i tried to match the top one to the bottom

I like Sonadow when it’s done right, and not forcing ‘top and bottom’ roles on them that don’t fit. They match because none of them is really ‘better’ or more dominant than the other. If either tried to push the other down, then you can be damn sure the other would punch them in the shoulder for it.

I like the dynamic that both of them outwardly keep mostly the same relationship that they did before, teasing and taunting and one-upping the other every chance they get, but Sonic knows that sometimes he needs to be grounded by Shadow’s somewhat pessimistic realism, and Shadow knows that he needs to lighten up sometimes and enjoy life.

Shadow benefits from Sonic’s attitude and experience, Sonic benefits from Shadow’s maturity and calmer outlook. They balance each other out.

well it’s five am and i’m too sick to sleep XD i guess i’ll put up the tutorial now. So all you need is your fabric, shit to stick on your corset and boning if you feel ambitious. For boning I use cut up milk bottles, the plastic is very fine and needle goes straight through it. test it first. if your milk is too high quality the plastic might be too hard for this XD 

Once again do forgive any typos or weird stuff. I’m dying here. 

Now this is the SD pattern for your basic SD13 size. Just zoom the image until the cm on the ruler matches cm in rl and trace straight off the screen by putting a piece of paper over it . I’ll post MSD pattern later. 
Now the white piece is the back and where you see the dotted line is where you can add or subtract for other sizes. It might take few tries to get it right but keep trying!

Now cut out each piece twice and fold them out so you know what goes where. Don’t worry if you fuck it up and sew wrong pieces together >> I do that sometimes too.

Now stitch two middle pieces together. Pattern gives you a 5 mm seam allowance 

Now stitch the rest of them

Looks like a mess : D Its okay, we are getting there. So here is the trick, don’t worry if the bottom doesnt match. Just line up the top. If you use more than one type of fabric it will behave differently so I added some wiggle room 

Now this is the part you can skip if you are not confident you can stitch with a mm accuracy. I top stitch the middle part close to the seam but the rest of the seams I stitch at 3-4 mm so it creates a pocket in the fabric. 

Then i trim my boning to about 3 mm and trim the tips to be narrow so they are easy to slide into those pockets

So now I start decorating before the lining goes on. First is my loop lace for lacing. A bitch to find but once you find it…buy lots. Especially very fine stuff. You can use any type of lace with holes really.

Now add more layers. I just use various laces 

Then its a good time to take a break and lace it up, add more decorations and just go crazy if you wish.  So I used two ribbons to lace, a lace bow, a flocked cat and some gold beads.

Now that main part is done make another copy of the bodice with your lining material. I suggest not using anything satiny. Its just a bit bleh and doesnt help in shape holding

Then put two parts together and stitch just the sides.

flip it inside out and what you do is top stitch all the way around. close to the edge on the sides and making a nice shape on top and the bottom. Feel free to draw the shape with a pencil if you are unsure.

Trim all the mess 2-3 mm away from your stitch line. So you see that clears all the mess ans gives us a good base to finish up

Now get two pieces of fabric. about inch and half for SD and an inch for MSD. Just make them long enough to go around the corset and then some

Align one with the top of the corset bit leave like a finger width hanging over the edge then stitch all the way down following the shape of the corset.

Then flip and fold

fold the top in half

fold down

then flip on the good side and stitch. Working as a tailor we were banned from using pins, Its unprofessional so I can just guide fabric as I need to but if you are new to this what you can do is either pin it or iron it flat first. Just make sure your iron is not too hot. You don’t want to melt your boning. 

Now do the same at the bottom and add more lace to your liking,

So here we are. For the back you can either use eyelets or more of the loop lace. Just remember if you are adding extra to the back with loop lace you need to take some off the fabric to compensate. 

You can play around with designs and decorations. Once you got the base, anything can be done to it. 

Good luck and show me what you make!


I made Star Wars Queen’s Thief characters! Top left is Sounis (post aCoK), top right is Attolia, middle is Eddis, and bottom is Eugenides. Attolia’s outfit is based on descriptions of her red dress (the one she meets Gen inin The Thief) and Eugenides’ outfit is based of the “canary yellow” set of Mede-style robes that he wears to breakfast in a scene in KoA. The species, by the way, is Mirialan (same species as Luminara Unduli and Barriss Offee.) I tried to match the darkness of their skin tones and facial features to the way they’re described in the series as well as fancasts I’ve seen: Attolia is based a little off Katie McGrath, Eddis is designed to look somewhat like Angel Coulby, and Eugenides (since we can never pick) is meant to be ethnically ambiguous (although I see him as more Hispanic/Latino).

hesitant about surgery

i want top surgery, i want to go on T, and i want to be able to present myself as fully male in everyday life, but i guess i have a lot of fear about bottom surgery. i’m afraid of trying to do it and ending up with unsatisfactory results…

to me, a big thing is being able to present as male in public, well nobody is going to see what i have in my pants so it’s not nearly as central to my personal transition as T and top surgery, in my eyes.

i like to picture myself as fully male, but i just don’t know if i could ever make my body match my mental image, and i’m terrified that if i tried and it didn’t live up to expectations, i’d be more unhappy than ever. at least right now, it’s like a nice fantasy that hasn’t gone wrong yet.

i can’t be the only one terrified of bottom surgery, right?