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Soulmate Experiment - Jefferson x Reader

Request: Anonymous said:Hi :3 So would you be willing to write a soulmate au where the date of when you meet your soulmate is tattooed on your wrist or something and so the reader isn’t that bothered in finding her soulmate so she decides to do an experiment to see what happens if you don’t find your soulmate on that day. So she locks herself in her apartment so she can’t meet anyone but then somehow TJeffs gets in (idk how) and shes really angry he ruined the experiment but he charms her? SOrry this is really specific

Time period: Modern

Word count: 1141

Ship: Tjeffs x reader

warnings: none!

“So you’re sure you want to do this?” Your best friend and roommate, Alex asked. You looked down at the date that was permanently etched into your wrist.

It read today’s date.

“Of course I do Al, I’ve only got one chance to test out my theory, I can’t give it up.” You confirmed. Everyone had a specific date somewhere on them that was supposed to tell when you’d meet your soulmate. You were currently working on an experiment about soulmates that could be your breakthrough into the journalism industry.

You were going to lock yourself in your room for the whole day while Alex stayed in the living room and made sure you didn’t feel like leaving at any point. 

“Okay, I just don’t understand why you’d want to miss out on meeting your soulmate.” He trailed off, probably thinking about when he’d meet his soulmate. 

“For knowledge.” You persisted. He laughed and shook his head, closing the door. You locked it behind him. 

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anonymous asked:

aaaaa i would really like to make one of those chat edits [and make it look as authentic as possible] but idk about the speech bubbles? the icons?? the spacing between each person??? the foNT????? idk ur edits look so real like its from the game and i need you to teach me ur ways

Okay, so! Slightly disorganized crash course on the basics of my chatroom edits below the cut. (If more people want an actual guide or something I can probably sit down and make one sometime, just let me know ^^ This guide assumes you have some basic knowledge of GIMP or other photo editing software)

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