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Here is what’s inside my DIY planner! The only thing I bought is the notebook, trust me. Anyways, I’m going to describe below a little about each section so you might have some idea with what to do with yours too! Having DIY planners are so much fun because there’s literally no limit to what you can and want to put inside!

♡ Cover ~ At first, I tried looking for a nice quote over pinterest but most of them are either too common or too mushy. I wanted something that’s motivating and also a little specific! Believe me when I say that I actually thought of my cover just casually and wrote it all under five minutes! If you want to read as to why and what my cover quote actually means, read it in my previous post here.

♡ Level 10 Life ~ This is the section that took me so long to finish because I just fail at making the perfect circle! But it’s also very rewarding after seeing that I was able to make a decent one and I’m excited to complete a goal! If you want me to discuss on how to go about it, let me know!

♡ Weekly spread ~ Ofc! I think this is quite self-explanatory. But this is also where I place my weekly goals and tracker. I will be showing to you my filled-up week page soon!

♡ Month at a glance ~ Just a start-up page for each month where I place important schedules / dates to remember as well as my goals for the month.

And that’s about it!I hope you enjoyed this post. Also, I’d love to read all your messages so ask away! Ciao!