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Almost Pt. 1 - Yoongi

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Part 2

Loving someone, was never easy for you.
All your life you’d been afraid of feeling an emotion so deep, and affectionate. It made you weak, and you hated being weak.
But with Yoongi, it was never like that. You could say, it was love at first sight.
You’d never stopped loving him, even the slightest.
You see, it’s very easy to love someone when they’re happy, laughing and smiling like child on christmas morning.
What really proved real love was when that person is sitting alone at 3 AM, crying on their bathroom floor.
And you sure had caught him crying a couple of times.
You’d been there to help him every time.
To show him, that he was not alone, and that he was loved.

That had been hard lately. Hard to be there for him when he wasn’t letting you in.
Hard to see right through his poker face, when he was never home.
It was hard to love a stranger.
Cause that was what he was. You never talked anymore. No short “I love you”s in the morning. No more love. You were never home either, it didn’t feel like home.
And you knew that Yoongi had now your heart and your home.
He was your home.

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Various ways to store your notes

There are many ways one can take their notes. It all depends on what you are comfortable with. When I first joined the studyblr community I just looked at endless YouTube videos and Tumblr posts on how to study, how to take notes etc. I tried different methods and in this textpost I will give a brief rundown of all the various mediums through which you can store your notes.


Notebooks are great. You can get in so many different colors, styles and rules. I mean they can be really amazing. They are so many choices and storing them is easy. You don’t have to be on the top of the game to maintain them.


  1. Maintaining is easy
  2. Notes are consolidated
  3. Many different styles are available
  4. Carrying them individually is easy


  1. Editing untidy notes is difficult
  2. A separate notebook has to be maintained for each class
  3. Carrying many notebooks everyday is hard.

   Why do I like or not like them:

I don’t like them. I’m in highschool. I have 6 subjects and each subject I have everyday. My school doesn’t have lockers and I walk back from school. AND I have to carry these huge textbooks for each subject. Pretty self explanatory why I don’t like them.

   Good choice for people who:

  1. Don’t rewrite their notes
  2. Bad at organization
  3. Don’t need to edit their notes often
  4. Can carry only 3 notebooks everything. (Anymore and you can as well carry a mountain)


All loose leaf paper goes here. Decoration and organization freaks can and will have field days with them. Add, subtract and rewrite notes at your own free will. This thing is your baby and do whatever you want to do with it.


  1. Adding and rewriting notes is very easy
  2. Various tabs and inserts can be added with easy
  3. Multiple subject notes can be kept in one binder
  4. Can be used and re used until it falls apart


  1. You should be at the top of your organizing
  2. If all subject notes are kept in one binder then it can get very bulky.

  Why I like or don’t like them:

I like them. The reason I don’t like notebooks drove me try out binders. The binder system is not used at all at school level in India but I tried them out and go it helps me sooooo much. We really don’t get handouts and the only classes where I have to take consistent notes are Math and Accountancy. Most of the note taking is done at home with the help of various sources. Hence I have one1.5 inch binder which I carry to school for the Accountancy and Math classes and all my other notes are maintained in a 4″ binder. I do have separate 4″  binders for Accountancy and Math but I will explain this organizational method of mine in another text post.

  Good choice for people who:

  1. Don’t want to carry multiple notebooks.
  2. Regularly update previous notes
  3. Do mostly self studying
  4. Use various sources for note taking


Our live savers. In today’s day and age we students have lots of academic materials on our laptops. We carry them around everywhere and can upload our notes to the cloud. Editing, adding, subtracting notes is very easy here and for us, typing is also very fast. BUT if you use this method to keep your notes, make sure you print them out. Reading your notes straight from the laptop is bad bad bad.


Fast typing

  1. Adding notes is easiest in this form.
  2. We can upload them to the cloud.
  3. All the study material is in one place
  4. No need to spend money on various stationery. ( This is a major con for us studyblrs. Just saying)


  1. You need to print them out. Hence another chore.
  2. You need to print them out. Hence another expense.
  3. Storing these prints outs has to be done.
  4. If not uploaded to the cloud and you forget to save them… Yikes I will feel bad for you.

Why I like them or not like them:

I  like them, I have to take soooooo many notes for my business and economics classes. One of my chapters which I had wrote took over 20 A4 size pages. After that nightmare was over I decided to switch to typing my notes for these two classes and also for English. OH MY GOD, it has saved me so much time and editing and making them pretty is also not very difficult. I LOVE YOU EVERNOTE. MAY OUR RELATIONSHIP BE THIS AMAZING TILL THE TIME IM NOT DONE WITH MY MASTERS.

 Good for those who:

  1. Have lots to take notes
  2. Have a printer nearby
  3. Have internet access.
  4. Who are allowed to use their computer in the school premises

Well, this was the brief rundown for all the various ways you can store your notes. I hope this way helpful to you all. Do not hesitate to message me if you are still having difficulty in deciding which method to apply. Remember you can use different methods for different classes.

Best of luck and procrastinate on tumblr study hard

HEY ALL - this is kind of terribad but I finally busted through my epic writer’s block, and give you the follow-up wedding ficlet started from this prompt (I don’t want to go to my ex’s wedding alone).

In the weeks leading up to the wedding, Steve was infinitely glad that he’d finally gotten up the nerve to ask Bucky to come as his ‘date’ - not only because of the relief he felt when he’d been able to check off the plus one box on his RSVP and save face, but because it turned out that planning an international trip in such a short amount of time (even one that had been planned as meticulously as Peggy Carter could) was ridiculously stressful work.  Steve wasn’t sure he’d have gotten through all of it with his sanity intact, if not for Bucky’s help.

As it was, they had their flights scheduled and were both able to get a few extra days off of work to allow themselves time to do independent sightseeing around the city.  Initially they’d had trouble figuring out how to fill said days without being completely pathetic tourists, but luckily Steve had been able to find time for drinks with Peggy one evening after work, who was so thrilled to hear that he was FINALLY owning up to his feelings about Bucky (the way she’d gushed when Steve had admitted the identity of his date had been all kinds of uncomfortable, considering how subtle he thought his feelings for his friend were) that she was all-too-happy to give them an itinerary of things to do together.  Steve tried his best to ignore how many times she mentioned Angie during the list… not because he had any problems with his ex’s fiance, of course, but because he didn’t want to psyche himself out too much when it came to riding the London Eye with Bucky.  

Just because Peggy said it made for a great date afternoon, didn’t mean that they couldn’t enjoy the hell out of it as friends.

As the date drew closer, Steve was half-afraid that he should suggest they spend time acting as a couple, to make the whole facade more natural when they were put on the spot; as it was they were spending so much time together anyway, making plans and just hanging out as they always had (and on one regrettable night, practicing dance moves at Bucky’s insistence) that it hardly seemed necessary.  God knew that they were together just as often as any other busy, employed Millennial couple were, and they’d known each other for so long that it wasn’t as if someone would be able to quiz them and call their bluff on the act.  Plus, weren’t people supposed to date their best friends, anyway?  If anything, Steve figured that Bucky was the best he could ask for in a pretend date, outside of maybe Peggy herself.

He was getting really good at ignoring the voice that reminded him how much he wished it wasn’t pretend, too.

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I want you ladies to be careful, I don’t even know where I start but this is a tiny piece of our interaction. (I choose to put up those to show that when he fails to realize he’s making you uncomfortable, by pushing it that’s a red flag)

Have been talking to him for 2 weeks, the first week he “really wanted to meet” but I couldn’t since I was traveling for wok and already at plans with my sister. Anyways this is the man I thought I was talking too( firs pic) not the man I actually meet.

Super ugly, pot belly short little man, looked nothing like that.

Please bare with me and do not judge me for what I did but there were several red flags, one week into him texting me every day- some how he bought up the topic of sex, and I usually always shut that topic down but decided to go along since we’d talk over the phone about his foundations - a scholarship and a pediatric partnership with mayo clinic . I figured the guy seems legit and he’s doing things

Red flag number one :
1. Asked if I was on birth control because he like finishing inside, I replied I don’t have unprotected sex (I have screen shots but I can only upload 10 per post) with people I’m not exclusive with, he then said he was celibate for 14 months and really liked me and wanted me now. I told him there were a lot of factors to consider, like getting testing and building trust (I’m very picky about who touches me) and unprotected sex was out of the question and I tried to drop the topic.

2 . Week number 2 I had to travel again for work, while at the hotel I tried to FaceTime with him, the first time he was on the phone on an important call, if we didn’t tonight we can the following day. The following day I couldn’t since I decided I drive to Canada to visit family (wanted to spend time with my family) told him we can the following day when I was back at my hotel. The following day I asked him too, he said he was watching the debates and had people over, he would try after. I got annoyed and he then said I sounded exhausted and we can try the following day. Mind you he knew I was working a few cases that day and traveling back to MD , meaning that would be hard. Plus we’d agreed to meet the Saturday so I figured what the heck. But I should have been suspicious

3. He won’t tell me his last name because he’s “really important in politics” …….“ Hilary Clinton is a personal friend” (that slips out after I made a comment about how I’d never vote for her) … He wrote two pages of the Obamacare bill, one of his biggest clients was Mayo clinic…he said after we agreed to move forward he’d be happy to give me his last name and I can goggle him.

4. He insisted he star our arrangement at day one, because what the point if we have sex on the second or fourth meet, it wasn’t a relationship and he didn’t want to do that chasing thing and he was willing to wire $5k that day ….He was like I don’t want to be in a relationship and I feel like all the woman want that, he had everything in his life but the intimate part.

Now these texts above are from Saturday morning but I’m writing this because this guy turned out to be a creep
Mind you this was not his pics and he didn’t look a thing like that photo (he’s going to send you guys this pic above)

The following day I told him good luck, that’s when it got more creepy

He sent a message saying I was ugly and he wouldn’t have slept with me even if it was free hahaha I still laugh thinking about that because I sent him my actual pic and I look like my pic and he kept referring to me as “sexy and hot and he wanted to finish inside of me” before I turned him down but now I’m ugly, anyways I blocked him he sent me an other message using a new number, to which I blocked then he reach out again on another number and said something about “no wonder there is racism” I said don’t scope that low and I blocked the number . He then reached out on another number and said “

“I have student loans and I’m stupid and black and I’m not getting paid much. I’m slaving for a white man. Vote Bernie the Jew he will give you free tutu ion”

To which I replied to him on SA letting him know that , the color of my skin doesn’t define me, there’s nothing wrong with not getting paid much and I’ve never been called stupid , so he’s pretty low to scoop down that far, and I’d hate to hurt his feeling but that didn’t get to me as he’d thought it would . Told him to grow up and thought that was the end of it

Well today he sent me 3 text from a NEW number

“So I fucked my first black pussy ever. Was so good”
“Do all black pussy smell like rotten eggs”
“What does yours smell like”

This man has gone out of his way to reach out to me using 5 different numbers….please be careful and I know a lot of people have bills to pay but don’t let creeps like that have their way with your body. These men do not know how to take rejection.

I know it’s all over the place but be careful with this man….I’m a bit sick right now but thought I had to warn you guys before someone falls for him - I’ll try to post the 5 numbers later

——————————————————————–As promised, Here are the 5 numbers he’s using, again be careful 651-666-8869 iPhone main number 267-517-8733 321-985-3377 610-609-2080 917-725-6023 A little more I learn from our talks He’s the partner at a law firm in 4 states (PA, NY, MN and I think FL) He’s a health care lobbyist He will claim he’s been celibate for over a year He will insist on have sex on the first meet and claim to wire 5k He will insist on have unprotected sex (don’t ever do that no matter what) Will claim he has results from last week since he renewed his life insurance Will refuse to give you his last name Will talk at you and not too you in person, Almost like you can’t have an opinion (but I stood my ground and let him know when I disagreed) He thinks most women on SA are stupid and he’s been on since 2013 and he tried to convince me I’m the first one he’s met, since everyone else is stupid and slutty (his words not mines) The love of his life/ soulmate is his firm partner named Layla (who just happens to be marrying the other firm naming partner- forgot his name) He got so intense and scary when I told him I didn’t believe in one soul mate and question why he was letting his go with another man He will say relationship isn’t for him and all the women he encounter want to tie him down, honestly based on his looks I find that hard to believe (nobody is trying to tie him down) He will try his best not to take you to lunch or dinner because that’s like dating and he’s looking for an NSA Which is why I think he tried to rush into sex, but will claim to be selective He will try to charm you into thinking he’s a good guy and other creeps onSA ruined it for him He will get aggressive once you turn him down He said I was miserable - I told him of course I was I had to stare at your ugly face, and you would too if you had to look in the mirror 😂😂 I suspect 4 of them might be texting apps
Stole my iPod? Have a custom virus.

(warning: long story)

This all took place many years ago when I was a freshman in high school. I had bought an iPod nano (hot shit back then!) with money I had earned by helping my neighbor, and as I didn’t make much, I was pretty protective of it. My scumbag sister had also recognized that it was worth a few hundred. As I later found out, she had stolen it and given it to a friend (temporarily) until the heat was off.

I suspected this immediately when it wasn’t on my desk where I knew I left it. I asked my parents if I had done something that warranted a punishment, but neither had touched it. Clearly, I needed evidence to pin my sister.

As a freshman, I was pretty computer savvy. At the time, I was learning a few programming languages and had a good feel for novice hacking. Nothing serious, but enough to get in trouble at school kinda thing.

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Hey I just wanted to say I've been kind of bummed out about my art, I feel like I'm not improving. I was wondering if you could show me a comparison of your old artwork to your recent artwork and maybe some advice? Thanks c: PS your art is so beautiful

Hi! That’s actually a really interesting ask (ʘ‿ʘ) Everybody prepare yourselves bc it’s time to laugh. I’m gonna show you a few of my older drawings to prove that you can achieve a lot only if you work hard uwu

As i said several times it was really, REALLY hard for me to get used to my tablet. It was so different from a normal pencil and a sheet of paper. D; (if you want to see more of my older traditional art visit my deviantart here) For a long time i couldn’t even finish a single painting because i knew from the beginning it was total crap. If i finished something and was actually pleased with the piece, that was usually just a happy accident lol

I bought my tablet (Wacom Bamboo Pen&Touch) in 2014 and started working in Corel Painter 11 because that was one of the softwares my art senpai was using (shoutout to @petite-madame​ your amazing tips and tutorials helped me a lot back then, thank you!)
I tried really hard to achieve that oil painting texture so i experimented with different brushes all the time.

This is one of my first paintings. I have no idea what was that to be honest. It’s from May 2014.

Another painting is just a perfect example of a huge happy accident. It took around 15 hours to finish? :’D It was a nightmare. And now I think it would take me probably 2 hours because it’s not even a full portrait haha

The next one is a proof that if you’re a beginner you probably don’t want to paint anything with complicated lighting without a decent reference. That was probably my biggest problem because I really wanted to paint full illustrations but had no basic knowledge about lighting, colors and anatomy. Baby steps, that’s the point. Start with simple things and try leaving your comfort zone slowly, step by step. This is also important with art block (at least for me). You probably noticed that I haven’t uploaded anything complicated recently. That’s because I’ve been trying really hard to get rid of that horrible art block and for me only simple paintings can do the work and help me in this situation.

Another painting (again not finished just like 90% of things i’m showing you now) is from December 2014 and you can see I already improved a lot. Stopped messing around that much with different brushes and started using only 2 or 3 (here basic round ones). Also at this point I started using Photoshop CS6.

Yes, yes. Like I told you, I was a Supernatural trash.

When it comes to kpop fanart I started at the beginning of 2015. A lot of experiments with brushes again:

And this happens if you have no idea about colors and still struggle with blending. (April 2015?) Again not finished because I saw it was going nowhere.

The last one is my first ever Jin fanart. Poor Jin, how could I do this to him :’D Again I had no idea how to blend colors. I don’t wanna mention the fact that it doesn’t even look like Jin.

I think this painting was my breakthrough moment when I finally learned something about blending and brushes. After uploading this one and getting positive feedback I finally had more motivation to finish my paintings. I finally noticed the progress after a year of sweating and crying over my tablet. :’D

And some of my recent artworks here (PLEASE DO NOT EDIT/REUPLOAD):

So basically my advice for beginners/art blocked is start simple, watch/read tutorials and speedpaintings that might inspire you or let you to discover something new.

I really hope that my answer motivates and inspires you a bit, my dear anon! I’m sure you’re improving, just look back at your paintings and think about all of the things you’ve learned in the process on your own mistakes and from other people! <3

Thank you for loving my art and good luck! ^^

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Jungkook reaction to when you're Team Capitan 😂😂😂💙

I think I might have gone a bit overboard with this, but… xP And this was meant to go up yesterday, since the movie came out yesterday, but………… >.<  Ah, but I hope you enjoy it!

Originally posted by hugtae

Title: Civil War
Genre: Fluff that pretends to be angst
Members: Jungkook
Words: 1643

You hated having secrets, especially when you were keeping that secret from your boyfriend. You were always afraid that it would slip out, especially since Jungkook brought up the topic so often. He was starting to wonder what was going on with you, since it was getting harder and harder for you to keep that secret. He could tell you were uncomfortable or nervous every time he brought it up, and though he didn’t want to ask directly, he was determined to find out why.

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【Joker Game DramaCD】Cigarette Code (English Translation; Tracks 1 & 2)

Hello everyone, Joker Game’s finale was really something, no?
As promised, here’re the translation for Joker Game’s first Drama CD: Cigarette Code. These are tracks 1 and 2 out of 5 (plus 1 track for the cast comment.)

If you’ve read my translation of the 1st chapter of the based-short story, Scene 1 is basically the same. I’ve improved the grammar and POV for this though so it’s better to read this instead.

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Note to future self, do NOT draw anymore Yogscast Highrollers while listening to the RWBY soundtrack (Mainly ‘All Our Days’ That song is sad enough as it is). Doing so will result in drawing pictures of lil’ Jiutou before everything went to shit for our fav tiefling.

I actually drew these after the other Jiutou pictures but was never going to upload them. Though after the recent stream I figured I might as well. As for Mama Jiutou, I just gave her Jiutou’s clothing but made it purple (as an ode to FluxBuddies & ‘Mother’ because why not). 

(Please keep in mind that I do not know how Jiutou’s robes work especially from the back (I tried to look up refs but had no luck). If someone makes a 360° shots of the whole main cast please tell me it would be much appreciated to have in future drawings.)

[TRANS] TOP - V LIVE (Ghost T.O.P Will Answer You)

*This is not in order

TOP: Is the camera too far from me? Com'on! Come come com'on!

TOP: This is interesting. How should I host this? I don’t feel burdened. I will show you my natural self.

TOP: I chose the theme of a ghost for this live broadcast. It comes from the lyrics of Zutter.

TOP: The reason why I named this “Ghost” is… This room feels like a ghost, rigth? LOL It’s actually from the ZUTTER lyrics.

TOP: This show will be 30 minutes long. I’ll be on this very serious so please ask me something like that.

Fan: You have a mole on ur neck? Some say if u have a mole on ur neck, u’re a ghost.

TOP: I don’t. That’s why I’m the real ghost.

TOP: The reason why I started SNS. At first I wanted to check the reaction about BB’s album and promotion. But now I’m uploading some kinda furniture, artworks that I like.

TOP: People say the explosive updates are annoying. Theres too many photos. Are you crazy. But it’s my account.

TOP: I scrolled up to the beginning of my photo album. I excitedly took pictures with a wig on at home I don’t know why. Theres about 30 pix

Fan: Do you have a gf? Be honest w/ me.

TOP: Honestly, I don’t.

TOP: My ideal type.. Am I being too cold right now? Should I talk more softly and smoothly?

TOP: I’m really simple when it comes to looking at the opposite sex. I like feminine girls. Who have some qualities I don’t have.

TOP: I’m going to answer the questions in different voices to make this less boring.

TOP: The quality in a girl that I don’t like is if she is too interested in other peoples lives and tries to take part.

What if a girl is farting when she’s around you?

TOP: Its okay. I will eat the fart.

What if a girl is pretty but dresses badly?

TOP: Thats fine. Personality sense is more important than fashion sense. And I can style her.

TOP: I used to have an image of a girl I would like in my head, but now I am looking for a friend that I can connect with.

TOP: If this show is not funny, then turn it off! LOL

How would you describe femininity? TOP: Hmm. You need a voice higher than mine.

What about age difference? TOP: Don’t be older than my mom or younger than a legal minor.

TOP: When does my heart flutter seeing a girl? When she sees me in my eyes? So my heart flutters when I’m on stage, seeing y'all.

How many times do you brush your teeth? Do you ever forget? How many cavities do you have?

TOP: Ghosts don’t brush teeth.

Do you have cuticles or dirt under your nails?

TOP: Cuticle? What is that.

Where do you have the most wrinkles now that you’re 30? TOP: My elbow! Oh another. My achilles heel!

TOP: What color is my underwear? …I don’t check out the color when I put it on.

TOP: Do I have a colorful underwear? why are you asking this kinda question? LOL

TOP: What did I eat for dinner today? All BIGBANG members came to my house and we ate sushi together.

TOP: What food that I can’t eat? I don’t like grilled beef tripe, beef entrails, and stuff… But I eat grilled pork tripe, oddly.

TOP: I really like vanilla ice cream. It matches really well w/ all kinda drinks, except for beer.

TOP: How long does it take me to take a shower? Not long. 15 minutes? I haven’t had a chance to time it.

TOP: When do I think I look ugly? I think there’s none who’s satisfied w/ their own appearances. I don’t like mine when I’m tired.

Whats a treasure that you cherish? TOP: Well my family, Big Bang members, my collectible items, my movie DVDs, and songs, and YOU ALL.

TOP: I like furniture and art because I grew up with it. There were a lot of artists around me. I always liked movies and music.

TOP: Music is music, but performing on stage is a visual art, so I think I am really into arts like that.

TOP: I had a hard time holding my temper when I was young, but I think I’m a bit more calm these days.

TOP: It makes you think about if you can be as perfect and beautiful as those art products.

TOP: Its a drama called Secret Message. I once posted a lot on my SNS as a spoiler. It’s a mellow genre.

TOP: Its about emptiness that current young people may be feeling. So the two characters meet and the story evolves.

Lee Soohyuk: You’re a ghost? I’m a vampire from Chosun dynasty.

TOP: I talked to him earlier. Don’t tell me such a nonsense. We had a phone call this morning and he said he has a drama-shooting early tomr morning. Just go to sleep. ….I can’t end this like this, ppl will think we’re not good friends. I LOVE YOU!!! LOVE YOU!!!

TOP: I talked to him earlier. Don’t ask questions like this.

Support me for my test! I think if you support me I will do well!

TOP: Things like this really touch me. Good luck!! Do Well!!

When did you pick your ear recently?

TOP: Ghosts don’t pick at their ears.

TOP: Questions like these are boring. “What hand to use to pick your nose.” I use all my fingers!!

TOP: I will upload a video to SNS right now.

TOP: But if I start filming then there is no end.

TOP Instagram: Hi everyone. Todays the live broadcast on V App. It’s boring because it’s live. Sorry for being boring on live broadcast.

TOP: I will upload this video later.

Q: Choom god Choom top please show us your feeling in a dance.

TOP: Okay. I will show you.

TOP: Thank you for watching my broadcast today. I feel bad for being boring but I tried hard.

TOP: Next week is Seungri’s “Do it for me” Ah. No. “It’s Seungri.”

Translated by: @Huisuyoon & @kristinekwak

bts, sugakookie, ‘yoongi gets a tumblr account’, aka the domestic boyfriends au, mindless fluff, drabble. 

“are u going to stop giggling or do i need to kick your ass out of my apartment?” 

before jungkook can answer though, yoongi kicks him in the leg anyway and the boy rolls over on the bed and groans. 

“ow hyung, u didn’t need to actually kick me!” 

yoongi rolls his eyes and points at his screen. “so do i follow them back or what?” he repeats and then glowers when jungkook’s lips twitch in poorly restrained humor. 

“don’t you dare start again.” 

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RebelCaptain: Soulmates AU

 Thank you for the prompt!  I looked through my AUs tag for a specific soulmates AU, and this one came out a bit longer than intended…I had the idea of writing out the entire movie, but figured taht would be long af.  If you like it, however, please let me know, and I’ll do my best to do a rewrite and basically elongate this fic to last throughout the premise of Rogue One.

Happy reading!

Jyn had never been the artistic type.  

All of her drawings are doodles on her tablets while Saw Guerrera tried to teach her the basics of every language he’d come across during his time in the Alliance.  The information had come in handy a few times; Jyn wished she’d paid more attention, but who could blame a six year old kid?

She had liked drawing circles in the corners of her pages, paper suns illuminating her dark world.

Therefore, when the first drawing appeared on her leg, she stared at it for a full five minutes.

It was a flower.  And not just any flower.  It was a drawing of a flower that she had never seen before.  Its petals were long and sharp, breaking out into a circular format.  She wished there were color, and right in front of her eyes droplets of color began appearing on her leg.  Each petal became a vibrant shade of red, and for a split second Jyn thought she was bleeding.

When the colors stopped appearing, she gently traced her fingers over the pattern.  

“Where are you from,” she muttered.  She’d heard of such stories, soulmates coming together through drawings.  She’d heard these stories from the older women, the ones who remembered the fall of the Republic, stories of the before.  Before Lord Vader, before darkness, before.

Jyn blinked, and grabbed a nearby pen.  She paused for a moment, and then began drawing.

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Art advice post: Gaining fans

OK! :D I promised a few of you I was going to write this advice post and I’m so sorry it’s taken me so long to sit on my butt and get around to it. (I have the flakiest motivation ever). But here it is, it’s a biggie. I get asked this question a lottttt. Here’s something of an answer.

Question: How do I get a fanbase to care about my work/project/art. How do I even GET a fanbase?

Answer: The first thing I’m going to say is that unless you’re lucky enough to create something that strikes as viral and gains quick popularity from minimal work (like mini comedy comic strips) you are in for a VERY VERY LONG SLOG. I’m not talking a month. I’m not talking a year. I’m saying you’re going to be VERY SLOWLY getting people to care about your stuff over years and YEARS of hard work that very few people will even end up seeing, let alone caring about. If the thought of that pisses you off or makes you want to look for a magical shortcut- just give up now or don’t even bother starting. The most important part of trying to get a following for anything creative is understanding that NOBODY OWES YOU ANYTHING NOMATTER HOW HARD YOU WORK. The attention of strangers is something that is gained after people see you’re in for the long haul and serious about your own work. People don’t like flakes. They dont like it when people hate on their own stuff constantly or fish for compliments disguised as self loathing. It gets tiring fast. You have to 100% WANT to succeed. When i wake up in the morning I don’t think ‘wahhh what if everything fails, what if nobody cares’. I get the hell up, sit at my desk, and work towards MAKING people care about my work, by making my work the best it can be. If you’re going to be negative at least channel your frustrations into working on your project instead.

Consistency of work and sharing is vital to keep peoples interest. If you vanish offline for months at a time people will simply move onto the next thing that grabs their attention or updates regularly. You have to engage your audience and potential audience. That is nobodies responsibility but your own. So don’t moan about nobody seeing your stuff if you can’t put the personal effort in to get it out there. I see so many people do this. Nobody will come to you looking for you. Nobody is going to find a marble in a ballpit unless they have some damn knowledge that the marble is even IN there to begin with. This is about EFFORT. TIRING HORRIBLE DISGUSTING EFFORT. Lazy people can sometimes gain a following but personally I wouldn’t be happy with myself creatively if I knew I wasn’t giving it my all.

You need COMMITMENT to your project and skills. The one person that should love your thing the MOST is YOU. If you don’t go to bed at night daydreaming about your characters and stories, thinking about how to improve your skills or even hoping for people to care then nobody else will either. Why should they? People will emotionally invest in something that has real emotions. Don’t just do something for the sake of it. You really have to believe in what you’re trying to create. If you can convince yourself that you have something good then you’re a step closer to making someone else care.

Now i mentioned that this takes years and it does, but one of the best things you can do for yourself (and others) is to get involved with other things around you. Draw for other people, show your love for other peoples work, openly show your love for the things that inspire you to make your own stuff. You’ll make friends, you’ll LEARN things, your skills will improve and you will become less cautious about sharing when it comes to your own projects. The things closest to us are the scariest to share right? So you need to get used to that early on. The more you do it the less disappointed you’ll get when you expect a certain response and don’t get it *lol*.

As an artist who gained popularity through fanart before my own original projects I’d say draw fanart- but don’t get hung up on it. I don’t believe that every single artist out there is destined to make something of their own. Some of us like watching sports while some play them. It’s the same with art really. Not everyone has that enthusiasm to follow through on an idea. Fanart is safe, it’s comfortable and it’s a group activity. Everyone already knows what their dealing with so you’re adding to an already solid concept. Draw fanart sometimes, it’s cool. HOWEVER if you want to get further on with your art as a career you REALLY REALLY need to develop and share your own ideas too. I say this because you do not own another persons property nomatter how much you may love it. If you’re building your own reputation off another creators back you’re walking on shaky ground. Employers will often like to see a bit of fanart to show you can commercially deal with existing IP in a professional way, but what they really want to see is how your brain ticks and what new ideas you can bring to THEM, not something legally unusable.

So fanart. It’s a gateway into originality and getting people to care about your skills or even you as a person. If two people like the same thing then there’s a chance they might also like something entirely new together. So keep that in mind. Make friends who share your interests!

On the subject of friends. Something I cannot stress enough. DO NOT spam, harrass, ass kiss, stalk or be a tryhard to befriend an artist you look up to. They have absolutely NO obligation to share your work with their readership. Getting in with a famous artist does not= overnight instant fame for your stuff. Get that out of your head right away. It makes me so fucking sad when people use creative folk as stepping stones simply to forward their own popularity. People can spot a fake friend a mile away. I have to deal with more than a few :\ and it makes you very very jaded. Be a friend, not a opportunist. I’ve had a few great artists share my work over the years and i try to do the same for my own friends too, but I never approached them with only THAT in mind. Don’t be an art creeper be genuine.


Another big thing, you need to have an online presence. People need to remember your name, your brand, your style and where to find you. Get a website. Get a blog. Get ALL THE THINGS on social media. Talk into the void about your work and eventually people will slowly (very slowly) read what you have to say. If they can find you that is. Singular websites are incredibly difficult to stumble across, even with Google. You have to get your ass into communities, events, public events and NETWORK LIKE CRAZY. You are the only person who can do this for you! Unless you pay for an agent, lol. But you are the person who best knows your work and what you want to do.

YOU ARE NOT going to get a following for your work with 1 twitter account that uploads maybe 1 character sketch every 8 months. Nobody will give a shit. I wouldn’t. Make a CONSTANT effort and people will make an effort for you.

Something i’ve had a few times at conventions which drives me potty (in a nice way) is when artists come up to me at the table looking for advice and they pull out a single bit of art they drew on paper like its the crown jewels. They just have a character design, nothing else. Yet they want to make a comic or be hired or whatever. Why are you not already drawing comics of your own? If you cant write why haven’t you teamed up with a writer yet? What is your excuse? When I was 12 I was sending 60page full color comics across the ocean to companies to try get their attention. I was a kid. You are an adult. Get on it! Nobody will care unless you put in the hard work VERY REQUIRED of this type of work and they can see you have high output.

What else… hmmm. I think a lot of you get discouraged when you have indeed tried for years yet the uptake has been torturously slow. You get self hatey on your projects. What would I do rather than hate my work I’m supposed to care about deeply? Stop, realise that I’m obviously doing something wrong, then try to remake it entirely into something people might care about more. You can really drag a project by not being honest with yourself or being willing to bash your own stubborness and try something new. Some of the most famous stuff out there was rehashed like 8 times before it became what it is now. When i had to entirely press the self destruct button on my old story it was actually the breath of sanity and fresh air that allowed me to create Engelbaum from scratch. And years later I am SO GLAD that I did. So sometimes, if something isn’t working, try something new. Salvage the bits you genuinely care about. We improve all the time, so just keep working on it.

It might be easy to look at other artists or writers and see the GIANT HUMILIATING SIZE of their fanbase and think 'wow I’m an unremarkable piece of shit’. But chances are they’ve been at it for years and they will (everyone does) started off with 0 fans. We all start at the bottom. Some of us have it easier and some of us struggle. Sometimes luck and random happenings, chance meetings and so on play a big part. But the only time “luck” happens is when you’ve worked hard to put yourself into a position to receive good news in the first place. It’s a chain reaction, not luck. Not magic. Nothing or nobody owes you anything. Repeat repeat repeat.

Long story short, if you’re serious about your work, see it like a child. You have to be committed to take care of it, introduce it to the world and instil good values into it. Don’t halfass it. Don’t be a bad artmomma and expect the world to throw you gratitude for a halfbaked potatochild :|

I hope that helps a few of you. Harsh truths, lol.


Kamala’s Terrigen Mist-induced hallucination of Captain Marvel, Captain America and Iron Man.

Captain Marvel: Sakal bun phool rahi sarson, Sakal bun phool rahi… Umbva phutay, test phulay, Koyal bolay daar daar, Aur gore karat singaarn
Iron Man: The yellow mustard is blooming in every field; The yellow mustard s blooming…
Captain America: …Mango buds click open, other flowers too; the koyal twitters from branch to branch and rthe maiden tries on her adornments.
Kamala: Captain America…Iron Man…Captain Marvel!?! You speak Urdu?
Captain Marvel: We are faith. We speak all languages of beauty and hardship.
Kamala: Okay then. I am totes hallucinating. I must be ultra drunk.
Iron Man: You are seeing what you need to see. You stand at a crossroads.
Captain America: You thought that if you disobeyed your parents – your culture, your religion – your classmates would accept you. What happened instead?
Kamala: They– they laughed at me. Zoe thought that because I snuck out, it was okay for her to make fun of my family. Like, Kamala’s finally seen the light and kicked the dumb inferior brown people and their rules to the curb. But that’s not why I snuck out! It’s not that I think Ammi and Abu are dumb, it’s just– I grew up here! I’m from Jersey City, not Karachi! I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. I don’t know who I’m supposed to be.
Captain Marvel: Who do you want to be?
Kamala: Right now? I want to be beautiful and awesome and butt-kicking and less complicated. I want to be you. Except I would wear the classic, politically incorrect costume and kick butt in giant wedge heels.
Captain Marvel: You must have some kind of weird boot fetish. All right, kid. As fate would have it you’re about to get the kind of reboot most people only dream about. But can I tell you something?
Kamala: What?
Captain Marvel: It is not going to turn out the way you think.
Iron Man: Good luck, Kamala Khan.
Kamala: Wait! Where are you going? Iron Man? Captain America? Captain Marvel? …anybody?

– From Ms. Marvel v3 #1 written by G. Wiliow Wilson, art by Adrian Alphona, colored by Ian Herring