i tried to translate it as best as i could


“It’s hard to tell the truth, and it’s hard to hear it. It involves feelings. It could make us feel uncomfortable with each other. But, to all of us, [hearing the truth] wasn’t bad. I believe Solar’s words strengthened our unity.”

When Thoughts are Louder than Words

❤ Soulmate Drabble (9/13) ❤

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Member: Jun
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 1,010

At eighteen you form a telepathic connection with your soulmate. 

At the age of eighteen, everyone hears their soulmate’s thoughts for the first time. It’s a simple connection that helps you find the other person, or at least figure out who the person is if you already happen to know them. It’s something that everyone waits with baited breath for; finding out who they’re destined to spend their life with. It doesn’t happen immediately on your eighteenth birthday of course, but somewhere within your eighteenth year. You remember when your cousin first heard her soulmate’s voice; she had been visiting at your house and halfway through dinner she gasped and dropped her fork. Your mom worriedly reached a hand out and asked if she was okay, and your cousin just looked up with a smile and tears in her eyes.

You turned eighteen a few months ago and so far it’d just been silence. You were getting a little antsy, but you knew that it’d happen soon enough. Maybe not this soon, though. You were trying your hardest to go over your notes for a big exam the next morning. It was almost midnight and you just couldn’t get the information down. Your own scribbled handwriting was glaring up at you, and you felt hatred for the lines of purple ink on the page. Why couldn’t you have done a better job at getting down the information from class? You wanted to scream, but you also didn’t want to wake up everyone within a 50-mile radius, so you tried your best to keep the scream on the inside. It turns out that someone had heard you even still, though.

“Nǐ hái hǎo ma?” a small voice asked somewhere in the back of your mind. Your eyes popped open and you sat up straight. Could that really have been what you thought it was? Was that…your soulmate? You focused as hard as you could to try and reach out into the spirit-net and say something back.

“Hello? Are you there?” you all but whispered to yourself, thinking it as hard as possible.

“Ó, wǒ de shàngdì” the low voice replied. Oh, well, shit. Okay. Yep. Definitely your soulmate. And that definitely was not a language you understood.

“Do you know English?” you asked him carefully. There was a long period of silence. You bit your lip and fiddled with the pen in your hands as you waited for him to say anything. The second hand moved all the way around the clock on your wall three times before you heard him reply.

“He…llo. My…name is Junhui.” the voice struggled to say. “I speak…no English, I live from China.” Oh god. Your soulmate was Chinese. You could feel your heart beat a mile a minute in your chest. This was going to make things a lot harder. God, what did you know how to say in Chinese? You knew how to say hello in Mandarin. You prayed he didn’t speak exclusively Cantonese, because then you’d be screwed.

“Nǐ hǎo, Junhui” you thought back to him, quickly grabbing your phone to get to google translate something as fast as possible. Your fingers flew across the keyboard, and you tried your best to read the romanization of the complex characters that popped up. “Wǒ de…míngzì shì…Y/N. Wǒ bù shuō…….zhōngwén” (My name is Y/N. I don’t speak Chinese). You hoped that had been understandable. 

You stayed up way too late that night having completely forgotten about the exam you needed to be studying for, but instead having a slow, broken conversation with Jun through clunky google translated phrases. You learned that he liked acting, singing, and martial arts. You tried your best to tell him about yourself, but you eventually fell asleep as the sun began peeking through your window.

You got a less than stellar grade on the exam the next morning, but you’re not even phased as you race to the bookstore to buy as many beginner’s Chinese textbooks as you could afford. You spent the next year studying as much as you could, and Jun was doing the same thing with English. You loved hearing him excitedly thinking about a new English phrase he had learned that day. You managed to grow close with one another; mentally, of course. You still lived in totally different countries, but that would change soon. After a long year of sharing thoughts, dreams, and songs stuck in your head with each other, you finally were able to communicate well enough to set up a meeting.

You twiddled your thumbs at the airport, waiting in front of the arrival gate and trying to remember to breathe. He had gotten a direct flight from the Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport, meaning he’d be pretty tired. You didn’t want to overwhelm him, but you were also dying to meet him. You looked through the crowd of people walking towards the baggage claim, scanning each face worriedly.

“Where are you?” you thought to him, shifting your weight from foot to foot anxiously.

“Turn around.” you heard much louder and clearer than usual. You whipped your head around, and there he was. Tall, golden, and beautiful; your Jun. His mop of dark hair was swooped to the side, and he was wearing a big sweatshirt that spanned over his broad shoulders. You couldn’t believe your eyes. After all this time he was right there and you couldn’t even process it. He seemed to be drinking the sight of you in just as deeply, and the rest of the world seemed to fade away to the two of you.

“Wow,” somebody thought. You weren’t entirely sure which one of you had thought it, but it represented your feelings just the same. You finally broke out of it, throwing your arms around him.

“Zuìhòu,” you whispered into the soft material of his hoodie. He hummed into your hair, gripping you just as tight.

“Mmhmm. At last.” he murmured back. The sound of his voice was so much more satisfying than the sound of this thoughts. It sounded deep, warm, and so much like home.

- Marcy

Things that actually happen in Tales of Graces:

- the healer gets into a boss fight with the mage b/c the mage is smelly and won’t take a bath.
- there is a superhero brigade of composed of starfish and the party nerd is a HUGE fan of them.
- the party puts on a Snow White parody play, and the most serous member of the party cross-dresses as the evil queen and hams it up.
- the Big Bad collapses in the desert to yell about friendship.
- the main character collapses in the rain to cry about how incompetent he is.
- the main character uses the word “protect” over 120 times.
- you can rest at an inn during a chase scene through an enemy city. If you do, the party starts brushing their teeth until someone reminds them that they’re being chased and they should probably start running.
- your adorable pigtailed monk, essentially a thirteen-year-old girl, asks the Big Bad to make a friendship pact. He tells her to go die and magic-punches her across the room.
- there are swimsuits available for everyone. You can wear them to the final battle. The king, however, does not have a swimsuit. He claims this is because he swims in his royal regalia.
- there is an optional dungeon in space where you can fight child-aged versions of the main characters and also your own dead father.
- one of the super-attacks features a chibified robot copy of the main character bombarding the field with missiles.
- one character is armed with a weapon that /breathes in is a dual-bladed spear that can separate into two blades, create arrows made out of energy, or transform into a pair of handguns. And in one of his super-attacks, he fucking drops that amazing weapon and just hadoukens a bitch with his bare hands??? AND I FORGOT THIS PART BUT HE COPIED HIS FIGHTING STYLE FROM A COMIC BOOK
- another of his super attacks has him yell, the best that anyone can translate, “Instant Balls”.
- the king regularly dresses up like a superhero.
- the descriptions on the items are utterly hilarious. any and all of them. I vaguely recall that an equippable ribbon is described as “the perfect thing to wear when you find out he’s been cheating on you!” and there’s a poisonous fang described as “so poisonous it could kill you, bring you back to life, and kill you again.”
- the party tries to come up with a pseudonym for the prince traveling with them in disguise. The name they choose is “Tiger Festival”.
- the Big Bad is actually defeated by the power of friendship almost entirely without exaggeration.
- the king has his own line of fruit snacks.
- the party is swallowed by a giant desert turtle, and there is an entire dungeon where you try to find the turtle’s butt to escape. The phrase “everyone thinks we should leave through the butt…let’s search for the butt” is used. 

- This happens.


Since I’m lacking content at the moment, here’s something I’ve been working on in my personal time lately

First- translations may be off. (Heck I think Jack’s name is in Chinese, not Japanese but ><) I tried my best to get the closest translations I could from many different resources, it was the best I could do considering I don’t speak or know how to write in Japanese. Forgive me, I worked hard on them xD)

I love Youtubers, and I love Dangan Ronpa: Boom. Why not combine them?

I tried to look back on Youtubers either with what they’ve said about their past/what they would be doing if they weren’t a Youtuber/Things that suit their personality/interests. Here’s what I came up with:

Jack:  Musical Technician: Someone who works with electronic equipment used in the recording and performance of music.

Cry: ???

Dan: Trouper: An actor or other entertainer, typically one with long experience.

Phil:  Horticulturist: Someone who uses vast scientific knowledge to cultivate and propagate plants.

Should I continue this? Feel free to inbox requests for your favorite Youtubers!

something to get our minds off the finale

Two of my friends were behind on GoT so I sat down with them while they watched the new season. This is what they had to say about Jon and Littlefinger’s scene in the crypts. They don’t know I’m Jonsa trash so I tried to stay out of the conversation for the most part to get their own, honest opinions. (I translated our conversation to English as best as I could but my English isn’t great):

Adam: The writing has really gone downhill this season

Me: What do you mean?

Adam: This scene made no sense. Why would Littlefinger say that to Jon?

Eric: And in the crypts out of all places

Adam: Right? It makes no sense. There are only seven episodes this season, why are they including this?

Eric: Maybe Littlefinger wants to marry Sansa.

Adam: Of course he does. But he is smarter than that. He wouldn’t mention it like that. He wouldn’t mention it THERE.

Eric: It looked like he was purposely trying to piss Jon off. Maybe he was trying to gauge his reaction.

Adam: Maybe. But why? I still don’t get why Jon reacted the way he did.

Eric: He was being a protective older brother? (uncertain tone)

Adam: No. Just no. I’m sorry, but no.

Eric: I don’t have any sisters so I wouldn’t know.

Adam: I have three younger sisters and I’m protective of them, but not like that.

Eric: So you wouldn’t threaten some creepy old guy that tells you he loves your sister?

Adam: I would. But GoT isn’t set in 2017. No one flinched when Margaery got with Tommen.

Eric: I forgot about that.

Me: It was gross.

Adam: Super gross. But I don’t think it’s weird for the time period. Historically speaking it makes sense.

Eric: I just thought of something else. Jon still needs Littlefinger’s army.

Adam: He does. And besides… it’s not like he even had a relationship with Sansa growing up. I’m sorry, I get that they don’t have any more family left or whatever. But he got too bent out of shape over someone he is barely getting to know.

Eric: He should have controlled his emotions. He needs that army.

Adam: Yeah. He could have handled himself better. But it was almost as if he had no self control. He didn’t even think about it. He completely lost it.

Eric: It was so carnal. Maybe he is in love with Sansa

Adam: Doubt it. There would have been more foreshadowing.

Eric: Well… they did share some fishy scenes last season

Adam: I forgot about that. But I still don’t think so.

Some hours later after they watched the scene with Theon:

Adam: You might be on to something here.

Eric: Yeah.

Adam: They’re putting a lot of emphasis on Jon and Sansa’s relationship.

Eric: Did you notice that he only shows raw emotion when it’s something to do with Sansa?

Adam: I did. A part of me still tells me that this might be bad writing though.

Eric: I don’t know. I understand making one or two mistakes, but not that many.

And then after we finished episode 6:

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Yato's Message
Yato (CV: Kamiya Hiroshi)
Yato's Message


Since I’m visiting Japan and found out about calling Yato’s number, I decided to try it out~ Unfortunately, overseas numbers and 050 numbers won’t connect. :(

I recorded it multiple times to try to make sure you can hear him clearly without any interruptions!

Here’s what Yato is saying! I tried to translate most of it as best as I could!

Thanks for the call. It’s Yato.

Don’t cry anymore. Your wish has been heard loud and clear.

If you strongly believe in me, I’ll definitely go meet you.




Forget about it! Bye bye~!

Q&A: Roy Mustang’s Properties (Guidebook Translation)

from page 68 of Fullmetal Alchemist Perfect Guidebook 3

T/L notes: [comments/additions]. I did not translate literally, as usual, but I tried my best to keep the essence/tone of the sentences.


(Selim and Al) I want to know more about the secrets of the characters! This time, let’s expose the private lives of the military characters.

Q: Where does Colonel Mustang live? Does his car belong to the military?

MUSTANG: Because I’m in a situation where I don’t know what could happen, private information is hidden as much as possible, but if beautiful women say they want to know, I cannot keep it a secret.

BREDA: Oh… Is that so? The colonel’s residence in Central is a rental housing. It is a small room.

MUSTANG: …why did you answer it?! It is certainly a small room. There’s nothing but sofas in the living room. I bought the car myself, though. I have that much resources.

HAVOC: Even just [your] research funds as a State Alchemist is many times greater than our salary. Colonel, you’re pretty rich!

COMMENT ABOUT THE CAR: This is Mustang’s own car. It was used during the “date” [slash information gathering] with Madeline [and afterwards, Roy got info + flowers from the Armstrong flower lady].


MADAME CHRISTMAS’ BAR: The investor of this bar is Mustang that’s why the store girls’ service [to him] was good.

ARMSTRONG MANSION (RENOVATED): In the event that something happened to Olivier, the stately mansion becomes duly owned by Mustang.

a few months ago, i found the skull of a very young deer near the side of a mountain. the following day, i went back with some plastic bags and some gloves to retrieve it. it was most likely mauled by a mountain lion and suffered an untimely death. i didn’t like to think of the remains sitting on the isolated side of the road, left to fade away. while i ended up not being able to disinfect the skull all the way like i had hoped (a pretty gnarly state this little thing was in), i did save some of its teeth. i cleaned them up as best as i could and ended up painting them in bright, pastel pink and pretty glitter. they now sit with my other magickal items.

as witches, we take the time to cleanse, provide care, and give a new breath of life into objects. but always remember this: you can makeover your own soul, your own spirit, as well. the care i tried hard to give this fallen deer’s bones is something that we must remember to translate into our own beings, too. it is so easy to want to put loving energy into our findings, surroundings, and possessions. but don’t forget to do the same for yourself. ♡

Make it hurt ( Then Kiss it better) (Yoongi a/b/o)

Chapter 3

When I managed to drag my ass to my dorm, panting slightly and definitely out of breath, I found Jieun slumped on the door post looking like she’d been wrung out and left to dry. I stared at her, panic bubbling up inside me like lava as i stumbled forward, propelled by concern and disbelief.

“Jieun!” I yelled and she stirred feebly. Her eyes looked unfocused but she squinted at me blearily.

“Holy shit..I wanted to ask you to patch me up but you look like you’ve been mauled by a fucking bear.” She whispered, voice cracking. I made a noise of disbelief and punched in the key to our room, pushing the door open before kneeling down in front of her. 

Her breathing was shallow and i noticed the tell-tale bite marks on her neck and felt my breath stutter. The bottom half of her skirt was already staining red, blood seeping out from between her legs in a steady dribble. 

Oh, shit.

“Who was it?” i whispered stunned. Jieun laughed mirthlessly.

“i don’t even know…it was so dark… “ She whispered. “ I think there were two.”


Two alphas in rut. 

On one helpless beta who wasn’t even built to take a fucking knot. 

I clenched my fists.

“Shit…. Come on up. I’ll get you some fentanyl and sleeping pills.” I muttered. 

Jieun whimpered, as I slipped both my hands under her armpits, trying to lift her as gently as i could. She was a little bigger than me and i was hurt as it was. It took a little while but i finally managed to help her into her bed, grabbing my own comforter and adding to the one on her bed. 

There was a cup of ramen in our cupboard and i set the kettle to boil , still aware of the dull throbbing near my ribs. 

Shit, Did i crack it?

 I could still breathe though so that was a good sign. 

I poured the water into the cup, mixing it up till it looked vaguely edible..  I helped her gulp it down, wary of the way her pupils dilated, eyes going in and out of focus. 

“if you tell me a name..i’ll go kick his butt tomorrow…” i said softly and Jieun chuckled good naturedly. 

“It isn’t worth you getting roughed up as well. I’ll be fine in a couple of days. Shit… you omegas are saints! How the fuck do you take something like a fucking knot  inside  you...” 

“Shush…Someone’s gonna hear you..” i hissed and she chuckled. 

“It’s funny, but you know what i was thinking throughout? I was thinking how I could finally understand  why  you didn’t want anyone to know you’re an omega. I mean… the only saving grace of what just happened is that I fought the buggers off with my entire being. But … i couldn’t imagine not being able to put up a fight… That just.. That sucks babe…” 

She looked oddly affectionate and i bit my lips. i grabbed the fentanyl patches and also a couple of pills . She swallowed them down with a little struggle and I pressed the back of my palm to her forehead. 

No fever. 


Jieun tried her best to stay awake but soon her eyes drifted shut and i sank to the floor, lightly threading my fingers through her hair. My jaw throbbed and i wondered if I should call the School office…lodge a coplaint. 

i could imagine the response.

 i’m sorry miss, an Alpha in rut translates to non-culpable assault. Your friend should have known better than to be out there at night..” 

 i sighed deeply moving to grab my phone, just to call Seokjin and to be sure that she wouldn’t need medical attention.

But then, it hit me like a hammer. 

The phone was lying in some bush out there in the rain. The bastard had tossed it out in the scuffle. i groaned. The very prospect of actually crawling back into the rain both unwelcome and painful. 

But i needed my phone . What if Jieun needed help in the middle of the night? I swallowed a couple of pills myself, gulping down some of the leftover ramen soup to wash it down. 

When i stepped out into the rain, every pain got magnified. I shuddered, keeping my head low as I slowly made my way to the place where he’d cornered me. The gravel crunched under my foot and my palms and knees tingled from the remembered pain. I made a mental note to jab a needle in the fucker’s eyes the next time he came anywhere near me. 

The purple bruising on my wrist looked like handcuffs and I wanted to peel my skin off. The rain intensified as I reached the place and the vague scent of musky pine swept in through the rain and I flinched. Yoongi’s scent was still lingering around the place. 

The light from the street lamp was dull and weak. I crouched low and dug into the cushes, stepping off the footpath and into the greenery. 

I found my phone after a little digging into the wet bushes, feet sinking into the damp earth and ruining my sneakers. When i crouched down to pick it up, i heard a familiar voice and froze in place. 

“Baby, I’m sorry…i just came out for a walk… "

 It was Yoongi. 

i went still, heart pounding as I crouched lower. 

“ Yeah… it’s raining…. I’m standing near the library right now…” He was saying.

I swallowed.

The library was about half a mile away in another direction. What was he lying to his girl for? 

“Yeah…i’ll be back as soon as the rain lets up honey…. love you too…” 

My heart skipped a little at the words. 

And then he took a deep breath. 

“This is such an inconvenience.” His voice was mild and irritated and I froze when someone moaned in response. 

“I’m going to fuck you up, Yoongi.” Kris Wu’s voice said from the shadows and my heart stopped. I crawled forward nervously, peering carefully over the leaves. 

Kris was on the cement floor, crawling feebly away from Yoongi who was swinging a metal rod carelessly. He wasn’t in his uniform anymore, a white t shirt, soaked through and transperant hanging off his lean frame. Skin tight blue jeans that looked like it was cutting off the circulation in some of his vital parts. 

I felt my throat dry as he shook out his hair, wet locks sticking to his face.

Kris whimpered again and I glanced at his knee. 

. I felt bile rise up my throat as i saw the blood flowing out of a really deep gash.  mingling with the rain and flowing down the path. 

“Really? I’d like to see you try…” Yoongi grinned, eerily cheerful as he raised the rod high over his head before bringing it down on Kris’ shoulder with the full force of his body behind it.

I heard Kris’ shoulder  shatter, the dull crack of the bone snapping and hitting flesh. i slapped a hand over my mouth, terrified of actually letting out the scream that was gradually building up inside my lungs. He looked like he was going to kill the boy. 

Yoongi crouched and tilted his head, staring thoughtfully into Kris’ face. 

“ This is just a little preview. Next time i catch you so much as  breathing  in her direction…I’ll gouge your fucking eyes out.” Yoongi said softly. 

I felt sick cold enter my veins. 

 Not you. He can’t be talking about you. 

I was feeling faint with fear and disbelief. 

Kris chuckled weakly.

“That little slut.. Always acted like she was too good for us… but apparently she was too busy reeling in the biggest fish in the sea..” Kris drawled and Yoongi snarled.

 I watched as he stepped closer, lifting one booted leg and bringing it down on the broken knee, pressing down till Kris howled in pain.

“Did I  not  make myself clear, buddy? You do not talk about her … You do not look at her… You do not come within fifty feet of her…” He growled .

And then.

“ Lee Min Jung is mine. Go tell all your buddies that they better keep their filthy paws off her unless they want their necks detached. ”

His voice … He was using his alpha voice. 

I stumbled a little, landing on the hard earth with a dull thud. Yoongi glanced up sharply and I yelped, turning around and crawling away, before getting up running.

 I didn’t know if he saw. 

Didn’t know if he gave chase. 

I didn’t stop running until I was back in my room, heart pounding and mind racing. i panted, sinking to the floor and trying to make sense of what I’d just heard.

 What the hell….

 i sat there, drowning in mind-numbing uncertainty .

 i could hear the feeble sound of jieun’s uneven breathing and for the first time, genuine fear began to fill my insides.

 What if my lucky streak was ending? Was Yoongi going to be the one who was going to destroy everything i’d worked so hard to build? Years of suppressants… Years of pretending to be something I was not…. Years of smothering my very nature…. I couldn’t get involved with an alpha now…

I swallowed, throat dry and scratchy. 

If he was feeling such potent emotions for me  there was a chance he could actually imprint on me. I shuddered, remembering the way i’d been unable to move or respond when he’d used his alpha voice. 

What if he already had?

I swallowed. i didn’t feel any different. It couldn’t have happened right? 

Of course not, don’t be an idiot.

  if he imprints on you, you’re dead. He could destroy you without even trying. 

 But he seems kind… He didn’t really try to hurt you…

 i swallowed. 

But he was still an Alpha. 

I hated the thought of him… of any Alpha… having that kind of power over me. I glanced at Jieun and swallowed nervously. She looked like she’d been torn apart by a beast. 

And that’s what Alphas were when they went into rut.

 Horny, violent beasts. 

 they didn’t have suppressants. They didn’t lock themselves up to keep others safe. they didn’t give a damn about how their biology affected others. All they did was strut around and rule the world 

Alphas were built to hurt. To attack and dominate and demand submission from others. it was in their gene. 

Yoongi was polite, yes. 

Handsome,  yes. 

But he was an  Alpha.

And that meant that nothing even remotely good could come from associating with him. 


Yoongi stared out into the gardens, wtching the bleak light from the sun and the light drizzle of rain . He was sitting in the waiting hall outside Kim Seokjin’s consulting room, waiting to be called in.

He thought about the conversation he was supposed to be having. 

Sighing, he took a deep breath. 

He remembered the first time he’d seen Min Jung. She had been a freshman, looking lost and worried in the crowd as she shuffled with the other fifteen year olds on orientation day. Yoongi had watched the entirety of his class, every single male stare at her with dripping, salivating lust.

Not that he could actually blame them.

Lee Min jung was a fucking work of art, he thought with a helpless feeling of attraction. It felt like there was a hook at the base of his stomach, tugging on his arousal every single time he though about her. 

 He’d never seen anyone that beautiful in his entire life. Which was saying something because his father had some of the best looking models working for their company. Even comparing them with Min Jung was a crime. 

The omega was on a class of her own. 

Every inch of her looked like it had been carefully sculpted by some higher power working over time, trying to impress . 

Unfortunately, said higher power had also given her the personality of a  porcupine.

 Or to be very, very honest : a ravenously hungry tiger shark . 

And it was unfair, he thought wryly, that mere mortals had to suffer through seeing a face like that with the personality of a genuine walking,  breathing banshee..

 He couldn’t even imagine what kind of hell she would unleash on the poor sucker she was going to end up with. 

But he had other, more serious things to worry about.

“ Min Yoongi ssi?” The receptionist called out and he straightened.

“Seokjin ssi will see you now. “ She smiled brightly, extra wide , taking in his handsome appearance. 

Yoongi ignored her and walked into the clinic. Seokjin sat behind his desk.

“Ah.. Yooni-yah.. What can I do for you?”

Yoongi took a deep breath. 

“I’m not good at beating around the bush hyung. So i’m going to come right out and say it. “

Seokjin blinked , confused.

“What are you-?”

“I imprinted on your sister.” 


Seokjin stared at him, face expressionless and gaze unchanging.

“i hope, for the sake of your own well-being , that you’re joking.” He said wryly.

Yoongi grimaced.

“I wish I was. Her suppressants aren’t working on me. I can still smell her from fifty feet away.” He remembered the way her scent had hit her through the rain the previous night. He hadn’t acted on it, worried about spooking her. 

“ That doesn’t mean you’ve imprinted on her, Yoongi. She’s been cutting back on her doses and -”

“She’s responding to my Alpha voice. I tried it out a couple of times and well…. I think it’s fair to say she’s feeling the effects as well.”

“So she knows?”

Yoongi shook his head.

“No, she doesn’t.or at least, i think she’s unaware about what it implies.”

if Min jung had even an inkling about Yoongi imprinting on her, she would have come for his jugular. He was pretty sure of this. 

“Well, even so…i don’t think that you imprinted on her.You’ve always been a bit too sensitive since you first presented. …” Seokjin pointed out.

Oh, how he wished that were true. But Yoongi knew that Min jung’s scent wasn’t like the occasional ones he scented on the streets.

Hers was potent , frighteningly numbing.

It made him want to drop every last shred of decency, grip her hard and pin her to the nearest flat surface and sink his teeth into her neck. And for a few insane moments last night, he’d let himself get carried away by that fantasy :  imagined spreading her out on his bed , cover her with his body and just bloody  feast  on her. 

But then he’d come to his senses.

 Min jung wouldn’t submit to him  like an omega. She would likely dig her fingers into his chest and manually rip his heart out of his chest and eat it. 

That mental image had been a good boner killer. 

Seokjin hummed and Yoongi pulled himself to the present. 

“I broke Kris Wu’s knees and shoulder last night because he touched her.” He confessed dully. 

Seokjin jerked in susprise.

“What the hell, Yoongi…” 

“i’ve never done it before. Been mindlessly violent and unable to control myself. Even when namjoon and Hoseok hit people i usually stay behind. And yeah… I’m pretty sure i said something absolutely disgusting like.. Lee Min Jung is mine… or some shit..” Yoongi grimaced. “ i’m not sure.. I can’t even fully remember what the fuck was going through my head at the time.” 

Seokjin shook his head remorsefully.

“Well, are you going to tell her?” He said finally. 

Yoongi hesitated. 

“Hyung..i want to be clear. I have no intention of pursuing her….. because… no offence,  but your sister is like a bloody walking hurricane. I’m only human…i’m not built to withstand that level of devastation…” Hr grimaced. 

Seokjin sighed bleakly.

“I wish I could tell you that isn’t true but I’d be lying. She’s a handful.”

“And I’m engaged. Yuju is going to be my wife the moment i graduate. Which is like three months away. That’s not going to change . ” 

“To be fair… she’d likely combust if you even suggest anything of the sort..” Seokjin smiled a little. 

“It’s just a few motnhs. I’ll try my best to stay away from her. I’d suggest you advice her to do the same. Her suppressants don’t work on me anymore.” Yoongi said calmly. 

“Or on her..” Seokjin said thoughtfully.


“She’s going to smell like you, Yoongi. Other alphas are going to know .”

Yoongi stared, surprised.

“Wait.. what?!”

“You’ve imprinted on her. She’s going to be wearing your scent. And others will be able to tell..”

“They’ll be able to tell she’s an omega?” Yoongi frowned.

Seokjin frowned. 

“Well, not exactly. Sometimes betas wear their alpha’s scent too. But … yeah.. Alphas are going to be able to smell you on her.” 

“Then, make her wear maskers..” Yoongi said nervously.” i don’t want her getting in trouble because of me. “

Seokjin sighed again.

“You should probably come clean to her. She’s not that unreasonable.” Seokjin protested. 

Yoongi raised an eyebrow.

“okay, fine.. maybe she’s a little unreasonable but she’ll hear you out at least…” Seokjin acceded with a little nod.

“Hyung if you hadn’t called me that day in the music room she would have set fire to the entire building. She was that angry. i tried to talk sense into her a dozen times but she wouldn’t let me get a word in….” He said drily. 

Seokjin looked a little upset. 

“Hey… she’s been through some pretty intense shit. You cannot blame her for being on guard… not with the way your classmates pant after her like wolves in bloody heat…” He growled and Yoongi stiffened. 

“She’s too pretty to be studying in that school. You should have put her in a school for omegas. At least she’d be safe.” He pointed out. 

Seokjin shook his head. 

“She wants to make a difference Yoongi. And i know that it’s unlikely that what she’s doing is going to make a lot of difference in someone’s life. It’s not going to save a lot of omegas. But I’d be glad if it saves at least one omega. Even if that one omega is just Min Jung herself. She needs to do this to prove something to herself. I’m not going to restrict her…” 

Yoongi nodded. 

“i understand. i’m not going to misuse whatever hold i have on her, hyung. you have my word.” He said sincerely.

Seokjin sighed. 

“Yoongi, I’ve known you since you were a kid. I know you’d never do something like that. i never doubted you. But i stand by what i said… you should tell her that you’ve imprinted on her.”

Yoongi sighed. 

“Not now. Once i graduate.” He said firmly. 

“Fine.. Then stay away from her till then. She’s my little sister and I’m going to kick your ass if you hurt her in anyway!. “ Seokjin smiled, his gaze half-serious.

Yoongi grinned and stood up. 

“Hyung , your sister scares me way more than you do. So, don’t worry. ” 


I didn’t see Yoongi again for an entire month. it wasn’t particularly surprising : he was a senior and they stayed  in a whole different building. But i found myself looking out for ash blond hair nonetheless, feeling oddly empty when I failed to catch even the smallest glimpse of him. 

Kris Wu took a break from school to get his limbs fixed and did not come anywhere near me again. I didn’t respond to the million rumors about how  i’d  been the last one to see him. 

As September rolled in, I started getting lesser and lesser attention from the Alphas in my college. 

Seokjin changed my dosage, prescribing scent maskers instead and i found it odd. He gave me some long winded medical explanation that did not make any sense to me. I had always trusted him though, so I took the pills accordingly. 

And maybe it was the pills messing with my head, but whatever the reason, i agreed to go on a date with one of his interns at the hospital : a handsome , tall alpha named Wonho. 

Wonho was really good looking and polite, boring in the fact that he was painfully normal and well-bred. I felt like a bull in a chinashop when he told me he had booked a table to the most expensive hotel in the city, driving us there in a sporty Porsche. 

I’d dressed up a bit and put on a bit of make up too. Seokjin told me that wonho knew i was an omega so I decided to lay off on the scent maskers, feeling oddly naked as i let my natural scent take over. But i wanted to know if he liked it. Over the weeks i’d been spending too much time thinking about Yoongi. I needed a distraction. 

But the moment I stepped up to Wonho, his smile fell off him like melted butter . 

He frowned deeply, not even opening the door for me as i struggled to get into his car. 

The tense silence made me frown.

“is something wrong?” I said nervously. 

He didn’t reply for a minute.” 

“Nothing”  he said finally. 

But somehow the tense atmosphere never went down. 

When we ordered dinner, he loosened up a bit, talking a bit about his family and how he wanted to be a cardiologist. i was just beginning to enjoy the evening when my eyes caught a familiar scent and the sight of ash blond hair made me go stiff. 

Yoongi stood a dozen or so feet away, with a younger boy of about fourteen or fiteen, laughing brightly.

 i stared, mesmerized. He looked breathtaking when he smiled. And then his breathing hitched visibly, head raising up as he scented the air subtly, gaze turning and fixing on me with alacrity. He shuddered a little, and i swallowed when he lurched forward a little, as though drawn by some invisible force, before catching himself and looking away tensely. 

i felt a pull at the base of my stomach, stomach churning like curdled milk as I stared at Wonho. He had smelled nice when i met him : sandal wood and musk. But now it felt overpowering and disgusting. I wanted to crawl away from the alpha and wrap myself around Yoongi. 

Wonho caught my staring and glanced back.

“Friend of yours?” He said softly and I startled. 

“uh.. yeah…He’s..” 

Then Wonho turned around , sniffed suspiciously and growled.

“You have got to be kidding me.” He growled suddenly and i flinched.


“You called your fuck buddy here?”

I frowned in disbelief.

“What the hell? He’s not my fuckbuddy…!”

“I can fucking smell him on you, you little bitch..”

I clenched my fists. 

“How dare you! Get the fuck away from me!” I snarled. 

But Wonho was already standing up, tossing one look of vindictive anger at me before stalking away and i stared after him in fury. Seokjin was dead. i was going to slit his throat with one of his scalpels! 

I sat there, stunned and disoriented, vaguely aware that peple were beginning to stare. fuck, I didn’t even have a ride back home.

“Bad date?” Yoongi’s voice was clear and level, only partially amused as he smiled softly , the boy he was with hiding behind him in obvious shyness.

i swallowed deeply, mind whirling a bit when the distinct flowery scent of  omega  came wafting through.

“You okay?” yoongi asked softly and i blinked, still stunned by the fact that there was a young male  omega  standing with Yoongi. What was going on? 

i peered pointedly over his shoulders and Yoongi blinked. 

“oh, i almost forgot. This is Jung Kook. My younger brother . “ Yoongi said cheerfully and it felt , a bit like I’d been sucker punched in the solar plexus.

 Younger brother. Yoongi’s younger brother was an omega…

I felt vaguely faint as I stumbled to my feet awkwardly. 

“He–Hello..” I stuttered out and the boy burrowed further into his brother’s back. 

“He’s a little shy.” Yoongi said, fondness coating each syllable and making my heart ache. I ignored Yoongi’s curious stare and peeked over him to catch a glimpse of the boy again. 

“I’m Min jung…” i whispered softly and one bright black eye peered back at ome  over Yoongi’s shoulders, long lashes framing his pretty eyes and silky black hair falling into his forehead. 

He was so pretty i wanted to coo. 

“Hi.. Min Jung noona…” he said shyly. 

My heart skipped a few beats. 

 Oh, God why was the kid so cute…

 “ jung Kook and i are on our bi-weekly lamb skewers date. “ Yoongi laughed, ruffling the younger boy’s hair and making him turn red. 

“Hyung.. don’t! i’m not a baby!” He pouted like a .. well , like a baby. 

I fell in love on the spot. 

“You’re so cute, jung Kook.” i whispered rather helplessly and the boy went redder. 

“Noona… too..”


“You’re very pretty. Prettier than any of the noonas in hyung’s computer.” The boy giggled and I glanced at Yoongi, watching him turn an interesting shade of pink.

“Kookie… shush…!” He hissed and i laughed despite myself. 

yoongi ignored my protests and ordered dinner for all three of us. As i ate quietly, watching the brothers as they laughed and exchanged stories, i realized how deeply yoongi cared for his brother.

“Hyung writes music and i sing for him!” jung Kook said proudly and I smiled.


“Yup..I’m going to be an idol once I get better!!” Jung Kook said , looking very determined and I blinked.


“I’m a little sick now..” Jung Kook admitted uncertainly, “ but hyung says I’ll be better soon!” 

I glanced at Yoongi but his face was unreadable, fond smile still in place. I swallowed nervously and looked away , veins filling with a dreadful kind of sorrow. If Jung Kook was sick…it was unlikely he was getting better. 

Male omegas never survived illnesses. 

I felt my fingers begin to tremble and Yoongi’s voice startled me.

“Why don’t you show noona , some of your sketches.” He said , reaching out and giving my wrist a light squeeze. I jumped a bit and Yoongi mouthed ‘ it’s okay.’. 

I nodded weakly, taking a sip of the drink. 

Jung Kook rummaged through his backpack, sliding a small sketchbook and i flipped through the pages. it was mostly iron man and suff but the kid was obviously good. 

A while later, Jung Kook had detached himself fully from Yoongi and leeched on to me, teaching me how to draw simple caricatures while Yoongi stared at both of us in detached affection. 

He didn’t interrupt or even strike up conversation, seemingly content just to watch his brother have funa dn i felt like the entire thing was starngely domestic. Strangely … comfortable and familiar. like we’d been doing it all our life. 

Jung Kook chattered about his friends and about school while i tried to sketch out some of the things he told me about and the crowd in the restaurant grew thinner and thinner till Yoongi cleared his throat. 

“It’s getting late bud. We need to head back.”

I pouted before i could stop myself.

“so soon?” My voice came out as a little whine and Yoongi looked taken aback. 

“uh.. i.. uh.. Yeah..” He stuttered, shaking his head as though to clear it.” He’s got to take his meds..”

Jung kook looked sad as well. 

“ Can you come visit me, noona?” He said hopefully and Yoongi hummed.

“Jung Kook.. Noona’s busy with stuff , she can’t just-”

“Of course I will Kookie..!! When are you free?” I said brightly, mind already made up. 

“Tuesday afternoon, friday evenings and the weekends!!” 

i nodded cheerfully.

“There’s another noona called Jieun! She draws too! I’ll bring her along and you can meet her!” I said softly and jung Kook grinned.

“ Is she pretty too?” He said cheekily. 

i opened my mouth to reply but Yoongi beat me to it. 

“Not as pretty as this one.” He said softly and I felt the words like a kiss, leaving me breathless and reeling. 

As Jung Kook climbed into the sturdy SUV the valet brought around, I watched Yoongi as he buckled him up, fixing him into the seat and ruffling his hair fondly. 

i finished calling the cab and Yoongi stared at me , standing a foot or so away as i finished the call.

“He’ll be here soon.” 

“Why don’t you join us?” Yoongi said softly, looking concerned and I hesitated.

“No..uh… that’s alright.You should probably get going.”

“I’ll wait till you get the cab.” 


We both went silent and I stared down at my shoes.  

I felt the familiar tugging inside me, the overwhelming urge to drape myself all over this man and never let him go and somehow , I couldn’t even remember why it was such a bad idea. 

“I’m sorry about… the stuff that happened earlier.” i said finally.

Yoongi shrugged. 

“It’s alright. “

I swallowed.

“So, Jung Kook is…”

“Dying , yes.” yoongi’s words caught in his throat. “ They doubt he;s going to make it to his twentieth birthday.” 

I couldn’t say a word, my throat choking up and tears burning at the corner of my eyes. 

“i’m so sorry..” I choked on the words. Yoongi shrugged, eyes a little shiny. 

“Its alright… I just.. I want you to know that there are guys like us out there too. Guys who do not think that Alphas are worth more than omegas. . I mean… honestly…i would give up the rest of my useless Alpha life…if it meant that Jung Kookie could live..And honestly, you telling me that I’m a jerk just because of  my  biology kind of goes against your own values doesn’t it? You talk about prejudice based on biology and do the exact same thing to me…..” He shook his head. 

“I …I’m sorry.” I wanted to apologize to him for the rest of my life.

Yoongi smiled. 

“You don’t have to be. i understand. i won’t be arrogant enough to claim that prejudice against alphas is even remotely the same as the kind of prejudice against omegas. That’s stupid. But still, i want you to… give it a chance. there are good guys out there. Guys who could give you a happy life.” He said. 

I nodded, not able to say more. 

True to his word, Yoongi hung around till i got into the cab. the ride home was the most miserable one in my life. I sat huddled in the seat, trying and failing to make sense of all the emotions churning inside me. 

When I got out in front of my school, I noticed Yoongi’s car, right behind me. It took me a second to realize he’d followed the cab and once i got out , so did he. 

“What are you-?” I stared at him

“I wanted to make sure you got in safe. Jung Kook’s already asleep.” Yoongi said , looking a little embarassed. 

I stared at him. 

“Wonho said he could smell you…on me.” i said , swallowing. “ Did you… Did we..?” I couldn’t say it. 

Yoongi lurched in surprise but quickly shook his head.

“Uh.. what? No .. of course not. “ He said , looking a little embarassed and i kicked myself for even thinking it. Guys like Yoongi didn’t deserve to be saddled with omegas like me. 

Miserable, I stared down at my shoes again. 

“Well, go on in. It’s getting late.” Yoongi said firmly and I hesitated. 

“I’d like to meet jung Kook again. Will you… be okay with that?” I said tentatively. 

Yoongi hesitated.

“You don’t have to do that, Min jung.” 

“I want to…” i said, sounding oddly desperate. 

Yoongi hesitated. 

“I.If you give me your number, I’ll pick you up the next time I go to visit him.” He said awkwardly. 

I nodded, already grabbing my phone and thrusting it at him. Yoongi punched in his number and called himself from my phone before handing it back. 

“He really likes you..” He said wistfully. 

I nodded.

“I like him , too.” I said softly. 

“i should get going.” 

I nodded. 

He bowed awkwardly and moved away , walking a few more feet before turning around to stare at me. 

“Go in! Hurry! it’s getting dark!” “ He said with a grin and i smiled slowly. 

“I’m not a baby.” I shot back . 

He grinned, tucking his hands into his pockets and shrugging casually, the gesture at once easy and sexy and , oh God.. I felt like i was drowning.

As i watched him drive away, i realized I was screwed. 

Min Yoongi was an amazing human being and I was , stupidly , stupidly falling for him. 

Together In Tandem
  • Title: Together In Tandem.
  • Pairing: Jake x MC
  • Warnings: Mostly fluff. (There’s mention of kissing and sex but I don’t think that qualifies as NSFW?)
  • Words: 3.100
  • Summary: A little fic inspired by the song “Juntos a la par” that you can listen to here (original) or here (cover, and you might have to forward a little for the song ‘casue it’s a clip from a tv show). I tried to translate the lyrics as best as I could. 


Originally posted by pinkcollapse

Le he pedido tanto a Dios,                                 (I’ve asked so much from God
que al final oyó mi voz,                                that in the end He heard my voice
por la noche a más tardar,                                              in the end of the night
yendo juntos a la par.                                            we go together side by side)

Jake’s eyes were fixated on the starry sky, his eyes drifting over the celestial bodies slowly while his legs dangled from the hammock aimlessly. His hand played with the dog-tags hanging from the silver chain around his neck absentmindedly, his eyes closing moments later as a sigh fell past his lips.

Tonight it was one of those nights he finally admitted to himself, one of those nights in which he couldn’t erase the feeling of solitude that surrounded him. The pilot had been able to hide the sensation from himself for such a long time, but there were times when it was impossible for him to escape it, to escape the memories that he shared with Mike, to escape the emptiness that he left inside of his heart when he was ripped from his life.

His fingers tightened around the metal pieces, holding them with such strength that it’d probably leave marks in his palms, but it helped him concentrate. Jake had lost count on how many times he wished to whatever was up there to erase some of the solitude, to give him someone that would help him cope with his past, someone that would help him forget what the feeling of being utterly alone felt like.

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Too Shy To Say It

Title: Too Shy To Say It
Pairings: Jyn/Cassian
Summary: Jyn doesn’t understand Internet pranks.
Disclaimer: Nope, still don’t own Star Wars

This is what happens when Coryphefish pitches ideas at me.  I take them and write fic.

No one typically sent messages to Jyn Erso – at least not personal ones.  Her morning message box always held the same three messages: (1) a message containing the schedule of classes she would be teaching that day, as generated by the base’s computer system; (2) a general information bulletin everyone received; and (3) a message about the weather she signed up to receive after feeling particularly lonely because she had only been receiving two messages.  Messages from friends were basically non-existent.  Occasionally, there would be a message from Chirrut and Baze, talking about the monastery they were working with, but those were few and far between.  Jyn could count her remaining friends on one hand, and neither of them felt the need to send her messages.

It was a surprise, then, when there was a fourth message sitting on her datapad that morning.  Jyn didn’t recognize the sender’s address – a string of what appeared to be random numbers and letters – but the subject line caught her attention.

Cassian said I had to send this to you.

Cassian never sent her anything.  He wasn’t even on base at the moment; he’d left last night.  For a moment, Jyn wondered if he’d learned of something at the last minute and asked K-2SO to warn her that she was about to get in some sort of trouble.  While Jyn couldn’t think of anything in particular that she could have done to upset the brass, that didn’t mean much.  The Alliance had a complicated system of what was Okay To Do and what was Absolutely Unforgivable that didn’t make much sense to her.  Jyn knew she could have accidentally stumbled into something she shouldn’t have.  Warily, she opened the message.

Cassian wanted you to have this, K-2SO had written.  Underneath it was an external link.  Frowning, she ran her finger across the datapad, then activated the link.


“You’ve been quiet,” Bodhi noted as he climbed out from underneath the shuttle control panel.  Jyn hadn’t moved from where he’d left her sitting against the co-pilot’s panel.  It wasn’t that Jyn being quiet in itself was necessarily concerning.  Jyn was generally a quiet person.   It was more that Jyn was being weirdly quiet.  Every time he’d seen her over the last two days, she’d been sitting alone with headphones over her ears, wearing an expression that cycled between concern, confusion, and a pure, unadulterated joy he’d rarely seen from her.  She’d spent the last thirty minutes sitting silently in the shuttle as he worked, and Bodhi was getting the distinct impression she wanted to talk but wasn’t sure how Talking To Friends worked.   “Everything okay?”

“Thinking.”  Jyn replied.  Bodhi waited as she went through some sort of internal deliberation on how much of her thinking it was safe to share with other people.  She looked remarkably the way Galen had when he was working through a problem.  Finally, Jyn confessed, “I’m not very good with people.”

That, Bodhi thought, was an understatement.  He knew better than to ask any of the natural follow-up questions, so he turned his attention to ripping out the wires he’d freed from underneath the nav computer.

“How many relationships have you had?”  Jyn asked.

He hit his head on the bottom of the control panel.  “Romantic relationships?”  He had not expected this topic of conversation, nor was it one he particularly wanted to have.  Unfortunately, now that he was stuck in the middle of it, he had no way to extract himself from it.  He found himself answering the question.  “Um, two?  Maybe?”

“Maybe?”  Jyn frowned.

“I was twenty and it was complicated.”  Bodhi said quickly.  “Can we, er, not talk about my failed relationship history?”

Jyn nodded.  She played with the headphones in her lap for several moments before admitting, “Cassian sent me a song.”

“O-kay?”  He wasn’t sure what that had to do with anything.  Sure, Cassian didn’t seem like the sort to send people songs, but truth be told, Cassian wasn’t the sort of person who made an effort to let other people get to know him.  For all Bodhi knew, Cassian could have an extensive collection of music and thought music sharing was the key to long lasting friendships.  Bodhi had met all types.  He tried not to judge.  “I mean, friends do that, Jyn.  You see something you think someone you know would like, and you let them know about it.”

“It’s, um,” Jyn looked awkward.  “It’s really romantic.”  She leaned her head back against the station behind her with a clunk.

Okay, that might be odd – not the part about Cassian fancying Jyn.   That part was ridiculously obvious to everyone – or at least everyone other than Jyn.  The part where he sent her a song to let her know, however, was weird.  Although, Bodhi considered for a moment, Cassian seemed to have as many barriers and issues in being open about things as Jyn.  Maybe this was the only way he could think to communicate genuine emotions?

“Am I reading too much into this?”  Jyn asked.  “Maybe he really just likes the tune?”

“Jyn,” Bodhi tried to keep from sounding as uncomfortable as he felt, “You remember the part about only maybe two relationships, right?”

She turned her head to look at him.  “What do I say when he asks if I liked it?”

“Well, do you?”  He asked.  “Like it, I mean?”

“It is the best song I have ever heard in my life,” Jyn said with conviction.

Bodhi tried to translate that.  “Because Cassian sent it?”

He was rewarded with Jyn cycling through at least ten entries in her scowl collection.  “No,” she finally said, “Because it’s about always being there for someone.  And it has a good tune.”

Bodhi nodded and pretended to be engrossed in his work.  “Well,” he offered, “If Cassian asks, you could always say that you liked it.”

“Do I want him to feel this way about me?”  Jyn asked quickly.

Bodhi had to check if she was serious.  Unfortunately, she was.  He wasn’t sure why Jyn thought he would have an answer to that.  He also wasn’t sure how he had found himself in the midst of a conversation with one of his only friends about whether another of his only friends was interested in a romantic relationship.  “I don’t know, Jyn.  I’m, uh, not good at relationships?  Maybe, uh, maybe you could ask someone who gets all this stuff?  Write to Chirrut and Baze?”

Jyn seemed assuaged at that idea.  She nodded to herself and slid her headphones back over her ears.  After several minutes of blissful quiet and no awkward questions, he felt a hand brush his sleeve.  “Thanks,” Jyn said softly.


“Make sure you check our messages,” Chirrut announced as they returned to their tiny room.  Baze resisted the urge to point out that no one ever messaged them.  Whenever anyone around here wanted to talk with either of them, they would do so in person.  The monastery was only so big.  He knew, however, that the moment he voiced any of that, they would actually get a message and Chirrut would wear that smug little smile for the rest of the day.

So he checked.

There was a message.

Of course there was.

“We have a message from Jyn,” Baze announced.

Chirrut smiled.  It was smug.  Of course it was.  “What does Jyn say?”

Baze skimmed the message, which was blessedly short.  When they received messages from Bodhi, they were long with paragraphs’ worth of small talk before Bodhi revealed the reason he wrote.  Jyn’s were always short and to the point.  “Captain Andor sent her a song.  She wants to know what to do about it.”

“'What kind of song?”  Chirrut asked.

Jyn, fortunately, had included a link.  Baze followed it.

They listened.

It was, Baze decided as he suffered through it, one of the worst songs he had ever heard.  His opinion of the captain decreased.

Silence returned as the song ended.  Baze silently said a prayer of relief before wondering if Chirrut knew what he’d done.

“I can understand why Jyn likes it,” Chirrut said at last.

I can’t.”  Baze replied.  It was horrible.  Worse yet, it was now playing over and over in his head, despite the fact that the music had stopped.

“The lyrics,” Chirrut amended.  "She likes the lyrics.“

“There are better ways to express those sentiments,” Baze pointed out. “Telling someone, for example.  Writing a letter.  Engaging in any act besides playing someone that song.”

“Captain Andor does not enjoy acknowledging his feelings,” Chirrut noted somewhat diplomatically.  What Chirrut meant was Captain Andor does not acknowledge he has feelings.

“You want me to tell Jyn that?”  Baze asked.  It would not go over well.

“I doubt she would appreciate that sentiment.”  Chirrut remained diplomatic.  “What would you have done if I had sent you that song?”

“Suffered through it,” Baze replied honestly.

“Back at the beginning?”  Chirrut clarified.

Found it adorable.  He was not sharing that.  “I would have been concerned about your taste in music.”

“Ask Jyn how she feels about the captain sending her the song.”   Chirrut instructed.  Baze looked at him.  Even though he couldn’t see Baze’s expression, Chirrut somehow knew what it was anyway.  “I know.   But she has to figure that out herself.  Just ask her.”


Luke Skywalker made a point to try to be friendly to everyone.  Some people – like Wedge Antilles – were easy to be friendly with.  Other people – like Han on his bad days – were more difficult.  Nonetheless, Luke had found that everyone wanted friends, deep down, but some people weren’t sure how to get them.  He tried to make it easy for those people, so when he saw Jyn Erso sitting alone (again) in the middle of the crowded mess, he set his tray down across from her.  He was rewarded with a confused look.  Luke smiled.  “Hi.”

Jyn looked at him a long moment with the sort of expression he came to associate with an animal that wasn’t sure if he was friendly or not.  After several heartbeats, she nodded and returned to staring at her tray and listening intently to something over the headphones attached to her datapad.

Now that he’d made Jyn his project for this meal, Luke was determined to see it through.  He gave her another smile and asked loudly, “Good song?”

Jyn hesitated, the wordlessly removed the headphones and passed them over.  Luke slid them on and resisted the urge to groan.   Not this again.  R2 had been sending it to him at least once a day.   Apparently, the droids thought it was funny to try to get each other to play the song.  Somehow, that had spilled over to the pilots.   Wes Janson had come up with several creative ways to trick other members of Red Squadron into listening to it.  Even Han had gotten in on the prank.  The princess had spent a good ten minutes screaming at him for sending her the song just this morning.  (Han, meanwhile, had seemed quite pleased with himself).  Luke quickly passed the headphones back.

Jyn frowned.  “You don’t like it?”  She seemed genuinely surprised.   Luke wondered if she was that good of an actor, or if she was being sincere.  While he wasn’t one hundred percent accurate with his ability to use the Force to ferret out a lie, it felt like Jyn was being sincere.

It struck him, suddenly, that Jyn didn’t get the joke.  Someone had sent her the song, and she genuinely liked it.  He didn’t want to dampen her mood – he had just gotten her to speak actual words – so he managed a tiny shrug.  “I’ve heard it before.  It’s, uh, kind of popular right now.”

“I can see why,” Jyn noted.  "It’s really good.”  Once again, the only thing the Force gave him was complete sincerity on her part.  

“Yeah, it sticks in your head,” Luke agreed, trying to be nice.  “Did one of the droids send it to you?”

“No.”  She replied.  “A friend thought I might like it.”

“That was…nice of them.”  Luke quickly looked for a safe change of subject.  Anything would be better than a discussion about that song.   He didn’t know much about Jyn Erso, and most of what he knew was the sort of thing that normal people did not bring up in conversation.  He quickly seized on the only topic he knew would be unoffensive.  “Hey, so, Wedge and I wanted to ask you about something you showed the recruits in hand to hand the other day….”


Cassian was not happy.  While there were many – many – times his human was not happy,  K-2SO recognized that this time was different.  For one, Cassian had gotten to do a recruiting mission (something K-2SO understood to be Cassian’s favorite type of mission), and the mission was successful.  The general had not ordered Cassian to kill anyone (something K-2SO understood Cassian did not enjoy doing), nor did any situation arise where Cassian’s hand was forced.   Cassian had even smiled as they returned to base.

He stopped smiling after the first evening back.   K-2SO was not sure what happened, but there was a 98.5% chance that something had because humans did not typically go from happy to not happy without provocation.  As he followed Cassian to a meeting with some of the new recruits they’d brought back with them,  K-2SO quickly replayed the last twenty-four hours in his memory.  He could not identify anything that would typically upset his human.  Cassian had a meeting with General Draven, but it consisted of little more than reporting on the new recruits.  Cassian had forced him to go to dinner with Bodhi Rook, but while K-2SO found Cassian’s friends trying at times, Bodhi was one of the better ones and Cassian liked spending time with Bodhi.   Breakfast was blissfully quiet and Cassian was able to get quite a lot of work done since Jyn Erso’s attendance had been required elsewhere.  This, K-2SO knew, should make Cassian very happy, since Cassian loved getting work done for the Rebellion.  It seemed as if the Force was trying to ensure Cassian received all the things Cassian generally liked.

But Cassian was not happy.   K-2SO could tell in the way his human held himself, and in how he responded when people talked to him.  Most humans,  K-2SO was sure, had no idea Cassian was not carrying on as usual, but humans were terrible at noticing important things about other humans.  This was why all humans should have at least one droid.  Droids understood humans in ways humans could not.   (Cassian, however, did not need more than one droid;  K-2SO was a spectacular droid.  But other humans were not as lucky and might not have as good a droid as  K-2SO.  They might require more).

K-2SO waited until after dinner to see if Cassian’s unfortunate mood would clear up on its own.  When it did not, he determined it was time to have a talk with his human.  Knowing these things had to be addressed delicately, K-2SO started with the obvious.  “You are not happy.”

“I’m fine, Kay.”  Cassian did not look up from his datapad.

“No,” K-2SO observed, “You are not.”

“It’s fine.”  Cassian repeated.  After a beat of silence, he added, “It’s human stuff, Kay.”

“I can listen to you talk about human things,” K-2SO offered, trying to be helpful.

Cassian hesitated.  He did that a lot, K-2SO had noticed, when K-2SO tried to help him with human things.  It was almost as if Cassian questioned whether K-2SO was capable of helping with human things.   (This thought was ridiculous, as K-2SO was quite confident he could run processes to analyze any human problem humans might have, and provide probabilities for success for each potential solution).  Cassian apparently saw the sense in getting solutions and probabilities, because he decided to share about his current human problem.  “Jyn’s avoiding me.”

Oh.  Oh dear.  It was a feelings problem.  K-2SO hated those.  There were often irrational components to them.  Cassian had been having more of those sorts of problems as of late, which was slightly distressing.

“She’s upset with me,” Cassian continued, “But I don’t know what I did.”

“You did not do anything,” K-2SO tried to reassure his human.  He had seen other rebels do this when they were upset about human things.  “Jyn Erso is moody and unpredictable.  That is Jyn Erso’s problem, not yours.”  K-2SO quietly congratulated himself for knowing the proper code humans used in these types of situations.

Cassian, however, wasn’t assuaged.  “I asked Bodhi about it.  He said he didn’t want in the middle of it.  After we left, something happened, Kay.  Have you talked with Jyn since then?”

Technically,K-2SO had not spoken with Jyn. K-2SO had, however, sent a communication to her.  It struck K-2SO that he might know what happened.  This was frustrating.  He had calculated that, by now, Jyn Erso was a friend.  Friends, K-2SO understood, shared jokes.   R2-D2 joked with K-2SO quite often (R2-D2 was one of the few droids who were K-2SO’s intellectual equals).  When K-2SO shared this particular joke with R2-D2, R2-D2 had found the joke so hilarious, R2-D2 played it on his human.  He should have known that Jyn Erso did not have the intellectual capability to appreciate the joke the way R2-D2 had.  “I sent her a joke,” K-2SO reported.  “Perhaps she did not find it amusing.”

Cassian became very still.  “What joke?”

“I sent her an annoying song,” K-2SO explained.  When Cassian looked at him strangely, he elaborated, “The song is terrible, so it is amusing.”   Cassian continued to watch him with that odd look.  “Everyone else finds it amusing.”  K-2SO considered the truth of that statement before amending, “Except C-3PO.  But he is an inferior droid.  He cannot throw people across a room, either.”

Cassian shook his head once, blinked, and then asked, “Am I involved in the joke?”

“I told Jyn Erso that you wanted her to listen to it,” K-2SO explained.  “She might not have listened if it was from me.”

Cassian rubbed his hands over his face.  “What song, Kay?”

K-2SO searched his memory banks and selected the right file.  He picked up Cassian’s datapad, transferred the file, and then keyed the machine to play.  The obnoxious music started a moment later and K-2SO was treated to the look of horror on his human’s face as the singer crooned in the background: Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down…


Jyn, I’m sorry.  Kay tried to develop a sense of humor and it backfired.  No, that wouldn’t work.  Kay sent that message.  I’ll tell him not to message you again.  No…  It’s supposed to be a joke.  Kay was trying to be your friend.  He didn’t realize that song might have bad connotations for you.  He means well….  Cassian continued to discard potential apologies in his mind as he knocked on Jyn’s door.  He unfortunately hadn’t found a good one by the time the door slid open.  “Jyn.”

She swallowed as color appeared in her cheeks.  “Cassian.”

Neither of them said anything for several moments.  Each second clicking past felt like hours.  “Can we talk?”

Jyn stepped aside and let him into her room.  As he glanced around, he realized he hadn’t ever been inside her quarters – not since she moved to the instructor rooms in the training hall.  Despite the tiny room having a layout similar to his own, Jyn’s seemed lived in.  There was a 2D image printed on flimsy of Jyn and Bodhi tucked along the corner of the small mirror over the chest of drawers.  He recognized the ugly green blanket on the foot of the bed as one Kay had draped over Jyn one night when they were outside and she wouldn’t stop shivering (apparently Jyn had ‘forgotten’ to return it to the store rooms).  There was even a small basket with cleanly laundered clothes sitting on her desk chair.

“I know why you’re here,” Jyn said as the door slid shut behind them.

Cassian returned his attention to her.  “Jyn, I-”

“I’ve been avoiding you.”  A touch of nervousness crept into her voice.  

He didn’t know what to make of that.  “The song…” he started.

“Can I talk first?”  She asked, interrupting him again.  “Please.  I’m awful at this and if I don’t talk first, I won’t say it.”  When he fell silent, she took a deep breath and let it out slowly.  Jyn opened her mouth, somehow managed to turn redder, and then shut it again.  She hunched her shoulders, as if bracing herself for a hit.  “I feel the same way.”

That made zero sense.  “The same way.”

She nodded once.  “I…I’m not good with…” Jyn waved a hand in the air as if that made sense.  It didn’t.  There were many words that could be placed at the end of that sentence.  “I never thought you….  And I didn’t want to, to do anything to lose….” she waved a hand between them, looking slightly distressed.  “I…”

It occurred to him, suddenly, that he’d gotten the situation very, very wrong.  Jyn did not realize that the message was a joke.  Jyn was not, in fact, angry that he (or, technically, Kay) was insensitive.  She thought he meant it – that he was using (quite terrible) song lyrics to confess feelings for her.  Romantic feelings.

On his way to Jyn’s quarters, Cassian had thought this could not possibly get more awkward.

He had been wrong.

Because, of course, Cassian felt that way about her.  He just hadn’t planned on ever doing anything about it.  He had dozens of reasons for that decision – because Jyn could do better; because Jyn would never return those feelings; because it would make things awkward in their tiny group of friends; because…

“Jyn, I didn’t send you that song,” he forced the words past his teeth.  They hurt, but he had promised himself long ago that he would earn Jyn’s trust.  That he would be worthy of Jyn’s trust.  Lying to Jyn – again – would not promote trust.  “It’s a joke on base to send it to your friends.  Kay thought…” Jyn’s face was completely blank.  Stop talking, Andor.  You’re making it worse.  Just stop talking.  “Kay thought you were friends.  He doesn’t understand…human things.”  He saw her shoulders hunch up again.  In a moment, Cassian knew, her eyes would go feral, because Jyn thought he was rejecting her.  “But I do.”  He added quickly as he reached out to touch her arm.  He felt her flinch.  Cassian let his hand drop.  “Feel that way.  About you.”

Neither of them spoke.  

Cassian resisted the urge to study his boots.  He knew his face had to be redder than Jyn’s by now.  He could feel the blood rushing to it.   When he couldn’t take it any longer, he said, “Please say something.”

“I don’t understand.”  Jyn said.

“I didn’t send the song,” Cassian repeated.  "But I do feel that way.“

“Why didn’t you ever…” Jyn moved to wave her hand again.  He caught it in his.  Her eyes narrowed slightly, but she finished the sentence.   “Say anything?”

“Why didn’t you?”  He asked.

Jyn considered the tiles on the floor of her room.  “Because everyone always leaves.”

“I’m not going to leave,” Cassian said.  He let his fingers lace through hers.  After a moment of silence, he answered her question.  “I didn’t think you’d….”  When he trailed off, Jyn looked at their entwined hands, then back at him, daring him to finish the sentence.   “Want that,” he said.  “Want me.”

Jyn contemplated that.  “Oh.”  She was silent for a moment before adding, "I do.”  More silence.  Then, “Now what?”

“I don’t know.”  He answered honestly.  He didn’t exactly do relationships - not real ones.  Somehow, the games he played as Willix or Sward or Aach didn’t seem appropriate.  Not with Jyn.  He didn’t want to try to trick Jyn.

“Oh.”  Jyn said again.  She tilted her head to the side slightly and studied him.  Her gaze was intense; Cassian started to wonder what she was seeing.  He was distracted from the thought when he felt her free hand reach behind his head.  Her mouth brushed against his a moment later, almost feather light.  She moved away slightly and whispered, “Is this okay?”

How was that even a question?  “Yes,” Cassian replied.  “This is good.”

“Good,” Jyn said.  She kissed him again, properly this time.

The last thought Cassian had was that, later, he would need to thank Kay for trying to be Jyn’s friend.


Forever and a day ago, the discussion was - Jyn gets Rick Rolled, but doesn’t get the joke.  Instead, she really loves the song; she thinks it’s wonderful.

I don’t know why or how everyone lived.  They just did.

Okay then, I came up with this theory about why Sally is in prison.

I apologize for the lousy English, I tried to translate it the best I could but English is not my first language and nobody could help me ;n;

We know he’s accused of murder but we do not know who, what if he’s accused of Larry’s murder? In the first episode he said that he had lost contact with Larry after college, we know that this is a lie because he felt insecure (even hurt) to talk about Larry but he knew that if he told Doctor Anion and he went to the house tree would find Larry and could show evidence that he is innocent.

Why are the apartments abandoned? Maybe the demon and the cult began to kill more and more people until they reached a point where Mr. Addison decided to close, but Larry and Sally (maybe even Todd) kept seeing each other in the treehouse, we can see Which unlike the building, the tree house looks better, as if it had only been abandoned for a couple of years.

We certainly do not know Sally’s age at present (Steve refuses to say it as it would be a spoiler) and it’s hard even to guess for his prosthetic, but we can see that Larry’s ghost looks like someone older at age 20, he’s taller, his arms are stronger and has facial hair (he can be no more than 25 years old) which means that the boys kept in touch a few years after college.

Another thing, how does Larry’s ghost know Doctor Enon? My possible scenarios are:
A) Dr. Enon is Sally’s psychologist since maybe high school and that’s why Larry knows him
B) Larry and Sally somehow can communicate and that is why Larry is aware of the situation.
I think more about the second option.

Now with the ghosts issue, Todd had the theory that the ghosts were moving through the pipes, that’s why Megan is in the bathroom and Greg too, but what if the ghosts appear where they were killed? An example of this is Mrs. Sanderson who appears in the room of his department with the attacks that killed her, following this theory, Megan was murdered in the bathroom and having no visible wounds maybe drowned in the bathtub, Greg also Was murdered in the bathroom (but in Todd’s apartment) also has no visible wounds so maybe they drowned him in the toilet (??), Stacy in the room, more specifically on the mattress (maybe attacked while she was sleeping) And Larry in the tree house, he does not have any visible wounds, the only thing I can think of is that he was suffocated or speaking in a more paranormal context, he was simply robbed of his life. Also, remember when Sally asks Megan where she was, Megan said “she never left the place”.

Already making that clear my scenario is this:
Even after the building was shut down, the boys went on investigating, gathered in the treehouse and entered the building, but to a point they discovered something more murky as Larry said, “this whole thing is deeper than they thought,” They started to get into things that really surpassed their theories and the devil or even the sect knew that the boys were soon to reach the bottom and solve everything, they had to get rid of them and the solution? Killing Larry and blaming Sally, but why not kill both? With both dead they had nothing to worry about. My guess here is that Sally has some power, is the one chosen to free all the souls trapped in the building, the same Larry says it, by this “powers” it is possible that they can not hurt him.
So this was what happened: Sally and Larry were summoned in the treehouse to investigate further, Larry for some reason first came to the treehouse or was already there, then they attacked him and when Sally went up he found him dying or already dead, the first thing he could have done was to hold Larry in his arms, he was upset, sad, desperate, shouting at Larry to resist, then the police came and they saw him, a guy with a terrifying mask, screaming like crazy holding a body , obviously the cops thought the worst and captured him, or in other case they could kill Larry right in front of Sally. That would also explain why Larry knows that Sally is in prison, his ghost saw how they took him.

It would also explain why Sally’s phrase at the end of the first chapter, the doctor is (was) the only one who believed in his innocence since everyone else left him; Lisa even with how much she love him, she blames him for the murder of his son, Todd at some point leave or even also blame him for the death of Larry and then Larry is the only one who knows he is innocent but he can’t help him.

“I could care less.”

Pair: Peter Parker x Mexican!Reader, Reader’s mom briefly

Request: Anon - Can you write a one shot using “I could care less.” for Peter x Mexican!reader? :)

Warning: None

Word Count: 1086

P.S. ~ Sorry if the Spanish is wrong, I used Google Translate. To the anon I hoped you like it, but if you don’t sorry that it sucked. Tried my hardest.

Gif is NOT mine. Credit to the owner.

Originally posted by peter-and-mj

It was officially two days until the homecoming dance and you hadn’t found a date. It seemed like everyone had a date but you. Just as you flopped down on your bed, you heard a tapping on your window. As you looked to your window, you see your best friend Peter standing on the fire escape, with a black convenience store bag.

You sighed as you got up to let Peter in.

“Peter, you do realize it’s 11:30 on a Wednesday night?” You ask, plopping down on your bed.

“Yes, but I was in the neighborhood and I remember you looked really upset earlier, so I brought your favorite snacks.” He says, passing you the bag after taking out two chocolate bars.

“Really Peter, two chocolate bars.” You say, rolling your eyes and taking the bag from him.

“I know I would’ve gotten three but my Aunt May made lasagna earlier, so I’m still stuffed off that.” He says, plopping down beside you and taking a bite out of the chocolate bar.

“So besides that, what’s up with you?” He asks looking towards you, smirking.

Ugh, that smirk could kill, but it wasn’t like you liked him, I mean it was Peter, the boy you’ve seen do some very questionable things, and the boy you’ve grown up with since you two were nine years old. Then again, this is the same boy whose been by your side through every little thing. Ok, who were you kidding, you liked Peter, practically in love with him, but you knew he would never feel the same.

“Um… hello, Earth to Y/N.” You hear a familiar voice say, snapping you out of your thoughts.

“Oh… my bad, kind of got lost in my thoughts.” You say smiling awkwardly, stuffing chips in your mouth.

“O… K, now I really need to know, because your being weirder than usual.” He says laughing throwing the empty candy wrapper at you.

“It’s just Homecoming is in two days, and I don’t have a date, and I know it shouldn’t matter, but it does.” You say, a sigh releasing from your lips as, you stuffed another chip in your mouth.

“I would say, I would go with you but I could care less about school functions.” He says propping himself up on his elbows and looking at you. “So, how about we go out by ourselves, I mean it’s probably going to be totally lame anyway.”

“Peter but…” You try to say only to get cut off by him.

“No buts, we’re going to spend the weekend together.” He says, smiling.

After various minutes of arguing whether to go to homecoming or not, Peter had finally convinced you not to go.

It was finally Saturday, and you were dressed and waiting on Peter, who was now an hour late. You decided maybe he had stopped somewhere, but after another thirty minutes of waiting you’d given up and laid down on your bed, face first into the pillows. Only to look up, when you heard your door being opened.

“Pensé que ibas a salir con Peter hoy. (I thought you were going out with Peter today.)” Your mom says coming in the room and sitting on your bed.

“Él me levantó. (He stood me up.)” You say turning over and moving the hair from your face to look at her, “Mamá, voy a estar solo por el resto de mi vida.”
“No your not, maybe he’s just getting somethings for the date.” She says smiling.
“Mamá, en primer lugar, esto no iba a ser una cita y en segundo lugar es una hora y cuarenta y cinco minutos de retraso. (Mom, first of all, this was not going to be a date and second is an hour and forty-five minutes late.)” You say letting a sigh slip from your lips.
“Fine, whatever but you’re not going to sit here and feel sorry for yourself.” She says, getting up and heading towards the door. “Come and help me cook.”

You let out what seems like the fiftieth sigh today, and follow her to the kitchen. Ten minutes after helping your mother cook, the doorbell rang.

“Mi hija, go answer the door.” You mom says, placing the chicken in the oven.

When you open the door, you see Peter “THE DORK” Parker standing there with your favorite flowers.

“Before you say anything, I know it may seem like I forgot but I was tied up.” He says, giving a sorrowful smile.

“Whatever” You say grabbing the flowers, and gesturing for him to come in, before taking the flowers to the kitchen.

“Mi hija, who’s at the door?” Your mom asks, as you walk in to the kitchen, only to get her answer, when she sees Peter trailing behind you.

“Oh Peter!! See I told you he didn’t stand you up and he brought you flowers.” Your mom says taking the flowers from you. “You two go in the living room, I’ll make you two some snacks.”

Making it into the living room you both plop down on the couch after putting a movie in.

You and Peter were now on movie number 3, waiting for the movie to start, Peter broke the uncomfortable silence between you two.

“Listen Y/N, I’m sorry I was late, but I was really busy, but I just want you to know that I would never stand you up.” He says before looking down, only to continue, “I uh…um… I like you, and I had this whole elaborate plan on how I was going to tell you, and give you this.”

He then pulls out a necklace from his pocket and hands it to you. It was beautiful, lord only knows how he could afford it.

“IT TOOK YOU THIS LONG TO ASK ME TO BE YOUR GIRLFRIEND!!” You yell with excitement and laughing, before jumping on him and giving him the longest, most heartfelt hug.

“Well, I mean I didn’t know if you liked me back, but then Ned convinced me to come clean.” He says laughing, and wrapping his arms around you.

“Remind me to give him the biggest hug.” You say, putting the necklace on, and smiling at him as you laid together on the couch, with his left arm wrapped around you and the other caressed your arm, as he peppered kisses along your face stopping when he got to your lips only to smile like an idiot.

“Just kiss me already, weirdo.” You say, before you feel his lips meet yours.

And in this moment with his lips pressed against yours, with his arm wrapped around you, you felt safe, it felt magical. Homecoming could never beat this. THIS was special.

maria-avatagne  asked:

💬 Maria

“Lady Maria is already quite an accomplished hostess from what I have seen. She has a gift for guiding a conversation and a dignity that cannot be denied. She has no trouble on the dance floor from what I have observed, I should not mind taking a turn with her myself. I have not had as much opportunity to speak with her as I have her sister, something I shall have to rectify, but it seems she and Lord Chastain get along quite well. I daresay they are smelling of springtime. I expect to read news of something soon.”