i tried to sync them i rly did but the laughs


A/N: Quick drabble about how the Season 4 kiss we’re all speculating probably won’t go down. But it’d still be cute, and hey–we can dream. I want to believe that they’ve maintained a relationship throughout the first three seasons, but if not… C’mon, there’s bound to be tooth-rotting awkwardness taking place. Like bumping noses, maybe? ;)


It was as if gravity, the very force that Hiccup would constantly defy alongside Toothless, was now working in his favor. It pulled them together, pushed them closer toward each other’s directions, drew them into one another’s arms–

And it’s only during the moments that they finally, finallyreach each other that Hiccup realizes that it always has been.

In spite of the fact that he so often travels massive distances on the back of his dragon, he’s been tethered to Astrid in the same way he is to Berk. Though their individual aspirations may have caused their hearts to stray in the past, it was their hearts themselves that never truly faltered in the face of distance and time (or lack thereof) and… and ambition.

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dating im jaebum would include...

lol i’m avoiding outlining my markjin fic bc idk how to write so here we go enjoy fam 

- meeting in a fairly average setting like a party or coffee shop but having something really out of the ordinary happen, like the cops showing up so you have to run away together and walk an hour to get home or your coffees getting mixed up and you both drinking them before you realize it so you naturally have to sit down together and find out what happened to the other person for them to have such horrendous taste in bean drinks 

- probably just hanging out in friends/more-than friends limbo for a while because he’s pretty guarded and doesn’t know how he feels about u yet but one day you don’t answer his texts for a few hours bc ur out with ur family and he realizes how lonely he is w/o talking to you and the next time he sees u he takes ur face in his hands and kisses the life outta u and tells u how much he likes u and bam ur dating wow took u long enough wtffff 

- lots of prolonged silences while you’re hanging out but not really awkward ones just periods of times where you just enjoy being close to each other and don’t feel like you need to use words to show it 

- him telling you he doesn’t like american food but scarfing down every meal you make for him bc he just rly loves the eats man 

- not a ton of PDA?? he likes to hold your hand and occasionally kiss your temple but he mostly just saves his affection for when you get home and he can pull you into his lap and give you kisses in places he knows you’re ticklish bc he’s a freaking troll & likes to see you giggle :3 

“jagi… are you wearing my underwear to bed again” 

- him singing in the shower really rEALLY LOUDLY AT 7 AM and you going into the bathroom to drag his ass but he starts singing to you and using the shampoo as a mic and he looks like such an idiot you can’t help but join him bc you can always come in w/ the hella harmonies just be careful jyp might try to recruit you if you don’t keep that shit on lock 

- LOTS OF SELFIE SENDING /// maybe a nood or two if one of you asks you are just very beautiful people and like to remind each other every 30 minutes ok (as if you needed to) 

- giving each other piggy backs bc you love to feel so high off the ground but you also love to feel his face nuzzled into your neck so you make do and alternate 

- going out clubbing w/ ur friends and while everyone else is just jamming out hardcore you guys are dancing on each other in the least gross but still most sensual way possible and everyone else is feelin’ some type of way bc you guys are always in sync like how often do you practice are you teaching classes soon 

- him taking your picture on stage with him during every performance for good luck and smiling when he feels it in his pocket 

- stressful days when he needs to be alone for a few hours so he doesn’t blow up and take it out on you before coming home and collapsing into your lap and you holding him close and rubbing his back and waiting until you feel his breathing return to normal before asking if he wants to talk about it

- giving each other small but meaningful gifts for birthdays/anniversaries like a necklace with your first picture together inside or a hand-written letter or a nice bottle of lube idk use your imagination presents are hard ok

- spontaneous beach trips!!! except you guys go to smaller ones in early spring at the break of dawn when no one is there and it’s cold and windy and you can walk around fully clothed collecting sea shells together like the lovely old couple you are 

- “jaebum take your hand off my thigh we are at dinner with my parents omg”

- holding each other for a really long time before he leaves for a trip and you both trying to hold your tears in bc you want to remember each other happy and then looking back & seeing the other members crying their eyes out so now everyone is losing their shit and they’re about to miss their flight wow good going you dweebuses 

- watching every episode of the simpsons with him and just breaking down and buying him the first 10 seasons or something bc you secretly love it plus you’re tired of trying to find this shit online pop ups are murder 

- really fast but really good sexy time before he goes to practice but you always lose track of time so yugyeom and jackson are waiting outside like dude we happy for u but pls put ur underwear on we ggtgtggtgtgtgtg 

- at one of his concerts; random person: oh who’s your bias?? mine’s jb :) you: oh that’s cool, mine’s bambam

- the other members keeping a tally of how many times he does his big loud jb laugh around you and losing track bc it happens so often and they’re really happy about that they love seein their papa too joyful to keep it inside 

- lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of “babe i’m running late where did i put my socks last night?” and “how do you say this in (each other’s language)” and “didn’t the guys do such a good job tonight?” and “this ramen tastes a little funny are you su- okay well this is 10 weeks old” and  “can you zip my dress up?” and “i’m so proud of you baby” and “alright nora come on up and snuggle with us” and “when are you coming home i miss you” and “oh my god i love this episode!” and “jagi how did you get so beautiful” and “oo i’ve never tried this food before” and “i know i don’t say it enough but i love you more than anything”

- looking at a picture you guys took when you first met and thinking about how much you’ve grown together and shared with each other and remembering the time you almost burned the house down making spaghetti and the time you stayed up all night learning the lyrics to random rap songs and the time you held hands even though you were upset with each other because you didn’t want each other to think you hated them and the time you bought him a cactus and spent 30 minutes pulling pricks out of his arm when he accidentally backed into it and the time you forgot to call him when you got home and he ran to your house to make sure you were okay and know that this boy is a beautiful, selfless, warm, hilarious, and complete and total idiot and you love him more than anything on this planet earth and probably anywhere else in the universe too but don’t get his hopes up you never know

- goodnight and goodbye i am in pain bless jb 5ever and ever