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I didn't like it either but 24 is the right age for Lena because she still is a little naive, she's quick to believe those with supposedly good intentions probably due to her lack of exposure and that would only make sense if ms prodigy was 24. a 28 year old with the intelligence (and position&past) of Lena wouldn't let herself be as easily influenced. she would be far more calculative if she were a 28 year old

lol idk if you’ve met a 28 year old but they can be emotionally naive too

But Lena isn’t quick to believe people have good intentions because of a lack of exposure—she’s been emotionally fucked over many a time in her life.

I mean, toward the beginning of when we’re getting to know her, she gives a whole speech about not trusting people and not being naive, grounded in her personal experiences:

“You know, when I was first adopted by the Luthors, I adored Lex. When he showed his true colors, I was crushed. I tried everything to reach him, bring him back to the side of good. But it was no use. I’d lost him. 

Finally, I realized that some people are just bad. And there is nothing you can do to change that. 

But, you can learn to protect yourself.”

Does that sound like someone who is new to the concept of being screwed over? It’s like… her origin story.

So regardless of if it all happened within the span of 24 years or 28, she still has the same canonical experience with people, and that’s the experience of someone who knows what it’s like to be let down. It’s a huge part of her personality when we meet her.

And Lena is pretty calculative, initially. She isn’t exactly quick to believe anyone. It’s just that she lets her emotions overpower her “logic” when it plays against her emotional needs. Which isn’t an age-restricted personality trait.

And that’s canonically the reason that she didn’t believe that Rhea was going to backstab her. 

She started out suspicious of Rhea, gathering evidence about her, but then Rhea said the magic words ‘you’re not like your mother’ and Lena craved the approval. And Rhea kept giving her approval, even as she went against everything Lena stood for behind her back. That’s one of the reasons why Lena bought into it.

“How could you let that woman deceive you? I taught you to be a scientist, to question everything.”

“No, what you taught me was to doubt myself. To look for validation elsewhere, so much that I was willing to take it from the first mentor that offered it to me.”

Lena let her issues influence her judgement. She had the intelligence and the tools—more experience than she rightfully should have with being let down—to be suspicious of her, and yet she wanted to believe her. And that’s not because of her age, it’s because of who she is and how she’s been hurt. 

It’s Lena’s kryptonite.

Not to mention, Lena has also been heavily influenced by Kara and her “everyone is good on the inside” worldview this season, likely because Kara is so validating and supportive of her. In a way, Kara is proving her Good People Exist worldview to Lena by being such a good friend, and it’s making Lena alter the perception of the world that she built up over the years.

In a lot of ways, I think Kara is like… Lena’s emotional mentor. (Whether or not that’s a role Kara should have—at least as Lena’s sole mentor and only true friend—is another question.)

She listens to Kara when she says that she should go see her mother, despite not seeming to want to give the relationship another shot. She calls Kara when she’s deciding if she should go on a date with Jack, calls Kara to ask if she should trust Rhea. 

And when Kara can’t talk, Lena decides to trust Rhea, likely knowing what Kara would say. She seems to have internalized Kara’s worldview a bit, at this point.

I mean, it’s really a good thing to internalize, that you should trust people. It’s something Lena needs, even if Kara “Sunny” Danvers goes too far with the idea. 

But Lena’s luck is shit, and this is a television show, so she keeps getting screwed over.

But I think it’s a mistake to believe that Lena is necessarily unintelligent in her newfound trusting of people, or that a 28 year old shouldn’t make these same choices.

I said that Lena’s naturally suspicious nature was shrouded by Rhea’s emotional manipulation, but she also seems to be making a conscious choice to be more trusting, for her own emotional wellbeing in the form of intimacy. She should continue trusting people until she finds the ones who really won’t let her down. 

She should continue trusting people throughout her life.

She should trust people until they’ve proven they can’t be trusted, because that’s the only way you can really connect to people. 

This, in a way, is her arc for the season. From semi-distrusting and secluded, to more open and accepting. And the audience is supposed to hope that she doesn’t close herself off again, worse than before, because of the people that hurt her while she is open to it.

As for Kara’s secret, we accepted for 2 seasons that a 50 year old woman didn’t recognize that her assistant of two years was Supergirl. The Secret Identity™ trope is not about naivety or experience or intelligence, it’s supposed to fool everyone. It wouldn’t be a surprise when it’s revealed that Cat has known for some time that Kara is Supergirl if it weren’t possible that she wouldn’t know.

And really? Lena should trust Kara. Like, it’s a good call. Her having this secret doesn’t mean that Lena’s foolish to accept her explanations at face value. Her read of Kara, that she’s someone she can trust, is the right and logical move to make with the information she has about her. Like, who would suspect that their friend is a superhero?

So the only kind of experience that Lena doesn’t have, 24 or 28 or 100, is with a genuine and honest emotional connection. But that’s because of her environment, not her age. When you reach 28, you don’t magically have positive and fulfilling relationships (unfortunately).

I mean, headcanon what you’d like! If you like Young Prodigy Lena Luthor who doesn’t know who to trust because she’s young, you do you. The 24 year old thing hasn’t been disproven yet, so there’s definitely room to take it where you want to in your own stuff.

Just don’t try to tell me that that’s what is canonically right, because at no point in the story is her supposed young-ness brought up in any context or used as an explanation for anything she does.


Happy birthday to my favorite anon, @monidon!!! This is an Eruri piece where they end up adopting the Shiganshina trio. <2500 words

“Did you change your tie again?” Levi asked him.

“Um. No?” But he had. It was a habit he took part in when he was preparing for something that made him especially nervous.

“The kids won’t care, Erwin.”

“I know.”

“That color looks fine,” Levi said and used the tie to pull Erwin down to his level. He pecked a kiss on his mouth. Erwin smiled.

“Thank you, Levi.”

“Let’s go.”

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hi! I'd be like, super happy if you could make a Nick x Worrick imagine? thank you in advance :D

here, have an angst sandwich because this piece literally wanted to be nothing else

sort of alludes to homophobia if you squint, not really nsfw because I was unsure if that’s what you were after but you still get boys kissing, so, enjoy!

style: oneshot

notes: the oldest they get here is 16/17, so it’s still technically underage.

The first time they kissed, it had been raining.  Nicolas remembers the tremor in the other boy under his unsure fingers, the lock of hands in his hair, the taste of salt and rainwater when he’d licked his lips, the way they’d looked at each other, wide-eyed and staring, when Worick pulled away abruptly. If he thinks hard enough, he can still remember the lump in his throat, threatening to block all airways and suffocate him.

At thirteen, he’d never kissed someone before; didn’t think the possibility would present itself or that he’d even want to. Though, coming from a place where the only experience that could have been garnered were through stories, wildly exaggerated, pieced together from drunken slurs and furtive glances. Not very reliable, but it’d been all that he had.

It’d lasted no longer than a second, from the time the blond’s face was in his, to the panicked rush of air after a brush of lips. The barely there kiss was over and done with in the fraction of a second it took Nic’s heart to beat.

And then Worick was backing up, stumbling over words too fast for Nic to read. Bits and pieces of frantic, fractured sentences, sorries, I didn’t mean-, what if father…

Nicolas had watched, frozen, as the other boy began to shake, curling in on himself. He watched as Worick covered wet eyes, threatening to spill over with fresh tears, unable to hear the sobs that shadowed Worick’s apologies, but still Nic had felt something in his chest tug.

The younger boy had reached out to touch Worick’s trembling shoulder, only to have his hand swatted away the moment it made contact. Nicolas retreated, pulling his hand into his chest like it could help cover the dull throb in his ribcage. He knew his eyes must have been wide, if the apology in Worick’s face had been anything to go by, even as the blond spat venom that Nic couldn’t hear.

“Don’t touch me,” Nicolas hadn’t tried to stop him this time as Worick folded in on himself, and he’d only been barely able to catch the last few words to drop from his lips. “I’m not an abomination…”


Ah, so they were the same, then.


Worick is laughing again, doubled over, shoulders and chest heaving as he leans against the wall of some dark unfortunate alley while they try to catch their breath. Hysterical.

Nic’s limbs are still tingling, adrenaline flowing heavily through his veins when he straightens to stand, himself, looking at his friend’s hunched figure. He needs to get that under control, or if this is what Worick will be reduced to every time they finish what the blond had described as a small job an hour ago, Nic can’t say he’s inclined to bring him with again. Ever.

With an irritated huff of air, the brunet slaps Worick’s shoulder to get his attention, other hand already working to scold him.

He doesn’t get very far, though, because the next thing he knows his back is being pressed against the brick shell of the building behind him, crumbling stone diving into his shoulders. Time slows, and Nic feels his entire body tense, eyeing the taller teen suspiciously. He grips Worick’s wrists with his own hands, mouth pulling into a sneer before the split second it takes for the blond’s face to lean impossibly close to his.

And then there’s a mouth being pressed against his, and he feels Worick’s grip on his collar loosen, Nic’s own muscles going lax as he lets the shock of what’s happening run through his system. And he’s got just enough presence of mind to blame it on the adrenaline when he kisses Worick back, fisting a mop of blond hair a second later to press their lips more firmly together. It’s getting longer, he notes, but it feels just as soft as it looks.

Nic feels Worick hum against his mouth, parting his lips to nip at Nic’s bottom lip before moving to press their bodies fully against each other and holy shit, this needs to stop. He really doesn’t feel like popping a boner in the middle of some decrepit alley.

When Nic finally pushes him away the blond has a shit eating grin on his face that immediately makes the shorter boy want to punch him.

‘Don’t tell me you get off on robbing old ladies,’ Nic signs, schooling his features into the most deadpan look he can manage after having just kissed his best friend for the second time in his life. It has the desired effect.

Worick’s face pinches in disgust, and he steps away like the contact between them would leave him burned. Nic has to fight the grin that wants to pull at his own lips at the offended glare Worick shoots him. “We just survived being shot at and chased by men twice our size and you think that old hag is what did me in? That’s so gross.”

Nic waves a flippant hand at him, ‘that still doesn’t explain why you kissed me.’ He can’t pretend that he doesn’t feel his face grow hot at the thought, nor can he pretend that he doesn’t remember Worick’s panic stricken words as rain fell heavily around them, the taste of saltwater lingering on his lips when he was thirteen. He can’t deny the much more pleasant hum on his mouth this time around, either.

Still, he’s pleased to see Worick’s cheeks color as well, and the older boy looks away, throat bobbing as he swallows. He expects Worick to play it off; to blame it on almost being killed, say some bullshit about just being alive when he’d just seen his life flash before his eyes, and he’s so ready to read those words on his lips that he almost anticipates them. It only makes the surprise hit that much harder when it’s the exact opposite that leaves his mouth.

“I mean, I guess I’ve always kind of wanted to kiss you,” Worick brings a hand up to rub at the back of his neck, scowling at the ground, steadfastly refusing to look at Nic’s flailing hands, though the shorter teen knows he can still read them in his peripheral. The brunet struggles to make a sentence that isn’t just a succession of ‘what the fuck’.

“Don’t know why I always kiss you when I’m scared, though.”

Nic’s hands fall silent, dropping to his sides. He feels his chest pinch again, only this time he’s able to place the emotion that makes his ribs ache, and it scares him to think that even a monster can feel the kind of pain that makes you want to pull your heart out of your chest if only to show the ones that matter who it beats for.

And in the end, he supposes scared little boys will always fall for the only one who makes them feel human.

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May I request a scenario where the Star Crossed Myth guys get turned into an animal for a week?

{I haven’t updated in so long, and I’m SO sorry! This summer has been crazy busy. Now that I’m down to only two classes, I am hoping to update more. I’m going a little out of order with requests, because I finally figured out an animal for each god! So I was kind of excited to write this one. And you can thank zavvaki for stopping me - I was teasing that I was going to make Ichthys a fish.}

Leon: “Hi, Vega! Is Leon around?” The mansion doors closed behind you, as Vega smiled and nodded. “Yup! In the sitting room!” You nodded your head in thanks, before proceeding in that direction. When you arrived, however, you were surprised to see everyone except Leon. Ichthys and Teorus wasted no time in greeting you, and you could have sworn you saw a mischievous glint in Ichthys’ eyes. “Hi, everyone. Uh, where’s Leon?” Ichthys wrapped a friendly arm around your shoulder. “Oh, he had to go do something in his room. He should be back any time now.” Inconspicuously shaking off his arm, you walked over to the couch, sitting down next to Dui, who seemed to have a conflicted expression on his face. Cocking your head, you peered into his face. “Dui, are you feeling alright?”Still not making eye-contact, Dui nodded. Tch. Your head spun to face the sound of displeasure coming from the corner of the room. Looking up from his paperwork, Scorpio scowled. “Do you ever stop talking? Don’t be so nosy, woman.” You had learned that the best way to deal with him was to ignore him, so you spun back around, hearing him mutter some more insults under his breath. However, you heard something else as well. It sounded like…scratching. You stared curiously at the closed door to the sitting room, believing it came from there. Your intuition was correct, as you heard it again. “Uhm…you guys don’t have a dog or anything, right?” Huedhaut, who had been silently reading near the fireplace, responded. “No, of course not. Why do you ask?” Standing from your seat, you walked over to the door, cautiously opening it. At first, nothing seemed to be amiss, until something soft ran against your leg. You gasped in surprise, looking down to be greeted with an orange kitten. “Oh!” Bending down, you gently picked up the kitten. Glancing into its brown eyes, something seemed…familiar. You turned to face the gods in the room, who were all looking quizzically at you. As you did, the kitten tried to jump out of your arms in the direction of Ichthys. However, you held it firmly, as Ichthys failed to stifle his laughs. “Oh, you’re not such a big, bad kitty-cat now, are you?” You stared wide-eyed at the kitten in your arms. “Oh no…LEON?” The kitten stared up at you when you said the name. More laughter was heard from the corner of the room, where Scorpio was not even trying to hide his amusement. “Well, Ichthys, in terms of pranks, I believe this is the first one I actually like.” Hissing came from your arms at the comment, and Leon, again, tried to lunge out of your arms, incurring more laughter from the gods. When the effects of Ichthys’ pranks wore off, Leon was naturally less than happy. Surprisingly, Ichthys was defended by Scorpio when Leon went to punish him for his prank. He claimed that it was an entirely harmless prank, and it could have been interpreted as a learning experience to learn to be more humble. Of course, this turned into a large argument between the two of them, and you had to step between the two of them before they tried to destroy the mansion. Leon swore to get Ichthys back for this, no matter what it took. Poor Ichthys didn’t dare sleep for weeks.

Teorus: While Teorus and Ichthys have a great friendship, that doesn’t necessarily mean he was safe from the problem child’s pranks. One night, after a long day at the planetarium, you visit the mansion, hoping to cheer yourself up by spending some time cuddling with your favorite god. However, you arrived to find the mansion in chaos. Particularly, the sitting room. You quickly entered the room, only to have Dui yell “Shut the door!” Dui and Ichthys were standing on the sofas in the room, glancing quickly around the ceiling, while Leon, Huedhaut, and Scorpio lounged at the edges of the room, keeping a cautious eye on their surroundings while they tried to work and read. A blur of color suddenly flashed before your eyes, causing your to yelp in surprise. “Wh-what was that!?” Dui sighed, before casting a glare in Ichthys’ direction. “THAT was Teo.” Your face scrunched up in confusion. “Wait, what?” Ichthys sheepishly smiled at you. “I, uh, accidentally turned him into a bird…” Your face fell as you stared at the god, who quickly returned to his search on the ceiling of the room. “How do you accidentally turn someone into a bird!?” “I dropped one of my prank candies into his milk on accident, and he drank it!” Another blur of color passed through your vision, and you felt a light weight on top of your head. “Don’t. Move.” Ichthys stared at you, or rather, the top of your head. The sensation quickly moved from your head to your shoulder. Slowly, you turned to face a beautifully colored yellow and white lovebird. “Teo…?” You said softly, to which the bird chirped in response. It hopped closer to your face, pressing its beak to your cheek. “Oh my god, it is really you…” You gently cupped your hands in front of you, and Teorus hopped into them, staring up at you from his new position. “It’s okay, we’ll figure out a way to turn you back.” Ichthys sighed. “Jeez, we’ve spent almost an hour trying to catch him. And of course he flies right to you.” You raised an eyebrow at Ichthys as he jumped off of the couch, Dui following suit. “Why was he flying around so crazily?” Dui sat down, visibly worn out. “When he turned into the bird, he immediately went crazy trying to peck people and beat them with his wings. Since it was Ichthys’ fault, his main target was him.” The fish shrugged, collapsing on the couch opposite of Dui. “It’s not my fault he made me drop the candy. I tried to warn him but he didn’t listen.” The bird in your hand chirped irritatedly at Ichthys, and you covered him with your hands to prevent him from flying over to him. Leon let out an annoyed sigh from his spot on the lounge at the side of the room. “Hurry and fix it. He has work he has to do. If that scorpion had kept a closer eye on his subordinates, this wouldn’t have happened.” Scorpio clicked his tongue from the opposite side of the room. “This isn’t my fault, you stupid lion. If your underlings weren’t so ignorant, then he wouldn’t have been turned into a bird in the first place.” Before their argument could escalate, you quickly interrupted. “Uhm, Huedhaut? What do we do? Is there any way to turn him back?” Looking up from his book, he smiled at you. “The effects will wear off eventually. Just be patient.” The effects took a week to wear off, during which, you brought Teorus to your apartment, mainly to keep him away from Ichthys. It was actually rather nice to have his company while you cooked and cleaned, as he always wanted to perched on your shoulder or head. At night, he cuddled on your pillow, close to you. When he did finally turn back, he refused to talk to Ichthys for a week, giving him the cold shoulder whenever he tried to apologize. The gods agreed that that week was actually the most calm the mansion has ever been, but that didn’t last long.

Huedhaut: As the wisest man in the heavens, Huedhaut is not easily fooled. However, it seems as though you are able to wear down his intuition to the point where anything could happen. Especially when you’re friends with a certain problematic fish. One night, while relaxing in Huedhaut’s room, you look up from your spot on his bed to a knock at the door. Removing yourself from his arms, you walked over to the door and opened, to come face-to-face with a smiling Teorus. “Good evening! I hope I’m not interrupting anything.” Your face flushed at his words, as your shook your head. “N-Not at all! What’s up?” Teorus produced a glass of shimmering pink liquid from behind his back. “Well, I’ve been trying my hand at making alcohol like Hue does, and I wanted to see if he would taste-test this for me, so I can get his opinion on it!” You smiled and took the glass from him. A hint of roses wafted up from the glass. “Oh it smells amazing! May I try some as well?” Teorus nodded happily. “Of course! Oh, and tell him he doesn’t have to let me know tonight. I’ll be out with Ikky, and we can just talk in the morning!” With a wave, Teorus took off rather quickly down the hallway and disappeared around the corner. You shrugged, closing the door and making your way back to the bed, where Huedhaut was enthralled in one of his books. “What did Teo want?” He asked, closing his book and looking over at you. You sat down on the bed, showing him the glass. "He made some alcohol that he wants you to try.“ Huedhaut eyed the glass. "Oh really? And it was Teo that made this?” You nodded in response. “Was there anyone else around when he gave it to you? Ichthys, perhaps?” You shook your head. “No, just Teorus. Can I try some of it?” Huedhaut paused for a moment before nodding. The floral scent rose to your nostrils as you brought the glass to your lips. It was smooth as it ran down your throat, with a hint of rose and vanilla. “Oh, wow! This tastes great! Try some, Hue.” Still possessing a cautious look, Huedhaut examined the glass before bringing it to his lips. “Hm. Not too bad.” After giving you a few more sips, Huedhaut finished off the glass, setting it on the table near his bed. Cuddling down under the covers, you both quickly fell asleep. A few hours later, you felt something soft against your thigh. Assuming it was a blanket, you placed your hand on it, only to quickly pull it back. “Uhm…Hue?” No response. Unable to see much, you carefully got out of the bed, making your way to the light switch, avoiding the pool of water in the middle of the room. Turning it on, you couldn’t find Huedhaut anywhere in the room. As you approached the bed, you saw the blanket shift as though something were moving under it. Cautiously, you approached the bed, gripped the covers, and yanked them off. “Oh my god!” You screamed. In the middle of the bed, previously under the covers, was a curled up fox. Your scream woke the creature, and it yawned and turned its deep blue eyes to you. It’s fur appeared black, but as it moved you realized it had a dark blue shimmer to it. The fox cocked its head as it stared at you, blinking slowly. You reached a hand out to it, and it allowed you to place it on its head. “How did you get in here…and where is Huedhaut?” At the sound of that name, the fox barked. “What? Do you know where he is?” It barked again, before jumping off of the bed and running over to the door. You followed it, opening the door. It took off down the hallway, and you quickly chased after it. It suddenly stopped in front of a door leading to another god’s chambers. It glanced from the door to you and back again, as if telling you to knock. You did, and it was quickly opened by a somewhat timid-looking Teorus. He looked from you, to the fox, and quickly attempted to shut the door, but not before the fox managed to run inside. “Wait, no!” Teorus left the door and tried to catch the fox, but it was too late. When you entered the room, you found the fox sitting on top of a fallen-over Ichthys. It seemed to be glaring at him through slitted eyes. “Ichthys? Is this fox yours?” He laughed slightly, earning a growl from the fox. “Well, no. Technically, you could say he’s yours…” The fox lifted its head to look at you, staring deep into your eyes. “He? What do you mean? He isn’t mine. He wasn’t in the room last night either. It was only me and Hue in the be-…oh no. TEO!” Teorus smiled. “Sorry…it was all Ichthys’ idea! He knew that Hue wouldn’t drink it if he knew it was from him, so he asked me to take it to you!” You turned your glare to Ichthys. “I drank it, too! Why didn’t I turn into a fox!?” Ichthys smiled mischievously. “Do you want me to make you a fox?” You sighed and rolled your eyes. “No! Now, explain.” “Well, I made sure it only affected gods, so he would be thrown off if you did drink it and nothing happened.” The fox barked again, pawing at Ichthys’ chest. “Well, fix it, Ichthys! He can’t stay a fox!” Ichthys removed the fox Huedhaut from his chest and stood back up, brushing himself off. “Can’t. Sorry. It’ll wear off eventually!” You sighed again, wondering how it is that the stress of being around these gods hadn’t sent you to an early grave. Eventually meant one week. Throughout the week, Leon had tasked you with watching over Huedhaut to make sure no harm befell him in his weakened state. Although he was now an animal, he still retained a signature Huedhaut aura. He seemed to enjoy it when you read to him from his books, as well as when you scratched behind his ears. When he did turn back to normal, Ichthys was not prepared for the consequences of his actions. Especially after Huedhaut gave Scorpio a very detailed list, describing all of the pranks Ichthys had pulled over the course of the past few months. Huedhaut is not one to be trifled with.

Scorpio: A prank gone wrong. Or gone right, according to Ichthys. All of the gods knew of Scorpio’s slight obsession with apples. And not just any apples, but your special apples, cut into the shape of bunny ears. Unfortunately for him, Scorpio was blinded by his love for these apples, unable to see the catastrophe that would plague his nightmares for weeks. After calling you to the mansion, Scorpio requested some apples after a long day of work. On your way back from the kitchen, a little fish pulled you aside, exclaiming that you were needed by Scorpio down in the reflecting pool room ASAP. He offered to take the plate of apples to Scorpio’s room for later. Not wanting to make him wait (mainly, you just didn’t want to be yelled at), you quickly agreed, handing the plate off to Ichthys and hurrying down to the reflecting pool. When you arrived in an empty room, you sighed, mentally noting that Ichthys probably isn’t the most reliable source of information, before trudging back upstairs. Arriving in Scorpio’s room, you froze in surprise at the sight before you. A rather small ball of fluff quickly bounded towards you. Crouching down, you lifted the creature up, holding it in your arms before the realization struck you. Glancing between at the plate of half-eaten apples on the desk, the pile of clothes on the floor that appeared to be a Department of Punishment’s uniform, and the small, very adorable, animal in your arms, it hit you. The fur is the same color as… “Scorpio…?” The small, black rabbit in your arms wriggled against you in response. “Oh my god…” Trying, and failing to stifle a giggle, you could have sworn that he was scowling at you. “I’m sorry, but you make a very cute bunny, and your fur is so soft…” Noticing a red glint in the rabbit’s eyes, you quickly got back to business. “This is Ichthys’ doing, isn’t it?” The rabbit that was Scorpio seemed to nod in response. “Let’s go find Hue, maybe he can help…” Entering the sitting room, you found all of the gods. After some convincing, Ichthys confessed to his prank. The rabbit Scorpio managed to jump out of your arms and jump onto Ichthys, hellbent on doing whatever damage he could in his current, powerless form. Quickly, you pulled him off of the still-laughing Ichthys, trying your best to soothe him by petting his back. Leon, of course, found this predicament the most amusing, to which he was greeted with an unnatural hissing noise not meant to come from a rabbit. When Huedhaut was finally able to turn him back to normal, the gods had never witnessed such rage as when Scorpio finally got his hands on Ichthys, who had very smartly gone into hiding just before he returned to normal. Even though his scowl could drop a full grown man, the gods wasted no opportunity to tease Scorpio about his weeklong adventure as a rabbit. He never looked at rabbit ear apples the same way again.

Dui: Betrayal can happen when you least expect it. It had been a normal day at the mansion. You had spent the morning helping Dui with his Punishments’ jobs and were now relaxing for a bit with the rest of the gods in the sitting room. You stood up and stretched, giving Dui a smile. “I’m going to go make your favorite - cherry pie! I’ll be back in a little bit!” He smiled in return as he watched you walk off towards the kitchen to cook. While preparing food in the kitchen, you could hear the escalation of some kind of commotion coming from the sitting room. Chalking it up to the rowdy Ichthys and Teorus, you continued your cooking endeavors. As you were removing the finished pie from the oven, you heard a loud noise that nearly made you drop Dui’s cherished pie. That sounded like a bark…You set the pie carefully on the counter, untying your apron as you made your way towards the source of the sound. Opening the door, you were quickly knocked over by a mound of fur. A wet feeling crept across your cheek as you opened your eyes to come face to face with big, brown eyes. Realizing what it was that was sitting on top of you, you sat up, placing the creature in your lap. The puppy happily sat down, staring up at you in what seemed to be a pleading manner. “Uh…since when do we have a golden retriever?” The fur on the puppy was a dark brown in color, darker than normal for a golden retriever. The puppy yipped at the sound of your voice. Ichthys smirked. “Oh, since about five minutes ago.” You raised an eyebrow at him, but your attention was quickly brought back to the animal in your lap, as it jumped up against you to lick your face again. You giggled as your eyes scanned the room. “Where’s Dui?” Teorus smiled. “Right there.” “Huh? Right where?” Ichthys pointed at you. “In your lap.” You stared down, only to see the puppy sitting obediently as it watched you. Those big brown eyes drew you in, and they looked so familiar…”Oh my…DUI?” The puppy barked happily in response to your question. You placed a hand on his head, softly rubbing between the ears. The puppy Dui closed his eyes contentedly. “Why? How? How did he turn into a puppy?” Ichthys laughed heartily from the couch. “Well, we were talking about how, when you left, he looked like a sad, forgotten puppy…and it just kind of happened.” You stared accusingly at Ichthys but then shifted your gaze to Scorpio, who had been silently watching the whole event. He sighed in response to your stare, resuming his reading. “That problem child turned him into a puppy since, apparently, Dui was ‘acting like one so he might as well look like one, too’.“ Ichthys shot him an offended look. “Ugh, Scorpio! Don’t just blow my cover like that!” Scorpio only rolled his eyes in response. “Clean up after your own messes.” You stood up from the floor, holding the puppy in your arms. “Well, there’s got to be something we can do to turn you back to normal, Dui.” Ichthys sighed. “Nope. Just have to wait for it to wear off. Wouldn’t be much of a prank if it had an easy way out.” Dui made a surprisingly good puppy. To keep him safe, you kept him at your apartment during the week. Much to his obvious dismay, he was unable to eat the cherry pie you had made him, and when he found this out, he cast a growl in Ichthys’ direction. When he was back to normal, the gods and yourself were greeted with the other, less cooperative Dui, who quickly attempted to grab ahold of Ichthys. Luckily, between you and Scorpio, you were able to calm him down enough to get his personality to switch back, although that Dui was also less than pleased with his friend.

Ichthys: What goes around, comes around. When you arrived at the mansion bright and early on a Saturday morning, Altair directed you to Ichthys’ room, where he was supposedly working on some Department of Punishment’s paperwork. Nodding in thanks, you made your way upstairs to his room. You opened the door, only to be slammed into by a small, furry creature. A scream was released from your lips, as the animal proceeded to quickly crawl all around you. Finally, it froze, hanging onto you by your neck, and dangling off. “Wh-what!? Why is there a monkey here!?” It didn’t seem to be dangerous; instead, it swung back and forth from its hanging spot around your neck. Glancing around the room, you saw no sign of Ichthys. A small whimper came from the creature as you wrapped your arms around it. It cuddled closer to you, contentedly laying against your chest. Its light brown fur felt soft against your hands as you stroked its back; its tail curled around your forearm. “Well, I can’t just leave you here, can I? I should probably go find Ichthys so we can get you back where you belong.” It squeaked in response to your voice as you turned to walk back downstairs. Unable to find anyone in the sitting room, you went further downstairs, hoping to find someone in the reflecting room. Both Scorpio and Dui were present, carrying out punishments through the water. The vice minister glared at the sight of you walking into the room. “Tch. What do you want, woman? We’re busy.” His eyes widened at the sight of the creature sitting in your arms. “Why did you bring such a filthy creature to the mansion!?” The monkey screeched in what seemed to be a response to the insult, crawling on top of your shoulder. “I didn’t bring it here! I went looking for Ichthys, and I found it in his room. I couldn’t just leave it there by itself…” Dui walked over to you, and cautiously held out a hand to the monkey. This seemed to excite it, and it quickly jumped over to land on Dui’s back. After recovering from a few seconds of surprise, Dui smiled and laughed. “Well, it seems pretty friendly.” “It seems pretty filthy, you mean.” Scorpio didn’t move from his spot in the room, trying to maintain a distance from your new friend. The monkey screeched again, making wild hand motions towards Scorpio. His glare narrowed. “Where is Ichthys, anyways? He’s supposed to be working. Damn problem child…” Suddenly, the monkey jumped off of Dui in Scorpio’s direction. It wasted no time in climbing his leg, moving all around his body so Scorpio was unable to take him off. When he finally got a grip on him, he held it out in front of him, frozen to the spot. “Uh…Scorpio? Are you okay? Did it bite you or something?” You ask, worried about the never-before-seen expression on his face. It soon turned to a grimace, as he stared at the creature. “Dammit, Ichthys. This is exactly why you shouldn’t play pranks on people. This is payback for everything you’ve done.” The monkey whimpered in response. Your eyes widened. “Wait…that monkey is Ichthys!?” The monkey screeched again, seemingly smiling in your direction. “Ichthys…” Dui sighed from beside you. “When I got a grip on it, I was able to read it’s mind. It’s definitely Ichthys. A prank backfired on him, and he got changed into this.” You walked up to Scorpio, taking the now-calm Ichthys out of his hands. “Ugh…well, I’ll just have to take care of you until this wears off…” Unfortunately for you, the effects of his prank lasted for a week. During which, you had to babysit the monkey Ichthys and keep him out of trouble, which really wasn’t any different than when Ichthys is in his normal form. Except, it seemed to consist of a lot more of him throwing his, well, poo, at Leon and Dui. When he finally turned back into normal, Scorpio wasted no time in lecturing him on why he needs to stop with the pranks. But, of course, you knew better. Ichthys had yet to learn his lesson.

anonymous asked:

Your analysis of Len's speech patterns is so amazingly detailed and wonderful. Sometimes while writing Barry I feel like I fall into too much of a generic voice so I was wondering if you've noticed anything that's really specific to Barry's speech?

I totally feel you, anon. 

I think because Barry is the protagonist, and because he’s this kinda nerdy (but not super nerdy) guy who gets enthusiastic about things he loves, deals in sarcasm and dry humor sometimes, and tries his best but leads with his emotions… well I think most people who write him end up doing so in part by projecting themselves onto him? Which there’s nothing inherently wrong with, and I’m sure I do it too, but it means he ends up sounding like us, or else not like anyone distinct, rather than as himself. It’s something I work hard to avoid in my fics sometimes, tbh.

Anyhoo, I also find his speech a little harder to dissect because there’s fewer things that just jump out, relative to Len’s. So I’ll talk about his patterns that go along with his specific word choices, like body and voice and such.

Because for starters, speech is at least half body language and facial expression. Barry uses broad, wide, gestures, especially with his arms and sometimes his whole body. He’s very kinetic, often pacing or moving or walking over to someone, and moves a lot when he’s emotional about something. Not that he can’t be subdued, but if he is, it’s for a reason, typically an emotional one. He’ll curl in on himself a lot too, if his energy is low, but if he’s subdued but has to face someone, then you just get a hunch to his shoulders unless he has to square off against them. 

He’s also a freaking bobble head, often giving his head a bit of a shake side to side, for laughing or teasing or disagreeing or exasperation. When he’s embarrassed or guilty he ducks his head, when he’s overwhelmed or exhausted he runs a hand over his face, when he’s tired but trying to focus he runs it through his hair and when he’s shy and hedging about something then he scratches the back of his head. When someone (read: when Iris) is upset with him, he’ll touch his face and then drop his hand then do it again, desperate and pleading, curling his fingers and uncurling them as he brings them toward his mouth then tries to barrel through an apology. That’s when he’s confronted. When he’s more ready to genuinely apologize, he gets more subdued.

Things Barry will say, hmm. 

Well, he’ll start a sentence and trail it off before getting straight to the point. A momentary hedge, so to speak. None of these are direct examples from his speech, but I bet you can imagine him saying all of them: “Yeah, about that…” and “This is… Look, you know as well as I do that–” and “I don’t know I just… There has got to be some way to fix this.”

That last one brings me to another point. Unlike characters (*cough*Len*cough*) who stress sometimes strange words to clearly hammer-home a point, Barry tends to only emphasize verbs in his speech, particularly the copula (basically, the first verb in the sentence). “What I do know–” and “We have to do something” and so on, and he tends to do it when he’s louder. (Thinking currently of “what I am is the guy who’s not fast enough to stop Wells!” from 1x22, where he actually enunciated the ‘fast enough’ bit as well, which is a rarity for his speech patterns).

That reminds me, in line with that, Barry has a tendency to sometimes ask questions in one breath and answer them in the next. He’s not really asking, he doesn’t say “what” but he poses things like a question. “Watching that happen in from of me? Living that? It was real to me.” (which he said about Earth 2).

Oh yeah, volume. Barry shouts when he’s angry. He gets quiet when he’s ashamed. 

He also brings other people into his speech. The example from above “you know as well as I do”? Well he does things like that, bringing the person he’s talking to around to his side by verbally including them in his statements. “You and I both know” and “We’ll think of something” and so on. He actually starts a lot of sentences with “you” it seems (contrasted with some people who have more “I” focused language). It shows a sort of mindset where he connects with his team and the people around him, brings them in to his perspective. An interdependent mindset.

What else? His sense of humor is something I feel like people miss at times? Barry’s not really laugh out loud funny, but he’s the first to smirk at an off-color joke (unless he’s already in a bad mood to begin with), or to widen his eyes at something awkward someone said. His actual humor tends to err on the side of a little self-deprecating but he can also direct it outward, normally slightly scathing and sarcastic. Actually, a good comparison would be Steve Rogers’s sense of humor in The Winter Soldier, if you’ve seen it? A bit of a troll when he’s in a good mood or flirting, but also dry as a freaking desert sometimes.

He’s also cocky, and when he is, he’s all smiles and humor and teasing people like “you know you love me” kind of stuff. He gets this ridiculous swagger and it’s adorable. 

When he’s annoyed or frustrated, that “for real?” attitude comes out too. 

Actually, that makes me think: he uses pretty clipped sentences. His speech patterns aren’t complex by any measure. The sentences tend toward short and have two clauses, at most, or you could interpret them as often having two clauses but those are very short and simple clauses. No run-ons in his dialogue, no excessive adjectives or adverbs except to emphasize and qualify. His speech is plain and not flowery (outside of romantic situations, at least). He doesn’t tend toward long speeches or explanations unless or until he’s put on the spot. His rambling is so awkward because he doesn’t normally get to talk and ramble, so when he does it spirals lol.

He also has a tendency to qualify things (unlike Len, lol), but he especially qualifies absolutes as absolutes. What do I mean? When he tells Joe about Earth 2 Joe West, he says “but you didn’t like me… at all.” He qualifies the statement “you didn’t like me” by making it even more absolute than it already was (whereas a typically qualifying clause hedges a sentence and makes it less absolute, not more). This is just sort of in line with his tendency, stated above, to give part of an idea, pause, then add the rest. To ask a question then deliver the answer, or to hedge and then get straightforward. 

Actually, that’s kind of neat, isn’t it? A lot of his speech is like a 1 step, 2 step kind of thing. (Another example of how this works, in the Time Vault in 2x17, “this Barry – your Barry?” He gets hyperspecific, even though he’s using the words here to manipulate).

For a more granular reading, unlike Len who uses words like “gotta” and “ain’t” and those extreme contractions, Barry doesn’t over-contract at all. He’ll use “gonna” maybe, but not “oughtta” (it would be “ought to” or some in-between of “ought’ta” almost), but does say “outta” instead of “out of”. Doesn’t say “lemme” but rather “let me” and doesn’t say “y’know” but “you know” (some of those are in contrast to Joe’s speech patterns, for the record). Barry uses “wasn’t” but more “’s not” rather than “isn’t”. “It’s not right” not “It isn’t right”. Mostly regular contractions other than that, like can’t and shouldn’t, it’s and “that’s” so on, etc. 

Barry’s also comfortable starting sentences with conjunctions, like ‘because’, ‘and’, and ‘but’ quite a lot. That’s typical of human speech though, if not formal writing.

And… this post is long enough so I should probably cap it there, rather than trying to dig around any more. If you have specific questions about his speech or movements or want more detail on anything I’ve brought up here, let me know!