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Poe Dameron/ Reader

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Words: 1,659

Summary: You grow sick and tired as you watch Poe do most of the mission by himself. “Stay with the ship,” he says to you while you roll your eyes into oblivion. You can’t bite your tongue any longer.

Prompt: can you do a poe dameron x reader where they get paired up on another mission but Poe always leaves them to watch the ship (like K2 in rogue) and the reader is sick of it so they argue . But later in the mission while the reader waits, Poe gets in trouble and the readers saves poe. ”Leaving me behind all the time doesn’t exactly scream ‘part of the team’.”

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Author’s note: We back in this bitch, y’all! College has got a tight ass grip on me so requests are taking a bit longer than expected. This was fun to write and I feel like it teaches an important lesson. Reading a fic AND learning? WHO NEEDS SCHOOL? (please go to school)

What’s the point on aiding Poe in missions when it always ends with you watching over the ship as Poe rescues the day?

Don’t get yourself wrong, you know you are competent and highly qualified to lead an entire squadron into enemy territory and come out successful. You know you are strongest in hand-to-hand combat and have a pretty accurate aim. You wonder if Poe ever sees that in you but there is never an opportunity to bring it up. All your emotions just get stored away and you open them back up as you wait for him to get back.

But once you watch Poe exit out the ship and turn back to you, you stop him from saying the inevitable.

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Q & A with Kenpachi

As requested by destructiondragonslayer. :)

1. destructiondragonslayer said: Do you have an Ichigo body pillow?

Kenpachi: Huh?

Kenpachi: Look, I haven’t killed Ichigo, and even if I had, I certainly wouldn’t turn his body into a pillow!

Kenpachi: What kind of weirdo do you think I am?

[frantic Yumichika whispering!]


Kenpachi: A body pillow is what?

2. ninjaeyecandy said: How long do you spend on your hair in the morning? (And seriously, couldn’t that time be better spent fighting?) / theoriginalbackup said: How long did it take you to style your hair and put the bells in? / anisahmajeed said: What’s with the hair, Kenny? / miu27 said: How important is your hair to you? / lightblade97 said: Does Yachiru put bells in your hair or do u do it urself?

Kenpachi: So you guys are obsessed with my hair, huh?

Kenpachi: Takes a while to put the bells on. I do it myself mostly, ‘cause it takes longer if Yachiru 'helps.’

Kenpachi: And so what if takes a long time? Bells made my fights better! I’ll go to any lengths to make my fights better!

3. mlunamoore said: Ken-chaaaan! What would you do if you were mobbed by fangirls? XD

Kenpachi: Well, that depends.

Kenpachi: What sort of weapons do they have?

4. lanithanai said: What do you love the most in the world besides fighting?

Kenpachi: Most besides fighting?

Kenpachi: Yachiru. Definitely Yachiru.

5. coolrenji said: How easy was it to kill the prior Kenpachi, Kiganjō? Would you count it as a “good fight” or was it too easy?

Kenpachi: Way too easy.

Kenpachi: I expected more from a Kenpachi!

6. captain-zaraki said: Would you rather fight Ichigo Kurosaki or have a fight that lasts forever?

Kenpachi: Fight Ichigo, of course!

Kenpachi: A fight that lasts forever? That would mean that at a certain point me 'n’ my opponent would level off, find ourselves evenly matched.

Kenpachi: That sounds boring.

7. clumsydays said: What do you think of Unohana? ;) / head-case said: Did you ever have a thing for Captain Unohana? / secretninja312 said: So…does your feelings for Unohana go deeper than just wanting to fight her? / soulless-and-bloodstained said: did you love unohana?

Kenpachi: Deeper than wanting to fight her?

Kenpachi: Unohana and I were looking for the perfect opponent.

Kenpachi: We found it in each other!

Kenpachi: What’s deeper than that? 

8. vickylellis said: What would ya do if ya discovered that one of your subordinates has a kido type zampakuto?

Kenpachi: Why the hell should I care?

Kenpachi: If he can fight with it, then we’re good!

Kenpachi: Why?

9. kliudom said: did you and unohana talk at all after you joined the gotei 13 or did she just ignore you?

Kenpachi: Hey, I tried talking to her!

Kenpachi: And by “talking”, I of course mean “fighting.”

Kenpachi: But she totally blew me off! Refused to fight me!

Kenpachi: So I figured she’d attack me when she was good and ready.

Kenpachi: I could wait.

10. reyescazador said: What’s it like to have a Zanpakuto bigger than Ichigos? I mean come on

Kenpachi: I can’t wait 'til he sees it!

Kenpachi: He’ll never be able to resist when he sees my giant sword!!

11. justanotheremptywish said: Why do you keep on insisting to fight Ichigo? Is this some kind of fetish?

Kenpachi: Huh? A festish?

Kenpachi: I just know it’ll be fun!

Kenpachi: We both keep getting new powers!

Kenpachi: We gotta fight again!

12. jannatlf said: Have you ever tried to jingle to the tune of a a song with your hair bells?

Kenpachi: Yeah, once.

Kenpachi: Yachiru was trying to win some sort of candy commercial competition.

Kenpachi: Turns out the company didn’t want me as the face of their candy.

Kenpachi: For some reason.

13. thekisc said: Do you regret killing Unohana? / cute-assassin29 said: Do u still feel a little guilty about Unohana death?

Kenpachi: I never feel guilty about killing a fellow warrior.

14. otakudesu07 said: Why are you rivals wth Byakuya?

Kenpachi: 'Cause that stuffy noble needs to learn how to let go!

Kenpachi: I know he secretly loves to fight - I can smell it on him!

Kenpachi: But he lets his own prissiness get in the way!

Kenpachi: I’m trying to help the guy.

15. anat-astarte said: Kenpachi! How do you feel about Tsukishima being Byakuya’s first for showing him the thrill of the crazy fighting instead of you??






Request: From a lovely anon: Hi! First off I want you to know that your stories are AMAZING. I lost count of the times I read and reread them. So fluffy and perfect! Second, can I request a fic based on the song Cheerleader (Felix Jaehn Remix) by OMI. The song fits Dean, in my honest opinion. You write the best fluff stories. :) Thank you!

As always: don’t hesitate to drop me a line; to tell me my stories are awesome, or if you have an idea for me, or just to say hi. I love hearing from you guys.

Word count: 2567

Dean sat slumped over the table, gripping his bottle tight. His eyes were empty and emotionless, which usually meant that his mind was far from void of emotions; filled with turmoil and struggles.

“Hey, darling,” Y/N said softly and hopped up on the table, dangling her legs over the edge.

“Hey,” he replied, not taking his eyes off the bottle.

“You OK?” She already knew it was a stupid question before she asked. Dean wasn’t OK. He had so many demons battling inside his head it was a wonder he didn’t just implode. He didn’t answer.

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