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Hey I read your "Mc's Dad wanna talk" you are awesome...!!! Can you please Do RFA+Saeran+V meeting MC's parents who are protective of MC and couldn't trust the boys easily..

thank you so much!!

for those wondering which HC this anon is talking about, it’s here


  • as if he wasn’t already nervous enough
  • hearing the conversation MC was having with her parents over the phone a day before the meeting gave him soooo much anxiety
  • “It’s okay dad, I promise, Yoosung’s a great boyfriend. You’ll love him”
  • *indecipherable yelling*
  • “MOM! WILL YOU CALM DOWN? I’m not moving to another country.. I just want to move in with Yoosung.”
  • *more yelling*
  • “Oh my god, we’ll talk about this tomorrow. See you guys. Yea, love you. Bye.”
  • MC was rolling her eyes but Yoosung, this poor bb was freaking out
  • “Don’t worry, they’re just being overprotective- hey, are you okay? You’re sweating”


  • “MC do your parents think I’m a bad guy?”
  • “No.”
  • “Do they hate me already?”
  • “.. no”
  • “Do you think they’ll make me cut my hair-”
  • “Jesus Zen, it’s 3am. It’ll be alright. They’ll love you when they see you tomorrow, I promise.”
  • *the next day*
    • sorry idk what to put so^^ that’s what i’m going with
  • “Nice to meet you too…”
  • *pulls MC to a side*
  • “Honey, why are his eyes bloodshot? And why is he sweating? Did he not sleep last night.. what kinda of job does he have?!”
  • “He was too busy worrying about his impression on you two to sleep.”
  • this is Zen, probably:


  • she was sooooo stiff and cold
  • her hands were literal icicles that claimed to have fingers
  • “Greetings, I am Jaehee Kang, 26 years old, working at C&R International as the Chief Secretary.”
  • whoa whoa whoa what was that? it’s like she’s writing her CV
  • “Uh, yes, nice to meet you too”
  • MC’s parents are low key shook but also kinda like ????? okay so she’s a good person, check. a little strange but still formal so.. check. seems to have a legit career with good insight for her future, check.
  • after the dinner Jaehee was dead beat. She was speaking like a robot for the entire night and if that doesn’t tire you out well… you’re probably not human
  • “How do you think it went, Jaehee?”
  • sneak peek into Jaehee’s current state:


  • strict parents? no problemo
  • his own were a couple of crazy oldies
  • just gotta be polite
  • show them what u got
  • be formal with language
  • considerate, responsible, understanding, caring, loving
  • just gotta show them all these traits in 1 nIGHT
  • ok now he’s a little like OMG HYPERVENTILATING
  • “Jumin, you’ll be fine, just act like you normally do”
  • “So.. i can order people around and take Eliza-”
  • “right sorry”
  • someone send help he’s going to be expressionless the entire time
  • MC’s parents low key think he might have problems with his face muscles
  • but since he’s the next CEO of C&R… it’s okay
  • his background will make sure that he can’t do anything bad to MC without getting caught by the media


  • he’s whining like a baby
  • “I’ll go under one condition”
  • “that is?”
  • -_-
  • when he actually has dinner though he’s really well behaved
  • acts like a real gentleman
  • “Seven, why can’t you be like this at home too?”
  • SEVEN IS JUST STARING AT MC like duude what did we promise earlier
  • and MC’s eyes open wide upon realization at the statement she just made
  • oops i guess? haha .-.


  • MC can’t find him
  • he literally disappeared from her sight
  • after 2 hours of frantically searching their house
  • Saeran was hiding behind the laundry basket
  • “Saeran, we have to go, dinner’s at six”
  • he looks at MC with the puppiest of puppy eyes 
  • his lips a quivering, tugging at his sleeves nervously
  • who could say no to this little baby potato
  • “..fine, we’ll meet them another time. I’ll cancel the dinner-”
  • “NO”
  • what???
  • “… I’ll go.. I don’t want them to think I’m a bad boy afterall”
  • MC is beaming and all smiles omfg this boy is so precious what did she do to deserve him


  • he wasn’t scared of anything
  • not losing his sight or fighting bad guys or snakes like rika
  • but there was one thing he absolutely hated
  • confronting others
  • hear me out ok ya boi V here is a sweetheart who needs to be protected
  • but he gets blamed for almost everything that ever happens and homie please
  • this boy needs a break
  • so when MC tells him that she wants him to meet her strict parents who probably do not appreciate the fact that he can’t see shit
  • it scares him a little more than you’d think
  • like straight up he just doesn’t say anything for the entire ride to the dinner
  • he tries to gather his thoughts on how to act normal but his shaking hands say otherwise
  • he’s still polite though, during the dinner and all
  • after dinner: “Jihyun! look at this text my mom sent”
  • [He’s a keeper, honey~]

I hope that was okay :D

BTW yas i got 2 requests done today and it ain’t even 10pm (might sneak another one in before i sleep so look out for it!!)

~Cherry L.

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Teen Wolf Imagine- The Worst Day Ever

Today was defiantly not your day. You woke up, strangely without your boyfriend lying next to you. You sat up to see the alarm clock, shit you were an hour late for school. There was a note on the bedside table, you read it and couldn’t help but scoff, ‘Your lazy ass wouldn’t wake up, if you’re late there’s a fake doctors note on the kitchen table, love Isaac x’ You jumped out of bed and brushed your teeth. It wasn’t long until you realised you left your bag of clean clothes along with your hairbrush at home. Just great, you pulled out one of Isaac’s flannel shirts that he doesn’t wear, rather than going with the alternative of a V-neck and cardigan. You quickly pulled on a pair of black leggings you left in his wardrobe and a pair of white converse. You barley had enough time to comb your hair with Isaac’s old one, your hair wasn’t too bad but it wasn’t particularly good. You grabbed your purse, not worrying about breakfast. Which was a stupid idea because you not only had to walk all the way to school on an empty stomach but you also forgot to get the note, earning you an hour detention on Friday. You had a strong feeling that the rest of the day wouldn’t have much else to offer.

You got there, with 45 minutes left of your second period. You strolled in coaches room, ignoring his sarcastic comment on how it was a miracle for you to be alive, you were too busy glaring at Scott and Stiles’ faces and how they were trying not to laugh from behind their hands. Conveniently, today was the only day you had lessons that all had at least one pack member in. This was clearly going to be the joke of the day between you all. “Y/L/N, you’re so profoundly late I have no idea why you bothered showing up. Now I have to explain everything all over again so I don’t have to listen to you ask questions for the next god knows how long” Coach lectured. “As much as I enjoy our little chats, I’ll take a rain check. I’m sure my dearest friends here can fill me in while you return to that water over there, which is clearly vodka” you gave a sarcastic smile, which he returned. As much as he pretended, he loved being out sassed by you every lesson. “You’ve got quite the get up there” Stiles laughed, referring to the oversized top and look of destain you had going on. “Clearly you’d know a good flannel when you see it” you replied, not meaning for him to take it as a compliment, which he did. “I’m sorry about leaving you asleep but me and Isaac as a joint supernatural force couldn't move you from that bed” Scott said, still containing a laugh. “My dearest cousin Scott, how I would love to kick your ass right now” you claimed. “How I am sure you would” he smiled, handing you the notes on the assignment. “Y/N, I can hear your sarcasm from here and its making my brain hurt” Coach whined from his desk. “That’ll be the hangover sir” you retort. But before he could say anything back he was distracted by Greenburg and his audacity to click his pen more than twice in a minute. The bell finally went off, you began to pack your things away but coach had an announcement first, “Hang on you bunch of delinquents, anyone who has their free period straight after break has to take a mandatory cooking class. I would tell you why but I wont because I stopped listening during staff debriefing this morning-” he began to ramble. “Great that’s me” you huffed. “Same” Stiles voiced. You definitely were not looking forward to that.

Break was the perfect time for you to kill your boyfriend and to discuss your weekend plans with Lydia and Allison. “Heyy guys” Stiles beamed as you met up with the other half of the pack. You sat opposite Isaac, he was clearly trying to avoid your death stare. “Y/N, what the hell happened to you?” Lydia asked in pure shock. “You don’t even want to know” you said, shaking your head. “At least you look hot in my shirt” Isaac complimented, glancing timidly at you. “Don't” you said, through gritted teeth. “Technically it’s not his fault, you’re the one that didn’t wake up” Allison tried to help. “Well he’s the one that kept me up all night” you remarked. It took them a second, before Scott and Stiles pulled a disgusted face and the girls an approving one. “It was worth it” Isaac smirked, causing you to kick him under the table. “Dude that’s my cousin” Scott said, now also glaring at him. “Anyway, did you hear about the whole cooking thing” Lydia sighed. “Yeah, we have it next” Stiles said, gesturing between you and him. “Thank god, at least I wont be with random idiots incapable of cooking” Lydia said in relief.

“You two are a pair of idiots, incapable of cooking” Lydia said in clear frustration. “I think it’s going pretty well” Stiles said proudly. “There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it” you agreed. You took a step back to realise the utter mess you two made, who knew making dessert could be so hard without a recipe. “I’ll re-make this, just start melting the chocolate” Lydia said, trying to keep herself calm. You and Stiles both fumbled for the large chocolate bar, taking a piece each before she noticed. You reached over and picked up the first pan you saw in the cupboard, not knowing what the different ones were for. You both broke the pieces up and put them in the pan, you left Stiles to work out the right temperature on the stove. You turned around for second, until you heard Stiles erupt into laughter. “What?” you asked sharply. “ You’ve got two handprints on your bum” he said between laughs. Great you must of got flour on your leggings when you pulled them up earlier. “Is it coming off?” you asked, brushing it. Normally you’d be offended if a guy looked at your bum, but it was Stiles he was practically your brother. “Sure” he lied. “Shit Stiles, the pan’s overflowing!” you shouted, as you both stumbled over to it. This drew Lydia’s attention back over to you both, “You used an egg pan to melt chocolate?” she asked, also shouting. This group cooking project wasn’t going too well. You dipped your finger in the over spilled chocolate, it was a good idea to have a cheeky finger lick in all the commotion. That was until you realised it was scorching hot and you burned your finger. You ran over to the tap, putting your finger under it. “Y/N, you’ll heal in like 4 seconds, come here and help” Stiles demanded, while Lydia wiped the flour from her hands quickly with a tea towel. The scent of burning filled the room, along with the sound of you three shouting at each other. By now you had racked up an audience of bewildered students. “Stiles turn the heat off” you exclaimed, as Lydia wafted away the smoke before the fire alarm went off. Stiles, forgot which way to turn the dial. Resulting in him turning it up and a flame blazing up for a second. Eventually it all died down and the three of you slid down onto the floor. “Well on the bright side, no one got hurt” you said slowly. “Erm guys” Stiles squeaked. You and Lydia turned to look at him and instantly covered your mouths. “Notice anything different?” he asked, gesturing to the empty space above his left eye. The two of you couldn’t help but let out a loud laugh, you were laughing so hard you had to wipe the tears from your eyes. “Half of my eyebrow has been singed off!!” Stiles raised his voice, causing you to laugh even more. “Do the three of you care to explain?” the teacher demanded, rather than asked. “Ermm…no…?” you winced.

The three of you were let out of the principals office just in time for lunch. You’d been let off pretty lightly considering the collateral damage you caused. The only difference was that you had a double detention on Friday instead. You joined your friends on your lunch table, this time Isaac had saved a seat next to him. You sat down and he kissed your cheek, making your blush slightly. “Why aren’t you three eating? And why are you holding your eyebrow?” Scott asked. “You don’t want to know” Lydia said this time, shaking her head. “How’s Boyd holding up, after, you know…” you asked, after noticing he wasn’t at school again. “He’s hurting, but don’t worry about it, he’ll be okay” Isaac said, squeezing your hand. “Derek’s coming tonight, isn’t he?” Allison asked. Scott simply nod his head to confirm, while taking a bite out of his sandwich. “ Seriously, why are you holding your eyebrow?” Isaac asked intrigued. “He burnt it off” Lydia said bluntly. “You have to show us” Allison said excitedly. Stiles grumbled before moving his hand slowly, causing you all this time to burst out laughing. “I didn’t think it was possible, but you look even more like a spaz” Isaac claimed. “Well, I think you look smoakin Stiles” Allison grinned. “I know, he’s too hot to handle” Scott added. Lydia was trying so hard to hide her smile, because she was still pretending to be mad. “Cut him some slack, there’s no need to, roast” you said, purposely cringey. “ You guys make me sick” he seethed. You all smiled sarcastically. Isaac fed you a grape and kissed you, before you all went to your final two periods.

When you made it to the last lesson of the day, you were physically and emotionally drained. Werewolf or not, you weren’t prepared for todays antics. You had English class, with Scott, Isaac, Allison and of course the twins. They were on wined up duty, even after the chaotic day you’d all already had. They’d took apart their bikes and were purposely teasing them, which included Isaac getting his own back, getting Aiden suspended. However, while you were all standing outside of the classroom you luckily bumped into your gym teacher who was just walking by. “Y/N, glad I caught you” she said casually, even though you were hiding behind Isaac and she never normally walks to the top floor. You huffed and trudged over to her with your friends childishly sniggering, you turned around to tell them to cut it out, all you got was a kiss blown at you by Isaac . “You skipped another one of my lessons, that is the third time so I’m going to issue you a detention” she said falsely. Three in a day, it couldn’t get any worse. “When is it?” you asked with an eye roll. “This Friday” she answered. “I already have two that day”  you groaned. “Well now you have three” she retort, clicking her pen and walking away with her clipboard of names in check. Yes, it could get worse.

“Stiles, Shut up!” you shouted. He had been annoying you all day. “Could you just ask her please” he plead. “No, and even if I did ask her, she would say no!” you were becoming impatient with him. He had been asking you all day about Lydia, he wanted you to ask if she wanted to go on a date with him, even though she was occupied by Aiden. “Ask her yourself!” you huffed. Luckily you lived opposite ways to him so you could avoid him on the walk home. You were about a block away from your house when you heard someone honking behind you. “You’re fucking kidding me“ you turned around to see Stiles in his jeep. Maybe if you ignored him he would go away, you turned around and began walking. He started to drive beside you. "Y/N!” he started shouting out of his car window. Just then Allison caught up with you. “Why is Stiles so desperate to talk to you?” she asked laughing. She looked at you before realising your eyes had turned gold. “Stiles, Stop, her eyes” she shouted while making sure no one was around. Stiles seemed to ignore her warning and proceeded to aggravate you. “Stiles an out of control werewolf is pretty terrifying, for you anyway” Allison exclaimed. “Right” Stiles said awkwardly, he stopped the car in the middle of the empty road and rushed out. “Just calm down” Allison said anxiously. “Take deep breaths” Stiles said, trying to help. You were breathing heavily and your eyes turned back to their original colour. There was a moment of silence and relief. “Soo… is asking Lydia a definite no or…” Stiles asked. You let out a low growl, as a final warning. He held his hands up to surrender. “Are we still on for the pack pizza party later?” he asked, mainly to break the tension. “Ill be there at seven, eat all of the pizza again before I get there Stiles and I’ll break your arm” you retort, continuing to walk home. “Love you too” he shouted to you. You shook your head smiling, flipping him off from over your shoulder. As much as you hated him, you loved that hyperactive goofball.

You decided to have the get together in Lydia’s house, rather than at Derek’s loft or at yours and Scott’s. You arrived later on because you had to finish your math homework for tomorrow anyway. When you got there, Stiles did actually leave you some pizza for once, your bad luck must of ended, or because you were going to kill him earlier. You sat next to Isaac and he put his arm around you, pulling you into his chest. “Do you want to go back to Scott’s after the film? The others are staying here tonight” he said. “I just need my bed” you answered. He nod and you all got settled for the film. Due to Derek being the guest of honour he got to choose the film, as usual he picked an old action movie that sent most of you to sleep within half an hour, including himself. You forced yourself to stay awake so you could get home in time to have a shower. But as soon as you got back you flopped onto your bed, you couldn’t be bothered to shower, there was always the morning. You did brush your teeth and get changed first though. Isaac was about to turn your bedroom light off when he glanced over to your desk. “Y/N” he said softly. “What?” you asked, waiting to cuddle him. “You’ve erm, you’ve done all the wrong math questions” he said, trying not to laugh. “I. Hate. My. Life.” you whined slowly. This was the worst day you’ve ever had.

I know this was quite long, but I hope you enjoyed if you made it to the end. Requests are open x

@princekierz (Sorry if it’s short!)

Kieran looked up from the book he had been attempting to read. Mark hesitated at the door.

“Aren’t you going to come in?” Kieran asked, a confused crease between his eyebrows. Mark almost laughed– but didn’t. He was too nervous to laugh.

“Yes. Uh, sorry.” He turned to close the door behind him and took one more step inside. Kieran’s room at the institute was almost naked, the only sign of it being inhabited at all Kieran himself, and a small pile of clothes at the foot of the bed.

“I wanted to talk.” If Mark didn’t know any better, he’d have thought Kieran was fighting the impulse to roll his eyes.

“You always want to talk.”

“Yes, well,” Mark said, irritation flaring inside him, “that’s what people do, Kieran. Communicate. Talk to avoid awkward situations like- like the one we’re having right now.”

Kieran finally dropped the book closed and sighed. Mark fought the urge to huff. “Fine. What troubles your thoughts, my Mark? Or can I still call you that? I’m not really sure.”

Though there was venom in Kieran’s words, Mark was unsurprised to find they were genuine, not sarcastic. Kieran was rarely (if ever) sarcastic. He genuinely wasn’t sure if Mark was still his. To be fair, neither was Mark.

“That’s, ah. That’s what I come to talk to you about.” Kieran’s face remained blank, but Mark could see the tension in his shoulders.

“Speak, then.”

“You- you must have realized by now, you did some bad things the last time you came here. The way Emma and Julian act around you, that’s not random.” He paused, waiting for Kieran to say something.

“I had gathered, yes.”

Mark swallowed, took a deep breath before continuing. “Yes. The things you did, they are not easy to forgive, Kier. You hurt my family, you hurt me. I know now- or, I hope I know- that you thought you were protecting me. I realize that. And I have forgiven most of it.” He rubbed his eyes, trying to remove the prickling sensation behind his eyelids. “But I- I can’t. I love you, Kier, with all my heart, with every fiber of my body. You are the reason I’m alive, and sane, and here right now. I owe you my life, and I know I can never repay that. I want things to- to be how they were between us but I just–”

“Cristina.” Kieran said simply, cutting Mark off. Mark exhaled shakily.


Kieran considered him, his eyes staring deep into Mark’s. He often wondered if maybe Kieran could actually see his soul, if it was a special faerie power that had been hidden from him all those years.

“I like her,” Kieran said, startling Mark. “She has a purer soul than any other human I have ever met. If she-” he hesitated, wetting his lips with the tip of his tongue before continuing. “If she and- and you don’t mind I- I do not mind, either.”

Mark stared at him blankly for a moment, not really understanding his words. Then it downed on him. Oh.


Kieran looked away, his hair turning a deeper shade of blue, his cheeks turning the tiniest bit red. Mark couldn’t believe it. Kieran, prince of the Unseelie Court, was blushing. He tried to stiffle the sudden giggle that threatened to escape his throat, but failed. Kieran turned to look sharply at him.

“Does this seem like a laughing matter to you?”

“No I’m- I’m sorry,” Mark said, composing himself. “It is not a laughing matter, my Kieran, not at all. It’s just- I never would have thought.”

He moved to sit on the bed next to Kieran and put his hand on the prince’s ankle. Kieran lowered his gaze. “Kieran of my heart,” Mark said, emphasizing the last word. “I would not, in any universe, mind sharing my heart between the people whom it loves the most. And neither would- I don’t think- Cristina. But you would have to ask her.”

At some point while Mark talked, him and Kieran had moved closer together, and now Mark’s hand was against Kieran’s cheek, his thumb rubbing Kieran’s cheekbone tenderly. Up close, Kieran’s black eye was tinged with brown, his silver eye tinged with blue. Mark melted every time he saw them.

“I do love you,” Kieran said, his breath ghosting over Mark’s lips. “And I am sorry, so very sorry, for causing you and your family pain. I thought. You’re not wrong, I did think I was protecting you. I did not know what the consequences would be. For that, I am sorry.”

Marks heart clenched in his chest, and he ran his thumb under Kieran’s eye, removing the sudden wetness there. He pressed a kiss to both of his lover’s eyelids, then his lips. He tasted of salt.

“I forgive you. Of course I forgive you.”

Kieran rested his head on Mark’s shoulder, letting out a relieve sigh. Mark couldn’t wait to talk to Cristina.

umlugarpraeuchamardemeu  asked:

Hey! How are you? So... I have this thing. Lena and Kara are together but they don't make a show of it, don't deny it, just don't confirme either. Kara shares with her some Krypton theory and they discuss it and Lena learned how to apply some of them. One day, some alien threatened earth and the DEO couldn't figure a better way to fight it without some sort of sacrifice, Kara is about to give herself, and while everybody's on the central room at DEO, Lena was figuring something out in... (1)

… in her lab. When she’s out, a lot of things happened, then Supergirl was about to give herself as sicrifice, when Lena tries to get in touch. When nobody answers her, she simply hacks on DEO system and get herself on the coms with Supergirl and everybody hears she giving Kara the solution and her own threat: “i told you I was going to figure it out, if you’re no in bed with me when I wake up tomorrow, Kara Zor-El, I’ll find you in Rao’s light, just to bring you back and kill you… (2)   

       … with my bare hands. And if you never heard a Luthor’s threat, there’s your first one. I love you.” Everybody’s livid, Alex wants to take her in, J'onn want’s a chat with Lena and Winn is paralyzed… (3) Yeah… see, my thing… I don’t have vocabulary enough to make it, but could you be kind enough?!?            

hope this suffices!!


Read on AO3 - http://archiveofourown.org/works/10621098

“Kara, you don’t have to do this.”

Alex tries to keep her voice from cracking, but it’s almost impossible. Because Kara is out there, and she’s about to die (to save them all sure, but the thought does little to calm the dread swelling in her chest.

“But I do, Alex. I can’t let the people I love die. If that means sacrificing myself… “

“Kara, please.” Her voice does crack then, she practically chokes on the words. Normally she would be embarrassed about so many of her agents seeing her like this, but right now she doesn’t care.

“Alex, I love you. Please know that I love you. And please, tell Lena … “

Lena? What does Kara’s best friend have to do with any of this?

Was she behind this attack?

She swears to god that if she finds out Luthor is behind this, she will personally go down to L-Corp and -

Her ranting is cut off when Kara continues.

“Just tell Lena I love her.”

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but i am good, i am grounded

written for day one of robron week - family. 

robert sugden is struggling, and not a single person has noticed.

or, aaron gets out of prison and wants to know why none of his family was looking out for his husband.

Robert Sugden was good at putting on a brave face. It was one of his greatest talents, really, being able to hide his true feelings underneath a layer of snark and disinterest, and he’d spent ten years using it to his advantage, away from Emmerdale, away from his family.

People only saw what he wanted them to see. That was how he’d always gotten by, people had never really seen the real him, the true feelings he hid under a soulless smile and an expensive haircut.

Aaron saw through him. Aaron had always seen right through his bullshit, been able to read his moods and thoughts and feelings in a way that had scared Robert, once, but made him feel safe, and loved, and appreciated now.

But Aaron wasn’t there.

Aaron was banged up, and he’d be there for the next year of their lives (not if Robert had any say in the matter, but judging by the sympathetic looks from Aaron’s solicitor at their last meeting, he didn’t have a say) and Robert was the one who’d been left to run things, keep everyone going.

It was fine.

Of course it was fine, it’s not like he was the one in prison or anything. Robert just had a few more people than he was used to relying on him, Liv needing a brother right now, the Dingles always needing him for something or other, because he was one of them now, and Aaron wasn’t there to help.

But it was fine.

It had to be fine, because Robert didn’t exactly have a choice in the matter. He had to keep their lives going, the scrapyard ticking over, keep the work on the Mill going so that Aaron had a life to come back to.

Robert wasn’t going to have his husband come back to a wreckage of a life, a life Robert couldn’t keep afloat on his own.

No, that would make him weak.

Robert Sugden was not a weak man, not when his husband needed him to be the strong one.

So Robert dug out his brave face again, and he got on with it.

Or at least he tried to.

anonymous asked:

I wanted your thoughts on Dettlaff as a character? I believe he wouldn't have harmed anyone if not for Syanna's manipulation; it's just that, like, I don't understand him? I don't think B&W does a good job showing who he was prior to these events. We just have to take Regis' word for it, but I couldn't bc he's blindsided by his care for him? I got the impression Dettlaff can be nice but is also unstable? (Though I think it's mostly the stress from the situation) (gonna continue next ask)

Ultimately, I don’t think he deserved to die. And while I dislike Syanna, and believe not all female villains need redemption tbh, I didn’t like the endings. Like, he’s either dead or not. I think there were tons of ways to handle the situation differently. To bring up a point by ProperBirds recent video (And I’m paraphrasing) “If Regis could get the 50 years of thinking time, after being killed by the villagers for his mistake, why couldn’t Dettlaff?” “He didn’t need to die then and there!”

Continued-While I think him being hurt and betrayed explains his actions, it doesn’t excuse them.“Dettlaff isn’t adjusted to human society and doesn’t understand them.” “Vampires have different culture and different values unique to them as individuals, as parents really don’t play much part in care taking and etc.” I understand that, which is why the Unseen Elder ending makes me mad. Dettlaff can’t be reasoned with at all during that ending. to be continued again-last one I swear!

last 1-For the Unseen Elder ending, after making your case to him, it’d have made more sense to have him resolve the matter. Sure, it wouldn’t end in a boss fight, but like, not every game has to end with one big fight? given how the Elder is like I understand them not doing that. I don’t like or dislike him, I just dislike when ppl sweep the fact he almost razed the city under the rug. There should have been more scenes of him prior to B&W and it’s a shame there weren’t, he deserved better!

Oh my, this gotta be the longest ask I’ve ever gotten. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Anon! My reply is also pretty long, so head over under the cut if you want to read it.

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OUAT’s Baelfire/Neal Cassidy Costume Meta

This was originally included as a reblog response to this question posed by screwballninja about the men of OUAT and character building/storytelling through costuming.

A lot could be said about Baelfire/Neal’s wardrobe through the years. 

Young Bae’s basic primitive sherte + cape peasant wardrobe visibly improves from ‘horrid poverty’ once Rumple starts coming up in the world following the Dark Curse.

Before/shortly after Dark Curse:


We’ve gained a neckerchief and more elaborate lacings on the shirt–plus, enough fabric for bonus collar.

Dowagers everywhere envied Bae’s post-Dark Curse collection of primitive fur stoles.

When he falls through the portal, we get him as Dickensian street imp, before he gets his pajamas and robe from the Darlings, wearing which he is stolen by the Shadow and taken to Neverland–definitely signalling that he has fallen into an enduring nightmare for those long years as he is held captive and never ages.

Following his stint on Hook’s ship (and Hook’s selling him to Pan), we see our first interesting alteration.

Look at this: I’m a pirate! (Except I’m in my pajamas underneath) 

Baelfire has begun layering his identity.

When he (now “Neal”) meets Emma, he’s in a hoodie/slouchy clothes, scraping by stealing cars, etc. This is clearly a man who probably doesn’t own a belt. (Yes, his jacket is red–does anyone ever talk about this wrt Emma’s fave jackets? Or wrt the red robe above, and the red pirate coat that followed it? This red is the only non-neutral/earth color the man ever wears.)

When we first see him in S2 E1, he’s in that sharp 3-piece suit (which should have clued us in if nothing else, that he might be Rumple’s son, right?), which serves to illustrate that either he is doing much better for himself, or has moved on to more elaborate (and higher pay-out) cons. 

Also, storywise, a suit can be a fairly ‘generic’ uniform; lots of people wear suits, and no one was supposed to feel *certain* after that scene as to who he was (remember how viewers scoured screencaps of his apartment for clues?)

When Emma hunts him down, we’re back to a hoodie, though it’s a less shabby one than their first meeting (zipper!), and his hair and face are better groomed. It’s still A Look, but now it seems to be a put-together one, the jacket over the hoodie is actually structured rather than slouchy. We’re being told Neal’s still kept his cred–but he’s moved on up.

Definitely wearing a belt.

This is the outfit that more or less becomes standard Neal, vaguely NYC, sometimes with a scarf, nothing too trendy–no puffer jackets for example. Urban, but w/o a harsh edge.

He falls through the portal to the EF and meets Mulan and Co, still in a version those duds–a way of saying ‘he’s not from here’.

But by the time he gets to Rumple’s castle and he’s using Blood Magic, he’s stripped the coat away and is just in his very nondescript shirt–looking less and less like ‘he’s not from here’.

Returned to Neverland, still, keeping it back to basics: this shirt. Only the buttons really signal it’s from the World Without Magic. 

What is that, linen? Certainly what a spinner/weaver’s son would choose. (* see also Neal’s usually interesting scarves for more thoughts on how Rumple’s spinner craft influenced his son’s taste and eye for fashion)

And then, later, we get this:

Which I can’t explain. Not at all, other than that maybe Pan’s Curse (Storybrooke ending, Emma & Henry forgetting) that sent Neal back home understood who he was? The father of the Savior’s child? The reason for Curse #1? Was paying homage to his grandfather who cast it? Or understood that you don’t suit up the Dark One’s son in some old rags and expect to get away with it? 

But still neutral/earth tones. 

In short: you cannot imagine Charming wearing this color palette.

It’s far too chill.

Thing is, when Neal gets close to fairytales/to his own past, he’s in that neutral (read: peasant, earthy, regular Joe, non-royalty) color, in a shirt that doesn’t give much away. 

For example, here he is holding Henry’s book. Here he is confessing to Tamara who he actually is. There are almost no fashion/embellishment clues from his shirt to locate it in time or place. It’s a color he would have worn as a child, and the cut (despite its being a stretchy fabric) is as basic as can be.

Notice that this is a shirt that was UNDERNEATH, or hidden by something else (here, his coat)–shoot, there’s yet another shirt under this one! He’s literally had to peel off layers to get to it. This is getting close to his core. 

He’s Baelfire, Rumplestiltskin’s son. 

The rest of his clothing is something he puts on to cover his identity up. (He almost always is dressed in some version of layers, several coats, scarves, extra hoodies.)

A minimum of three layers are needed right before your dad dies while killing your abuser grandpa

I don’t think it’s random that at his most vulnerable–when he’s closest to Emma, when he is the most himself, not the self he tried to create/pass for–he is shown stripped down to nothing but his white undershirt:

Interestingly, when Emma ‘hallucinates’ Neal in S5, he’s back in the bug, in his slouchy car thief clothes. (This time with *new/different* hat–which I’m going to assume was necessary b/c of actor changing his hair)

This could indicate a lot of things.

1.) Neal’s spirit is happiest/was happiest in these clothes
2.) Emma was happiest when Neal was in these clothes and doesn’t recall how long they went between washing…
3.) Emma doesn’t buy into the way Neal’s wardrobe had altered in the intervening years b/c she never believed/wanted to deal with the idea Neal had truly changed.

Vision experiences are hard to read, folks. I don’t know if Emma really encountered Neal’s spirit, if it was instead a sort of visitation or hallucinogenic dream that was only in her head? What I’m saying is, I don’t know if what Neal’s wearing/where he’s appearing to Emma here has more to do with Emma receiving the transmission from “A Good Place” that Neal is in, or more with Neal’s spirit and what translates to him as happiness.

I think this one’s a ymmv, to the power of 10.

But overall, between Baelfire and Neal, this character has to have had (certainly of the men) the most costume alterations, and I applaud the costuming department–who told a great story through them–and only one of them allowed to be ‘fairytale pretty’, at that.


Part One

Part Two

Part Three

After his talk with Scott, Stiles had been upset so he handled it the way he had been handling everything.


And as always Beacon Hills didn’t disappoint him, providing with a new monster to track. And this one was a whopper.

‘Mermaids?’ Derek asked looking at the  dry erase board.

‘Yup, in the lake, every fifty years exactly ten guys go missing on that lake leaving wrecked boats. Seems to be no relation between them, different ages, races, orientations and backgrounds. From what I’ve read we are looking at a nest of about four or five, maybe three if one of ‘em is greedy.’ Stiles explained as he was opening a black suit case.

‘I thought mermaids would be in oceans, not polluted lakes in the middle of California.’ Derek said as he looked at the gory photo of a mermaid eating a guy.

‘I thought so too, apparently water is fluid, so fluid it has been theorized it can be used as portal. If that’s true there could be a mermaid in any body of water.’ Stiles explained before handing Derek a huge gun.

‘And this one is a job just for you buddy.’ Stiles said while patting Derek’s shoulder.


‘I had to all but give my soul to Argent to get this Marine suit for free, and it’s not my size. I have to return it so try not to get it damaged while you fight for your life, under water with flesh eating mermaids.’

Derek glared at the teenager.

Stiles smirked before going to the board and taking down a sheet of paper, handing it to Derek. 

‘This is everything you need to know about fighting them, weak spot is the gills on either their neck or side, cut those and they go down. Hard part is avoiding their python like tails and wedigo teeth. It’s why I got the gun, don’t let them get close.’ Stiles said seriously.

‘I won’t, when will we attack?’ Derek asked.

‘Tonight, we’ll have a body count by next week if we don’t take care of it soon. I’ll go get some extra bullets, can never have too many.’ Stiles said as he headed towards the spiral stair case.

He stopped at the first step, and looked down.

‘Thank you, Derek.’ Stiles said quietly.

‘For coming back, for staying, hell thanks for caring, even if its just pretend.’ Stiles mumbled before he headed upstairs.

‘It’s not pretend.’ Derek whispered.

Just then Derek heard it, Scott and his pack entering the building. 

‘I’m stepping out for a bit!’ Derek yelled as he left the loft.

‘Kay, be back by eight!’

He was gonna kill Scott, tear his alpha ass a new one for hurting Stiles, and then he was gonna kill him.

Derek rode down the elevator and once he hit the Lobby floor and the doors opened and there they stood waiting for him.

There they were, the pack, the pack that threw away Stiles.

The pack that threw him away.

Scott, Liam, Lydia, and Malia.

‘Leave, all of you leave now.’ Derek said.

‘We came for Stiles, to get him back.’ Scott replied.

‘He’s not a bag of chips at the store Scott, you cant just pick him up then put him down then pick him up again.’ Derek glared.

’That’s not what we’re doing here.’ Lydia said.

‘Isn’t it? Big Daddy said no more Stiles, and you all put him back on his shelf and you left.’ Derek spat.

They all looked away in shame, but Derek wasn’t done yet.

‘What’s wrong guys? What happened to those overly confident poses you had when I got here?’ Derek pushed.

‘Or is hearing what you did too much for you all to take? How you abandoned him when he needed you most? How badly you had hurt him, after he had busted his ass every which way to help you guys!’ Derek yelled.

‘We were wrong we know that.’ Malia said quietly.

‘Wrong doesn’t cut it, not for any of you. Malia he was your anchor, without him you’d be either feral or dead in the middle of the woods. And Liam who taught you the mantra that keeps you from being in the same boat as her? Lydia Stiles loved you, it was never a crush, he loved you and you knew it. And even if it wasn’t the same kind, you loved him too. He was the one who made you stop acting like a dumb ass and whenever you were in trouble he was there before you even called.’ Derek lectured.

They needed this, needed to hear and fully understand how badly they had screwed up, so he wasn’t letting up.

‘Scott McCall, our true alpha, our powerful righteous alpha. Where would you be without Stiles? In your room having an asthma attack, failing your classes, warming the bench on the lacrosse team? Because without Stiles you wouldn’t have been bitten, you wouldn’t be here without him. None of you would, then you all left him and now Stiles is hurting…real bad.’ Derek finished.

‘We know that, we know we fucked things up, its why we’re here. To fix this.’ Scott tried.

‘No you’re not, you’re here because you feel guilty. You want to be forgiven, you want to feel like a decent person again.’

Every one turned and saw Stiles standing by the stairway entrance.

‘If you’re wondering why you didn’t smell me its the mountain ask in my pocket, as for the hearing me part you guys seemed busy.’ Stiles said as he walked toward the group, standing with Derek.

‘Stiles I know I said it already but I need you to know that I really am sorry.’ Scott started.

‘We all are.’ Lydia added, Liam and Malia nodding in agreement.

‘I forgive you Scott, all of you.’ Stiles said sincerely.

The pack all sighed gratefully, smiles forming as they stepped towards Stiles to give him a hug, but Stiles stepped back.

‘I said I forgive you, that doesn’t mean we are friends again.’

‘But Stiles-’ Malia started.

‘I don’t trust you guys anymore, even if I tried things would never be the same. Because no matter how easy it is to forgive, it’s impossible to forget.’ Stiles interrupted.

‘Stiles let us fix this, please.’ Lydia begged.

‘Lydia, I don’t think it can be fixed.’

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I hope you're still taking prompts because here's one! Carl questioning Mickey about him and Ian and Ian overhearing :)

// I just loved this prompt so much and had to write it! More ROTC fic tomorrow if you guys still want. But this one is totally standalone, oneshot. Enjoy! //

Ian had just left for work, and Mickey was finishing his coffee in the kitchen, reading a book. There wasn’t much decent reading material in the Gallagher household, so he’d settled for Lip’s Postmodern Poetry book that he’d left lying around last time he’d been home from college. Mickey was quite enjoying the Ginsberg section over his pancakes, when Carl sat next to him. Mickey hadn’t talked with him much, so he nodded, a little awkwardly.

‘Hey kid.’

'Sup,’ Carl replied, snatching up Mickey’s last bacon strip. Mickey rolled his eyes, knowing it would be pointless to say anything. They were silent for a few more minutes, when Mickey became aware of Carl’s eyes on him. He glanced up from the book and saw that the younger boy was just sat, staring at him.


'Why are you with Ian?’ Clearly, Carl wasted no time.

Mickey frowned. ‘The fuck do you mean?’

'Why are you with him? It can’t just be about sex because you keep coming back. Again and again. So why are you with him?’

'I - I like him. Thought that was obvious,’ Mickey said uncomfortably.

'You guys are in a relationship?’

'Yes,’ Mickey said, not even thinking about it. Carl raised his eyebrows.

'So…you’re his boyfriend? He’s your boyfriend?’

Mickey shifted uncomfortably in his seat. ‘I guess. We’ve not really talked about it like that.’

Carl shook his head. ‘You guys are in a relationship, you guys are together - you guys are boyfriends.’ Mickey didn’t say anything. Carl continued. ‘You’ve hurt him, haven’t you? Not recently. But in the past. I’ve shared a room with him. I’ve heard him crying at night when he thinks no-one can hear. He was always careful not to cry loudly, but I could hear his choked up breathing, and the outline of his shadow on the wall would shake and shake. Sometimes I’d hear a pack of frozen peas crunching as he pressed it to his face. I’m not stupid. I know it was because of you.’

They were silent for a moment. Mickey felt like telling Carl he didn’t know what he was talking about, felt like running out, felt like doing anything but face it. So he spoke quietly. ‘Every day. I regret the things I did to him. When he left, I - I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I know I deserved that. There were so many times, before, when he did stuff for me, or tried hard because of me, or put up with my shit. All for me. I knew he was doing it but I had no clue how to tell him how grateful I was. I was scared of doing something serious or permanent with him because I was scared of what it would mean. I was scared of who I was. I was scared of the things I was feeling for him. And I couldn’t handle it, and I destroyed both of us. I regret that every day. When I came back, it was like I’d been given a second chance. I didn’t want to mess it up. I couldn’t. I don’t ever want to lose him again. I can’t.’

'You love him,’ Carl said. It wasn’t a question. Mickey just looked at him nervously. 'I know you can’t say it, won’t say it. But if you do, just stay quiet.’ And Mickey bit his lip and considered telling him to fuck off. But he couldn’t do that, because it would be a lie. So Mickey stayed quiet. Carl smiled. 'How did you know?’

'We were just drinking beers on my couch. Watching a movie. That’s when I started to think. Maybe. But I knew - whenever walked into a room. Or said something. Just fucking smiled. His fucking smile…and laughing, god. I’d say stuff just to make him laugh. But I think he’s - he’s something special. Cause he wanted me in spite of everything. There’s stuff you don’t know. But he kept trying. He kept making me better. He’s - Ian is my good.’

The two boys didn’t say anything, but Carl stood up and came to hug Mickey, who was tearing up a little. ‘It’s ok,’ Carl said quietly. A noise in the doorway made them both jump. It was Ian. He was staring at Mickey with his mouth slightly open.

And Mickey almost said, what the fuck you looking at. Almost got up, shoved past Ian and out the door. Almost ran off again. But he didn’t. ‘You heard?’

Ian nodded. ‘I came back to get my phone. Right after I’d left.’

'Right.’ He almost said it wasn’t true. Carl had set him up. It was a joke. But he didn’t say those things. 'I meant it.’

Ian wordlessly crossed to get his phone from the table. He picked up the book that lay in front of Mickey. ‘Ginsberg?’ he said softly.

Mickey nodded. ‘Under the burden of solitude. Under the burden of dissatisfaction. The weight,’ he paused, and looked at Ian, ‘the weight we carry. Is love,’ he said quietly.

Ian smiled. ‘Yeah?’ he whispered. Mickey nodded, stood up and pointed to the page.

'I like this part.’

Ian scanned the words, then turned to Mickey and took his hand, holding the book in his other. And he murmured gently, ‘the warm bodies shine together in the darkness, the hand moves to the center of the flesh, the skin trembles in happiness and the soul comes,’ he read.

'Joyful, to the eye,’ Mickey interjected, drawing closer to Ian. 'Yes. Yes. That’s what I wanted. I always wanted,’ he said. Ian dropped the book and cradled Mickey’s face, both stumbling, both laughing through their kisses. Then Ian stopped the kiss, just to look at Mickey for a moment. Their foreheads pressed together, both breathing into each other.

'Mick, I - I love you,’ Ian told him.

Mickey kissed him hard and then broke away to hold Ian. He nearly dropped him like he’d been burned, nearly told him to fuck off, nearly stormed out and slammed the door. But he didn’t. Because he didn’t want to. He wanted to pull back and look into his eyes as he said it. ‘I love you, Ian. I love you too,’ he said firmly, finally.

Carl grinned and slipped away quietly. His work here was done.

// hope y’all liked!? let me know and keep prompting me!! //

// note: the poem referred to is Song by Allen Ginsberg. I beg you, take two minutes to read it, it’s beautiful. //

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The more I think about him, I realize how disappointing Naruto as a hero and character is. I can forgive his childish naiveté to a point pre-shippuden, and bit in shippuden (16 isn't the most mature of ages) but as time went on his immaturity irked me. I can't understand why people wouldn't scold him for his behavior. And 75% the time he's literally all bark and screaming "WE GOTTA DO IT". I couldn't understand why people would follow HIS words and not others of more maturity. Any thoughts?

Hello, anon! :]

I’m going to put my following text under “Keep Reading” because of its length.
Content: (5-6 pages)
1) How Naruto’s feelings and experiences may blind our eyes:
- Vulnerability as a tool for empathy
- Minutia as a tool for balance
2) Naruto’s flawed portrayal
- underdog theme
- the concept of fate
3) When characters get framed in favour of Naruto
- revictimization
- black and white thinking

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hungarianbee  asked:

Couldn't hold myself back, so here's a slightly longer prompt! Female!Toni is secretly a werepanther, which is an absolute rarity, since her species was/is hunted. She could control her instincts, until the day she met T'Challa - around him she can't seem to supress the urge to purr and not-so-accidentally bump her side against him. From here you can go wherever you want, I leave it up to you. <3

A/N: You’re an enabler. I didn’t fit the prompt exactly (mainly because I was too excited to finally have the excuse to write fem!Tony) but I hope you enjoy. You can also read this on Ao3, and there’s another installment in this ‘verse here.

Warnings for Hammer being a douchebag and Toni just generally having a sad life.

Toni’s skin is stretched over her aching bones, restlessness in her every sharp motion as she strides across the ballroom floor. People step out of her way, something deep and primal in them recognizing the beast that paces in her diminutive form. She ignores the looks because she knows that they don’t know why they’re looking. The men leer and the women coo about her shoes but she has earned respect in this world of honeyed lies and golden betrayal. They don’t dare disturb her, not when she’s like this, near-feral the night before a full moon.

The glass of scotch is waiting for Toni when she reaches the bar and she knocks back three fingers like the man Howard had tried to train into her. He taught her how to be brash, how to take what she wanted in a world that was unforgiving and cruel to the weak. He taught her to hide her weaknesses, her fears and the monster beneath her skin. He taught her to drink and to never trust a man that smiled with his mouth and not his eyes.

Toni took his lessons and made them a part of herself, part of the woman she forged from bitter defeat and second chances.

She tosses her hair over her shoulder and motions to the bartender for another drink.

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Terrible Trio

Notes: Request from celestial-nightlight.  What if Sabo, instead of trying to sail out to sea (and getting shot by a Celestial Dragon), escaped the nobles and went back to Ace and Luffy?

I’m focusing more on pre-leaving-Goa, since the timeframe wasn’t specified.

The fire had raged for hours.  Ace had barely been able to sleep because of the way it lit up the horizon, tricking his brain into thinking it was sunrise.  When sunrise finally came around, Ace was exhausted, dark circles lurking under his young eyes and his bandaged wounds still throbbing with dull pain.

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Do you have cute spamano headcanons to share with us?

i’m so so so sorry it took me so long to respond to this! aah recently i haven’t been feeling up for the mood to talk about some fluffy, cutesy headcanon moments, but today i decided?? why not???? ( ^^” )

i’m guessing when you say spamano, you are thinking of regular, good old hetalia universe aph spain & aph romano & here you go! ⃛ヾ(๑❛ ▿ ◠๑ )  if you wish for more, but in different universes, i won’t mind it. or in general if you want more i’ll think of more just for you. enjoy anon!

1) Because Lovino goes through many phases to take interest in, from ocean sea life to fashion to birthstones, Antonio always tries to make an honest and thorough effort to understand what his Italian lover is so passionate about. Usually, no matter how long Lovino talks about it, his lectures & his eagerness to learn & bring information to every one around him as Antonio in love.

2) Since the two tend be long distance, due to their constant need to be and stay in their country, the moment they do meet, either at the airport, a world meeting, or even in a public area, they are the ones to run and give each other really huge hugs as Antonio lifts Lovino off the ground & together they sway in their fit of laughs & teary eyes. Each time Lovino laughs more about Antonio breaking his back one of these days.

3) Speaking of being long distance, every other day when people are meant to sleep & rest for the night, Antonio & Lovino call one another & stay up for hours to talk to each other, speaking in hushed whispers & breaths. Sometimes their conversations are absolutely nonsense about their day to their honest feelings towards their days being apart & continuous proclaims of ‘i love you’. Feliciano wakes up to their calls every once in awhile & can’t help but smile at the cute relationship.

4) Antonio is a man who misses the fine, & at times obvious, details to his appearance, which makes it Lovino’s duty to fix his horribly tied ties, crooked reading glasses, and pick those thin stray pieces of hair or lint off his Spaniard’s shirt, tux, suit, sweater, etc. On good days when he’s feeling a bit bold, afterwards Lovino will place a kiss on Antonio’s cheek, making the latter more smiley than ever.

5) Every time Lovino laughs or smiles at anything, from hearing a joke on the radio as they’re driving to seeing Ludwig trip & stumble on a crack on the sidewalk, Antonio can’t help but laugh right along, not because he also thought it was funny, but just because the way Lovino’s eyes shine in delight & the small wrinkles that appear in the outer corners of them & the way his nose scrunches just for a moment has Antonio crack up in happiness.

6) Lovino personally can’t help, but love the small, most random things about Antonio that send small chills down his back. From his rough hands intertwining with his own & the way his dimples shows when he is guffawing at something so hilarious to how he pronounces certain words with his lisp & looking at his topless back muscles as he stretches, Lovino admires them all, even when they are all things Antonio himself is self conscious about.

7) Both of them are an ‘odd’ couple that constantly goes to the same restaurant & bar whenever they are together for a casual outing or a special event, having the workers and the manager of their favorite places give them discounts & high quality service & treatment. Those areas for them are the the few locations they are comfortable sharing a kiss & holding hands at. The only thing Lovino would change would be the set of questions of their relationship they have to answer to satisfy the waitors & waitresses in the beginning before they get their table cause it’s embarrassing, but Antonio usually is the one to be more than happy to reply.

8) Lovino is the one to try & put effort into giving Antonio special gifts & cute things to his day every blue moon, from starting the day by waking up early to make him breakfast before he has to go out & placing orders to have a bouquet arrive to Antonio’s meeting place with his boss before Antonio leaves for it to even washing the bed sheets with his favorite detergent when he is away & etc. When the day ends & the two are under the covers ready to sleep, he’ll start doubting & thinking all his actions were gone to waste & were dumb, but then he feels arms encircle his waist & a kiss on his neck, along with a “Gracias por todo mi amor..” that let’s him know everything was worth it; that Antonio is worth it.

9) Antonio usually is the one to fall asleep before Lovino, but there is never a time when he doesn’t fight sleep if Lovino wishes to talk more into the night. No matter how long the day has been or how much heavy his eyelids feel, the Spaniard will still force out energy to respond in mumbles & slurs. It always makes Lovino try to not laugh at how ridiculous he looks, but at the same time the Italian’s heart soars up to cloud nine at the dedication his boyfriend has. & if they aren’t together physically, Antonio will still fight sleep through his texts & messages, even if they are full of typos. 

you’re what i’m looking for

Based on this giftset from 1.09 “Unity Day”. Things go a little differently.

This prompt has literally been written by 100 different authors 100 different ways, but I am pretending s3 doesn’t exist, so. Here you go. Title comes from the Rooney song of the same name.

“I need you to follow us,” Clarke tells him, her face illuminated by the fire. He’s still so angry, so so angry that Finn would go behind all of their backs to set up this meeting, but he tries to push those feelings aside and listen to what Clarke is telling him. “Be our backup.”

Bellamy narrows his eyes. “Does Finn know about this?”

Clarke hesitates, but then meets his eyes. “Finn doesn’t need to know.”

Bellamy is suddenly hit with a wave of want so hard that he’s surprised he doesn’t stumble. When he looks back on this moment, he imagines he’ll remember it as the first moment he truly wanted to kiss Clarke Griffin.

She’s almost smiling too, and he finds himself unable to stop the smirk from spreading across his face. There’s something unnervingly intimate about the way they’re looking at each other and the conversation they’re having. 

What they’re planning is a secret, something only known between the two of them, and he thinks it’s the newfound trust between them that’s making him feel this way. It’s nice to be the one Clarke goes to when she needs something. It’s nice that she’s the one that she’s trusting with her life. It feels precious, this trust she’s instilling in him, and he’ll be damned if he lets her down.

Not this time.

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anonymous asked:

A serious question: I understand the importance of people with disabilities being portrayed in media as they are under represented. But why is it so bad that Strex corp wanted to heal Janice and make her able to walk? I mean if I was missing an arm or couldn't see and someone said "here I will remove that barrier for you" i would take it. But I'm ignorant and I beg your forgiveness for asking such a horrible question in advance if that is something wrong that I'm not supposed to ask about.

Um, okay. Two things before I tackle this: 

I’m not the kind of person that condemns curiosity, so don’t even worry about sending this (’ignorant’ and all that). Sorry it’s been sitting in my ask box the past few days - I wanted to make sure I could actually devote time to giving it a good response. Secondly, I’m not physically disabled in the way Janice is. I am marginalized by being queer and trans, I’m mentally ill, and I’m disabled by chronic illness, so I can only speak from those places of reference + second hand learning - please feel free (anyone, that is) to chime in if you have more direct experience or if I’m offbase in this.

So, for an answer: 

Yeah, first thing is what you said - representation for people with disabilities is damn scarce. Even harder to find is people with disabilities that are disabled just because - there’s no reason that Janice is in a chair, she’s not a plot device (originally, but we’ll talk about that), she was in a chair because children in wheelchairs exist. That really shouldn’t be such a mind blowing concept, but when’s the last time you saw someone disabled that wasn’t there to teach a lesson or give a reason for the hero/protagonist to do something? It’s a really fucked way to think - that we, disabled people as a whole, only exist to make ‘normal’ people look better and feel better about themselves. Janice is outside of that and it’s beautiful.

Now, let’s look at Old Oak Doors. It was wrong for Strex to want to ‘fix’ Janice because it implies that she is ‘broken’ or ‘wrong’ or other things that would necessitate ‘fixing.’ Steve actually said it in the episode - Janice is not something that needs to be fixed. I can see what you mean when you say it’s coming from ‘making things easier,’ but the thing that needs to be understood is that a lot of disabled people function just fine. We just function differently, and yes, there are challenges involved, but there’s no need for us to become ‘normal.’ Another really important thing that a lot of the fandom overlooks (or maybe some of us read too much into) is the social commentary Nightvale makes. They do it all the time. The Strex arc has some really obvious critiques of capitalism - all that matters is productivity, put on a happy face even if it’s horribly artificial, strive for normalcy and complacency and assimilation, etc. Disabled people are one of the largest populations thrown under the bus in this society (America, that is, because that’s where I live + where Nightvale takes place) because we cannot work in the same way others without our challenges do. Hell, I’ve been unemployed for a year now because I chose to go to school - to do both (which I did for a semester) is hell on my health and just not possible for me, but I get looked down upon for choosing myself over ‘productivity.’ I think that was a major comment being made there, and the reason your argument doesn’t really work here: Kevin wasn’t trying to fix Janice to be nice or out of concern, he wanted another little worker bee, and that’s so fucked up.

tl;dr : Love Janice. Love Janice and her chair and her father that doesn’t subscribe to capitalist, western ideals of ‘normal’ that Strex tried to goad her into. Janice is disabled and successful just as she is, and she needs to be shown that way.

Possible scenarios for season 4: Possible episode opening scene
  • *the camera goes through the views of London in a quiet, calm evening. In reaches a side alley, goes through the wall of a building entering the flat in 221B, in which things are clearly not calm. We go through the kitchen, smoked and scorched, and reach the living room, where we meet a pissed off John Watson and an impatient Sherlock holding a fire extinguisher, standing in front of a crying baby in a trolley*
  • John: Jesus! Sherlock! *picks up the baby and embraces her* what the hell?! you said you had a "problem"!!!
  • Sherlock: I did.
  • John: you should have given a wider explanation!
  • Sherlock: what else did you want me to explain?
  • John: maybe, I don't know, "the bloody flat is on fire!!"
  • Sherlock: That wasn't the problem. The problem was that your baby wouldn't stop crying.
  • John: right, why would a baby cry when there's a bloody fire?!
  • Sherlock: I honestly wouldn't know. I put the fire off a while ago, yet she's still crying.
  • John: of course she is, she's traumatized!
  • Sherlock: traumatized? Of what? She wasn't anywhere near the fire!
  • *The baby starts crying harder*
  • John: oh no... Sshhh.. *anxiously moving from side to side, trying to calm her. Her cry weakens*
  • John: how did this even happen?
  • Sherlock: it was just a little experiment going slightly unexpected.
  • John: unex - you can't have experiments when the baby's here!
  • Sherlock: what?! Why not?!
  • John: because you have to give her your full attention, she's far more important then your stupid experiments!
  • Sherlock: my experiments could lead to significant science breakthroughs, while your baby can barely chew her own food, so part me if I -
  • John: *fiercely* Sherlock, you just put my daughter's life in serious danger. Do you even care?
  • Sherlock: *nervously* she wasn't in any danger, I had everything under control!!
  • *the baby starts crying again*
  • *from the sided alley of the building, the shouting from 221b is vaguely heard. Someone is standing there, only seen from over their shoulder, wearing a coat's hood covering the back of their head, listening*
  • *back in the apartment*
  • Sherlock: *cranky* don't you know how to stop this? I've tried everything.
  • John: have you tried holding her?
  • Sherlock: have I tried - what?
  • John: holding her. In your arms.
  • Sherlock: why would she need me doing that?
  • John: because she's a baby, she needs warmth.
  • Sherlock: if she needs warmth, why was she so upset about a fire?
  • John: FOR CHRIST SAKE - !
  • *puts the baby in the trolley before she starts crying again*
  • John: Can I trust you? Hmm? Can I? Because right now, I'm having serious doubts whether I can leave you with the most precious thing in the world to me.
  • Sherlock: of course you can trust - why do you care so much if I'm good with Elizabeth anyway?
  • John: Because we want to make you godfather!!
  • *silence*
  • Sherlock: ...what?
  • John: yes, yes.
  • Sherlock: you - you want to make me -
  • John: yes. But we can't do it unless we /know/ we can trust you. With her. With Elizabeth.
  • Sherlock: *looks down, frowning, calculating*
  • John: *looks at him, trying to read him*
  • Sherlock: well.. If she's going to be my goddaughter she'll have to build a stronger character.
  • John: what?
  • Sherlock: she'll have to get use to all this. If she is her father's daughter.
  • John:
  • *The door opens and Mary walks in*
  • John: ah !
  • Mary: I came as fast as I could - oh my god! You really burned the whole place!
  • Sherlock: THE BABY WASN'T ON FIRE!
  • Mary: Jesus, Sherlock... (Checks on sleeping Elizabeth in the trolley)
  • John: *chuckles* unbelievable... Only you can screw up babysitting that bad. I honestly cannot think of a way things could get any worse.
  • *an orgasmic woman moan is heard abruptly*
  • *everyone's heads turn to Sherlock's phone on the table, which is still lighted*
  • Mary: what was that? Are you watching "movies" while the baby's here?
  • John: *quietly* Sherlock... Sherlock what was that?
  • Sherlock: *keeps staring at his phone with horror*
  • John: Tell me this is not what I think it is.
  • Mary: John, what is going on?
  • John: This is impossible. Her phone is here, in this apartment!
  • Sherlock: *walks slowly towards the table, never breaking his look from the phone. John takes a step forward after him)
  • John: Sherlock, She's dead. She's been dead for years. She was never in witness protection. (Realizes) You knew that, didn't you?
  • Sherlock: *reads the text, still horrified*
  • Mary: what is going on here?!
  • John: what does it say? *Sherlock doesn't answer* Sherlock, what does it say?
  • An unmistakable voice from the door: 'You didn't have to burn your kitchen just to cook me dinner, Mr Holmes'.
  • *everyone turns around. John is shocked. Mary is overwhelmed and confused. Sherlock stares with an unreadable mix of emotions. Irene Adler is standing at the door, hair tied up, black dress, her lips are smirking, but her eyes express something other than that, something more painful. The camera phone, supposed to be safely locked in Sherlock's desk drawer, is held tightly in her hand.*
  • *dramatic opening theme start playing*

darkanoir  asked:

Good evening darling! It's been a while since I last gave you a prompt but I saw your post and couldn't resist! Unfortunately, I don't have any specific idea, but would you mind if I requested something anyway? It is a bit banal, but I'd love to read a knotting fic, with jonghyun as the alpha and Kibum as the omega. Feel free to ignore this if you don't feel up to it! Thank you for replenishing us with lovely drabbles to read <3 Hope you're having a nice new year so far! <3

Wow! My first ever omega fic. So… yeah. It wasn’t so much a story as it was vignettes of their lives? I hope it makes some sense! I know it’s long, but I didn’t want to put it under a read more because they’re still not working properly for me. Sorry!

Kibum can’t think of anything worse than being the pack’s omega.

When the pack’s leader, Jonghyun, took a fancy to Kibum one day when they passed the lone omega on a trek, Jonghyun insisted that Kibum come along with them. An omega doesn’t simply ignore the wishes of an alpha.

Jonghyun isn’t the nuisance though. It’s the three other betas in the pack: Jinki, Minho and Taemin. Jinki is the most aloof out of the three and generally wanders by himself, but Minho and Taemin take their sweet time beating up on poor Kibum. The pack knows how powerful they are with three betas and a dominant alpha, and Kibum has become the chew toy for the youngest two pack members to relieve their boredom.

When Kibum nears his heat, Jonghyun disappears from the pack. Jonghyun gets violent around omegas in heat and wanders off on his own for everyone’s protection. No one, as far as they let on, know where he goes to be alone. In his absence, Jinki steps up to the role of alpha. He pays even less attention to Minho and Taemin wrestling and brawling with Kibum every chance they get. The pair of troublemakers could quite literally get away with murder under Jinki’s watch.

It’s a snowing morning when Minho and Taemin start their ministrations. Kibum is barely awake when the nips begin. He rises slowly, peering at Minho and Taemin as they circle him.

Minho is a wolf larger and more powerful than Jonghyun with dark, course fur. Taemin is smaller with ash-colored fur and relies on brute strength to taunt Kibum. When they come together, they’re a merciless pair. When Kibum is nearing his heat, they’re particularly ruthless. The two despise that Kibum drives their alpha leader away.

Taemin nips at Kibum’s heels as Minho hovers menacingly behind him. If Kibum gets out of line, Minho bites him and pins him down into the fresh coat of snow. Rather than take the beating, Kibum gallops away through the snowy landscape.

Minho and Taemin follow him for a while. They’re trying to steer him a certain way. Kibum can tell. Once they’re a considerable distance from encampment and wherever the two wolves wanted Kibum to end up, they turn back suddenly. Kibum watches as they wrestle each other and try to outrun the other. Within minutes, they disappear from view.

Kibum rises to his feet, shaking the snow off his fur. He doesn’t know why they ran like bats out of hell, but he’s glad that they’re gone. For a little while at least, he won’t be harassed by the overly playful beta counterparts.

There’s a cave nearby. It’s a small crevice in the mountain edge, but it’s enough to squeeze through to shelter himself from the snow. It’s just as cold as it was outside, but Kibum’s body temperature is enough to keep him comfortable, even in human form. Once he transforms and is up on two legs again, naked as the day he was born, he steps further into the cavern.

A snarling growl echoes from the end of the cave. Kibum freezes. He encroached on someone else’s territory. With Kibum teetering of the edge of being in heat, stumbling into someone else’s territory spelled disaster.

Kibum lets out a small whine of submission. It’s quieter than it would have been if he were still a wolf. It gets the job done. The growling stops.


It’s Jonghyun, the alpha.

Kibum doesn’t leave time to think about the possibilities. He bolts. Or, at least, he tries to.

Jonghyun blocks the exit before Kibum can even shift. He slams into Jonghyun’s furry ribcage, getting knocked backward. Jonghyun wastes no time in crawling on top of Kibum, sinking his teeth into Kibum’s shoulder.

Kibum arches into Jonghyun, holding onto Jonghyun’s shoulders.

Kibum knew this would be his reality eventually. Jonghyun wouldn’t have picked up an omega for the hell of it. No, Jonghyun knew that the pack would soon need to grow in numbers. The easiest way to train members of the pack was from the time they were just pups. Mature wolves were much too independent to teach properly.

Kibum was Jonghyun’s surefire way to get pups.

Kibum feels Jonghyun’s knot swell deep inside of him. He doesn’t know whether he wants to kiss Jonghyun or scratch his nails further into his arms.

Jonghyun hasn’t said anything since he murmured Kibum’s name. Even his whines and groans were few and far between.

Kibum assumes that Jonghyun is using him as a business transaction more than anything. Kibum decides not to touch his lips to Jonghyun’s skin.

When the swelling goes down, Jonghyun pulls out with a sickening noise and pulls away from Kibum. The warmth on top of Kibum disappears. He shivers when he’s hit with a blast of freezing air from outside.

Jonghyun shifts in front of his eyes and bolts out of the crevice.

Kibum shifts as well but instead curls up in the dark little cavern, closing his eyes. He should follow Jonghyun while his scent is still strong, but he doesn’t want to lift himself off the floor just yet. He decides to wait out the snowstorm and then find his way back to the pack.

When Kibum returns to the pack, Taemin and Minho are circling the encampment. Kibum assumes that they’ll pounce when they spot Kibum, but they don’t. They draw their ears back against their skulls and keep their distance. Kibum’s tail drops between his legs as he passes them. He doesn’t know why they’re acting like that.

Jonghyun is nowhere to be seen. Neither is Jinki.

Kibum decides to curl up on the edge of the encampment. Minho and Taemin continue to circle, but they stay a considerable distance away. Feeling particularly safe, Kibum rests his chin on his legs and settles down for sleep.

Weeks pass.

Kibum becomes considerably more lethargic. He refuses to go on hunts. In the beginning, Minho and Taemin prepare to pounce, but one glare from Jonghyun has the two backing off the omega. Jinki doesn’t spare a glance at Kibum.

When they return with fresh meat, the first slab is offered to Kibum by Jonghyun himself. Kibum turns his nose to the food. Minho snarls at Kibum’s rude gesture toward the alpha, but Jonghyun attacks. The beta backs off.

Kibum stares at the food before rising to his feet and walking off, away from the pack. He doesn’t want to eat.

Jonghyun moves the pack to an apartment building on the outside of town. The buildings are reserved for packs, deemed to be a halfway house of sorts. The humans in the town made peace with the werewolves as much as possible. Each tenant building can house up to thirty wolves, but Jonghyun moves the pack into one of the smallest buildings. Minho and Taemin are given a small apartment two floors down. Jinki is on the first floor and given the duty of patrolman. Jonghyun takes the apartment on the top floor, forcing Kibum up with him.

Kibum drops himself onto the bed in the apartment as soon as he shifts into his human form. He’s so exhausted from the hike to the tenant building that he’s not sure if he would have the energy to shift back if need be.

Jonghyun enters the room long after, hovering in the doorway before entering the bedroom. Kibum holds his breath.

“I don’t know why you’re trying to hide it,” Jonghyun says finally. “They all know.”

Kibum hides his face in the pillow that he drags closer. “When Minho and Taemin stopped bothering me so suddenly, I figured.”

“Well, they certainly don’t want to hurt the pup now.”

Kibum curls in on himself when Jonghyun goes to touch his stomach. “Please don’t.”

“I’m not going to hurt you either,” Jonghyun murmurs, leaning down to nose against Kibum’s jaw.

“You just care about getting more members for the pack.”

“Maybe a little,” Jonghyun admits. “But that’s not the only reason. You’re a pretty face,” he draws back with a wolfish grin. “But right now, your job is relaxing. Jinki is on watch. Minho and Taemin won’t bother you anymore, not when you’re mine. They know better.”

Kibum can’t look Jonghyun in the eyes.

Minho and Taemin come up to visit. Jonghyun went out with Jinki and demanded the pair to keep an eye on Kibum.

It’s rare that Kibum saw them on two legs since he’s joined the pack. They look much less menacing as humans.

Even so, their gaze is still judgmental. Kibum is still the outsider as far as they’re concerned, whether he’s imprinted on Jonghyun or not.

The betas welcome themselves to a seat on the couch. Kibum sinks into the recliner that’s usually reserved for Jonghyun. He didn’t want to be near to either of them. When their gazes become overwhelming, he settles his hands on his belly.

It’s a small thing still, his baby bump, but it’s prominent on his usually thin figure. The baby isn’t kicking yet, but Kibum knows it won’t be long before it is. The betas stare.

“I can’t believe we have to babysit an omega,” Taemin grumbles unhappily, standing up to help himself to food in the kitchen. “That’s just so wrong,” he makes a point to glare at Kibum. “You know, if Jonghyun wasn’t an alpha, I would—”

“Taemin,” Minho scolds gently. “He’ll squeal to Jonghyun. Don’t bother.”

“Why are you both acting like we haven’t been in the same pack for months now? I’m an outsider, yes, but–”

“An outsider I can handle,” Taemin spits, a new fierceness in his eyes. “A pampered omega, I can’t. It’s not right.”

“Taemin, just—”

Kibum can barely comprehend it happening. Taemin is on top of him so quickly that he’s stunned until he feels bristling fur rub against his cheek. He screams, trying to shove the wolf off. He’s too shocked to shift to protect himself.

Jinki bursts into the room, Jonghyun on his heels. Jonghyun hauls Taemin off of Kibum. There’s white hot anger in his face. Kibum has never seen him so livid.

Kibum tries to sit up before Jonghyun leaves. “Jonghyun, don’t hurt him—!”

Jonghyun doesn’t listen to Kibum though. He doesn’t hear the struggle downstairs once Jinki nudges him into the bedroom, but he hears Taemin whimpering in the silence of the night.

Even pressing the pillow over his ears doesn’t block out the beta’s whines.

Kibum’s back begins aching relatively early on in the pregnancy.

The pain eases when Kibum shifts into wolf form, but Jonghyun scolds him every time. Kibum doesn’t understand why but listens. He spends most of his time in bed.

Jonghyun comes in the room late one night. Kibum isn’t asleep, but he isn’t really awake either. He shuts his eyes when he feels the bed dip with Jonghyun’s weight.

“Where does it hurt?” Jonghyun asks softly, running his fingertips down Kibum’s spine.


“Your back.”

“O-oh…” Kibum shifts slightly to set his hand on the small of his back. “Down here… kind of. I think it’s just the extra weight…”

Jonghyun doesn’t ask any more questions. He uses a gentle touch to slowly massage Kibum’s back. He purrs in response, nuzzling the pillow. Kibum isn’t sure if it’s the massage or the attention that makes him feel so warm inside.

“Jonghyun,” Kibum murmurs. “Is… the baby going to be an omega too?”

“Absolutely not,” Jonghyun hisses. “No pup of mine will be an omega.”

“Stop calling it a pup. It’s a baby,” Kibum snaps.

“Don’t talk to me like that. Learn your place, omega.”

“I’ll speak however I damn well please when I’m the one carrying a baby that I didn’t even—that I didn’t want!”

Jonghyun bares his teeth, slamming Kibum back against the pillows. Kibum sinks back further, clawing at Jonghyun’s wrists when he pins Kibum to the bed by his shoulders. He doesn’t want to be held down by Jonghyun.

Jonghyun doesn’t look happy. “I gave you a spot in our pack, omega. How dare y—”

“You made me into a chew toy!”

“I’ll take this pup from you when it’s born.”

Kibum seethes. “I won’t let you.”

“You’ll do what I say.”

Kibum bites. He isn’t thinking. He knows he’ll get reprimanded for it later, but right now, he doesn’t think about it. He’s more worried about protecting his baby now. When Jonghyun pulls away, leaving a window of opportunity for Kibum, he bolts.

Once outside, he spots Minho and Taemin barreling after him. He doesn’t stop running.

Kibum locates the cave he first encountered Jonghyun in. The mouth is nearly covered by the last snowfall, but he digs a hole so he can crawl inside. He trots to the very end and curls up against the wall, resting his chin on his legs before forcing himself to sleep.

Kibum isn’t alone when he wakes up. He isn’t as cold either.

Jonghyun is curled up against him, neck against the back of Kibum’s neck. He’s using his body to block the frigid air from hitting Kibum, as well as becoming a wall of protection.

Kibum lifts his head. Jonghyun moves back, watching Kibum for a moment before cleaning his head. He licks Kibum’s fur until he feels comfortable enough to lay down on his side.

“You shouldn’t have ran off,” Jonghyun murmurs after he shifts, resting his cheek against the scruff on Kibum’s neck.

Kibum whines, turning his head away. Jonghyun continues stroking his fur.

“I was out of line, even as an alph,” Jonghyun continues. “I would never take your pu– your baby away from you.”

When Kibum hears that, he tilts his head to lick Jonghyun’s cheek. He leaves a stripe of saliva behind.

“Come back with me. It’s too cold for you to be out here like this.”

After that, Jonghyun spends more time with Kibum. He becomes more protective of Kibum as his due date approaches. Jonghyun will snarl at even Taemin or Minho if they approach Kibum too quickly.

Kibum finally feels a sense of security in Jonghyun’s presence.

The closer Kibum’s due date gets, the more Jonghyun guards the bedroom. He’ll sit in wolf form at the side of the bed, on alert. Sometimes he’ll sit close enough to the bed for Kibum to scratch his ears. Other times, he’s sitting stiff in the doorway.

It’s when Jonghyun is trotting around the living room that Kibum feels the first contraction tighten his belly. Jonghyun is in the room before Kibum can call out to him.

Jonghyun howls, shaking Kibum to the core. He walks up to the bed, nosing Kibum’s arm. Kibum knows what he wants.

“I don’t want to shift,” Kibum shakes his head, hiding his face in his pillow.

Jonghyun growls.

“Stop. It hurts. Don’t growl at me…”

Jonghyun stops the snarling but doesn’t stop badgering Kibum. Once the pain passes, Kibum shifts and follows Jonghyun.

The surgery is performed by a doctor with the Werewolf Preservation Society. Jonghyun paces by Kibum’s side throughout the surgery, his three loyal betas standing guard by the door.

They’re prepared to welcome their new pack member.

Kibum has a higher pain tolerance in wolf form. That’s how he stays with his tiny baby girl.

Anyone who approaches too close is growled at, even Jonghyun. For the first few hours, Jonghyun allows Kibum his space to bond with the pup. She can’t shift yet, but Jonghyun will teach her well when she comes of age.

When Kibum seems calmer, Jonghyun trots over and gives Kibum a tentative lick on the side of his head. Kibum doesn’t snarl, so Jonghyun takes that as an invitation into Kibum’s world.

Jonghyun sniffs the baby, nosing gently against her head. She cooes in her sleep but doesn’t wake up. Kibum peeks an eye open to survey the situation but allows Jonghyun to do as he pleases.

Once Jonghyun is well acquainted with the baby, Kibum lifts his head to bump his nose against his. Another invitation. He wants Jonghyun to be close. Jonghyun inches closer, curling around his omega and his pup protectively.

Kibum relaxes, checking on his baby. She’s happy, healthy and warm.

Kibum knows exactly what to name her.

Haneul. He’s found his heaven on earth.

The "Love You" Part

Luke smut…yay :). I don’t like it that much, but if you read it I hope you enjoy it :D.

The “Love You” Part

Your phone rang, it was your best friend Luke Hemmings calling.

“Luke! How have you been?” You answered happily.

“Hey Y/N! I’ve been great. Is it ok if I come over? I have so much to tell you about the tour!”

“Of course! I can’t wait!”

“Ok I’ll be there in 10 then. Love you bye!”

You hung up the phone, but you were hung up on the “love you” part. Luke never said that to you before, it was odd. You didn’t think that it was likely he had the same feelings for you as you did for him. So you tried to just let it go, but it stuck with you.

You tried to tidy up your house a little before Luke came, but you only had 10 minutes and the “love you” was swimming threw your head.

There was a knock on the door, “hi Luke!” You smiled.

“Y/N!” He greeted as he hugged you tightly.

The two of you walked over to the couch as Luke started telling you all about the tour, but you heard little of it.

‘What if he really meant it? He couldn’t of he’s fucking Luke Hemmings from 5 Seconds of Summer and you’re a nobody!’ You thought to yourself.



“You ok? You don’t seem with the program,” he said worried.

“Oh yeah I’m fine,” you said with a faint smile.

“Maybe you should lay down, I’ll help you up stairs,” he said standing up.

“O-ok,” you stuttered.

Luke helped you stand up and then he tripped on his untied shoe lace, accidentally pulling you on top of him. You tried not to giggle, but it slipped out. Luke looked at you in awe. He pushed the hair out of your face and cupped your cheek.

He leaned in close to your ear and whispered, “you’re so beautiful Y/N, so damn beautiful.”

You blushed wildly and squeaked out, “thank you.”

“You don’t need to thank me for the truth Y/N.”

This made you blush more and you buried your face into his chest. He chuckled and hugged you.

You shifted on Luke and he grunted, “sorry…”

You could feel his member poking into your thigh. You blushed even more.

“Damn you’re cute when you do that,” he stated.

“Do what?” You asked innocently.

“Blush, it’s cute,” he smiled as he kissed your lips.

You sat up straddling your best friend Luke Hemmings. He put his hands on your hips and looked into your eyes. His bulge digging into your already dripping core. He let out a low moan, which turned you on even more. You placed your hands on his toned chest and started grinding on his bulge. He began to moan and say your name.

“Y/N…I-I need to be…inside you…” He managed to moan out, breathlessly.

Luke flipped the both of you over so that you we underneath him. He stared to kiss your lips passionately, but they were getting hungrier by the kiss. His large member was digging into your thigh. He ran his hands over your body and pulled on the hem of your shirt. You broke the kiss to take your shirt off. Luke took his off and then reconnected your lips with his. He ran his hands behind your back and unclasped your bra throwing it somewhere in your house. He began to massage your boobs, and broke the kiss to suck on your nipples.

“L-Luke…” You moaned out.

“Hmm?” He hummed into your breast.

“Luke, I-I need you…”

Luke looked into your eyes as you laid under him, he smiled and started to kiss down your stomach to the waist band of his sweat pants that you stole from him. He rolled them off of your body and pushed a finger into you. You moaned loudly and arched your back. He smiled, he enjoyed seeing you like this for him. He curled his finger inside of you causing you to buck your hips.

“Luke, I’m going to-”

“Not yet baby,” he said as he kissed you.

He pulled down your panties and pealed off his skinny jeans and boxers. His member slapped his stomach and you looked at it in awe.

“You’re so big,” you whispered with wide eyes.

“We don’t have to do this…” Luke said sheepishly running his fingers through his hair.

“I want to,” you smiled at him.

He climbed back on top of you, kissing you. He slid his tip into your core and you gasped.

“Oh! I’m sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you!” He said alarmed as he pulled out.

You grabbed his wrists and said, “you didn’t hurt me, it felt amazing. And if you don’t finish what you started then I’ll be hurt.”

Luke looked into your eyes and nodded, he pushed his tip back into you. You arched your back at the feeling of him inside of you. He pushed himself deeper inside of you. He completely filled you, and he hit places you didn’t even know existed inside of you.

“I won’t move until you say to,” Luke said blushing.

“You can move now, but please start out slow,” you said running your fingers through his hair.

He nodded and began to roll his hips very slow, almost painstakingly slow. He soon began to quicken his pace. You thought it was so sweet that he didn’t want to hurt you, he was being so careful with you. But you weren’t going to climax if he kept being so gentle.

“Luke, sweetie.”

“Am I hurting you? Are you ok?” He said stopping.

“I’m fine, but could you maybe go faster and harder?”

“I-I don’t want to hurt you…” He said kissing you sweetly.

“I know, but I’m not going cum if you keep being so gentle.”

“Ok, babe,” he said as he thrusted roughly into you.

“Fuck! Luke! That’s good!” You moaned loudly from the extreme pleasure.

He kept thrusting into you harder and faster each time, it felt incredible.

“L-Luke, I’m close…”

“Me t-too…”

He thrust into you a few more times and the knot in your stomach unwound sending immense pleasure over your body. Your walls clenched around Luke’s length as you came on him. He moaned your name loudly as he came in you. He thrusted into you a few more times so you could ride out your highs together.

When you both came down from your highs, Luke collapsed onto the floor next to you. You both laid there panting for awhile then Luke rolled on his side to look at you.

“What?” You asked.

“I’m just staring at a beautiful girl, that’s all.”

You blushed, “I’m not beautiful…”

“Yes you are. You’re beautiful and perfect,” he said kissing you.

The two of you got off the floor and began to put your clothes back on.

“Luke, where did you throw my shirt?”

“I haven’t the slightest idea,” he said pulling his off and offering it to you, “you can wear mine if you want.”

You took it from his hand and thanked him as you slid it over your head. You plopped on the couch and Luke sat next to you, wrapping his arm around your shoulder. He pulled you into him. You placed your head so that you could listen to his heart beat.


“Yeah Luke?” You said looking up at him.

“Did you…did you feel anything?”

“What do you mean?” You asked confused.

“I don’t know, like um…fireworks…” He blushed a deep shade of red.

You straddled his lap and looked into his eyes. You bit your lip and nodded your head yes.

Luke sighed in relief and kissed you passionately.

“By the way,” Luke said into you hair, “what I said on the phone earlier, it kind of just slipped out but I meant it.”

“Meant what?”

“I love you, Y/N.”

“I love you too, Luke.”

“So…does that mean you’ll be my girlfriend?”

“Probably,” you giggled and nodded your head yes.

He kissed your mouth and worked his way down to your sweet spot and you moaned.

“Why don’t we take round two upstairs?” Luke laughed.

You stood up and took your boyfriend’s hand and started to lead him to your room.

Five Times Stiles and Isaac Didn't Switch Bodies – And One Time They Did

For Mal because she asked for Stisaac for this prompt! I hope this cheers you up a little bit!

1. Lydia

Lydia is not fooled for even a second. When someone hugs her from behind and whispers “Lydia, my strawberry blonde goddess” into her ear, she just shoves him off and without looking away from her course book says:

“Go and bother Stiles, Isaac, I’m busy.”

It doesn’t work unfortunately; he just drops into the chair next to her and keeps talking.

“But I am Stiles! We switched bodies; you need to help us change back!”

Lydia rolls her eyes.

“Not now, I’m busy. Just, go and make out or something.”

She sneaks a look at him from the corner of her eye, and wow, that is a bright red blush. Bingo.

“I’m not – we’re not – what are you – ” Isaac starts spluttering and seems to have already forgotten his claim that he was Stiles.

Lydia just smirks and says innocently: “Oh do you no longer want to kiss Isaac, Stiles? You told me just this morning that you want to grab him by one of his stupid scarves and kiss him silly, didn’t you?”

Of course he didn’t, Stiles is as deep in denial as Isaac is, if not even deeper. But Isaac, or should she call him “Stiles”, doesn’t, of course. Not that it would make any difference, he seems to have lost all higher brain function at that little tidbit of information.

“I, I have to go!”

Isaac stands up, knocking over his chair in his hurry to get away from her. He almost falls over it when he tries to pick it up and take a step over it at the same time.

Lydia sniggers and watches Isaac bump into several more tables on his way out of the room.

She’d almost believe that they’d switched bodies now.

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