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I wouldn’t be sure of that (Connor Murphy x reader smut!)

Hiii! I am back and with some good old smut! Thank you again for the response on my first post, it means so much to me!!! Also I got some amazing requests that I will start working on! Keep sending them in! Also there are some random parts about horses and cults, so just be warned hahaha.

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Words: 2,642
Warnings: smut!!! And some swearing. Also I forgot to write in protection :P, but if you don’t have protection no horizontal hula!

Sixth period was the definition of boring. The AP US History class was so dull that you had turned to contemplating how many horses it would take to make a horse cult. What was a horse cult? You had no idea, but you were dedicated to finding out during the hell which was called AP History. The only thing you had to look forward to was ‘Spa Day’, or ‘Spa Afternoon,’ with your friends. The monthly tradition was created after your friend Zoe had an unfortunate accident plucking her eyebrows. Let’s just say nobody looks good without eyebrows.
After that fateful day you, Zoe, and newfound friend Alana vowed that each month you would all spend time “treating yourselves.” This wonderful tradition switched between the three girl’s houses, and no matter where you were you always managed to laugh the night away, create weird face masks, and leave embarrassing texts to people you were too scared to talk to. This current month signaled that the sleepover would occur at the Murphy’s house, and although her parents were nice it meant running the risk of bumping into Connor. You didn’t have preconceived notions that other people had regarding Connor, but that was just problem. He fascinated you beyond anyone or anything, even more than horse cults. The lanky boy that kept his door closed at all times made you want to be brave, or at least brave enough to talk to him more in depth than you usually had.

You had known Zoe for around a year after changing high schools, and you had become instant friends. Alana had started helping you with your Spanish homework and soon enough all three of you would spend your lunches together filling out quizzes in teen magazines, and confiding in each other. Throughout your year long friendship, you had surprisingly spoken to Connor many times. When the school hallways became too overwhelming you would often wander into the school’s library and sit next to Connor. At first, he was hesitant to talk to you, fearing you were just another mean girl at school, but after some time it seemed as if he actually liked your presence, and that talking to you wasn’t that bad. This small friendship created between the two of you always seemed to sway on the line of flirtation, but no matter how many times you hinted to him that you liked him it always went right over his head. To say that it was frustrating would be the understatement of the year, and you couldn’t just bring it up with Zoe. Sure she was probably your best friend, but why bring anything up if all Connor saw you as was some friend.

“Connor’s going to have to drive us back home today,” Zoe said as you all stood by Alana’s locker while she put away a book.
“Wait, why?” you asked while fidgeting with the strap on your backpack.
“My mom’s with my aunt today so Connor drove me to school. Don’t worry though he promised me not to be 100% embarrassing,” she answered while reapplying her lip gloss. The three of you started walking towards the front doors of the school which seemed absurdly large.
“It doesn’t matter how we get there, besides I bet he wouldn’t mind if we started talking in the car, right Zoe?” piped in Alana.
“If that’s what you’re worried about y/n,” Zoe spoke as she slung her arm around you, “it won’t stop us from gossiping. Connor’s used to tuning me out so you can still spill all your secrets.” Alana and Zoe laughed, while your nervous laughter blended in. Together you walked to the school parking lot and looked for the familiar silver minivan that you were used to Zoe’s mom driving. Instead of Zoe’s mom you were used to, you saw Connor leaning against the minivan the family lovingly called “The Beast.” The three of you giggled at the unusual sight, but while Alana and Zoe might have been giggling about how funny it was, you were because of how good Connor looked. He wore his usual black shirt and jeans, but you could see bright yellow socks peeking out from under his jeans.
“Uhmm y/n?” Zoe asked laughing.
“Oh! Sorry I just kind of zoned for a minute,” Zoe looked at you with a slight smirk but didn’t say anything else as you all got in the car. You sat in the front seat, but only because you got motion sick and nobody wanted you to puke all over the car…again. As soon as Connor started the car Alana started talking a million miles a minute about somebody in here math class who she seemingly liked. You chimed in a few times, but mostly listened and tried to look at Connor without seeming like a stalker. The conversation then shifted to you, forcing you to be pulled back to reality.
“What about Shawn? He’s cute, and totally into you!” Alana said shaking her head.
“Shawn? I guess he’s cute, but I don’t like him like that at all,” you replied glancing over at Connor who was gripping the steering wheel so hard his knuckles had turned white, or at least whiter. His eyes were intense and he was staring at the road as if he had a personal vendetta against it.
“Will you all just shut the fuck up?!” Connor yelled. The car went silent as Alana and Zoe looked at each other in surprise. You on the other hand just stared at Connor.
“Are you okay?” you asked quietly. He didn’t respond and instead turned the music in the car up. You quickly glanced in the back seat where Zoe shrugged at you, while Alana tried not to laugh.
“Sorry,” she said between giggles, “I laugh in stressful situations.” And with that, the rest of the car ride was filled with Alana laughing on and off and some Bruce Springsteen.

After what felt like hours you arrived at the Murphy house. Zoe, Alana, and you all jumped out of the car and ran upstairs to Zoe’s room where you immediately started painting each other’s nails and failed at Pinterest hacks. Eventually, the sun went down and you all changed into pajamas. By 10’oclock Alana had crashed in her sleeping bag and was snoring what would be an obnoxious amount if you didn’t love her so much. Zoe on the other hand had a habit of saying she wouldn’t fall asleep early, but once again by 10:30 pm she was sound asleep on her bed. Although this might be annoying to others you didn’t really mind since they seemed like they needed sleep, and you never really fell asleep until much later in the night. Tonight seemed like one of those nights where falling asleep seemed impossible, so you decided to wash your face again, hoping that maybe the hot water on your face would make you sleepy. On the way to the bathroom, in what was a very dark hall, you started thinking about horse cults again , and if that could actually be a thing. Not even realizing where you were walking you opened the door at the end of the hallway, but the bathroom wasn’t there. Instead, you open the door to find a dimly lit room with Connor sitting at the end of his bed reading.
“What are you doing y/n?” Connor asked looking up at you with confusion written all over his face.
“This isn’t the bathroom,” you said trying to laugh it off, “I’m sorry about that. I guess the dark really turned me around.” You smiled at Connor before realizing you were awkwardly standing in his doorway in very short pajama shorts and a tank top with no bra on.
“I guess I’ll be leaving now. I don’t want to bother you or anyth-,”
“You can stay if you want, but I’m guessing that would annoy Zoe so…”
“She’s asleep,” you said quickly, “I mean her and Alana already fell asleep and I have trouble sleeping, so thanks.” You silently cursed at yourself for seeming so desperate, but Connor didn’t seem to mind so you made your way into his room. Connor scooted over on his bed to make space for you. As you sat down you took in what was happening. You were in Connor’s room. Connor. The boy who you’ve silently liked for months, and now you were sitting on his bed.
“So,” Connor said as he pulled his hair up into a bun, “you don’t like that Shawn guy?”
“What?  My gosh no. Why?” you asked aloud.
“I guess I was just wondering since he likes you apparently and Alana seems to think you two would be good together or some shit like that.” Now it was Connor’s turn to silently curse at himself.
“Well he’s okay, but I’m kind of into someone else, but that’s a little hopeless,” you answered trying not to look Connor in the eyes.
“Hopeless?” Connor said as he slowly scooted closer to you.
“He doesn’t like me like that,” you answered, actually looking at Connor this time. Your eyes flickered from his lips back to his eyes, and you were quickly aware that you were so close you could kiss him.
“I wouldn’t be so sure of that,” Connor answered. In a single swoop he moved his mouth to yours and the heat that radiated off of him connected you together. With your lips connected you felt as if the two of you turned into one. All the anxiety of not knowing if you felt the same way slipped away as the rush of your soft lips against his own hit him. The intensity of kissing each other was more than both of you had thought possible, and the way you felt against him was something so incredible that Connor thought no words in the English language could explain it. Maybe it was the passion of the kiss, or maybe it was how intoxicating Connor was, but you wanted more. No, you needed more. With the thrill of Connor’s lips on your own you started to slowly, almost painfully drag Connor’s shirt off. Connor wasn’t as patient as you were and quickly pulled his shirt off lacking any form of grace. You lightly laughed in response but were quickly brought back by the sight of Connor in front of you. He was all you had ever wanted and there he was, with lanky arms, milky white skin, small tufts of chest hair, and he was absolutely stunning.
“Can I take your shirt off?” Connor asked with a slight quiver in his voice. You nodded in response as his cold fingers brushed against your sides as he pulled your shirt over your head. Connor took a moment to admire you and every line on your body. You wrapped your arms back around Connor’s neck as he wrapped his around your waist, bringing his hands up to your breasts. His hands were cold, but soft and gentle. You pushed your body against his this time, wanted to be closer to him. A low groan tumbled out of his mouth as you moved to straddle him. Your hands tugged at the hair in his bun, and he bucked forward bringing moans from both of your mouths this time. You quickly pulled away and gently tugged at his pajama pants. In a fluid motion, he flipped you so you were on your back and his arms on either side of you, seemingly protecting you from the outside world.
“Are you sure you want to?” Connor asked before going back to your lips.
“100% sure,” you replied smiling up at him.
“I’ve never really you know…uhmm…I don’t have experience,” he said trying to look you in the eyes.
“I don’t care, and we don’t have to do anything,” you said as you pushed a loose strand of hair behind his ears.
“I fucking want to, I just wanted you to know,” and with that he brought his lips back to yours. It felt as if all the oxygen was brought back to your body. Suddenly it felt as if there were too many clothes on. You started pulling down his pajama pants and Connor helped as swiftly pull them off and kick them to the floor. With his length free he tugged on your pants. You desperately kicked them off and Connor laughed. Expecting Connor to bring his lips back to yours you closed your eyes. Instead, you felt him slowly kiss down your stomach. Your breath hitched as he got closer and closer to where you felt your heat radiating. With his eyes looking at you he made his way to your core. You gasped and felt yourself grab at the sheets.
“I t-t-thought you said you had n-no experience,” you breathed out.
“There’s a thing called the internet.”
“Thank you internet,” you laughed, “as much fun as this is, I want you…now.” With that permission he brought himself back to you, hovering as you stroked his shaft.
“I’d stop that now if I were you, if you ‘want me’,” he said with a shaky voice. You slightly laughed and brought your lips to his once more. The feeling of him on top of you made you feel safe and at home, nothing nerve racking about it, instead it felt right. Connor positioned himself and slowly entered you. Moans slipped from your mouth and you could feel Connor shudder. Even in the moment of so much intimacy you couldn’t help but look at Connor. His eyes squeezed shut, hair tumbling out of the bun, the bucking of his hips that made you believe that there is heaven on earth. With each movement of Connor’s hips against you more and more pleasure surrounded you, and the noises coming from Connor’s mouth were enough to bring you to the edge. With the final thrusts Connor gave, you felt as if your body were on a high, and you knew Connor’s was too with his climax.
“My gosh,” he panted, “I think now would be an okay time to say that I like you a lot, shit maybe even love you.”
You laughed at Connor’s words, while he dramatically flopped down on the bed next to you.
“I like you a lot too. Hell I know I love you,” you spoke as you moved your head onto Connor’s chest.
“Good because I was trying to seem cool. I know I love you too.” And with that Connor put his arms around your bare body.
“I’m happy we’re on the same page.” You sat up and Connor tried to grab you in his arms.
“I’m only putting my pajamas back on so we don’t scar Zoe,” you said trying to find your clothes in the dim light.
“Well, I found my shorts.”
“Just take my shirt and throw me my pants.” You made your way back to Connor’s bed, half dressed. You got back in his bed and he enveloped you in his arms.
“So I guess we’ll have to tell Zoe,” you said with a nervous tinge in your voice.
“I don’t think she’ll mind, she’ll just be happy to see you more.” With that you nuzzled your head on his bare chest.
“Can I ask you something Connor?”
“Anything, I mean you’ve seen me naked, so anything.”
“If horses had cults what do you think they would do?”
“What the fuck?”

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i love you so much angel <3

Some firsts in relationships are big, grand things, ones always talked about, ones made into milestones. But Alec has learned that a relationship has a lot more firsts than he thought, just that some firsts are louder than others. A quiet, seemingly unnoticeable first is the first time Magnus leaves him alone at the loft. 

They are talking on the couch, a half empty bottle of champagne on the small table in front of them, when Magnus’ phone rings. One of the werewolves from Luke’s pack had been seriously injured, nothing the pack had tried was working. Magnus looks over at Alec, who just smiles at him, and Magnus tells Luke he would be right there.

“I’m sorry we have to cut this short,“ Magnus says, making his way around the loft and gathering ingredients. 

“Nothing to be sorry for,“ Alec says, getting up, fully intent on leaving, but then Magnus turns to him, looking uncharacteristically nervous, almost shy.

“But, you could stay, if you want,“ he says, not really meeting Alec’s eyes. “This shouldn’t take long, you can just wait here and we can continue our date when I get back. If you want to.“

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'S Your Name, Isn't It?

Word Count: 2,977


“Can you blokes slow down? My legs are littler than yours!” Y/N called after the four rowdy boys. “You speed up, Mini Moony! We’re gonna miss the train!” Sirius yelled back to her, not slowing down in the slightest. A few sprints later, the five teenagers made it to the train, quickly shuffling into a cart just as it began to move. “Padfoot, if you ever wait until the last minute to pack again, I will personally make sure that the rest of your life is miserable,” Y/N threatened, trying to catch her breath. “We made it, didn’t we?” He smirked, earning a glare from Y/N. “Take It easy, Little Lupin. We got here before it left, and we’re heading heading home for the summer,” James smiled. Y/N grumbled a “whatever” in response and rested her head on her brother’s shoulder. 

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“You’re the only good thing that i have” – Justin Foley x Reader.

Summary: Focus on the last chapter of the serie, specifically when Justin and his “stepfather” discuss and he throws him out of the house, without the boy’s mother saying anything else. This one shot is focused on the topic of friendship rather than something romantic, what happens after, it‘s left to the imagination of the reader.

Words: 3265

Reader’s point of view.

Enjoy it!

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The smell of butter coming from the kitchen and the sound of the microwave, causes my mouth to water. Finally, whenever I started making popcorn, those three minutes made me eternal. I was amused as I emptied the contents of the bag into a bowl, then I bent down to take out a pot of salsa. Yes it was going to be a great night; I didn’t agree if I thought it sarcastically, or it was true, considering that most of my nights on a Friday were the same. An exhaustive date between Netflix and me; But this evening would be special and not because I expected someone, but because I would have a home alone and could set the television to the highest volume if it hit me. I’m so funny! I laughed at myself as I packed up my supplies on the coffee table. Out of the corner of my eye, I watched Mom go downstairs as she finished putting on her earrings; Dad left his study.

“Are you sure you want to be alone, dear?” I turned to see my mother. “You can join us. They adore you”

I chuckled.

“Because I was a little girl, Mom, now I don’t think they found me so funny unless I let them pinch my cheeks … and that won’t happen.” I pointed to her without erasing my smile. I slammed down on the couch and watched my parents get together.

“Why don’t you call one of your friends?” My father said.

“Because they must be in some party. Besides, I don’t have so many friends.” Me and my smile between teasing and trying to be kind. Sometimes I thought my parents didn’t know me at all.

“You didn’t want to go to the party?”

“Not really. Mom, Dad, I’m perfectly fine with staying here.” I raised my arms.

“And Justin?” I didn’t miss the way the man made a face. What father would like his daughter to be home alone with a boy? Even if that boy was my best friend?

“Probably with Jessica.” I smiled.

I knew Justin Foley since childhood, our parents were friends, or at least my mom was for Justin’s mother, then she started to change and finally they ended up moving away. My friendship with the basketball player didn’t flinch and we got along better than ever, except that I should share him constantly with his girlfriend, I didn’t uncomfortable, however, I also got along well with her, but I knew perfectly when I was doing a bad third and when not.

“Seriously, I’m fine; I won’t share my popcorn with anyone.” I looked at them with feigned adoration.“ You’re going to be late with your friends. Adiós

The little bottle of popcorn lay empty on the coffee table, just like my soda, while I stared at the series on the television. I found it interesting to put myself upside down on the couch, wanting to avoid the boredom I had been having for three hours with my eyes on the TV. It would probably be a good idea to go to sleep, but I wasn’t even sleepy. I had no stories to look at at Snapchat and Instagram, for I had already seen all of them. There was nothing good to do and a part of me regretted not having gone even a while to the party, mocking a few, talking to other people and maybe dancing. I’d be back before my parents came back, but they wouldn’t be back for more than two hours, I wouldn’t have time to do some of those things if I left right now, unless I decided to show up in my pretty pajamas.

I paused the series in progress and stood up taking the junk. I washed, dried them and settled in their respective places. I took a few chocolates from Mom, I knew that she would realize that it were missing two, but that it gave more, I felt like a lot. I returned to the room where I dropped into the sofa and took my phone entering Facebook, almost all my “friends” posted photos of the party, I thought I would find some Justin or Jessica but neither of them had posted anything since hours. I shuddered away from my head what those two might be doing. I left the application and before I blocked it, I got a call from Zach Dempsey. I answered.

“What’s up, Zach?”

“Have you heard from Justin?” He asked in a serious tone.

I frowned and sat on the couch looking at my chocolate, wanting to take the wrapper off with one hand. I focused on the background sound on the other side of the line, i could hear a distant noise that could be the TV, but no music. I was surprised that he wasn’t at the party.

“No. Why?”

“He was calling me a couple of hours ago”

“And … why didn’t you answer?” I shrugged, then chewed my chocolate.

I heard him sigh.

“It’s complicated, Y/N”

“Ok … what’s going on?”

“He didn’t tell you?”

“Is there something he need to tell me?” Okay, now I was confused.

Lately I had noticed the guys acting too strange, they all seemed to be alert, scared, worried, even the face of my best friend seemed increasingly exhausted, repentant, lost and even careless. I still didn’t skip the time when he missed class two days and didn’t show up at the team presentation, when I tried to talk to him, he had told me that he just gave him a stomach infection. I didn’t swallow it, since, after that, it was when the change began. And not only did they look that way, I was even present when Clay Jensen got out of control and accused all of us from causing people to commit suicide, or to speak more clearly, of Hannah Baker. Of course it was a sack that I didn’t have flat, in my life, I dealt with that girl, I only learned of her suicide because it became viral in high school. The only thing i knew about her was that she dated for a very short time with Justin, until his “dear” friend Bryce came up to take his phone and roll the photo my best friend had taken from the poor girl. In conclusion, everyone acted as if at any moment a policeman was behind them with a pair of handcuffs. And I didn’t understand why, and when I asked, they made sure to change the subject, so I just stopped insisting that everyone take care of their life. What if it hurt, was that my own best friend seemed less and less trusting me.

“I just wanted to know if you’d heard of him, Y/N, I see no. I’ll see you Monday”

“Zach” I stopped his intention to cut the call. He waited in silence “If he calls you, you talk to me, please”


After his answer I let him hang me. I leaned one end of the phone on my lips as I thought. I couldn’t know for sure where Justin was, doubted that at home, considering that he had told me that his mother had returned with that imbecile, but neither knew where he could have gone and less in his lost and constantly nervous state. The truth is, that lately, Justin Foley seemed a complete stranger in front of me, was no longer the same funny and carefree boy that I had gotten used to and that filled me with impotence when I thought about him, I was supposed to be one of the People who knew him the most, but, how to help him if he wouldn’t let me in? How to help him if i didn’t even know why he is submerged in constant misery? Didn’t he trust me as much as I thought? But if we told ourselves everything!

I sighed and quickly dialed Jessica’s number. I don’t know why I didn’t call him directly, maybe it was because I was scared to know him in trouble or that he would move away, again, and deny my help, but I would come to him even though he hated me for intervening.

At the third bell, she answered.

“I can’t talk now, Y/N” Jessica was crying?

“Are you okay?” I stood up from the impression. What the hell had happened now? “Jessica, talk to me”

“It’s nothing, Y/N, anyway, you don’t know anything” Sharpened her voice and I was offended “Also, why do you want to comfort me? Your best friend is someone else”

“Did Justin do something to you? I wanted to know if you were with him” she didn’t need me, well, I would just ask her the reason for my call and hang up.

“He was here, yes, and I hope I don’t have him around anymore,” she shouted.


But for the second time in the night, I was left alone with the phone in my ear. I went to Justin’s contact and undoubtedly called, but his phone jumped right into the mailbox almost immediately. This asshole had rejected my call. I locked the phone and dropped it on my side. I got tired of trying to help my friends somehow, no one seemed to want to trust me and Jessica had treated me badly. I snorted and rested my elbows on my knees as well as my chin in my hands. What kind of friends had I got? They brought something and completely excluded me from that. Now Justin and Jessica, what problem in paradise now existed? I had never heard her so aggressive and with so much hatred towards my friend, something very big had to happen between them and I was worried, for both of them, at least I knew that Jess was apparently good, but where the hell was the boy? When I discovered and found him, i would give him a good blow.

At least the boredom had passed and I had something to occupy my mind. A case that had no clue and I didn’t even know how to find them.

My phone lit up and I picked it up quickly. Justin’s name lay in the middle of the screen with a new message, I opened it as fast as the artifact allowed me.

I’m outside your house, can you go out for a moment?

I looked at one of the windows, until that moment I had noticed that it had begun to rain. I bit my lip and got to my feet leaving the phone on the couch. Going out in my pajamas was too much, considering that it was urgent to see that my friend was perfectly well, then I would take him to drag him all over the block, to worry me about this way. I took my jacket and my keys and opened the door, there, in the middle of my garden, was my best friend, drenched, hands in his pockets, his sports bag hanging from his body and staring into mine. His appearance looked just like the last few weeks when we had barely spoken, now we were in front of the other and even though i hated to admit it, i felt really uncomfortable.

I spit it out and ended up leaving the house and going into the rain. I slowly descended the porch steps and walked toward it, leaving a considerable distance between the two. Immediately I noticed his swollen eyes, he had been crying and it hurt me that i didn’t know anything about his new, almost permanent condition. I crossed my arms waiting for him to start talking. Neither of us seemed to disturb the rain.

“I know I’ve been pushing you away for a long time.” I raised my eyebrows. He continued, “And I’m so sorry, Y/N, you’re my best friend, I didn’t want to see you getting muddled in this mess; I needed an escape, know that there was still something good and that was you”

“An escape from what, Justin? Your way of acting lately … and that of everyone else? ”

“It’s more complicated than it seems. I didn’t want to tell you, because …”

“You know what? I know that things have gone very bad, and now you come to tell me that you argued with Zach and then you ended up with Jessica, then you remember that at last you have a best friend who cares about you and you come to use it as a cloth of tears” I had been affected by all this, and right now I realized that.


“Zach called me a while ago, he told me you called him and he didn’t answer” Justin looked down “Then I called Jessica … who practically sent me to hell for being your so-called best friend. So I guess you’re just coming in to let off steam about that, that’s your problem, Foley.”

“I wish that was just my problem.” He approached me. “I’m an imbecile, Y/N, and that’s why I’ve been losing my friends slowly, even to my girlfriend, Jessica doesn’t want to know about me anymore. I know that if you knew what was happening, right now we wouldn’t be talking outside your house”

“And risking hypothermia” I said “Let’s go in” I suggested.

“Don’t. It will be easier here, you won’t have to ask me to leave you alone”

“What are you talking about, Justin?” I retreated “Who the hell did you kill to act like that?”

“I don’t want to lose you, Y/N”

“You know something? You really are missing out on me. For weeks I tried to help you without knowing what is happening to you, but you throw me away, you tell me not to worry when it is impossible not to do it, and even reject my calls. Now you come here, with me, telling me all this, because I bet, you no longer have anyone else. I’m your last choice, aren’t I?”

I was going to march to lock myself in my house, but he stopped me.

“I didn’t want to come to you!” I looked at him wounded “I didn’t want to do it because I didn’t want to poison you in this hunt” I was about to protest but he silenced me “You’re good, impeccable and graceful. Since the beginning of all this I have needed you desperately, I know that your words will always lift me, but to listen to them you need to know the truth. And I’m not sure you want to hear it”

“Talk about a goddamn time, Foley” I hissed.

“I’m sorry that you’re going to change the perspective you have on me. You have been a true friend to me”

Justin took my hand and took me to take shelter on the porch of my house, was seriously the fact that he didn’t want to enter. My friend had really done something wrong and now I wasn’t so sure I wanted to hear it.

“You remember Jessica’s party.” he started a little nervous. I nodded, how could I forget that party? My neighbor and also friend, Jeff Atkins, had died that night. “She and I were drunk … too”

“I know. I saw you” I murmured.

“We went to her room.” He paused, his eyes filled with tears. “But she was almost unconscious to go on with what we were planning …”

“Justin” I felt breathless.

“I did nothing but lay her down on her bed and cover her with a sheet. She fell asleep and my intention was to take care of her until she felt better.” I nodded following the thread of his story. “When I left her room I stayed at her door for a long time” He took a breath. "Then Bryce appeared, he was drugged and began to insist In that he wanted to enter the room, I told him that Jess was in there very badly. I wasn’t going to let him in.” I covered my mouth as I felt my heartbeat increase. “He manipulated me and entered the room, when I realized what would happen, I tried to remove him, but he pushed me out of the room and closed the door securely …”

“Stop it!” I practically screamed and closed my eyes. I could imagine what had happened then and now I understood why Jessica was crying and her sudden hatred of Justin. My head started to spin.

“I’m sorry” he sobbed.

I looked at him.

“It’s been weeks since that … And you barely spoke?” I chuckled, consumed with horror. Poor Jessica.

Then he explained me that it wasn’t by his will that he had to tell his girlfriend about what happened that night, she didn’t even know it, instead he brainwashed her with lies. Justin began to tell me that it had all started by tapes that Hannah Baker had left after her death, or rather, it came to them after. In these tapes, she explained the reasons why she decided to end her life and in each one spoke about someone specific and the actions they did against her and that led her to cut their veins and bleed in the tub. In one of those tapes, Hannah explained that she was in that room where Bryce Walker had raped Jessica Davis. At least those were Justin’s words.

“I think I’m going to vomit” I mumbled, looking away. “So … Is that why they’re acting like someone is going to kill them? On those tapes Hannah talks about you … about Zach, Jessica, Bryce, and how many more?” Justin nodded.

“I was the first … because of that damn photo that Bryce took”

“God, Justin, why didn’t you tell me?” He blinked confused.

“Are you not upset with me?”

“Of course I am! You’re an idiot and I shouldn’t forgive you! But it hurts me more than you haven’t trusted me”

“Like I said, I didn’t want to poison you with this. I didn’t want to lose you”

“Is that why you’re outside of your house at this hour?”

“Losing my girlfriend, a friend and now my best friend” He pointed at me “It’s not the only bad thing that happened to me this day”

“What else happened to you?”

“My mother’s boyfriend threw me out of the house after reading a summons”

“A summons?”

“Because of Hannah, they found evidence that points us … and well” He shrugged “I have nowhere to stay, they all turned their back on me, I know Bryce won’t do it but I don’t want to see him. Anyway, I’m sorry, Y/N, thank you for being my best friend”

He went down the steps of my house. I almost let him go but I snorted. At first i didn’t intervene because i knew nothing and he didn’t tell me, but now that he had done it, i couldn’t ignore our years of friendship and that he has always supported me. He will be an accomplice to a very serious crime, but i couldn’t bear to know that he was wandering the streets all night.

“Hey, idiot” I called him. He turned.

I walked resolutely toward him and hugged him. I wasn’t going to belong to that group that turned their back on him, because I wasn’t like them. I hadn’t done anything wrong and I wanted Justin, not to help him bother me for the rest of the night and maybe for the rest of my life in this place.



Southside princess (part5)

You got home feeling sad and angry, the way fp looked at you. You couldn’t keep it together anymore. Once you got inside you didn’t know what came over you. Seeing a picture of your dad with fp made you so angry you throw it across the room. Hearing the smash of the glass made you feel good so you grabbed the next thing doing the same feeling better. You didn’t stop until the whole trailer was destroyed feeling great. That was until you slipped on shards of mirror cutting your arms. Quickly leaving the smashed up trailer when you saw the neighbour watching you, wrapping a jacket round your arm with the deepest wound you went to one of your safe places. At the park you sit under the light wincing as you pull out the thin long piece off glass out your arm, with the adrenaline running through your body you didn’t feel the pain or notice the amount of blood you was losing.

FP went to the drive in to find jughead when he hadn’t answered his phone too hoping you was there and told him not to answer his dad. Banging on the door his son came out sleepy from being woken up. “please tell me y/n is here” jughead was more awake when he heard the panic in his father’s voice. “no, why what did you do this time” he asked in an accusing tone and a look to match. Fp sat on the wall with his head in his hands, “y/n left mine pissed off with me, so I went to find her try to say sorry, I walked to her van but she wasn’t there the place was smash up I think she did it herself and the was blood on the floor leading out the trailer, we tried to follow it but it stopped I’ve got the serpents looking I just hoped she was here” fp looked at his son almost crying. Jughead got dressed and took fp to the one place y/n went when she was upset, the play park.

FP saw you sitting on the swing looking at the floor as he got closer he saw your tear stained face starring into the ground. You looked at him when you hear approaching footsteps, standing feeling dizzy (you put it down to the alcohol forgetting about your arm) Jug stop looking at the blood pool under the swing went to shout don’t move but you was already standing on your feet. “What are you doing here fp get away from me” you pushed him hard but he didn’t move “I hate you I fucking hate you Jones” you shouted blinking as white spots filled your eyes. jug watched as you fainted into fps arms. His dad gently lay you down screaming your name begging for you to speak and open your eyes has he cradled you crying before scooping you. Jughead opened the truck as fp carried you in driving to the hospital. The drive was quite fp focused on the road driving fast wiping tears from his face. Jug held the jacket tightly on your arm stopping the bleed. He’d never seen his dad like this before, then it hit him he was wrong the serpent y/n wasn’t into the guy from the drive in but his dad.

At the hospital the father and son sat waiting for news about y/n. Fp hadn’t stopped stirring at the same black mark at the bottom of the wall in front of him. Jughead had texted Archie and the others telling them what had happen that you was okay but needed a blood transfusion and a lot of stitches. He’d also answered his dad’s phone telling the serpents you had been found and his dad was staying with her. “how long,” fp looked at his son puzzled “how long have you loved her” jug finished his question. “a while now but it changed when she moved, it grew. When did you work it out?” fp looked at his son they sheared a small smile.” i worked it out when she wouldn’t look at your photo, I thought something was off but put it down to her not so secret crush but with the way y/n i knew it was more, then I saw you with her tonight it sort of hit me you love her back" jughead told his dad. Fp nodded, he couldn’t lie to his son and he couldn’t lie to himself anymore he was in love with y/n.

The nurse came out looking for the Jones boys who had brought you in, “she’s okay gonna have a scar but she’ll be okay, we’ve sedated her so she’s asleep you can go in and see her now but only one of you”. They both smiled and thanked her. Jug looked at his dad “you go in I’ll wait outside for you” fp nodded about to walk away “dad,” he called making fp turn back “I’ve never seen you like this since mum fix it don’t loss it” jug gave his had a smirk and a nod before walking out. Fp walked into your room looking at you sleeping with drips of blood and clear fluids in your arm. He sat down looking at the bandages around your wrists the blood that had soaked though. The sight of you like that made him cry, holding your hand in both of his. He didn’t know how long he’d sat next to you thinking about everything that had happened the last few weeks. He sighed looking at you thinking you couldn’t hear him “jughead is right, he’s a smart kid, much smarter than me. I’ve never felt like this for anyone before y/n, I promise when your up and okay I’ll make you know how much you mean to me if you’ll have me” he said clutching your hands to his lips.

He sat there all night and all day again, talking to you telling you of the dates and places he wanted to take you like the nice restaurant outside of riverdale,or the drive in for a cosy sweet date with blankets and lots of sweets staying until everyone had left so you could sit and stargaze. it was around about 2am more then 24 hours since you arrived fp was sent home telling him he also needed to rest for when you woke up. he got back seen Sam and Jack had already started cleaning up your home. Fp was thankful for it and help them finish. Once your home was clean fp and the others went back to his and opened a bottle of whiskey, when the bottle was gone he passed out on the bed. His dreams became nightmares as replayed the vision of you in his head, how your kisses turned into the sight of you in the truck bleeding over his van how he didn’t save you in time how the last words you said was “I hate you Jones”. Fp Jones tossed and turn for the next few hours haunted in his drunken dreams.

You wake just before sunrise when a cheery nurse came in not long after “and how are we feeling this morning you had a few people worried” her voice was high and happy. You groan blinking the sleepy fog from your eyes. “I’m okay I think” you answered her looking at the neat white bandages around your arms. “do you remember how you got here” she asked taking notes and shining a light in your eyes “Erm no I was in the park” you stopped taking thinking if fp was really in the park or just something your brain had been making it up then you remember jughead in the back of a car telling you to stay awake. “was I brought in by a boy in a crown shaped beanie?” you asked the blonde haired woman.
“yes him and another man, we had to force him to go home he refused to leave you for a whole day and more” she laughed, you smiled thinking poor jughead was with you making a mental note to thank him. After a check over and some food the hospital was happy to let you go home. Giving you a phone to use, you start to dial the first few numbers of fps number before hanging up and redialling jugheads number. After ten minutes Archie and jug was outside waiting for you. Giving both of them a hug you all go to pops, jug gives Archie a look to make him leave. Once he made his excuse he needed to see Veronica jug looked at you making you nervous.

“I know about you and my dad ” he said with a smirk, one that reminded you of fp. You sighed drinking some of your milkshake using the straw to stair it so you didn’t have to look at him. “what ever the was its over I’m sorry I didn’t tell you I kissed your dad” jug frowned at your words but quickly softened his face. “What you mean it’s over now” he asked still not sure exactly what’s happened between you and his father. “jug, he doesn’t want me he’s made it clear I’m just a kid a princess with a silly crush in his eyes so I’m gonna move away from the Southside I have money and forget him” you say trying to convince yourself more then your best friend who could see right through you. “don’t” jug said drinking his milkshake as you look at him waiting for a reason. “he loves you y/n I saw it the other night in the park, he told me about his feelings, he stayed with you for hours at the hospital” your mind races as jug talks ‘he told jug about his feelings the Jones men don’t talk about feelings’ you think. Then a voice hit you the sweet voice of the nurse saying how your visitor had been force to leave, you had ashamed it was jughead “wait it was fp who was in the hospital” you ask unsure Jug nods. “he can be a jerk but he cares about you y/n more than anyone else” jug looked sad. You thought about his relationship with his dad “he cares about you too juggie he always talks about you take your own advice and talk to him” jug nodded finishing his drink.

You went home thinking about all the stuff jug had said. Trying the handle on your door it was locked, why is it locked its never locked you think trying the handle again but just as before the metal didn’t move rattling as you pulled. Patting down your pockets you remember you didn’t have your keys turning round, mumbling a sting of swear words you walk to fps trailer. Inside you saw Jack and Sam asleep on the couches and fps bedroom door shut. You started looking round for your keys, after searching the living room, looking on and under the tables in little pots on the sides trying not to wake the two boys. next you checked the kitchen finding nothing. fed up you leaned against the kitchen counter making a bottle fall making a loud clank. Looking over at the two still sleeping serpent you bent to pick up the bottle.

“hello princess” you jumped hearing fps voice behind you. Looking at his sleepy face as he rubbed his eyes “are you okay” he asked with nothing but concern in his voice. “Sorry didn’t mean to wake you and Yeah I’m okay” you said feeling embarrassed about everything that had happened not just ending up in hospital, but breaking Cheryl’s nose, trashing the trailer. Leaning against the door-frame he looked you up and down like how he used to “how come your here? Why didn’t you call me I would picked you up from the hospital” he asked. You shrugged your shoulders telling him how you thought it was jug who had sat after what the nurse had said “thanks for staying with me by the way” you smile weakly. “I was worried I wanted to be there when you woke up but” you finished his sentence “but the staff kicked you out”. Fp chuckled with a smile.

Fp walked over and hugged you, at first you was unsure about his sudden affection but quickly returned it. He kissed the top of you head making you ease into his chest as he mumbled sorry. You looked at him peering down at you with deep brown eyes, lost in them you felt his lips crash on yours. You kiss fp back with force and eagerness, as he lifted you onto the counter. He stopped moving his head back looking at you, “if you dare say we can’t or you shouldn’t be doing this I swear fp I’m gonna” you stopped your threat when you seen him smiling laughing his grip on your waist tightened. “no I was going to ask if this means you don’t hate me anymore?” you look at him smiling “well that’s still debatable Jones"trying to hold in your laughter. "hmm” he said looking down “I’m sorry for messing you around but I wanna show you how much i care about you and want to see if and what happens with us” he said each word with so much meaning. “Well I said it’s still debatable I’m still pissed at you” he could tell by your smirk and giggle you didn’t mean it but decided he’d play along “would you still be pissed at me if I do this?” He started kissing your neck working slowly up your jawline “or this” he mumbled as his kiss moved to your lips. You wrap your arms around his neck humming into to the more softer, loving kiss. The kitchen door opened with a tied looking Sam walking through. Fp acted the same has had done last time you was both in the kitchen, he backed away so fast like he didn’t want anyone see you to together. Like he was ashamed of you. You exhaled loudly and angrily as Sam spoke.

“your kid is here to see you fp” Sam said in half a yawn with jughead just behind him. “give us a minute I’ll be out now” he said watching you slide off the counter clearly angry. “what’s wrong y/n” he asked “to answer your question earlier yes I do still hate you more so if possible” you scream at him. “what’s wrong what have I done i thought we was okay now?” he asks slightly offended by your sudden change in attitude “I don’t wanna be some secret your ashamed of, to be pushed away like some unwanted groupie whenever someone walks in the room, no more I’m done!” you shout opening the kitchen door seeing jugheads worried/confused look “your right he is a jerk!” you stormed out the front door not looking back. Fp went to run after you but his son grabbed him “dad don’t just leave her, please! you going will only make it worse” fp stopped struggling and agreed Sam now wide awake told the Jones boys he’d find you.

Sam had court up to you quickly “where you going?” He asked “home! Anywhere where fp Jones isn’t!” you snap at him. Sam chuckled “your not going home it took us all night to clean up after your temper tantrum” he grabbed your shoulders “how about we go the bar you can take your frustration out on a few games of pool” you nodded agreeing. Inside you set you the table talking to Sam about everything that had happened with fp. “Well that explains his change in attitude” Sam says casually bending over to take his shot. When he looks you at for you to take your go “what change” you question him still continuing the game. “Well he’s quite a lot or he’s annoyed mainly at silly small things. also Why he looked like he wanted to kill me when we come back from that deal and you hugged me” he said frowning as he couldn’t make his next shot. You both laugh taking about random thing as you played and won the game.

Back at the trailer, fp and jughead had spoken about their relationship, and after promising to change jughead gave his father a second chance. The two of them woke and kicked out jack and started to tidy around fp pouring away the reminding alcohol telling himself he’s quitting for jug. “What did you do wrong this time with y/n” jug asked “she’s such a princess” fp chuckled then told jug what happened in the kitchen though he already knew after hearing you “you heard her she hates me I’ve fucked up big time this time”. Jug shook his head “your an idiot she loves you it’s what got her so upset she thinks you don’t love the the way she loves you that your embarrassed what everyone will think that you think shes a child” jughead explained. “i dont think shes a child i think shes incredible” for the next hour they spoke about y/n. Jughead helping his dad come up with an idea to win you back.

At the Whyte Wyrm you had beaten Sam in 4 out of 6 games of pool when fp walked in. He walked over to you but you grabbed you coat and Sam’s arm heading the bar dragging Sam along with. “your not using me make fp jealous are you?” Sam asked with a smirk but you didn’t return it instead you was thinking of a way to leave. “he’d have to care first to be jealous” you say before telling Sam you wanted to get your keys while fp was in the bar. Outside jug was waiting for you, he held out his arms stopping you from leaving “jug please I want to go home” you told him hoping he would just let you be. “gonna be a bit hard as my dad has your key it’s one of the reasons why where here” he tells you as you groan turning round. You begrudge going back inside, talking and facing fp. You scan the bar and can’t see him, walking towards where the other serpents are you hear y/f/s start to play looking to the jukebox you see jughead now standing. Fp appears at the top of the stairs coming down, he walks over to you with a smile hugging you, you try to push back but he holds you tighter “y/n I’m sorry for earlier and the past few weeks I’ve acted like an idiot” you grunt in agreement “you got that right Jones your defiantly an idiot! just give me my key so I can leave” you tell him keeping your voice strong and mean. 

“y/n please forgive me I love you” you look at him with a softened face but still wary looking over at jug who was full of smiles giving you a thumbs up in a mocking way, fp touches your face grabbing your attention again as he shouts louder so the whole bar can hear him “I love you y/n and I don’t care who knows it anymore I can’t be without you I love you! your my southside princess” he smirked lowering his voice “and I know you love me too” his face pleading for a response, looking at everyone now stirring at you and fp who has his hand out to you. “let me show you your the most important girl no woman in my life y/n” you take his hand slowly hoping this was real as he pulls you into a kiss. The gang and few girls in the bar start whistling and whooping you both. When he pulled away you felt bliss, fp stroked your cheek you sweetly looked you to him “I love you too Forsythe Pendleton Jones” you both go to your normal table  where Sam and jug are sat waiting “finally” jug said “about time Sam said at the same time. you and fp both giggled looking at each other agreeing with the boys, you both finally got the person you wanted for such a long time.

The end

Thank you to everyone who read this I will be making more Riverdale imagines soon also im working on another mini series that should continue from this. if you want to be tagged in any of my riverdale or teen wolf story’s just inbox me thank you all again xoxox 


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Go Home

Summary: You and Finn get into a fight, and you end up leaving. He shows up at your parents’ house and waits outside all night to prove that he will do anything to win your heart back. Fluff at the end!

*             *             *             *             *

You sat in your car in a grocery store parking lot at 10:43 PM. It was cold, and rain was pouring down while lightning lit up the night sky. An empty parking lot wasn’t your first choice of where to be on a cold stormy night like this, but you didn’t have anywhere else to go. You lived with Finn…or you did until the fight the two of you just had. You didn’t have anywhere to go.

You reached up and wiped the tears from your cheeks with the sleeve of your shirt as you reached over and picked up your almost dead cell phone from the shotgun seat.

You dialed the only person you could think to call in the middle of the night when you needed something, your mom.

“Hello?” She said. Her voice was sleepy, and you felt bad for waking her up with your call.

“M-mom,“ you mumbled as you tried to stop the tears that continued to fall.

“Y/n? Is everything okay? What’s wrong?” She asked.

“Mom…can I, can I come stay at home tonight?” You asked.

“Of course, honey. Is everything okay?” She asked.

“N-no.” You said.

“What’s wrong? Are you hurt? Do I need to call Finn-?

“No!” You said as you cut her off before she could finish her sentence. “We…we had a fight, and I left.”

“It’s going to be fine, sweetie. Come home. I’ll turn the light on for you, okay?”

“Thank mom.” You said.

“I’m always here for you, baby. I’ll see you soon.” She said.

You drove across town and pulled into the familiar driveway of your childhood hope. Your mom was standing on the porch under the light in her night robe waiting for you. She hurried over to your car and pulled you into her arms as soon as you were out of the car.

“It’s going to be okay, sweetie.” She said as she held you tight.

“Thanks for letting me stay here tonight.” You said.

“You don’t have to thank me, this is what moms do.” She said.

“I promise I’ll leave in the morning-“

“You can stay as long as you need to. There’s no rush for you to leave.” She said.

She kept her arm around you as she led you into the house and up the stairs to your old room.

You immediately crawled under the covers and sighed at how warm they were.

“Do you need anything before I go to sleep?” She asked.

“No. I just want to try to sleep. I’m exhausted.” You said.

“Okay. I’m just down the hall if you need anything.” She said.

“Okay. Thanks again for letting me stay here tonight, mom.” You said.

“Sweetheart this will always be your home. You can come here anytime.” She said.

You tossed and turned all night as you tried to find a comfortable position. The storm continued to rage on outside your window, and all you wanted was to have Finn’s arms around you to keep you safe and warm. But instead of his arms wrapping around you his words from earlier replayed over and over in your head. “Just get out!” He had yelled as he pointed towards the door when he reached his breaking point.

He was frustrated. He felt great, and his shoulder had recovered amazingly. He felt like he was back at 100%. Despite being able to do all the exercises the doctors gave him, he had yet to be released to in-ring competition by WWE doctors. He became more frustrated with every day that passed which left him very short tempered with you. That led to an argument over the trash.

The trash. Who was going to take out the trash was literally the thing that ended your relationship.

You knew it was more than that. You knew it was how distant Finn had been with you for weeks. You knew it was that he barely touched you anymore. He didn’t kiss you when he left for rehab or when he came home. You didn’t have movie nights on the couch anymore. Most nights you were upstairs in bed on your laptop or phone or reading a book while Finn stayed downstairs watching wrestling or playing video games. Half of the time he didn’t even bother coming to bed, he would just pass out on the couch.

You finally fell asleep somewhere between three and four only to wake up at five and not be able to get back to sleep.

You sat up on the edge of the bed and stretched before deciding to go downstairs and watch some TV to try and take your mind off Finn.

You paused on the last step when you saw your parents looking through the glass of the front door at something outside.

“What are you looking at?” You asked.

They both turned around with shocked expressions on their faces.

“Sweetie, you’re awake.” Your mom said.

“Yeah, I couldn’t really sleep.” You said.

“Tell her.” Your dad said as he looked at your mom.

“Tell me what?” You asked.

“Maybe we shouldn’t tell her. She’s upset-“

“Tell me what mom?” You asked.

“Finn’s outside.” Your dad said.

“What? He’s outside? At five o’clock in the morning?” You asked.

“He’s been out there since just after you fell asleep. He won’t leave. Your mom has tried to talk to him. I tried to talk to him. He won’t go. Not until he talks to you.” Your dad said.

“He’s going to get himself sick.” You said.

“We told him that. He doesn’t care. Kid’s a wreck. I’ve never seen him like this.” Your dad said.

“Sweetie, I know you’re hurt, but maybe you should go talk to him. He was mad. You both were. People say things they don’t mean when they are mad.” Your mom said. “Finn still loves you.”

“I don’t think he does, mom. The way he sounded when he told me to get out…he’s never talked to me like that.”

“Honey, he’s been outside in the pouring rain and cold for five hours. He loves you. He wouldn’t still be out there if he didn’t.” Your mom said.

You stepped in between your parents to look through the glass. Sure enough there he was. Soaking wet with his head in his hands and his elbows on his knees sitting on the front step of your parents’ house. No coat. No umbrella. His clothes were completely soaked and sticking to him. The sight broke your heart more than the fight last night had.

“I know you’re upset, but he’s been out there all night. Will you please go talk to him? Poor boy is going to catch pneumonia.” Your dad said.

You sighed but nodded. You reached for the door handle and wrapped your hand around it and paused for a moment. You didn’t know what you were going to say. What could you say to him? Your relationship was too far broken to be fixed. There was no point in saving it.

You slowly opened the front door, and Finn’s head immediately snapped out of his hands. He turned to see who had opened the door. He stood up when he saw that it was you.

“Y/n-“ he began.

“Go home, Finn.” You said. “You’re scaring my parents.”

“I’m not leavin’.” He said.

“I’m not coming back, Finn. I can’t come back.”

“I’m not leavin’ til you do, love.”

“Finn, you wanted me to leave. You were the one that told me to get out.” You said.

“And I regret it. I was mad. I didn’t mean it. I love ya, Y/n. Yer all I want. I want ya ta come home.” He said.

“Finn, I can’t just pretend like you didn’t say what you said.” You said.

“I’m not askin’ you to. I just want a chance. You don’t have ta forgive me right now. Just please come home and give me a chance to show ya that I’m sorry.” He said.

“Finn, I don’t know…”

“I’m begging ya.” He said.


He didn’t let you finish your sentence. Hee reached out and grabbed your wrists and pulled you into his chest. He cupped your face in his hands and looked into your eyes.

“Please, Y/n. Just give me a chance.” He begged. “You’re all I got. I don’t have wrestling, I need ya. I need ya more than I need to get back into that ring. I need ya more than I need hearin’ the roar of the crowd. I need ya like I need air. I’ve been a wreck since ya left and nothin’ makes sense. My chest hurts. My eyes hurt. All I know is I love ya, and I want ya back.”

You felt tears mixed with rain drops slide down your cheeks at his words.

“Please, just give me a chance, love.” He pleaded.

You hesitated but finally gave in and nodded. The heart wanted what it wanted. As hurt as you were about the argument, you loved Finn more than anything on the planet, and you would do whatever it took to make your relationship work.

Finn’s lips curved into a smile before he leaned in and pressed his lips to yours. You wrapped your arms around his neck as you stood there in the pouring rain kissing the love of your life.

Finn pulled away and smiled before he leaned in and kissed you again. He then started to pepper kisses all over your face.

“I’m so sorry, love.” He said.

“It’s okay Finn.” You said.

“C’mon let’s get ya inside, love. You’re soaked.” He said.

Closer (Crankgameplays x Reader)

(A short little fic based on the song Closer. Enjoy!)

Ethan was at first hesitant to go with the rest of the team to the hotel bar. He couldn’t drink nor was he confident in his ability to socialize with tipsy strangers on the dance flooe. However, as time passed and the music seeped into him, he became quite the dance machine. He’d deny it though, regardless of the videos Mark took.

Dancing was tiring and thirst inducing, leading him to the bar. He ordered water, sitting on the stool. He absently gazed around, watching people interact and dance. Glasses of different shapes reflected the lights, acting like alcohol filled disco balls. It was then he saw you, curved glass in hand, at the opposite of the bar.

The blaring loudness and blinding lights of the club seemed to disappear when his eyes met yours. It’s been four years since he’s seen you and you only got more beautiful. It was like the air got sucked out of his lungs. Ethan stood and made his way to you, smiling. He’s missed you.

You almost dropped your drink when you saw him. A part of you didn’t recognize the man walking towards you, but his smile confirmed it. It was Ethan, the boy you left four years ago when you left Maine. What are the chances your in the same hotel at the same time?

“Y/N…” His voice flowed through the air, a familiar sound.

You lowered your glass. “It’s been a while, Ethan.”

“Yeah, I missed you.” Ethan takes the seat next to you.

“I’m sorry for not calling,” You sheeply look to the side, “I should’ve kept in touch with you, Ethan.”

Ethan placed his hand over yours. Did it hurt when you left? Oh yes. Yet, that was in past. “But you’re here now.”

“You’re right.” You smiled.

The two of you just looked at each other, taking in the sights. As far as you two were concerned, the hotel bar was empty and silent. Hell, the rest of the world was empty and silent. Only you two existed and mattered.

Eventually, the sights and sounds flooded in. Too much lights to see, too much sounds to talk. There was too much heat building up as well, desperately seeking a way to relieve the pressure inside the two of you.

“Want to catch up somewhere more… quiet?” You offered, bitting your lip.

Ethan nodded. “Let me just tell my friends I’m leaving. They might think I goy kidnapped.”

“I’ll be by the elevators.” You kissed his cheek, smirking as you walked away because you know he was totally watching the curves of your figure.

Ethan felt a rush deep in the pit of his stomach. His eyes were in fact on you, not standing from his seat until you left his line of sight. He made his way to where Mark and the rest of the team were, sitting at a booth.

“Ethan! Where have you been?” Mark was of course louder than the music.

“I told you, I saw him at the bar talking to someone cute.” Amy said, winking at him.

“That was an old… friend. Haven’t seen them in four years.” Ethan ran his fingers through his hair. “We’re going to catch up somewhere else. See you guys tomorrow.”

They all woo’d, Ethan scratching the back of his head. He waved and turned, ignoring the calls to “have fun” and “remember protection”.

You pressed the up button when you saw him. “So…”

“What have you been up to?” Ethan asked.

“Finishing my degree. I’m here for a research project.” You heard the elevator arrive, the metal doors opening. “I’ve heard your YouTube thing is doing pretty good.”

Ethan walked in after you. “Yeah, my channel is steadily growing and it’s a lot of fun working on projects with Mark.”

“I’m happy to hear that, Ethan.” You smiled.

“My room or yours?” Ethan asked you.

“Yours. I’m unfortunately rooming with another person from my school.”

He pressed the floor button, leaning against the mirrow wall of the elevator. You stood next to him, shoulder to shoulder. You looked at each other, the two of you grateful for the emptiness of the elevator.

When the doors opened, your lipstick was equally on his lips as they were on yours and equally out of breath. He moved his hand from your waist to your hand, guiding you to his room.

Ethan stumbled with the key card, taking three tries before opening the door. Not that it his fault, you were very much distracting him with your lips on his neck.

The next morning, he woke up first. His arm wrapped around his waist and your head laid on his chest. The sun gently filted through the window, making you glow with sunlight. He could spend the rest of his life in this moment, watching you peacefully sleep and framed by sun.

Your eyes fluttered open, greeted by the sight of him. “Morning…”

He kissed the top of your head. “Morning, sleepy head.”

“Want to watch the sunset with me?”

“Of course.”

You sat up, stretching your arms above your head. “Like what you see?”

Ethan smiled, eyes on your form. “Hell yeah.”

“Just wait till you see me in lace.” You stood, looking for your shirt. “Have you seen my clothes?”

He turned and checked his side of the bed. “Uh… I found my shirt?”

“May I? I’d rather not show it all to the views of other guests.”

“Of course.” He passed the shirt to you. “What about lace?”

You put his shirt on, buttoning it up half way. You were short, making the shirt a dress. “Patience Ethan, patience.”

He stood and put on sweatpants, joining you in the balcony. He stood behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist and placing his head into yhe crook of your neck.

“So beautiful…” Ethan mumbled into your skin.

“Yeah… It’s amazing how the clouds look with the sun rising.”

“I was talking about you.”

“Aww, that’s so sweet.” Mark?

“Ah fuck… I forgot Mark had the room next door.” Ethan dug his head deeper into you neck, embarrassed. “Morning Mark…”

“Morning Ethan and… uh what’s your name?” And Tyler was on the other side.

“I’m Y/N.”

“Is that Ethan shirt?”

“Yes Mark, it is.” Ethan tried dragging you back into the room, too embarrassed to stay outside. “Morning Tyler.”

“Hey Y/N, want to join us for breakfast?

You nodded. "Sure.”

“Great, see you lovebirds at 9 AM.” Mark and Tyler went back into their respective rooms, leaving you and Ethan outside.

“Sorry about that… That was… embarrassing.” Ethan said.

You shook your head, turning around to kiss his cheek. “Nah, it was nice to meet your friends. Even the only thing I’m wearing is your shirt.”

Ethan smiled, pulling you inside. “It’s 7:40. Think we have time for-”

“Join me in the shower?”

“Hell yeah.”

(Hope you liked this! If you did like this, you can request a song and I can write a fic based off the song. Or send in a prompt or a scenario, whichever works.

For Ms. Gotham’s We Live For Love (bc we honestly want more of it):

“Pat and Neil met exactly the same way as Jamie and Claire did - and ended up touring the world together, marrying in 1982 and raising two daughters”

Wee Frasers on tour perhaps, with their parents?

We Live For Love 

“Can you help me with the countdown?”

Five-year-old Faith Fraser – a spitting image of her mother, from her tight brown curls to her purple leotard, bright blue tights, and mini red Converse high-tops – almost bounced with excitement.

“One – two – three – four!” she exclaimed.

Jamie – perched on a stool right beside Claire in the dressing room – strummed the opening chords. Claire held a sleepy two-year-old Brianna close, gently swaying, counting the bars until she came in:

Many times I tried to tell you // Many times I cried alone…

It had been a lot harder than they had expected – returning to touring after almost six years away. From the moment Claire’s belly had started to show with Faith, they had stayed in the studio, focusing on Jamie’s songwriting and giving Claire the space she needed to focus on being a mom.

For they had secretly lost two other babies – which Jamie was convinced was due to their grueling schedule. So with this one, with Faith – everything had changed. Not that Jamie or Claire minded – four years on the road was a long time to be away from home. And even though they had their sanctuary in each other, had toured the world and had so many amazing experiences together – it was time for a break.

Always I’m surprised how well you cut my feelings to the bone…

The record label hadn’t been happy, of course. The suits had had a hard enough time knowing that Claire – their female star, who they (unsuccessfully) tried time and time again to market as a wanton sexpot – was (very happily) married, and once she and Jamie told them of the pregnancy they were afraid of losing all the respect they’d worked so hard to gain.

But they had held firm – and Jamie had gripped her hand, a strong, silent support during that terrible meeting where all parties decided to take a break from each other.

Except the Frasers, of course.

Fortunately Jamie had already built their home studio – so that is where they worked.

Don’t want to leave you really // I’ve invested too much time to give you up that easy…

Faith had arrived a month early – surprising everyone. If Claire relished her role as a mother, then Jamie absolutely delighted in his role as a father, bringing Faith with him into the studio, watching her sleep safely snuggled in her basket as he recorded song after song that he had written for her.

Between Jamie and Claire and their small circle of trusted friends – Ian Murray, Jamie’s ex-roommate and their drummer; Murtagh FitzGibbons, the club owner who had introduced them; Fergus St. Germain, a French-Canadian bassist Jamie had met one night in Montreal and who quickly became one of their closest confidants; and Marsali MacKimmie, Fergus’ bubbly American wife who also happened to be very talented on the autoharp – their lives were full. And they recorded and recorded and recorded, away from the judgment and prying eyes of record executives.

And when Brianna had arrived three years later, they had even contemplated retiring from touring altogether.

To the doubts that complicate your mind…

But then one night, Jamie invited someone over to the house for dinner. Joe Abernathy – the A&R guy at Chrysalis who had helped them so much with “Outlander,” the album that put them on the map and sold over fifteen million copies around the world.

Joe had parted ways with Chrysalis right after “Outlander”’s release – creative differences, naturally. And now he was starting up his own label – and he was looking for big talent.

He didn’t make his offer until Jamie had gone upstairs to put the girls to bed. But he was very blunt.

“You’re a star, Claire. Your records are still selling, even though you haven’t put anything out in five years. People love you.”

Claire sipped her whisky soda, pursing her lips. Thinking.

“But I’d have to tour. And I can’t leave the girls, Joe. *We* can’t leave them.”

“You won’t have to, Claire.” Joe settled back in his chair, admiring the bright night spring sky. “You’ll do it all on your terms. I’ll let you do whatever you want – however many dates you’re up to. You’re in the driver’s seat.”

She settled back in her chair, watching the light go out in the girls’ room. “You’d do that?”

“I would.”

Claire waited for Jamie to come back outside and take his seat right beside her.

“Joe wants me to sign with him,” she said softly, turning to face her husband – her muse – her rock. “He says we can tour, with the girls. On our terms.”

“As long as you have something I can sell,” Joe interjected. “Rumor has it you’ve never stopped writing or recording. Play something for me, and you have a deal.”

Jamie smirked. Claire knew – relished – that look. For he – and she – knew they would have a deal. A very, very good deal.

“Let’s go to the studio, Joe. I may have a thing or two to share.”

That night, Jamie played Joe a demo of the song that would become Claire Fraser’s comeback straight-to-number-one hit. The song they used to close out all their shows on this tour. The song he had written for his wife and daughters. The song she had started – and for which his rough voice now joined in:

We belong to the light, we belong to the thunder

We belong to the sound of the words we’ve both fallen under

Whatever we deny or embrace, for worse or for better

Brianna slept against Claire’s shoulder. Faith clapped her hands and swayed, so delighted that not only did her costume match Mommy’s tonight, but that Marsali – who along with Fergus, was a mainstay of their touring crew – had helped paint her nails with sparkles, to show that she was a star.

Claire continued her warm-up for the concert, heart bursting.

Jamie looked at her with hearts in his eyes – and switched to harmony as the chorus ended –

We belong – we belong – we belong together…


Pat Benatar - We Belong

Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo - We Belong (live, 2014)

Boyfriend! Hoseok

Originally posted by hohbi

- you are his sister’s dongsaeng at college and since she graduated you are frequently over at her house in Gwangju having her give you advice about college and life in general

-you had heard her and her mom talk about her brother and him being in a group but you didn’t really know much more than that until you two actually met.

- the first time that you met you were hanging out at his sister’s house relaxing and then this really tall boy burst in and is really loud and then everyone freaks out and is very happy

-you’re like “???who’s this???” and his sister is like “!!! it’s my lil bro!!!” and he’s like “who are you??” shaking ur hand all happy like and on the inside you’re like “omg this boy is very cute and he shaking my hand o shit!!” but on the outside you’re like “hello! I am y/n it’s very nice to meet you! :))))” and everything is just so happy and smiley and good. but you don’t want to ruin their family reunion so ur like “I gotta go but y'all have fun!” so you go back to your apartment.

- but when you leave his sister just looked at him like “I Know™” because she can tell that he already kinda likes you even after just meeting you but like it’s a good thing because his family already loves you a lot so there will be no family discourse if he wanted to date you.

- he has his sister invite you over to their parent’s house the day after so he can get to know you and the three of you end up playing Mario cart together and having a great time

-after a while their mom starts to cook dinner so you excuse yourself to go and help her out because she lets you come over so often and she’s kind of like a second mom to you

- Hoseok just watches you bustling around helping clean up and cook with his mom and how much his mom adores you and he kind of falls in love with you

- after you eat dinner together you are getting ready to walk back to your apartment and Hoseok is like “!!wait! I’ll walk you home!” And you’re like “??that’s cool thank you!!??”

-so he walks you home and you two talk about how you and his sister became friends and what it’s like for him being an idol and it’s very comfortable for you so you are kind of sad when you get to your apartment complex

-you are getting ready to go into your door when hoseok is like “hey give me your phone really quick.” And you give him ur phone so he texts his phone with it so that he has ur number now (smooth like a snake lmao) and it’s really cute so you give him a lil peck on the cheek then go into ur apartment leaving him smiling really big in front of your door.

- after this you two start texting a lot even after he goes back to Seoul to train for their next comeback and eventually he asks you to be his girlfriend and you say yes of course because who wouldnt want to Day this human ball of sunshine

- you actually get a college transfer to the college in Gangnam so that you could be closer to him because you only got to see him once every 5 months when they would get time off at the end of a comeback

- whenever you tell him that you got an apartment in Gangnam he is super excited and happy and he kinda freaks out because now you would be able to meet his members and he could be close to you because the dorms were also in Gangnam!!!

- he’ll stay at your apartment a lot because he sometimes needs a break from being around the others and he wants to spend time with you

- during comebacks when he has to be happy at work all of the time he’ll come back home and be super exhausted because it’s hard to always be full of energy and happiness so you’ll make him a cup of sleepy tea and you will have him tell you about his day and then you’ll go to sleep cuddling each other

- sometimes when you’re having issues at work or school you don’t tell him because you think that he has enough to worry about already and he shouldn’t be working about you but he can see that something is wrong with you

- one day if you haven’t already dealt with your problems on your own he corners you and is like “hey what’s going on baby you never act like this and I can tell that there is something wrong

- and you’ll try to play it off like you’re tired but hoseok sees right through you because he’s had experience at hiding his feelings because he thinks that it would be for the best but he wants you to trust in him and feel comfortable telling him what you’re feeling

- you end up telling him what’s bothering you and he helps you through it and he makes you feel validated and better and you love him for it

- you are each other’s biggest fans honestly like any time you do anything that may not seem big to you (like get an a on a test or wake up and work out) he gets so hyped for you and is celebrating you so hard

- likewise you have a blog that is dedicated to him that you tried to keep hidden but one day you left your laptop open on it while you were in the shower and he saw it, you can back into your room and saw him scrolling through it with the brightest blush on his face when he saw how excited you got when he did performances, you kinda have a mini-heart attack when he sees it but now he knows that you watch everything that he works so hard on

- your first fights are awful for the both of you because they start out as something not so big like you forgetting that he was off work a day so you went out with your friends or him forgetting that you had planned on having dinner together but he went out with the boys instead

- you both don’t really know how to handle those feelings so you just get very upset at each other and then you stop talking to each other which is very hard for you both because you are so used to having someone to talk to about anything and someone to cuddle and now everything is just so cold and it sucks

- at one point Jimin just intervenes like “yo, you both are miserable why can’t you just start putting dates and shit in your phone calendars and then we can all have our sunshine back and we can avoid stuff like this in the future” and you and hoseok are just like “??? why didn’t we think of that fucc??” but it’s okay because you both are still relatively new to having someone care about stuff like that

- after the fight you guys always have a super long cuddling session when you both are periodically on top of each other talking about everything that they missed while you weren’t talking to each other and catching up on all of the missed skinship and everything gets warm again

- you are the person that he goes to the second he starts doubting himself of feels like he isn’t working hard enough or just generally feels overwhelmed and you do a very good job of validating him and calming him down and he does the same for you because you both are like comfort blankets for each other

- you can tell if the other is feeling uncomfortable so you just subtly hold hands and it makes you feel safe

- because of this mutual comfort for each other he is very accepting and open-minded of any kinks that you may have or if you aren’t comfortable with having sex at all !!that is all fine with him because he loves you!! he is willing to try anything but if he doesn’t like it it’s all good because you have a mutual respect for each other’s boundaries!!

- if you do like to have sex tho he will worship you like no other like he doesn’t care what body type you have because whatever it is it is beautiful because you are so beautiful to him

- it’s hard to control him tho like he has a lot of energy so he’ll go down on you for like an hour and still not be tired of it all while you’re just fuckin screaming like “hobi can you for just one second chill??!!”

- on the other side of the coin tho you kind of hate it when the other members tease him about not having abs or something because honestly you love it when he is soft and squishy and you could literally write a book about how perfect he is and honestly why should he spend all that time getting abs when he could be spending it cuddling you??

- forreal tho you are the queen of body worship for this man because he deserves to be told how beautiful he is 25/7 and you love him so much

- anyway hobi as a boyfriend would be a great time and he would have so much love to give you

A/n: I’m trying very hard to actually start consistently writing!! I’m sorry that I kinda write something then just stop I’ll try to be better now that I’m out of school!! I’ve been working on this for a while so I hope it turned out good, feel free to send me any feedback as long as it’s constructive!! I did do this on mobile so please tell me if there are any mistakes!!

Poker Face - Cheryl Blossom

Anonymous said:

Could I request a Cheryl imagine where she’s dating a tough (south serpent kinda) girl who’s friends with the core four and Cheryl finds out she’s super ticklish and uses it to embarrass her alot? Like coming up behind her and/or kissing her neck as she walks past when she’s sitting on the couch with her friends? Thx I love your blog, it’s my fav😊

Originally posted by fyeahriverdale

Aw thanks for the compliment darling!!! I hope you like this!

When Sophomore year rolled around, you didn’t expect to get many friends. Especially not after Jason Blossom’s murder; but it was that very event that gave you friends. Gave you a girlfriend. You had known Jughead all your life, since you lived among the Serpents. When you met FP Jones, he thought you actually were a South Sider Serpent.

“Thick skin. Scales of a snake,” he had said. Jughead just rolled his eyes, but you felt accepted by the Jones family after that. You and Jughead became basically inseparable. So when he was drawn into Archie Andrews’ rag-tag group of misfits, so were you. You got caught up in the madness surrounding the murder of the Blossom boy. During that time, you also saw, truly saw, Cheryl Blossom. It had started when Betty sent you to do some digging about Thorn Hill, the Blossom’s mansion. Instead of actually sleuthing around Riverdale, you decided it was best to ask someone that lived there. You walked up to Cheryl with a coy smile and politely asked about the home in which she lived.

“Why don’t you come over and see it for yourself?” Her flirty tone was undeniable and it drew you deeper into the darkness of the Blossom family. The first visit turned into another one, and another after that. Visits became frequent before you started staying the night in the gothic castle. On nights like the one now, you were curled up on Cheryl’s bed listening to her rant about the River Vixens practices and routines. As she spoke, you played with her long, manicured fingers to occupy your mind.

“She can’t even land a forwards flip and-you’re not even listening to me.” She let out a soft giggle when you pulled your eyes away from her hand. You rolled onto your side, mirroring Cheryl’s position and looking into her eyes more clearly.

“I was, but then your evil hand took mine captive and I had to fight back.” She let out a laugh, a true one that was all too rare nowadays. She pulled her hand away from yours and traced her fingertips along your jawline. Your eyes instinctively shut at the soft touch as you revelled in it. Her nails gently, lightly, tickled your skin, making their way to your sensitive neck. All of the suddenly, goose bumps rose in your skin and you curled in on yourself. Cheryl let out another laugh at your reaction, smiling slyly.

“You’re ticklish,” she teased and you just shook your head. She rolled her eyes, continuing to touch every inch of exposed skin. After a bit, she worked her way back up to your face, more specifically your neck. You flinched away from her touch, causing the both of you to giggle.

“As much as I love that you’re smiling,” you whispered, “I’m very sleepy.” Cheryl nodded, still smiling at you. You scooted over, getting closer to your girlfriend; because that’s what she was. It was unspoken, but it was there nonetheless.

“Goodnight Cher,” you whispered. You leaned your head forward slightly and pressed your lips to her soft ones. She pressed back against the touch, smiling lazily into the kiss. With that final touch, the two of you drifted off to sleep.

After getting ready at Cheryl’s house, you both headed off to school. You said a meaningful goodbye in the school parking lot before heading off to your separate classes. The day seemed to draw on and on, until you reached lunch.

“Where were you last night Y/N? I tried calling you but you didn’t answer.” You glanced at Jughead and shrugged. The raven-haired boy scoffed, waiting for a better answer.

“I must’ve been asleep,” you said and continued eating.

“I called you at five in the afternoon,” Jughead said dramatically. You shrugged again, looking back to your food. An awkward silence fell over you and Jughead, being the only two people at the table as of that moment. You quietly ate, searching for something to say.

If anyone from your friend group found out what was between you and Cheryl, they’d flip. Betty and Veronica might even grow to hate you, since they hate Cheryl. Hopefully, as the year goes on, their hearts will change; and they’ll realize Cheryl isn’t a bad person. You disliked the fact you kept your relationship with her on the down low, but it was best to keep it that way for a little while longer. Maybe when everything with Jason starts to fade away.

“Hey how’s the casework going, with-” your train of thought was cut off by the feeling of lips on your neck. Soft, teasing, the familiar pair of lips tickled your neck. Jughead’s eyes widened as your poker face faltered and you started to giggle. You moved your head and blocked Cheryl’s lips from attacking the sensitive skin of your neck. Cheryl laughed, pecked your cheek and left you and Jughead alone once more. Your cheeks burned brightly at the sudden affection and fit of childish giggles.

“Care to explain that?” Jughead’s tone was surprised, but sassy as usual. You stared back at the boy across from you, ready to send a biting answer back. Before you could reply, the rest to the merry crew sat down at the table.

“Why was Cheryl Blossom sucking the blood from your neck? I assume that’s what she was doing,” Kevin asked as he sat down.

“Why didn’t you tell us you were dating the Devil incarnated?” You glanced at Veronica, giving her a serious look.

“This is exactly why,” you said, “I knew you guys would be this way and-”

“Hey, Hey, Y/N relax.” You glanced up at Archie who looked at you with worried eyes. “They’ll just have to learn to live with it.” Veronica slapped his shoulder and let out a gasp.

“This is Cheryl Blossom we are talking about here Archikins! She is not to be trusted,” you glared at Veronica while she spoke.

“So all the information I got from her was just thrown away from the case? Since we can’t trust her word and all.” Your counter argument silenced everyone at the table.

“Well while you all mull it over,” you grabbed your tray and walked over to Cheryl’s table. You sat beside her, much to the surprise of her friends.

“Too embarrassed to sit by them anymore?” Cheryl wriggled her eyebrows at you, making you smile. You met her eyes and you mimicked her teasing tone.

“I just can’t keep myself away from you,” you said back. A blush bloomed on the girl’s cheeks and your grinned. So what if your friends didn’t approve of your relationship yet, with time they would; but for the time being you had your girlfriend who was just as tough as you.  


Smutty!!! Damon Smut!!! Damon X Fem!Reader

Damon rolled his eyes as Stefan walked away from him and headed to his room, stopping and back tracking when he saw you still asleep, your door open from when Stefan had tried to convince you to get up. Your (Y/H/C) hair was spread out across your pillow and he couldn’t help but admire how beautiful you looked in your sleepy state.

His pleasant mind state didn’t last long as his eyes fell on a leather bound journal, that you were forever hiding from him, sat on your desk. Seeing as now was probably the best time to read it and collect information to tease you with he crossed the room and sunk into the surprisingly comfortable desk chair.


“Well, well (Y/N) I knew that sweet and innocent character of yours was an act.” Damon mumbled as he flipped to a random page and began reading the Intricately described dreams, become pleasantly surprised when he became the main focus of your diary.

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CLF: Tendrement, Pasionement (H)

A/N: Yes, I know this is coming up early, but I’m spending time with some friends tonight, and I won’t be able to post. Also, I am aware this is long ish, but the only other place I would have broken it in would have put the final part at like, 500 words and that’s stupid.

A/N: Tendrement, Pasionement is DONE. Now we move onto Part Three, which probably won’t start getting posted until Saturday. There WILL, however, be a PSA regarding Part Three (A La Folie), since it deals with some extremely sensitive, possibly triggering material.

WARNINGS: First fight! Swearing, angst, angst, angst, a tiny bit of fluff, smut at the end, you’re going to get your heart broken, sorry



SONG TRACK: Marry Me–Train & Hallelujah–Jeff Buckley (I listened to this one on repeat while writing the end of this chapter and heard a fucking train whistle right in the middle of it)

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Just a Bad Day

Originally posted by thinkingabouttheater

Word Count 1.5K

Setting: Modern AU

Pairing: Hercules Mulligan x Blind!Reader

Warning: language and a bit of blood

A/N: Hi everyone :) I got inspiration from a post that @whatinfreenation made and sort of tweaked it. The fic came out much longer than I intended it to be? I don’t know if that’s good or bad. Oh well  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. I hope y’all like it!

It wasn’t easy adjusting to the new chapter in my life of being blind, though it wasn’t much of a new chapter at all.

I had been blinded since I was fourteen; I was older now and had found how to live with it. To be quite honest I had missed everything, watching the people down below from my balcony and making stories in my mind about them, and drawing was one thing I missed greatly; I guess I just missed being able to see. The only thing I had was my memory, but it they were just that, memories and I knew everything was always changing. I couldn’t tell if they could be counted as real anymore since they were from so long ago and memory faded over time.

Well the only good thing that came out of being blind was that my other senses became heightened since they no longer competed with my sight. I could hear the faint breath of others around me and smell the vague scent of their perfumes and colognes as they passed by, maybe that was a little weird. My fingertips could feel every crack and ridge on the stone wall of the outside of my flat.

I sighed as I made my way around the counter into the kitchen. The quietness of the flat made me aware that it was around midnight; I was one of the few people that were awake at this ungodly hour. The tile floor felt smooth and cold beneath my bare feet as I entered the kitchen, exhausted from today’s dreadful events and wanting a cup of cold water to soothe my parched throat.

My hand skimmed the wooden doors of the cabinets,counting them off until I stopped on the cabinet that held all the glasses and cups. Pulling on the smooth handle and opening the door, I grabbed a glass with my other hand, feeling its fragile smoothness against my fingertips and palm. I padded over to the refrigerator and place the glass under the water dispenser and timed it until it reached about three quarters full. I walked back after filling it and leant against the cool marble counter. Tipping the glass up to meet my lips, I felt the cold water go down my throat and felt it in my empty stomach.

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Love is Love || John Winchester

Summary: (AU without the hunters) John saw you one day and fell in love with you. At first it was more like a stalking. Until Sam got back and party happened.

Warnings: age gap, nakednessss in beddd, maybe few swear words

Pairing: John Wincester x reader

A/N: I wrote this like week or two ago and I feel like it’s not that bad tbh.

It was hot, long day in work. He was tired already and he had one last delivery on his list. He was the best driver in the company, so they of course sent him. Long trip to the house, where his friend was renovating the building. It wasn’t bad, he liked long distances. And he mentally felt extremely good that day. Plus he was about to meet a friend from college. So he just hopped onto the driver’s seat, started the engine and turned on the music. Old, good Black Sabbath almost made him scream along, when he was speeding up. Luckily, packs of cement and dry parget were safely pinned on the back of his truck.

He felt more than okay, when he pulled over to the house. He got out of the car with wide smile on his face. His friend, James, already walking up to him. They chatted for a while about their lives, when front door opened suddenly. He just looked at the human who walked out of there for a second, but then he froze. He looked at her, while James was still talking. She was… Something in her made him glue his gaze to her. Even with her short hair under the hat, with tshirt and shorts in the dust, she looked breathtaking. He didn’t know why, tho. He just couldn’t look away. For him whole world froze in this moment. There was just her walking in his direction.

Soon enough James saw that John wasn’t paying attention, so he looked behind him. Then he smirked at his friend.

- Yeah, she’s working with me. Do you know how many times people ask why she’s with me? You know how good she is in this job? She’d be my successor, but in september my little girl will be back in college…

- Your…

- Yea, it’s my oldest daughter, [Y/N].

John stopped listening to James. He just looked at the girl. She was barely 22, yet she looked so… So ready. Ready for anything what would’ve come next. Ready for the harsh, cold reality and ready to make someone’s day better by saying one word.

Then he caught himself thinking about her. He wanted to deliver anything to that house, so he could see her again. He knew he was like some creep. But he couldn’t stop himself. It felt so right. She was younger, he could be her father, but something was telling him that she was The One. But he could only imagine how was she like on the daily basis.

And then he called James to ‘spend more time together’ since they were living in the same town again. And if luck wanted to be on his side, he could see her inside the house, when she was preparing some tea or food. And God save him, sometimes she had just oversized shirt and panties on. He wanted to do so many things to and with her. But to him she was just work of art in the museum. With her messy, short hair and in that clothes, right behind the glass of the terrace’s door. He could look, but he couldn’t touch.

He tried to push these thoughts away and it was working very well. Until his son, Dean, came homewith her. Apparently they knew each other since he helped her when her car broke after some rock show. John thought they would end up togheter. That was his nightmare, Dean and [Y/N], together. But no. Even when she returned to college, she was always there, in his house, but never became Dean’s girl. And John was thanking God it didn’t happen.

And that how it was for about three years. He was looking at her, talking with her when his son was buisy and tried to talk ABOUT her with Dean.

Then Sam came home from Stanford. He gratuated and ended up with pretty awesome results. It was time to celebrate. And of course, [Y/N] was there too, even hotter than always. If it was even possible. And he tried to calm himself, talk with literally anyone else but her. He was drinking and drinking, and drinking, and talking, and drinking, and tried to get away from her smile and beautiful [y/e/c] eyes.

And the next day he woke up to the weird feeling something was not okay. He had head ache, of course. Yesterday he drank until he…

He didn’t remember what happened, it was all just dark, blank space in his mind. He sighed irritated and tried to move, but someone’s head was laying on his chest with their arms wrapped around his torso. His eyes snapped open in alert. Who was that? His wife left him almost 20 years ago and he just had one night stands since then, but never in his own house.

He saw ceiling. And several small lights. Not his. Definitely not his. He felt relief in his head calming the storm of the hungover’s guilt. It wasn’t nice to not remember what happened and as a bonus to that, to wake up in his son’s bed with someone, but at least it wasn’t his bedroom. He sighed deeply. Ad he had some time to prepare himself for another day with [Y/N] walking around, smiling and talking, and pretending she didn’t see him staring with dreamy eyes. John sighed once again. He needed to get up and tell this… someone to go, because it was just one time thing. He wanted to get up.

And then he heard the voice.

- Don’t even think about getting up.

He froze immediately. He slowly looked at the woman next to him, praying for view of anyone, literally anyone else. But no. He saw still short [y/h/c] hair on his chest and her arm around his stomach.

She apparently could feel his shock, because she raised her head and turned toward him. She rested her chin on his chest. Her sleepy eyes were barely open, her messy hair covered almost half of her forehead. She frowned with concern, but soon lazy smile appeared on her lips.

- Hey.

That was the only words that left her mouth and he would be already melting. But the shock was too big, he couldn’t say or do anything. Her face changed. Now she was concerned again.

- What’s wrong?

He blinked few times.

- Did we… slept with each other?

She waited for a moment, thinking or trying to remember anything. And after few seconds she shook her head.

- I think I’d feel, if my cherry was popped - she answered seriously. But he felt her wonderful, warm, naked body next to him. He’d be in heaven, but the situation didn’t let him enjouy the moment.

- But we’re naked.

She laughed slightly.

- Yes, I know.

He nodded, slightly more calm. She was sober now, aware of the situation.

- Do you remember how we end up here like that?

- No.

That simple answer was enough for him to try to get up. And when he was already sitting on the edge of the bed, he looked around, looking for his clothes. Good God, Dean’s room. Why the fuck it had to be Dean’s room.

- Hey, what are you…

Then her voice changed into gasp and whince of pain. He immediately looked back at her, concerned. Shock on her face was almost as big as his when he woke up.

- I think… I think you maybe popped my cherry, Mr Winchester - she whispered, looking into blank spot right next to him. John sighed heavily and rubbed his face with his hands. - Listen, if you want me to forget I even woke up next to you…

- That’s the problem, sweetheart - he cut her off suddenly. - I don’t want you to forget and I don’t want to forget anything.

At this point he didn’t give a single fuck. He already fucked the girl he loved, even if she was 19 years younger than him. And at the age of 25 she was virgin… Until, of course, he fucked her. That was too much for him.

- I…

- Listen, the point is, I like you. A lot - he said, before she could even make a proper sentence. - And you’re my friend’s daughter, my son’s best friend and fuck, you are 19 years younger!

- Does it bother you?

Her steady voice made him shiver a little. He looked back at her. She was laying on her side, hand on her hip, the blanket covered her naked body. And her eyes met his.

- Not now.

She smiled. Her smile was warm, powerfully warm. It’d calm a hurricane, it’d stop every war. It’d be perfect for him.

- But… You…

- Mr Winchester… John - she corrected herself. - John, I don’t care about your age or that you’re my father’s friend. Or that your son is my best friend. I just… When I saw you there, in front of that house 3 years ago… Geez, I couldn’t stop thinking of you - she turned on her back with a sigh.

- Yeah, same here - he chuckled slightly. She smiled lightly and looked at him again.

- So, I don’t want to forget what I heard here.

- Me too.

- So… - she looked at him and bit her lower lip. He turned around and leaned slowly.

- So… What about taking it to my room, because Dean will kill us, if he find us like that.

And just like that they started dating. John didn’t say anything to Dean and Sam. And [Y/N] didn’t say anything to her father. But some day it had to end. Things like realtionships weren’t staying in the shadows for long. And since they didn’t hide especially much with being together, it had to be discovered one day.

- Hey, sweetheart - he said, kissing her cheek and pulling her toward him with his arm on her waist. She looked up at him with wide smile and hugged him tightly.

- Hi. Ready for movie?

- I think, yeah - he chuckled slightly. - Why wouldn’t I?

- It’s a horror, John. You hate horrors - she laughed slightly. They chatted for a while, not awared that someone was staring at them. Suddenly that someone walked up to them angrily and placed their hand on [Y/N]’s shoulder.

- Outside. Now - her father hissed, tightening his grip. John swallowed his shock and gripped James’ wrist.

- Let her go, don’t make a scene here.

- Shut the fuck up. Outside.

And James let his daughter’s shoulder. He stared at the two, motioning them to move.

- Is there a problem? - they heard another voice. - Dad? [Y/N]? What the…

- Sam, I can explain…

- Yeah, I hope so - James hissed again. John and [Y/N] didn’t look at each other, just walked out from cinema, Sam and James right behind them. But John was holding [Y/N] like his life depended on it. Because he felt like it did in this moment.

- What the fuck, dad? What the hell is it? - Sam asked as soon as they left the building.

- What is this, John? - James looked at his friend with pure anger in his eyes. John just sighed.

- This is me and [Y/N] on a date - he looked at James with serious expression. - I’m sorry, Sam. I wanted to tell you and your brother, but I wanted to wait for a while to see if it even works…

- Okay, I understand, but… [Y/N], he didn’t…

- What did you do to her? - James asked suddenly. - You had to do something. [Y/N], did he? He had something on you?

- Yeah, right. And there’s a fairy on your head - she snorted, slightly moving closer to John to show him, that she’s with him in this. - He didn’t need to do anything, because I was the one who said 'I love you’ first. So, where do you see the problem exactly? - she snorted. - You always wanted me to find a guy, so I did and now it’s not good?

- No, he is…

- Older, yeah, I know, and? You were the one who was saying how good man and awesome father he is. And now you have a problem.

- But he is old enough to be your dad! - James finally yelled.

- And he would be better father than you right now, because love is love until it’s legal and both sides are in agreement. But you can’t see that - she looked at James with sadness in her eyes.

- You are coming home with me now or you can never call me or your family again - he said after a minute of silence. Sam’s eyes grew wider in shock, but that’s how her father was. Everything was awesome untill it was 'normal’ to him.

- Then go. They will decide if they want to talk with me, because you can’t control everything. And it’s time to realise it, dad.

- Don’t call me that - he growled and walked away. Tears finally fell from [Y/N]’s eyes. John felt her shaking slightly and pulled her into hug. He was glad that look couldn’t kill, because James would fell to the ground in second he started to walk away.

- How could he? - Sam was the first to speak. - You’re his daughter, how could he try to destroy your happiness?

- Few seconds ago you thought I was forcing her to be with me - John sighed and looked at his son.

- But if she wants this, then go ahead, date, I don’t have anything againts this. I just wanted to know why didn’t you tell me. But mr James…

- Don’t talk about him - John said quietly, when [Y/N] was shaking in his arms. - Hey, baby. Do you want to move in with me? - she looked at him with eyes full of tears. - Because you know, it’s close to the university and…

- I’d love to - she tried to smile through the tears, but John just kissed her forehead and she was crying again. She hid her face in his shirt as he tried to calm her down a little bit. Sam read something on his phone and snorted with laughter.

- Dean’s saying that as long as you won’t make him call you mother, he’s okay with that. And to be honest, same with me.

The Hand in the Hair Habit II

A/N: Sorry I’ve not been active, but I bet you’re tired of hearing that from me so here- instead, have a habit:

She tells me I do this thing…

I never realised I did it until she said something. It was after she first mentioned it to me though that I noticed she has her own version of this thing. Her hands are small and delicate with strong and nimble fingers that are God’s gift to neurosurgery. I’ve felt her hands’ strength alongside their gentle touch. Sometimes they’re used to comfort, sometimes they can be inappropriate and mischievous, I definitely know their capabilities for pleasure, other times they can inflict pain. Small, delicate, inappropriate and strong: a summary of my wife, ladies and gentlemen.

She does this thing…

I remember telling Amelia that Megan was still alive. That day, the day that two officers had come to our front door and said the words I’d been wishing for since I lost her. That day I should not have gone to work, I should have known my limits, but I needed anything to take my mind off the high-pitched ringing in my ears. That day I should not have pushed away the thankful mother of a baby I saved and should not have rudely walked away in a near-PTSD episode.

Amelia was the one to find me, my fists digging into an exam bed’s mattress, kneading out the panic and fear rising in my chest. She said nothing and waited. I knew that look- she wasn’t leaving. I told her about the officers, about how they’d found Megan, and I couldn’t say the last bit. It was the bit that was haunting my every thought that day. She was saying something about finding peace and I wanted to cut her off but the words wouldn’t come. Then she stood up and wrapped her arms around my neck, and I felt her hand stroke my hair. It was the first time that day that I felt myself able to breathe enough to say the words, “She’s alive.”

She drove me back to Meredith’s house, took care of me and handled the situation perfectly. She was perfect- something in the past we had agreed we definitely were not. Amelia, through Teddy, confirmed that it was Megan and I suddenly broke down. As I collapsed into her arms, it was her hand in my hair that encouraged me to cry harder and cling on tighter. By the end of the night, I was dehydrated and exhausted and she ordered me to lie down with my head on her lap. Her hand played with my hair and lulled my reluctant eyelids to close. She was my hero that day.

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Not Perfect

Me, ignoring the WayHaught angst and looking to the future



Nicole laughed at the sight in front of her as she walked into the entrance of the living room, still fully dressed in her uniform. There on the couch, bundled under a mountain of blankets and curled into a ball was her girlfriend, her brunette locks scattered about over her face and her bottom lip poked out into an adorable pout. On the floor close by was Wynonna, her body sprawled out into a starfish-like position, her head tilted back and her mouth hanging open. And in a crib on the opposite side of the room, an impossibly tiny bundle of blankets lay in the middle, containing Wiley Earp, the newest edition to the family. Since his birth two months, so much had changed in everyone’s lives.

Nicole spent so much time in the homestead, both to help raise Wiley and to support her girlfriend, that she started spending the nights there on week days. Going home on weekends soon became tedious, and eventually it was suggested by Wynonna- Which surprised everyone, especially the officer- That she just move in. Nicole had been hesitant at first. She and Waverly were back on good terms- Better than they had ever been, really- But moving in still seemed like a big step, and she wanted to make sure that they were really ready before they made that decision.

But, after some talking and some consideration, she had packed up the few belongings she had that actually still remained at her own house and moved into Waverly’s room with her. It hadn’t been much of an adjustment, considering that before her move she was only absent from the homestead two days a week, and most of her clothes already had a place in her girlfriend’s wardrobe.

Dolls and Doc were also over a lot, almost every single day, but they never spent the night, save for the first week Wiley was brought into the house. Since breaking the seal in Doc’s ring and defeating the demon Clootie, things between everyone had begun to calm down. The fight hadn’t been easy and had resulted in Nicole ending up with a broken leg that still had yet to fully heal, thanks to Mercedes, so she had been on paperwork at the station until a few days prior. Well, the demon pretending to be Mercedes. Despite the best attempts by doctors, they couldn’t save her, and though she hid it well, everyone could tell she was pretty broken up by what happened. After her death, they broke the third seal and resurrected Clootie, and after a vicious fight, a shot between the eyes from peacemaker sent him back to hell for good. Wiley’s birth hadn’t sparked the resurrection of any revenants, they knew that the Earp curse had finally come to an end.

There had been a lot that Nicole and Waverly had to get past. It wasn’t easy finding out about the kiss from Rosita- It was heartbreaking, if she were being honest- But the officer also was tired of space and she didn’t want them to drift apart. It wasn’t like she was entirely innocent either. So instead, they had spent an entire night sitting together, just talking. At first, it wasn’t about their relationship. It was about anything. Good and bad memories from the past, old crushes and dreams, idols and hero’s. There was still so much they didn’t know about each other.

And eventually, they had come to their current issue. Could they trust each other.

It was evident that Waverly didn’t like Rosita that way, especially considering she was drunk and hurt, and she felt horrible. And Nicole had only hidden the DNA results to protect her. It wasn’t easy, and there were things that they had to work on. But, neither were ready to let the other one go. Because, despite the betrayal, they loved each other. And that was more important to them both. So instead of splitting, they promised to always be honest with each other, and try to go on from there, rebuilding their trust in each other. So far, it was working.

Laughing quietly at the sleeping women in front of her, Nicole carefully made her way upstairs, stripping her uniform in favor of a pair of shorts and a spaghetti strap tank top. After running a brush through her curls and discarding the uniform in the laundry room, she made her way back into the livingroom. A soft gurgling noise immediately caught her attention and she made her way over to the crib where Wiley was lying on his back, staring up at her with wide open and incredibly deep blue eyes. Chuckling down at the infant, she scooped him up into her arms and held him close.

Wiley was a relatively easy baby. He didn’t cry often and when he woke up from his sleep he normally would just make noises until he got what he wanted. He really only cried if no one came within the first ten minutes or so, or if he was tired. Nicole carried him into the kitchen, opening the fridge and warming a bottle up in the microwave. As she waited for the formula to heat up, she held the baby under his arms and grinned at him, pressing a kiss against his forehead.

“Hi baby,” she cooed, nuzzling his nose with her own. This enticed a spurt of giggling from Wiley and he smiled, reaching out to play with her hair. She couldn’t hold back a similar grin and she joined him in his laughter until she heard the microwave beep to signal it was finished. Pulling out the bottle and making sure that it wasn’t too hot, she held it to Wiley’s lips and he began to drink.

She made her way back into the living room and held him under his head, settling down on the floor and leaning back against the couch that Waverly slept on. About 10 minutes later, when she felt a gentle hand in her hair, she smiled and leaned back into the touch, turning slightly to be met with a pair of hazel-green eyes staring sleepily at her.

“Hey you,” the brunette yawned, rubbing her eyes with her free hand and leaning forward to tuck her head in the crook of her girlfriend’s neck.

“Hey baby, sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you,” Nicole apologized, leaning against Waverly’s head in comfort.

“S'okay. Sorry I was sleeping when you got home, I tried to stay up for you but then I just passed out,” she pressed her lips against the ginger woman’s neck, then smiled down at the baby in her arms. “Hi Wiley,” she cooed, reaching down and running her hand across his arm gently.

“Don’t worry about it. I haven’t been home for long,” Nicole assured her. As Wiley finished his bottle and let out a sleepy yawn, the officer held him close to her chest a rag over her shoulder as she rubbed his back gently. When she heard him burp loudly and giggle she couldn’t help the laugh that escaped her lips, mimicked by the girl behind her. Wiley’s eyes had already begun closing and she stood carefully, laying him back in his crib as gently as she could and covering him with the blankets inside. If there was one thing he had in common with his aunt more than anything else, it was that he couldn’t sleep when he was cold, and he would whimper and protest until he was satisfied with his covers.

When she was sure he was asleep, she made her way back to the couch, where Waverly took her hand and pulled her down beside her, immediately curling into her front.

“How was it today?” she asked quietly. She knew it wasn’t easy for her girlfriend to be stuck doing paperwork. Nicole already spent so long feeling like her job meant nothing compared to what BBD accomplished, and Waverly wouldn’t be able to stand seeing her reduced back down to feeling like she didn’t matter. But, she felt a wave of relief flood over her when she saw the ginger woman flash a smile down at her.

“Good, actually. No more paperwork for this gal- I’ve been promoted to patrol, as long as I promise to call for back up before I try to stop anything I see,” she laughed with a shy smile. Wavery’s face lit up and she leaned in close, pressing their lips together.

“Baby that’s great, I’m so proud of you,” she whispered against her lips, unable to contain her smile. “You’re a wonderful cop, you know.”

“Thanks Waves,” Nicole brushed a strand of loose hair behind Waverly’s ear, pressing a light kiss to her forehead. “I love you,” she couldn’t hide her blush at the words. They’d said them enough times, enough that it wasn’t an uncommon thing to hear, but it was still relatively new enough that it still made them both feel like giddy teenagers.

“I love you too,” the shorter woman grinned up widely at the officer, and she nestled into her arms, letting out a loud yawn and burying her nose in the fabric of Nicole’s tank top.

“Get some rest baby,” the ginger coerced her, running her fingers through Waverly’s long brunette locks. Only when she felt her breathing soften did the officer relax and let herself close her eyes. They had been through a lot, sure, but this felt right, and there was no denying that. Waverly wasn’t perfect, no. But Nicole wasn’t. They both made mistakes. They were human, after all. Perfect was overrated anyway. She would take this over perfect any day.

anonymous asked:

Can we submit a spoby prompt or do you prefer to write for Emison? If so could you write a prompt where Spoby are asking Emison for parenting advice when Eleanor is like a newborn?

I’ll write for spoby if it includes emison, so this was perfect ahah. I changed it to Spencer being pregnant, but i hope u still like it!!

“you’re belly is very, very round” Finn greeted his Auntie Spencer, pulling open the front door because he didn’t want to wait for his moms. She knelt down to his level, which was becoming more and more difficult with a baby growing inside of her, only a few months away from becoming a real part of the family, and lightly kissed him on the forehead.

“I know. I look a bit funny, don’t I?” She played along. Toby hovered awkwardly behind her, his hand not quite touching the small of her back.

“No you don’t” Toby whispered into her ear “you look beautiful” She gently nudged him with her elbow, smiling softly at his words. Finn giggled, moving away from the front door so they could walk in, covering his mouth with one of his hands.

“Ewwww” He chanted, running around the room. Spencer laughed, trying unsuccessfully to get him off the sofa. Toby chased him across the room as he jumped down, grabbing him under the arms and raising him up to the ceiling, sending him into a fit of laughter.

“And who is making all this noise?” Ali appeared in the hallway, a floral apron draped around her, splattered with what looked like strawberry jam, and a wooden spoon in her hand. She placed the spoon on the table upon noticing Spencer and Toby stood with her 7 year old son, and she rushed over to them. “Finny are you causing trouble again?” She asked, frowning as he suddenly stopped laughing and sheepishly shook his head.

“No mom” He promised her “I was just playing with Uncle Toby” She held her angry face for a few more seconds, before grinning and stretching down to hug him.

“I’m just messing with you. Now, can you please go and wake up your ma because cake is almost ready and I think we’d both be in big trouble if she didn’t get to taste it” Finn giggled, dashing upstairs to wake up Emily, leaving Ali with Spencer and Toby.

“She’s still in bed?” Spencer remarked as Toby kept a tight grip on her hand while following Ali into the kitchen. Ali nodded, dipping her finger in a big bowl of icing, pursuing her lips before adding another spoonful of sugar.

“I’m more curious what the cake is for” Toby joked, nosily taking a spoon and dipping it into the bowl. He nodded, his eyes lighting up “that’s good”

“The girls’ birthday is coming up” she told them “and they want a unicorn cake, so I figured I could get a head start while they were out with Hanna today”

“Oh, please. It’s going to the best cake they’ve ever tried” Emily appeared in the doorway, Finn close to her side, wearing silk pyjamas, her hair tied up in a high pony tail, and her face bare.

“Morning, sleepy head” Ali chuckled as she walked over and kissed her softly on the lips. “I missed you” she whispered, tilting her head so she could get a better look at her wife.

“Sorry” She muttered, moving to the fridge and taking out a cartoon of milk, taking a huge gulp and putting it back “the girls kept me up all night because they insisted on reading me a story about a fairy called Alice” She recounted, yawning as she spoke.

“Sounds liberating” Spencer mused with a grin.

“You’re laughing now, but that’s going to be you in a couple of years” Emily warned her, taking a seat next to Toby as he reached down to hug her.

“Uh, actually that’s sort of why we’re here” Spencer said, while being wafted by hot air from the oven as Ali pulled out a pink sponge in the shape of a unicorn. 

“Everything okay?” Emily asked, watching carefully as Finn ran out into the garden to play on the trampoline. She couldn’t help but notice the pair in front of her exchange a look before replying, Spencer playing with the diamond ring on her finger, a classic sign of her nerves. Toby shifted uncomfortably, his stance behind Spencer becoming stilted.

“Yeah” Toby said reassuringly “We just-we need your advice” Emily waited for them to continue, Ali leaving the cake alone for the moment to give them both her full attention.

“We have been arguing” Spencer told them as Toby suddenly went quiet “a lot” Emily was used to hearing about Spencer’s arguments with Toby, hell she had practically grown up with them, but he wasn’t usually in the room as she heard about them. And she usually managed to differentiate between Toby-her-best-friend, and Toby-Spencer’s-boyfriend. So, having both of them here telling her this was a little uncomfortable to say the least.

“About what?” Ali asked, aware that Emily was finding this awkward and taking her hand under the table. Spencer exhaled dramatically, resting both her hands on the top of her bump and looking down at it.

“How do you do it?” Desperation suddenly flooded her tone, and she wouldn’t drop eye contact with Ali “how do you decide the best way to raise your children? How do you not scream at each other when you can’t agree on the best way to handle a situation?” It threw her off guard, seeing Spencer so helpless and, frankly, fearful. Emily took a second to consider her question, but she couldn’t pin-point one exact time that the pair of them had ever sat down and just decided how to parent.

“We do argue” Ali comforted them “a lot. But it all comes down to compromise” Emily nodded in agreement, squeezing Ali’s hand in gratitude.

“Yeah, I mean there’s never any single thing that we agree on completely when it comes to Finn, Lily and Grace” she told them “like, I think it’s important to have Lily and Grace spend some times apart during the day, but Ali disagreed” She shrugged, and Ali smiled at her, kissing her on top of her head to let her know the fight was forgotten about. 

“And what did you do?” Toby asked warily, his hand resting on Spencer’s shoulder because the last thing he wanted was for either of them to start getting defensive.

“We compromised. They have two hours apart 2 times a week, Lily goes with Jason and Grace goes with my mom, and they alternate each week” And though Emily was intending on helping Spencer, her answered just seemed to make her more panicked.

“So I have to compromise?” Emily couldn’t hold back her smile, images of High-School Spencer flooding her mind, her reaction to being told to compromise in those days would have been to refuse to participate until they did it her way.

“Yes, Spencer” Emily said teasingly “you’re going to have to compromise”

“And, you know, the books aren’t always right” Ali admitted “sometimes you have to do what you feel is best and what follows your instinct rather than what some study showed a million years ago” Spencer physically grimaced, and Toby stroked her back lovingly, whispering some comfort in her ear. 

“Trust us” Emily reiterated “for the first few months of Finn I was convinced that we had to do everything by the book. But it actually became a lot easier when we started doing what we felt was right rather than what some chapter in a book told us was right” Emily couldn’t help but let her laugh escape at the horror clouding Spencer’s face.

“Any tips that don’t force me to completely change the foundation of who I am as a person?” She asked, only partly joking.

“Spencer, breathe” Toby reminded her, kissing her neck as Ali and Em looked at each other with a smirk.

“I mean, there is one other thing that got us through the fights” Ali said, Emily looking everywhere except at Spencer.

“What is it?” She asked pleadingly. There was a pause. 

“Sex” Emily finished for her “nothing like argument sex to make you forget what you were arguing about in the first place” Spencer paused, looking at both of them with a disbelieving expression on her face.

“It’s definitely a more fun way of screaming at each other” Ali joked, taking a sip of her tea and shrugging. Spencer laughed, shaking her head.

“I’m starting to think that’s the best advice you’ve given me since we met” She confessed, causing Toby’s eyebrows to arch suggestively, a smirk appearing on Spencer’s face as she innocently took a sip of her tea.

Skip Dating (Yeon Woo Jin Scenario)

Genre: romance, modern, fluff, smut

Word count: 2 881

Warning:  cheesy cliche???

Summary: Meet. Kiss. Bang. What else?

“Who are you staring at?” You friend laughed seeing your concentrated face while offering you a drink.

“Do you know who that guy is?” You pointed out at one of the many guests. He was wearing black jeans and a perfetly simple white t-shirt and still managed to look somehow dazzling.

“Aaa, Woo Jin? You don’t know him? He’s an actor,” your friend sipped from her own drink while keeping her eyes on the guy in talks. “Why? Interested?”

You smiled to yourself. He was really good looking, but behind all that there seemed to be an aura that attracted you to him, something that made you think he was a really good person. “More than that,” you placed your drink on the bar and stood up from your place, “I’m gonna marry him.”

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