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Summary of Do5′s New Apology Video [for those who want to be informed but do not want to give the family views or money]

 Yet another Do5 update:

Many of you have probably already seen that early this morning Mike and Heather put out an apology video titled “Family Destroyed Over False Accusations.”

Important things to note: Mike says that he lied in his interview with KeemStar. He had originally claimed the videos were “a little exaggerated,” but now he says that they are actually (some) scripted and fake videos. He says he has put in the description sometimes “For Entertainment Purposes Only” and used keyword fake sometimes. 

They apologise to the fans. They say they “get it.”

“I’d rather lose my YouTube channel and all the revenue than loose my children.” -Mike Martin

2:42 Mike blames DeFranco for the first time for all the hate. His argument is that DeFranco never contacted him to find the truth or to ask if anything was real. (I find this laughable because KeemSar actually DID ask and they lied about it)

He claims someone tried to runs Heather off the road while the kids were in the car. They once again talk about the death threats. (don’t do that guys!!!)

3:33 Mike says DeFranco put them in huge danger. He is afraid for when his kids go back to school.

“Maybe I should have came out sooner and said they were fake or something” -Mike Martin
(Yes, yes you should have. I understand hindsight 20/20 and all that, but they were being called out since the ink prank came out, over a week. They are only now apologising because the pressure has gotten to be so much.)

 “If we are able to continue to make videos [we will].” They claim the children don’t want to loose the channel or tell people they fake videos.

Heather: “We might change up our style-” 
Mike: “No ‘might’ we’re gonna make things right.”

Mike: “There will be no more fighting, there will be no more hard pranks on the kids. […] I’ll just stick to the vlogs and stuff like that.” (What does that mean???)

Confirmation that Cody and Emma ARE NOT Heather’s bio kids. They thought that was “common sense,” yet there is a video featured on the PDS of them denying the two are adopted. (Semantics. Their bio dad seems to have custody, not adopted)

They reference Chambers of my Heart’s interview with the bio mom, confirming that is the actual bio mother and not a fake. “When Cody first came here is ambition in life was to hold a cup and collect change on the corner. That’s what he thought he was worth” (We do not yet have official documents one way or the other so take this with a grain of salt)

They beg to “leave the kids alone.” (Okay, that pisses me off. No one is fucking going after the kids. It’s the two garbage bags that are getting hate.)

They claim they will win in court again but don’t want to put the kids through all that again.

Mike claims people are “on the bandwagon” calling them child abusers. He says he gets their point and gets where they’re coming from. (But does he really?)

Mike says the same things he said in the KeemStar interview; that he didn’t want to bring Cody to Disney because 1. he had acted out and 2. Cody tends to wander and they were afraid to loose him. They are/were planning to go to VidCon with JUST Cody and take him to Disney while they were there. 
Heather Nan&Pop’s House > Disney

“We just want to say sorry. We’re sorry is we let anybody down. I’m sorry if we hurt anybody. I’m sorry all this got so out of hand. It would have never got this out of and if it wasn’t for that DeFranco guy starting all of this, doing all this to my family. He’s responsible for this. Yes, we did the videos. Yes, I own up to everything in the videos. They’re fake. Maybe I got a little carried away sometimes. Maybe the kids got a little carried away sometimes. We’re still new at this. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. And I’m sorry to my fans. But if this kills my YouTube channel, our YouTube channel, I don’t care.”

Phil has responded to it on twitter.

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