i tried to put the important stuff

okok theres one part of elements i really liked but keep forgetting to talk about so ill post it b4 i forget again

but HEYO finn and pb’s platonic relationship is. really very important to me holy shit, AT’s been pushing the ‘moving on’ from his crush thing for a couple of seasons now and i still go hell yeah every time its reinforced

LSP tries to break the fire elemental curse on finn by telling him to go to his happy place but his brain automatically goes to all this past romantic stuff with PB at first, its real bad because its still wrapped in flames but Then

finn crushes it, puts out the fire (or rage and anger/pain as the element represents here)

and he goes back to his real happy place, back to pajama wars (still a super fav ep!!) where all they did was hang out like best friends w no hint of romance whatsoever

it felt like a real throwback to Dont Look where finn’s “true perception” of PB wasn’t an infatuated crush but just one of his bros

my boy’s moved on and is learning and enjoying his friendships and im proud of him

When I was in high school, I was in the GSA club and I was taught that the A in LGBTQIA was for ally. So I was like “I guess I must be an ally” because I was drawn to the community but didn’t relate to any of the other identities. I have crushes on boys all the time but I finally realized my crushes are a bit different than most people’s. I’m like “aw, wow he’s so cute , I just want to make him smile because his smile is aesthetically pleasing and hang out with him, and maybe we could hold hands.” I never knew people actually really had sexual thoughts about other people. I heard it in songs and all sorts of media but assumed it was all exaggerations. I somehow stumbled across the term asexual and was super confused because I never thought about sexual attraction. Like, what is that?? Apparently a thing most people feel, so as I continued reading on about the ace spectrum, I was astonished there was a word for how I felt. It took me a while to use the label for myself because I never heard of the term before and I didn’t want people to think I was making it up for attention. I knew I didn’t like girls the way I liked boys, so I thought I must be straight. I tried some sexual stuff and I was semi grossed out , semi bored. That’s when I started putting everything together and I was like “there’s no way I’m not ace.”

THIS IS WHY THIS WEEK IS SO IMPORTANT. If I was aware asexuality was a real and valid sexual orientation, I wouldn’t have had to try and be heterosexual. If other people were aware of asexuality, they wouldn’t have to invalidate me when I come out to them by saying things like “You’re not a plant”, “You haven’t met the right person yet,” “You’re still so young,” etc. If I haven’t met the right person yet, that probably makes me demi sexual , first of all, because I’m 19 and have never felt sexual attraction. Second of all, isn’t it funny that you’re never too young to identify as straight?? Anyways, I no longer consider myself straight because I’m aware of my differences and I’m aware that there’s nothing wrong with that.

i'm glad i married you (m)

part one: marry me.

pairing: taehyung x reader 
word count: 5.8k 
genre: fluff & smut 

prompt: I know you not taking requests but can u pleassseeee write a continuation for the Tae fluff you’ve posted?? 💕😫 only if you want to and got time, if not just ignore please maybe one where they got married and are on honeymoon and you can add smut since you don’t have any Taehyung smut 😉😉 thank you fighting 🎀 

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happylittlepigs  asked:

Hi! I guess I was wondering if you had any advice for awkward creative types?? Haha I'm in my early 20's with no life plan, but I love creating. I'm also very good at convincing myself that I'm nothing. Is this something you've ever struggled with, and do you have any advice for how to keep going when everything in your mind tells you otherwise?

Yes! Look for a thing called The Taste Gap by Ira Glass. It will give you the reassurance that I wish someone had given me when I was your age, and at the same place in my creative journey that you are.

Also, I want you to keep creating. I want you to use your art and your ideas to make things, because you’re going to hear from people who tell you that what we do isn’t real, isn’t important, doesn’t matter, and they are full of crap. 

There are millions of people who want to create stuff, and they never do it for one reason or another. I believe that we who have the ability to create things, especially artistic things, have a responsibility to make good art and put it into the world.

Finally, in The Nerdist Way, Chris talks about how your brain tries to prevent you from making things, because it wants to protect you from taking risks. He advises that we thank that part of our brain for trying to protect us, and then politely tell it to shut up so we can get to work.

The Torturous Year- A Remus Lupin Imagine

A/N: Okay, so my lazy ass has not yet gotten to any of the requests or the blurbs yet for my 1k celebration, but I have decided to start a new series. This one is a Remus one, and barely has a plot in all honesty. I just think it would be a series of cute little imagines based off of the idea that Remus suddenly grew up quite a bit over the summer from fifth year to sixth. :) Hope you enjoy! 

Originally posted by pretty-eyes-on-pretty-guys

Two long months away from your friends had been torture. With the recent targets on different muggle families in the past year, your parents decided that it would be best to travel overseas this summer. A summer house on the beach was lovely and very therapeutic yet not what you wanted. All you wanted to be able to do was see your friends, or at least write to them. Yet, your parents insisted that going abroad was the safest thing for you all. They claimed that no contact with your muggle-born friends meant their families wouldn’t be noticed if they were trying to lay low; and no contact with your magical-born friends meant that they wouldn’t get in trouble for communicating with any half muggle-born families.

You knew it was mostly a lie. Your parents were scared themselves and you couldn’t blame them. It was getting dangerous for any non-pure-blood family with the rise of Lord Voldemort and the Death Eaters. Hiding out with an entire ocean between your family and the enemy was logically a smart move, even if it was slightly cowardly. Although, it didn’t mean you had to like it.

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Joker Imagine - Texting

Joker’s P.O.V.

“..so breaking in from that side would be better” One of the men around me said sternly to another one. I was at the club, having a meeting with some other criminals. Although I loved chaos and crimes, this was getting boring. They were planning it too clearly. There was no freedom and fun left in it. Truly, I wanted to put a bullet through their heads.

I sighed, tapping my fingers on the wooden table as I put my empty glass of whisky down. I swallowed it easily and then looked around. Perhaps things would be better if I argued with them? Suddenly, I felt my phone vibrating in my pocket. I grabbed it and noticed that I got a message from Y/N. Thinking it was important, I opened it. Oh man, it wasn’t what I expected.

From Y/N: I lost my teddy bear :(

Although Y/N was a little on the crazier side, that message made no sense. For all that I knew, she didn’t have one. It confused me so I replied.

Me: What teddy?

I sent the message and then stared at the screen, waiting for a reply. Was she high? It wouldn’t be a surprise. Things had been rough and I’m sure she’d love to take a relaxing joint. Finally, she replied.

Y/N: It doens’t matter. Can I sleep with you instead? ;)

The corners of my mouth turned into a small smile unnoticingly. At least she wasn’t in trouble. I had to admit, I never thought Y/N would use pick-up lines or anything. I just replied with a ‘ha ha ha’ and put my phone on the table. I tried to listen to the boring nagging of these men but I couldn’t do that. I got a new message from Y/N so I checked it.

Y/N: Wanna come home and watch porn on a mirror?

By that I knew she was horny. It was really cheesy from Y/N but it was also kind of funny. Although I would’ve loved to go home from this boring meeting, I couldn’t. This was important. I started writing back to her.

Me:  Stop texting me weird stuff so late at night.

Y/N read the message and started typing. I sighed once again as I waited for her message. She typed really long until she stopped. For a little while I thought she’d ignore me, but I was wrong. She sent me a picture. The picture loaded and I opened it. My eyes widened and I brought the screen closer to my face. Y/N was naked in our kitchen, holding a bottle of whipped cream in her hand. She had a strawberry in her mouth and that naughty look on her pretty face. She knew exactly what she was doing.

I growled and then stood up, catching the men’s attention. “Excuse me, I’ve got to leave” I mumbled, not meaning it politely. Then I headed to the car, typing at the same time. Y/N better expect me soon..

Me: Naughty girl, you’re getting into a lot of trouble for interrupting my night.

I pressed send and then took a seat in my lamborghini. Yes, I had a drink but I didn’t care about the law anyway. The engine roared and I started driving towards my hideout. As I drove, my phone buzzed. I couldn’t help but to check it.

Y/N: Oh I just want to have some fun!

She would be so sorry..

Me: If you’re not in bed when I get there, you’ll be sorry

Y/N: Ooh..exciting ;)

I pulled over and parked the car. Then I got out eagerly, forgetting my phone in the car as well. Y/N wa son my mind now. I got into the elevator and started to undo my buttons. As I got up in the penthouse, I saw her clothes scattered on the floor. Then I heard footsteps, meaning that she ran to the bed. A smile grew larger on my face. I hummed something until I reached our bedroom, seeing her in bed. Y/N’s beautiful body was in full display and the light shining in from the window highlighted her curves.

“Oh I heard you running. You weren’t in bed soon enough” I let her know darkly. Y/N just shrugged and bit her lip. “Oops” Was her answer. Oh yes, oops indeed.

A/N: One day I’ll make a sexting version because why the hell not? :) 

meringue time!!

summary: Woojin should’ve known he was missing something. A few things. A lot of things. Baking and decorating cakes aren’t the only things that matter in life, he realizes, because he’s been way too clueless for way too long.

pairing: jinseob (park woojin/ahn hyungseob), minor baewhi (bae jinyoung/lee daehwi), euinyeon (lee euiwoong/joo haknyeon), dongponyo (kim donghyun/jung sewoon), implied others

rating: G


Woojin has never been the best at expressing his inner thoughts and feelings. He’s the type to keep to himself and get things done, no questions asked. That’s been his way of life since he was a kid, and now that he’s graduated culinary school and runs his own bakery, which is almost half a year old, not much has changed at all.

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Seventeen Performance Unit Reaction : “Finding out you were just a Bet!?”

Anon : May I request a seventeen reaction?? Seventeen performance unit when you were a bet and you find out

Hey lovely! Of course here you go! So, prompt - you found out that the member you were dating had only initiated the relationship because of a bet! Hope this is what you were looking for! <3

If you want more units please let me know! Requests are open! 

*And as always! all but one gif is mine, and as always this is just my opinion and is in no way meant to offend anyone Warning - Strong language!*


*Gif by me - can we just take a moment to look at how handsome he is!?*

Soonyoung had thought you were in the shower. You had been staying round the dorm far more often, and the boys were quick to remark on it. “So, I take it you can’t finish the bet Hoshi?” Minghao laughed, looking between Mingyu and Jun in turn.

“What bet?” your voice shook them all still. You were standing there wearing his shirt, a pair of shorts, your hair damp down you back and he couldn’t breathe. “What bet Soonyoung?” you voice trembled as you crossed your arms over your chest. 

“Y/N…I um…” Hoshi stammered unable to explain that he had only asked you out for a bet. You were the underdog he’d fallen for, and he couldn’t finish the bet. He couldn’t break your heart.

“Is this whole relationship based on a fucking bet, Soonyoung!?” you cried, the tears threatening your eyes. The silence from Hoshi was enough to answer what you had feared. “I thought you were different…” you cried, wiping the tears angrily from your cheeks as they started to fall. 

You hurried from the room. Grabbing your shoes on the way. Soonyoung appeared from another doorway stopping you just before you reached the door. “Y/N, please listen to me! It was a bet. It wasn’t supposed to go this far, but I fell in love with you. Please listen to me! I love you! I could never break your heart!”

You tried to circle round him not even stopping to put your shoes on. “You already have,” you blubbered slamming the door shut behind you.


*gif made by me!*

Jun’s phone had been buzzing noisily beside you for the past five minutes. He’d left it behind while he went to the shop to pick up some stuff but since it was going off constantly you thought it was important. The messages you saw however were not -

How’s Y/N? Jun?, Take it we were right, all it needed was a bet for you to get with someone! You do realise if you fall for her I win right - as in you owe me $50!

Your stomach dropped. Tears already blurring the screen when you heard Jun step into the room behind you. “Hey, Jagi I grabbed some snacks thought we could watch a movie too…hey, you okay?”

“I was just a bet?” you whispered unable to look at him. You didn’t want him to see how much he’d hurt you. 

“A bet? What are you on about?” he laughed placing the shopping on the table and reaching for you. Jun hadn’t even stammered. How long had he been lying?

“I saw the fucking texts Jun!” you cried, the tears falling. They were unstoppable. But you were angry too dropping his phone and stepping around him. You didn’t even care if it smashed. 

Jun grabbed your hand. “Jagi stop! It was a bet, I’m sorry but it isn’t anymore. I love you. Please don’t leave me…please,” he stopped you stepping towards you and cupping your face in his hands. 

His touch was warm. Everything you wanted it to be. But, he had lied. “Was I only worth $50?” you whispered shaking yourself away from him. “I love you Jun, but I can’t talk to you right now. I need to go.”

“Don’t leave me! I promise, we can make it through this…I’m so sorry.”

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In Sickness and Health

Originally posted by damanon

Request: anon asked “I was wondering if you would write one for Tommen Baratheon were the reader and him are really close, both having feelings for each other but Tommen is unsure if breaking a bond with the Tyrell’s will cause out-rage and you are too shy and insecure but he finally makes up his mind to drop the betrothal and tells his mum (who is overjoyed) and rushes to tell you, but you have literally fallen fatally ill and the maesters don’t know if you’ll live or die so he spends time showing love to you. Thx!”

and another anon asked “I am literal trash for this idea… But I have a HUGEE annoying crush on Tommen and I was wondering if you could possibly write one were the reader is whom Tommen becomes engaged too/ his best friend and out of anger and feelings of betrayal , Maragarey attempts kill the reader with the same posion that killed Joff, but Cersei now carries and attidote around out of fear so she is able to save her, Tommen rushes to Y/n and fluff fluff please!!! Thank you very much”

Warnings: serious illness, assassination attempt

Word Count: 1581

Notes: that moment when ur computer keeps autocorrecting tommen to tome…changed up some of the request in a couple minor ways.  enjoy!

Your name: submit What is this?

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Hey y’all it’s @chongoblog‘s birthday today, and if I had the time I would have tried to put together something much more special but unfortunately it just didn’t work out, so I’m gonna say some stuff and hopefully this will suffice.

I’ve known Ryan for what is honestly a pretty relatively short time still and he has become one of the best friends I’ve ever had. In that time I’ve known him as someone who is kind, helpful, intensely patient, creative, hilarious, and much more.

The things that he has done for me and the things that he has helped me achieve are all so vastly important to me and without this guy I would not be nearly as happy as I am today. It’s still so surreal to me that him and I actually have done things like… releasing a full-length album? On iTunes? Together? That kind of stuff has been my dream for as long as I can remember and knowing Ryan has led to dreams like that becoming a reality.

Every song, every let’s play, every podcast, web show, idea, and conversation have all come together over these years into an experience and a friendship that I wouldn’t trade for the world. 

Thanks for being my friend, Rin, you’re the best and I hope that your day today is as wonderful as you are.

decided to revist Nyma a few days ago, it just made me sad that i put a lot of work into her, but only tried her on once. still can’t get over those dope pants. did some edits for the more troubling aspects, like her eyes and head pattern. 

BUT REAL IMPORTANT: if you want cosplay content from me, you’re going to be 1,000,000 times happier with my instagram, not only do you get more stuff, but i update it far more regularly with cosplay content. if you want this stuff ( and more selfies too)…go to my instagram. i aint kidding. (@squeakadeekn) 

anonymous asked:

Okay this is so important and i have no idea why but who do you think is an Apple person or an Android person and like what kind of phones do they use????

this is important to me too….. this went from apple vs samsung to just straight up phone hc’s, i hope you dont mind the extra stuff 💖

≫ shiro:

✦ apple, but only for the aesthetic

✦ has a new-ish iphone; not the latest model but definitely not one that is completely dead/old

✦ doesnt put protective cases on his phone. everyone gets really anxious just seeing him use it because SHIRO WHAT IF YOU DROP IT AND IT BREAKS WTF???

✦ tries to stop the Apple vs Samsung Discourse but fails

✦ doesnt really use his phone aside from making phone calls or playing sudoku/scrabble tbh

≫ lance:

✦ an Apple Whore™

✦ he has the latest iphone always, he is constantly trading it in every year for the newest one

✦ the person who makes a lot of jabs at how superior apple is compared to samsung (if only to spite keith)

✦ has 50 cases for his phone for every single occasion you could imagine

≫ keith:

✦ tbh he’s a samsung kind of guy

✦ probably has one of the old galaxy models with the dot code on the lockscreen

✦ all of the songs on his phone are illegally downloaded off of youtube

✦ sick of lance’s constant shitting on samsung. will fight him

✦ uses the shitty samsung earbuds even though they always fall out

≫ hunk:

✦ he probably has that windows/microsoft nokia phone ngl (it is yellow)

✦ he thinks it looks cool and is very glad he isnt involved in the Apple vs Samsung Discourse™

✦ mostly games on his phone, along with a couple social media apps

✦ legally bought all of his movies/music

✦ texts lance in just emoji and they can have a full-on deadass convo like that

≫ pidge:

✦ neither. she made her own phone honestly

✦ it is Better than both iphones and galaxies because pidge is amazing like that

✦ has a shit ton of anime phone charms honestly

✦ pokemon go is her life

✦ all pirated movies and music on her phone, she has a load of sketchy VPNs connected to it and a lot of torrenting sites at the ready

Stuff and Things


Originally posted by apocalypsethetyler

Message from the author: oh bo y im terrible at doing Things like this (especially off anon) but i was the anon who asked for feedback on writing so like,,,http://archiveofourown.org/works/10742157 (thank u by the way i really love your writing)

You glanced at the clock on Ethan’s dashboard as he pulled into the small parking lot in front of the office.


Fuck. You should’ve been here before three but Ethan, your ride, had apparently gotten distracted by “the cutest dog in the entire world, Y/N”. You groaned, head hitting the back of your seat as you reached for the seat belt.

“We’re fine!” Ethan tried to assure you.

“We’re twenty minutes late!” You countered. You’d never liked not being on time, especially for important stuff like this. You knew the team would brush it off and move on, but you were supposed to be planning for a sketch that would be put up on Mark’s channel. You shouldn’t be late for that type of stuff, it was irresponsible.

As you slid out of the passenger side and started to speed walk to the office door, you heard Ethan scrambling behind you.

“Wait! I have an idea!” He said before shoving his hands into your hair and absolutely wrecking it.

“Ethan what the f-”

He pulled his hands away in favor of ruffling up his own hair, smile beaming on his lips. “It’ll be like that meme! You know, the one where one person walks into a room late and says ‘sorry I was doing things’ and the other person comes in and says ‘I was things’. It’ll be great!”

You snorted at his ridiculousness. Oh God. “Okay, you’re not allowed on Tumblr anymore.” You turned away, still laughing under your breath. Ethan grabbed you wrist and dragged you to a stop.

“Y/N! Pleeeaaassseee…” His smile turned into over sized, wet puppy dog eyes that did more to make him look silly than to convince you of anything, but you laughed again.


Ethan jumped up, pumping his fists and rejoicing. You rolled your eyes at him and turned once again. “I’m going in first, though” you call back. Ethan was too busy celebrating to refuse.


As you jogged up the stairs to get to the second floor, you smirked to yourself. You had decided to deviate a bit from Ethan’s plan. You could hear his steps right behind you as you emerged to the top floor and waved to your friends who were all sitting around a table, apparently waiting for the two of you.

“Sorry, guys. I was busy.”

Not even a second later, Ethan struts in behind you with an air of confidence and cockiness. “I was things.”

It’s so blunt that it makes you burst out laughing. Amy follows your lead and after a second the entire group is laughing their asses off. Ethan is spluttering and blushing, eyes wide with mock outrage. “Y/N! We had an agreement!”

“Not really” You manage to choke out before turning to the group. “I really am sorry, though. You know he’s my ride and he has the pretty valid lateness excuse of dogs.” You take your seat in one of the empty chairs next to Tyler, scooting in and reaching over the table to grab a paper with a few ideas scribbled on it.

“That was supposed to be funny.” Ethan grumbles as he plops down in the seat next to you. Smiling, you lean back and put your arm around his shoulders.

“Maybe next time, Things.”


Honestly, this is so hilarious and cute I actually laughed out loud when I read this. How’d you know this was one of my favorite tumblr memes??? Funny story, one time a friend and I were also late to a thing and we pulled this same joke (except we actually made the joke haha) It was great, and the non memelord friends were all shocked while the meme friends were like ayyy I see what you did there. Thanks for sending it in, I really loved this!


So I know that I have at least 8 some authors that follow me that have written novel-length fic.

*nervously rubs hand down face*

How do you write an outline for a novel-length work?

see, I’ve managed to get good at writing short pieces of fiction, though now I seem to have gotten into this rut where I can only manage to write something - and write it well - if I do it all in one sitting. That’s because I have the story mapped out in my head and the faster I get it on the page, the better. But I can’t really do that with novel-length stuff. I’ve tried on multiple occasions to just Do It, as it were, but have failed time and again, because I either hit a spot where I don’t know what I’m doing, or forget important scenes to put in and the whole thing falls apart.

Like, how do your outlines look compared to, say, an outline you’d do for an essay, etc.? 

anonymous asked:

13 (sad kiss) marichat

13. Sorry Kiss

So, 13 was “sorry kiss” so I kind of turned it into sad/sorry kiss. As much as I could. I am not good with angst or anything approaching angst. Also, this is my first time writing Marichat, so we will see how you like it. Ao3

Marinette jumped when she heard the knock on the window. There was only one person who would be knocking on her window this late at night. After quickly checking that Tikki was safely hidden in her basket of fabric scraps, she turned to the window to let Chat Noir inside.

Her smile faded when she saw his face.

“What’s wrong, kitty?” She asked, concerned. His eyes were puffy and red as if he had been crying.

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The Letter

Word count: 4100-ish (Not sorry at all)

Pairing: Sam X Reader

Prompts: School, Sam and Flowers.

A/N: This is for the beautiful @chaos-and-the-calm67, Bev’s Birthday Challenge. Happy belated birthday once more love, if I haven’t already wished you enough times. ;) I hope you like it!!

This is a one shot in itself, so no worries about the continuity. This is also however, wait for it… the prologue to “The Email” series! This mini series holds a special place in my heart because it’s my first and most loved series.

I’ve tagged all the original Email tags and peeps who had asked to be tagged in the epilogue, which is also in making. I hope this start lives up to the series :)

Special shout out to my lovely Beta, @sdavid09, for staying by my side since the very start!

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“Oh you’ve got to be kidding me!” You thought. The social ethics class was turning out to be a torture today. It was your least favorite class to begin with; the only reason you endured it was because it was a compulsory subject for your SATs and you wanted to nail the damn thing, if it was the last thing you did. The start of the year had you wondering how bad could it possibly be? Within two weeks you had your answer- it was terrible. You had to endure 4 hours of it every week and that was the time you spent questioning your existence. Well, to be honest, the entire concept of high school made you feel that way but this class was a cherry on top.

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we’re only 7 days into 2016 but I can already tell you that Hidden Figures will be the best and most important movie you see all year

These women, strong, educated, independent women- each in their own way- are what we should all aspire to be.

Their ability to ever back down, to stand for what they know is right, what they know is good, propels their story higher than any other I’ve ever known.

Katherine wasn’t afraid to take credit where credit was due.

Dorothy wasn’t afraid to take initiative and stand up for the work she had done.

Mary went through hell and back to make sure she could live her dreams

These women can do it. These women paved the way so you can do it.

3 things that helped/are helping my recovery

these won’t apply to everyone, of course, but maybe these might help you or someone you know!! and this is the first time i’m really opening up bout this on tumblr so this might be a bit messy and i hope you bear with me!!

TW: talk about EDs

I starved myself back in 2015 and basically I reached the point where I realized that what I was doing was not good for me but I was 1) too afraid to tell my parents and seek help and 2) too scared to seek help from another person in general so I kind of relied on myself and in all honesty it was so hard but yeah there are things that helped and here they are!!

1. Art
- I’m gonna be real here- art was actually a way for me to distract myself from eating in the first place. However, I was able to use it as a distraction from that little part of me that keeps telling me to starve myself or that i have no control and all that stuff. It’s also such a great way to just express things that can’t really be put into words like what’s going on in your head or how you’re feeling

2. People
- I tried my best to surround myself with people who really made me feel happy and loved, things which (back then) I felt I couldn’t do to/for myself. There are so many people who have unknowingly helped me just by being good people. There are also people who, to this day, continue to help me out (and are aware of it now) which is super important especially for times when I get triggered or when I have bad days

3. Self
- At the end of the day, it all comes back to you. I had to learn to forgive and accept myself and love myself for who I am and at this point that all depends on you. It’s easier said than done, but it isn’t impossible. Just do your best to continuously make decisions and choices that will help with your recovery. You can do it.

I hope this helps one way or another! Please don’t hesitate to message me if you have any questions, need someone to talk to, etc!!