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Hi Robbie! I'm having some problems with my best friend and I'm not sure what to do? She's been very distant lately and she almost never talks to me. I try to put up with it and not get annoyed because I love her but she's got this other friend and I feel like I'm being replaced. Is there any way to bridge the gap between us or is it a hopeless cause? I'm honestly so lost.

If you’ve tried contacting her and meeting up and stuff and she’s still kinda blocking u out then im afraid there’s nothin u can do. Friendship needs effort both ways in order to be healthy and you cant force her to make that effort

Evgeny Kuznetsov on baked potatoes, ‘Family Feud’ and meeting Alex Ovechkin
Leftover quotes from a fascinating interview with the Capitals' center.

I can’t pick which quote I like best.I think it’s this one.

In restaurant, there’s no baked potato. We talk about the restaurant food because when you came to steakhouse, there’s no baked potato. That’s why when I came here the first time, Ovi ordered a baked potato, and I’m like, ‘What?’ When they bring it and put the butter and sour cream and little bit bacon, I tried that. Now, I’m every time when I’m at a steakhouse, I always eat that. Now, I tried the sweet potato. It’s something new for me, too.


[I watch] ‘Deal Or No Deal’. Someone say it’s because of the nice girls. But it’s very interesting. We have similar show back home, too. It’s perfect timing because this show start right before the Family Feud. So, when you come to locker room, I always drink coffee, tea and not trying to talk about hockey or think about it. Just sit and watching TV, you know, like on the nice couch and kind of relaxing. This show, it’s very interesting, and you kind of worry about the people.


I lived with [Alexander Ovechkin] probably three weeks because it’s new rules and I didn’t speak English. It’s pretty tough. He teach me a lot and he explained a lot. [Dmitry Orlov] explained a lot, too. I always worried about being late to meetings, games. He’s always on time, like if a meeting’s at 9:15, he’ll show up at 9:10. You know, he’s been in this league long time. He know what need to do right. He’s never going to be late because he know the right time. But I’m kind of like worried, like, ‘Hey, we should go early a little bit. I’m a rookie, I have to be first, you know?’ He said, ‘No, don’t worry. You’re with me.’

Rachel and Bam Backstory

because i hate the “Rachel-is-a-bitch hate” i’ve decided to post this analysis which i found from reddit. and SIU said himself that Rachel is the protagonist of this story. she is the heroine, same as like bam as the hero in this story.

and i know many people think that in the picture above it was bam and black march. i personally think it was rachel (eyes, noise, and hair especially)

source in here : http://www.reddit.com/r/TowerofGod/comments/2hoaum/rachel_and_baam_backstory/

*I recently reread through TOG with the goal of finding out more about Bam and Rachel’s back story. I tried to put everything in chronological order with a little bit of explanation for each image. Feel free to correct me on anything or to point out things that I might have missed.

  • Bam reveals that he was born in a dark cave54 . He eventually began to build a tower of rubble in order to reach the light that was at the top of the cave54 . Upon reaching the top he found that he was unable to exit the cave and conceded to a life alone54. After failing to escape the cave Rachel descends from the hole54 . This is the first time that Bam and Rachel meet. Something to note here is that it looks like she is holding a knife in her hand as if she was expecting to have to fight somebody. It can also be assumed that Bam has not had contact with anybody else ever. A possible way that Bam could have survived is that he filled his stomach with shinsu34. The only problem with this theory is that shinsu is only found inside of the tower.

  • It is revealed that Rachel taught Bam everything that he knows. “She taught me everything I know. The words I hear. The letters I read. Everything I feel was hers.” She also teaches him about fighting and why people fight5. This is a great opportunity for Rachel to indoctrinate Bam into thinking what she wants him to. Indeed this comes up later when it is revealed that Rachel taught Bam what fighting was and that he should never betray a girl20 .

  • Describing Rachel again “Rachel is my friend… it’s a name of my friend that I used to spend time with. She doesn’t sparkle like a jewel, and she isn’t the most beautiful. She’s tomboyish and pulls jokes on me and even lies from time to time, but she is very precious to me. If I can find her I don’t care about climbing the tower.”4

  • This is one of the biggest mysteries in TOG. In the cave that Bam lived in there is a Jahad crest as well as something else below it28. This is also one of the times that Rachel tells Bam the story of the real sky28. An interesting component of this story is that she mentions the night we fear28. This is mentioned by Rachel later in the story when she tells Hwaryun why she pushed Bam out of the bubble77 . In addition to Rachel saying multiple times that she is afraid of the night/Bam there is also the time that she had a dream that she was looking at the sky. In the dream Bam shows up30 and is standing next to the other regulars. Rachel wakes up from the dream distraught30.

  • This part is something that is extremely open to interpretation and creates a huge amount of questions for the Bam and Rachel backstory. During the crown game Bam leaps off the throne in order to protect Rachel. It is at this point that he has a flashback to what I am assuming is the cave. It is shown that Rachel is being pulled by the hair by some unknown character25 . This means one of two things. Either there is another character that is in the cave with Bam and Rachel or Bam have attacked Rachel before and does not remember it. To me this is one of the biggest mysteries in TOG.

  • Here Bam is retelling what he has been told about the area above his cave from Rachel. I would suggest going back and reading all of Chapter 73 due to the large volume of information present in it. It is shown that Rachel uses a rope to come down into the hole to interact with Bam73 . Rachel tells Bam the she has to leave early due to an important task she has to perform73 . When Bam asks why he cannot go up the rope with Rachel she tells him that he is not a chosen child 1 273 . Interesting to note here is that the children shown in the previous picture are wearing what appears to be the same clothes that Bam wore when he first chased Rachel into the tower. This means that at some point Bam went from wearing his rag to wearing the clothes that the “chosen children” wear above his cave.

  • Sometime after this Rachel first tells Bam that she is going to leave him to climb the tower27 . Note that he is still wearing his rag. Later when Bam has his new clothes as well as a knife, Rachel leaves him to climb the tower. Bam chases1 after her and it is at this point that they enter the tower. Bam is able to enter the tower because he is chosen while Rachel is able to enter the tower due to being between Bam and the door. Whether or not she planned this is unknown.

  • On the first floor Rachel meets with Headon. Rachel calls him the tower’s fae76 that she read about in a book. His purpose is allegedly to help the children to climb the tower. Headon tells her that she was not chosen by the tower and calls her a lying, loathsome, dirty, and dreadful person76 . After Bam passes the test Rachel says that Bam took everything from her. Headon tells her that he will make her the heroine of the story if she fulfills and task for him. Rachel is later called the heroine of the story after she “kills” Bam76 .

Here are some of the major questions that I can think of that are still unresolved:

1 Where did Bam get his clothes that her wore when he entered the tower? At some point he went from wearing a rag to clothes that are similar to those worn by the chosen children.

2 Is there somebody else that has been in the cave with Bam and Rachel? At some point somebody attacked Rachel. This could just be an art mistake but the person kneeling over Bam in this picture does not have the ribbon that Rachel has been seen wearing when she is in the cave.

3 Why is Rachel afraid of the night/Bam? Is Bam named after what she is afraid of or is she afraid of him?

4 How did Bam end up in the cave?

5 Is the Jahad crest in the cave with Bam actually the Jahad crest or did Jahad start using it for his own purposes?

6 Why does Rachel believe that Bam took everything from her?

7 Who built the tower and why? The story of Bam building a tower of rubble in his cave seems to mirror the construction of the tower itself.


Here are what I believe to be pictures of the external part of the tower. 1 2 3

The Greatest Similarity Between Onstage and Offstage Is the Drama

This is a happy birthday for bendandcurl because she gets all the happy fluffs and backstage soma kisses.

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Also that Panic! at the Disco type title

“That’s intermission, everyone head to the green room.” Maka heard Sid, their director, call out as she walked offstage.

She was just about to follow the orders and walk off to join her fellow cast members when a silver painted hand caught her arm. She looked up to meet red eyes surrounded by the same silver paint that she now feared might be rubbing off on her arm.

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