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Fanart Monday!

My nex computer is all good and up to go, so I’ll regain the normal schedule again and I’ll start pages again this weekend~

For now, I’ll just thank you all guys for your patience, and let’s do fanart Monday :D

Fanart of the week by @thatcode​! (I had this on my askbox for some time, and I just have to say it’s fan-tastic. Amazing ♥)

More under the sexy cut ♥

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So I wanted to take a crack at making a prop and since Keith’s knife (at least the wrapped up, season 1 version) has a relatively simple design it seemed like a great place to start. This was also my first time really playing with Worbla, which was super fun.

I took pictures as I was making it so I figured might as well put together a work log of the entire process once I was finished.

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@meanwhilesmiley nope it’s
not true and lmao where did i say she was perfect? i didn’t and really, it’s not the point of this post but kudos on having your head shoved so far up mon-el’s ass that you can’t see who kara truly is as a character. i can tell you really “love” her!!! did you even watch s1?

@missisjoker blocked me but imma reply anyways cause i love putting you kremlins in your place, even when you run scared!! he is insulting who kara is at her very core, claiming that her motivations are self-serving and crap. both untrue. he puts her down by yelling at her, dismissing her work as supergirl and tries to make her out to be the bad guy. it amazes me how y'all will jump through so many hoops to excuse this piece of shit character because he’s a fucking decent looking white dude.

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Touko has her perfect date planned out, but a sneeze (or a series of sneezes) and some unexpected events has Syo carrying Komaru out of harm's way

A/N You don’t understand how much I love this whether friendship or ship. I love Touko’s character development and how supportive Komaru is. 

I got way too invested in this and it just wrote itself

Toukomaru date

Komaru has the perfect date planned.

Too bad everything wasn’t going according to plan.

She’s done plenty of research just for this date. Even though she was dating the SHSL Literary Girl, she might as well have been the SHSL Romantic with all the novels she’s published under the Romance genre. This just placed more pressure on Komaru. If she wanted to impress Touko then she had to pull out all stops. So she diligently read up on all of Touko’s books, or at least those she could get a hold of, and then cross-referenced all of the romantic stunts that she could possibly pull of. 

Which wasn’t much by the way considering they were still in Towa city which was infested with corpses and rampaging monokumas. But hey, they had to make do with what they had, right? It’s not like they had any choice in the first place. Komaru just wanted this to be perfect! Or at least as close as possible to those manga she’s read. But don’t tell Touko that because she hates manga.

Thus, began the series of events that would count as their date.

First was dinner by candlelight. Improvised. The dinner was curry which she cooked because that was the best she could do regarding the culinary arts. They were technically eating at a restaurant although it was pretty dilapidated and there were candles but only because there was no electricity in the building. But even so, she inwardly pumped her fists. Nailed it.

“So…” She awkwardly drummed her fingers on the table. “This is nice, right?”

“Please, tell me you’re being sarcastic.” Touko deadpanned.

“Hey! At least try to recognize my efforts.” Komaru whined with a hurt look.

Touko was a sucker for that face so she gave in. “Fine. I guess this is pretty…”

“Pretty?” Komaru perked up.

“Decent.” Touko finished flatly.

“Why am I not surprised?” She said as she almost comically fell onto the table.

“I call it as I see it.” Touko shrugged as she began to dig in.

“Please make an effort in this. I really tried, you know.” Komaru pouted.

“What were you even trying to achieve with this? This looks like–”

Touko never did get to finish her sentence as her nose detected the pepper in the curry which triggered her to sneeze.

And out came Genocider Syo.

“What’s this? Am I interrupting something?” Syo asked as she smiled wildly.

Komaru facepalmed at her timing. Really? Now of all times? She sighed in exasperation. “Honestly? Kinda, yeah.”

“Wow, way to be blunt, honey.” Syo said unfazed as she then flamboyantly pulled out her genoscissors and threw one right past her. “But don’t worry about me being a third wheel when you’ve got company!”

“What?” Komaru asked as she turned to see where she was aiming at. She scowled and yelled. “Oh, come on!”

They were suddenly surrounded by a hoard of monokumas.

“Better hurry up if I were you, dearie. The food’s gonna get cold. Kyahahaha!” She cackled maniacally as she started hacking through the machines.

As for those which weren’t yet shredded by Syo, they made their way to Komaru and tripped the table along the way.

“No no no! Not the food!” Komaru shouted in disbelief which quickly turned into rage in a matter of moments. She pulled out her megaphone and held it tightly. “Okay, now it’s personal!”

So much for their date night.

When Touko came to, she was in the middle of monokuma carnage.

“Wha? Did something happen?” She asked in confusion.

“Oh, nothing.” Komaru answered with tears in the corners of her eyes. She was so exhausted to hold back anymore and so her shoulders drooped as she mumbled sullenly. “Just that… everything’s ruined.”

“Geez, what’s your problem?” Touko sharply asked.

“It’s just…” And then Komaru started crying. “It’s our first date and I just wanted this to be perfect. But it’s not. It’s a disaster!” She wailed.

Touko sighed at her girlfriend’s antics. Really, who ever put her in charge as the motivational one in the pair? Touko, the person with horrible self-esteem issues and a persecution complex, was cheering up this perfectly normal girl. What kind of weird dynamic was this?

“Look, Komaru.” She started sternly. “There’s no such thing as perfect. Why else do you think I write novels? It’s all fantasy. Nothing like that exists in reality. Stop beating yourself up over unrealistic standards.”

“But even so, I at least wanted to try.” She sniffled.

“And you did try. And you failed.” Touko continued to scold her. “So what? You’re going to sulk now? You’re going to give up after just one try?”

“No…” Komaru weakly replied as she shook her head.

“So then tell me what are you doing right now?” She sternly asked her.

Komaru wiped her tears and picked herself up. This time the determined glint in her eyes was back again. “I’m not giving up.”

“Finally. Do you know how ridiculous you were being? And do you know how annoying it is that I have to be the one to knock some sense into you every time?” Touko ranted on as she narrowed her eyes. “It’s a hassle.”

“Sorry, Touko.” Komaru apologized with a sheepish smile. At least she was smiling again.

“Seriously, get a grip.” Touko then crossed her arms and looked away, effectively hiding her face as she said, “If you’re really that upset then just hurry up and ask me out on another date.”


“And…” She kissed Komaru briefly on the cheek. She immediately pulled back with a furious blush as she stammered, “T-thanks for trying. You didn’t stand me up so that’s an improvement in my history of dates.”

Komaru has the perfect date planned but nothing went according to plan.

It’s a good thing that she has a lot of dates to plan for.

I Love How You Love Me

Cas and Dean have tried to keep their relationship secret for years but what happens when Castiel’s parents find out?

(Written for @101hellhounds  prompt about something keeping Dean and Cas apart but them overcoming it and also @nubes-atra-tempestas who wanted something romantic and fluffy.)


Dean was in his bed staring at his phone when he heard it. He had been waiting most of the night for Cas to reply to his text message. At first Dean thought that he was probably just busy with homework or maybe even taking a nap but as the hours ticked on, the more worried he became. Cas always answered his messages. Something must be wrong but Dean had no idea what it could be. That’s how he ended up sitting on his bed doing nothing but staring and worrying when he heard tapping at his window.

Dean shot out of his bed and quickly made it to the window where he spotted a head of dark hair and a pair of strikingly blue eyes. He hurried to open up the window and backed away to let his boyfriend in.

“Cas, dude, I’ve been so worried! Why haven’t you answered any of my messages?” This wasn’t the first time the other boy had snuck into his room this way. But it was the first time he had climbed in with red-rimmed eyes. Cas didn’t meet his eyes and eventually Dean put his hand on Cas’ back and led him over to his bed where they sat down next to each other. Dean kept his hand on his boyfriend’s back, slowly stroking it.

“Baby, you gotta tell me what’s wrong.” Cas sighed and leaned into Dean, putting his head on his shoulder.

“I’m moving.” It took a while for Dean to understand what those words really meant but when he did, he immediately sat up straight to face Cas.

“WHAT?” Dean knew that he probably should stay quiet as to not wake up his entire family but he no longer cared. “Why?” Dean said, but with a gentler tone this time, tears threatening to burst out any moment. No. Dean didn’t want to cry, he was sure that this couldn’t be, there must be some sort of misunderstanding or joke just anything but Cas not getting to be in his life anymore. Unfortunately the tears that were slowly rolling down Cas’ cheeks told another story.

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my part of an art trade with @nuclearloop! I’ve wanted to draw one of her characters from her original race for a while now - and Marty here was really fun!

I love how inherently smiley these guys are. I hope I did him decent service!