor.
“i have a lot” Hoseok says taking out his phone as well, but as he goes through his pictures he smiles “oh no, never mind I don’t have many selfies”
“Ah, Y/n would be mad if you showed all the off guard your have of her” Yoongi teases as he peers over his shoulders.
All of the boys start laughing as Hoseok nods at the comment scrolling through all the “embarrassing to you but cute to him” pictures.

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“Next Question?” the interviewer says half laughing from the pervious question.
“Yes” Namjoon says politely in english followed by a “Sure” from Jin
“Any girlfriends that miss you while on tour?”
Namjoon automically translates the question to the other members, while immediately regretting his choice.
They all laugh and say “you” to namjoon as he smiles wide enough to show his dimples and hiding a bit with the mic.
Then he looks up, shaking the heat crawling up to his face, “It’s definitely a thing we discuss and try to be understanding of one another, she doesn’t treat it like my job, but rather something that makes me happy and she loves it even if it means not seeing eachother all the time.”

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“Whose on your speed dial?” the interviewer asks
“Hm?” jimin smiles up not wanting to answer
“Number one?”
“My mom”
“Number two?”
he laughs a bit “Uh - my manager”
“Should we check?” jungkook intervenes and the rest laughs. The sharp interviewer nods calmly “oh i see who it is” he jokes as well.
Jimin’s smile gets bigger and he starts to laugh “ah, isnt there another question?”

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In an interview for the drama, they celebrated one of the males leads recent marriage and aspects of this new life. When one of the interviewers turns to Taehyung,
“How supportive is Y/n?”
V takes the microphone happily “she doesn’t pick up my calls when a new episode airs because she doesn’t like spoiler” he smiles widely remembering the day the drama permiered.
“That’s good, do you giver her any spoilers?”
“Ah, I can’t - I only do it to tease her, but that just between us and the viewers” he answering winking at the camera.
“She’s a big fan of the drama” one of his co-stars contributes,
 “She loves the drama and I hope others support it as well” Taehyung wraps it up.

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“Why don’t you invite y/n to be with us next time?” the host of the viariety show qustions as he begins rubbing the mud from his eyes “I hear she likes our show.”
“She -” Jungkook starts to says, but is caught trying to catch his breath from the recent running and strength he had to do in the mud.
“During our lunch break, he called her and I talked to her and she really is our fan” one of the comedians intervenes, “She’s really polite.”
“Ah, she would love to come, but i don’t think you’ll treat her nicely.”
“nonsense we’ll make an exception, make the segment all about her”
Jungkook smiles at the thought of being able to film with you and gives a thumbs up, “I’ll ask her about it”

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[ 4/19/17 ]💦
I took these pictures many moons ago. This spread seems so old to me now, but it’s still new to you. I have been having so many problems uploading to Tumblr! My photosets rarely make it through processing and it’s so annoying. I tried posting multiple times last week to no avail, from my phone and laptop. Any ideas what’s wrong? Please help a sister out

drrr characters + social media headcanons

- favours instagram and tumblr - surprisingly, he doesn’t like talking too much online unless he’s playing a particular ‘character’
- has countless accounts on each, pertaining to different interests and subcultures (pastel aesthetic, monochrome photography, various fandoms and pop culture trends, etc)
- has a couple writing/poetry blogs which are rarely updated and have strictly no information other than text. his poems sometimes get very popular and are always attributed to “anonymous”
- the accounts that are most “him” are actually the most popular, featuring nighttime/cityscape/urban photography and very brief posts about the restaurants and shops he visits while exploring, and all the food he tries
- he sometimes uploads videos of him playing atop skyscrapers in first-person perspective, or videos of him climbing (with his face obscured, often by his hood and a black dust mask). he likes seeing people’s reactions in the comments, he finds it funny to watch them freak out
- has several twitter accounts which he uses to keep up with goings-on as they occur without having to get too involved
- some of his twitters pose as a devoted fan of various celebrities/fandoms, others as merely a concerned citizen, some are completely devoid of information about him (or any ‘character’) and are where he compiles info and contributes to rumours

- has a lot of accounts on various things, but has little interest in anything
- mostly uses his social media to keep up with ruri and kasuka
- on instagram and tumblr, he mostly follows photography blogs with no text so there’s no risk of them pissing him off - he likes urban photography, and pictures/videos of animals (especially dogs), and posts about food
- he follows several of izaya’s blogs without realising it
- he likes to look through the pictures people (both citizens and professional photographers) take of kasuka and ruri, because some of them are nice and he likes to save them since they never really get the chance to take photos together
- likes to watch food videos on instagram, but often feels slightly guilty while watching them because he never bothers to cook
- he and kasuka send each other pictures and videos of cute animals whenever they can spare the time, it’s often the highlight of his day to see kasuka has sent him something
- as frustrating as he often finds it, he enjoys social media because he cannot unintentionally/unthinkingly hurt anyone

- would have accounts on every social media in existence devoted solely to celty, if only she would let him
- instead, he takes picture of the meals they cook to tumblr and Instagram. they occasionally feature a pale hand or shoulder in the corner, and all of his followers believe his ‘wife’ to be very beautiful and shy due to his captions
- his accounts give the impression of a standard ‘family man’, though he claims himself to be a stay-at-home husband while his 'wife’ works hard
- has a gore sideblog, to which he often uploads his own photos. his followers decide better than to question where he gets them from.
- most believe him to be simply very skilled at special effects makeup

- she likes twitter and instagram because she enjoys watching humans live and interact with each other, and observe trends
- is oddly fascinated by makeup tutorials, her favourites are standard 'modern’ makeup looks with bright colour schemes (especially yellows and blues)
- often finds herself looking through posts about sightings of 'the black rider’, and finds herself amused by the teenagers who both idolise and fear her
- follows a lot of celtic lore and aesthetic blogs on tumblr, but tries to ensure it doesn’t get her too caught up in the past or frustrated - also likes fashion blogs, particularly more minimalist monochrome styles (no matter how many times shinra insists she’d look better in the various lacy travesties he shows her) - she posts most often on tumblr - she uploads photos she takes, particularly ones where she is far outside the city or deep into the emptier streets and alleyway, though none of them are particularly high-quality - her followers believe this to be part of the 'aesthetic’ and appeal, and her photos often get quite popular - she tries to avoid talking too much, but often finds herself giving out advice or tangled up trying to resolve arguments between strangers

Day 10 02/10/2017

As you may well have noticed I was at the Ghibli museum today maybe the photos gave it away :P, I decided not to get the Ghibli bus from Mitaka to the museum but rather to take the walk. I tried to post pictures of the Ghibli directional signs along the way but unfortunately my internet was soooo rubbish that i would pass 3 without even the first uploading :S anyway I took a lot of pictures this time so il post some in a while! I will talk about the 2 short films I watched when I get home in a couple of weeks because one of the Miyazaki short films was so damn good that I need to be at home and use other materials! I can’t get over how not many people will get to see this film unless they travel to Japan and are lucky enough for it to be that month! The film is called Hoshi o Katta Hi (The Day I Bought A Star) and Miyazaki made it in 2006 following Spirited Away and Howl’s Moving Castle so you can just imagine how visually stunning this film is! Anyway enough ranting!


I drew a Samus with copics!!

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Pleeeaseee upload the gumdrops house!! So cuute D;

Gosh I wish I could take credit but I found it on the gallery and for the life of me cannot remember the creator. I have tried many times to find it again with no luck x.x

Can we talk about Undertale?

I love UndertaleWell…kinda… The game at least. The game was amazing. I will probably never play it again but I still loved it. I used to make a lot of Undertale art because I got into the fandom and got to be a part of many great things along meeting some really lovely people.

Now I haven’t made anything with Undertale for a while. Why? Because the fandom I used to be in evolved into something I couldn’t keep up with. I was slowly falling behind and some day I realized that I was in a whole other place than most of those I got to know. It was my own fault because I guess I was never as deep into the fandom as those around me, or managed to socialize with enough people. Even fandoms can feel lonely. My social anxiety have become really bad during the past year, which tend to make me look like/seem as if I don’t have interest in people – and if you were any of those that felt left behind by me – I’m sorry. I never lost interest, I’m just extremely shy and afraid of what people think of me and my works. Again – my own fault. One of my flaws.

What Undertale did for me was that it got me back into drawing. I have never been drawing so much or progressing as fast as now – since Undertale fanart was what got me back into art after an on-and-off hiatus caused by lack of time and inspiration, energy and a crippling depression. I tried to make people happy with my art, but no matter how many requests I filled it was never enough, not to mention that people started to steal my art and sell it on eBay. Someone even tried to steal my cosplay. Those things hurt but I thought I didn’t want to waste time fighting it so I just let it happen.

What really hurt though, was that after posting my very first few pieces of original artwork a little later on this summer, people wrote to me minutes after uploading if I had left the Undertale fandom and if “I could just draw undertale pls”. And unfortunately it kept going on. People got mad at me for turning down requests – thinking it was stupid that I didn’t just draw what they asked FOR FREE. There were some PM incidents and more art theft as well. Can’t I simply ignore these people? Well I did for the most part - but this became a daily thing..I couldn’t ignore the fact that people from the community that I loved so deeply would treat me so badly. While fighting a devastating depression I didn’t exactly take things as lightly as other might have. It just struck me with great sadness that people would be so selfish, time upon time, upon time and again.

So I guess it’s time to say goodbye.

Why? Because this fandom has become toxic to me, slowly killing every moment of joy I experienced within in. I’m backing out while I still feel love towards the original game at least. If we ever talked and had fun, then I enjoyed it – then you are not any of these selfish and childish people that ruined it for me. By ruined I mean that I almost can’t watch any fanart of Undertale anymore without cringing – it is horrible and it makes me feel like an idiot. And I don’t want to just blame other people for my situation because, hey, it happened this way, not just because of the way that they acted towards me but also because of the way I received it. This fandom has some incredible people in it but I have encountered so many childish people as well and eventually it felt like they were everywhere. I should probably have reached out and talked to someone, but I let them ruin it for me instead.

So thank you if you were ever part of this journey with me – if you sometimes just said hello because you thought I was nice and not because you wanted something from me. Thank you. And if you ever write me again, then don’t be afraid if I answer very short headed of anything in that regard – I’m just extremely scared of what you might be thinking of me, and my way to deal with that is to pull away completely from people – making everything even worse. I probably stalked your blog even more than you thought I did because I really liked you guys.

Thank you again for the time – I had fun too.

With that said I will start working on some personal projects. I will never say that this time in the fandom was for nothing because I did actually manage to get friends. I’m just posting my own stuff now (at least until I am struck with a new fandom) and if you don’t want to be a part of that then thank you for the time you were here ❤ If you want to stay and see what I’m going to do with my art now, I will be very happy to have you tag along on this journey~!

Remember that I don’t bite - I’m just extremely shy and introvert.

Shawn Mendes - Flirting with Style(s) (smut)

Request: Could you make an imagine where Y/N and Shawn are in an after party of ( whatever awards you like) they’re just best friend and Shawn get’s like really jealous cause , in the after party famous guys start to flirt with her ( cause let’s pretend that she’s like gorgeous haha) And Shawn literally drags here out of the party and in the car ( it’s a big car ) Shawn tells her that she’s only his and that he has the biggest crush on her and then they have like the sexiest and best sex in the car

So this is the last imagine of 2015. The blog started on the 6th of August, meaning it has been almost five months and it’s incredible how many of you are interested in the imagines! Hope you all be having a great new year and see you in 2016 as well! Have fun tonight!


“Who is ready for a fun night out?” Shawn asked rhetorically as he walked into my bedroom. I raised my hand excited and quickly did the last touches on my makeup. “You look great,” he complimented standing next to me and looking at us in the mirror.

“Let’s take a selfie,” I suggested pulling my phone out. He wrapped one of his arms around me, I hugged his neck and then we did some silly faces as I snapped the photo. “We look great! I’m gonna post it,” I announced immediately uploading it to my Instagram.

“Caption it with the title “Hands off, he is all mine” so we could blow up the internet!” Shawn laughed.

We finally could leave and after we made some ridiculous videos on the backseat of the car we arrived to the location of the party. We walked in and I tried not to show my excitement that I was in a room full with famous people.

“Oh my God, is that Harry Styles over there?” I gasped as I saw the familiar, long, curly hair that I saw so many times before but only on the screen of my laptop.

“I think he is,” Shawn nodded, but didn’t really cared about my fangirling moment.

“I want to talk to him,” I stated with my eyes glued to my celebrity crush. He was talking to some guy, holding a glass of – as I thought – scotch and was just casually looking like a Greek God.

“Don’t act like a fan, it’s a serious party, no one came here to deal with fans, it’s their free time, Y/N,” Shawn lectured me with a sudden mood change. A few minutes ago he was totally fine, we were laughing over stupid jokes, now he was scolding me like I was a little kid.

“Woah, okay dad, I’ll be a good girl,” I said rolling my eyes.

We headed towards the bar and got a drink for ourselves, some of our friends came up to us and we were having a good time. Shawn’s grumpy mood disappeared as soon as we started to chit-chat with our old friends. I didn’t know what had gotten into him earlier. A bit later I excused myself, because my brother was calling me. I quickly looked for a quieter place and answered the call. He called me every once in a while, we just liked to be updated on each other since he already moved out. I told him that I was at a party and promised him that I would call him later. I tugged my phone back to my purse and I was about to go back to the guys when I bumped into someone.

“Oh my God, I’m so sor- What the Hell,” I gasped as I looked up at the other person and found myself in front of Harry Styles. “I mean, ehm, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to run into you,” I gibbered and I felt myself blushing as he looked at me with a soft smile.

“I don’t mind beautiful girls bumping into me,” he said tugging her hair behind his ears. He was flirting with me, oh God, Harry Styles was flirting with me! “What’s your name?” he asked.

“Y/N. And you are Harry,” I said before I could stop myself, but he just let out a soft chuckle.

“Yes. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” He raised his glass at me and I couldn’t be more nervous. He was like the guy of my dreams. I mean, after Shawn, because I couldn’t help but have feelings for him. I basically spent half of my life with him and he was a great guy with even greater look, no one could resist him. But I learned a long time ago how to push my feelings for him to the back of my mind and this way I could totally concentrate on the handsome singer in front of me.

“You look really great in this dress, I saw you before, I just didn’t want to bother you, but I’m glad you ran into me,” he said smirking at me.

“Well, you are not bad yourself too, Mr. Styles,” I giggled taking a look at his plain blue shirt and extra skinny, black jeans.

“Thank you. May I buy you a drink?” he asked nodding towards the bar. I was about to say the biggest yes of my life, when someone answered his question for me.

“She is not interested.” I turned towards the voice and saw Shawn standing next to us with a not so happy expression on his face.

“What?” I snapped immediately at him not understanding what was going on.

“You are not interested,” he repeated himself again stepping closer and he looked at Harry, who was totally confused about the happenings.

“I don’t think you have a word in it,” I said, but instead of replying anything, Shawn just grabbed my wrist and started to drag me out of the whole room. “What the Hell is your problem?!” I said trying to shake his hand off, but he was stronger. He didn’t say anything, he just pulled me out of the building and tugged me to the backseat of the limo that brought us. “Will you tell me what’s gotten into you?” I asked with wide eyes. He pushed a button and a dark glass appeared between us and the driver so he couldn’t see or hear us. The he pushed the button of the speaker and said: “Just drive around until I tell you to stop.”

Then he finally turned to me, but instead of giving me an explanation he pressed his lips to mine. I was shocked by his sudden actions, but of course I returned it as soon as I realized what was happening. His hungry lips covered mine like they were meant to be pressed against each other, his hands were on my waist and I hugged his neck to me. Long minutes passed by before we could pull away. He pressed his forehead against mine and we both were breathing heavily because of the wild make out session we just had.

“You can’t flirt with Harry Styles or anyone else because I want you all to myself,” he murmured giving me one more peck on the lips.

“Shawn, why didn’t you tell me this earlier?” I asked exhaling sharply.

“Because I didn’t want to scare you off, but I also didn’t want Harry Styles to steal you from me, so I had to make the first move now.”

I let out a small chuckle and pulled him in for another kiss. And then another one and another one. We quickly started to make out again and somehow I moved to sit on his lap. His hands cupped my ass perfectly and I couldn’t help but desire more of him. I had been dreaming of him admitting his feelings towards me and now that it finally happened, I was willing to get the best out of it.

“Shawn,” I moaned as his hands travelled under my dress. I was already unbuttoning his shirt, but I wanted to tell him what I exactly wanted.

“Yes baby?” he mumbled with his mouth pressed to the skin of my neck.

“I want you, now,” I told him running my fingers through his hair.

“Your wish is my command.” With one simple move he unzipped my dress and in fell to my waist. I got rid of it as Shawn finished his shirt and threw it to the floor of the limo. I ran my hands through his perfect, muscular upper body and couldn’t help but grind my crotch against him and I would feel him already being hard. We freed ourselves from the last pieces of clothing and after he rolled a condom on and I positioned my opening to the tip. I looked at him before lowering myself and both of us moaned at the same time as he filled me completely.

“Oh my God,” I whispered as I started to move and his thrusts also met with my movements.

“You feel so good,” he moaned, he was hugging me with one of his arm and his other hand was taking care of my exposed breasts. Our lips crashed from time to time and I could feel my climax taking over me.

“Shawn,” I moaned his name and held onto his shoulders.

“Come on, baby, cum for me,” he whispered into my ears and then sucked on the skin on my neck. A moment later a loud scream escaped from my mouth and I brought Shawn with myself. He moaned my name as he came and after a few more thrusts I collapsed to his chest.

That was the most amazing thing I had ever participated in. Sex never felt that good before and Shawn could make me addictive to him within about twenty minutes.

I managed to calm myself down as he was running his hands up and down softly on my bare back.

“Shawn?” I spoke up with my eyes still closed.


“If jealousy brings this out of you, I’m gonna flirt with every guy that comes to my way.”

He just chuckled at my statement and kissed the top of head.

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Do you think you would ever put your builds on the gallery? I've tried many times to put different builds in my tray files but they don't show up in my game. Either way, your houses are amazing! :)

Thank you so much sweetie, but I’m sorry I won’t be uploading my houses on the gallery. EVER. I’m not being funny, but my lots, my sims, my anything, will NEVER EVER hint hint be on the gallery. Like… it’s not possible. I am legally unable to upload anything to the gallery lol

All jokes aside, no, my lots are not going to gallery, but, I always feel so stupid suggesting the easiest solutions, but are you sure you’ve enabled custom content lots. Even those that are CCfree, actually sometimes need to be enabled. In your library, you have ADVANCED tab, and there you have a toggle for modded/custom content lots. Maybe that’s why you can’t see them.

[English] Sou interview with Utattemita no Hon, January 2016

Sou was interviewed about his recent tours and new album for the January 2016 edition of the magazine Utattemita no Hon! Click here for the interview with Luz and Kradness from the same edition.

(Notes: -Questions from the interviewer are in bold
-This issue came out in December 2015 and the interview probably occurred some time before that, if some of the things he said in here regarding the timing of song recordings and such seemed kinda weird.)


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I’m a bit late to the party, but OH MAN. I still haven’t gotten over the last episode, it was so amazing ;u; *screams forever*

Precious pony babies got their cutie marks eeeeeeeEEEEEEE!

I’ll upload separate, transparent versions of these guys later c:

Why is this happening just now? I’ve been on this tumblr blog probably since 2010 or way before that probably. I remember one of my first tumblr names was chesire-cat 😢. I never tagged my posts then. only started becoming active with this tag probably about 2013 or I dunno.

Now I tag my posts as #nejiten it always takes a couple of tries for me to get my post to be visible in the tags. But now no matter how many times I upload and tag. It won’t show up.

The art that I make isn’t visible in the tags. So hardly no one rly sees them.

I only just notice this, after posting my art 2 days ago, I went to the tags today to see if theres new content. Only to find out that my post cant be seen.

Oh I don’t know why I even care.