i tried to make this as serious as possible

Boyfriend Dean

I tried out a diff layout for this so I hope that’s okay! Idk how I feel about it but hopefully it’s good ~

Whenever he’s away working, he Skypes you as much as possible. He tries to be serious about it, to check up on you and ask if you’ve eaten well. He’ll tell you about his day, that he misses you; all that.

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Then somehow you both end up goofing off, pulling faces and making each other laugh.

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Although he’s not the type to flaunt the relationship constantly, that does not mean he’s ashamed of it. He’ll show you off but do so tastefully, like while accepting an award or while with friends.

“I would also like to thank the inspiration behind this song; my significant other. Preparing for this album was tough but with them as my muse, the hard work seemed like a breeze ~”

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Going out on random adventures at 3 am to get food or go to a local bar. These times are good for catching up, playing drinking games and socialising with random people. They compliment you often, “Wow, such a cute couple!” and he turns into a shy puppy.

“Hahaha, thank you!”

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Facetiming you while backstage, usually while he’s getting hair and makeup done. His team make occasional appearances, notifying you of the stupid things he’s said or done. And he’s suddenly regretting face timing you at all.

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While dancing at the club, he likes to keep you close, to feel your body pressed to his. Even if others stare at you, it doesn’t make him jealous. Because at the end of the day, all they can do is look while he gets to touch ;)

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Trying to take cute vids of him but he’s too awkward and just smiles shyly. “Why are you recording me? I look bad today. I should be recording you!”

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Can’t help the way his heart melts when he sees you interacting with children. He’s too young to be a father and too focused on his career. But someday, he’d love to raise kids with you. They’d be the most aesthetic kids on the planet. He’s already got cute outfits planned in his mind.

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The second he spots you in the crowd at a concert, he can’t help but forget about everyone else. His eyes only see you. He starts singing to you directly, serenading you. Once he realises the rest of the audience is still there, he’s embarrassed by his cheesiness but for that one moment, he can only think of you.

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Your family adores him. He’s mannerly, polite and charming. Although he tends to clam up when they’re around, afraid of saying the wrong thing, they try to get him to talk as much as possible. Your grandmother is always sending him off with home cooked meals and your little cousin bakes him muffins whenever she can. He’s well fed and well loved in your home.

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It may not seem like it but he’s got a dirty side to him. Beneath his soft, aesthetic exterior is a man who can’t help how his gaze lingers when you bend over. Or feel aroused by you exposing skin. 

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He’s a great kisser. Not a dominating, hold you against the wall type well not unless he’s horny. His kisses are soft and sweet. There’s no battling for dominance as there’s only love and emotion poured into each and every kiss.

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Thinks to himself often that he’s lucky to have you. Although he does state this sometimes and his songs about you show this, it’s usually his actions that speak the loudest. The way he looks at you, how he’ll remember everything you say, how he holds the door open for you .. This boy is completely enamoured and grateful that out of all the people in the world, you chose him.

The relationship is the kind that’s cute and chill. There’s no issues with jealousy or immature things like that. Distance can cause strain but you both work hard to keep in touch and communicate. Your friend group considers you the perfect couple. You share hoodies and snapbacks and take aesthetic couple pics for his insta. The comments on them are mostly sweet and supportive, with the world falling in love with your dynamic. You’re not the couple to make headlines for drama or outrageous scandals. You’re a down to earth couple with matching sneakers that binge watch Netflix and eat ice cream.

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“Hi! Can i request a tvd imagine? All smutty with damon being dominant and rough and everything? Thank you :))” “Hi! I was wondering if you could write a damon salvatore imagine (smut ofc!!) Where you two are not together but kind of have a crush on each other. so eventually you end up having rlly rough kinky sex? Pls! ^-^”

A/N: i guess you can say i changed the plot a bit?? SORRY IF ITS NOT KINKY !! WHOOPS ?? (I can’t write kinky smut for shits ????)

You looked at yourself in the mirror, admiring on how well you did on your outfit choice for Girls Night. You twirled yourself so your back was facing the mirror. Shifting your head to look at the mirror, to see the back if the lovely dress Caroline helped you picked out. It wasn’t too short nor too long, hugged your curves perfectly. You felt good. You did your final touches on your hair and makeup before heading out the door. Once your bag and keys were in your hand, you swung your door open, out to have the time of your life with Caroline, Bonnie and Elena.

However, there was a certain someone blocking your way out. “Ah! Y/N I know I’d find you here! Cute little dress.” The raven man cheerfully said, a smirk appearing onto his lips. “Obviously you would, it’s my house.” You laughed. “What do you want Damon? I need to get going somewhere.” As you motioned towards your outfit. You knew the reason why he was here, and you tried every single thing possible to avoid him, not try and make much eye contact as possible. “Well you see Y/N, the thing is, you’re constantly avoiding me.” You were about to protest but he beated you to it. “No, don’t give me ‘I’ve been busy.’ crap, that’s such an overused excuse, sweetheart.” His voice was stern, serious for his answer. “Tell me the truth Y/N please, I’m your fucking friend for christ’s sake!” He nearly shouted, eyes wide, inching closer to you. You didn’t want to tell him why. You knew he would taunt, tease, laugh at your response. You knew he wouldn’t feel the same feelings towards you. “I don’t have to tell you everything Damon, you’re not my dad, or my boyfriend. So please, move out of the way.” You spat at him. Pushing yourself through, though you knew it was no use. You were still just a mortal, where as he was a hundred and something year old vampire; with much experience with his inhuman strength. “No.” Damon simply spoke. He pushed his way into your home, closing the door behind. He pushed you against the closest wall.

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friend: so whats your sexuality

an ace: i cannot say , it is ,, tmi

friend: come on, you can tell me! im gay, i wont judge u!

an ace: okay .. i am …. *sharp inhale* ace

friend: GASP!! why are you giving me this information that i NEVER ASKED FOR???????? my pure ears …. sniffle sniffle …….. *drops dead*

Imagine going on a road trip with Bill on your first anniversary and him having a surprise for you.

“Hmh what time is it?” Bill asked sleepily from next to you and a smile played on your lips as you looked on the passenger’s side to see that lazy smile on his face.

“A little after eleven, you really needed the rest huh?” you whispered, extending a hand on his side and without taking your eys off the road running your fingers through his hair.

He leaned into your direction, nuzzling his face in your palm and closing his eyes for a second “Yeah, seems like 15 hours of straight driving and only small breaks without any sleep can really be tiring.”

“Oh who’d have thought!” you gasped in fake shock and he chuckled, leaning in to kiss your cheek before stretching.

“Come on say it, I know you want to.” he said with a smirk, eyes studying you with a glint in them but above all adoration and love.

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Bangtan In Bed Analysis

Sorry it took so long anon, I wrote quite a bit. Enjoy.

Seokjin ;

Making Love ;

I think they’d all be pretty much the same for this department but we’ll make it as different as possible. First, Jin is the number one man when it comes to making love. He’d make sure you were completely comfortable and ready before he tried anything too serious. He’d lay you down on the bed first, strong arm leaning his heavy body next to your own. The lights would be low and I could totally see him lighting some candles to set the mood. He’d start by kissing you, very slowly and softly, his hand trailing down your stomach. He’d finger you open while kissing your neck, still going as slow as he could without torturing the two of you too bad. After you were opened and ready, he’d pull a condom on and slide in. He keep his lips on yours in the beginning, but after a few minutes he might pepper kisses all over whatever part of your body he can reach. He’s one to keep intimate eye contact with you and tell you how much he loves you or how beautiful you are over and over as he languidly thrusts inside of you. The entire time would consist of slow but deep thrusts, sometimes a few seconds of grinding with him releasing the most gorgeous groans you’ve every heard. Seokjin for sure wouldn’t come until you did, making you first priority so he’d do anything he had to, circle his thumb around your clit or maybe even speed up just a small bit until you were shaking and trembling underneath him.

Everyday Sex ;

Agh okay. Seokjin would still be incredibly passionate and caring when it comes to everyday sex. He’d still very much make sure you were comfortable and as ready as he was before he tried anything. He’d probably be open to more with this type of sex, like kinks and different positions. He’ll try things other than kissing as the foreplay, maybe oral, both way, you sucking him off or him eating you out, or he’d play with your nipples and leave faint hickey’s on your neck and along your collar bones. He would take less time in fingering you, not meaning he won’t completely make sure you aren’t ready because he would, he’d just do it in more of a rush than other times. His thrusts would be faster, deeper, less precise but only after you begged him for it. There’d be more screaming from you and rough grunting from him, rather than quiet noises. He’d quiet you down with his tongue, swirling around the inside of your mouth. He’d bite down on your bottom lip and make sure you come undone a whining mess.

Yoongi ;

Making Love ;

Yoongi has his emotions on lockdown, it’s very hard for him to express his feelings at times so I feel everything would come out during the moments you make love. Unlike any other time, Yoongi would handle you with complete and utter care. His hands would gently slide over every inch of your body, his lips not far behind, trailing after and caressing your skin with soft kisses. He’d put every emotion he’s kept bottled up into a passionate kiss on your lips, his eyebrows scrunched in concentration. I feel like he’d want the sheet to be over your bodies while anything was happening, maybe a low lamp on in the corner to create a dim glow in the room. He’d peel your clothes off one by one, kissing over the tops of your breasts when he unclipped your bra and leaving a line of kisses under your belly button when he slides your panties off. He’ll finger you very slowly, and curl his fingers inside to hear the gasps you’ll let out, before rolling a condom on and getting to the deed. He’d want to hold you as close as possible to himself while he gently rocked into you from the start. He’d be the type to keep his face hovered over your own, his mouth held an inch away from yours so he could hotly pant against your cheeks. He’d want you to see what you do to him, see his facial expression scrunch up in absolute pleasure. His hips would push into yours with the slowest speed, but still manage to reach deeper than ever before. He might get too caught up in his moaning and groaning to remember to get you off first and he’d shoot into the condom before he could stop it. He’ll definitely make up for it after though, whether it be pleasuring you with his mouth and fingers or over stimulating himself to finish you.

Everyday Sex ;

This is where kinky Yoongi comes in. He can have quickies with you anywhere and everywhere in your house. He’ll want you four different places in the living room, five different places in the kitchen, up against the wall, bent over his desk, pushed up against the front door and even in the shower where your screams will echo around you. His thrusts would be quick and controlled, his mouth open and throatily groaning loud into your ear. He’d suck bruises into every part of your skin he could, loving the way the bright purplish marks confirmed you as his. He’d change it up every time, pinch at your clit and have you come on his cock or pull out and finish you off with his fast tongue movements and curling fingers.

Namjoon ;

Making Love ;

Namjoon is another one who has his emotions and heart guarded to protect himself and another one to have everything he’s feeling be shown through his actions in the bedroom. He’d be nervous beforehand, thinking about every possible scenario where something could go wrong but as soon as he saw your beautiful body, nothing but love would fill his mind. He’d kiss you all over and generally take his time to really let you know how he felt about you. He’d hold you close and rub soothing circles into your back or the soft skin of your thighs while he kissed your lips over and over and whispered about how much you meant to him. He wouldn’t want the moment to end but the pleasure of being inside you would become too much and he’d have to speed up his usually slow timed thrusts. He’d moan for you to come together before he collapsed in a tired heap next to you.

Everyday Sex ;

Namjoon is a kinky pervert and toys and bondage are his thing. If and when he’s not making love to you, you can definitely expect to be tied up and tortured ( the good kind ). He’d have your hands behind your back or above your head whenever he could get them there, eyes enjoying the view of you helplessly exposed to him and squirming. A smirk would never leave his lips as his hands trailed over your body and mapped out your curves. He’d mark you all over, double checking to be sure there wasn’t an inch unbruised as a reminder of who you belonged to for anyone with prying eyes. He’d use an array of toys on you, nipple clamps, mouth gags, blindfolds, handcuffs, whips, a paddle for when you decided to be a bad girl and his personal favorite, a vibrator. He’d love watching your body shake and tremble when he held the mechanical toy over your most sensitive spot, love hearing your broken cries as he fucked you with it. Namjoon would probably make you come once or twice with just his hands and the toys before he actually got to the sex part. He prefer if you were face down in the mattress, any position he could have a view of your ass. His big hands would grip your waist to hold you still as he mercilessly pounded into you, deep grunts traveling up his throat.

Hoseok ;

Making Love ;

Hoseok has such an amazing, loving personality that you couldn’t be mad at him when he messes up in this department. He’s so cheesy and dorky and playful, he wouldn’t exactly know how to get serious for something like making love. He’d try his hardest to make things perfect and you have to give him credit for his effort. He shows his love through jokes so light teasing would be his forte. He’d skim his lips all over your skin and watch the goosebumps pop up, might suck a little on your neck and nipples, flick his tongue over them and draw circles around them with his thumbs. He’s leave little pecks all the way down your stomach, nip at your hips and the inside of your thighs and laugh when you squeak as he takes his first lick at your core. He’d continue, very slowly, to lap at your clit and use his fingers to get you open. He’d hover his face over yours as he fucks into you, again agonizingly slow because he’s a shit, and laugh at every shuddering breath you let out because of his angled thrusts perfectly grazing over your sweet spot. He’d kiss your nose and promise to love you forever in hushed whispers, sometimes his own resolve breaking so he can let out a shaky moan against your cheek.

Everyday Sex ;

Everyday sex with Hoseok would be different every time. He’d like to try new things, he’d be the most open to new kinks and toys and places where you can have sex. Like the laundry room. I don’t know why but I can see Hoseok as one of those husbands that try fucking you against the washer while your kids watched cartoons in the living room. He’s sneaky and fun. He’d try to make sex with him some of your best experiences by changing it up and not keeping anything vanilla. His favorite thing to do would be making you scream, especially when the other boys were around. He’d want them to know what he does to you behind closed doors. He’ll finger you rougher than usual, fuck you deeper than the thrust before, smack your ass and pull your hair and make sure you’re crying and shaking with pleasure so he could walk out and be smug af.

Jimin ;

Making Love ;

Jimin is so full of adoration. He’s very admirable for his ability to easily show his love for others but I think he’d be a little more reserved with his feelings in bed. It would start out like any other, small pecks turning into longer, more passionate kisses. His hands would roam over your body and he’d be nice enough to ask if this was what you wanted to do, before leading you to his bedroom. He’d slowly undress you, his mouth on yours while his tongue explores the inside before he threw you on the bed and climbed on top. He wouldn’t advance things too fast, thinking it would be best not to rush through something so important. He’d take time to finger you open properly, distracting you with loving kisses on your lips or neck, then maybe eat you out just a little because it’s his favorite. His cock would stay deep, shallow thrusts barely pulling him out an inch before he’s grinding back in. His thickness would stretch you wide in the best way. After you spend a long intimate time together, soft tongue kisses shared between you Jimin would slide his arm underneath you and arch your chest until it’s pressed to his. He’d mouth at your neck and speed his thrusts up, pulling out all the way and slamming back in as he panted out I love you’s against your skin. You’d come undone in his arms and he’d kiss you hard on the lips to finish it off, his eyes crinkling up with his big smile when you returned his affection.

Everyday Sex ;

Jimin is the pussy eating queen, even more so than clit sucker Yoongi. He’d love so much to wear your thighs as ear muffs and your cunt as a face mask. He’s not one of those fake ass eaters who barely try, no. Jimin is the real deal. He’ll grip your thighs and spread your legs so far apart they will ache for weeks. He’d tease you at first and lick you through your panties a few times, make you whine and beg for his heavenly tongue you love so much. He’d probably rip them off but you wouldn’t care because he always bought you new ones. He’ll swipe your lips of any of your sweet juice you dripped just for him, thrust his tongue as deep as it would go and moan at the taste he just couldn’t get enough of. You’d be overwhelmingly trembling in ecstasy, your thighs flexing and hips pushing down onto him. He’d grip your hips tightly and hold you down so he could flick his tongue over your clit. He’ll finger you a little, use his thumbs to pull your lips apart and lap you up until you’re dry so he can finish you off. Actual sex would just be quick. It would depend on how he was feeling I think. If he was stressed out and tired, he’d fuck you fast but long. You’d have really sweaty, extremely loud sex that had Jimin’s hands curling into the sheets from the intense pleasure you gave him. He’d pant out breathy little whines and kiss your cheek and jaw as much as possible until you’re both finished, but if he was feeling energetic and horny he’d take his time and fuck you thoroughly, cock so deep you were shaking. I don’t think he’d finish inside you, he’d let you come and then ask you to suck him off so he could come too.

Taehyung ;

Making Love ;

I can’t even begin to explain how awkward Taehyung is. He’s so adorably clumsy and those traits wouldn’t just magically disappear while you were in bed. To be honest they might even show more but so would his love for you. A blush would never leave his cheeks as you guys worked up to making love, either by kissing or other things, his face would stay a deep shade of red. He’d be really embarrassed if he messed anything up so he’d try his best at everything, but mistakes are inevitable in anything. He’d apologize for poking his finger too far inside of you when it actually felt good, he’d apologize for pinching your nipple too hard, for biting your neck and leaving too dark of a mark that couldn’t be covered. There’d be a lot of apologizing but that would be what made it perfect. He’d go super super slow, teeth splitting his lip until it’s bleeding at the beautiful sight of you under him. He’d leave kisses all over your forehead, whispering in his deep voice his adoration for you while his hips ground up into yours. He’d caress your cheeks and gutturally moan when you both came.

Everyday Sex ;

I think without the pressure of feeling like he needs to love you and show it, everyday sex with Tae would be a whole lot messier. A lot less clumsy and embarrassed, more cocky and handsy. His hands ( Jesus have you seen them ) would squeeze at any part of you he was able to reach, your ass, your hips, your waist, your boobs or his favorite, your thighs. He’d nibble on your earlobe and mumble the dirty things he wanted to do to you or even better, what he wanted you to do to him. He’d sloppily kiss you and tongue your mouth, smack your thighs and ass and groan at the sound of your whimpers. He’d want his hand print tattooed on your red skin for hours. But after all that he’ll sit down in the love seat of your living room or lean against the headboard of your bed and let you ride him. He’d cross his arms behind his head and watch you fuck yourself onto his dick with the cockiest smirk you’ve ever seen. He may thrust up a few times if he catches you slacking, his cock head jabbing against your sweet spot and bringing you back. He’d growl when you scratched your nails down his chest and come to the sight of you completely wrecked above him.

Jeongguk ;

Making Love ;

Jungkook’s a little young to be in love but anything could happen so. Jungkook is shy as shit so I see him being a little like Tae and always having a rosy blush dusting his cute cheeks throughout your session. He wouldn’t know which noises meant good and which bad and his eyes would be wide, scared that he had hurt you. The first time you can expect to be awkward but you’ll definitely know how he feels about you through the whole thing. He’ll leave small pecks on the corner of your mouth and the tip of your nose, lips brushing over your forehead. His thrust would be labored, slow and shallow, only pushing about half of his length into you. He’d roll his hips and tell you you were beautiful and he loved you. Jungkook’s breathing would be heavy and stuttering in your ear, the occasional whimper from containing the urge to fuck into you harder accidentally escaping his lips. When you come he’s fast to follow, his hands grabbing your hips and holding you down onto him as he buries himself as deep as he can so he can shoot his load. After he’s done he’ll fall next to you and cuddle you into his chest, his lips pushing a soft kiss to your temple and voice murmuring that he loves you once more.

Everyday Sex ;

Jungkook’s like so into oral. But oral for him like, you sucking him off twenty four seven oh my god he would cry if your mouth ever left his dick. He’d love watching your cheeks hollow and push out if he fucked in too deep. He’d intentionally try making you choke because it would boost his self esteem and it was hot af to him. He’d pretend to be worried and cradle your jaw, maybe kiss your nose for extra effort before going right back in and fucking your throat to choke you again. He’d groan and pull your hair and fuck your face so fucking much. Since Jungkook is so strong and muscly, I think it’d be really easy for him to slam you against a wall and fuck up into you as you held onto his shoulders. He’d hold you up with his palm flat to your stomach, his other hand holding your thighs open so he could freely thrust. This is where Jungkook would be cocky af and dirty talk you into your release. He’d, just like above, bury himself deep into you and growl against your neck as he comes.

Big Hero 6 MBTI

Hiro Hamada–INTP

“We didn’t set out to be superheroes. But sometimes life doesn’t go the way you planned.”

Hiro is inventively intelligent beyond his years, but more importantly for personality typing, is the explorative way in which he uses his mind.  He is very focused on exploring new ideas and pushing limits (Ne).  As an introvert, it can take a bit of encouragement to get him going when he wants to share his inventions, and it’s the thinking, analyzing, and creating that come more naturally to him (Ti-Ne).  Sometimes he needs a guiding figure to show him how he can put his ideas to good use, otherwise getting more lost in continually exploring but only more independently.  Hiro has great concern for the overall harmony and wellbeing of others, like Tadashi, but Fe is his inferior function and he can lose sight of that desire at times.  In the end though, wanting to do something to really help people in general is a driving force for Hiro in all his future inventions and endeavors.

Gogo Tomago–ISTP

“There are no red lights during car chases!”

Gogo loves to be seen as strong, capable, and independent.  She has a strong analytical mind (Ti), enjoying challenges that require a lot of internal logic and piecing together of information.  Gogo is also a pretty intense character, strongly capable in maneuvering the physical world and greatly enjoying an even risky situation, always keeping her cool (Se).  Though it’s not her dominant function either, Gogo’s Fe is also clear in the way that she full heartedly takes on the role of a superhero who benefits the greater good and works in the team.

Honey Lemon–ENFP

“WOO! Now THAT’S a chemical reaction!”

Honey Lemon is unafraid to pursue enthusiastically her “nerdy” interests (Ne-Fi).  She’s much more into science and thought than anything else.  She also clearly places high value on staying true to what science really is, as is shown in the ways she reacts to Fred’s very non-scientific ideas (Fi).  Honey Lemon loves to put her own colorful touch on her inventions, and she always exuberantly shares her passions with others (Ne-Fi).


“We can’t go up against that guy! We’re nerds!”

Wasabi’s inferior funciton, Ne (extraverted intuition) is fairly well developed in the way he loves to pursue new possibilities and is quite open to change; though the lower position of the function is also clear in the way that he always appreciates having a good plan to go with.  His Si (introverted sensing) is still noticeably stronger though; Wasabi has a very keen eye for detail, and he keeps good track of which of these are important to him.  He also is very meticulous, and he can be gently picky about the orderliness of his work.  Wasabi is a deeply caring and gentle character.


“I’ve been trying to get Honey to develop a formula that can turn me into a fire-breathing lizard at will. But she says that's ‘not science.’”

Fred is generally very laid-back about even the wildest of events, enjoying to go with whatever comes along.  He always loves it when something is very cool to him, and he really likes a good physical thrill (Se).  Though he’s sometimes more concerned with having a good time or thinking about potentially awesome and/or thrilling new ideas, Fred also enjoys some serious analytical thinking (Ti).

Alistair Krei–ENTJ

“Listen to the kid, Callaghan. Please, l-let me go. I’ll give you anything you want!”

Alistair Krei is persuasive and talented at being in charge.  He can make a good appearance, and he sometimes has more concern for how he and his endeavors will be viewed than the more human areas that could be negatively affected (unhealthy inf. Fi).  He always tries first to take control of a situation.

Robert Callaghan–INTP

“I want my daughter back!”

Callaghan in the beginning is an inventive and creative thinker with a kind heart.  He eagerly seeks possibilities and innovation, and he urges others to do the same (Ne-Fe).  He is much more into science for the sake of itself rather than selling ideas out (Ti, IN).  Later on, he loses touch of his kinder side, with the desire for revenge pushing him to act unhealthfully but still in a very logical, innovative way.

Tadashi Hamada–INFJ

“Yeah. I’m going for a non-threatening…huggable kinda thing.”

Tadashi is reserved, forward thinking, and deeply caring towards his loved ones.  He shows strong emotional intelligence in the ways he looks out for Hiro.  He’s also quite protective and all to readily puts his own safety and needs aside to assist or support others.  Tadashi has a very Fe angle to his innovation, working very hard to create and perfect something which will primarily do a lot of good for many people.


“It is alright to cry.”

Though as a robot Baymax is not traditionally type-able, symbolically his character can represent some of the cognitive functions.  Specifically, Ti (introverted thinking) and Fe (extraverted feeling).  Quite literally, Baymax operates on internal logic.  He has sometimes humorously logical approaches to things as a robot.  Just like Fe, Baymax has the purpose of caring for others and promoting outer harmony.  He’s always there when you need him, and he knows just what to do to make things better.

best fights [richie tozier]

request: Hey! Can you write a Richiexreader where the reader and Richie have been fighting over stupid things. They clearly like each other but the frustration makes them irritable. The reader notices the Losers separating themselves from them for a while, not knowing the rest of they are plotting to finally get her and Richie back together. And so they sleep over Bill’s house one night and they find a way to lock them in the basement, not coming back for a while to let them “sort things out” and make up. by @newtandthediamonds

a/n: i tried to write in the best way possible and i really had a lot of fun, so… i hope you like it ♥

The six of them stared at the other two on the other side of the table, their arms crossed and their faces serious. They like them, they really like them, but having to listen to their voices arguing about anything every day was already tiring. In the first days they could not stop laughing at the fights that Richie and Y/N had, two weeks later the situation was the same, but when it was almost a month, the rest of the losers’ club was already running out of patience.

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Korotan D: English Translation of Chapter 4 

Here’s chapter 4 of Korotan D, aka the return of the ship-teasing! There’s even an actual boat! This chapter will make Karumana fans very happy. Nagikae fans, too, but you may find Nagisa’s denseness a little bit agonizing (you’ll see what I mean) ^^;

That being said, Nagisa and Karma are simply doing what they do best (being ‘positive’ and being a ‘prankster’, respectively) and being great friends in general, so if you’re not a fan of the ships but are a fan of the characters, I’m sure you’ll find this chapter enjoyable as well!

Maehara and Okano get a lot of time together as well. We also see some Yada, Kanzaki, Hara, and more Okajima!

Chapter 4 - Temptation Time

When shooting a film, only a little bit of time is spent with the camera actually rolling, as most of the time is spent on preparations. One must patiently wait for the actors and setting to be arranged, and sometimes it’s imperative that one concentrate on one’s acting in order to make a shot last for only a few seconds.

Preparing for the possibility that filming will resume shortly, Kayano was outside her trailer and rereading the script.

“Haruna, you wanna go take a break in my trailer?”

Jerome said from behind. Kayano responded with a smile,

“No, I’m alright. If I return to a cool trailer, my senses will go all out of order, so I’m staying outside.”

“You’re so serious. You need to relax more.”

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Yu Barom • A lesson in Romantics

One where he accidentally confesses his love for you but isn’t smooth about it… like ‘I love this’ “& I love you” ‘wh-’ “oh shit no wait I don’t”
(Idk if you write for anyone other than Kiseok but if you do you can choose who it’s with)

Hey can you make a scenario where the reader is Jay’s little sister and she has this major crush on Christian but he doesn’t really see her that way cuz shes the cute type. until something happenes so Christian notices that he may have some feelings for her. Thank you ^-^ pls make a bit angst but happy ending if possible 

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Word count 3.3K
Special appearance Hong Dabin - AOMG - Kwon Minsik


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Please Don’t - Haechan

*The repetitive notion of you unowrthiness was clawing up inside you, you weren’t good enough for him- you never will be.

anon request

Characters: Haechan, Reader

Pairing: Haechan/Reader

Genre: Angst // Hurt/Comfort

Word Count : 2K

It didn’t take long for you to start throwing yourself into the familiarity of self doubt once you and Donghyuck started dating. You could rack it up to about a solid month of conscience-free bliss before you started looking in the mirror a little too long in the mornings and staring at the girls on the street a little too hard as you walked by. It had been easy enough to block out at first, chalking it up to your dating inexperience and the fact you just wanted to be the best you could be for him. But then, as weeks and months dragged you through a mental mud puddle, you couldn’t ignore the nagging insistence that you were never going to be enough for him.

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EXO - Reaction to Their Pregnant Wife Being Horny

As requested. Please enjoy. :)

WARNING: If you are bothered by suggestive content, then feel free to skip this one.

Minseok was all for it. He had been the one asking the doctor if it would be fine when you had your last appointment. Your bump was still pretty small and you didn’t feel like a whale yet but when your need for him hit, you were done for. “Of course, I just hope she won’t mind.”

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Baby, You’re Perfect -- Tom Holland x Reader

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Tom won a BAFTA tonight, I love him a lot.

I’ve been listening to WALLS by Kings of Leon for weeks now, so that’s my head-space.

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“God, how are you this perfect?” You smiled and made grabby hands at Tom. He handed the plastic bag over to you and you continued to smile as you saw that the bag was filled with all your favorite snacks. Tom shrugged off his jacket and put his headphones back into the pocket. He glanced over as he heard you removing items from the bag.

“One of those Sour Patch Kids is mine, by the way.” He hopped onto the bed and turned to cuddle into your thigh. Considering you had both taken this Saturday as your lazy day – you had both spent the morning making breakfast and then lounging around drinking from your mugs – you were still in your favorite sweats. And you both were proud of the fact that neither of you had had the urge to shower yet.

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Okay what if harry is eating her out and fionn comes by (bc harry planned it that way) and he asks him to stay and tells her to maintain eye contact with fionn the whole time. And once she cums he let's fionn fuck her.

okay tbh this ask made me W E A K

request more fics here!!!

Despite everything, Y/N still feels her orgasm arriving abruptly. Harry flicks his tongue faster, suddenly has three fingers inside of her like he’s stretching her out for something (which makes her a little worried because Fionn is here now). When Y/N’s close enough she tells Harry as much, says, “M’gonna come soon,” all the while maintaining eye contact with Fionn. Y/N glances down briefly and can see that he’s hard in his jeans.

“Love, I’m only going to let you come now if you let Fionn have a go at you.”

“W-What?” Y/N turns her head to look at Harry, who’s staring up at her, watching the confusion set in on her face.

“Don’t be selfish, sweetheart, just gonna have him fuck you for a bit.”

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Okay so I've had a recent obession with paranormal shit and I was wondering if you had any headcanons for the RFA boys/Minor Trio when playing with a Ouija board for the first time?

Hell yeah!!!!! Same anon, same. Even though I know watching creepy stuff will make me unable to sleep at night, I just binge watch ‘ghost sighting’ videos and stuff hahaha why do I do this to myself


  • So
  • So
  • Growing up, his mom didn’t even let him mention anything related to the paranormal
  • He would say ‘boo’, she’d say go to your room you’re grounded for a week sort of thing
  • When he sees a Ouija board for the first time he thinks it’s just some sort of fancy cutting board
  • Yoosung don’t use it to chop your kimchi  you’ll make the spirits angry
  • He bawls when you tell him what the board is actually for
  • Why would you say that who would play with such a thing does that mean I’m haunted will I die????
  • If you somehow manage to get him to play - which, on a side note, is not difficult at all, you just tell him that if he uses the board all the ghosts will forgive him - oh boy is it fun to watch
  • Although, either the ghost is having a seizure or Yoosung is shaking so much that the planchette is jerking about everywhere
  • So you have a hard time knowing anything the spirit is trying to convey with accuracy
  • “It…it’s saying…lasa…lazan…la…is it trying to say lasagna? Does it know how to spell?
  • “Ghost person friend, you want lasagna????”
  • Actually the ghost was trying to tell you it wants to hurt you but your hand is moving so much
  • *tries to write a curse but ends up spelling “salad”*
  • Yoosung soon forgets that he’s communicating with a spirit possibly even a demon and he goes mother hen on it
  • “You’re hungry right? Do you want food? I have leftovers, wait no, I can make something fresh for you-”
  • He’s basically the easiest target to possess


  • Has played with Ouija board props for plays and such, but never actually tried for real
  • though his whole experience could go two ways
  • either:
  • he asks a serious questions, ya know, the standard stuff
  • like “Are you a good spirit or a bad spirit?”
  • Bad
  • #Reverts to a 5 year old feeling too scared to pee alone
  • He has a mental breakdown and wonders why the hell he decided to do this
  • Then Zen becomes haunted, typical spoopy shit
  • but do you really think Zen would be so basic 
  • I don’t
  • Therefore his first question is to ask, on a scale of 1 to 10, how attractive am I?
  • Lowkey just wants to get it in with a ghost lady
  • *the planchette moves to 1*
  • “No, I’m sure you misunderstood the question…what I meant to ask was, do you think I’m good looking? I am, right?”
  • *planchette moves to no*
  • Zen is sweating nervously
  • What? That’s impossible I am Good Looking my features are timeless
  • Hah joke’s on you Zen you’re talking to a demon who does not care for you mortal’s insignificant standards of beauty
  • except Zen’s not having any of it
  • How dare you.  How dare you. Look, demon ghost thing, I don’t care what you are.  Look at my selfies.  Look at my ravishing face, my handsome looks, these sculpted abs -
  • So like the demon finds Zen’s narcissism so infuriating it fucks off on its own, and Zen is left ranting about how beautiful he is alone in his room
  • Once, the demon decided to return to try and possess him, but found Zen making out with a body pillow of himself
  • it returned to the abyss, not wanting anything else to do with the human world because holy shit they’re scary


  • Is it a commoner practice to converse with demons?
  • Since it’s something I do every day anyways
  • yes demons in the business world are still demons so it counts
  • he’s just really chill about it?
  • #cuz he thinks money still holds influence over the intangible world 
  • ghost: threatens to hurt him
  • Jumin: I’ll sue you
  • hm I’m pretty sure you can’t do that but ok
  • ghost: threatens to hurt elizabeth
  • elizabeth: meow >:3
  • ghost: ლζ*♡ε♡*ζლ
  • Jumin: I’ll sue you


  • He’s religious, but like
  • A game that’s super dangerous and it’s basically a terrible idea to play?
  • and you can get possessed???
  • which means I wouldn’t have to actually do anything anymore????
  • Sign me the fuck up
  • lmao but of course he doesn’t do it seriously
  • instead he asks stuff like
  • “So what were the biggest memes of your time?”
  • *tells the spirit some of his Finest Jokes*
  • *tries to show it some of his own favorite memes*
  • the spirit decided that Saeyoung is real cool and enjoys the comedy
  • #becomes best friends with the dead
  • “Ah…you know, I aspire to become like you some day,” Seven sighs wistfully to the ghost
  • ghost thinks he means it as a compliment
  • but really Seven just wants2die


  • this is dumb why do people do this ghosts don’t exist you’re all idiots
  • at first he’s the one moving the planchette out of spite
  • and when he feels it move without it being him doing it
  • the boy is ready to b o l t
  • he doesn’t want to admit that he’s scared out of his wit but the truth is he peed himself a bit
  • also minor headcanon that when he’s scared, he swears like the most sailor-y of sailors that’s an actual word okay
  • when the board starts spelling out “Zozo” over and over again he’s like??? bruh you trippin’ or something???
  • ah no that’s just the Ouija board demon that haunts those who use it
  • aw bitch I ain’t playing around with you cock sucking gypsy no more I’m dipping out of this shit
  • But Saeran you know the spirit won’t leave you alone if you don’t say goodbye properly
  • I don’t wanna say goodbye?  I didn’t even say hello??? I don’t want to talk to you???
  • *‘Zozo’ starts spelling out ‘kill’*
  • You wanna kill me? Huh? Is that right? Well newflash, ho, I wanna kill you. Fight me fair and square ya asshat.
  • It basically escalates into a battle of who can come up with the edgiest threats
  • we all know who wins
  • hint: it’s Saeran because he’s the Ultimate Edge Lord


  • no????
  • Will literally do anything to get away from the board
  • which means tripping over every piece of furniture in the house because he’s blind
  • ends up having to go to the hospital as he walked into a door trying to run away from it because he’s blind
  • he’s basically allergic to the boards, and can smell them from miles away
  • you walk into his apartment with one and he’ll disappear in a flash
  • or maybe you’ll find him hiding behind the TV
  • his hiding spots are all so obvious
  • since he can’t see actually anything
  • because he’s blind
  • sorry I can’t stop


  • whaddaya mean you want me to use a Ouija board get that piece of satanic wood out of my house I Will Not Have Any Of Your Bullshit
  • But he ends up playing anyways, even if it takes a while to convince him
  • he manages to piss off the spirit in record time with his sass
  • “Yeah okay be all dramatic ‘I died five years ago’ I’ve been dead inside for decades do you hear me complaining?”
  • “You say you’re 4 but when I was four I didn’t even know how to wipe my own butt let alone know how to use a godforsaken portable spirit harem.”
  • Every time he comes up with an increasingly creative way to say ‘Ouija board’
  • the ghosts don’t know that Nobody Messes With Vanderwood
  • unless you want to die again, that is
  • when a spirit starts making things move and fall around the house, Vanderwood is ready to stab a bitch
  • “YOU COME INTO MY HOUSE,” he screeches, “UNINVITED-”
  • *a box of cereal falls out of the cabinet, spilling its content on the pristine floor*
  • “I spent three hours cleaning this place up and you think I’m just gonna stand back while you make my house as ugly as your personality? Honey I don’t think so.”
  • he’s wearing the priest outfit, he has the salt, the silver Vanderwood it’s not a vampire tho, and the crosses in a heartbeat
  • his place becomes 100% Free of Ghosts
  • word even spreads in the spirit realm to avoid his home, because none that enter are ever seen again
  • I’d do anything to see Vanderwood dressed as a priest though

I have no idea how this post is going to be received, but I’ve seen a few things today that set my teeth on edge.

This is a friendly reminder that fic writers and artists do what they do for free. People who run fic-finding blogs do what they do for free. People who make gifs do it for free. People who put together amazing rec lists do it for free. People who read and reblog every fic they come across do it for free. People who write amazingly-detailed, insightful or funny tags on their reblogs do it for free. And we get to enjoy the fruits of their labor. How cool is that? There’s so much amazing stuff out there for us to consume, and it doesn’t cost us a penny. It makes fandom fun and it makes fandom better.

And all of these people - the artists, the writers, the finders, the giffers, and the reccers - also have lives of their own. They go to school. They work full-time jobs. They have families and significant others and friends and hobbies. They have health problems. They have mental health issues. They have fandom for fun, and they have fandom to escape. Some people like to talk to anyone and everyone who hits up their inbox. Some people are more introverted. Some people prefer to keep a small circle of friends, or got cautious about making new friends after they’ve been burned a few times (haven’t we all run into toxic people online at some point?). Some people follow thousands of blogs. Some follow a few.

What they don’t have is a debt to fandom. They don’t actually owe anyone anything. Whether it’s an update on a multi-chapter, a response to a prompt, a new piece of art when someone requests it, a list of their favorite bed-sharing fics, a gifset, a like, a reblog, a comment, or a beta. 

(I’m not saying that feedback or likes/reblogs/comments aren’t important, obviously. *waves* Hi, I write fic. Of course it’s important. That’s not why I’m writing this.)

A lot of times people expect these things, and in some cases people demand these things. It’s not cool. And when the artist/writer/blogger doesn’t deliver, they get anon hate and snotty comments. One of the biggest complaints I’ve seen in the fandom - that good fics by lesser-known authors get ignored - is trying to be addressed by a new blog specifically devoted to promoting these authors. Amazing idea, right? Someone saw a problem and is making a genuine, good-hearted effort to fix it.

That blog is less than a day old, and they’ve already gotten anon comments along the lines of, “Why bother? It won’t help,” and “Why are you waiting before you start reccing? There are authors need your help now.” I repeat: that blog is less than a day old. Someone decided to take time out of their life to try and shed a spotlight on new/lesser-known authors - for FREE - and they’re already getting shit on.

So, I’m a writer. I don’t know how “famous” I am, or how famous other people think I am. I follow very few blogs because 1) I tried following hundreds of people when I first started on Tumblr and it got incredibly overwhelming for me, 2) I’ve gradually whittled my dash down to be as drama-free as possible, and 3) I follow authors and artists who I know from experience post quality content that I know I’ll love. And frankly, I can’t even keep up with everything they post and feel like crap when I fall behind on fic-reading.

Y’all, I work full-time. I have friends IRL and online. I follow a few blogs that make me happy. I try to write. I have serious struggles with depression sometimes. I hang out with my asshole cats. And I am tired. I don’t live in an online bubble to deliberately exclude people. All I do is try to make an online experience for myself that makes fandom more enjoyable for me, rather than more stressful.

I… don’t have any sort of grand thesis or conclusion here, other than we need to be nice to each other, and maybe take other people’s experiences into account when evaluating their behavior. And please, if you find yourself getting angry at authors or artists or gif-makers or rec blogs, remember that you’re getting angry at people who spend hours producing content for you to enjoy, for free. They never had to give you anything, but they still do.

Boyfriend Jaehyun

this was requested by @why-cody , hope you like it !! ~

  • shit this is going to get too serious because we can all agree that jung jaehyun is boyfriend material af
  • im so happy you requested this
  • and im even happier that i’m writing this
  • okay let’s start

  • you’d probably be working at a cafe or something like that ,

  • and he’d be a regular there that never failed to catch your attention every.single.day
  • because he’s the definition of perfection honestly ?
  • everytime he comes he’d smile at you
  • you guys chatted a few times before on a few occasions
  • he probably hit you up a few times before with smooth af pick up lines
  • but back then you weren’t too into him so you brushed it off as a joke
  • you missed so many chances girl why
  • “ Has anyone told you what’s wrong today ? ”
  • “ No .. why ? ”
  • “ Good , because there’s nothing wrong ”
  • and you laughed it off and thanked him but didn’t think that much
  • until one day he did it again ,
  • “ Would you like to fill up a survey for me ? It’d be really quick ”
  • and you’d agree because you wanted to help him
  • and when he passed you his phone ,
  • you’d blush like mad and smile crazily ,
  • because he handed you his phone with the ‘New Contact’ screen open
  • that night he messaged you and the both of you chatted for hours
  • and eyebags could be seen on each of your faces
  • and both of you would laugh it off when you saw each other at the cafe
  • and you’d probably get ticked off by your manager because instead of taking orders you were talking with jaehyun
  • he’d wink at you and shoo you back to work while he sat at his usual seat , staring at you
  • one day he’d go to the cafe just 30mins before it closes ,
  • just to wait for you to end work so he could take you out
  • “ Jae i thought you weren’t coming today , why’re you so late ? ”
  • “ I’m waiting for you to end work , i have somewhere to take you ”
  • “ Oh shit give me like fifteen minutes more i still have things to finish up ”
  • “ It’s okay , take your time , i’ll wait for you ”
  • and then he brings you to the restaurant you told him you wanted to try out very badly just two weeks ago
  • he even reserved a private table for the both of you ,
  • ordered the dishes you liked ,
  • and treated you like a queen
  • you’d get suspicious and ask him ,
  • “ Jae why are you doing all these ”
  • “ For this special day .. ”
  • “ … special day ? …. ”
  • “ Yes Y/N , i’ve had feelings for you since a long time ago .. Are you willing to be together with me ? ”
  • you’d stare at him without saying anything because you’re too shocked and couldnt comprehend anything he said
  • but after awhile you’d smile and nod your head
  • and he’d smile like a child , his dimple showing
  • then the waiter serves you a cake and you’re like ????
  • how long did jaehyun take to prepare all of this ??
  • okay this guy would show you off anywhere ,everywhere
  • he probably went home that night to call all the other members to tell them about the relationship
  • and soon enough the whole neighbourhood knows the both of you are together
  • because he’s always holding your hands when you’re out together ,
  • his arms around your shoulders or waist
  • and if you were standing alone doing something he wouldn’t be afraid to backhug you and place his head on yours
  • he LOVES skinship so much i cant even
  • probably lots of teasing and jokes ,
  • mainly because he loves seeing you flustered and laughing ,
  • and it puts a smile on his face too
  • “ there’s a bee behind you babe don’t turn around ”
  • and you’d literally freeze in your seat with your eyes widened
  • and he couldn’t help but burst out laughing - “ you’re so cute baby , i cant even- ”
  • when you smacked him back he’d continue laughing , trying to catch his breath
  • and you’d just sigh and end up laughing with him too
  • he loves complimenting you though
  • you could be brushing your teeth in the morning with your messy hair and face,
  • and he’d still hug you and call you pretty
  • when he’s jealous , he gets really really protective
  • he’d probably have a really straight face and he’ll keep you behind his back like you’re his child
  • and when the both of you are finally alone again he’d kiss your forehead because he’s glad nothing happened to you
  • when you’re sad he comforts you and takes care of you no matter how wrecked you were ,
  • he might sing you songs and make some silly jokes for you
  • lots of kisses and hugs !1!1!
  • they’d would cheer you up so much because he just has that positive vibe ??
  • but when he’s sad he gets really quiet , unlike his usual self
  • he’d talk to you about it and ask for advice ,
  • because he needed your words and encouragement the most
  • people are legit jealous of the both of you because y'all are like the perfect couple
  • cause like couple fights hardly ever happened - like not even once ??
  • how is that possible y'all
  • he fetches you to and from work everyday without fail
  • and as a supportive boyfriend ,
  • he orders multiples times a day to help boost the cafe’s business
  • like he’s so sweet why
  • he loves hugging you to sleep ,
  • and waking you up with kisses
  • and have i mentioned you’d be blessed because he’d cook for you everyday ?
  • and you’d be so fascinated by his skills
  • when you tried to help , he’d make you do the basic things
  • like cutting and peeling the ingredients
  • because no one disturbs chef jaehyun when he’s cooking , he gets all serious
  • he’ll shower you with love and affection 24/7
  • he’s the sweetest and most caring boyfriend you’d can find basically
  • i’ll stop here before i switch lanes to Jaehyun
  • gotta stay loyal to mark
Yamato “I expect too much of him”, analysis of Yamato and Taichi’s relationship in Tri Part 2

This is a follow up to my previous thoughts on this scene between Agumon, Yamato and Koushiro. Previously I analyzed the “No, we don’t” line in detail, here I will analyze the “I expect too much of him” line. 

Conversation recap for reference, taken from Crunchyroll Subs:

Agumon: Yamato doesn’t talk about Taichi at all. You guys don’t get along?

Yamato: Well

Koushiro: Actually, they get along well

Yamato: No, we don’t

Agumon: You don’t like him?

Yamato: I don’t hate him. It’s just I expect too much of him.

Okay here I will specifically be focusing on Yamato’s comment of “I expect too much of him” and also, I will be going a little into how I feel about their relationship in Tri in general.

So, to recap I said earlier that Yamato’s primary dilemma is that he is not used to Taichi being hesitant in his actions. He expects Taichi to be the leader, constantly rushing in and protecting everyone or at the bare minimum using himself as a distraction but in Reunion he was either hesitating to contemplate the consequences or freezing up all together. The interesting thing is that Taichi almost needs to be this person now because Yamato isn’t being his normal self.

I like to think of the fight between Yamato and Taichi in episode 7 when they argue over whether to climb the mountain as the perfect highlight of their relationship, characters, viewpoints and how they play off each other. Taichi is the one who understands that to get anywhere they need to move and take risks while Yamato is the one pointing out any potential consequences and making sure their decisions have been thoroughly thought through. This relationship is very important as it stabilizes the team.

Now, like I said before, it’s as if they have switched places with Taichi now being the one thinking about potential negative outcomes and Yamato being the one to say that if they want to move forward they need to move regardless of the consequences. Now this would be fine, it keeps the concept of their equalization in check so one would think the team would remain stabilized except it wouldn’t because as has been shown before Yamato is not a capable leader and so cannot fill the void left by Taichi. One of the primary reason for this I think is that Yamato, unlike Taichi, is not a very personable person. He has difficulty getting along with others and is constantly off sulking, dealing with his issues on his own. Even in Reunion when Taichi isn’t his usual self he still goes to Koushiro’s office for updates and is with the others to search for distortions in the digital field while Yamato is literally sulking at home. Or when he leaves the group in episode 45 of 01 to find himself, or when he leaves Takeru alone at the amusement park to look around (like for the life of me I will never understand that. I would argue it’s just put in their for plot convenience because they needed to separate the brothers but since it’s canon I’m going to use it to further my point). Yamato, not the best team player ever.

Now Taichi, as of the end of Confession, has stopped being hesitant. He is the first to show up to the fight with meicoomon, leads the others back into the digital world, runs after meicoomon in Loss and yet Yamato still gets mad at him in the first episode of Loss. This happens when Taichi questioned whether they could save meicoomon. Upon the first viewing I felt like maybe something had been lost in translation (I still feel like that might be the case) and then I was just thinking that Yamato needed to like calm his s***. But then I started to really think about it and I realized that Taichi saying that means that he has lost something else very important to his role in the group, and that is his positivity. Taichi is always the one that no matter what had faith that everything would be okay, it’s part of the reason he always rushed forward into battle. But now he is doubting whether they can save people. And of course, Yamato is angry that Taichi is having doubts (I still think he needs to like calm his s***). But it makes sense that Yamato would be disturbed by this, Taichi was always the one that no matter how down the group was would always be in high spirits and pushing them forward and again if he isn’t there to fill that position then a void will be left and there could be serious consequences (like the group giving up entirely which is simply not an option). This is why Yamato is so happy when Taichi says he is going after meicoomon because in that moment not only is he filing the leadership position by making an executive decision about their next move but he is also filing the optimist position by believing it’s possible.

Now Yamato has always expected a lot from Taichi. But in Tri I feel it’s even more in the forefront. Although I think that Yamato has cause to be upset because they really do need Taichi to be the leader and optimist I also think it’s really unhealthy for him to get mad at Taichi all the time for having hesitations. Seriously he needs to have these doubts, he needs to work through them and come out stronger and Yamato freaking out all the time is not helping. Honestly I sorta want the story to head in the direction of Taichi snapping from all the pressure cause it’s getting out of control and you can really see it affecting him. The scene where he is talking to Hikari in front of the TV screens is an example, he is really upset that he wasn’t able to digivolve Agumon and I would argue it’s partially because he feels like he can’t protect people anymore.

But Yamato saying that he expects to much of Taichi at least shows that he is self-aware of the fact that he places to much pressure on Taichi (also sorta places Taichi up on a pedestal a little I think, which is cute but not healthy). It was recently brought to my attention by Rainbow09 that we have seen the results of this self-awareness before when Yamato told Taichi they didn’t need Omegamon, which means some of the pressure to be the protectors has been taken off of them.

Anyway, this was really long but that’s basically the end of my analysis of that scene… pshh who am I kidding I’m sure something new will come to me in the next few days.

If you made it to the end awesome. Let me know what you think. I love talking about digimon and unfortunately don’t have many people in my real-world life who enjoy analyzing as much as I do.

World’s Away - Ch 3

Originally posted by miniaturesaladturtle

Genre: Online Dating!AU

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Word Count: 4.5k 

Warnings: Smut, Hella angst 

Last Chapter: “Move to Korea…Live with me.”

The world around you was spinning as the depths of what Jimin had said slammed into you, and repeated as if it were a skipping record. He couldn’t possibly be serious…could he?? And if he were, there were no logical way you could make that happen! Your friends, family, university, your job. You weren’t sure if you could give that all up on such a big change. Could you??

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sydariah  asked:

Hey dear. 63 64 with Steve would be lovely😘

Hello, dearest! Here it is, I really hope you enjoooy! <3 

63. “Flea markets don’t carry fleas, you know?”
64. “Here, take my blanket.”

Words: 1.181 (I’m just never gonna learn lol) 

You loved it when Steve took you out on long walks around Brooklyn. It was a moment of peace from all the troubles roaming the world, placed upon his shoulders for him to carry. The long walks was a way of letting all of that go and just be you and him, alone, with no cares in the world. You looked at the blond beside you, smiling softly as you squeezed his hand. He turned to look at you, his ever charming smile playing on his lips.

“What?” he asked, his eyes calm displaying the calmness he was feeling inside instead of the constant weight he always carried on his shoulders.

“Nothing, I just love this,” you said as you sent him a smile, making him smile even wider.

“Me too,” he said, leaning closer to press his lips against yours in a tender kiss. You chuckled against his lips, pecking them once more before turning your attention back to the way you were walking.

“But,” you began, making Steve chuckle.

“But what?” he asked, his tone knowing as he always seemed to know that something was behind your ‘but’s.’. You snorted, bumping your shoulder to his arm.

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