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Valentine’s Day

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A/N- So I thought I’d make a little preference type thing to to celebrate this holiday of capitalist love. Happy Valentine’s Day guys. I hope it’s filled with lots of love, but if not, I will totally be your valentine.

Scott: Scott sets up a romantic dinner for the two of you…or at least he tries. He dims the lights, lights some candles, and tries to make your favorite food, but he’s not the best cook. He ends up burning dinner, but you don’t mind, and the night ends with you ordering takeout and curling up under a blanket with each other and a plate of dumplings. 

Stiles: Stiles goes all out. He gets you one of those enormous teddy bears, fills your locker with red and pink balloons, and gives you a box full of mini Reese’s hearts. The whole thing is just a little overwhelming, and while you’re grateful, he realizes it might have been a little too much, and you both end up wrapped in each other on his couch, cuddling as the opening credits of Star Wars begin to roll across his TV.

Liam: This is Liam’s first Valentine’s Day with a girlfriend. He feels a little out of his league, but at least he knows what you like, and he has Stiles and Scott to guide him. He invites you over and has your favorite movie, candy and a fluffy stuffed animal all waiting for you. You end up throwing popcorn at each other, which turns into a full on food fight, and then a play-fight, and suddenly he’s on top of you, kissing you right there and then. 

Isaac: Isaac is a pretty simple guy, in the best way, so his plan for the night would naturally be simple too. You stop at a convenient on the edge of town for snacks, and he takes you out to Lookout Point to watch the sunset. After everything goes dark, you sit in the dark, curled up against him, and watching as the glowing lights of Beacon Hills shine before you. For something so simple and sweet, it’s probably the best Valentine’s Day you’ve ever had.

Derek: He misses it. You know he’s off with Braeden, and while he’s trying to help her, you can’t help but be a little jealous. When he shows up at the door of the loft with a full bouquet of red roses as an apology the next day, you end up jumping into his arms. Not just because of the flowers, but also because he had been gone for a month, and, as you would learn later, chained up in some hunter’s basement for three days. He swears you can do something big and romantic, but you’re just happy to have him back. The two of you spend the night in the loft, catching up on everything you missed while he was gone.

Theo: He tries everything he can to win you over. After Liam brought him back, you wouldn’t say a word to him. It was understandable, considering he had lied about working with the Dread Doctors and used you to get into the pack. What he never expected was to fall in love with you, and now that he seemed to have a second chance, he knew he had to make the day special for you. He gives you roses, chocolate, and even personally delivers them to your homeroom and makes a speech. You roll your eyes, not in the mood, but at the end of the day, he catches you by yourself. Hearing him spill his guts to you almost makes you feel sorry for him-almost-and eventually you can’t listen to him begging for you back anymore. “Fine,” you say. “One date. But if you try to kill me, you’re not getting a third chance.”

Allison: You spend the night in her apartment and exchange gifts, and much to your surprise, yours is a very sharp knife. “I know you wanted to learn to protect yourself,” she tells you. “I was thinking I could start training you. Only if you want to, of course.” You grin in delight and throw your arms around her. You’ve been begging her to teach you forever, and you can’t think of any better way to spend Valentine’s Day than sparring with your girlfriend.

Lydia: You take each other shopping. You try on different outfits, dresses, and lingerie, and at the end of the day, you treat each other to your favorite picks, some of which you will definitely be using later that night. 

Malia: She takes you out for a romantic hike in the woods. You’ve always thought of hiking as sweaty and filled with bugs, but with Malia by your side, she makes it something beautiful. You find a peaceful spot in the woods and sit down to have a picnic, surprising her with both deer and pizza, a gift that causes her to break into a grin and yank your lips onto hers. You leave the preserve just before sunset, because she’s not about to keep you out there at night. She drives off with her hand in yours, watching in her rear view mirror as the sun dips below the horizon.

Kira: Kira orders a pizza, and you promise you’ll do the rest. You eat and then take her out to an abandoned parking lot at the edge of Beacon Hills, and that’s when you pull out a bag of fireworks. What the Dread Doctors did to her has left her feeling out of control, and you figure this is the perfect way to cheer her up, to show her she can use her powers for something beautiful. She lights them up herself, and the two of you watch as they go shooting off into the night sky in a shower of sparks. Kira pulls you closer, and she whispers in your ear as you watch the pyrotechnics fly. “This is what being with you feels like all the time…fireworks.” You know it’s cheesy, but you can’t help leaning forward to kiss her, because you feel the exact same way. 

making out with Ethan would include....

requested: yes

anon: making out with ethan would include???? tysm

⇉ make out sessions with him would probably start with one quick kiss, and then turn into something more

⇉ lots of lip biting

⇉ him mumbling i love you between kisses

⇉ pulling on his hair

⇉ lots of giggles

⇉ butt squeezes

⇉ hickeys everywhere !!!

⇉ which would probably make you squeal

⇉ “god you’re so beautiful,”

⇉ tracing his jaw with kisses

⇉ running your hands over his abs

⇉ him squeezing your boobs

⇉ watching his face go red when you moan at first but then he’d get more confident knowing you were enjoying as much as he was.

⇉ make out sessions with ethan would probably be super fast pace

⇉ him eagerly slipping your shirt off to see you in your bra

⇉ him not being able to get enough of you

⇉ him pulling away for a second just to examine your face and call you beautiful for the millionth time

a/n – LOL this was requested forever ago. i hope it was good lmao i tried

caramelmachete  asked:

Thanks for the ask. I'll send you a medical prompt. "Stop it - you're limping" and any two of your favorite batfam members.

Thanks for the prompt! It’s so hard to pick my two favourite Bats, I love them all so much. But I went with Tim and Dami for this one…

Robin is swinging from the next roof over when the warehouse blows up. The force of the blast hits his back and the added momentum rushes his landing. He hits the concrete hard, foot catching on the edge of the roof before he tumbles into a messy roll.


Dick’s panicked voice is immediately in his ear. “I’m fine,” Damian automatically replies, but when he tries to push himself up he can’t help groaning. His ankle throbs painfully, collapsing under his weight and he ends up sprawled on the rooftop once more.

There’s a muffled thump as someone makes a much smoother landing, then Red Robin’s voice echoes behind him as well as in his ear. “I’ve got him, Batman, stay on the targets.”

Of all the Bats who had to come to his “rescue”… Damian’s teeth bare in a silent snarl and he rolls over to push himself up once more. He makes it to a standing position this time and after a second of teetering, he’s able to shift his weight to his left leg and maintain a stable stance.

“Are you alright?” Drake asks, taking a few cautious steps closer.

Damian steps back, unable to help wincing when it requires putting weight on his injured ankle. “I already said I was fine,” he snaps.

Red Robin tilts his head, still moving closer. “Then how come you look like you’re in pain?”

“A symptom of being in your presence,” Damian sneers, glancing over his shoulder to calculate the angle and distance necessary to get to the next building. Another quick step backwards elicits an involuntary hiss.

“Robin, stop it - you’re limping.”

“No I’m not!”

Drake makes a frustrated sound and grabs his arm. “For God’s sake Damian stay still. You’re just going to make it worse.”

They both freeze at the slip. Damian recovers first, pivoting on one foot to try and brake the hold on his arm. But Red Robin moves with him, twisting Damian’s arm behind his back and pinning him against his chest.

“I will knock you out,” Drake warns. “If you don’t sit down and accept medical assistance right now, I will knock you out and drag you back to the Cave and tell Alfred you passed out from the pain of trying to continue to patrol on a busted ankle.”

Damian snarls, struggling against the older boy’s hold. He tries to kick back, forgetting for a second why he’s standing on one foot, and pain explodes along his leg. He cries out and Drake’s arm tightens around his chest, holding him upright when he doubles over.

“Are you done now?” The older boy asks mildly. Damian tries to growl and it comes out as a groan instead. But he doesn’t protest as Drake lowers him to the ground and begins tugging off his boot, only hissing when he begins to gently prod the rapidly swelling ankle.

“Well, the good news is that it’s not broken,” Red Robin reports, sitting back on his heels and glancing up at Damian. “Bad news is that it’s definitely twisted and Alfred is definitely going to bench you.”

Damian scowls. “I don’t need to be benched. I’m fine.”

He can’t see through the white lenses of Red Robin’s cowl, but his tone makes it clear he’s rolling his eyes. “Right. Of course you are. Now are you gonna let me help you limp back to the cave or should I call Batman or Red Hood to come and carry you?”

Damian grits his teeth and accepts Drake’s help. It is, after all, less humiliating than the alternative.

valentines day mason/corey ♡(˘▿˘ʃƪ)
  • mason staying up all night and making a mess in the kitchen as he tries to make a perfectly heart-shaped cookies
  • half of them are burnt but ‘’they’re okay, i guess. i’ll just splash the red icing over’’
  • mason being late to school because he made sure to place cookies in the small box carefully not to break them
  • mason drawing a heart on the box and nothing else because it would be too much
  • even though he wanted to put ‘c + m’ in the heart
  • getting nervous as he approached the classroom, doubting his cookies
  • corey appearing in front of mason with a relieved look on his face
  • ‘’oh my god you need to stop doing that!’’
  • ‘’where were you? i searched the whole school! i thought something happened. i even sent josh to look for you!’’
  • mason handing the box over to corey with a loosey grin ‘’i was busy. you almost made me drop it and i put a lot of effort in it.’’
  • corey practically squealing as he opens the box and sees the cookies
  • corey enthusiastically dragging mason to his locker, clutching the box close to his chest ‘’open it.’’
  • mason raising an eyebrow but opening his locker, a smile spreading on his face as he takes out a bouqet of white roses ‘’did you break my locker to put these in?’’
  • ‘’no. tracy did.’’
  • mason knowing that they both tried to keep it subtle but also knowing that white roses mean a secret promise between the giver and the recipient and his burnt cookies were shaped like hearts which speaks on it’s own and he knows that all of this is pathetically romantic but it’s right


  • mason and corey skipping the first class to sit outside, eat cookies and make flower crowns out of roses

anonymous asked:

I'm so sorry to bother you, but my heart is aching for some High Justice headcannons with Kitt. What would Kitt be like if McCree were near fatally wounded keeping her safe during a mission? I was just itching to send this, I'm sorry to take up your time.

You’re not bothering me at all doll face! I love High Justice so much ♥

  • McCree knows how strong and capable Kitt is, but she’s still his little princess. In the heat of battle, he’s looking over at her to make sure she’s in one piece.
  • But she doesn’t see the man off to the side, and McCree lunges towards his daughter on instance just as the man pulls the trigger.
  • Kitt only feels her dad collide into her, knocking them both to the ground. She’s yelling, before he rolls away from her and finishes off the man she didn’t see before. Looking back to her father, he holds one hand to the side of his body, red seeping through his fingers. 
  • “Dad, you’re hurt.”
  • Panic. Pure, unbridled panic but she swallows it down. Already she’s dragging him to cover as he’s doing his best to reassure her and calm her down.
  • “This ain’t nothing, Kitt. Promise I’ve had far worst. Just keep breathing steady, okay princess?”
  • Her mind is focused only on finding a healer. Losing her control won’t help anything, but the backlash of her conscience screaming at her for being so reckless, for letting her dad take the fall.
  • She gets Mercy to him in no time, and McCree is doing his best to wipe the blood away now that he’s no longer actually bleeding out. Mindful that his daughter is doing her best to find the trembling in her hands. 
  • After the mission completes, he pulls her into a hug, letting her shaking form finally feel small and like a child but knowing he’s at least safe. 

anonymous asked:

Riley is the type bake pink cupcakes for Lucas but ends up eating them all because she couldn't resist herself abdjsksksk

FJKDAF i could definitely see this like she spends all afternoon making them and then she just eats them and when lucas comes over she tries to act like she definitely Did Not just eat all of the cupcakes but then after about ten minutes, lucas just can’t hold it back anymore and is like “riley you have pink frosting on your lip” and she just turns BRIGHT RED while lucas laughs fondly at her because he’s not even mad that she ate the cupcakes because she’s just So Cute 

and then they spend the rest of the evening making more cupcakes and end up lowkey having a food fight and getting distracted 900 times because that’s who they are and they’re just laughing the entire time because they’re NERDS 

god this just made me so emo they’re so cute!!!!! they’re such precious nerds!!!! i love them!!!!!! 

A Silent Affair (GOT7 Jackson; Big Bang T.O.P Scenario) - Chapter 1

Request: please do a fic where you’re dating Jackson from got7 but T.O.P from Big Bang is in love with you and you have a affair (though why would anyone want to cheat on someone as amazing as Jackson) and the rest is completely up to you :D can you please make it romantic/fluffy but also rip my heart out and make me cry? I love your blog so so much, much love <3 sorry for my bad eng haha - Anon

A/N: Hey, loverly! Sorry this took as long as it did. But here is chapter one to your request!! Have Red and I mentioned how excited we are over writing this? I hope it turns out as heart-ripping and romantically fluffy as you hoped for!! ~ Admin Silver

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 1,493

Summary: Sometimes relationships go south. The worst of the worst happens. Sometimes things just…fall apart.

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high-lady-aelin-fireheart  asked:

Bellarke + they're always hanging out together and they're just good friends, but everyone thinks they're together and the surprise when they announce they finally are, so everyone is like "you weren't together before?" Bonus if it involves them getting caught making out by their entire friend group.

Thanks so much for this prompt!! I loved writing it. :)

[AO3] [FFN]

Clarke’s not exactly sure when they became friends. Sometime, she thinks, between that time they had a screaming argument about a Harry Potter plot point and that time they conspired together to get Miller and Monty to go out with each other, already.

But while she’s not sure when their friendship started, she knows the exact moment it solidified into something that was going to stick.

Four months ago, Bellamy showed up at the apartment she shared with Octavia and Raven, eyes glassy and cheeks red. He tried to make excuses to leave when he found out both his sister and Raven were out. But she had taken one look at him and proceeded to bundle him onto their admittedly crappy couch with one of her own pillows and an afghan while she made him her dad’s vegetable soup.

“You forgot the salt,” he had grumbled, but he ate the entire bowl in a matter of minutes before wriggling down on the couch and falling asleep with his head in her lap. After resisting for a couple moments, she had given in and started combing her fingers through his hair while he snored quietly, little puffs of breath warming her belly when he snuggled closer in his sleep.

Since that day, things between them have been different.

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  • Friend: So let me get this straight...you're into this prince who betrayed this girl by making her fall in love with him, and trust him, and believe that he was on her side...then he told her that his brother was in love with her too, and would always choose her, even over his duties, and then he betrayed his brother as well because he has daddy issues, and also because his mom is a control freak. Then the said prince tried to make an example of his brother and the girl by publicly executing them. And he did all this not because he is cunning and evil, but because he is a whiny little bitch who happens to have a cunning and evil mother?
  • Me: Basically.