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so we had a huge summer reading kickoff event at work and I was in charge of face painting. So a lady and her kid walk up to get face painted and i see the lady has a bearded dragon on a leash in her purse???!!! (which is honestly???? goals?!?!!) anyway, I was like “.… hey not to be weird or anything but can I hold your lizard???????? and that’s how today became one of the best days ever the end

Lilac Sweet. This is what’s had me be a busy bee lately. I’ve never tried to comic before and make it look like.. a comic, so I gave it a shot! I’m did this up to support my friend @star-gazing-knight

She constantly supports my art, going as far as to motivate me to continue doing what I love and has been doing so for years. This is based on her recent fanfic “Lilac Sweet”, which you can check out here. She’s poured over 100 hours into this thing and finally got around to posting it twice a week. 

Yes. There will be a part two to this comic here! But it will be a bit. A special blue boy has a birthday around the corner!

Better This Way (Chapter Two)

Well— Wade finds out Peter is an Omega. That’s all I’m going to say lol

Thanks so much for all the love on this fic so far! I tagged everyone who showed interest in Chapter One, as well as those who messaged me so if you need to be TAKEN OFF/ ADDED TO the list, hit up my ask box, that’s the best way to make sure I remember since I don’t always remember to check comments before posting. Also I tried to tag several people and couldnt for some reason (sorry) and also sorry if you were tagged twice!

Excited to hear what you guys think!

For New Readers– My Spideypool Is Andrew G./Ryan Reynolds.


Enjoy :)
Peter had set out early tonight, heading across the city to think through a few things that had been on his mind lately.

And by a few things, he meant Deadpool. Specifically Deadpool. Only Deadpool.

Their patrol last night, where the little girl had almost died– it had shaken Peter to his core and Deadpool had stepped up to comfort him. Sure it had been an odd sort of comfort that involved sexual innuendos and rampant teasing… but the Alpha hadn’t just left. Hadn’t just shrugged off the emotions and moved on. And Deadpool didn’t know that Peter was just as susceptible, if not more susceptible, as the Alpha was to the fear and panic pouring off the people they saved. He didn’t know Peter felt every pulse of hormones or pheremones and had to force himself not to react to every emotion from everyone every time he interrupted a crime.

He also didn’t know that Peter could read every emotion coming from him, every time his confidence wavered, every time a flash of fear ran through him. Peter was well aware the Alpha was only about half as brave and maybe three quarters as reckless as he pretended to be.

And last night when Peter had been so upset, waves of empathy, comfort, security had rolled off the Alpha in waves and Peter had wanted to sit there for hours and soak it up.

And when the security had changed to interest…well Peter had wanted to soak that up for hours too.

But Deadpool was sure his Friendly Neighborhood Spider Man was just his Friendly Neighborhood Beta, so any of that was just… off the table. Most Alphas only hooked up with Betas, saving their mating bonds and love for Omegas. And Peter couldn’t just hook up– not without exposing his Omega biology, and not without getting his heart broken.

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i know i made a lot of ridiculous posts, but to be somewhat serious for a moment, like it’s really hard to put into words just how much what harry does means to me, whether it’s wearing his little pride pin, or dancing around stage with a huge pride flag, or saying that his potential partner being a woman is not that important, or telling niall he shouldn’t knock sleeping with men until he tries it, or making an instagram post to celebrate the legalization of same sex marriage in the US, or posting rainbows not once but twice after the Orlando shootings. He’s so special, and he doesn’t have to do all of this, but he does, and he does it so consistently. It makes me feel so warm and fuzzy and, well, proud, in a lot of sense of the word. 

okay so here’s the thing with all girl indie rp blogs. i’m about to rant a little. 
i’ve been roleplaying for quiet some time now. 5 years at least. had a few blogs here and there, always ended up leaving. why, you ask ?? because of the fact that all of my muses were females. i’ve tried roleplaying as guys so many times before ( never felt comfortable while doing so ) and have always recieved so much attention as soon as a male starter was posted. to get replies to my girls ?? fuck, i need to repost at least twice or simply hope there will be a good soul online who doesn’t actually mind replying to female starters ( bless you all who do, btw, you know who you are !! ) but damn !! why do girls get no damn attention ?? it makes me so sad. and here’s another thing; i hate doing long ass developed bios for my girls because i know barely anyone reads them. although i know exactly what i’d like them to be and their past and everything, i just don’t want to do them because they get ignored anyways and it freaking sucks. ugh. i’m almost a hundred percent positive i’m speaking on behalf of most all girl rp blogs on here. 

FEMALES DESERVE MORE ATTENTION. i’m sorry, but they do.

Shiro: Alright, all we know is that somebody moved Lance’s lion slippers

Lance: And that somebody’s named Keith

Shiro: We don’t know who it is.

Lance: I do! It was Keith!

Shiro: We can’t really blame anybody at this point.

Lance: I can and I blame Keith!

Shiro: So for now that will have to remain a mystery.

Lance : Mystery solved! Keith stole them!

Keith: Why would I steal your slippers? It makes no sense, why would I even want-

Pidge: Oh fucking save it emo boy. No one is buying that bullshit

Deserved Benefits

Originally posted by megu-chan1127

Rated: M for Smut, Angst.

Pairing: Jaehyun x Reader xYuta

Summary: The story of secrets, deciet and greed. Three characters with unlikely alliances and one common goal; power. Jaehyun is stuck between his own thirst for power and his need for the one thing that could take away everything. Yuta has ambition growing from an unlikely alliance and convinces himself to do anything to protect it. Between both of them is her, ambitious but with one weakness, she does all it takes for Jaehyun, even if it’s putting herself aside. But how long can she hold up her own fragile games?

(A/N): I tried posting this twice from the mobile app but it didn’t work so I’m tired and I am annoyed but I am here with a mega update. I hope you enjoy reading this. It’s 1 am and I have University tomorrow so I will proof read this tomorrow.

Mini Masterlist

After (Y/N) left the restaurant, she decided to make her way to the office. While it was still too early for anyone to be there, she needed to get some things.

When she arrived at the office, there were a few people around as there always was, caught off guard by her presence. She wished them all politely before making her way to her secretary.

“Anything important on my schedule today?” Her secretary stood up, taken aback.

“Ma’am what brings you here this early?” She asked and she dismissed her concern.

“Mr. Jung just has a hospital visit and a press briefing.” She read of the computer screen.

“Does the press in charge have my notes?” She asked and the secretary nodded with affirmation.

“Okay, there’s nothing else this week right?” She nodded again.

“Except the Rally at the end of the week.” (Y/N) bit her lips at the words, but smiled at at her politely.

“Good, then give him my letter for a week of absence. I need to get better.” She went to her office to pick up whatever work she could do from home and went on her way before Jaehyun showed up at the office.

She spend the entire morning buried in finishing all the work she could. Leaving her phone on mute was a bold move but it felt liberating. Physical urges soon took over and she had to get up to figure out what she would eat. After a brief deliberation, she decided to check her phone. Overlooking the missed calls from Jaehyun’s and ignoring his messages, her interest was piqued by one missed phone call from a familiar number, he picked up in three rings.

“I have a small feeling I’m being ignored.” His voice was playful and she heard his smirk.

“I must be a real idiot to call someone I’m ignoring then.” His laugh made her lips curl in the corners a little too.

“I’m going to assume you were busy with work, you weren’t even at your candidates press briefing, or are you nursing a hangover?” She gave him a groan of agreement that turned into a laugh.

“He was off his game today.” Yuta spoke a little more serious.

“What did he do?” She sat up straight, her smile beginning to fade.

“Nothing too incriminating, he just looked distracted. If I were you, I’d be more worried about your press guy. There were at least four ways he could have handled the situation, and he did none of those.” She listened to him intendly.

“And how would you have handled it?” If her voice wasn’t so professional he would think she was being sarcastic.

“He’s running an election campaign. He has more on his mind than any reporter or voter can imagine, maybe he was tired or distracted thinking of how to help the people of his state.” She smiled.

“You’re good.” She admitted.

“Does it turn you on?” She heard his grin.

“Not that good.” He laughed.

“Are you home?” He asked without hesitation.

“Yes?” She hesitated.

“Good. I’m going to take you out for lunch, I’m free after I report the press briefing.” He hung up before she could even reply.

She sat with her laptop open on the table and her phone in her hand, pretending to be not as nervous as she was. When she heard two soft knocks on the door she got up, swallowing nervously as she walked out to the door.

“I didn’t know where we were going so I didn’t get dressed.” She spoke authoritatively, clearing her throat to hide her nervous composure.

“And here I thought you were going to ask to stay in.” He pouted a little and her eyes blew wide making him laugh.

She led him into the house as she walked to the dining table to clean up her things. She picked up her cup on the side and took a sip as she looked at a new e-mail.

“Is that alcohol?” Yuta asked mischievously. She looked up with confused eyes.

“It’s coffee.” She informed him and he laughed, “It’s twelve in the afternoon Yuta.” She told him seriously.”

“Maybe it’s just one of those days.” He smirked and this time she laughed.

“You seem to know a lot about those.” She smirked and he only shrugged.

They arrived at a fancier restaurant than she expected. Yuta gave a name that wasn’t his but one she seemed to find vaguely familiar for the reservation and they were promptly seated.

“Order whatever you like.” Yuta said absentmindedly as he gazed over the menu, after which he looked up with a grin, that seemed to falter when he saw her furrowed brows. She looked away with a quick nod, looking down at the menu. There was a long silence in which she noticed Yuta looking at her with nervous confusion, but she kept her eyes glued on the menu. The waiter finally came by after what felt like a long moment.

“I’ll have the fillet mignon.” She told the waiter

“I’ll have the pasta.” Yuta did the same and then turned to her.

“Is something wrong? You seem displeased.” He asked, clearly voicing his concern.

“I’ll have a bottle red too please.” She continued and the waiter nodded and walked away. Yuta was moved to a confused silence, looking up at her periodically.

“What did you ask me here for Yuta?” She asked after a moment longer.

“Did I do something wrong?” He asked with a confused frown.

“This is a professional lunch. Is it not? I’m just acting accordingly.” She said and nodded at the waiter who came up to the table with the bottle of wine. When he didn’t answer she just waited for the waiter to leave.

“The name you gave at the entrance? That’s a producer at a news channel is it not? You got a new job. So tell me Yuta what do you want?” She said as she placed her elbows on the table.

“They want to interview you.” He coughed, his back stiffening. She looked like she was opening her mouth to speak, but stopped as the waiter approached. She smiled and thanked him as he placed the food.

“I’ll have to ask my candidate about that first.” She said and he nodded.

She was at the office the day of the rally. As she guided some people on the stage setting, the door of the room flung open, making everyone turn to the source. Jaehyun stood at the door with an expressionless set of eyes.

“All of you. Out.” He informed them and the people fumbled out uncomfortably. As the last person walked out of the door, he walked towards with determination.

“Jaehyun we’re at the office.” He didn’t care, as he crashed his lips onto hers. She squirmed in his hold as his arms went around her waist, trying to push his chest. When she finally managed to push him away, it was only because he let her. As they both panted deeply he stared at her.

“The next time you do something like that. I will fire you.” He said as he straightened himself up. She rolled her head back.

“No you won’t.” She strangled a scoff between her heavy exhales.

“Try me (Y/N). If you aren’t getting me elected and you aren’t sharing my bed, then I simply have no purpose for you.” He spoke as he went around to sit in her chair.

“I’ll keep that in mind. Which do you need at the moment? Your campaign manager or your mistress? I’m sorry but with all the people using me for their benefit I would prefer to have a list.” She said coldly.

“I need my speech for today.” He said with professional authority.

“It’s on your computer, I e-mailed it last night.” She spoke back as she distracted herself with more work.

“I don’t want to give that speech, I want a different speech.” He demanded. She looked up at him with disbelief, before moving back to monotony to not allow him the satisfaction.

“Whatever you ask for I will gladly provide Mr. Congressman.” She said as she procedded to open her laptop.

She stood by the side of the stage as Jaehyun gave his speech, changing his message from jobs to family. She didn’t understand his motivation but her talents were not hollow and the speech was impactful. Once again she found herself in awe of the way Jaehyun spoke, the way he held the devotion of every person in the room with just his words. She looked down at the crowd to find people in variations of affected, listening to him intently. She even found herself swayed, chuckling when she realised that the words were her own. As her eyes searched through the crowd, it landed on a known face. Yuta looked much more important than she had ever seen him, he wore a suit that was this time definitely luxurious, his hair was neatly pulled back and there was definitely traces of makeup on him. He was here to report. He gave her a knowing smirk when he spotted her eyes on him and she offered a brief nod in turn.

“I would finally like to thank my campaign manager and my dear friend, she is also like family to me.” Jaehyun’s voice made her turn in shock, caught off guard by his sudden gratitude. The crowd cheered as she came up on stage and he placed an easy arm on her back.

“What are you doing?” She asked from behind a forced smile.

“Showing you how my benefits from you are mutually shared. The next time you want to punish me like that, I’ll stand in front of a crowd like this and promise to marry you at the cost of my career.” He said with a smooth voice as he waved at the crowd.

“You won’t do that.” She resisted the urge to roll her eyes. His hand slipped tighter on her waist till she had to force herself back away from him.

“Try me baby.” He turned and looked into her eyes briefly before turning back.

She walked amongst the crowd and spoke to people, shaking their hands and smiling. As she kept the charade on, she thought about the days before Jaehyun. She would never be able to talk to people like she was now, and she definitely was not good at hiding what she was truly feeling. Sometimes she wondered if Jaehyun changed her for the better or worse.

She stopped with a soft smile in front of a baby who extended its arms towards her with big curious eyes. She turned to the person holding the baby for permission before scooping him up in her arms.

“Hello. Are you a fan of the candidate?” She laughed as she spoke to the baby with a intentionally playful voice.

“You don’t even know why you’re here do you now?” She laughed with delight when the baby smiled brightly at her like he agreed.

“Have I finally found my youngest fan?” Her back straightened up when she heard his voice behind her, standing close enough for her to feel the heat radiate off him as he made bright animated faces at the baby who laughed with unadulterated joy.

She turned around to face him to spare both the baby and him the awkward angle. He extended his arm towards her and she gently tried to place the baby in his arm but he clung to her making Jaehyun laugh.

“I guess he’s your fan then.” Jaehyun said with a soft smile as he placed his arm on her waist and continued to entertain the baby.

After a while, he finally slipped into Jaehyun’s arms and he looked very happy.

“Let’s get two of these too.” He gently squeezed her waist before letting go and she looked up at him once before looking away to avoid his gaze.

Jaehyun walked up to the mother and handed her child back and listened to her qualms attentively while she went back towards the stage.

After the rally finished with balloons and music. He slipped out of the hall and walked towards his car.

“(Y/N).” He turned back once and called her casually as his security detail made way for her to pass through.

“What?” She asked through a forced smile and he didn’t answer.

“You made many promises about your campaign, starting with the manager. Now it seems like you’ve made this decision emotionally and your manager is rather inexperienced.” A reporter fired at Jaehyun rapidly, eager to get his attention for a sound bite.

“Everyone has to start somewhere. I’d rather learn hand in hand with my manager than have someone else do the job for me.” He gave the reporter a polite smile.

“Some might say you have different motivations regarding your appointment.” A second reporter fired making both of them turn to the source.

“It is a rather prejudiced thing to assume that a women can never be appointed for just her talents. Don’t you agree (Y/N)?” He turned to her with a friendly but guarded posture. She nodded at him, her deep frowning showing distaste.

“Every news outlet is calling asking for a comment on the allegation.” She groaned in a shaky way that made him turn to her with concern.

“I can’t believe they are actually picking up on this. How difficult is this to swallow? You are an old friend and my father is your mentor, there is nothing wrong with that. It will die down.” He coaxed her gently as she stared out the tinted windows at the city passing by.

Her nerves wouldn’t be present had the allegations been false, but they were not and she felt like all her sins were finally catching up to her.

“What are you doing? Drop me home now.” She spoke with urgency when she saw the car drive up to a familiar apartment building.

“You shouldn’t be alone right now.” He said with conviction.

“I have just been slut shamed by the entire country, alone is exactly what I need to be! If someone takes even a single photograph of me entering your apartment both our careers will end in hellfire.” She tried to drill sense into him but knew it was of no use, you could tell from the look on his face when he had already made a decision.

“The service elevator gets blocked for my use. No one will see you, just come home with me.” He didn’t look at her as he spoke but she heard silent desperation in his voice.

They sat quietly at the dinner table as they ate a small meal and the security detail went about their routine inspections before they could leave the apartment hallowed and isolated. He glanced at her a few times with confused nerves as she focused all her attention on cutting her meat and sipping her wine. A agent walked up to her with a paper they usually bought to her apartment every night and she signed it as she always did.

Once the door bolted shut and echoed it’s sound through the empty walls Jaehyun finally sighed.

“This will not affect you like it will me. I will leave if I have to, I’ll help you find a replacement. Someone who will be better than me, and less volatile.” She spoke out the words she had rehearsed to make her defeat easier.

“No one is leaving.” Jaehyun said with a gentle voice.

“Don’t be daft. We have no other way.” She informed him simply.

“I will not have you leave. None of this matters without you. I don’t care what the cost is, I don’t care what it takes. I cannot and will not win this without you by my side.” He said without and signs of doubt.

“There is no possibility of that.” She pleaded but he clicked his tongue.

“If you and I cannot even find that, we do not deserve to have even half of the narcissism we store in our minds.” He scoffed and she offered a crooked grin.

She turned in bed slowly, groaning at the ache that spread down her hips and her legs. The blaring sound of her familiar ringtone disrupted the fragile peace that they held up all night. He groaned against her ear and pulled her into his arms, as was his half asleep habit. She squirmed in his embrace, giving up when his breath huffed against her neck and she just extended her arm to the extend and slipped her phone into her hand.

“Hello.” She croaked into the phone, her voice shocking herself, but an expected product of muffled shouts and constricted air from her memories of the night before.

“Have you seen the headlines?” Yuta said with a sort of nervous concern that only came from actual care for another person.

“I will deal with it.” She sighed into the phone, squirming once again in the warm arm on her exposed back as his fingers traced patterns on the side.

“You need to make a public appearance. People take silence as a form of guilt.” Even with the sound of genuine selfless concern in his voice, the implications made her chuckle.

“I already agreed to do an interview with you. Well I agreed now, just call my assistant. Or have your assistant do it since you’re in that position now. I will email you a list of approved questions and you can get your exclusive. Now if you don’t mind, I’d like to enjoy a bit of this Sunday in peace before I’m burned at the stake.” She finished and killed the line promptly.

“An interview is a good idea.” Jaehyun spoke in her ear, making her shiver unprompted.

“It’s a terrible idea, but your adamancy has left us no choice.” She hit his bicep once like it amplified her point.

“You have only just started to see my true potential.” He kissed her ear with a loud smack.

“Well it is true that ambition makes us either slaves or a monster.” She turned in his grasp finally, facing him to get a good look.

“I don’t think I’m one for slavery.” He said with a slowly blooming smirk as his hands travelled lower.

“This is not good.” She threw a newspaper across the table where Jaehyun sat with his coffee. He picked up the paper, looking down at a large picture on the front.

His eyes stared at himself and her, cooing at the baby in her arms with gentle smiles. Despite the dangerous implications of the picture, his lips turned to a smile on their own accord. A small seed of victory budding in his mind.

“People just need a scandal, once they see that there is nothing to hide they will move on.” He spoke with deliberate words.

“But-” She started but he interrupted her with a soft click of his tongue.

“But, we can deal with this later. Right now I want to enjoy this morning with you. So sit down.” He pulled her down into his lap and she hit him on the arm and got off immediately, making him laugh joyfully.

She sat in a green room, drinking from a bottle of water as she stared at herself in the mirror with a fixated gaze. She theorised, quite foolishly, that maybe if she searched her eyes for something the path to retribution could be achieved, even if the confession was avoided.

A small knock finally distracted her from her fruitless venture and she turned to find Yuta peek his head in.

“Hi, we’re almost ready.” He said, still clearly nervous. She gave him a soft smile that gave him the nerves to step inside the room and close the door behind him.

“The network assigned a more known face to interview you.” He spoke softly and she turned to him to asses the disappointment on his face.

“They played you.” Her voice held no surprise or question.

“I’m still in charge of the whole thing, I pull the reigns so if you are uncomfortable at any point, I will step in. They just think I’m not experienced enough for this scrutiny.” His voice turned to an embarrassed mumble.

“And your personal feelings might be detrimental to this public sentencing.” She spoke matter of factly.

“I will not let anyone mar your reputation based on speculation. I promise you that the truth will clarify everything and I will make sure of it.” Yuta said with the idealistic look in his eyes that she had seen before.

“That’s what I’m afraid of.” She mumbled to more herself than him.

“I’m glad you could join us the today.” The women who sat down to interview her spoke with an almost rehearsed pleasantness.

“I am glad that we are amongst friendly people.” Jaehyun spoke from beside her making her look up.

“Mr. Congressman.” The interviewer got up with eager respect.

“Please call me Jaehyun.” He smiled at her charmingly and took her extended hand in his. After they spoke for a long minute he looked down at her with a silent signal and she got up wordlessly.

“I believe in you.” Those simple words suddenly made her more nervous than she was all day.

“There have been many speculations regarding your competency,” The interviewer spoke to her but her voice was clearly directed at the cameras facing them with unforgiving scrutiny. “And though it may be that some of stems from the mystery your fresh face makes. We are here once and for all to ask the source herself. So Miss (Y/L/N), do you believe you deserve the job you have taken up or are you biting off more than you can chew?” The interview placed her chin against her fingers and waiting for her response.

“I would not have taken the job if I didn’t believe I was right for it.” She laughed a small laugh that the lady echoed.

“But you must have your own motivations, surely a smart and successful women like you didn’t just drop everything for nothing in return.” She said with a tone that sounded like she already knew.

“I’m grateful you mentioned that, because a lot of people think I’m either an idiot or a shrewd ladder climber. I think no one understands why because I never explained my state of mind when The Congressman, when my friend Jaehyun asked me to take this incredible responsibility. I have never shied away from saying that I am where I am today because of Mr. Jung. He believed in me in a time when I had lost all hope and he saw me the spark I nurture today before I even knew of it’s existence. It was not just that he helped me land on my own feet, but he made me aware of the fact that if someone who was essentially a stranger then can believe in me, than there is definitely something that deserves my own belief too.” She let her words flow periodically and with specific impact.

“But even beyond that, I may believe in myself but I believe in Jaehyun more. I have many flaws but I know when someone has what it takes. The Congressman has made me believe in him and therefore I will do all it takes to put him in a place I know he deserves. If people see the strong and incredible leader he is, they should not second guess my motivations. I am loyal to his cause because in my opinion his cause is worth my fight.” Her eyes travelled to Jaehyun’s on it’s own accord, as he looked at her with a mixture of shock on his face and pride in his eyes.

“Is it true that your father was a con man? Isn’t it in fact a well known idea that he tricked the Congressman Jung’s father out of millions?” The interviewer looked up at her with hungry satisfaction in her eyes. Her back tensed significantly as the words hit her with a wave of helplessness. The accusations ringing in her mind as if they were her own.

“Yes that is true.” Her voice was hollow as she focused her gaze on the interviewer to supress the urge to glance at Jaehyun.

“As the daughter of a criminal, do you think it is unexpected of people to find you unfit for the job, especially if a presidency is in question some day?” The interviewer’s lip twitched subtly as she saw (Y/N) purse her lips and suck in a quiet breathe. After a second of what seemed like consideration, she offered the interviewer a smile.

“I do not deny any of my father’s accusations,” The lady smiled with perverse victory. “But, I cannot bring myself to apologise for the misdeeds of my father.” The interviewer seemed unsatisfied and opened her mouth again but she spoke before her, “Especially when I have known him less than Mr. Jung and his impeccable guidance.”

“But is it not true that the apple does not fall from the tree?” The interviewer leaned in like they were sharing a secret. (Y/N) in turn sat back with her head held high.

“It is also true that one must not judge a person by the sins of their father.” She smiled at her.

“Break!” A voice screamed angrily. She turned away to spot both Jaehyun and Yuta walk towards her with concerned urgency. She got up and met Yuta halfway.

“I’m sorry that wasn’t on the script. I don’t know why she would do that, I will handle the interview myself.” She continued looking at his creased forehead as he spoke. She glanced back briefly at Jaehyun who had stopped in his path. He stared at her with deep sorrow as his eyes slowly turned to impassivity. If it were true that the apple hadn’t fallen far, it was assured to say that much like her own shunned father, she too had the burden of a grave sin on her back and maybe she too was standing at the precipice of a fall from grace.

She looked back at Yuta’s eyes which searched hers for a sign on life, but she had sold her soul to a cause a long time ago. With an urge of comfort she embraced him gently, burying her face into his chest and looking past the smell of his unfamiliar cologne. She could tell he was taken aback by the way his words left him, his arms coming up mere moments later to give her the surety she craved. As he gently stroked her hair, her eyes couldn’t help but drift to the figure behind him, who looked back with a broken gaze that resembled an ice statue shattering from the inside with slow precision. She offered him a weak smile which she didn’t expect him to return, but her heart craved even more when he did. She held Yuta tighter and he coaxed her a little more. As she pulled back she felt both relief and increased longing.

“I’m fine, I just needed that.” She said to him easily and he nodded.

“We’re back in five!” A voice shouted from somewhere behind the bright lights that reflected off her shiny sheild brightly enough to blind everyone away from the reality.

“If you still want to continue we can do it together.” Yuta said with a surge of confidence that came with sharing a mutual deed. His hand fluttered down her arm and hesitated at his hand, slowly holding it.

“Let’s go.” She said with a practiced smile.

anonymous asked:

ur jake hcs were so cute and i love that u have him and mike as friends! do u hace hcs for them?

UH DUH !!!

  • everyone is rly suprised the first time they see jake and micahel chatting it up in the hall but they get on like, suprisingly well
  • they go rollerskaing lot togther like the places that have the blacklights and shit and they literally stay there until like they get kicked out at 4am and jake always tries to do the cha cha slide and falls on his ass and which makes michael fall on his ass from laughing so hard
  • they bond over pets! like i said in the other post jake always gets micahel lizard shit and michael gives jake hermit crab themed shit and its good and pure and they r the god fathers of the others pets
  • they go on early morning runs in the park together at least twice a week. jeremy doesnt understand how michael can get up so early for jake but when he tries to wake michael up at even like 10 he gets fuckin decked
  • jake teaches michael to tie his shoes. he’s literally been tapping his laces down since he was 10 and at the ripe age of 17 jake saved him
  • michael pierces jake belly button for him their senior year. he did his own like his sophomore year and they have matching belly button ball colors or whatever (rich weeps and thanks michael everyday for a year when he first finds out. u kno why.)
  • they r best friends on snapchat and jeremy hates it bc once michael let their streak die so now jake’s is his longest
  • michael goes to almost all of his sport games and bringslike pompoms and sit and is just going fuckin ape for his damn boy
  • every month they switch ipods and fill the others with music they like so they other can get funky to new tunes
  • anyways im tired so i cant think of all the shit i think abt them bt they r bros and its pure

Thanks to @pangur-and-grim for this amazing Horrible DrawingTM of my beloved goldfish, Flash. You really captured his essence! Also, glad I left it in the plastic because he wasted no time in making an extremely aggressive splash and getting water all over it 😂 


15 > 23.

I just want to say, because I know what it’s like to be young and scared, that back then when I was fifteen in 2009 (gross) we didn’t have the half the amount of pressure put on us as young people do now.

there was no instagram and beauty people on youtube to influence us and we didn’t have as advanced smartphones to edit our faces we just had crappy webcams and it was all we knew.

i admire young people nowadays so much because pressure and perfection seems to be absolutely everywhere with social media being such a huge factor now so i just want to say if you’re young and struggling to feel like you fit in or wishing you could look like the guys and girls on YouTube do: trust me, you look beautiful and the feelings you have right now will go away one day, i promise you that.

no amount of filters on kylie jenner’s instagram photos or studio lights on beauty gurus on youtube and photoshop on stretch marks and cellulite on models on clothing websites will ever compare to who you are and you are wonderful and beautiful and looking at these people who make you feel neither of those things really isn’t worth it if it makes you feel bad.

self acceptance is so important and not easy and heck I struggle still myself because comparing yourself to others is addictive but remember you are unique and nobody can ever take that away from you so never let them try.

anonymous asked:

I actually submitted fan art 3 or 4 times too, then tried to send an ask about it twice, which you also didn't get. Then you turned off anon asks, so I just gave up as for some reason Tumblr refuses to let me make an account. Said drawing was of some small not story-relevant post you made, so there is now no point in sending it. >.<

Dude, I really don’t understand!! If you have a problem submitting fanart, PLEASE message me. Anyone can message me, so please do so, I feel so bad :’c

post-5.5 ficlet (#2)

Lucien has been released into her care for only a few short hours but she can’t stop touching him. Fingertips trailing over his arm and shoulders, kisses to his cheek and temple and lips, hands squeezing his hands and thighs. 

It’s normal, she tells herself. She’s just making sure he doesn’t overexert himself (he’s already tried to go to work twice and he’s driving her mental). 

But the truth comes to her at night when she can’t sleep, tossing and turning and imagining a scenario in which a mysterious stranger didn’t save him, he wasn’t quick enough to fix his breathing, Percy stabbed him up and a few inches to the right. 

The truth comes when she presses herself against him, hand over his heart, and feels the steady beating pounding against her hand and the gentle rise and fall of his chest tells her he’s alive

She lets the emotions of the days catch up to her: almost losing him, choosing to leave the church, the scalding pain of her arm. She lets the first few tears fall and then she’s crying in earnest, muffling her cries into her pillow.

He stirs at the sound of her sniffles and looks over at her sleepily, confused. “Jean, love?”

And it’s too much. She breaks. 

Rolling close to him, she wraps her arms around him, burying her face into his shoulder. “Hold me,” she gasps out. It’s the first command she’s uttered and he’s a soldier at heart and ready to comply. 

He wraps his arms around her, stroking her hair and cooing at her. “It’s alright, Jean. It’s alright.”

She sighs, snuggling into his arms. “Don’t leave me, Lucien.”

His heart picks up speed at her words, as close to an I love you that they’ve ever been and the words stick in this throat. But it’s not the right time. He holds her closer and presses a kiss to the crown of her head. “I’m not going anywhere without you.”

Lucien knows they need to talk, to hash things out in a way that both of them are scared to do, but it needs to happen before either of them break with the strain of their relationship. But for now, they sleep.

I’ve written and then deleted half a dozen posts about how much The Raven Cycle makes me feel, which has hitherto only happened to me when I’ve tried to write about Oscar Isaac and Bucky Barnes, and that’s probably the best explanation I can give you.

Like - I finished it a week ago and I cannot bring myself to start reading something new. I don’t want to leave that universe. I literally go to bed an hour early so I can listen to soft music and think about it. Twice in the last week, someone has asked me why I’m smiling and I’ve had to lie, because I can’t explain that line about how Adam living above St. Agnes Catholic Church “focused most of the objects of Ronan’s worship into one downtown block.”

I love it. Oh my god, I love it I love it I love it so much. In my most unreasonable moments, it makes me so happy that it robs the breath out of me, literally, and like - no human has made feel that way for years. 

But here’s this series of books. And it makes me feel like all the best fic I’ve ever read. Chasing this feeling is why I read, and after an extended drought, I finally caught something that works.

I tried to post this twice and it vanished both times (?) so here I go again, sorry it’s long-ish.

Towards the end of last semester, I wrote a 5 page essay talking about the importance of LGBT+ representation in all media and why it’s needed. This past year, we’ve been fortunate enough to see a few people who took advantage of their platforms and showed off some wonderful characters that people can really relate too, and I hope I can be that one day too. I want to make characters that are unique and complex enough for specific audiences, for peculiar people, so that everyone can have fun and enjoy the stories that I produce some day. I want people to cry over them and to be filled with joy that, my god, they’re being represented when they never thought they would be.

If you haven’t read any of @gutter-guy-supreme’s zines, I highly recommend you do. This characters design was inspired by their latest one (hope you don’t mind bud). In it, they talk about their personal experience identifying as non-binary and that’s just what this character is. Non-binary. Charlie talked about how a lot of people have this preconceived idea of what a non-binary person looks like and how people think it’s a half and half spectrum of girl/boy. And It really opened my eyes a bit.

So sitting in my first period class, I came up with the concept for a character who can teleport only through backpacks/bags/purses, and this ends up getting them in some odd and tricky situations. It’s Just a character who fuckin jumps through portals that only they can see in people’s bags, who sometimes goes to class, and could live an average life, but makes it hard on themselves by putting themselves and their friends in dangerous situations, but,,, They’re constantly searching for things that make them happy and are trying to give themselves reasons to strive. They fuck things up. They want to be better for themselves.

I’m excited to work on this character bc I hope they see the light of something some day. I hope most of my characters can ?? Go somewhere ? anyway, thanks for reading and check out @gutter-guy-supreme’s stuff. I’m gonna try and start posting more of my original stuff whether or not ppl are interested. Sorry if this is a bit silly, I’m just a boy w ambitions