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Same Dynamic Couples Headcanons

-Omega couples arguing somewhat often but never having really serious fights because as soon as one of them realizes that the other is really upset, they shift into mothering mode and immediately start trying to make their mate feel better

-When Alpha couples argue it’s always a very loud and intimidating thing where they are both trying to make the other submit to them and most of the time it ends with the winner of the argument fucking and marking up the other because they feel the need to completely assert their dominance

-Beta couples arguing less than other same dynamic couples because they generally share a very close bond and find it difficult to do or say anything that could harm that bond

-Omega couples being insanely cuddly all the time and often enjoying cuddles just much as they enjoy sex, if not a little more so

-Male Omega couples always alternating on who gets to top, unless the couple has clear preferences on who takes on which role

-Alpha couples most often low-key arguing about who gets to top, wrestling around as a form of foreplay until one has the other pinned and impatient enough to agree to bottom

-Cute little Omega couples sharing all their clothes and often purposefully wearing each other’s sweaters just to stay close to their mate’s scent when they are apart

-Omega couples doing each others hair and makeup and filing each other’s nails and being so content to be able to tend to each other even in simple ways

-One Alpha getting sick and being too proud and stubborn to willingly allow another Alpha to take care of them, but their mate is also too stubborn to just allow them to suffer alone so they try to take care of them anyway. Attempting to feed them soup and impatiently trying to sweet talk them into taking their medicine because they know they can’t demand it without their sick mate becoming more resistant. And despite how frustrating they know it is for their mate to not allow them to care for them, they will be just as difficult when they inevitably get sick as well and it’s the others turn to play nurse

-Beta couples that enjoy people watching in crowded places and using their heightened sense of smell to try and figure out what people are feeling and then making up funny stories about them to make each other laugh

-An Omega couple hanging out with an Alpha couple and the Alphas low-key keeping an out to make sure no other Alphas try bothering their friends, and the Omegas knowing that their presence will keep other Omegas from approaching and flirting with the Alphas and making everyone uncomfortable. So it’s a really beneficial friendship for everyone involved

-When one Alpha is in rut the other willingly takes on the submissive role because despite having the urge to be the dominant one, they know exactly what the other is going through and they want to make things as easy for their mate as possible

-A kinky Omega couple whose heats have synced up so they hire an Alpha from an agency to “assist” them during their heat and happily take turns watching the other be fucked and knotted

The Bet

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IMAGINE: Having a bet with Bruce and trying to make him break that bet. 

A/N: I am here posting a Bruce smut, bc thats more impt than me studying for my astro quiz. (–:  AND IDK IF THAT PROMPT SUMMARY MAKES ANY SENSE??? -lou

You looked at yourself, pleased at what you saw. Your dress hung perfectly onto your curves─not too tight nor too loose, just perfect. The navy blue dress complemented your eyes and skin tone─looking like a million bucks with your jewelry, dress, hair, and shoes. You smiled to yourself on tonights plan. You were to make sure it will go as planned. Just last week you made a bet with Bruce─your long time boyfriend of a year─that the two of you can go two weeks with out sex. The first one to break were to get punished and cook dinner for a whole week. You were definitely gonna break him tonight. Glancing in the mirror one more time before heading down the stairs. There was Bruce, sitting on the couch; waiting for you. The second he heard your heels clinked onto the floor, his attention shifted onto you. He was wide eyed. “Babe. Y-you look, gorgeous.” Bruce complimented “Don’t I always.” You joked. “You certainly do.” He spoke truthfully. His continuous compliments created a tint of red on your cheeks. Hoping to god it wasn’t so notice able and would be easily mistaken as blush. If Bruce was to continue these compliments─which you knew was part of his plan to get you to break first─you knew you wouldn’t get anywhere, but you put your game face on. You were ready.

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Such a joker (24/?)

https://jeromesxreader16.tumblr.com/post/160194275642/such-a-joker-23 SMUT!!!!!

Jim POV:
She jumped in front of me. My own daughter took a bullet for me. I was ready to take the steps through the open doors of death, but no. My babygirl took it upon herself to be the hero and save me. Now she’s laying in a hospital bed in a coma. Sleeping. Day and night. That’s all she does. All I hope is she’s having sweet dreams.

(Y/n) POV:
I open my eyes and look to my left. “Dad?” I say; my voice sounding dead. “Oh… you are.” A voice speaks ripping my attention away from my father. “Well dying that is.” I look over to the door and focus my blurred vision. “What is that face for doll? Thought you’d be happy to see me.” I shake my head.

“Jerome?” I ask in my croaky voice. He giggles and jumps on the end of the bed. “What’s going on?”

He keeps bouncing slightly. “Welcome to the land of the bed doll face. I’ve missed you so much!” Jerome dramatically falls onto my body and kisses everywhere. “D-Dead?” I ask shocked.

Jerome rolls his eyes. “It’s not as bad as it sounds. I mean you have me now!” I look over to my father and wave my hand in front of his face. “Gosh Jimbo! You look like you’ve been to hell and back!” Jerome says looking closely at my father.

“I’m really gone?” Jerome laughs and takes my hand kissing it lightly. “Sure are baby. Dead as a doornail!” He laughs.

I stand up removing all the stickers from my body. I look back at the bed and see my body laying there. Jerome stands next to me. He spins me around laughing. “Oh I’ve missed you!” I hold onto him tightly still shocked. “You’re really here…Jerome you’re really here!” We both laugh loudly. “I always have! I told you I’d never leave you. Life or death my dear. We always find each other.” I cross my arms and kiss his cheek. “Since when did you become such a poet?”

Jerome kisses my forehead and moves me to the door. “I’ve had some time to practice.”

We walk down the halls and the hospital slowly starts to empty out. “Where are we going?” I ask as we approach the door leading to the outside. “Home my doll. We’re going home.”

Jerome and I walk the streets of Gotham unnoticed. Most likely because we’re…dead. Ghost even. We walk down the streets I know so well and we come closer to some run down apartments.

Jerome leads me through the alleyway and we enter into one of the apartments through the back. “This is home?” I ask looking around.

A couch, a boxed TV, and cobwebs. “The couch pulls out to a bed.” Jerome says rocking on his heels nervously. I haven’t seen him like that since we first met. He’s changed and yes I love him the way he is, but I do miss the quiet timid Jerome I met at the circus.

“Good to know.” I giggle and stride over to Jerome and hug him. Just a hug. No lust hidden behind it. Just love.

I bring my lips to his and the move in sync. Too long it’s been since I felt those lips against my own. Too long without him. “I love you Jerome.” I speak once our lips are parted. He looks down at me and his eyes say everything and more. “And I love you too (y/n) Gordon.”


Jerome and I spent a couple days here. Laying around and making up for lost time. I tried to tell him about the recent events, but seems like he already knew them. “I followed you (y/n). I was always there! Breakfast to dinner doll. I know what happened.” I cross my arms and huff. “Then what am I supposed to blab on about?” I laugh trying to think.

Jerome moves closer and rolls onto his stomach sliding down. “I say you hush your mouth and we do something better.” His eyes darken at his words. My breath hitches and I bite my lip. “What’d you have in mind J?”

“I’ll show you babygirl.” He smirks and goes under the covers and moves between my legs. He lifts up his t-shirt I have on and moves my panties to the side. His hot breath against my swollen clit already making me squirm. Jerome grabs my hips and holds them down.

He brings his face closer and licks a straight line up my wet slit. I gasp and raise my back off the bed. It’s been way too long. Seconds later Jerome doesn’t waste time. He dives in as if it’s a full course meal. “Oh Jerome!” I moan and raise my back off the bed.

He moves away and crawls up to meet me. He roughly kisses me spreading my legs even wider with his hand. Jerome positions himself at my entrance and pushes in filling me up. “Oh damn doll. You have missed me. Just feel how tight you are around me.” He sucks a deep mark into my skin on my neck.

“Jerome move. Please.” He thrusts and I moan out. He continues thrusting and causing us both massive amounts of pleasure.

He grabs onto my face and kisses me deeply. “Oh baby. I’m close.” I moan out too overwhelmed by the pleasure to speak. As my climax approaches closer I bite onto Jerome’s shoulder. He cries out when I sink my teeth in a bit to hard. “I like it when you get rough!” He thrusts harder into me and I scream in pleasure when my climax takes over. Jerome does the same and collapses on top of me sweating and breathing deeply.

Once I catch my breath I sit up slowly. Once I stand I sit right back down and grab my head. Suddenly a horrible migraine has occurred. “You alright baby?” Jerome asks. “Yes… I just… I just need something to drink.” I stand and walk over the fridge opening it. Once the light hits my face I fall over.

Jerome rushes to my side and hold my body. “What wrong? What hurts?” I breathe deeply and hold in tears. “My head, and now my heart. It feels like it’s going to explode.” Jerome quiets my cries and kisses my face repeatedly. “Jerome. I-I can’t see. Everything is blurry.” Jerome’s touch becomes numb. “Jerome?” I ask scared. “You’re not dying…you’re waking up.” Jerome says sadly. I shake my head silently crying. “Shh no babydoll. Shh no it’s alright. I’ll be there. I’ll be with you. I love you.” I smile and hold his hand close. “I love you too Jerome Valeska.”

My vision turns to bright lights and I feel like passing out.

I jolt up and breath heavily. I’m in a hospital. I’m hurt. My stomach hurts. I look to my side and see a man. “(Y/n). Honey are you okay? How you feeling?” I shake my head confused.

“What?” I ask looking around panicking. “What happened? Where am I?” “Shh it’s okay.” I look up at the man with tears in my eyes. “Who am I?”

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if anyone ever tries to tell you modern technology is bad and us millenials are rotting our brains or whatever, remember that i aced a bomb disposal equipment challenge once because the robot was controlled by analog sticks (one side for direction, other side for speed) and no one else could work out how to sync them smoothly to make the robot move around without jerking and stalling

i picked it up right away and did the whole challenge literally 5-7 minutes faster than everyone else (who were all like 20-40 years older than me) and when one of the engineers asked me how i did it all i could say was “look my ass grew up running people over and going for the kill streetracing on simpsons hit and run for the ps2 alright”

ok so

we all know the yoosung crying emoji, right?

^ this

..and I’m preeetty sure we all know the sound it makes, yes..?


..yes you do.


now who was the one who made the messenger app with said emoji?

that’s right

this guy

now imagine seven trying to make the emoji thing for yoosung and having to stop at least like 50 times because when he tries to sync up the sound and the images he just can’t do it because he’s so gay for him and he dies a little bit inside every time he hears it

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Strain that makes Fushimi only respond in dabbing

Maybe it’s not necessarily only respond but that dabbing now replaces his tongue clicks so that every time Fushimi tries to click his tongue he dabs instead and cannot stop himself. Like right after he gets hit by the Strain power the alphabet squad runs up to him to make sure he’s all right, Fushimi waves them away and mutters he’s fine…and then immediately dabs while everyone just stares in complete confusion. Fushimi himself has no idea why he just did that, like just imagine him standing there in the dab pose with his arms up and everything and just trying to figure out what he’s doing and why. He drops his arms and tries to blow it off, like what the hell stop staring and go after the Strain. Hidaka manages a small ‘Fushimi-san…what was…?’ Fushimi snaps at him to shut up and go after the Strain, except then he tries to click his tongue again and instead just dabs in front of everyone.

Eventually they figure out this is a Strain thing, the only question is why does Fushimi only dab every once in a while and what’s the catalyst. Fushimi starts to complain about how stupid this is again and then dabs and Benzai’s like ‘I see, it seems to happen when he normally would click his tongue.’ Fushimi looks at him for a moment and then dabs again. Soon it becomes clear that yes, the Makes You Dab Strain has powers that like figure out a certain habit you have and replaces it with dabbing, and now every time Fushimi gets the urge to click his tongue he will dab instead. The alphabet squad are all like well that’s easy enough then, just don’t click your tongue and you won’t start to dab. Except Fushimi can’t stop himself from trying to click his tongue, like it is an ingrained part of his being at this point and telling him not to click his tongue is like telling someone not to scratch an itch. So for the rest of the day he is constantly dabbing, like Fushimi will be in the middle of doing his reports and someone will bother him somehow and suddenly he’s dabbing. Munakata probably has no idea what dabbing is and it has to be explained to him, like oh is this a popular dance move for young people nowadays (also at some point the Makes You Dab Strain has to hit the rest of the squad so there is like all of Scepter 4 just dabbing in the middle of the street).

Brad Simpson Smut


I walked out of the airport, looking around to see the face I had to miss for way too long. I turned around as I heard my name being called. There he was, my best friend, Tristan Evans. I had known Tristan since we were toddlers. Our moms became best friends, so we hung out almost every week, but when I was 20 I moved away to Chicago for work.

I smiled as I walked over to give him a hug. He hugged me back before giving me a kiss on my forehead. We stood there for about a minute before we pulled back. 

“I missed you,” He spoke before putting my luggage in the trunk of his car. We both got into his car before I answered him.

“I missed you too,” I smiled as he started the car, “How have you been? With the band and stuff like that?”

“Really good, everythings going alright,” He smiled. I loved how happy he was when he spoke about the band and music. He loved his job and he loved music. I was more than happy for him to be able to fullfill his dreams.

“Look, I don’t want to make this awkward, but Brad is staying at ours for a while,” He spoke as we stopped at a red light. My body tensed up when that name came out of his house. Brad and I used to date, but we broke up when I told him I was moving to Chicago. Let’s just say it wasn’t a good breakup. 

“No, that’s okay,” I lied, turning my gaze to the passing cars.

Tristan opened the door to his apartment that he shared with Anastasia. I walked through the door, being greeted by two arms who wrapped themselves around my neck. I laughed before pulling my best friend into the most thight hug ever. 

“It’s good to have you back,” Anastasia said, before pulling away from the hug. I smiled before following her into the living room. I looked around but there was no sign of Brad, “Brad’s not here, he’s out for dinner with his girlfriend,” She assured me. As much as I know those words shouldn’t have hurt me, but they did. 

“Your suitcases are in your room,” Tristan spoke as he entered the room, placing a kiss on Anastasia’s lips. I thanked him before sitting down on the sofa.

“So, how are things on the love side?” He asked, before sitting down next to me. I smiled, holding up my hand and showing my engagement ring.

“No way!” Anastasia squeeled, taking my hand in hers, “He proposed!?” He as in Andrew, my boyfriend, well fiancé.

“He did,” I laughed, “I’m really excited,” As much as I knew that was a lie, I couldn’t say anything else but that. Don’t get me wrong, I love Andrew, but he’s not … He’s not Brad. 

“Well congratulations,” Tristan said, before kissing my cheek.

I laid on the bed in the second guest room, when I heard noice coming from the hallway. I frowned as I listened closely, but I couldn’t figure out what it was. I stood up, slowly opening my door as I heard laughter in the kitchen. As I approached it, I recognized the laughter. His laughter. I turned the corner and saw him kissing, who I guessed was his new girlfriend. When I was about to turn around, not being able to watch, they pulled away and she saw me.

“Oh, hello,” She smiled at me, making Brad turn around too. His eyes widened a bit when he saw me, but I avoided his face as I smiled at the girl.

“Hi, I’m sorry I was just getting some water,” I lied, “I didn’t want to disturb you two,” I said as I walked past them to get a water bottle from the fridge.

“Well, I’m Alexis,” The girl introduced herself as I turned around. I shook her hand, glancing at Brad for a moment, before deciding to introduce myself aswell.

“Y/N,” I said, before walking out of the kitchen, glancing one more time at Brad before going back to my room.

About an hour after I was still awake, thinking about life, about Brad and Andrew. The minute I saw Brad, I fell right back in love with him. I can’t marry Andrew, it wouldn’t be right. Not to him nor me and weirdly enough I feel like I’m betraying Brad if I marry him. A light knock pulled me from my thought as I told whoever knocked to come in.

“Hi,” He spoke, closing the door behind him. I turned on the lamp that was placed on the nighstand next to the bed. I eyed him from head to toe and back up. He hadn’t changed a thing.

“Hi,” I whispered back as he stood on the other side of the room. My voice came out so soft that I wasn’t sure if he heard me, “Shouldn’t you be with Alexis?” I asked after an uncomfortable silence.

“She went home,” He spoke, walking over to my bed. I sat up so that he could take a seat, “What are you doing here?” He asked when he sat down. I was a bit taken aback by his question as it came out a little harsh.

“Tristan and Anastasia invited me, I didn’t know you were staying here,” I told him, looking down at my fingers who were picking at my nails. 

“If you had known if I was here, would you still have come?” He asked, lifting up my chin with his finger so that I was looking at him, “Honestly, please.”

“Of course, our breakup has nothing to do with them,” I told him, placing my hand on his to get it of my ching. His eyes travelled at my ring finger as he saw the engagement ring. I quickly pulled my hand away from his view.

“You’re engaged?” He asked in disbelief. I looked at the other side of the room.

“Yeah,” I shrugged, “To Andrew.” His head shot up when he heard the name. He looked at me with a shocked expression. You see, about a year ago, I found out that Andrew cheated on me. I got drunk and called Brad to tell him about it, he was furious, but he was even more angry when I told him that Andrew threw a vase at me for confronting him about it.

“Are you kidding me!?” He asked in disbilief, his mouth hung open in shock. I looked down, shaking my head.

“No, I love him. Whatever he did to me, it’s over,” I said, looking up to meet his eyes with mine, “You don’t have to worry about me, Brad. We broke up remember?”

“You can’t marry him,” He stated, taking my hand in his, “I know you don’t want to,” His eyes pleaded me to break the wedding off, but what if I did? What would happen after that? Me and him would get happy and get married?

“Of course I do,” I lied, avoiding his eyes, knowing that he would see right through me, “Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t marry him?” He looked away from me when I said that. I knew he wouldn’t say it, say that he still loved me, it was stupid to think that he would confess it.

“Because,” He started, his eyes meeting mine again, “I can love you better than him, I would never hurt you,” He said, bringing his hand to my face, carressing my cheek with his thumb. I leaned into his thouch. He brought his face closer to mine as he leaned his forehead against mine. I could feel his warm breath against my lips, making me want to feel them against mine again, even if it was the last time.

“Than show me,” I breathed out and with that he closed the gap between us. Our lips moving in sync as he pushed me down on the bed. His left hand ran up and down my side, slipping underneed my shirt as his right one remained on my cheek. I ran my hands through his brown locks, pulling them now and then. He slipped his tongue into my mouth as he grinded his crotch against my core, making me even more frustrated. We pulled away from each to catch our breath.

“Let’s take this off,” He whispered, before taking my engagement ring off. He placed kiss on my hand before placing one on my lips. I flipped us over so I was on top, straddling him. I pulled my shirt over my head. His eyes travelled to my chest as his hands moved from my hips to my breasts, cupping them. I smiled before leaning down again and placing my lips back on his. I grinded myself against his crotch and felt him harden underneath me, making me blush.

“I missed you,” He breathed out as I moved my lips to his neck, leaving open mouth kisses and hickies all over the place, marking him as mine, even though he wasn’t mine.

“I missed you too,” I said, placing a soft kiss on his lips before he flipped us back over so he was back on top. His lips went from mine to my bellybutton, leaving kisses along the way. I pushed his sweat pants of with my feet as he flung them across the room with his foot. He lips stopped at the waistband of my panties as he looked up at me through his eyelashes. I nodded as he pulled them off. His hands running up and down my thighs. I pulled him back up and pulled him in for a kiss as my hands pushed his boxers off. I reached for my purse which was sitting next to the bed. I pulled out a condom and handed it to Brad. He laughed, placing a kiss on my forehead.

“Eager are we?” He chuckled, making me roll my eyes.

“Very,” I teased, sending him a wink as he ripped the package open and rolled the condom over his lenght. He hovered over me, his eyes looking into mine.

“Ready?” He asked, his thumb carressing my cheeck. I smiled, nodding before he pushed himself into me. I bit my lip, biting back a moan as he let us both adjust to the feeling. 

“Brad, please move,” I pleaded, grabbing onto his bicep. He nodded before rocking his hips against mine. Our boddies fitting perfectly together as we moaned in sync. His lips found mine again as he picked up his pace. He pulled away and hid his face in the crook of my neck as I nuzzled mine in his. His groans filled the room as I tried to keep them in by biting my lip. His lips placed soft kisses on my neck every now and than, making me even weaker than before. My nails ran down his back, definitely leaving scratch marks, as he went even faster.

“I’m close,” He breathed out before placing a small kiss on my lips.

“Me too,” I whispered, before we both released at the same time. He road out our orgasms, before laying down next to me, panting just like me. He turned to face me. He nose nuzzling mine as his eyes stared into mine.

“I love you,” He spoke softly, keeping his gaze on me. I looked into his eyes, seeing that he meant it and didn’t just say it in the moment. A smile painted on my lips as I placed a kiss on his lips.

“I love you too, Bradley.”

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Free Fall - 13 (Barry Reader)

Part One  Part Two  Part Three  Part Four  Part Five  Part Six   Part Seven  Part Eight  Part Nine  Part Ten  Part Eleven  Part Twelve 

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You walked into STAR Labs early one morning. You had to grab the bus when you found out Caitlin hadn’t come home. You were hoping to ask her if you could borrow a dress shirt from her to go job hunting. You felt bad not being able to contribute, even though she and Barry both insisted that you didn’t have to worry about. Something about an inheritance that Barry had gotten.

All the same you wanted to do your part. You looked around her office not finding her. Walking toward the sound of a marker on a board you walked into the side room seeing Dr. Wells. You froze for a moment when he glanced over at you, “Good morning.”

“Morning.” He said turning back to his work.

Swallowing down the nervousness you stepped into the room, “Have you seen Caitlin today?”

“No.” He said without turning around.

“Right…thank you.” You started to turn around to leave.

“It won’t end the way you want it to.” You stopped turning back to him. He looked over at you popping the cap back on the marker. His eyes were cold as he turned to you, “You’re not meant to be here and you’re only going to slow Barry down.”

“Excuse me?” You frowned getting confused.

“The other night Barry rushed out of here to sing a silly song for a silly girl, when he should have been focusing on his enemy, Zoom.” He stepped toward you causing you to step back, “He’s in danger and you’re making him vulnerable.”

“I…I didn’t ask him to come to Graty’s…and he’s the one who instigated this relationship.” You looked at him, “I’m not going to stop him from doing what he wants. I care about him.”

Quickly he crossed over to you making you back up until you hit the wall. He towered over you, “Zoom will find out who you are and if he doesn’t hurt you to hurt Barry…He will kill you to destroy him. He will rip you away from him over and over until he breaks him and then he will kill you before him.”

You stared up at him feeling tears come to your eyes as he whispered, “He doesn’t even know who I am…”

“He’ll find out…he’s faster than you think.” He turned letting you walk out of the room quickly, “He’s already faster than Barry.”

You walked down the hall as fast you could hand trailing the wall until you couldn’t walk any further. Your emotions welled up inside until they over flowed as you sank to your knees. You couldn’t understand why that man was so cruel.

And yet…

There was something in his eyes that showed him caring about all of them. It was a glimmer just past the drive of needing to succeed. He wanted to protect them all from the pain that he was going through with his daughter.

“Y/N?” You looked over at Cisco walking over to you, “Are you okay?”

You sniffed nodding letting him help you to your feet, “Yeah…yeah…just feeling a little homesick I guess. I really could use a , hug from my mom right about now.”

“Well…I’m no mother, but…” He opened his arms smiling.

You laughed a little walking up to him giving him a hug. His arms wrapped around you tightly, “Thank you, Cisco.”

“You’re welcome. You know if you ever need a platonic hugs for any reason I am definitely your guy.” He said then let you go, “I’m glad you’re here though, I’m hoping that I found a way for you to talk to everyone back home.”

You looked at him surprised, “Really?”

“Yeah, I took a field trip and found what they used to transmit.” He smiled waving you to follow him, “Just a small drone, but lots of fun tech on it. I was able to figure out the frequencies they used and I think we can send one back.”

“Cisco…” You smiled at him, “This…means…”

He smiled at you, “Hopefully you’ll be talking to them more on a daily basis, if you wanted.”

“Can I help? Anything, make you lunch, sing you songs. I’ll be your bard of encouragement.” You smirked excitedly.

“Well, I could use a message to send back to them. One that maybe your Barry would know right away.” He said slowly, “I know…he’s a touchy subject, but I think we can make it two way quickly if we sync up to a specific wave.”

“I’ll do it…I’ll try to do it the same way he did. A song with an underlying message.” You told him, “Just tell me what I need to tell them.”

“Yes! This is what I’m talking about, cooperation!” He said loudly as he walked past the open door where Harry was. You had to laugh a little knowing how hard Cisco tried to work with the man, only to be shot down most of the time, “I have to work out some of the frequencies, but I can probably have this ready by this afternoon. Think you can have something ready by then.”

“Give me a computer and some headphones and I can have it to you in two hours.” You smiled at him.

“Damn girl…” He reached into his backpack pulling out some headphones, “Here, pick a station and get to work.”

You smiled taking them walking over to a computer. You sat down putting them on. You had to download a few programs and were soon at work. You hummed to yourself as you worked and it wasn’t until Barry put his hands over your eyes that you stopped.

“I have been talking to you for a while now.” He said as you pulled off the headphones. You turned to him, “Cisco, told me what’s going on. That’s exciting.”

You smiled at him glancing over at Harry staring at the both of you. You looked down at your hands, “Yeah…he said we might be able to start talking more.”

“Hey…what’s wrong?” Barry lifted your chin up to look at him, “What happened?”

You sighed looking into his eyes, “Am…am I a liability for you?”

“What? Why would you say that?” He sat down next to you.

You didn’t want to mention that Harry talked to you, so you spoke slowly to watch your words, “I just know that you’re dealing with some heavy hitters…I don’t want them to use me against you. I don’t want to make you weak.”

He frowned taking your hands, “Yes, I’m dealing with some very scary people. Who are very dangerous, but having you by my side isn’t a weakness. It makes me want to fight harder to protect you. If anything Y/N, you give me strength.”

You smiled at him, “Really?”

“Really.” He smiled leaning over kissing you lightly making you blush. He pulled away with that goofy grin on his face, “Man, I wish I could do that all day.”

You rolled your eyes looking away from him as you heard a clang, “Oh boy…”

“It’s just Harry…he gets testy…when things aren’t working out in his favor.” Barry glanced over as Cisco walked into the other room.

“So he breaks things?” You looked at him.

He made a face shrugging, “More like just throwing them around.”

You chuckled a little looking at the clock, “Oh wow…I didn’t realize that this was taking so long. I’m going to grab some lunch, did you want anything?”

“Uh, sure. Yeah surprise me.” He smiled at you as you stood up.

“Alright.” You stared at him for a moment before leaning down giving him a kiss. He had been the initiator every time so far. You wanted to make sure that he knew he wasn’t in this alone. You felt him smile putting his hands on your hips.

“All day…” He whispered with his eyes closed as you pulled away.

“Well, maybe we should start with a date.” You told him and his eyes snapped open.

“Okay…tonight. You and me, romantic dinner, maybe some more kissing.” His eyes twinkled at you.

You nodded walking away, “It’s a date.”

“Yeah…it’s a date.” He smiled watching you walk away.

You came back later with a couple of pizzas for everyone only to find them all working on a new problem. They called him Turtle…

You put the pizzas down grabbing yourself a slice and walked over to the computer you were at earlier. You had a feeling date night was cancelled.

You weren’t angry, just disappointed. It seemed like every time you got an inch closer to Barry something prevented you both from getting even closer. You sighed putting the headphones around your neck.

“Y/N…” You looked over to Cisco walking over to you, “Don’t think that I forgot you. I figured this out before everything exploded.”

You took a piece of paper looking at it, “This is what I need to tell them?”

“Yup, and if they have their Wells working on it, which we know they do, they have a problem understanding.” He smiled at you, “Let me go over it with you because you have to get it right or it won’t work.”

“No pressure.” You laughed nervously as he started to explain some of it. Soon you were back to working on what you needed for the transmission.

You finished as Barry walked over to later. You looked up at him smiling, “Let me guess…no date night…”

“Well…actually…” He smiled a little, “You’re always wondering if you can help. You were working hard so I didn’t want to interrupt you, but there’s this gala with a rare painting there. We’re pretty sure the Turtle is going to be there and we want to stop him. Would you be my date?”

“Barry…” You smiled a little, “I would…in heartbeat, but… Gala’s are fancy black tie events. I don’t have that type of dress.”

“That’s okay. We’ve got a few hours, go buy one with the card I gave you.” He told you.

“Barry…” You looked at him exasperated.

“Y/N.” He knew what you were going to say. That it was too much. That he shouldn’t keep buying things for you, “There is enough wealth in that account to make me and everyone I care about comfortable for our lifetimes.”

You listened as he finally explained it to you, “I haven’t touched it until people from different universes started popping up. It all came from Eobard Thawne when he was Wells. I’ve never felt comfortable about using it until recently, but knowing it’s keeping everyone comfortable and healthy, and that it helps us catch bad guys. That helps. So please, let me buy you a pretty dress for a beautiful woman.”

You took a deep breath, “Are you sure?”

“If you makes you feel better, I’m buying Caitlin one too.” He smirked, “Just because she’s going to be there…but not for the same reasons as you. I admit I might have a small ulterior motive when I think about you in all of this.”

You blushed looking away from him as you smiled, “Fine…fine…I will go shopping for a dress, for date-not-date-slash-catch-a-bad-guy-deal.”

He smiled kissing your cheek, “Caitlin, I’m sure would love to go with you.”

“Oh I bet.” You smirked at him, “For being a scientist she is very fashionable.”

Barry stood looking around the gala as Cisco talked in his ear piece. He knew he should be completely focused, but he was eager to see you. Caitlin had sent you a text saying ‘You’re a lucky man.’

Caitlin walked up to him with Jay smiling, “Barry…”

“Caitlin…wow, you look great.” He smiled at you.

“Thank you. It’s nice to dress up once in a while.” She told him.

“Uh…where’s Y/N?” Barry asked looking around.

“Well…She got a little nervous, so she hung back a little.” She looked at him.

“Nervous, why?” He looked worried.

“Barry, she doesn’t want to disappoint you. She knows that technically you’re working, and is worried she’ll get in the way.” Caitlin explained.

He sighed looking down, “We talked about that earlier…I thought…”

“Barry…she’s a woman.” Caitlin put a hand on his arm, “We are strong, daring, wild creatures, but when we have doubts and worries they linger for minute. It’s good guys like you and Jay that reassure us that we’re fine.”

Jay smiled putting his hand on Caitlin’s back, “Go be a real hero Barry.”

He watched them walk off for a moment before looking back toward the entrance. He had to do a double take when he saw you walking toward him. His mouth dropped open slightly as everything slowed down, “Cisco…is the Turtle here?”

“No…why? What’s going on?” He asked quickly.

“…never mind…” He smiled when you stopped in front of him, “Y/N…you look amazing. More than that…”

You blushed looking down, “I…uh…I picked red because it’s your favorite color.”

He smiled taking your hand in his getting your attention, “It suits you.”

“You think so?” You could see so much affection in his eyes.

“Yes.” He nodded as you started to walk with him toward the dance floor, “You’re outshining everyone here.”

Concerned rushed over your features when his expression changed, “Barry, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” He smiled at you again, “Would you like to dance?”

“Of course.” You nodded as he took you out to the dance floor, “I haven’t been to an event like this since high school.”

“Really? You did this a lot?” He asked you as his hand fell on your waist.

“Oh yes. I hated it then, but now I look back on differently.” You told him, “I may have been a musician, but my parents were pretty big deals in the world of finance.”

“You were wealthy?” His eyes brows shot up.

“Yeah…I guess. I never really thought about it. We had a bigger house and a few cars and they put me in the best schools until we moved to Central City. For whatever reason then they put me in public schools.” You told him watching his reaction. You’d kept your wealth to yourself since it really meant nothing here. You couldn’t use any of the money you had so there was no point, not that you really did back home anyways.

“Did you like public school?” He smiled ever curious. You loved that about him. He didn’t judge or look at your past as a tool.

“I did. I made more friends there and picked up more social skills I think.” You twirled around with him.

“I would think you would be very sociable if you went to events like this.” He smirked.

“Different social. I was quiet when I was little. I did what I was told, but I became more outspoken when I made friends a public school.” You giggled, “My parents weren’t thrilled, but they accepted it. Closest boarding school was 300 miles away and they were overprotective.”

You watched his eyes get wide as you stopped moving. His mouth opened a little, “Y/N…”

“Go…” He didn’t wait. He left you standing there on the dance floor. You turned seeing an older man taking a painting off the wall, “Hey! Stop!”

He looked back at you and everything got weird. He was there, then he wasn’t, like Barry. You turned looking at him, “How did you move so quickly?”

“Oh he didn’t…” You turned seeing Barry above you. You smiled at him.

“Is this a trap?” You looked back at him. He was staring right at you. Enough to get you to take a few steps back.

What happened next threw you…literally. You feel hard against the floor. Where had the gun come from? Turtle must’ve grabbed it off of security. You looked up at the fallen chandelier.

“Barry…” You whispered moving toward him. Caitlin and Jay were there pulling off the chandelier. You looked at Caitlin, “Is he going to be alright?”

“We have to get him back to the lab.” She looked at you, “Jay help me.”

You followed them out in the dark taking Barry to the van. You looked inside seeing no room. Cisco looked out the window, “Stay here…talk to the police for us. Try to get some information if you can. We’ll back once Barry’s alright.”

You nodded, “Right…okay.”

You watched the van roll away taking a deep breath. He’d gotten hurt because of you. You shut your eyes putting you hand to your head trying to calm yourself.

“Excuse me…” You felt a hand and cloth cover you face, “I need help with something pretty thing.”

You fought against the Turtles hand trying to get him to let go. You felt dizzy before whoozy…before you felt yourself slipping away.

“Shhh…just sleep…”

Fandom: Bleach
Pairing: Ichigo/Orihime
Rating: dances over the PG line a bit. a little language and such.
Word Count: 4,830 total
A/N: so I wanted to do this pairing prompt challenge thing that gives 10 genres with which to write 10 drabbles. I think it was originally supposed to be 100 word drabbles *guffaws for an hour* anyway that didn’t happen and some got a bit lengthy, so I guess I’ll just post them in groups? okay so… here’s the first three with the prompts ‘angst’ (it’s not very angsty. i tried.) ‘au’ and ‘crack’.
(all the prompts are as follows if anyone else wants to do it: angst, au, crack, crossover, first time, fluff, humor, hurt/comfort, smut, ust)


Keigo was sitting backwards in his seat, leaning his arms on Ichigo’s desk and gazing out the window. The window that Ichigo had been busy not staring out of, certainly not aware of anything outside said window. Perfectly boring window framing a perfectly boring scene.

“You know,” he began, and Ichigo braced himself because he very much did not know. “Chad and Orihime sure do spend a lot of time together.”

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You walked back from the gardens with Newt’s arm draped around shoulder, holding his dangling hand, resting your head on his shoulder.
“It was a nice day,” he quietly said.
“Ya, it was,” you whispered. You always had this sweet personal time on your walk to the bonfire at the end of the day before Newt pulled away from you.
He didn’t like showing affection in front of the other boys. It embarrassed him. He was a shy guy, kept to himself, but not around you. You guys could tell each other anything. It was so easy to talk to one other. He was so sweet to you, picking you a bouquet of flowers, surprising you with little gifts he makes, stealing kisses every now and then. But not around the guys, he had to maintain this macho act so he didn’t get walked over for being a wuss.
He pulled away all of a sudden, and you weren’t going to lie, it upset you, but it was fun making him embarrassed.
“Oh Newt!” You said pulling into him.
He laughed awkwardly.
You pinched his blushing cheeks, “your so cute!” You teased.
“Aw Newt! Look at you and your little girlfriend!” Minho held his hand up and leaned his face against them making his eyes go big.
You laughed, and reached up to kiss him. He tried pulling away but you wouldn’t let him. He got caught up in the moment and kissed you passionately back, your lips moving in perfect sync.
“Ew! Now I know why he won’t let any PDA be shown! I think I’m going blind!” Chuck held his hands over his eyes and ran into Thomas.
“Woah th- WOAH THERE!” Thomas stopped and saw, “quit sucking each other’s faces!”
Newt blushed, “Got a little carried away….” He grinned and chuckled sheepishly.

anonymous asked:

Hey, I love your blog! Do you have any Deadpool and Peter headcanons? Specifically Deadpool being really protective of Peter? (I'm trash lol)

I, too, am trash. 

  • Deadpool is a giant Spidey fanboy. This is canon, yeah? But then he actually meets Spidey, and Peter’s not quite what he expected. The guy is kind of a mess and ridiculously dorky and Wade didn’t expect him to shriek and flail when super-villains threw him, or to snort soda up his nose at Wade’s stupid garbage-level-humour jokes, or to be as awkward as he is
  • Wade is…. so fucking endeared to this human disaster
  • Peter isn’t used to people fanboying over him (not people up close and in costumes, anyway). So he tries to ignore it. He sees Wade in Spidey hoodies (he bought it on etsy!) over his spandex sometimes, or Spidey phone charms on his phone, and doesn’t quite know what to think. He actually ends up getting himself some Deadpool merch, because he thinks the idea is cute, and he likes supporting his friends. Wade is actually shocked into silence the first time he sees Spidey bundled up in a Deadpool hoodie.
  • Wade has definitely fought a possible employer/colleague over Spider-Man before. They were throwing down insults and his spider friend’s name got tossed in, and even though they weren’t even in the same country as NYC, Wade wrecked them over it. Talk shit, get hit.
  • Wade is also really worried about Spidey? Like. The guy is so honest and pure and just a good fucking person, but holy shit, he does not know how to look after himself. Peter skips meals so often. He doesn’t think it’s a big deal or anything, he’s just poor and busy, and mentions it off-hand to Wade. And, ofc, Wade is like “NOWAY HOZAY” and buys a shit tonne of take away. They eat take away together so often. And pancakes. Sometimes both together. Wade almost throws Peter out of his apartment when he sees the guy sliding a pancake imbetween a burger and eating it. Like: you disgusting American, I trusted you
  • And Wade is definitely uber protective. Sometimes it can get a little dark, because Spidey is a top tier Good Person, and Wade kind of defines people by how good/bad they are (Spidey is a gift to society, while he’s more of a black stain), so when Spidey gets hurt or almost offed by people who he considers scum and not worthy of the air they breathe, Wade will fuck them up. With guns. And knives. Gunknives. 
  • That’s usually just when Spidey is very, very hurt and unconscious, though. Mid-fight, Wade will definitely take bullets for the guy (Peter is - is… he doesn’t know how to feel about that), and he gets SO MAD when Spidey tries to be his hero-self and step in front of guns for Wade, like you tiny moron, I am IMMORTAL

TBH, whether it’s romantic or not, Genos and Saitama have a lot of love for one another. They’re almost always in sync with their values and daily lives like an old married couple, but just opposite enough to give them conflict to talk about and learn from each other. But my favorite part of their relationship is that they recognize each other’s struggles in their lives and try to make each other more comfortable. Genos is there for Saitama when the rest of the world hates him, Saitama tries to make up for Genos’ lost childhood by taking him to festivals. They just grow closer and closer together as time goes on, I love how they work together!

One thing I think is interesting about Ruby and Sapphire is they functionally don’t have a fusion dance. We don’t have the glowing and buildup, mixing of distinct themes that we get with any of the other Gems fusing- they just sort of embrace and cuddle each other and- bam, Garnet.

Thinking about Giant Woman, the episode that introduced fusion to us, we see Pearl and Amethyst perform a dance that has all of those things (their respective themes, gems glowing) but fails. What seems to be a big part of it failing? Pearl accuses Amethyst’s dancing style of being disorganized, to which Amethyst says that Pearl should know how she dances by now.

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Could you please write a headcanon about the seven raising children?

OMG YES. I also feel as if I spend way too much time on these. EH for a good cause! I’m also putting them in their canon ships for parenting but they’ll be all covered!

Percy & Annabeth: As we all know, Percy is the epitome of sass. (I’m reading PJO Greek Gods right now and the sass is REAL.) So him with children is just the best thing ever, because yes he may have a daughter who can sass amongst the best but that’s because she learned from the best. And of course, there are sassing matches in the mix because you know there are. Percy is the type of father who also spoils his kids rotten, and he’s the type of dad that’s like ‘shh don’t tell your mother’ but also adds on ‘she’ll kill me’ seriously. Annabeth knows everything about everything. She read all of the books, she knows what foods to avoid, and she can answer every question. We all know her house is super cool because, architect. She helps her kids with their homework, she always settles disputes and has a set of rules in her house. But, when something unfair happens to one of her kids she is straight up scary. Daughter got a D on her Spelling test? Marches right into that teacher’s office and informs her that the whole test was most certainly correct she just used British spelling because if you don’t spell grey with an e you are simply ridiculous what kind of teacher are you that you didn’t even know that? You just sent my daughter home with this grade, in tears? And Percabeth is the best. They have a cute little house by the sea and they go camping every year. They fly out to California on a whim with their kids to visit Aunt Reyna and Grandpa Frederick. (Separately, of course). They have family dinners every night and they parent so well together, they’re such a smooth team.

Jason & Piper: Jason I feel is the dude who would have no idea as to what he was doing. He loves his kids, but for the first few years he is a walking mess trying to figure it out, a hapless one. He’s so perfect at everything else and the others have finally found his flaw and they find it hilarious. He does well when his kids pass the terrible threes, but he’s just a complete puppy otherwise. Piper is the cool mom. She has some innate knowledge in her that just makes her good at parenting (Thank god, Jason is a bit inept for a few years). Her kids always have the coolest clothes and they have the best decorated house. They get cookies and cute notes in their lunches. She also gives them actual dating advice after giving people advice for years at camp. Piper is also an ultra soccer mom, just a complete soccer mom. Aww and together they’re so sweet because they go to ballgames together and shh don’t tell but daddy just made that ball fly into your hand. Their kids play a full range of sports so they’re constantly going everywhere and they have such a busy life but somehow they make it work, their house is spotless (except for the basement. Piper gave up on that years ago, honestly she doesn’t care what they do as long as they’re down there), and they take road trips together and they have so many pets but it all works out.

Frank & Hazel: They were kind of born to be parents. They always know just how much to punish their kids, they set out fair rules, and they’re generally solid from the first second to the last. They’re supportive when one of their kids comes out as LGBT, and they never back down from a challenge of raising a kid. They have five kids of their own, and they adopted two more. They live on a big farm in a cutesy old house. It’s warm and comforting, and it feels like a home. People are always so comfortable in that house. Hazel and Frank are a team in everything they do. They’re so in love and they live their lives in such sync. Their kids may not be sports stars kill Jason and Piper’s, or top of the class like Annabeth and Percy’s, but their kids are all such good people. They may not be at the top of the pack but that doesn’t make them any less significant.

Leo: Now, I didn’t include Calypso because she’s not one of the seven so he’s flying solo! Leo can be kind of a mess up sometimes. He isn’t always the best parent but he tries his hardest. He’s not afraid to admit his mistakes. But he’s also so protective of his kids? His daughter’s crushes have been threatened off by some of Leo’s magic. I mean, yes Leo is the jokester but when it comes to his kids he’s the typical dad jokester, the one who will say things like ‘I have a full arsenal of weapons and a shovel if you bring her back after eleven’ with a smile. (Or is that just my Grandpa?). He also tells the best dad jokes. He has the most complete arsenal of dad jokes you’ll ever see. He also has the coolest job. He’s the parent who always gets called in first on career day because he may not have a job like ‘Doctor’ or ‘Firefighter’ but he still has a really cool job.

Today, I fucked up... by coming home late

I came home from prom around 2:30 am half asleep. Ended up getting lost as we had just moved into a new neighborhood a month before. Eventually found my way back knowing my parents would be kinda pissed cuz I told them I’d be back around midnight. I pull up into my driveway but for some reason the garage door wasn’t opening. I figure it was because I had trouble syncing the remote with the door a couple days ago so I tried the garage code. It didn’t work. At this point I was getting really frustrated especially given how tired I was. Ringing the doorbell seemed really tempting but I risked waking up my sister and making my parents more pissed. Then I remembered that my parents made me put the spare key in a box behind the hedges. The hedges seemed really big probably cuz my parents don’t give two shits about shrubbery, I don’t even think we own hedge clippers. Anyways, I crawled behind and started looking but it wasn’t there. I stood up and peered into the windows hoping to see someone still awake. Luckily, just then the porch lights turned on and I saw my parents staring at me from behind the curtains. Except they weren’t my parents. And this wasn’t my house.

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