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i just saw that ur taking requests?? that's so great! i'd love to see your writing ! could i request a hc about spending the holidays w/ peter? thank u so much!!! <333

ofc! i’m just starting to get the hang of this, but so far this tumblr thing is a lot of fun :D

  • it’s the day after halloween and peter is already wearing a dorky thanksgiving graphic tee
  • he’s been waiting for the holiday season aLL Y E A R
  • and
  • that.
  • boy.
  • he has his heart set on making the holidays absolutely perfect™️
  • he leaves cute little notes in your locker with thanksgiving puns
    • you have the tur-KEY to my heart <3 xoxo
  • and they always make you laugh a little (but you’d never admit that to peter)
  • he tries making cute little pinterest treats for you, but 
    • “i’msorryitriedreallyhardtomakethisforyoubutyouknowi’mnotthemostcraftypersonand”
    • “peter–”
    • “yeah?”
    • i love it.” :)
  • you went over to his apartment for thanksgiving.
  • may was making a huge dinner, but
    • “peter?”
    • “yeah”
    • “do you smell…
    • something burning?”
  • you both ran into the kitchen to see what was going on
  • may kept trying to play it cool
  • things were definitely not cool
  • so you spent the rest of the night watching online youtube tutorials on how to make thanksgiving dinners
  • at the end of the night, you end up with flour all over yourselves, and a subpar meal
  • (but after hours of cooking and baking, that meal could’ve easily been worth a million bucks to you)
  • the next monday at school consisted of the two of you laughing about inside jokes all day
  • all it took was a glance to make you both burst out cackling
  • ned was so confused.
  • a few weeks later, peter did the same thing for christmas:
  • goofy christmas sweaters and cute notes every day
  • that.
  • boy.
  • when winter break rolled around, you had so many sleepovers
  • so many.
  • i call dibs on top bunk” was probably one of your proudest achievements
  • there were a few nights where you binged on christmas movies in front of a video of a fireplace on peter’s phone
  • peter attempted one of those i-pretend-to-yawn-so-i-can-put-my-arm-around-you’s
  • you didn’t complain, you just rested your head on his chest and settled in for a wonderful night
  • on the day before christmas eve, there was a special delivery
  • (the delivery man was wearing an elf hat that jingled with every step he took and you and peter thought it was the cutest thing)
  • the package was absolutely huge
    • “that’s one huge package…”
      • don’t laugh, y/n
    • “no way.”
    • what?”
    • “it’s from tony stark!
    • “really!?”
  • peter’s eyes lit up like you’d never seen them before
  • actually, you’d seen it once before
  • it was when he was with his uncle ben
    • “you’re the bravest kid i know, d’ya know that?”
    • “now you march up there, keep your chin up high, wipe those tears off your cheek, and say goodbye to your daddy one last time.”
  • i never did figure out what was in that package,
  • but peter was smiling the rest of the day
  • and all that mattered was that he was happy.
  • you spent christmas day with your family, but the day after
  • you went right back to peter’s for secret santa
  • you all drew names out of a santa hat at lunch one day
  • you had gotten ned
  • you spent an entire afternoon pondering what to get him
  • you had drafted a 2-page long list but none of the items on the list really screamed ‘Ned!’
  • but then
  • it struck you.
    • “y/n this is the mostwonderful hat of all time thankyousosomuch!”
    • “this is so much cooler than my other hat!”
  • he pulled it onto his head and seemed to radiate a newly-found confidence
  • his smile was the greatest gift you got that christmas
  • michell– no
  • mj
  • (everyone was still getting used to the new nickname)
  • –had drawn your name
  • she had made you a ton of personalized playlists
  • there was one for practically everything
    • ‘for when you’re missing the last piece to a jigsaw puzzle’
    • ‘songs about cowboys and lemons’
    • ‘listen to this instead of doing your homework’
  • it was perfect.
  • peter had gotten a signed star wars prop from may
  • may had gotten new very-needed cookware from ned and
  • mj had gotten a polaroid camera from may.
  • by the end of it, you were all smiling like the true goofballs you were
  • after your secret santa exchange,
  • you all went for lunch at
  • the New-and-Improved Delmar’s (as you liked to call it)
  • mr. delmar was out front with his daughter taking down christmas lights
    • “hi kids!”
    • “hey, mr. delmar!”
  • you all sat down and ate.
  • and laughed.
  • and ate some more.
  • and laughed some more.
  • and before you knew it, it was time for you all to go home.
  • may drove ned and mj home while you walked home with peter.
  • halfway through your walk, it began to snow
    • “pete, look! it’s a white day-after-christmas.”
    • “huh. what d’ya know?”
    • “ohmygosh, y/n, you must be cold. here, take my sweatshirt.”
    • “no, i’m fine really–”
    • “take it.”
  • and you did.
  • it was so warm and nice and it smelled like his apartment
  • he wrapped his arm around you the rest of the walk home.
  • you could tell he was cold without his jacket, but you really didn’t want to give it back
  • when you reached your apartment complex, you turned to say goodbye to peter
  • the christmas decorations were still up, and the intercom was still playing a christmas playlist
  • before you could say anything, peter pulled you close and kissed you
  • ohmygoshican’tbelievethisisacctuallyhappening
  • you closed your eyes and kissed him back
  • his lips were warm and tasted like smooshed-sandwich-with-pickles
  • you could’ve sworn all i want for christmas is you was playing in the background
  • the twinkling lights seemed to shine so much brighter when peter held you close like that and
  • even though the kiss only lasted a few seconds, it felt like the two of you had been together for an eternity
    • “y/n?”
    • “yeah, pete?”
    • “i had the best holiday season ever with you.”
    • “so did i, you dork.”
  • and with that, peter turned around and left, taking a shortcut through an alley nearby
  • you got home and plopped on your bed, staring at the snowflakes that fell and landed on your window
  • and through the thick snowfall, 
  • you could’ve sworn you saw a web sling across the sky
  • followed by a masked red figure that was squealing with joy.

thanks for reading all the way to the end! this was the first thing i’ve ever written on this blogs, so i hope you enjoyed it. if you have any requests or feedback, i’d love to hear them. my ask box will always be open <3


Every room resets. Remember I told you that? Every room reverts to its original condition. Logically, the teleporter should do the same. Teleporter. Fancy word. Just like 3D printers, really, except they break down living matter and information, and transmit it. All you have to do is add energy. The room has reset, returned to its original condition when I arrived. That means there’s a copy of me still in the hard drive. Me, exactly as I was, when I first got here, seven thousand years ago. All I have to find is some energy. And all you need for energy is something to burn.

How long can I keep doing this, Clara? Burning the old me, to make a new one?

Heaven Sent, my favourite Capaldi Era episode as requested by @lullapiee​.


Don’t wishes resemble Geass? Asking someone for something you can’t achieve by yourself. I’m under the effect of a Geass called people’s wish.

                                          For the sake of the world’s future,
                                  all you have to do is to erase my existence 
                                       and put an end to this chain of hatred.

Happy birthday, Sora @akahshi​ ❤